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Full Chronology



The Last World War escalates out of an African proxy war, ultimately pitting the Pan European Anglo Alliance and the Chinese against the Japanese-led Easterner Coalition and its Russian and Indian allies.  A summer offensive in Central Asia results in a general use of weapons of mass destruction throughout the northern hemisphere, killing nearly a billion people.  Skirmishes and full scale space battles occur in Earth orbit and among scattered vessels and stations all the way out to Saturn.  After eight months of widespread warfare, the struggle officially ends on November 1 with the signing of a general armistice at the UNSA Copernicus Headquarters Complex on Luna.  Plans for the formation of a federal world government, the Commonwealth, go into effect and relief efforts start.  Most areas of Earth are without power and essential supplies remain scarce.  The temperature in the northern hemisphere is twelve degrees below normal as winter approaches.  Medical facilities are nearly non-existent and biological agents remain a hazard.  Except for a band of separatist guerrillas in Tibet and a few renegade Russian and Japanese spacecraft, all fighting has ceased.  No city of more than 100,000 remains intact; Earth's transportation systems are in ruins; the Beanstalks have fallen.  A coordinated relief effort directed from Copernicus and the temporary capital in the ruins of Istanbul saves many, but hundreds of millions die in the cold northern winter.  Late in the war, the Easterner Space Military Command seizes a military research facility in the Belt; Admiral Narita leads nearly a thousand hibernating soldiers and scientists aboard a small ramscoop-propelled planetoid, dubbed the Battlestar, as it departs for Tau Ceti at over .1 light speed.
2053 The Commonwealth Era officially begins.  The Commonwealth holds temporary elections.  Most posts go to former members of the Pan European Anglo Alliance and the Chinese Republic, the winners by default of the devastating conflict.  The spring brings fresh epidemics and starvation deaths.  Massive reconstruction projects begin, centered primarily on food production and environmental cleanup.  Commonwealth forces eradicate the Tibetan guerrillas and account for all but two Russian spacecraft.  Lunar, Martian and space station colonies formally join the Commonwealth, uniting Humanity for the first time.
2054 Government operated hydroponic farms begin massive food production; increasing global rations to 1,500 calories per day.  Mass vaccinations control the epidemics in refugee camps.  A Commonwealth naval task force destroys the last two Russian spacecraft in separate engagements in the Belt and near Jupiter.  The Commonwealth Provisional Executive Council officially declares hostilities at an end.
2055 The Commonwealth holds its first regular elections and the conservative Horizon Party gains control of the Executive and Legislative Councils.  The government adopts a British model to issue non-hereditary titles of nobility for exceptional service and bravery.  Food rations increase to 2,000 calories per day.  Commercial mining and processing operations begin in the main asteroid belt.
2056 The new Commonwealth government takes up permanent residence in Byzantium, rising from the ruins of Istanbul.  Food rationing and martial law ends on Terra.  Recovery projects concentrate on construction and transportation.  The Commonwealth federalizes all military forces and then reduces troop strengths by half.  The Legislative Council passes laws limiting the capabilities of Constructs, Cyborgs, and Robots to mid-range human levels in all forms of achievement.  Other legislation confirms the property status of all sentient created beings except enhanced primates and dolphins.  Martian colonists found the University of Deimos at the site of the moon's research base.
2057 The Legislature cuts global funding for public education and bans genetic alteration and sex selection of Human embryos.  Anti-Commonwealth riots break out in some cities and in the remaining relocation camps.  Farside Labs tests an improved plasma drive; it explodes on the third trial, killing three engineers.  The Commonwealth begins recruiting its own independent space and military police force, the Commonwealth Security Force (CSF), and cuts remaining federalized national troop strength by 50%.
2058 The Commonwealth Legislative Council passes a revised constitution, reorganizing the world into fifty Regions (plus one off-world), establishing citizenship prerequisites and confirming powers to create orders of nobility and knighthoods. The "Freedom Revolution" erupts and spreads through regions of North America, Australia and Asia.  CSF marine units quickly suppress dissent, killing over four thousand and arresting at least twenty thousand.
2059 In Lunar orbit, construction begins on the first ramscoop Cityship, the Atlantis.  The Commonwealth closes down the last post-war relocation camps.
2060 The Commonwealth holds its first census and begins plans to wholly national boundaries with administrative Regions and Districts.  The Census Bureau estimates that the death toll from the Last World War exceeded two billion.  The Horizon Party maintains control of the Executive and Legislative councils.
2061 All reconstruction projects end amid great fanfare, but for the majority, conditions remain much worse than ante-bellum circumstances.  The Commonwealth Space Exploration Administration (CSEA or "CC") begins talking applications for colonists to travel to Alpha Centauri aboard the Atlantis.  A CSEA expedition to Halley's Comet captures the popular imagination.  Australian nationalists begin a campaign of terror against Asian settlers.
2062 Researchers at the University of Deimos introduce a new anti-aging and rejuvenation technique (Renuex Therapy) that when combined with conventional genetic manipulations is expected to double, or add another century and a half, to the human life span; cost precludes use by all but the wealthy.  CSEA resumes Outer System exploration by proposing science stations on the moons of all four gas giants.
2063 Citing budgetary restraints, the Commonwealth cuts research and naval expenditures by 20% and absorbs all remaining national space forces into the CSF.  Funding for civil construction projects in North America, Europe and Asia increases.
2064 CSEA begins construction of a second Cityship, the Voyager.  Continuing natural disasters and food shortages prompt increased government spending on hydroponic farming.  The Renewable Resources Bureau (RRB) reinstates food rationing and enforces conservation.  CSF troops raid several facilities, effectively ending the Australian Nationalist movement.  CSEA establishes a twenty person research base on Callisto.
2065 The Atlantis departs for Alpha Centauri at .115 light speed with five thousand colonists aboard.  The Commonwealth holds its first general elections under the new Regional boundaries; the Horizon Party maintains its grip on power.  A strong show of force by CSF military patrols discourage election protests planned in North America and Asia.  The first NEAR habitat, Utopia One is completed by the Nedelin Corporation and opened for colonization.
2066 Under CSEA contract, Farside Labs tests its new prototype high-thrust plasma drive spacecraft, the Gagarin;  this vessel is the first non-Cityship to use meta-stabilized metallic hydrogen (MSMH) fuel for power and propulsion.  The CSEA establishes a twenty person research base on Titan and a second Jupiter base on Ganymede.
2067 With near and main belt asteroid mining and settlement quickly increasing, the CSF sells many of its wartime era vessels as surplus and begins procurement of a small fleet of MSMH powered Sword class fast frigates for inner system patrol and courier duty.  The CSF also plans construction of a dozen new outposts throughout the Sol System to support naval operations.
2068 RRB hydroponic farms now produce 45% of Terra's food needs and control distribution of much of the rest.  The Census Bureau reports that the average standard of living has reached ante-bellum levels; the independent press loudly disputes this claim, resulting in legislation strengthening libel laws that effectively restrict freedom of the press.  All local military and police units disband in favor of the CSF.  CSEA establishes a small research outpost on the Uranian moon Oberon.
2069 The annual Commonwealth budget cuts funding for public research and exploration by 25%.  The Legislature funds the PSM Project, a world-wide plastcrete superhighway/monorail system.  CSEA establishes research outposts on Enceladus and Triton.
2070 In elections, the Horizon Party solidifies its hold on the Executive and Legislature.  The Census Bureau produces detailed documentation of the world administrative districts, claiming the eradication of hunger and the remaining war plagues.  Unofficial experiments aimed at terraforming Mars begin, despite an official ban protecting native life.
2071 The Commonwealth Secret Service uncovers a coup plot by several senior naval officers; broadcasted trials result in convictions of all 32 conspirators, with twelve quickly executed and the rest imprisoned for treason.  CSEA establishes a research base on Pluto and begins exploration for the Kuiper Belt.
2072 The Voyager departs for Alpha Centauri at .12 light speed with five thousand colonists that are overwhelmingly dissenters.  The Commonwealth legalizes what is effectively lifetime slavery, officially "Artifact Status" or AS, for convicted felons and chronic debtors.  The CSF puts down violent protests by civil rights groups, killing hundreds and sentencing thousands to lifetime AS.  The Legislature passes a law requiring mandatory "social adjustment treatments" for all AS.
2073 CSEA receives approval for the Venus Terraformation Project with initial funding for a detailed study and preliminary bombardment with diverted comets.
2074 CSEA launches the Cousteau, a short-range ramscoop ship, to explore the Scattered Disk and inner Oort Cloud.
2075 The Horizon Party wins a veto-proof majority in the Commonwealth elections, leaving the opposition in the hands of four minor parties: Green, Justice, Freedom and Progressive.
2076 A bill which would have effectively prevented offworld colonization by Residents barely fails to pass the Commonwealth Legislature.
2077 At a congress in Paris, three Commonwealth opposition parties, the Justice, Freedom and Progressive, unite to form the Liberal Party.
2078 PhillipsEricsson begins commercial sale of high-efficiency energy absorption/storage panels (ASP panels) for collecting and storing electromagnetic energy; these panels soon replace solar panels and most batteries and fuel cells in commercial and residential operation.
2079 The CSF crushes the New Munchen "slave revolt", killing over three thousand AS and sympathizers who had seized the arcology in a political protest.
2080 The Horizon Party narrowly maintains its veto-proof majority in the Legislature, with the Liberal Party becoming the second largest party with 31% of the popular vote.
2081 CSEA receives funding to construct two additional upgraded Cityships, capable of over one quarter light speed.  Pavel Karinsky publishes The Mechanist Universe, outlining his manifesto for immortality achieved though technological means and for the rejection of spiritualism; Karinsky soon achieves a substantial cult following.
2082 The CSEA-sponsored Charon Research Lab opens on Pluto's moon to conduct hazardous high energy physics research.
2083 CSEA establishes the Aperture research base on Mercury, using corporate sponsorship to compensate for funding shortfalls.  The Vesta Mining Consortium builds the Vesta Star a transport ship powered by an improved low thrust MSMH CNO-protium fusion engine and capable of sustained .1 gee acceleration.  The Amun Settlement agreement ands a vicious trade war between the Nedelin and Tata Corporations and begins the transformation of the NEAR planetoid into a sprawling mining installation and habitat.
2084 Venus Terraformation Phase I: Bombardment begins with the diversion of short period comets.  CSEA and private partners dispatch robotic drones to the Kuiper Belt to divert larger bodies toward Venus.
2085 The Liberal Party shows significant gains in Commonwealth elections, receiving 39% of the vote and with assistant from the small Green and People's party, are able to block some Horizon legislation through filibusters and coalitions with the moderate wing of the Horizon Party.  The Midas mining habitat, first of over a hundred to roam the Belt, is completed at Vesta.
2086 Pavel Karinsky receives Commonwealth certification of Mechanism as a recognized philosophical organization.  CSEA launches the Hesperus to explore within 2 million kilometer's of sun's photosphere and to deploy probes deep into the solar core.
2087 An antimatter containment accident destroys the Charon Research Lab, killing all twenty personnel.
2088 The Liberal Party succeeds passing a compromise amendment that allows for the colonization of Tau Ceti's presumed habitable planet by anti-government activists.  The Commonwealth hereditizes titles of nobility.  In subsequent legislation, Legislative membership is restricted to the nobility or knighthood, and Executive Council membership is restricted to the Peerage, though these changes do not affect the composition of the present government.
2089 The CSF crushes the last major slave revolt in Commonwealth history, overrunning the Lake Michigan Arcology and killing forty-two hundred AS and sympathizers.  Personality adjustment programs become more stringent.
2090 The Cityship Libertas departs for Tau Ceti with ten thousand mostly libertarian dissidents aboard, eventually reaching .265 light speed.  The Liberal Party suffers losses to the reform wing of the Horizon Party, which focuses on fiscal responsibility and reforms of contracts and procurement practices.
2091 The Hesperus is lost after a massive solar flare.  A rescue attempt by vessels based on Mercury saves half the crew, but Captain Khalid Masoud and the command crew goes down with their ship, into the sun.
2092 A rebuilt Charon Research Lab opens near the site of the original installation.  The Cityship Constellation departs for Alpha Centauri with ten thousand aboard.  CSEA secures funding from the Martian local government and from asteroid mining companies to build another Cityship at the Vesta shipyard.
2093 A massive drought begins in sub-Saharan Africa, crippling food production and starting massive dust storms that sweep across the Sahel, the Saharan Desert and over the Atlantic into the Caribbean.  Funding increases for the Environmental Control Bureau (ECB).
2094 The Commonwealth Legislature narrowly passes the Artificial Status Progeny Act, effectively hereditizing Artificial Status.
2095 The reform wing of the Horizon Party unites behind Count Alphonso Dubrin to take effective control of the Commonwealth government.  In the ensuing election, the Liberal Party splinters, leaving Horizon with a veto-proof majority in the Legislature.
2096 Alphonso Dubrin becomes the effective leader of the Executive Council and pushes through the Balanced Budget Act.  Government cutbacks mandated by the Act slashes 35% of CSEA funding, forcing the abandonment of all Commonwealth-sponsored civilian space projects except the Venus Terraformation Project and a few research labs.
2097 The Great Droughts spread across the American Midwest and into Central Asia and Eastern Europe.  A massive earthquake strikes the Ganges River basin, killing nearly two million people.
2098 The Commonwealth nationalizes all food production under the RRB.  The ECB begins the Lombardi Project in an attempt to control earthquakes via seismic feedback.
2099 Pavel Karinsky founds the Mechanist settlement of Eternity north of the Hellas Basin on Mars.
2100 The reform wing of the Horizon Party maintains control of the party and the Commonwealth in the elections.  The Census Bureau produces a documentary of the 21st Century called Triumph from Ruin, touting the progress made in material well-being, life expectancy and peace during the Commonwealth era.
2101 The Terran economy begins a period of stagnation, with growth falling below population increase levels.  Strong economic growth continues in the off-world colonies.  A group of sixty futurists forms the Time Travel Society and begins a voluntary fifty year hibernation at an undisclosed facility in the Australian Outback.
2102 A series of powerful earthquakes devastate California and the Mediterranean, causing few deaths but massive property damage.  The Quake Depression begins with the crash of the Byzantium and Zurich markets.  The Lombardi Project terminates.  The final Cityship, Mariner, departs for Alpha Centauri from Vesta.  Among the ten thousand colonists is Baron James McKnight, commander of the first Mars and Saturn expeditions.
2103 The Commonwealth raises taxes to pay for quake reconstruction projects, further weakening the Terran economy.  Tax protests begin in the off-world colonies.  Alphonso Dubrin resigns from the Executive pressured over both economic mismanagement issues and his support for the Lombardi Project.
2104 The Quake Depression deepens, with a quarter of the Terran Citizen population out of work.  The CSF patrols urban areas to break up protests, but limit arrests to the worst offenders.  The Uranus Sky Mining Corporation begins operations out of the small moon Mab.
2105 The Cityship Atlantis arrives in the Alpha Centauri System, taking up orbit around the outer world of Alpha Centauri B, and naming the cool watery world Atlantis.  While some colonists immediately settle on the surface, many remain in orbit as the Atlantis Modification Project begins to improve the world's chilly climate.  The reform wing of the Horizon Party collapses, with fiscal conservatives joining the main conservative wing.  The new administration promises steps to promote private sector growth and lower taxes.
2106 The Commonwealth Executive and Legislature force through an austerity program, cutting funding across the board and essentially dismantling CSEA.  Alphonso Dubrin joins the Progressive Party and forms an alliance with the Justice Party.  The first large Kuiper bodies begin to impact Venus adding water and altering the rotation of the planet.
2107 The RRB resumes food rationing in response to the depression and continuing droughts.  Hurricanes and typhoons ravage the coastlines in what becomes the warmest year on record.  Food riots spread among Resident populations in South America and Asia.
2108 Mars, the Belt and NEAR colonies apply direct funding from local taxation to keep alive basic CSEA programs, including the Venus Program, and to keep open the series of research bases from Mercury to Charon.  More than a third of Sao Paulo burns during a massive food riot that kills twelve thousand people.
2109 The Commonwealth imposes stricter censorship laws and restricts the free movement of Residents. Taxes increase to fund expanded government food production.
2110 The Progressive-Justice Alliance wins 31% of the electorate, but falls short of the executive strength necessary to act as an effective opposition.  The Constellation reaches Alpha Centauri, barely passing the Voyager.
2111 Count Alphonso Dubrin joins the Executive Council as a member of the opposition. The Voyager reaches Alpha Centauri; the two newly arrived Cityships take up orbit above Atlantis.  Some leaders among the new Atlantian arrivals press for a declaration of independence from the Commonwealth, but the resolution fails to pass.  However, a second resolution, harshly condemning Commonwealth policies toward Residents and people of Artifact Status receives overwhelming approval and is formally transmitted back to Sol.  As with the Atlantis, more than half the population of the new Cityships remains in orbit as the surface modifications progress.
2112 The off-world District assemblies on Mars and the Belt begin pressing the Commonwealth for greater autonomy.
2113 The Great Droughts continue for a twentieth year.  Typhoon Wanda submerges the entire Bangladesh region, killing at least four million people.
2114 The Commonwealth Legislature passes and confirms the Home Rule Amendment, giving colonies almost complete freedom over their internal affairs, provided they do not attempt to subvert or leave the Commonwealth.
2115 The Progressive-Justice Alliance wins 34% of the electorate, enough for a viable opposition.  The Census Bureau reports tentative data that suggests that Earth's population has begun to decline.
2116 CSEA mothballs the Cousteau at Charon, lacking funds for additional Oort explorations.
2117 The Terran economy enjoys real growth for the first time since 2100, but the government refuses to lift Depression Era restrictions.  The new budget increases spending on basic services by 10%.
2118 Urban and campus demonstrations against the censorship and passport laws spread across Terra.  The CSF storms the University of Miami after a student takeover, killing over four hundred protesters.  The Commonwealth Executive declares a state of siege and imposes curfews in many localities.
2119 The off-world colonies assume full control over the Charon Research Lab to avoid its closure as part of a Commonwealth austerity measure.  The Mariner reaches Atlantis.  A new motion to secede based on lack of representation in the Commonwealth Legislative Council passes overwhelmingly.  Atlantis declares itself a Republic, broadcasts its declaration of independence back to the Solar System and elects Thomas Atkinson its interim president.  Urban riots decrease on Earth as increases in food production, the end of rationing for Citizens and growth of employment and government services improve living conditions.  The CSF curtails continuing demonstrations in the universities with a massive show of force and numerous arrests.
2120 The off-world colonies assume full control over the Venus Terraformation Project, as the Commonwealth continues to shift its limited resources to Terran domestic needs.  The Census Bureau confirms Terra's population decline, with deaths exceeding births for the first time since 2057.  The Horizon Party regains total control of the Commonwealth, winning 67% of the vote; the Progressive-Justice Alliance manages only 28% in this election.  The Martian local government overturns restrictions on terraformation and begins full-scale atmospheric modifications with biological agents.
2121 Hurricane Yolanda strikes New Orleans, leaving the city submerged for a month; controversial rebuilding efforts begin under the sponsorship of Executive Councilor Count William DuBois.  Atlantis holds its first regular elections, electing Thomas Atkinson to a six-year term as president of the Republic.  Robert Dunbar becomes the first person to celebrate a 200th birthday.
2122 The off-world colonies formally take control of CSEA, renaming the organization the Colonial Space Exploration Agency and transferring its headquarters to Juno in the main Belt.
