2206 The Confederation Era begins.  Negotiators at Gateway Station establish the Human Confederation, including Earth, the former members of the now disbanded Colonial Confederation, Gaia and Zarathustra.  The member states maintain total internal autonomy and their own armed forces.  The only powers of the Confederation concern the maintenance of trade and a common currency, immigration, relations with outside powers, and an interplanetary justice system.  Gaia keeps its monopoly on FTL technology after forcing through the Comparative Advantage Amendment.  Venus is held in trust by the four members of the old Colonial Confederation pending completion of the terraformation.  The Colonial Industrial Commission persists and retains control of the Kuiper and Oort regions, but cedes Pluto and Charon to the Confederation as research reservations.  Confederation funding comes from member states in proportion to their representation in the Grand Senate.  The GXS begins the Darwin Project to build larger, improved range starships.  Gagarin surveys red dwarf systems Wolf 359, Ross 128 and DX Cancri, explores Procyon A and B, landing on A IV and surveys Sirius.  Magellan surveys Beta Hydri, with one fatality on Baldur, then proceeds to  Alpha Mensae, beginning a detailed ground survey of Paradise.  Drake begins an exploratory loop, visiting and landing on worlds in ten systems, including Sigma Draconis.
2207 All members ratify the Confederation Constitution.  The neutral habitat Gateway becomes the site of the Confederation administrative headquarters.  Vulcan joins the Confederation, receiving only a single senator.  Magellan departs Paradise after another fatal accident; it loiters at Delta Pavonis to greet the Cityship Mariner which arrives to settle the watery world Azure.  Yang encounters then rescues Magellan at Epsilon Indi after it suffers an injector failure.  Yang establishes an embassy at Azure, which agrees to join the Confederation and elects a senator.   Gagarin sets of on the Ophiuchi Expedition, exploring six systems and landing on four, including 70 and 36 Ophiuchi and Gliese 581 and 570.
2208 The Horizon Party gains supporters with a strong pro-Earth platform, exploiting resentment at the growing power of the colonies.   En route to Arcturus, Drake discovers the world Enigma at Groombridge 1830 and explores giant artifacts on the world's surface and moon.  Gagarin explores the bright stars Altair and Fomalhaut.  Magellan discovers Osiris at Gamma Pavonis and Olympus at Zeta Tucanae, surveying the two habitable worlds of 82 Eridani during its return voyage.  Voyager II returns to Proxima with new colonists and supplies.  Tor McKnight, future King of Kalmar, is born on the Cityship Constellation, near Gaia.
2209 The Liberal Alliance collapses back into its constituent factions as leaders struggle to maintain control.  The Citizen's party merges with the Conservative party, which establishes alliances with colonial parties in the run-up to the first Confederate election.  Drake explores the 61 Virginis system, discovering and landing on Kalmar and visiting the system's inner worlds.  Gagarin embarks on an archeological expedition to Enigma at Groombridge 1830.
2210 In Commonwealth elections, the Horizon party regains a plurality of votes, forming a coalition with the Conservatives.  In the Confederate Grand Senate the Horizon-Conservative  faction secures fifteen seats, the Progressives, Justice and Green parties from the Solar members hold twelve seats, but rule in a coalition government with the Gaian, Vulcan and Azurian senators; the Zarathustran senators, Robert Anderson and Marie Tibideaux refuse to join the coalition but generally vote with it, though they hold the balance of power.  Gaian senators are James McKnight and Viggo Turki.  Yatindra Gupta reluctantly agrees to become the Progressive senator from Mars and becomes the first Chairman of the Grand Senate.  Horatio Tate takes the Cityship Mariner and thirty-five hundred colonists on a seventy year voyage from Azure toward Alpha Mensae and Paradise.  The starship Endeavour begins its first mission, an expedition to Pollux and Capella, while Drake surveys Osiris and Olympus and Gagarin surveys Kalmar.
