2052 Last World War: The Pan-Anglo Eurasian Alliance defeats the Easterner and Russo-Asian alliances in an eight month world conflagration. Two billion people die in the war and its aftermath. The Commonwealth is established.
2056 The first Commonwealth-wide Machine Laws limit the capabilities of all synthetic sentients to “mid-range human” levels.
2065-2102 Project Exodus: Cityship sub-light habitats depart the Solar System, four towards Alpha Centauri (Gaia) and one towards Tau Ceti (Zarathustra).
2073-2330 Project Genesis: The Venus Terraformation Project transforms Venus into a habitable world.
2120-2300 The Mars Terraformation Project transforms Mars into a habitable world.
2181-2182 The Colonial War results in the independence of the offworld Solar System colonies.
2197 On Gaia, Yan Rheyes and the Janus AI discover the principles of macrojump faster-than-light technology.
2206 The Confederation is established, reuniting humanity.
2238-2335 The Confederation establishes over one hundred interstellar colonies within a hundred light-years of Sol.
2243-2244 The Amaterasu War pits the Confederation against Easterner refugees at 82 Eridani (Amaterasu).
2251-2262 The M’kkiae War pits the Confederation against the M’kkiae race and Easterner enclaves. The conflict ends with the subjugation of the Easterners and extinction of the M’kkiae.
2304 Approval of Life Therapy, a permanent genetic alteration conferring enhanced longevity and health, spawning the origin of the Homo Nobilis race.
2335-2355 The Great Schism, a protracted conflict fought over cultural, religious and synthetic freedoms, destroys the old Confederation and effectively ends interstellar society. Two billion people die within the Solar System and Earth collapses into a patchwork of warlord states.
2412 Founding of the Asteroid Belt Confederation at Vesta.
2413 Albert Kagnon-Mellon proclaims himself Duke of Hesperia on Mars.
2464-2516 The Martian Unification Wars eventually establish Albert Kagnon-Mellon as Emperor of Mars.
2519 The Mars-Belter War begins…