2123 The world-wide Great Drought reaches its thirty year but shows signs of dissipating.  Midwest American crops succeed for the first time since 2105. 
2124 Word of the Atlantian revolt reaches Sol.  The Commonwealth Legislature adopts Edict 14356, a ban on all interstellar travel and colonization.  The CSF puts down pro-Atlantian riots in California, detaining and reprogramming hundreds of protestors.
2125 The Horizon Party wins 71% of the votes and full control of the government in what opposition parties claim was a rigged election.  Alphonso Dubrin is among the thousands of protestors arrested, but he is soon released.  Decreased demand for helium 3 contributes to the bankruptcy of the Uranus Sky Mining Corporation.
2126 The Commonwealth ECB declares the Great Droughts ended.  An ECB study shows that Terran surface temperatures have increased four degrees Celsius since 2000, and the sea level has risen over two meters.  The ECB begins carefully monitored and peer-reviewed work to control tropical storms.
2127 A pro-opposition documentary released by LaGrangeNet, a semi-autonomous Near Earth Colony media outlet, leads to mobilization of a CSF Naval Fleet under Admiral Hu.  Mediation led by Alphonso Dubrin defuses the crisis; the compromise agreement allows for more independent media in the colonies but imposes greater censorship on Terra.  James McKnight becomes the second president of Atlantis.
2128 A small asteroid impacts in the Sulu Sea, causing twenty thousand deaths and widespread damage from tsunamis and demonstrating the inadequacy of the current planetary defense grid.
2129 Funding for the planetary defense grid increases 20%.  An amendment that would relieve Earthbound press restrictions fails to make it out of committee, prompting Alphonso Dubrin to begin a series of protest meetings across the world.
2130 The Horizon Party again wins a solid 70% of the vote in the general election, despite the strong showing from a reunited Liberal Party led by Alphonso Dubrin.  Protests over voting irregularities are widespread, but a heavy police presence quickly defuses violence.
2131 After a failed attempt to challenge Commonwealth election results, Alphonso Dubrin refuses to be seated on the Executive Council and begins a protest outside the Capitol in Byzantium, shutting down the Executive and Legislative councils.  On the twentieth day of the protest, CSF troops storm the protestors and arrest Dubrin on charges of treason.
2132 Alphonso Dubrin allegedly commits suicide under house arrest while awaiting his trial.  Massive protests and riots rock Earth and spread to the off-world colonies.  The Anarchist Revolution begins as a coordinated band of protestors seize control of key installations and cities across Earth.  Though the actual number of conspirators is small, their successes cause Lord Admiral Hu, fleet commander of the CSF, to assume massive collaboration.  Hu orders the planetary defense grid to attack the rebel stronghold of Houston, resulting in over three million deaths.  Once the Revolution collapses and the true facts become evident, the off-world colonies threaten secession and begin arming themselves.  After some delay, Commonwealth authorities arrest, try and execute Hu, defusing the crisis.  Over five hundred Anarchists face Artifact Status sentences; the final death toll from the Revolution tops five million.
2133 An investigative panel finds three mid-level CSF police officials guilty of conspiracy in the death of Alphonso Dubrin and two officers guilty of committing the murder; they are sentence to Artifact Status.  Janet Hwang becomes the third president of Atlantis.
2134 The Legislative Council passes a law that relaxes Earthbound press restrictions.  Combined with an increase in social spending, the Horizon Party publicly appeals to voters to support them in the upcoming election.
2135 The Libertas reaches Tau Ceti.  The crew and colonists name the only habitable world Libertas, form the Council of Citizens and immediately vote for independence.  Work begins on improving rainfall on Libertas's supercontinent.  CSEA begins to refit the Cousteau with an improved ramscoop system.  The Horizon Party wins a narrow 52% majority in the general election against a fragmented opposition and barely manage to maintain a executive Council majority.
2136 Bombardment of Mars by water-bearing comets begins.  Viggo Turki is born on Atlantis.
2137 Hurricane Zeke devastates Cuba, killing thousands.
2138 Under the command of Captain Jose Cardenas, the Cousteau begins a deep exploration mission to the Oort Cloud
2139 Construction begins on a high thrust ion engine at Vesta Shipyards.  Thomas Atkinson reluctantly agrees to a second term as president of Atlantis.
2140 The Horizon Party manages to win an increased majority against the fractious opposition.
2141 The Cousteau encounters a derelict alien vessel half a light-year from the sun; no systems remain functional but science teams date the hull at twenty million years old.  ECB scientists successfully divert Hurricane Emma from the North American coast.
2142 CSEA launches the Xenon Sprinter experimental ion vessel from Vesta, accelerating at up to two gees in a round trip to the Jovian Leading Trojans.
2143 The Cousteau returns from its five year mission, arriving at Charon to a hero's welcome.
2144 The CSF begins construction of the Caesar class patrol cruiser, incorporating new high thrust variable ion engines.
2145 Confederation elections result in little change in the overall government composition and show declining voter turnout.
2146 News of the Libertine revolt reaches the Solar System.  Captain Cardenas takes the Cousteau on a second cruise into the Oort Cloud.
2147 The Tangerine Plague brings the TerraNet Terran/Orbital web-sphere to a near collapse.  Lunar technicians and AIs isolate their nodes and recover TerraNet.
2148 The Colonial Party is founded on Luna, pressing for more autonomy for the off-world colonies.
2149 Several opposition groups, including the Colonial Party, unite to form the Liberal Alliance in advance of the general election.
2150 The Horizon Party ekes out a 51.5% majority in the general election, barely maintaining control of the government against the upsurgent Alliance.
2151 The Cousteau returns to Charon and enters mothballs for a second time.  Members of the Time Travel Society emerge from hibernation and complain that little has changed in fifty years; installing newer equipment and recruiting more members, they divide into three groups, vowing to hibernate for 50, 100 and 150 years.
2152 General Electric begins selling relatively compact MSMH protium fusion reactors for use in medium-sized land, sea and air vehicles.  Zhang Ping is arrested for instigating the Tangerine Plague.  Tomas Johannessen is born on Atlantis.
2153 An ECB survey indicates that temperatures have stabilized at six degrees above 2000 levels with sea levels three meters elevated.  A software virus infects several Renuex regeneration clinics, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of regeneration patients.
2154 The Green Party withdraws from the Liberal Alliance after platform differences on ECB policy.
2155 In the general election, the Horizon Party wins a 53% majority over the weakened Liberal Alliance; election turnout reaches a record low.  The Venus Terraformation Project reaches Phase II with heavy bombardment ending as permanent steamy oceans form.  The first Venusian permanently staffed ground stations become operational on the Ishtar Terra plateau.
2156 A large hyperbolic comet (HC 36) enters the solar system from interstellar space.  Captain Rajiv Kumar leads the expedition to HC 36 aboard the CSEA research vessel Athena.  Robert Dunbar dies at age 235.
2157 Three major software plagues and a robot "insurrection" infect many Commonwealth government facilities.  The Atlantis Modification Project reaches official completion with most of the surface accessible without cold weather clothing, but ten thousand of the fifty thousand colonists remain in Cityship orbital habitats.  The CSF shuts down illegal mind-machine research at the Mechanist settlement of Eternity on Mars.
2158 The Athena, with a crew of 114 mostly Colonial scientists and officers, announces that it is staying on HC 36 as it exits the Solar system.  CSEA officials decline to mount a recovery expedition, and begin to refer to the passing comet as the Kumar Colony, headed into Taurus and for another stellar encounter in half a million years.
2159 Unknown terrorists attack the CSF base on Juno with a fifty gram antimatter charge, killing three hundred twenty people and destroying three vessels.
2160 The Easterner ramscoop asteroid Battlestar reaches Tau Ceti, precipitating the Libertas War.  After losing three frigates and one hundred personnel in three outer system skirmishes, Admiral Narita negotiates a truce and the Battlestar retreats, accelerating toward Epsilon Eridani.  The Libertines lose four vessels and nearly four hundred personnel in the war.  In the Commonwealth elections, the Horizon Party maintains control with a 55% majority.  The Census Bureau reports that the Terran population has begun to increase after nearly fifty years of decline; while birthrates remain very low, most of the increase comes from increased lifespan.
2161 Horizon Party leader Lord Andrew Timmins begins his first term on the Commonwealth Executive council, proclaiming a hard-line agenda.
2162 A Commonwealth law to make Citizenship exams more strenuous passes as an amendment to a bill increasing funding to evaluate new regeneration treatments.
2163 University protests over new citizenship restrictions begin on campuses across the Solar system.
2164 The Green Party re-joins the Liberal Alliance to provide a united opposition against the Horizon Party.  Progressive leader Baron Yatindra Gupta becomes chairman of Alliance.
2165 A series of software plagues linked to university protest groups causes damage to CSF systems on Terra.  In the general election, the Horizon Party maintains a 52% majority after a series of debates pitting Executive Councilor Timmins against Gupta.
2166 Yatindra Gupta assumes a seat on the Executive Council as the leader of the opposition.  After a software plague causes a collision between two airships, killing 730 people, the Commonwealth places TerraNet security under the CSF and increases monitoring and censorship.
2167 Ultra regeneration therapy begins limited trials.  Pavel Karinsky and four hundred followers establish the Eternity Two settlement on Varuna in the Kuiper Belt, allegedly to further mind-machine research without legal interference.
2168 Asteroid Belt miners stage a three week strike to protest CSF monitoring of private communications.  The Commonwealth agrees to provide greater safeguards on monitoring, but does not end the practice.
2169 Executive Councilor Yatrindra Gupta accepts enfranchisement as the Count of Tharsis and moves to Mars, retaining leadership of the opposition Liberal Alliance.
2170 The Horizon Party increases its margin of victory in the general election, winning 54% of the vote and retaining Executive control.  Executive Councilor Andrew Timmins becomes the Duke of Texas.
2171 Protesters disrupt the inauguration of the new Legislative Council; the twelve protest ringleaders use their trial to denounce Commonwealth restrictions on free expression and voting rights.  The Count of Tharsis intervenes to allow the ringleaders to emigrate to Mars under probation.  News of the Libertine War reaches the Solar system.
2172 Unknown individuals steal the Cousteau from Charon and launch it toward 82 Eridani, with an expected arrival in 2232.
2173 The Commonwealth institutes personality testing at government educational institutions to weed out dissidents; Mars and the Belt refuse to implement the new procedures.  Dame Catherine Jones becomes the first person to celebrate a 250th birthday.
2174 A Horizon-sponsored measure to increase Executive Council terms to ten years fails narrowly in the Legislative Council; a Legislative term limit proposal offered by the Liberal Alliance also fails to pass.
2175 Ultra regeneration therapy receives full approval.  In conjunction with advanced nanomed therapies, it is expected to add another century to the human life span for those that can afford it.  Ultra marketers claim that a newborn child can live over six hundred years with NB therapy and the maximum five Ultra regenerations.  The Horizon Party wins 55% in the general election, but carries no precincts beyond the Near Earth Colonies.
2176 Pavel Karinsky enters extended hibernation after beginning to suffer minor mental degradation.  A software plague disrupts opening ceremonies at the Cairo Summer Olympics.
2177 Pirate news stations spread throughout the Belt, often spewing virulent anti-government rhetoric; a doctored 3vid of the Duke of Texas performing immoral acts with children and animals circulates widely.
2178 Security forces sweep through the Belt, arresting dozens of net broadcasters on libel charges, but pirate broadcasts spread to Terra.  On Libertas, the Committee for Environmental Improvement declares its task completed and disbands, effectively reducing the Libertine government to the Navy and the Committee for Justice; however, vast stretches of the Libertine interior remain uninhabitable wasteland.
2179 A bill requiring further monitoring of system-wide web transmission passes easily.  The Progressive Party Executive and Legislative Councilors, including the Count of Tharsis resign from the government.  Despite restrictions, protests grow on Terran universities.  Belters begin several strikes and work disruptions.
2180 The Horizon Party easily wins a 60% majority against the weakened Liberal Alliance.  After the Near Earth Asteroid Colonies allow a series of very critical documentaries, the Executive Council declares a violation of the Home Rule Amendment.  As negotiations falter, Colonies begin seceding from the Commonwealth in late December.  Terra claims direct rule over the Colonial governments and mobilizes CSF naval forces.
2181 All Solar colonies secede from the Commonwealth by January 2nd. Nearly half the CSF fleet defects and sides with the Colonies.  The Colonial War begins with a series of skirmishes in Earth Orbit; neither side is willing to begin bombardments of populated areas.  On Earth, Colonists and sympathizers seize several spaceports and fight their way off world through an AI plague-infested defense grid.  The Battle of Mars demonstrates the deadliness of direct engagements and the war quickly settles into commerce raiding and skirmishes.  The Commonwealth fleet begins commerce raiding in the Belt and launches an abortive raid to seize Venus.
2182 With its fleet unable and unwilling to achieve a major victory at the Battle of Amun and domestic unrest on the rise, Terra agrees to an armistice.  The Colonial War officially ends in September with the signing of the Treaty of Tycho.  All Colonies, except the remaining Terran orbital power stations and factories, gain complete independence.
2183 A constitutional convention meets at High Aphrodite in Venus orbit and creates a Colonial Confederation with a permanent capital in the Lunar city of Copernicus.  The convention recognizes the Near Earth Orbital and Asteroid Colonies (NEAR Colonies), Luna, Mars and the Asteroid Belt Colonies as sovereign, and holds Venus in trust as a future fifth member; it gives the Belt control of the Outer Worlds and Mars control of Mercury.  The Kuiper and Oort systems, including Pluto and Charon, are held in a common trust under CSEA and an industrial commission.  Yatindra Gupta, Count of Tharsis, becomes interim president of the Confederation.
2184 In reaction to continued unrest and growing dissatisfaction with the handling of the Colonial War, the moderate wing of the Horizon Party becomes dominant and forces the Duke of Texas to resign his position. The Atlantian Republic funds a major three-year interplanetary expedition to the Alpha Centauri A system; it is led by Captain Viggo Turki aboard the Palmer.
2185 On Terra, the now moderated Horizon Party wins 46% of the vote in the general election, forming a coalition with the centrist Citizen Party to govern.  Yatrindra Gupta is overwhelmingly elected Confederation President.  The God's Children sect establishes a settlement of six hundred pilgrims on Uranus's moon Oberon.
2186 A CSEA experimental vessel, Freedom Star achieves a high-efficiency ion thrust of 3 gees in trials.  On Terra, the ruling coalition lasts just three months as internal disagreements fracture the Horizon Party and cause the Citizen Party to shift allegiance to the Liberal Alliance.  The Horizon Party falls from power for the first time in Commonwealth history.  A surface expedition from the Palmer to Alpha Centauri's largest planet, Londo, discovers an obelisk on the north pole with markings similar to the Ganymede North Pole Obelisk discovered in 2044.
2187 The Horizon Party officially splits, with the right wing retaining the name and many of the old policies and the left wing forming the center-right Conservative Party.  The Duke of Texas dies in a boating accident off the Yucatan.  The Commonwealth reverses most information-monitoring legislation and ends personality testing at educational institutions.
2188 CSEA launches a re-supply mission to the Kumar Colony with fifty additional colonists and a cargo of updated quantum computers, fabricator boxes and nanomed generators.
2189 A series of massive solar flares damages Mercury's North Pole station, killing forty personnel and forcing an evacuation of the facility.
2190 After a fractious election on Terra, the Horizon (27%) and Conservative (24%) Parties agree to form a coalition government. Yatindra Gupta refuses to stand for reelection as Colonial Confederation president and returns to his estates on Mars.
2191 The new Commonwelath government takes office, with the Conservatives blocking attempts by the Horizon Party to reinstitute data-monitoring laws.
2192 A bid by CSEA to build a new class of ramscoop ships fails to pass the Confederate council, though authorization narrowly passes for funding of design work and engineering tests.
2193 Yan Rheyes and the Janus computer sentient at Chiron University on Atlantis discover a governor process that allows macrojump interstellar travel using a focused Wexler field device; the Atlantian Republic funds development of a prototype vessel.
2194 The Confederation CSEA committee approves funding for three ramscoops capable of transporting up to one thousand sleeper colonists.  Plans call for sixty-year voyages to 82 Eridani, Eta Cassiopeiae, and Delta Pavonis.
2195 The Conservative Party wins a plurality of votes in the Terran general election, proposing a coalition with the Horizon Party as a junior member.
2196 The Atlantian experimental robotic starship Enterprise makes its first interstellar jump, traveling between Alpha Centauri B and A.  After a return jump, the Enterprise jumps to Proxima Centauri and back.  Atlantis begins construction of the first crewed starship.  On Earth, the government further relaxes laws governing netcasting.  A proposal to privatize TerraNet passes the Legislature.
2197 The Martian government inaugurates the Gupta Station, a large, heavily shielded facility at Mercury's north pole.
2198 The Earth Defense Grid successfully intercepts an eighty meter asteroid, validating the system's integrity.
2199 Atlantis launches the Columbus, the first crewed macrojump ship; Captain Viggo Turki leads the crew of eight.  The Columbus makes a trial run to Proxima Centauri, then jumps to the Solar system and visits the Belt, Luna and Earth.  A second mission, via Sol to Libertas takes place before the end of the year.  CSEA suspends plans to launch its three nearly completed ramscoop vessels.  On Atlantis, construction begins on four additional starships, equipped with high-efficiency fusion engines; the Atlantian Exploratory Service is chartered.
2200 The Columbus makes additional trips to Sol and Tau Ceti, exchanging ambassadors and establishing formal diplomatic relations.  The Columbus explores the UV Ceti system en-route to Libertas and continues on to Epsilon Eridani, exploring the proto-martian world Vulcan before returning to Atlantis.  On Earth, the Conservative-Horizon coalition barely clings to power after the Commonwelath general election.  With Atlantis refusing to disclose the secrets of macrojump, CSEA completes its three ramscoops, but mothballs the vessels at Charon pending further negotiations.
2201 The Columbus explores the Barnard's Star and Lalande 28115 star systems and undertakes more diplomatic missions to Sol and Libertas.  The fifty-year sleepers of the Time Travel Society thaw and half of them decide to remain awake, proclaiming the dawn of new era of exploration.
2202 The Columbus continues diplomatic shuttles and explores Ross 154 and Epsilon Indi during a research mission.  Discussions concerning a unified human government begin on Luna.
2203 The Columbus conducts a research mission to Sirius and Procyon, including detailed examinations of the white dwarf companions.  After completing another series of diplomatic missions, the Columbus leaves service after the discovery of serious stress damage to the jump generator.  Viggo Turki retires as captain to begin a political career. The starship Drake enters service with Tomas Johannessen as captain, conducting an exploratory mission through Epsilon Eridani to 82 Eridani and surveying the worlds eventually know as Dante and Amaterasu.  The Cabral enters service as a diplomatic shuttle, running missions between the three populated star systems.
2204 Viggo Turki becomes the Atlantian ambassador to the Colonial Confederation and the chief Atlantian negotiator on Luna.  The Drake conducts a deep exploration mission, discovering and surveying Paradise around Chara and continuing on to Beta Coma Berenices, where the crew discovers an abandoned alien starport on the third planet and a primitive sentient alien species, soon dubbed the Comans, on the fourth world.  The Magellan enters service, discovering and surveying Aphrodite at Delta Pavonis and Cyclops at Eta Cassiopeiae.  The Gagarin enters service as a detailed survey vessel and conducts an in-depth examination of the 82 Eridani system.
2205 The Eastern Battlestar arrives at Epsilon Eridani, disables the recon probes left by the Columbus and establishes a settlement of two hundred terraformer colonists before accelerating onwards toward 82 Eridani, reaching one third light speed with an upgraded ramscoop.  After reviewing Atlantian survey data, CSEA decides to begin crewing two ramscoops, Zeus and Chronos, for a colonization voyage to Aphrodite, but keeps its third ship, Gaea, in reserve.  The Drake surveys Kalmar at 61 Virginis during a looping route to Arcturus.  The Gagarin crew makes first formal contact with the ice cave-dwelling Comans and explores the alien ruins on both BCB III and IV, uncovering evidence of repeated visits between thirty thousand and one thousand years ago; symbols discovered on BCB III and IV match those on the Ganymede and Londo obelisks.  The Magellan discovers and surveys Delphi around Alpha Mensa.  A Liberal Alliance victory (52%) in the Commonwealth general election breaks the impasse in reunification negotiations.  Karl Turki, grand-nephew of Viggo Turki and one day King, is born on Atlantis.