2211 The Confederation Grand Senate fails to form a Confederate Exploratory Service and reaches a deadlock over taxation powers.  Shane Kozani becomes president of Gaia.  Paul Morris becomes director of the GXS.  With mostly Commonwealth funding the Confederation begins a massive expansion of the  Charon Research Labs.  The starship Gagarin conducted a full survey of Delphi.  The starship Drake begins a full survey of Cyclops at Eta Cassiopeiae.  The starship Magellan suffers a catastrophic jump accident at Epsilon Indi, killing ten of its twelve crew.  Early in its second expedition, The starship  Endeavour discovers the wet greenhouse world of Sauna at Groombridge 1618.  The Vesta Shipyard consortium develops a small fusion drive nearly equal to the high-efficiency drive utilized by the GXS on its starships.  Voyager II arrives at Gaia; only a few dozen people volunteer as new colonists and President Kozani requests payment for supplies or a return of Proxima to Gaian governance.
2212 Martian medical labs on Deimos perfect reanimation techniques that restore full mental function up to a day after death.  Regardless, the Byzantium and Zurich stock exchanges crash in response to fears that Earth has permanently lost its competitiveness in technological development and a severe Solar System-wide recession begins.  Continuing its second mission, the starship  Endeavour discovers Valhalla at 44 Botis, Sarasvati at Gliese 611, the methane world of Medusa at 72 Herculis, and the twin worlds Pyramus and Thisbe at Chi Herculis.  Gagarin concludes it mission with a second contact of the Comans of Aetia.  The starship Drake explores Vega and Mu Herculis.  August Timmins is born in Austin, Texas.  Voyager II departs for another flight to Proxima.
2213 Commonwealth Resolution 5397 fully monetizes the Basic Allotment and allows for the purchase of active and permanent citizenships.  The starship Beagle enters service, discovering Prometheus at 41 Arae and Thor at Nu2 Lupi on its first expedition.  Endeavour's deep exploration mission discovers Apollo at 18 Scorpii and chlorine-based life on Chloros around Lambda Serpentis.  In the first mission with non-Gaian scientists, Gagarin surveys the mysterious world of Baldur, departing with two dead and the system under quarantine.  The starship Magellan leaves service after its eighth mission, a diplomatic circuit.  The starship Drake departs to explore four white dwarf systems.  Azure loses contact with the Cityship Mariner weeks before it was to enter its cruise phase.
2214 The starship Shenzhou enters service as a diplomatic courier.  At Gliese 785, Gagarin discovers a wreck in orbit near Mulligan and two wrecks on the moon's surface.  Beagle discovers Ehecatl at Theta Persei en route to Capella and Castor and discovers Hevea at Iota Persei during its return journey.  Drake crashing on approach to its Prometheus survey, killing two  and stranding the other six crewmembers. Endeavour surveys Valhalla.
2215 The Confederation election does little to change the balance of power in the Grand Senate, though the Horizon party wins two seats at the expense of the Conservatives.  James McKnight and Alberto Ross are the Gaian Grand Senators.  The citizens of Proxima vote for independence and unsuccessfully petition to join the Confederation.  Beagle discovers Daedalus at Delta Trianguli and the methane world Caligo at 107 Piscium in the final leg of its Castor mission.   Endeavour explores Pyramus and Thisbe at Chi Herculis and surveys Sarasvati on the return journey.   Gagarin surveys the wrecks at Mulligan.  Shenzhou rescues the five survivors at Prometheus.  The Turki Commission recommends autonomy and better funding for the GXS.
2216 Earth scientists perfect the hyper-string pseudo-gravity (HSPG) thruster, an engine which allows for reactionless thrust without perceived acceleration. The starship Fram enters service, discovering the Easterner Enclave on Enki at Epsilon Eridani.  On its subsequent expedition, Fram discovers the tilted world Hyperborea at Gliese 33 and Kermit at Delta Eridani.  Endeavour and Beagle deliver an outpost and its first eight member expeditionary team to Paradise for a year-long study.  Shenzhou discovers Helicon at Beta Virginis.