2206 The Confederation Era begins. Negotiators at Shackleton Station establish the Terran Confederation.  The eight member states maintain total internal autonomy and their own armed forces.  The only powers of the Confederation concern the maintenance of trade and a common currency, immigration, relations with outside powers, and an interplanetary justice system.  Atlantis keeps its monopoly on macrojump technology after forcing through the Comparative Advantage Amendment.  Venus is held in trust by the four members of the now disbanded Colonial Confederation pending completion of the terraformation.  The Colonial Industrial Commission retains control of the Kuiper and Oort regions, but cedes Pluto and Charon to the Confederation as research reservations.  Atlantis begins construction of a new class of starships.  The Zeus and Chronos ramscoops set out for Delta Pavonis each with one thousand sleeper colonists and a rotating crew of one hundred twenty working five-year shifts.  The Drake explorers Fomalhaut and Vega.  The Magellan discovers a chlorine-based ecosystem on Medusa in the 72 Hercules system; the Drake rescues the Magellan after its last ignition chamber burns out at Barnard's Star during its return voyage.  The Gagarin conducts a detailed survey of Paradise.  Easterner colonists on Vulcan begin producing rapid-growth clones to vastly expand the population.
2207 All members ratify the Confederation Constitution.  The old CSEA complex at Copernicus on Luna becomes the site of the Confederation administrative headquarters.  The Drake discovers Osiris at 61 Ursa Majoris and surveys ruins on the world Enigma in the 10 billion year old Groombridge 1830 system and the 47 Ursa Majoris system.  The Magellan conducts a detailed survey of Kalmar and the Gagarin conducts a detailed survey of Medusa.
2208 Atlantis assigns the Magellan to aid in diplomatic shuttle missions.  The Drake discovers Thor at 59 Virginis and continues on to 70 Virginis and Tau Bootes.  Adverse reaction to the elevated status of the colonies strengthens the Horizon Party on Terra.  The Gagarin conducts a detailed survey of Aphrodite.  Tor McKnight, future King of Kalmar, is born on Atlantis.
2209 To provide for travel to and from Proxima, Atlantis leases the Gaea from CSEA in return for crew assignments on exploratory vessels.  The Drake delivers an archeological team to Egaeus (Beta Coma Berenices III) and continues contact with the Comans.  The Gagarin conducts a detailed survey of Cyclops.
2210 The Confederation holds its first elections. The Grand Senate comes under the control of a right-wing coalition lead by the Horizon Party.  James McKnight and Viggo Turki serve as Senators from Atlantis; Yatindra Gupta reluctantly serves as a Martian Senator.  Terra regains the lead in Solar affairs.  The Gaea sets out for Atlantis with a crew of thirty and eleven hundred mostly Martian and Belter colonists.  Atlantis launches the Einstein, the first 13m starship; Captain Tomas Johannessen leads its crew of eight on a deep penetration mission to Pollux, Capella and Aldebaran.  The Drake discovers Apollo and Utopia.  The Gagarin surveys Enigma at Groombridge 1830, detailing seven separate twenty million year old installations.
2211 The Grand Senate votes to avoid interference with the development of the Comans.  The first attempt to establish a Confederation exploratory service fails.  The Charon Research Lab begins a massive expansion under Confederation authority.  The Einstein and Drake place a staffed research outpost on Beta Comae III and robotic monitors on Beta Comae IV.  Later, The Einstein discovers Odin and the Drake discovers Artemis.  The Gagarin spends months surveying Delphi.  A consortium on Vesta duplicates Atlantis's high thrust fusion drive, though Atlantian drives prove more efficient.
2212 Martian medical labs on Deimos perfect reanimation techniques that restore full mental function up to a day after death.  The Byzantium and Zurich stock exchanges crash in response to fears that Terra has permanently lost its competitiveness in technological development and a severe Solar System-wide recession begins.  The Einstein discovers Thebes en route to Canopus.  Atlantis establishes a staffed outpost on Paradise to evaluate possible colonization while the Gagarin performs a second survey of the entire Chara system.  The Drake discovers Prometheus.  August Timmins is born in Austin, Texas.
2213 The Einstein travels to Achernar, discovering the nearly Terran compatible Class A world of Eden en route.  The Drake conducts shuttle service between Atlantis, Sol and the outposts at BCB and Paradise.  The Gagarin conducts a survey of Thor.
2214 Atlantis launches the Newton, equipped for multi-system survey missions; it discovers Hercules on its first mission.  The Einstein explores several white dwarf systems during an expedition to Regulus.  The Drake begins conducting routine surveys of solar systems in addition to its BCB to Paradise route.  The Gagarin surveys Eden with an eye toward colonization.
2215 Confederation elections show little change in the make-up of the Grand Senate, though the Horizon Party continues to win strength at the expense of the Conservatives.  The Einstein explores several systems, discovering Horizon and Helicon.  At Oracle, the Newton discovers the Quadrons, a stone age sentient race living among ruins of an earlier industrial civilization.  The Gagarin surveys Apollo.
2216 The Newton notes the Easterner colony on Vulcan; Atlantis announces the finding to the Confederation, which takes no action.  The Drake and Gagarin shut down the survey base on Paradise and place a new base on Kalmar.  Terran scientists perfect the hyper-string pseudo-gravity (HSPG) thruster, an engine which allows for reactionless thrust without perceived acceleration.  An expedition by the Einstein first visits Tripoli and Champa.
2217 The Einstein departs on an expedition to the nearest neutron star GRN-014, nearly 200 light years from Sol.  The Gagarin conducts a survey on Oracle and uncovers the a Quadron semi-subterranean early-industrial culture; after the deaths of two crew members, the Gagarin departs; Oracle is placed under provisional  quarentine.  Scientists at CERN on Terra discover that an HSPG thruster in a "gravstar" configuration can effectively accelerate past light speed.  Viggo Turki becomes president of Atlantis.
2218 The Einstein returns from the GRN-014 Expedition and begins an extensive overhaul to repair radiation damage.  Captain Johannessen retires from exploratory duty.  The Gagarin conducts a survey of Utopia.  The Newton discovers Avalon and Ishtar.  The Galileo enters service as a diplomatic shuttle.  The Atlantian Republic approves funding for a class of 30m starships.  The Drake conducts a covert mission to observe the Easterners on Vulcan.
2219 The era of early deep exploration ends, as the Drake, Einstein and Newton begin to focus on routine exploratory surveys. The Gagarin conducts a detailed survey of Artemis and the Maxwell enters service as an additional survey vessel.  The Terran navy launches its HSPG gravstar ship, the Pride of Terra with a crew of twenty commanded by Captain Aaron Timmins, Duke of Texas; the ship begins a voyage to Atlantis at 2g, breaking the light barrier after six months.  Atlantis begins converting the Cityship Voyager into a massive orbital factory.
2220 The Horizon Party continues to gain strength on Terra, again dominating the right-wing coalition in the Grand Senate.  Tomas Johannessen becomes one of the Senators from Atlantis.  The Wexler enters service as a diplomatic shuttle, replacing the Cabral, which is retired at Atlantis.  Atlantian scientists develop macro-molecular materials.  The Einstein discovers Daedalus and the Gagarin conducts a detailed survey of Odin.
2221 The Pride of Terra reaches Atlantis after a two and a half year voyage.  The Starship Rheyes enters service on Atlantis in a ceremony also marking the decommissioning of the Drake.  The Gagarin conducts a detailed survey of Prometheus.
2222 Atlantian scientists duplicate HSPG technology and begin incorporating the technology into their 30m starship project.  The Magellan is decommissioned.  The Maxwell discovers the mechanistic culture of the Lagrush on a gas giant moon in the Orion Sector.  Libertas begins converting its orbiting Cityship into an automated factory.  The Gagarin conducts a detailed survey of Ishtar.
2223 The ramscoop Gaea arrives at Altantis.  Yan Rheyes begins her unsuccessful term as president of Atlantis.  The Gagarin conducts a detailed survey of Avalon.  Dame Catherine Jones becomes the first human to celebrate a 300th birthday.  Mechanist scientists on Varuna revive Pavel Karinsky and successfully treat his brain condition.
2224 The Pride of Terra triumphantly returns to the solar system.  The Gagarin conducts a detailed survey of Lagrush, initiating a formal contact.  An industrial recovery begins on Terra and spreads through the Solar System.
2225 The election of a Liberal Senator from Luna shifts the balance of power, with a Liberal-Colonial coalition gaining control of the Grand Senate.  Atlantis completes the North America, a 30m starship with a crew of eighty; starship improvements include a longer range (Type IIa) macrojump drive, HSPG thrusters and a macro-molecular hull.  On its first voyage, the North America expands the research stations on Kalmar and BCB.  In its final mission, the Gagarin conducts a detailed survey of Hercules.  The Newton conducts the Third Oracle expedition focusing on the artifacts of earlier Quadron civilization, but encounters violent resistance and departs after loosing four crew members.  The world of Oracle is permanently quarantined.  Lord John Anderson of Libertas and Viggo Turki begin discussions on eliminating the threat of Vulcan expansion.
2226 In the Centaurus (2) Sector, the Rheyes contacts the Alimeen, a subjovian hydrogen-breathing race with a technological level nearly equivalent to Terra and an apparently older culture.  The North America places a contact base in orbit around Lagrush.  Another bill to form a Confederate Exploration Service founders in the Grand Senate.  The ramscoop Gaea sets out on a year-long colonization voyage to Proxima.
2227 The Europa enters service at Atlantis and immediately sets out on an diplomatic mission to establish an orbital contact base orbiting Alimeen.  Atlantis tests a high power positron beam weapon for its Continent class starships.  Rain falls on Mars for the first time in nearly one billion years.  An influence peddling scandal in the Atlantian Justice Ministry seriously damages the President Rheyes' credibility.  The Gaea establishes a settlement of five hundred people on Proxima Prime.
2228 On Atlantis, the Republic authorizes the creation of the Atlantian Navy.  The North America sets out on the Hyades expedition.  The Maxwell temporarily evacuates the crew of the Lagrush station as resources shift toward Alimeen.  The Gaea returns to Atlantis, beginning round-trip service to the Proxima colony on a two year schedule.
2229 Viggo Turki becomes President of Atlantis for a second time; he appoints Tomas Johannessen as Admiral of the Atlantian Navy.  A sedated Alimeen delegation travels aboard the Europa to hold meetings with Confederation representatives on Luna.  Negotiations on Libertas form the basis of planning for the invasion of Vulcan.  The South America enters service, conducting a shuttle mission to support the bases on Kalmar, BCB and Alimeen.
2230 Admiral Johannessen leads a covert scouting mission to the Epsilon Eridani system, discovering that the clone-enhanced population now tops thirty thousand.  The Asia enters service as a transport capable of carry up to four hundred passengers.  The Liberal-Colonial coalition maintains control of the Grand Senate. Atlantis installs a positron accelerator in the North America.
2231 The Vulcan War begins. The two battle tenders, Midway and Waterloo, enter service.  Accompanied by North America, Europa, Asia, Einstein, Newton, Maxwell, and six Libertine gunboats, they invade Epsilon Eridani under the command of Admiral Johannessen aboard the Einstein.  A brief battle destroys the obsolete Easterner fleet.  Subsequent missions bring three battalions of Atlantian and Libertine Marines to capture the ground installations and end resistance.
2232 The Atlantian and Libertine governments declare Vulcan open for colonization and maintain marital law, eventually declaring all clones as Artificial Status but conferring Resident status to the surviving fifty-two Easterner colonists and their thirty-five natural descendents.  The Confederation Grand Senate narrowly approves conduct of the war after a bitter debate.  Interrogations lead to the impression that the Battlestar will reach 82 Eridani in 2251.  The renegade ramscoop Cousteau arrives at 82 Eridani and is met by the Maxwell; a boarding party determines that the vessel is completely empty and its logs wiped clean.  The Cousteau is parked in orbit around the main gas giant Tartarus.  The Belt's Flora Research Labs discovers a dark energy antimatter distillation technique.  This process, developed by a group of Belter and Lunar scientists, greatly reduces the cost of antimatter production.  The Belt and Luna claim patent rights over the discovery and invoke the Comparative Advantage Amendment to avoid disclosing the technique.  The Australia passenger transport enters service.
2233 At Atlantian prompting, the Grand Senate repeals the Comparative Advantage Amendment.  Atlantis releases the details of macrojump drive and molecular materials technology in return for the vacuum distillation technique.  Terraformation work on Vulcan, started by the Easterners, resumes under Atlantian and Libertine supervision.  The Confederation establishes a joint Exploratory Service (CES), authorizing the construction of twelve Explorer Class 25m vessels capable of carrying crews of forty.  The Africa passenger transport enters service.
2234 The first Terran macrojump starship, the 30m Odysseus, enters service.  The last continent class starship, the Antarctica, enters service as a research vessel leased to the CES.  Libertas begins fast cloning AS with imported Easterner stock to meet labor needs in the Inback.
2235 The Odysseus establishes a survey base on Paradise.  The first four CES vessels enter service.  The Liberal-Colonial coalition maintains control of the Grand Senate despite growing right-wing sentiment on Terra.  Tomas Johannessen becomes President of Atlantis.
2236 The Confederation and the Alimeen sign formal diplomatic relations and trade treaties on Luna.  An Alimeen observer team begins attending Grand Senate sessions.
2237 The starship Mayflower, a 55m transport with the capacity of up to two thousand colonists, reaches completion over Terra.  Dame Catherine Jones dies on Terra at age 314.
2238 The colonization of Paradise begins with the maiden voyage of the Mayflower.  The CES Shackleton and Livingstone embark on a deep space mission to Spica at the edge of their range.  Atlantis retires the Gaea, transferring Proxima resupply service to macrojump vessels.
2239 The Battlestar enters the 82 Eridani system.  While still decelerating towards the outer habitable world, Amaterasu, the Battlestar encounters and captures the CES Boone and takes the crew prisoner.  Determining the status of Vulcan and the state of Confederation forces and intelligence, Admiral Narita orders the settlement and fortification of Amaterasu, beginning immediate clone production to supplement troops strengths.  Disassembling the Boone, scientists set to work duplicating Confederation technology, including macrojump, anti-matter distillation, molecular armor and HSPG thrusters.
2240 The CES Livingstone disappears while attempting to retrace the Boone's route; it is also captured at Amaterasu and the Easterners transfer the crews of both vessels to a camp on Dante, the marginally habitable second planet of 82 Eridani.  The CES discovers a macrojump drive defect that seems to explain the two vessels' disappearances.  The Grand Senate approves funding for overhauls on all Explorer class starships and the construction of four additional vessels.  A shift in Lunar voting patterns leads to the ascendancy of a right-wing Conservative-Horizon coalition in the Grand Senate.
2241 On Amaterasu, the Easterners begin construction of Samurai class HSPG gunboats and six experimental macrojump vessels.  The Confederation trades macrojump technology to the Alimeen for techniques in hyper-string force manipulations.  James McKnight, Tomas Johannessen and Yatindra Gupta first begin plans for the colonization of Kalmar.  Libertas completes the Freedom, its first macrojump starship.  Viggo Turki becomes President of Atlantis for a third time.
2242 Easterner Samurai gunships destroy the Freedom at Amaterasu.  The CES Hillary and Scott jump to Amaterasu to investigate the Freedom's disappearance; the heavily damaged Scott escapes the Easterner ambush and jumps directly to Sol.  The Confederation begins deliberations over a response to the attacks.
2243 The Amaterasu War begins. The Confederate Joint Expeditionary Force under command of Admiral Aaron Timmins aboard the cruiser Invincible consists of twelve starships and ten gunboats; it jumps to 82 Eridani and fights five indecisive skirmishes during three months in 82 Eridani's outer system.  The task force withdraws to Libertas after Easterner forces destroy the Asia and Waterloo, then cripple and capture the Invincible at the Battle of Tartarus, killing Admiral Timmins.  In the lull, the Battlestar heads coreward (to Victoria/Hachiman/Nova) under the command of Captain Hiroshi.  Six jury-rigged macrojump vessels, each with a crew of twenty-four, depart coreward to establish new enclaves.  A new task force under the joint command of Admirals Zhang and Johannessen achieves orbital supremacy in the Battle of Amaterasu, where Admiral Narita dies ramming the Europa.  Subsequent orbital bombardment of Amaterasu paves the way for a Marine force landing.
2244 On Amaterasu, Easterner ground forces continue to resist and launch guerrilla raids until the last mountain redoubts fall in May.  The Confederation raids Dante, destroys the garrison and rescues the surviving CES crews from the Boone, Linvingstone and Hillary.  Final toll for the war, not including the three scout ships and the Freedom lost earlier, is seven Confederation starships and nine Confederation gunboats lost, with three thousand soldiers killed and over two thousand injured.  The Easterners lost all their vessels but only four thousand people, mostly clones.  Of the thirty-seven surviving Battlestar crew, twenty-five are tried, convicted and executed for war crimes; the last twelve, all scientists, are exiled to Dante.  Interrogations fail to reveal the destinations of the six colony ships or the Battlestar.  Easterner macrojump ships settle the enclaves of Honshu, Shikoku, Manchukuo and Chosun.
2245 A centrist coalition of Conservative, Liberal and Libertas First members dominates the new Grand Senate which fails to agree on plans to form a Confederation Navy.  A short recession spreads through the Confederation.  Unification talks between the Confederation and the Alimeen begin on Luna.  A group of Atlantian and Martian colonists settle on Kalmar, appointing James McKnight as Lord Kalmar, a symbolic head of state.  Easterner macrojump ships settle Formosa and Kyushu.  Terra authorizes two more Mayflower class transports, the Coventry and the Dover.
2246 Discussions begin on constitutional changes to allow for the new colonies and the Alimeen to receive Confederation representation.  The Grand Senate expands funding for the CES and establishes the Confederation Communications Service (CCS), allocating funds for ten courier vessels.  The CES abandons active efforts to search for the Easterner macrojump ships.
2247 The Alimeen join the Confederation and reveal the existence of the Grand Federation; all Alimeen historical records become available to Human scholars.  The CES establishes a survey base on Eden to support future colonization.  The Terran Navy cuts its forces by 25%, selling its surplus vessels to the CCS.  A M'kkiae patrol vessel makes contact with the Easterner enclave on Kyushu.
2248 A large majority of Citizens ratifies a modified Confederation constitution.  Based on new powers, the Grand Senate approves a Confederation-wide 1.5% value added tax (VAT).  Alimeen archaeologists identify several outposts on BCB III as being of Grand Federation origin.  The Confederation resumes extensive contact with the Comans.  Atlantis begins production of the 40m Hastings class of frigates, which most navies incorporate as patrol vessels.  The M’kkiae absorb the Kyushu colony as a subject world and conduct a perimeter sweep, discovering and occupying Chosun and Formosa.
2249 The University of Deimos perfects an energy absorbing "black" radiant forcefield generator. The M’kkiae Council of Clans decides that Humanity constitutes a threat to the M’kkiae Combine and begins debate on the best method for neutralizing this threat.  Additional M’kkiae sweeps occupy the three remaining Easterner colonies and M’kkiae scout vessels travel to Human space, scouting the 82 Eridani system.
2250 After another failure to create a Confederation Navy, the Grand Senate authorizes the High Command, a permanent staff and logistics organization to coordinate member Naval forces. The VAT increases to 2%.  Avalon and Xanadu, the first 40m CES starships with a crew of 100 and onboard artificial gravity compensators, enter service.  The Terran Navy installs Deimos shields in its two 55m battleships.  Atlantis completes the Alexander, a 55m battleship equipped with a spinal positron mount and a Deimos shield, and two Hastings class frigates, Hastings and Culloden.  The M'kkiae supply the Easterner enclaves with support ships to launch improved Samurai gunships.  In the first reformed election, a Liberal-Progressive coalition takes control of the Grand Senate and is supported by the six Alimeen Senators.
2251 The M'kkiae War begins as Easterner gunships attack and destroy the CES station on Mulligan in the Aquarius (5) Sector.  Two Samurai gunships attack and destroy the Nansen while it conducts a deep exploration mission in the Hercules Sector.  The Zephyr class of 13m fast (Type IIb) deep-range exploratory starships begins production.  A Belter patrol frigate destroys an automated alien probe near Juno.  Some members of the Time Travel Society awaken in Australia; though a few members withdraw, more new members sign up for a fifty year slumber that will end in a Grand Reunion in 2301.
2252 Easterner raiders conduct seven attacks on the Confederation rim, including raids that destroy the Ibn Buttuta and occupy the CES base on Delphi.  The Confederation responds with aggressive patrols and reaction forces.  After retreating from Delphi, the Easterners establish forward bases in the Arcturus and Fomalhaut systems.  The Confederate High Command mobilizes all naval forces, including Alimeen vessels, but does not yet realize it is fighting an alien-backed invasion.
2253 The Easterner Arcturus Fleet invades 61 Virginis to capture Kalmar, but are thwarted at the Battle of Kalmar by the Atlantian First Fleet, under the command of Admiral Johannessen.  The Arcturus Fleet later launches another raid on Delphi, crippling the Armstrong and destroying the ANS Powell.  The Easterner Fomalhaut Fleet launches commerce raiding expeditions against Amaterasu, Vulcan and Libertas.  The M'kkiae Council of Clans ends the Great Debate and orders full mobilization.  Viggo Turki becomes President of Atlantis for a fourth time.
2254 A M'kkiae forward battle group musters at Fomalhaut and launches a combined attack, beginning the 82 Eridani Campaign.  Admiral Lord Henke's Terran First Battle Fleet, supported by Libertine auxiliaries, meets the assault.  At the Battle of Dante, the first contact between Confederation and M'kkiae forces ends in a draw.  Alimeen forces recognize the alien remains as M'kkiae, and call for full war mobilization.  At the Battle of Tartarus, the Confederation looses the battleship Grant and the flag staff, including Henke, in an unsuccessful attempt to dislodge the enemy from the system.  At the Battle of Amaterasu, Captain August Timmins, Duke of Texas, forces the Combine fleet to withdraw after a bloody attempt to take the planet.  The Zephyr enters service as a military scout.
2255 The Grand Senate creates the Confederation Navy, incorporating all member naval and marine units; it imposes a 25% VAT and begins selling war bonds.  Easterner gunships reinfest the 82 Eridani system.  Four Conqueror class 60m dreadnoughts, Sargon, Napoleon, Caesar and Genghis Khan, reach completion at L-5 Shipyards.  Admiral Zhang's Confederation First Fleet destroys a M'kkiae reinforcement squadron bound for Fomalhaut at the Battle of Typhon.  The Combine launches a massive attack at the Battle of Alimeen; its bombardments destroying much of Alimeen industry before withdrawing in response to the arrival of Admiral Johannessen's Confederation Second Fleet.  The Confederation establishes forward naval bases at Tripoli and Champa.  On Atlantis, work begins on a disintegrator device.  A rightist coalition regains control of the Grand Senate amid charges the liberals left the Confederation unprepared for war.
2256 Construction of the 150m planet buster Hellkings begins in the Belt.  Admiral Johannessen chases Easterner raiding forces from Kalmar and BCB and disperses a second assault on Alimeen.  The M'kkiae muster at Fomalhaut and launch a sustained Libertas Campaign.  In the First Battle of Libertas, Easterner Marines supported by M'kkiae drone armor capture the world after a crushing M'kkiae naval assault.  Fleeing the towns, Libertine guerrillas control the Inback and harass the occupation force until the Second Battle of Libertas when Admiral Timmins' Third Fleet retakes Libertas on Christmas Day.  The First Fleet evacuates forward positions at Tripoli under pressure from M'kkiae probing attacks.
2257 Admiral Singh's Confederation Fourth Fleet reoccupies and fortifies Tripoli.  Atlantian disintegrator-armed Hector class 50m cruisers enter service.  Two more Conqueror class dreadnaughts, Attila and Timur enter service.  The Confederation Marines introduce unsupervised robot troops in limited numbers.  At the Battle of Vulcan, the M'kkiae win an orbital engagement, but ground-based fire destroys the Easterner landing boats and troopships and the M'kkiae withdraw after bombarding Vulcan.  Belter patrol vessels destroy a M'kkiae scouting expedition near Jupiter.  Admiral Zhang becomes Confederation Grand Admiral, retaining control of the First Fleet.  The Fifth Fleet, under command of Admiral Shelton, musters at Libertas.
2258 At the First Battle of Tripoli, the Fourth Fleet defeats a Combine task force and engages M'kkiae ground troops for the first time.  M'kkiae forces depart Arcturus to engage in the Second Battle of Alimeen, retreating after inflicting heavy damage to population centers and industry.  With the Second Fleet at Alimeen, Easterner Marines supported by M'kkiae orbital bombardment and select ground units invade lightly defended Kalmar, but the Easterners surrender to partisans after the bloody two month Kalmar Campaign ends with the return of the Second Fleet and a M'kkiae withdrawal.  The Combine Fomalhaut Fleet strikes the 82 Eridani system , meeting the Confederation Third and Fifth Fleets at the Second Battle of Dante, the heaviest fighting to date.  Timmins and Shelton survive to win a pyrrhic victory, loosing the Napoleon, Attila and half their fleets.  Confederation forces fortify and mine the 82 Eridani system after destroying the last Combine raiders.
2259 The M'kkiae begin their Grand Offensive.  At the Battle of Champa, the M'kkiae Prime Fleet overruns the Fourth Fleet destroying the Alexander and the Caesar and killing Admiral Singh.  The M'kkiae fleets combine and muster at Procyon, where the Third Fleet fights a rearguard action at the Battle of Procyon, withdrawing to Sol for fear of an imminent invasion.  Admiral Zhang anticipates M'kkiae strategy and combines the First, Second remnants of the Third and Fifth Fleets to fight the Battle of Sirius.  In a battle even bloodier than Second Dante, the combined Confederation fleets destroy the massing Combine invasion force, but Admiral Zhang dies in the aftermath.  At the Battle of Sol a small M'kkiae force escaping from Sirius approaches to within two million kilometers of Terra before being destroyed.  Tomas Johannessen becomes Grand Admiral and creates three new battle fleets out of the surviving Confederate vessels.  Commanding the First himself, he gives Timmins the Second and Shelton the Third.
2260 The First Fleet defeats the Combine at the Battle of Fomalhaut and the Second Fleet wins the Battle of Arcturus.  New vessels form the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Fleets under Admirals Khalid, Reynard, and Ombutu.  At the Second Battle of Tripoli the Fourth Fleet routs a retreating Combine convoy, capturing several Easterners, and discovering the locations of Honshu and Shikoku, which quickly fall.  At the Battle of Manchukuo, the Sixth fleet destroys the remnants of the Easterner Fleet and conquers two more enclaves.  By year's end all Easterner enclaves have surrendered and signed the Treaty of Manchukuo.  Hellking Satan, first of five, enters service.  Admiral Johannessen travels to Alimeen to discuss strategies for ending the war.  The Grand Senate grows more conservative, with the Libertines joining the coalition in favor of a vigorous campaign against the M'kkiae.  Both Viggo Turki, serving as a Grand Senator from Atlantis, and the Alimeen call for unconditional surrender.  The Hellking Hades enters service.  The terraformation of Venus officially finishes, but colonization is limited by the war.
2261 The First, Second and Sixth Fleets push coreward into M'kkiae territory.  At the Battle of Norma Jean, the Second Fleet, led by the Satan, defeats a M'kkiae fleet in the the first battlefield use of a Hellking.  At the Battle of Hammersmote the Hades destroys a M'kkiae outpost after Johannessen authorizes the first use of a Hellking against a planetary body.  The M'kkiae prepare for total war, refusing to discuss surrender.  Ceres Industrial Labs perfects a two station teleportation device, but range is limited to 30,000 km in a gravity free environment.  The last three Hellkings, Lucifer, Pluto and Loki enter service.  At the Battle of Khzraut, the Sixth Fleet liberates the Khzraut race of chlorine breathers.  The remaining M'kkiae naval forces retreat to their home system for a final stand.  The Zenith regeneration therapy procedure gets full approval, allowing up to ten regenerations and adding a theoretical 300 additional years to the human lifespan.
2262 Four Confederate fleets sweep the eight M'kkiae colonies, firing Hellking bursts as necessary against colonists bent on fighting to the death.  Admiral Johannessen combines the fleets to launch the M'kkia Campaign, enters the M'kkia system and reduces outposts piecemeal.  The M'kkiae launch a massive assault, meeting the Confederation Combined Fleet on approach to M'kkia.  The Confederation looses nearly three fifths of the fleet at the Battle of M'kkia, which rages until the two surviving Hellkings, Lucifer and Hades, turn M'kkia into a sterile inferno.
2263 After an extensive search of all M'kkiae worlds fails to find a single M'kkiae survivor, the Grand Senate declares peace on December 31.  The Confederation establishes a contact station on Khzraut and the first Khzraut envoys travel to Luna.  Admiral Johannessen retires to Kalmar.  Admiral Timmins, crippled at M'kkia, returns to Texas to enter politics.  Admiral Reynard, the last remaining Fleet Admiral, becomes Grand Admiral.  Full scale colonization of Venus begins.
2264 The CES authorizes the colonization of Eden and the Coventry and Dover finally enter civilian service.  The Grand Senate passes the Space Exploitation and Homestead Act allowing commercial development and colonization of any uninhabited body within a designated surveyed settlement radius.  An amendment gives oversight powers to the CES on the settlement of all class A through E planets.  Surplus naval vessels greatly enlarge the CES and CCS. The Grand Senate reduces the VAT to 10%.  The Khzraut join the Confederation, which adjusts the composition of the Grand Senate in accordance with protocols of the 2248 Constitution.
2265 The ramscoops Zeus and Chronos arrive at Delta Pavonis and settle Aphrodite.  The CES establishes a liaison with the Aphrodite colony, which officially joins the Confederation.  The Grand Senate expands to fifty-nine seats, of which the Alimeen hold eight and the Khzraut six.  The rightist war coalition maintains control of the Grand Senate, with the Khzraut refusing to join either faction and usually abstaining from votes on matters that do not directly affect them.  Viggo Turki becomes president of Atlantis for the fifth and final time.
2266 The Mellon Reconstruction Program begins massive aid to rebuild industry on Alimeen and Khzraut while expanding cross-species cultural contacts.
2267 The CES cancels a proposed mission to the star Shaula, 300 light-years coreward and near where the Alimeen estimate the Grand Federation border lies.
2268 The Khzraut colonize Medusa to maintain a settlement near human space and demonstrate their new-found freedom.  CES Ranger, the first 10m singleship, enters service.
2269 The Mars Terraformation project officially reaches completion with ceremonies at Lowell attended by James McKnight, Lord Kalmar, the first person to walk on Mars 250 years earlier.
2270 An extremely strong showing by the Liberal Party leads to a Liberal-Progressive coalition joined by Libertas and the Alimeen.  The Khzraut join the ruling parties but factional differences prevent the delegation from voting as a block.  The Easterner enclaves of Honshu and Manchukuo return to civilian rule; the CES declares the remaining four enclaves unviable, but allows residents to remain if they choose.
2271 The Grand Senate passes the Alien Races Protection Act to end fears of exploitation of lesser developed races, specifically the Comans, Quadrons and Lagrush.
2272 The CES Curie discovers a quiescent stellar-sized black hole 200 light years from Sol in the Hercules (25) Sector.  Joseph Bartos, future King of Venus, emigrates to Venus and starts the Maxwell Biogenics Corporation with his younger brother and son as partners.
2273 The CES sponsors the colonization of Apollo.  A bill to free AS naturals fails by a significant margin in the Grand Senate.  Atlantis emancipates its AS, but no major worlds follow suit.  Libertas, heavily dependent on an AS clone underclass withdraws from the coalition government in protest, fearing the eventual emancipation of all AS.
2274 The CES Swift discovers a second Alimeen ecosystem subjovian world, White Wind.  The Khzraut settle Fortuna, Jade and Saltfire, chlorine ecosphere planets that once hosted ancient Khzraut colonies.
2275 A right-wing coalition backed by Libertas gains control of the Grand Senate; an election focus on AS polices strains the Liberal Party leadership.  Sir Joseph Bourasaw becomes the first person to celebrate a 350th birthday.
2276 Disillusioned Liberals join with the Progressive Party to form the Reformed Party at the Conference of Hellas.  The party's central tenets include abolishing all AS restrictions and eliminating legal class distinctions; Roland Willenski becomes Party Chairman, with the Count of Tharsis, Yatindra Gupta, acting as a senior advisor.
2277 After a large contingent of Confederation naval personnel and dependents elect to remain on Tripoli despite the closure of its naval base, the CES authorizes an in-situ colonization of the planet.  Mechanists on Varuna develop templates for transferring memories between human and electronic brains, but warn that the procedure does not preserve personality; in a press release Pavel Karinsky lauds the progress but cautions that true Mechanist transfers are still decades away.  The patented Mechanist transfers quickly allow the transmission of knowledge and experiences to human brains, prompting a revolution in training and education techniques.
2278 CES Mustang singleship pilot Dirk Hermann discovers a twenty million year old Gatebuilder installation on Hermann's Moon around a gas giant in the Orion (8) Sector.  The first Type IIc macrojump vessels, capable of 30 light year jumps, enter service as CES singleship scouts and couriers.
2279 Citing reduced threat levels and aging equipment, the Grand Senate cuts the Confederation naval budget by 15% and mothballs a quarter of the fleet.
2280 The Khzraut Civil War begins.  Warfare erupts during a dispute over the selection of Khzraut Senators.  The Khzraut quickly fragment into nearly a dozen philosophically-based factions and all government and diplomatic missions return to their worlds to aid in the fighting.  A CES research station opens on Hermann's Moon, uncovering the Gatemaze.  The Reformed Party does well in the general elections but its eight Grand Senate seats weaken the Liberal Party, and the Horizon-Conservative-Libertas coalition retains power.
2281 In a referendum, Kalmar overwhelming votes to free AS naturals.  Khzraut commerce raiding discourages Human and Alimeen merchants from supplying the warring factions and Confederation mediation efforts fail to end the civil war.  Hermann Station and the Gatemaze disappear without a trace.  The CES sponsors the colonization of Delphi.
2282 Private exploration and trading companies protest new licensing regulations by starting a two month strike that brings interstellar shipping to a standstill, prompting the Grand Senate to withdraw the new regulations.  The CES Roanoke discovers the Timbor, a stone age race of amphibians in the Leo (4) Sector.
2283 A brief Khzraut truce collapses.  The Confederation Navy quarantines Khzraut worlds and escorts merchants through contested systems.  Soon, single factions control all Khzraut colonies, but bitter fighting continues on the homeworld.  All major political parties agree to call a constitutional convention to solve structural problems and modify the Confederation's powers and Grand Senate composition.
2284 Most naval personnel on Champa elect colonization over transfer as its base faces closure.  As the Confederation Constitutional Convention convenes in Miami, unknown assailants assassinate Reformed Party leader Roland Willenski during a University of Miami rally.  The Convention delegates rewrite the constitution to exclude the Khzraut and reduce Alimeen Grand Senate seats to five at their request.  An additional seat assigned to the new colonies shifts the balance of power slightly away from Terra, but Horizon Party delegates resist strengthening civil rights guarantees.  Member governments quickly ratify the new constitution.
2285 Colonial liberal reaction against the assassination of Willenski and a strengthening of the Reformed Party allow a liberal coalition to gain control of the Grand Senate.  Yatindra Gupta returns from retirement to lead the Reformed Party.  An economic boom spreads throughout the Confederation.
2286 The Terran colony transport Coventry disappears en route to Apollo with 3,200 lost.  Teleportation booths begin linking co-orbiting NEAR habitats at the Terra/Luna LaGrange points.  A CES team on Ares discovers the extensive ruins of a fifty thousand year old Founders city in the Sanchez Desert.  Willy Donner is born in Chicago on Terra.  The Alimeen establish a colony on White Wind.
2287 The right-wing fringe of the Horizon Party forms the Order Prosperity Party (OP) at a convention in Brasilia.  Its ranks include several economists claiming credit for the current prosperity.  August Timmins, Duke of Texas, becomes the party Chairman.  Party membership outside Terra and Luna is scant.  Atlantian and Martian colonists settle Odin; a settlement pact outlaws AS status and gives full citizenship rights to all sentients, including biological and artificial Constructs.  The CES Rodriguez discovers the planet New Rome.
2288 The Restoration regeneration procedure receives full approval, theoretically expanding the Human lifespan to over 1,400 years with twelve full and timely regenerations and continual age NB reduction treatments.
2289 Khzraut factions invited to the Grand Martian Exposition in Lowell attack each other, killing most of the Khzraut present and nearly two hundred bystanders.
2290 A rightist coalition gains power in the Grand Senate, with the Order Prosperity Party absorbing over a third of the Horizon Party's membership.  The Confederation begins implementing OP economic policies.  The CES authorizes colonization of Utopia.
2291 Experimental Life Therapy genetic manipulations at the University of Deimos breed "immortal" mice.
2292 The CES Moroney discovers the planet Bengal.  The CES authorizes general colonization of Cyclops.
2293 Economic growth levels off as new regulations take effect.  Smaller corporations begin to suffer under OP policies, though the transworld corporations generally benefit.
2294 The Reformist government on Mars frees AS naturals and imposes severe restrictions on the private ownership of Constructs.  The colonization of Artemis proceeds after CES approval..
2295 The right-wing coalition retains control of the Grand Senate as the Order Prosperity Party continues to make gains at Horizon Party expense.  Politics on Libertas begin to shift in favor of a more reformist platform, but the Libertine senators still join the ruling coalition.  A CES survey mission encounters a multi-species bronze age civilization on Huron in the Orion (8) Sector.
2296 Adopting the Odin Pact, Atlantis and Kalmar emancipate Constructs and extend citizenship to all Sentients.  Members of the old guard of the the Horizon Party establish a colony on Horizon after a tumultuous CES approval process.
2297 The CES authorizes the Atlantian settlement of Thor.  The Confederation Navy establishes a new technology skunkworks shipyard at Troilus in the Jovian Trailing Trojans.
2298 The economy shows signs of weakening.  Order Prosperity policy has encouraged a series of mergers that have decreased competition; small independent interstellar prospecting and trading companies are nearly extinct.  The Reformed Party establishes a CES-sanctioned colony on Helicon.
2299 August Timmins undergoes the experimental Life Therapy process to cure his injuries from the war.  The CES authorizes the colonization of Prometheus.  The Alimeen establish a second colony on Salt Breeze.
2300 The Order Prosperity Party continues to gain strength at the expense of the Horizon Party.  A right-wing coalition maintains dominance of the Grand Senate, with Libertas and the Alimeen increasingly acting as a moderating force within the ruling coalition.  The Colonial Administration Amendment passes the Grand Senate assigning Confederation governors to all worlds with a population under 25,000.  The CES authorizes the colonization of Avalon.  Protests against appointed governors begin on Odin and Tripoli.
2301 Colonial protests spread to all worlds with appointed governors.  Libertine Grand Senators withdraw from the ruling coalition and join the opposition.  The Alimeen Senators maintain the ruling right-wing coalition with increasing misgivings.  The CES authorizes the colonization of Daedalus, though three appointed governors resign before the first colonists arrive.  Colonists on Odin force the governor and his staff to flee to Luna.  The Time Travel Society holds its Grand Reunion in Australia; most members choose to rejoin regular society, but sixty-seven vow to continue their trek into the future in hundred year increments.
2302 The Grand Senate passes a modified Colonial Administration Amendment that allows colonial citizens to reject a governor by a two-thirds vote.  Under these new rules, the colonization of Ishtar proceeds without incident.
2303 Major religious leaders accuse the Terran Commonwealth and Confederation governments of using separation of church and state as an excuse to persecute members of all faiths.  The CES authorizes the colonization of Olympus.
2304 The Terran Testing Board approves Life Therapy treatment, a permanent genetic alteration that creates what becomes known as Homo Nobilis: Humans with a lifespan then projected at over one thousand years with greatly enhanced health; side effects include complete loss of all hair follicles and nails and a a rare occurrence of a severe immune disorder (CID).  Other worlds quickly approve Life Therapy.  Religious leaders form the United Faith Party in Algiers and immediately renounce Life Therapy.  Libertine settlers establish a colony on Aeneas.  The CES also authorizes the colonization of Asgard.
2305 Tomas Johannessen is one of the first general recipients of Life Therapy and becomes a major spokesman for the process in media ads.  The United Faith Party gains Grand Senate seats on Terra, NEAR and Luna, mostly at Conservative Party expense, and joins a Liberal-Reformed-Libertine coalition.  Religious unrest, mostly Moslem, spreads throughout the Mideast.  The CES authorizes the settlement of Dayan by Israeli Jews and the general settlement of Hermes and Nike.  Starting with the colonization of Dayan, the CES administration generally allows the initial settlers of a world to choose their own governor.
2306 A short recession, which the liberals blame on nearly two decades of Order Prosperity policy, spreads through the Confederation.  Pavel Karinsky comments on Life Therapy, calling it promising, but still not a path to immortality.  The CES authorizes the colonization of Osiris by secular Arabs fleeing unrest in North Africa.  The CES also authorizes the general colonization of Felix.