2217 Scientists at CERN on Earth discover that an HSPG thruster in a "gravstar" configuration can effectively accelerate past light speed.  Viggo Turki becomes president of Gaia.   The starship Shenzhou discovers the Quadron race on Oracle at 66 Centauri.  Beagle surveys Apollo and explores Rasalhauge .  Endeavour discovers the habitable moon Artemis at 55 Cancri, the worlds Aeneas at 20 Leo Minoris and Shxīngqi at 36 Ursa Majoris.  Shenzhou conducts a follow-up contact mission to Oracle surveys Qaudron ruins and loses two crewmembers to a hostile encounter with the aliens.  Tomas Johannessen commands Beagle on a distant mission to Aldebaran.
2218 The starship Beagle reaches Aldebaran and returns to Gaia.  Fram surveys Prometheus and Thor.  Intrepid enters service, delivering the Coman contact outpost to Aetia; Shenzhou delivers an eight person crew to Aetia.  Endeavour explores the protoplanetary system of Beta Trianguli Australis.
2219 The Earth Commonwealth navy launches its HSPG gravstar ship, the Pride of Terra with a crew of twenty commanded by Captain Aaron Timmins, Duke of Texas; the ship begins a voyage to Alpha Centauri at 2g, breaking the light barrier after six months.  The grand Senate denies Proxima's second bid to join the Confederation as a full and independent member.  Beagle explores Delta Capricorni and discovers Champa around Psi Capricorni, the iron world Loadstone at Gliese 770, Tripoli at 86 Sagittarii and Sparta at Gliese 716.  Fram surveys Ehecatl, Daedalus and Hevea.  Shenzhou surveys Artemis and Aeneas.  Intrepid surveys Kermit and discovers Azawagh at 22 Fornacis and the Class A world Eden at Nu Phoenicis.  The starship Nautilus enter service, delivering the Fourth Expeditionary Team to Paradise and then the stars Gamma, Eta and Alpha Cephei (Alderamin).  Astrid Mensa Vargas Hemigartner becomes the first child born on Paradise.  The starship Endeavour returns the Coman outpost team and then sets off on its tenth expedition.
2220 In Commonwealth elections, the Horizon Party gains more more seat at the expense of the Conservatives, but the balance of power within the Grand Senate does not change; Gustavo Gandra replaces Alberto Ross, joining James McKnight as Gaian Grand Senators.  Yan Rheyes becomes director of the GXS.  Continuing its expedition, Beagle discovers Sparta at 716 and suffers system damage during its return from an accidental emergence at an uncharted brown dwarf; junior officers Anastasia Nguyen and Rajah Kumar successfully bring the expedition home.  The next generation starship Pioneer enters service, capable of twenty light-year jumps; it surveys local stars on its first mission.  Shenzhou surveys Helicon.   Endeavour surveys Shxīngqi and explorers Iota (Talitha) and Theta Ursae Majoris;  Endeavour vanishes after departing Theta Ursae Majoris.  Fram begins a survey of Azawagh and Eden.
2221 The Pride of Terra reaches Alpha Centauri after a thirty month journey.  The starships Shenzhou and Odyssey (on its first mission) conduct unsuccessful searches for Endeavour.   Intrepid surveys Pryamus and Thisbe.  Nautilus surveys Tripoli, Sparta and Champa.  The starship Beagle delivers the Fifth Paradise Expedition to Alpha Mensae, effectively beginning a colonization attempt.  Tomas Johannessen commands Pioneer on an expedition to distant Gamma Crucis.
2222 The starship Beagle surveys Hyperborea at 96 Piscium and discovers Novo Sibr at Iota Piscium.  Odyssey discovers the waning mechanistic Lagrush on a moon of the gas giant Guernsey at 10 Tauri.  Pioneer returns to Alpha Centauri, warning of a supernova risk from the white dwarf in close orbit around Gamma Crucis.