2307 Tomas Johannessen departs Kalmar on a private singleship expedition and does not return.  "Gray" forcefields and degenerate armor begins appearing on new and refitted Naval vessels, courtesy research at the Troilus Skunkworks.  A group of Mormon settlers colonize Deseret.  General colonization of Isis begins after a CES report downplays solar instability.
2308 Confederation naval engineers successfully test a microjump drive prototype at the Troilus Skunkworks.  The CES authorizes the general colonization of Diana and Hercules.  The Alimeen establish a colony on Storm Seed.
2309 At Princeton, Willy Donner submits his doctoral thesis on PsychoMacroEconomics, predicting the Crash of '18 as an empirical test, but receives little recognition beyond a PhD degree and an offer to teach at Stanford.  The CES authorizes the settlement of Sparta by members of the Geraldi Cult, Niagara as a general colony world, and Macoraba by Islamist purists.
2310 The microjump starship CNX Cortez begins trials, including public demonstration voyages to Alpha Centauri and Tau Ceti.  The CES authorizes a secular Lebenase colony on Levant and general colonization of Arakis and Camelot.  The liberal coalition, supported by the growing United Faith Party, retains control of the Grand Senate.
2311 The CES orders four 40m microjump drive survey vessels and proposes a Grand Federation contact mission.  The Asteroid Belt adopts the Odin Pact and frees AS naturals and Constructs.  General Computing Devices begins marketing sentient computer implants, called Companion Guides.  The CES authorizes the general colonization of Aurora, a Martian colony on Ares and an southern African colony on Zulu.
2312 The Confederation begins a massive naval modernization project in an attempt to stimulate the economy, authorizing a new fleet of microjump vessels: 40m destroyers, 50m cruisers and 60m battleships. The CES orders four more microjump survey vessels, a dozen 13m scouts and a dozen 8m singleships.  A CES survey team contacts the stone age cold nitrogen/ethane Stygian race on a gas giant moon in the Cancer (31) Sector.  The CES authorizes the colonization of Agade by secular Arabs, Reich by German nationalists and the general colonization of Hebe.
2313 Chandra Industries begins selling rapid fabrication boxes, producing most simple objects in real-time.  The CES authorizes the colonization of Ghandi by Indian nationalists, Victoria by members of the old British aristocracy and Tanith by members of the faltering Conservative Party.
2314 The microjump survey ship CES Jason completes a round-trip voyage between Ceres and Kalmar in ten days.  The Charon Research Lab tests a teleportation system allowing transfers of up to 30,000 km in a gravity well and 300,000 km in free space; as it still requires transmitting and receiving booths, it proves effective only between civilized end points, precluding use by the CES or Confederation Navy.  The CES authorizes the general colonization of Odysseus and the settlements of Mithras by secular Iranians and Rama by Hindu Indians.
2315 The first teleportation between the Terran surface and the High Amazonia geosynchronous station occurs.  Teleportation booths installations spread through the NEAR colonies. The liberal coalition, backed by the United Faith Party, maintains control of the Grand Senate, though observers note the weakening of the traditional Conservative and Liberal Parties.  The CES authorizes the general colonization of Tyche, Inanna and Hector.  Future unifier and King Albert Kagnon-Mellon is born on Mars.
2316 The CES authorizes the colonization of Hsia by Chinese settlers, Penance by a Catholic sect led by Bishop Joachim Walter and Lenin by Russian communist idealists.  The Alimeen utilize microjump vessels to settle Night Gust.
2317 Commercial microjump vessels enter service.  The CES Jason contacts the pre-industrial and apparently telepathic Swarm race in the Cetus (46) Sector.  The CES authorizes the general colonization of Demeter and the twin planets of Romulus and Remus.  The CES also authorizes the Chinese settlement of Han.
2318 The Confederation-wide Donner's Depression occurs as predicted with stock markets collapsing after a rapid rise in inflation and unemployment.  The CES cancels the Grand Federation contact mission, but continues to authorize colonization of four more worlds: Yathrib by Moslem fundamentalists, Zimbabwe by Africans, Enlightenment by Western Buddhists, and Hera as a general colony.
2319 The depression deepens with a 2% contraction of the Confederation economy.  A contact mission to the Swarm homeworld, dubbed Megahive, ends in hostilities, prompting a CES quarantine of the system.  The CES authorizes the general colonization of Thebes, Icarus and Poseidon and the colonization of Hectate by Pagan cultists.
2320 A right-wing coalition dominated by the Order Prosperity Party takes control of the Grand Senate after a depression-dominated election that increases extremist political and religious views. The Liberal Party does not hold a single Grand Senate Seat, and though the Reformed Party is the largest block in the Grand Senate, it fails to convince the Alimeen to join a coalition against the Human majority.  The CES authorizes colonization of four worlds: Ch'in by Chinese settlers, Amazonia for general settlement, Thoth by the Thoth society, a group of wealthy philosophers and scientists, and Tyr by the Order Prosperity Party.  Lord Attila Timmins, son of the Duke of Texas, becomes governor of Tyr.
2321 Professor Willy Donner finishes his General PsychoMacroEconomics Theory, but receives little support for his views outside the Reformed Party.  With the depression continuing, the Confederation re-imposes OP economic policies.  James McKnight, the Duke of Kalmar, abdicates in favor of his son, Tor, and drops from public view.  The CES authorizes the colonization of four worlds: Heaven and Khronos for general settlement, Islam by Moslem fundamentalists, and Khalistan by Sikh nationalists.
2322 With half the Citizen workforce unemployed and OP restrictions imposed on free economic and religious activity, unrest begins to spread on Terra and throughout the Solar System.  After a decade of calm, violence begins to flare in the Mideast.  Willy Donner publishes The Fall of The Confederation, predicting a second economic crash in twelve years unless the entire Confederation economic and social system is radically restructured.  The CES authorizes the colonization of Karinsky by the Mechanists led by Pavel Karinsky, the colonization of Kurdistan by Kurdish nationalists and opens the system containing Pyramus and Thisbe for general settlement.
2323 The left wing of Reformed Party adopts Donnerist Theory as a central tenet and begins calling for a constitutional convention and a stronger, federalist state.  The CES authorizes colonization of four worlds: Achilles for general settlement, Catalonia by Catalonians, New Palestine by Palestinians and Salvation by the Owenite Christian sect.
2324 The Confederation economy begins a slow recovery, for which the OP takes full credit.  The Terran government bans Willy Donner from all publicly funded media.  To further the recovery, the Terran government begins a massive program to link all major surface and orbital locations by a passenger and cargo teleportation network.  The CES authorizes the general colonization of Elysium and Gothia, a Libertine settlement of the planet Freedom and a German nationalist settlement of Preussen.
2325 The continuing economic recovery and extremist calls for revolution among the Reformist left wing lead to an election victory that further shifts power to the OP in the ruling right-wing coalition.  The Alimeen debate for six days before joining the coalition.  Sir Joseph Bourasaw celebrates his 400th birthday as a renewed man, thanks to Life Therapy.  The CES allows the general colonization of Bengal and Minerva and the settlement of Heimdall by Martians and Bliss by the aesthetic Transmigratory sect.
2326 The Confederation economy begins a period of rapid expansion.  Willy Donner emigrates from Terra to the NEAR habitat of Elysium II at Terra/Luna L4.  The Grand Senate approves a modification to the Colonial Administration Amendment, assigning eight sector governors to oversee the governor-ruled worlds and the non-colonial, non-government outposts and bases within their sector.  Reaction to the modified amendment is surprisingly muted and even most Reformists support it.  The CES authorizes the general colonization of Dionysus and Bacchus, the settlement of New Rome by Orthodox Roman Catholics, and of Purgatory by the entire congregation of the True Church of Christ (Mendota).
2327 The All Terran Teleportation Network is complete with twenty major and four hundred minor hubs at its core.  Basic terraformation work on Vulcan finishes, with the atmosphere fully breathable; CES scientists estimate that additional work to moderate the climate will take another century.  The CES authorizes the colonization of Gladsheim by Kalmarans led by Duke Tor's younger brother Odin, Solomon by Reformed Jews, and after some controversy, Quetzacoatl by Aztec cultists and Franklin by American Caucasian separatists.
2328 NEAR deports Willy Donner, but Terra refuses to accept him back; turning down offers to settle on Mars or Kalmar, Donner emigrates to Bengal, where his great-uncle is governor.  The CES authorizes the general colonization of Balder, Perseus and Virgil and the colonization of Pax by the Universal Peace Society.
2329 At a party conference in Rome, the United Faith Party officially calls for an emancipation of all AS naturals, abolition of the creation of additional biological or mechanical artificial Sentients, and the immediate ban on Companion Guides; but a motion to renew condemnation of Life Therapy does not pass.  Repeater Stations complete the teleportation network between all Terra/Luna-based NEAR habitats.  The CES authorizes the colonization of Bolivar by South Americans, Biafra by Ibo nationalists and the general settlement of Hestia and Alexander.  The Alimeen settle Eternal Fog.
2330 At the pre-election conference on Mars, Yatindra Gupta throws his support to the Donnerist faction and the Reformed Party adopts PsychoMacroEconomics and a Federal Constitution as party planks; they do not carry the election.  The OP and the Horizon Party form a right-wing ruling coalition, excluding the weakened Conservative Party.  After much debate, the Alimeen delegation withdraws from active participation in the Grand Senate, seating themselves only as observers, though they clearly disfavor both a Federal Constitution and much OP governing policy.  The CES Fairweather discovers stone age amphibian Quanna in the Aquarius (5) Sector.  The CES authorizes French colonization of Napoleon, Japanese settlement of Diakoku, African settlement of Kongo and general settlement of Emerald.
2331 The economy continues a seven year expansion, leading to a lessening of unrest Confederation-wide. Teleportation booth networks reach completion on Luna, Mars and Atlantis.  The CES authorizes the general settlement of Selene and Frigg, the colonization of New Armenian by Armenian nationalists and the settlement of Saud by remnants of the exiled Saudi royal family.
2332 After a fiery speech in the Grand Senate by the Duke of Texas that supports the political and economic status quo and brands Reformed and United Faith Party members seditious, superstitious and shortsighted, the Confederation begins crackdowns against the leadership of those parties.  Despite the present prosperity, Resident unrest spreads on Terra and religious violence begins to increase.  The CES authorizes the general settlement of Themis and Phoebus, the colonization of Teutonia by German nationalists and Jefferson by American nationalists.
2333 Atlantis, Libertas, Mars, the Belt, Kalmar, and seven other "Odin Pact" colonies begin actively obstructing Confederation policy.  A Reformed Party activist assassinates the governor of Icarus.  Retired Liberal leader Viggo Turki, considered by many the father of the Confederation, offers to host a summit between Gupta and Timmins on Atlantis, but the week-long talks resolve little.  The CES authorizes the general settlement of Excalibur, Lemuria, and Phoenicia and the colonization of New Java by Indonesian nationalists.
2334 Confederation Marines raid the Reformed Party headquarters on Atlantis, arresting six top leaders on charges of subversion.  The Martian government refuses Confederation Marine access to Gupta's estates in Tharsis, precipitating a crisis defused by Alimeen Senators.  In October, the Second Donner Depression occurs as predicted when the financial collapse of several major debt-ridden transworld corporations precipitates a cascading financial crisis.  The CES authorizes the colonization of Vishnu by Indian nationalists, New Texas by American nationalists and the general settlement of Regina and Halcyon.
2335 As the financial crisis worsens, lower class Citizens join Residents in riots across Terra and NEAR. Confederation Marines use lethal force to disperse a march on the Terran Capitol in Byzantium, killing eight hundred protesters.  The Reformed Party renews calls for a constitutional convention and publishes a Donnerist prediction for a third depression if current policies continue.  Grand Senate election results indicate a dramatic shift to the Reformed Party and the United Faith Party, who announce that they will form a coalition with the Libertas First Party to enfranchise all Residents and radically restructure the Confederation economy along Donnerist lines even before calling a new constitutional convention.  In the closing days of the old Senate session, the rightist coalition declares the United Faith Party unconstitutional for violating the separation of church and state and issues warrants charging the leadership of the Reformed Party with treason.  Atlantis secedes from the Confederation on September 22nd.  By year's end, Libertas, Mars, the Belt, and nearly half of the other colonies follow suit; the Secession War begins.  On New Year's Eve, a massive naval mutiny led by Captain Anne Sandoval provokes the First Battle of Mars.  Loyalist forces bombard Deimos, shattering the moon and destroying the University.  A bombardment of the Tharsis region kills Yatindra Gupta and his household.  Before suspending Colonial Office reviews, the CES authorizes the settlement of Home by American Indian activists and the general settlement of Drakkon, though no CES authorities verify if the transport vessel Asimov ever reached Drakkon.
2336 Class warfare erupts on Terra and Venus, with Confederation Marines defending Nobility and upper class Citizen enclaves; tens of millions die in chaotic raids and sabotage that damages the power, data and teleportation networks.  The Duke of Texas assumes command of the Loyalist naval force, ordering a mustering at Luna.  Rebel naval forces recapture Mars, seizing Troilus and several major Asteroid Belt naval installations before engaging the Loyalist fleet in the Great Terran Orbital Battles, where heavy fighting destroys many Terra/Luna habitats, killing nearly two million.  Terra and Venus suffer through heavy Rebel orbital bombardments and growing surface battles.  Rebels seize most interstellar installations, including every major CES base, and bombard Loyalist colonies in hit-and-run attacks.  Surface combat spreads on many colony worlds with fractious populations.  The Alimeen proclaim neutrality and withdraw to their own six systems; some Khzraut factions join the war on different sides, but mostly continue to attack each other.  By year's end the Loyalist fleet controls only Sol from Terra sunward (including Venus, Mercury and some NEAR asteroid habitats) and a few scattered interstellar colonies.  A Rebel convention on Atlantis names Viggo Turki as interim President and Anne Sandoval as Grand Admiral, and calls for talks aimed at creating a federal interstellar government.
2337 A special session of the Loyalist Grand Senate at Byzantium proclaims Grand Admiral August Timmins, Duke of Texas, as Lord Protector.  Surface warfare rages on Terra and Venus, with battle lines slowly forming out of the chaos and refugees streaming into self-proclaimed neutral cities.  The Loyalist fleet breaks out from Terra, beginning the Siege of Mars, destroying a Rebel fleet at the Battle of Kirkwood in the Belt, and launching waves of raiders into the colonies, bombarding Rebel worlds.  Loyalist and Rebel fleets clash at the Great Battle of Libertas where Rebel forces under Sandoval destroy both remaining Hellkings and scatter Timmins's First Assault Fleet.  At the Battle of Vulcan, Loyalists, then Rebels, bombard the world before meeting in an inconclusive engagement; all terraformation work stops on Vulcan.  Paradise proclaims itself a neutral world.  Rebel forces destroy neutral naval installations to prevent them from falling to the Loyalists.
2338 The Lord Protector names his sons Alfred and Arnam as Dukes of Texas and California, respectively, and consolidates his hold on Terran North America and South America.  At the Great Battle of Atlantis, a concentration of Loyalist forces fails to overwhelm the defenses of the Atlantian system and retreats first to Proxima, then to Sol.  At the Great Belt Battle, Loyalists destroy much of the Belt's industry before retreating to Mars.  Rebel forces finally break the Loyalist siege at the Second Battle of Mars late in the year.
2339 At the First Great Battle of Terra, the Rebel Second Fleet under Admiral Patel devastates large areas of Terra's surface, with attacks killing over a hundred million people, including a bombing of Houston that kills Duke Alfred.  Luna suffers heavy industrial losses as the Rebel fleet withdraws to Mars after a Loyalist counterattack.  The Lord Protector recalls all interstellar squadrons to defend Terra from attack.
2340 At the Second Great Battle of Terra, the Rebel Combined Fleet fails to destroy the massed Loyalist Navy, but conquers Luna in an orbital and ground offensive.  The Siege of Terra begins.
2341 Venus falls to Rebel ground forces after the bloody Battle of Cleopatra's Rim.  In December, Lord Protector August Timmins dies in a skirmish in Terran orbit; his son Arnam, recognizing a lost cause, refuses to assume the leadership position, deferring to his older brother on Tyr.
2342 At the Third Great Battle of Terra, Rebel forces crush the Loyalist fleet and begin bombarding Terran Loyalist positions.  Loyalist troops on Terra offer an unconditional surrender.  The Confederation lies in ruins, with industry shattered and billions dead.  Rebel leaders meet on Titan to plan a new constitutional convention.  In the solar system, relief efforts begin, but are hampered by distribution problems.  Contact becomes sporadic beyond the core of the colonial worlds.
2343 Leaders of the United Faith Party delegation withdraw from the Titan Accords after talks collapse over the issues of Life Therapy treatments and artificial Sentients.  Fighting begins between Religious and Reformed forces on Terra and Venus.  The Battle of Iapetus marks an irrevocable split between Religious and Reformist naval forces after a Religious mutiny kills both Admirals Sandoval and Patel.  The Second Phase of the Secession War begins.
2344 Paradise erupts into Reformed versus Religious violence that ends in the Battle of Paradise, where the Religious Colonial Fleet defeats a Reformed squadron and bombards enemy positions.  The Reformed Fleet struggles to consolidate and remove Religious mutineers from ship's crews.  Ground combat continues on Terra and Venus and internal warfare destroys or damages several NEAR habitats.
2345 Most of the Religious Fleet retreats to the colonies after defeat at the Third Battle of Mars.  The Reformed fleet consolidates at Ceres and sweeps the Solar system of hostile vessels, but refrains from bombarding Religious surface troop formations on Terra and Venus.
2346 Reacting to a massing of Religious forces, the Reformed Fleet wins a pyrrhic victory at the Battle of Amaterasu, then returns to secure positions at Sol, Atlantis, Libertas and Kalmar.  An attempt by Viggo Turki of Atlantis and John Anderson of Libertas to proclaim a Human Federation fizzles from lack of Solar participation.
2347 While Viggo Turki is campaigning for his Federation in the Belt, Moslem fanatics crash a one-kilometer diameter asteroid into Juno, killing half a million Belters, Turki, and the dreams of Federation.  The Religious Fleet overruns the naval depots at Tripoli and Champa, rearming for a push towards Sol.
2348 The Religious fleet masses and strikes inward, meeting the combined might of the Reformed fleets at the inconclusive Great Battle of Delphi.  After Delphi, neither side retains the resources to conduct a prolonged space campaign.  The Dark Ages begin on most colony worlds as the remaining starships restrict themselves to operating near Solar space.  The Reformed Solar Fleet begins supporting surface military operations against Religious forces on Terra and Venus.
2349 Loyalist Nobility and Reformed forces form the Combined Venusian Legion and crush the Religious armies on Venus with help from the Reformed Solar Fleet.  Duke Arnam of California requests and receives Reformed assistance in his campaigns against Religious forces in northern Mexico.  The Religious Grand Army seizes Byzantium.
2350 Major ground fighting on Terra ceases with the defeat of the Religious Grand Army at the Battle of Gallipoli and an armistice in North America.
2351 The Religious Fleet suffers a fatal blow after a revolt by colonists on Champa cripples or destroys all but three vessels.
2352 Venus partitions itself into sixteen near autonomous duchies.  A last attempt by Mars and Atlantis to convene a new constitutional convention fails.
2353 Libertas withdraws from the Reformed Alliance and takes control of the Libertas Fleet.  Fighting winds down on most worlds.  Resources are scarcely enough to support life, much less civilization on many worlds.
2354 The Belt withdraws from the Reformed Alliance, effectively ending even a provisional interstellar government.
2355 Libertine raiders enter the Solar System to plunder the Troilus Skunkworks and fight off a Belter counterattack in the last space engagement of the war.  The Dark Ages begin.
2356 Warlords carve up China, Central and Southern Asia as attempts to maintain civil order fail.  The last remnants of the All Terran Teleportation Network stop operating after maintenance shortfalls cause numerous fatal accidents.
2357 Two consecutive hurricanes devastate Luzon, flooding parts of Manila and killing thousands.  Microjump engines fail on the Atlantian cruiser Mackinaw Bay, engaged in the evacuation of the naval installation on Fomalhaut V, stranding the crew of 200 and the 300 personnel of the base; they continue the terraformation of the deep rifts begun by the Easterners during the M'kkiae War.
2358 Lord Joseph Bourasaw dies in a monorail accident at age 423; no clear claimant to the title for oldest human emerges, though the 2330 Census showed three other people above 400 and seven above 390.
2359 Violent storms on Venus prompt the evacuation of some coastal regions, with the Maxwell, Lakshmi and Quetzalpetlatl highlands absorbing the bulk of the refugees.


The last independent Alimeen trader, Fiery Mist, departs from Vesta, ending all interstellar commerce in the Solar System.

2361 The Argentine harvest fails, leading to widespread South American food shortages.  Joseph Bartos becomes Duke of Maxwell on Venus.
2362 The NEAR Terra/Luna L5 habitat of O'Neill III suffers a catastrophic decompression, killing most of the 25,000 residents.  Continuing maintenance issues encourage the emigration of many NEAR habitat residents to Luna, the NEAR asteroids or Terra.


Anti-technology riots spread through many Terran cities, forcing the abandonment of most remaining vacuum distillation plants.  A volcanic eruption and subsequent mud flows devastates the colony of New Armenia, leaving only 60 survivors.

2364 Flooding and disease following Hurricane Emma's devastation prompts the permanent abandonment of the city of Miami.  Hercules adopts a federal constitution based on an American model and begins efforts to develop a methane/hydrogen infrastructure that maintains the world at information era levels until recontact.
2365 Southern North America suffers widespread riots, flooding and disease.  The entire population of Bliss succumbs to a native fungal blight, making Bliss the first failed colony.


The last attempts to reunify Terra fail with the collapse of the Conference of Malta.  Most regions concentrate on feeding their populations and surviving local politics.

2367 Duke Tor McKnight of Kalmar embarks on a fact-finding trip to Atlantis, Sol and Libertas aboard the microjump destroyer Cold Harbor; upon his return, he advocates isolation until economic conditions improve.
2368 The NEAR Terran L2 habitat Winterhome shatters after explosions of undetermined origin, killing all but a handful of its 120,000 residents.


The Death King, a cult leader of anti-Noble fanatics, seizes power in New Orleans and begins to fortify the city.  A fifth year of crop failures kills the last survivors of the colony on Lemuria.


The constitution of the Belt Federation is signed at Ceres.  Tor McKnight crowns himself King of Kalmar in a ceremony at New Bergen.


Mikhail the Destroyer, the self-proclaimed Khan of Tashkent, begins to consolidate his hold on Central Asia, executing his enemies and enslaving the population.  A series of floods and subsequent diseases and malnutrition results in the failure of the colony on Alexander. 


The First War of Destruction begins as forces of the Death King destroy Baton Rouge and exterminate the local Nobility.  The colony on Zimbabwe suffers a mutated blood plague, only the eight Life Therapy treated Nobles on the world survive to live a primitive forest existence, the last dying around 2650.  Separately, a combination of weather, nutrition and infighting leads to the failure of the colony on Franklin.


A convention of Nobility and Citizens elects Lord John Anderson as King of Libertas.  Lord Karl Turki, grand-nephew of Viggo Turki becomes President of Atlantis.

2374 The Death King gathers thousands of Resident and Citizen recruits to his cause with diatribes against the Nobility and Life Therapy; consolidating his forces into large armies he calls "hordes", he conquers Arkansas and Mississippi.  A series of volcanic eruptions on Mithras destroys all but one village, which clings to existence until recontact in 2703.


After a violent coup kills his rivals in Dushanbe, Mikhail the Destroyer proclaims himself Grand Khan of Central Asia. The Central Asian Wars begin.  The colony on Home is wiped out when the single settlement's antimatter vacuum distiller fails catastrophically.


The Death King completes the Black Hold in New Orleans and sacrifices hundreds of Life Therapy-treated Nobles at the dedication ceremonies.  A council of Nobles elects Karl Turki as the King of Atlantis.

2377 The Death King's hordes defeats Duke Harris of Alabama at the Battle of Mobile The Easterner enclave on Shikoku fails after a nutritional crisis.  


The Death King loses the Battle of Atlanta and turns his hordes westward.  Central Asian armies reach the Volga and Ob rivers and begin slaver raids into eastern Europe.

2379 The Death King's hordes overrun East Texas.  The colony on Lenin succumbs to malnutrition.


The Kingdom of Destruction reaches its greatest extent, ranging from the Appalachians to the South Platte to the Rio Grande.  The colony on Hebe begins a rapid decline as the jungle overtakes the main settlements.


Nobles from western America form the Alliance of Life at Provo, then defeat the Death King's Horde of Skulls at the Battle of Grand Junction.  On Bengal, Willy Donner writes The New Order of Man, predicting the emergence of Nobilis rule, the consolidation of Empire and its eventual dissolution after a millennia as the Solar System becomes peripheral to Human society.

2382 Atlantis receives laser transmissions detailing the stranding of the Mackinaw Bay at Fomalhaut V, but lacks resources to mount a rescue.  The freighter Salvador travels from Atlantis to Fomalhaut to confirm the survival of the enclave and deliver MSMH reactors and fabricators to the 450 survivors.  Martian central authority collapses after a dispute dissolves the Martian Senate; Nobles begin treating their fiefs as independent states.


Holdfasters from Midwestern America join the Alliance of Life and defeat the Death King's forces at the Siege of St. Louis. Mikhail's Central Asian Khanate consolidates its hold on Siberia and marches to the Dnepr River.  The colony on Phoebus fails after a series of natural disasters, cumulating with a tsunami that floods the colony region.

2384 Floodwaters submerge Bangladesh, prompting a hundred million people to flee to refugee camps in West Bengal and Meghalaya.
2385 Failure of a vacuum distiller plant kills 5,000 people on the asteroid Metis.  The colony on Halcyon succumbs to malnutrition and vitamin deficiency.


A massed Alliance army commanded by Duke Arnam of California defeats the Horde of Annihilation at the Battle of TexarkanaAfter failure of its desalination plant, the colony of Arakis collapses, devolving into a tribal pre-industrial semi-subterranean existence.


On Venus, Duke Joseph of Maxwell begins breeding Warrior and Servant bioengineered Constructs for personal use and sale through Maxwell Biogenics.


The Sack of New Orleans leads to the destruction of Black Hold and the Death King.  Mikhail the Destroyer proclaims himself Tsar of Russia amidst the ruins of Moscow and claims all lands belonging to that ancient empire.

2389 Pirate hydrofoils begin plying the Northern Ocean on Mars.  Facing starvation, the remaining 1,500 settlers on Salvation commit mass suicide.


The Alliance of Life crumbles following the death of Duke Arnam from CID.  Ukrainian and Polish armies, backed by mercenaries from across Europe begin advancing into European Russia to confront Mikhail's armies.  In the east, Chinese warlord troops capture Alma-Alta and Vladivostok and retake the Far Easterner provinces from Central Asian forces.

2391 Wildfires cause massive devastation in the Australian outback, leading to permanent unsettlement of many areas.
2392 At the Battle of Minsk, Mikhail's armies withdraw, hoping to lead the European armies to defeat in the depths of the Russian winter.  The Easterner enclave of Kyushu fails after repeated bad harvests and a deteriorating climate.


A massive W-bomb explosion during the Siege of Moscow annihilates Tsar Mikhail and most of the Central Asian and European armies.  Europe and Russia fragment with the loss of most of their political leadership.  Grand Khan Ali I becomes ruler of a much reduced Central Asian Khanate, continuing slaver raids into Europe and the Mideast.

2394 A volcanic eruption of Mount Shasta kills thousands and displaces millions in northern California, Nevada and Utah.
2395 The West Antarctic ice sheet collapses, flooding into the Southern Ocean and raising sea levels world-wide, ultimately by another six meters.  Coastal flooding causes evacuations that displace nearly two billion people.  On Poseidon, undersea earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis and storms destroy the colony, killing 90% of the population.
2396 Unrest spreads across Terra's six populated continents as refugees overwhelm the failing infrastructure. The population of the Easterner enclave on Chosun freezes to death after the failure of the last power plant.
2397 Tensions subside in Africa and the Americas as local Nobles generally manage to absorb refugees into their fiefs.  Serious unrest continues in Europe, Asia and Australia.
2398 A cholera epidemic kills millions in India, spreading to South East Asia during the monsoon season.  A religious war begins on Asgard with rival factions destroying the main settlement and civilized infrastructure, leading to the rapid decline of the colony.
2399 Violence engulfs the Australian Northern Territories as nationalists battle Indonesian refugees.
2400 Belter Nobles and Citizens convene a conference at Vesta, forming a new federal government but failing to assert effective control over the lawless remains of the Outer System.
2401 The Time Travel Society emerges after a century to chaos and destruction in Australia; all but two members return to hibernate for another hundred years.  One of the emergents is David Travers.  A crop failure and food riots on Demeter kills two thirds of the population and drives the rest into a pre-industrial existence.


The Black Plague ravages eastern and southeastern Asia.

2403 Corsican pirates begin plying the Mediterranean, plundering commerce and seizing refugee as slaves.  The Belt Federation collapses in the Devolution Crisis as Psyche secedes and declares independence; several other asteroids and habitats, including Vesta, follow suit. 
2404 Drought strikes Australia.  David Travers becomes steward to Kevin Mackenzie, Count of Melbourne, who begins a campaign against marauding Indonesian refugees. 


Central Asian troops isolate and destroy several infected towns to limit the spread of the Black Plague.  Mechanists on Karinsky perform the first successful transfer of a human personality pattern into computer memory.  Pavel Karinsky hails the achievement, but progress toward restoration into a human brain is hampered by failing equipment; the colony on Karinsky concentrates research on creating backup storage systems that can hold the Mechanist "soul" for thousands of years without degradation.

2406 The Count of Melbourne takes Darwin, effectively ending refugee violence; many refugees are effectively enslaved by Australia's established population.  Flooding kills half the population of the colony of Minerva, leading to a slow decline into life in isolated hilltop villages.
2407 An expedition of French, Algerian and Italian Nobles under command of Count Jean-Paul Garon of Marseilles invades Corsica and effectively suppresses pirate activity. The Charter of Darwin confirms Australia as a confederation of Noble states.


Libertine adventurers salvage three microjump starships, a destroyer and two freighters, and launch a raid on Sol, plundering the inner planets from their base on an abandoned mining site in the Belt.


Belter and Martian gunboats attack the Libertine pirates' base, destroying two ships and forcing the third to flee.


A joint Solar raid on Libertas using four jury-rigged macrojump drive starships inflicts only light damage at the cost of two vessels lost and the others crippled and stranded; the survivors are offered citizenship by King John.  The Libertine navy confiscates the remaining pirate freighter, Winter Breeze, but deems it unsafe to operate.  The last survivors of the religious war on Asgard die of starvation and disease.

2411 Three hurricanes pound Central America, causing widespread loss of life and the abandonment of the silting Panama Canal.
2412 Central Asian troops raid Afghanistan and Iran, looting cities and estates.  With the signing of the Second Constitution at Vesta, the Asteroid Belt Confederation is founded.  After the power grid collapses, the colony on Perseus begins a long gradual decline exacerbated by vitamin deficiencies.
2413 On Mars, Albert Kagnon-Mellon becomes Duke of Hesperia after a bloody palace coup.
2414 Combined Australian forces defeat an armada of Indonesian warships and refugee transports in the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf.
2415 The Black Plague spreads through Iran and Turkey to Europe.  The remnant human population on Hebe becomes extinct.


Salvador, the last Atlantian starship, disappears en-route to the Kalmar system; no functional starships remain in Human hands and all interstellar communications end.

2417 Duke Albert of Hesperia gains control of the Hendricks Station on Ganymede, using it as a base for commercial operations in the Jupiter and Saturn systems.
2418 The Uranian moon Ariel joins the Asteroid Belt Confederation.  The renovated ramscoop Gaea resumes service between Atlantis and the Proxima colony.
2419 The remaining nationalized Vesta shipyards begin producing 100,000isp high thrust ion engines for new vessels to replacing failing HSPG propelled vessels.
2420 A small asteroid strikes the northern Pacific, generating tsunamis that cause considerable loss of life in Japan.
2421 Two earthquakes in northern India cause hundreds of thousands of deaths and widespread damage. 
2422 Count Jakson of Xanthe (Mars) seizes control of Gupta Station on Mercury, using a modified ore carrier as his flagship in the landing action.
2423 Atlantis abandons attempts to renovate the Atlantis Cityship, moving the remaining residents to the surface or the settlement on the Constellation.  King Karl tables proposals to recommission the Mariner as a functional ramscoop.  The colony on New Java succumbs after decades of decline from vitamin deficiencies.
2424 Duke Zachary of Zambia reestablishes authority over the south-central Africa region, defeating a bandit army at the Battle of Bangweulu.
2425 Lord Commissioner Dante Brenner reunifies Paradise after defeating the warlords of the Southlands in a lengthy campaign.
2426 Australian Marines occupy New Guinea to prevent further refugee sea crossings.


A severe summer hurricane season and ensuing epidemics kill millions in North America and Asia. 

2428 The Winter Breeze disintegrates after an attempt by the Libertine navy to remotely active its microjump drive. 
2429 Central authority collapses in southern Brazil, beginning a prolonged period of warfare and anarchy.
2430 Winter storms break dikes in the Netherlands and Denmark, causing flooding that kills tens of thousands.  A comet impact on Catalonia kills most of the colonists and scatters the few hundred surviving settlers.
2431 Danish refugees escaping their submerged lands establish a series of settlements in southern Greenland.
2432 Mount Rainier erupts, killing thousands and destroying the city of Tacoma in a pyroclastic mudflow.
2433 Factional fighting ends in central Congo after series of peace conferences cumulating in the Treaty of Libreville.
2434 Warlord violence intensifies in China after civil strife devastates Nanjing.  The colony on Odysseus begins a slow steady decline after the failure of its power grid makes processing local foodstuffs more difficult.
2435 Atlantis abandons plans to recommission the Mariner and begins converting it into an additional orbital factory.
2436 Vietnamese warlords capture Guangxi province and set up the Republic of Northern Vietnam.
2437 Willy Donner dies of natural causes related to aging on Bengal at age 151.


The Khzraut Pacifist(?) faction wins the civil war. The Khzraut enter a period of isolation, conducting no travel outside their own systems.  The last survivors on Poseidon die after the breakup of the remaining settlement in a storm.

2439 The Sultan of Borneo invades Australia; David Travers rallies Australian forces and defeats the invaders at the Battle of Katherine.  The Asteroid Belt Confederation establishes the Belt Guard as a common defense force.
2440 The Black Plague epidemic effectively ends on Terra.  A sudden drop in solar activity initiates an ice age on Sparta that wipes out the colony within a decade. 
2441 The Kalmaran government reintroduces Reneux regeneration as part of its health plan for senior officials.  Age reduction NB treatments become part of the Kalmaran universal health plan.
2442 David Travers leads an Australian joint strike force to destroy pirate bases in on Timor.
2443 The Duke of Louisiana begins rebuilding New Orleans behind the New Dike.
2444 James Hu becomes Archduke of Beijing by popular Nobilis election on promises of peace and stability; the American-born Archduke combines western and eastern philosophy to begin creating an effective government.  A mutating plague sweeps the colony on Balder killing all colonists and Terran animal life. 
2445 After a period of balkanization and sporadic warfare, the nations of Eden agree to a federal constitution with a capital at NewPort.
2446 Atlantis begins suffering a series of cold winters, freezing the Northern Ocean and prompting efforts to improve the world's terraformation. 
2447 A small asteroid detonates over northern Canada, causing widespread damage in Yellow Knife, but fairly few deaths.
2448 The Central Asian army reoccupies Magadan, effectively regaining control of the Far East. The colony on Biafra succumbs to starvation.
2449 After a series of floods, a cholera epidemic breaks out in the Great Lakes region of Africa.


An Alimeen microjump trader, Phosphor Zephyr, enters the Kalmar system, exchanging its cargo of electronic parts for Kalmaran pharmaceuticals and bioengineered products and marking the arrival first of the interstellar vessel in Human space in a generation.

2451 Armies of Archduke James of Beijing defeat a Mongolian warlord intrusion in a series of battles in northern China.


A ceremony in Alimeen orbit, attended by visiting Kalmaran delegates, inaugurates the Alimeen Economic Community. The AEC theoretically includes the entire Confederation, but with only three working starships, trade encompasses just Kalmar and the six Alimeen worlds.

2453 A coup against the ruling Nobilis council leads to civil warfare in northern India.  The outer system settlements of Triton, Ixion and Varuna join the Asteroid Belt Confederation.


Leaders of sub-Saharan African nations meet at Entebbe to form the Confederate African Economic Union to lessen the effects of the continent's chronic famines and plagues. The CAEU succeeds in limiting warfare in black Africa throughout the Dark Age.

2455 The God's Children of Oberon achieve effective control of the Uranian moons after routing a pirate operation on Miranda.  The last survivors of the Catalonia colony perish.


Two of the three Alimeen starships collide over Alimeen. The microjump governor on the remaining starship has deteriorated to a point where the Alimeen decide not to risk its use. Fifty Kalmarans are stranded on Alimeen.

2457 Alberto Suarez becomes Count of Panama and begins a restoration of the Canal.
2458 On Venus, Maxwell Biogenics, controlled by Duke Joseph of Maxwell, begins offering Renuex Regeneration Therapy, the first regeneration treatments available in the Solar System since 2385.  Charon and Pluto join the Asteroid Belt Confederation.
2459 Laser receivers on Luna pick up the last known transmission from the Kumar hyperbolic cometary colony, a celebration of its tricentennial.
2460 Belters begin the resettlement of Juno.  Atlantian engineers on the Constellation redevelop fabricator box technology, aiding the world's industrial recovery. The climate begins to deteriorate on Vishnu, with warmer summers and colder winters leading to droughts, disease and starvation.


The Alimeen complete a gravstar ship, the Black Horizon, and launch it toward Kalmar, carrying a diplomatic delegation and the fifty marooned Kalmarans.

2462 Australian and CAEU diplomats reach an agreement for anti-piracy patrols in the Indian Ocean and their forces stage a joint raid on Kerguelen. Meltdown of a jury-rigged fission plant kills two-thirds of the thousand surviving colonists on Napoleon and prompts evacuation of the main settlement of Bonaparte.
2463 The Panama Canal reopens for ship traffic.  Vesta Shipyards begins marketing 150,000isp ion engines for Solar System use.


The Martian Reunification Wars begin when Duke Albert Kagnon-Mellon of Hesperia becomes ruler of Lowell by marriage, and promptly invades the County of North Hellas to defeat his brother-in-law, a rival claimant.


The Black Horizon reaches Kalmar, deposits its Alimeen and Human cargo, loads trade goods and returns to Alimeen with a skeleton crew including eight Kalmaran diplomats.

2466 Reza III proclaims himself Shah of Iran and announces the creation of the Iranian Navy to defeat pirates on the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf.  A consortium of Belter investors purchase the Vesta Shipyards in a privatization effort.


Martian and Belter armed merchants clash at Titan over berthing rights and trade concessions. A massive solar flare devastates Isis, forcing the surviving half of the population into underground shelters.

2468 The Belt Guard establishes a base at Janus to protect Saturnian gas mining operations.  The Alimeen complete three additional Black Horizon class gravstar ships for trade between their own worlds.
2469 The large Belt habitat Calumet suffers critical power failures and a serious air leak; all three hundred thousand surviving residents begin a Guard supervised evacuation to other asteroids and habitats.  The Black Horizon returns to Alimeen and spends six months refitting before returning to Kalmar with a fresh crew.
2470 Armies of Duke Albert of Hesperia conquer the entire Hellas region.  Duke Albert purchases two ion gunboats from Vesta Shipyards to protect his off-world holdings.
2471 The Belt Guard establishes an anti-piracy base on Saturn's moon Phoebe.  The Central Asian armies of Grand Khan Ali I retake Vladivostok after a six month siege, effectively routing the northern Chinese Manchu warlords.


Kalmar completes its own gravstar ship, the Viking, which sets off on a four year voyage to Alimeen.

2473 Clinics on Atlantis begin offering Reneux regenerations to private individuals.  After the Black Horizon arrives at Kalmar, Kalmaran technicians install fifty Human hibernation chambers to facilitate transits.
2474 Archduke James of Beijing defeats a Manchu army incursion and begins a series of border wars against warlords in Manchuria and Inner Mongolia.  The last fifty thousand settlers abandon the asteroid Hygiea.  Duke Albert's Hesperian Army wins the Battle of Antoniadi, defeating the forces of Sytris Major and Noachis, annexing both territories and executing their Nobilis ruling families.
2475 Terraformation work resumes on Vulcan under the authority of the Planetary Council.
2476 Venusian traders affiliated with the Duke of Maxwell establish enclaves in San Francisco, Melbourne and Pretoria, offering Constructs for sale and regeneration therapy at their facilities.  The Viking reaches Alimeen and relieves the diplomatic crew before returning to Kalmar.
2477 The Peace of Atlanta ends decades of low-level warfare in eastern North America and codifies Nobilis rule over old administrative boundaries.


Archduke James of Beijing survives a Manchu assassination attempt that kills his entire family. The Easterner Battlestar and supporting craft reach Victoria.  Easterner forces assault and quickly conquer the planet.  With the Battlestar and its fleet in permanent orbit, the Easterners rename the world Hachiman and settle on the planet. The surviving 3,500 original colonists soon perish from the harsh conditions of Easterner slavery.

2479 A stalled hurricane system kills millions in flooding in Central America.  Captain Hiroshi orders the commencement of the clone seeding of Hachiman.
2480 Jasper, the first new habitat in a century and a half, becomes operational near Vesta.  The Viking returns to Kalmar for a hero's welcome after its first round trip.  After laying out a development plan for Hachiman, Captain Hiroshi begins a two hundred year hibernation.
2481 Central Asia and Iran sign the Treaty of Qom, agreeing on borders on the Caspian and ending border raids.  Northern Martian counties and city-states form the Chryse Alliance to counter Hesperian influence.


The Hesperian Army defeats the Chryse Alliance at the Battles of Gill and Crommelin, annexing the Republic of Nirgal and disbanding the Alliance. After continuing negotiations following the arrival of the Black Horizon, the Kalmar-Alimeen Economic Pact, soon known as the Kalmar Pact, is signed on Kalmar.  King Tor of Kalmar gives an address to his Assembly of Notables, where he proclaims that the era of isolation has ended and urges economic and diplomatic links with other worlds.

2483 Duke Albert of Hesperia conquers the Martian County of Xanthe, also seizing control of Mercury through Xanthe's ownership of the Gupta Station.
2484 Kalmar completes the Norge gravstar ship and launches it on a nine year voyage to the Solar System and Alpha Centauri.
2485 European Nobles meet at Strasbourg, forming committees to attempt to deal peacefully with border disputes; this pseudo-parliament has moderate success in Northern Europe, but not in Iberia or the Balkans, where warlordism and conflict persists.
2486 Kalmar completes the Danmark and Sverige gravstar ships.
2487 The Sverige sets off for Alimeen, the Danmark for Libertas.
2488 An AIDS-like immune disease, Rio Fever, begins spreading in Brazil's urban slums.


The Nobility hold the first Terran General Assembly in Quito. The delegates confirm the independence of the multitude of Terran nations and pledge to uphold Homo Nobilis rule. A commission drafts formal rules of precedence and establishes a framework for the non-violent resolution of disputes; the latter is largely ignored outside Africa.

2490 Duke Albert of Hesperia signs an agreement with local Nobility on Callisto, gaining joint sovereignty over the moon and legitimizing his rule of Ganymede.
2491 The Alimeen develop a 4C (F3) gravstar ship engine and begins building a fleet of six new vessels.
2492 The CAEU intervenes in the Algerian Civil War, forcing a peace treaty on the participants and demonstrating its dominance over African, Indian Ocean and Antarctic affairs.  The Asteroid Belt Confederation annexes Jupiter's moon Amalthea and establishes a gas mining base at Metis.


The Norge enters the Solar System, visiting Terra, Luna, Venus and Mars, and establishing trade with the Belt.  The first 4C gravstar ship, Vapor of Life, leaves Alimeen for Kalmar.

2494 Ostensibly to police a civil war in Argyre , Hesperia launches the Southern Campaign, quickly occupying Argyre, Acnia, Cimmeria and Promethei.  The Norge leaves the Solar System for Alpha Centauri.
2495 Maxwell Biogenics develops a cure for Rio Fever and begins marketing it aggressively on Terra, effectively ending the epidemic.


The Norge visits Atlantis and trades Kalmaran genetic patents for Atlantian microelectronics devices and designs, but diplomatic efforts founder when King Karl refuses to send a delegation with the Norge.

2497 The remaining Martian polities form the United Martian States to counter Duke Albert's Hesperian hegemony.  The Vapor of Life leaves Kalmar for Delphi with a combined Pact crew.  The last survivors on Vishnu die during a severe winter.


Lord Rogar Farrar is born in Pasadena; he is the grandson of the Baron of Pasadena, a cousin of the late Duke Arnam of California.  Kalmar completes two 4C gravstar ships, Amundsen and Nansen.  The Amundsen heads for Thor, the Nansen for Utopia.  The Pact Advisory Council authorizes all gravstar captains to act as ambassadors, offering Pact memberships to any worlds that sign the Pact charter.

2499 The Vapor of Life reaches Delphi, establishing trade and diplomatic relations with the ruling Nobilis oligarchy.


The Black Plague again devastates Asia, spreading from Mongolia into China, India and Indochina.  The Danmark  reaches Libertas and comes under fire from Freehaven's city defense systems.  The ship responds with an ineffective drone bombing run before continuing on to Vulcan. 

2501 An elderly David Travers greets the Time Travel Society upon its centennial emergence; he returns to hibernation for a century; no other members are willing to venture outside the complex.


After a failed assassination attempt on Duke Albert, Hesperia declares war on the United Martian States.  Delphi enters the Kalmar Pact shortly after its ambassadors reach Kalmar on the Vapor of Life.  The Amundsen arrives at Thor, which immediately joins the Kalmar Pact.  The Danmark arrives at Vulcan and meets with the Planetary Council before beginning the return voyage to Kalmar.


The Australian Wars begin as a new horde of refugees from Indochina and China overrun Indonesia and push south, occupying New Guinea and the Northern Territories.  The Nansen arrives at Utopia, which enthusiastically joins the Kalmar Pact.

2504 Hesperian amphibious forces win the Battle of Eddie Harbor, giving Duke Albert control of the Martian Northern Ocean, and beginning an arduous pacification campaign in Elysium.


Hesperia and the United Martian States agree to the Peace of Korolov after Albert's troops occupy Herschel and threaten the Tharsis.  Australian naval and marine forces occupy Timor and launch raids into Sulu Sea, embroiling the Vietnamese Navy in the wars.  The Norge leaves Kalmar for Aphrodite.

2506 Emboldened by the three new Pact members, Kalmar begins a gravstar shipbuilding campaign to provide dedicated routes between member worlds and to develop a smaller class of contact vessels.  An Australian raid on Jakarta disperses a refugee fleet and sinks half the Vietnamese Navy. 
2507 The Count of Melbourne retakes Darwin and drives the last refugees out of Australia.  The Amundsen leaves for Osiris.
2508 Hesperian Marines launch a suprise sub-orbital assault on Pavonis Mons, beginning a protracted campaign in the southern Tharsis and Lucus Planum regions.
2509 The Archduke of Guangzhou invades the Republic of North Vietnam, seizing the Guangxi province. The Nansen leaves Kalmar for Paradise.
2510 Duke Albert of Hesperia purchases the God's Children operated Uranian Gas Mining Corporation, giving him effective control of Miranda and atmospheric operations on Uranus.  The Amundsen arrives at Osiris, where local leaders enthusiastically embrace the Kalmar Pact, later the Amundsen continues on toward voyage to Apollo.  The McKnight and Turki, first of the smaller Kalmaran contact gravstar ships reach completion.  The McKnight sets off for Cyclops, the Turki for Tripoli.


The Count of Cartagena attacks the Panama Canal, instigating the Panama War. The first Kalmaran 24,000mt gravstar freighter, Enterprise, enters service and begins an inaugural mission to Delphi; the Pact maintains control of contact gravstar vessels but contracts out freighter service to private corporations to ensure profitable trade.


At Venusian reunification ceremonies in Ishtar City, Duke Joseph of Maxwell becomes King Joseph I, a constitutional monarch responsible to a parliament of Nobility; the constitution confirms the feudalization of Venus.  Archduke James Hu of Beijing completes the pacification of Inner Mongolia and Manchuria and crosses the Amur to attack outposts of Central Asian raiders from Nikolayevsk to Mongolia.  The Kalmar Pact gravstar freighter Intrepid begins its first dedicated cargo run to Utopia on an eleven year circuit.

2513 After an air strike shuts down the Panama Canal, Count Alberto retaliates with a tactical nuclear strike on Cartagena, killing the Count and ending the Panama War.  The Kalmar Pact contact gravstar ships Hermann and Crawford reach completion, setting out for Artemis and Odin, respectively.
2514 After years of limited warfare between fortified positions, the Hesperian Army pacifies Lucus Planum and launches a massive armored raid into Solis Planum, ending in the Battle of the Labyrinth.  A council of Nobles convened in Bogotá declares that Count Alberto's use of weapons of mass destruction was justifiable; the Bogotá Declaration starts a Terran arms race where most major Noble houses acquire a small arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, mostly tactical nuclear fission bombs.  The gravstar freighter Excalibur begins its first fifteen year circuit run to the Solar System (arriving 2521CE) and Atlantis (arriving 2523CE).
2515 Duke Albert of Hesperia seizes full control of Phobos and begins a massive naval expansion project.  The Amundsen arrives at Apollo, negotiating with the local Nobilis government which sends a delegation back to Kalmar.  An unknown assassin kills Count Alberto of Panama; his sister, Martina, becomes Countess, but makes no attempt to restore the canal.


After the final defeat of his rivals at the Battle of Tharsis Tholus, Albert Kagnon-Mellon declares himself Emperor of Mars, and begins his autocratic rule from the Crimson Throne in Lowell.  The wet navy of the Archduchy of Guangzhou begins patrolling the China Sea and suppressing pirates in the Philippine Archipelago. The Danmark begins regular service between Kalmar and Delphi on a seven year loop, the Enterprise begins a regular nine year loop to Thor.  Pavel Karinsky has his personality transferred to machine as his body dies of old age on Karinsky. 

2517 The ion-propelled heavy cruiser Ares reaches completion at Phobos, the first of a class of nine heavy cruisers that form the backbone of the Martian Imperial Navy.  Kalmar completes two additional contact gravstar ships, Armstrong and Aldrin; they set out for Horizon and Helicon, respectively.
2518 Central Asia mobilizes an army to assist eastern Nobles in their skirmishes with the Archduchy of Beijing.  The Norge arrives at Aphrodite, initiating contact that cumulates in the world joining the Kalmar Pact.


The Mars-Belter War begins over the disputed control of the Jovian Trojans.  Martian forces quickly defeat the regular Belter navy at Hector, Troilus and Patroclus, but remain unable to operate effectively inside the main Belt.

2520 Venus begins a Construct-aided re-colonization effort of its lowlands, coupled with a network of weather control satellites and surface installations.  A Beijing nuclear air strike destroys the Central Asian base at Irkutsk and prompts a retaliatory strike on Harbin.  A Martian Imperial Navy squadron led by the Ares seizes control of the Belter installation on Janus and drives Belter forces from the Saturn system. The major solar powers, including Mars, Venus and the Belt, sign the Terrajoule Treaty arms limitation treaty at Sinus Medii, Luna, but peace talks between Mars and the Belt quickly break down.
2521 Martian Marines occupy Charon, taking control of remaining surface facilities and solidifying effective control of the Outer System.  The Nansen arrives at Paradise and finds the locals bent on independent self-reliance; the gravstar ship leaves for Amaterasu after a few months shore leave.  The ruling military government on Tripoli joins the Pact after the Turki's arrival.  The Pact freighter Excalibur enters the Solar System and establishes diplomatic relations with the Belt, Mars and Venus.


Belter raiders destroy the Martian naval base on Ganymede, destroying the cruiser Aetila, crippling the Barsoom and disabling the Ganymede defense grid.  Belters successfully counter a Martian attempt to capture Ceres and Flora.  On Terra, Archduke Hu defeats the Central Asian army at the Battle of Kyren by Lake Baikal; the ensuing armistice gives Hu control of Mongolia.  A new wave of Indochinese, Indonesian and Philippine refugees head toward Australian possessions. The McKnight arrives at Cyclops, meeting with local officials and surveying damage from a recent asteroid strike on the far side of the planet.

2523 Belter defenders destroy the Martian cruiser Marduk during an unsuccessful Martian strike on Vesta.  Spanish warlords besiege Lisbon, retreating only after the defenders salvage a Confederation Era disintegrator and destroy the headquarters camp of the besiegers, killing the Count of Madrid and six barons.  Apollo joins the Pact in ceremonies on Kalmar.  The McKnight sets off for Kalmar with a delegation from Cyclops aboard.  The Excalibur establishes diplomatic and trade relations with Atlantis.


Martian strike units destroy Belter cannons built in violation of the Terrajoule Treaty, foiling an attempt to bombard Mars.  The Count of Melbourne dies in a skirmish against refugees in New Guinea.  The Duke of Normandy orders a commando strike on Lisbon, bent on recovering its disintegrator, but the device is destroyed in the ensuing firefight; the Count of Lisbon rallies support of other Portuguese Nobles to have himself proclaimed Duke of Portugal and launches naval and air strikes on Normandy, cumulating in the W-bomb destruction of Caen.  The Amundsen begins regular service between Kalmar and Osiris on a seven year loop.  The gravstar freighter Valiant reaches completion and begins dedicated service to Apollo on a fifteen year loop.

2525 A second Belter raid on the Jupiter systems results in a Martian victory and a pursuit into the main Belt that ends in the destruction of two Belter naval outposts.  Alimeen gravstar colony vessels settle Sweet Vapor, thirty light years from Alimeen. The colony on Minerva begins suffering from a deteriorating climate, resulting in the extinction or abandonment of five of its eight villages over the next few decades.


The Grand Khanate of Central Asia begins a push into Afghanistan, with Crown Prince Ali capturing Kabul and the Khyber Pass.  Archduke James Hu of Beijing occupies Korea in an effort to drive out Japanese pirates.  Continued Belter commerce raiding causes Venus to declare support for Mars in the war, launching an embargo against Belter goods.  The Nansen arrives at Amaterasu, where it receives a warm reception, though the locals have no interested in joining the Pact; it then sets off on its return voyage to Kalmar.  The Hermann arrives at Artemis and the Crawford at Odin; both worlds choose to join the Kalmar Pact.  A second devastating solar flare strikes Isis.


The Martian blockade and bombardment at the Siege of Vesta forces the capital of the Belt to surrender under the threat of starvation and suffocation.  The terms of the Peace of Vesta give Albert control of Outer System, including the Jovian Trojans, but scattered Belter piracy continues to plague Solar shipping for decades.  Competing Venusian biomedical companies begin offering Ultra regeneration therapies at clinics on Venus, Terra and Mars.

2528 Guangzhou attacks an Australian blockade on Bali, prompting a series of naval and air engagements in the Indonesian Archipelago.  
2529 Terran Mormon forces of the Deseret Republic of Utah defeat the Duke of Colorado in a series of skirmishes in western Colorado and Wyoming, resulting in the Treaty of Boise, which recognizes Mormon rule throughout the Great Basin of western North America 


An Australian naval hovercraft engagement crushes the Guangzhou Navy at the Battle of Makassar to end the Australian Wars.  The Armstrong reaches Horizon and takes aboard a diplomatic mission for a return trip to Kalmar.  The aftermath of a comet strike shatters the colony on Tanith, reducing the population by half and rendering the civilization pre-industrial.

2531 The Helicon Republic joins the Pact after brief negotiations following the arrival of the Aldrin.
2532 A joint African task force reestablishes order in the Sudan and provides relief supplies to end a famine and epidemic.  The Pact freighter Exeter begins dedicated service to Aphrodite on a nineteen year loop.
2533 The Turki suffers a fusion reactor shutdown as it decelerates toward Kalmar, triggering a successful rescue mission.  A third massive solar flare strikes Isis, reducing the surviving population to 12,000 primitive people.


A scandal involving undisclosed illegal personal genetic enhancements forces the abdication of King Joseph I of Venus, who is succeeded by his brother, Alexander; Joseph's son, Joseph II, becomes Duke of Maxwell.  The former Venusian King becomes the Chairman of Maxwell Biogenics.  The refitted Turki sets out for Prometheus.  The Pact freighter Excelsior begins dedicated service to Tripoli on a twenty-five year loop.

2535 After assassinating the Archduke of Guangzhou, a group of southern Chinese Nobles establishes the Guangzhou Federation.  Cyclops joins the Pact in ceremonies on Kalmar.  The McKnight sets out for Dayan.
2536 The Excalibur makes its second pass through the solar system; it is harassed by Belter pirates and rescued from an ambush by a Martian task force.  The Pact freighter Endeavour begins dedicated service to Cyclops on a twenty-five year loop.
2537 Vesta Shipyards begins producing high thrust MSMH fusion engines, but refuses to sell them to the Martian Empire.


Atlantis completes a functional Type Ib macrojump drive vessel, the 25m Harmony; the crew of the Pact freighter Excalibur witnesses the Harmony's test flight to Proxima.  Excalibur first officer Jonas Martin accompanies the Harmony crew on a mission to Kalmar.   Atlantis begins construction on a fleet of six 30m armed exploratory merchantmen with 8,000mt cargo capacity.  Construction begins on the new Martian capital of Alberta at Schiaparelli.


Katrina, Princess of Kalmar, is born in New Bergen.  Maxwell Biogenics establishes a trade office and clinic on Vesta.  The Harmony visits the Solar System, Paradise, Vulcan and Amaterasu. 

2540 The Harmony visits Vulcan, Amaterasu and Paradise to formalize diplomatic relations.
2541 Grand Khanate Crown Prince Ali survives a nuclear assassination attempt that levels half of Kabul.  The Harmony visits Kalmar for diplomatic consolations, but Atlantis declines to join the Kalmar Pact or share macrojump technology.  Martian Imperial naval and marine forces destroy the pirate Omega Base in the Belt.  Vesta shipyards begin construction of a fleet of fusion-propelled Venusian fast frigates.  The Pact freighters Eagle and Essex begin dedicated twenty-seven year circuits to Artemis and Odin, respectively.  The Pact explorers Hermann and Crawford set out for fifteen year voyages to Avalon and Ishtar.  Atlantis completes the Marco Polo, Pinzon and Hudson macrojump merchantmen.


Atlantis, Paradise, Vulcan, and Amaterasu form the Atlantian Economic Sphere (AES), which begins to compete with the Pact in interstellar and Solar trade.  Atlantis completes the Verrazano, Frobisher and Champlain merchantmen.  The Harmony travels to Fomalhaut and contacts the surviving colony, starting a series of biannual supply runs to the 900 inhabitants of the nearly terraformed deep rifts.


The Grand Khanate of Central Asia begins simultaneous campaigns in Pakistan and the Ukraine.  Horizon joins the Pact in ceremonies on Kalmar.

2544 The Excalibur returns to Kalmar.  The Kalmar Pact begins a scientific effort to build a macrojump starship, working to overcome a weakness in material sciences.  The Pact freighter Defiance begins its first twenty-eight year circuit to Horizon.  The Armstrong sets out for Olympus.  Inbreeding and primitive conditions contribute to the deaths of the last surviving humans on New Armenia.
2545 The Atlantian merchantman Pinzon jumps to Cyclops, but receives a strained welcome after attempting to entice the world to leave the Pact and join the AES.  


The Chinese Unification Wars begin when Archduke James Hu crosses the Yellow River to assist local Nobles resisting the expanding Guangzhou Federation.  James Hu's daughter Hanna is born in Beijing.  The Pact freighter Monitor sets of on a twenty-eight year circuit to Helicon.  The Aldrin sets out for Aeneas.

2547 The AES Pinzon and Verrazano travel to Libertas to open trade, but receive a frosty reception from King John when they fail to share macrojump technology.  Atlantis retires the Harmony after discovering stress damage.
2548 The Pact gravstar ship Turki arrives at Prometheus, with the Atlantian merchantman Frobisher arriving three weeks later.  The Promethean government deliberates before deciding that the offer of full Pact membership is preferable to trade opportunities offered by the AES.  After a similar failure to entice Apollo to leave the Pact, the Atlantian Economic Sphere concentrates its resources on internal, Solar and Pact trade.  The Atlantian merchantman Pinzon is ambushed by Belter pirates en route to Mars; the crew abandons ship and destroys the Pinzon rather than allow it capture.  The pirates capture surviving Pinzon crew members and hold for ransom until a rescue by Martian Imperial Marines.


Grand Khan Ali II becomes ruler of Central Asia on the death of his father, Ali I. The new Grand Khan arranges a truce line with the Ukrainians along the Don River and concentrates his forces in Pakistan.  Atlantis completes three additional merchantmen:  Cabot, Vespucci and Leon.  The ramscoop Gaea leaves service after being replaced by macrojump vessels on the Proxima run.

2550 Emperor Albert officially inaugurates his capital of Alberta. The gravstar ship McKnight reaches Dayan, where the crew receives a friendly reception, though the world declines to join the Pact.
2551 The Central Asian Grand Khanate conquers most of historical Pakistan, taking Karachi and controlling the west bank of the Indus river.  The Kalmar Pact adds the freighter Potempkin to the Sol-Atlantis circuit.
2552 During fighting in eastern China, both Beijing and Guangzhou use tactical nuclear weapons, resulting in the destruction of large parts of Wuhan and Nanjing; thereafter both sides reach an understanding to prohibit weapons of mass destruction in their ongoing war.


The Kalmaran attempt to construct a macrojump drive starship ends in failure when the prototype 13m Quantum disintegrates on its uncrewed test flight.  A failed attack by Beijing on the neutral city of Shanghai results in Shanghai joining the Guangzhou Federation.  The last sterile descendants of the survivors of the nuclear meltdown on Napoleon die.

2554 Belter pirates raid the Saturnian moon Phoebe, destroying a Martian naval outpost and three gunboats. 
2555 Tensions over the Atlantian monopoly on macrojump drive lead to an AES conference on Paradise where Atlantis retains its monopoly, but offers additional aid and technical assistance to the other member worlds, including access to Ultra regeneration therapy and better NB treatments.
2556 The gravstar ship Hermann arrives at Avalon, which agrees to join the Pact.  The Crawford reaches Ishtar, which also joins the Pact after prolonged discussion and negotiation produces a confederate government on the planet.


On Venus, Duke Joseph II of Maxwell leads a coup against his uncle, King Alexander.  The Venusian Parliament names Joseph II Emperor of Venus, and agrees to the liberalization of the Genetic Laws, but retains ultimate law-making authority.

2558 A coalition of Indian Nobles crosses the Indus to attack the Grand Khanate's positions in Pakistan. The Atlantian merchantman Leon disintegrates during a jump from Sol to Vulcan, killing the crew of forty and six Martian passengers, including the Count of Xanthe, the Emperor's nephew.  A fourth destructive solar flare strikes Isis, reducing the surviving population to less than 6,000.
2559 The Pact gravstar ship Armstrong arrives at Olympus, finding a fairly primitive, fractious world unable to agree on a government able to negotiate for Pact membership.


At the Battle of Multan, Ali II uses trickery and superior tactics to regain control of all of Pakistan west of the Indus; he begins collecting an annual tribute from the cities of the Punjab.  Construction begins on the kilometer-high Crimson Pyramid on the plain of Schiaparelli Crater, north of Alberta on Mars.  After loosing three crew to factional fighting on Olympus, the Armstrong heads back to Kalmar.

2561 The Pact gravstar ship Aldrin reaches Aeneas which has little interest in joining any interstellar organization that does not include its parent world, Libertas.  Atlantis completes three more merchantmen: Peary, Henson and Byrd, the first with HSPG drives.


Archduke Hu captures Shanghai from the Guangzhou Federation, resulting in an armistice that guarantees him control of northern China.  Martian Marines raid and destroy the Bifrost Hold, the last pirate stronghold in the Belt.


A Conference in Copernicus establishes the Lunar Republic; only the Nobility have full citizenship, but the government is no more authoritarian than the Lunar regime during the Confederation. The Republic bans natural human slavery, but allows the Nobility nearly complete control over their Construct servants.  Luna begins importing Constructs from Venus under an exclusive agreement with Maxwell Biogenics.  The Pact gravstar freighter Merrimac sets out for Prometheus to begin a thirty year loop.

2564 The Lunar Portective Service is formed to protect the Republic, its dependant habitats and commerce.  The Pact gravstar ships Turki and McKnight set out for Daedalus and Hermes, respectively.  The Atlantian starships Peary and Henson travel to Medusa in an attempt to open trade negotiates with the Khzraut but local forces destroy the Peary without warning and damage the Henson, which limps into the outer system for repairs.
2565 The crippled merchantman Henson jumps back to Atlantis to announce the failure of its mission.  Construction begins on the Great Martian Canal Project, with planned links between the Northern Ocean at Iani Bay, the Argyre High Sea and the Hellas Low Sea.


Complaining of restrictive patent and trademark practices in Solar trade, the Kalmar Pact begins to place punitive tariffs on Atlantian goods.  The Excalibur trades HSPG drive technology to Mars in exchange for assistance in enforcing the Pact tariffs within the Solar system.


Archduke Hu invades Japan from bases in Korea on the pretext of piracy suppression.

2568 The Martian Imperial Navy begins a modernization drive, authorizing a new fleet of HSPG cruisers, frigates and gunboats. 
2569 Marines and army units from the Archduchy of Beijing overrun the Japanese islands of Kyushu and Shikoku.


Fernando, Duke of Peru, gains control of Ecuador through marriage and proclaims himself the King of the Incas, establishing his capital in Cuzco. The Incas begin to develop economic ties with the rest of South America.  The first Martian HSPG cruiser, the 250,000mt Thalia enters service.

2571 Atlantis sends a delegation to Kalmar to discuss trade issues and a possible union, the Pact puts a hold on further gravstar travel as the negotiations continue.  


The Atlantian Economic Sphere joins the Kalmar Pact in a deal that ends economic tariffs and shares macrojump drive technology.  The Pact begins constructing a fleet of 30m freighters to make annual contract voyages to all member worlds from the Pact hub at Kalmar and works with Atlantis to coordinate Solar trade.

2573 Fearing domination by larger worlds, the Kalmar Pact votes to exclude all Solar members after considering a petition by the Emperor of Mars for membership.  


Archduke James Hu subdues Japan with the surrender of the Duke of Sapporo at the Battle of Akita.  Shifting forces to the Chinese armistice line, Hu resumes his drive into southern China by skirmishing with the Guangzhou Federation while coercing, invading or subverting independent warlords in central China.  The first Pact macrojump trader Alimeen, sets off for Alimeen.  Later in the year, the Delphi and Thor enter service.

2575 Pact macrojump service to Utopia, Osiris and Apollo begins.
2576 North American Nobles mark the eight hundred year anniversary of the founding of the United States with a ceremony in Washington that ends in the assassination of Duke of Maryland, a duel were the Count of Columbus kills the Baron of Eire, and a disagreement thatcauses a short border war between the Carolina duchies.  Pact macrojump service to Tripoli, Aphrodite and Cyclops begins.


The Grand Khanate of Central Asia annexes the Punjab then attacks and conquers Delhi.  On Venus, construction begins on the PARVATT parabolic vacuum transit tunnel system to link the continents of Ishtar, Aphrodite and Lada.  At a Kalmar Pact conference, Atlantis agrees to the privatization of trade with the Solar System and non-member worlds.  The Pact forms a exploratory service and agrees to procure four 20m contact scouts.  Pact macrojump service to Artemis, Odin and Prometheus begins.

2578 Pact macrojump service to Horizon, Helicon and Avalon begins.
2579 Pact macrojump service to Ishtar begins.  Pact merchants sell HSPG thruster technology to Venus and the Belt in return for trading concessions, prompting an angry reaction from the Emperor of Mars.
2580 The first Pact scout vessel, Shepard, enters service.  The Shepard and the Byrd travel to Daedalus to meet the Turki as it decelerates into the system.  The combined fleet makes contact with the primitive local population, whose quarrelsome warlords are clearly unready for Pact membership.  Leaving the Turki in orbit around the major gas giant, the Byrd brings the crew of the Turki back to Kalmar.


Libertas rediscovers macrojump drive technology, and begins construction of the 20m Stellar Clipper.  Maxwell Biogenics establishes trade offices on Atlantis and Kalmar.  The Pact scouts Grissom and Glenn enter service.  The Grissom and Cabot meet the McKnight over Hermes orbit.  Hermes agrees to Pact membership, with ambassadors and the McKnight crew traveling back to Kalmar while the Grissom's crew mothballs the McKnight and continues contact with the locals.

2582 The Pact scout Carpenter enters service but funding for two additional Pact scouts founders.  The Glenn travels to Nike, which has weathered the Dark Age very well, and whose governing Nobilis parliament quickly agrees to join the Pact.  The Shepard visits Deseret, a thriving world that values its theocratic isolation and chooses not to join the Pact, though it opens itself for trade relations.
2583 The Count of Buffalo declares himself Duke of Western New York, and annihilates Albany to solidify his independence; Jefferson, son of the old Duke of New York, proclaims himself Duke of Eastern New York and establishes his capital at West Point.  The Carpenter arrives at Felix, a world that has stagnated and regressed during its isolation.  After negotiations on Kalmar, Felix joins the Pact.


Atlantian engineers build a practical vacuum distillation plant; patent licensing quickly spreads the technology through the Pact.  The newly launched Libertine starship Stellar Clipper visits the Sol System and Atlantis.  Libertas begins construction of four 30m armed merchantmen.  The Glenn and Grissom travel to the re-contact the distant  Kalmaran colony of Gladsheim, whose 27,000 residents eagerly join the Pact.  The Shepard arrives at Asgard to discover the remains of the failed colony; the Pact annexes Asgard as a protectorate and dispatches the Shepard and Carpenter to investigate the extinction.


The Guangzhou Federation surrenders to Archduke Hu after the Battle of Foshan; the Archduke declines the offer of the Imperial Throne of China, arguing that he must first reunify the entire nation. The Pact scout Grissom arrives at Diana to find a world divided into two small and belligerent industrial era nations currently at war.  Captain Jonas Martin negotiates a peace treaty that also results in Pact membership for the world.

2586 The Pact gravstar freighter Endeavour returns to Kalmar from Cyclops and reports for decommissioning, ending the gravstar ship era.  The Glenn arrives at the devastated planet Isis and makes contact with the surviving population.  After some debate, the Pact declares Isis a protectorate and begins planning a relief mission.


Archduke Hu begins land campaigns in Tibet and Xinjiang aimed at reuniting China.  The Grissom contacts the planet Hercules, whose thriving information age democratic government overwhelming votes to join the Pact.

2588 The Shepard re-contacts the planet Champa, whose surviving population is eager to join the Pact.  The Glenn arrives at Sparta to find an extinct colony.  At a Pact conference on Kalmar, King Tor toasts the twenty-eight human and seven Alimeen members, but suggests that the discovery of two dead and three failing colonies indicates that the Pact should pause in its aggressive expansion, lest it overextend itself.  


Negotiations concerning Libertine entry in the Kalmar Pact break down over Libertine protective tariffs.  The Stellar Clipper contacts Aeneas and continues on to re-contact the Libertine colony on Freedom.

2590 After a series of construction delays, Libertas completes two merchantmen, Liberty and Justice, which begin trading with Sol, Aeneas and Freedom.
2591 The Venusian PARVATT system becomes fully operational, allowing sub-hour transits between the three continents.  The Alimeen adapt the Hiss of Freedom to carry vacuum distillers, allowing it to operate at 6C and begin to adapt their remaining gravstar ships to continue passenger service between Alimeen and its colonies.


After finishing the pacification of Tibet and Xinjiang and seizing Taiwan, Archduke Hu proclaims himself Emperor James of China and founder of the Hu dynasty, ending the Chinese Unification Wars.  In India, a Central Asian hovercraft army sweeps down the Ganges to capture Varanasi and begins to extract tribute from all of northern India.

2593 A dynastic marriage between the King of Vietnam and the Duchess of Laos forms the Kingdom of Indochina. Libertas completes the merchantmen Victory and Triumph.
2594 The Pact scouts Glenn and Carpenter travel to Niagara, establishing contact and negotiating the world's admittance into the Kalmar Pact. 
2595 Libertas establishes a trading base on Olympus, quickly gaining influence over King Harko of Illios, a local warlord.
2596 With Emperor Albert aboard, the Imperial yacht Victory becomes the first surface ship to travel the length of the Great Martian Canals system, from Argyre to the Northern Ocean to Hellas.


The Kingdom of the Incas peacefully annexes most of Columbia.  Libertas begins construction of a fleet of 40m frigates.

2598 The Chinese Empire and the Grand Khanate of Central Asia formalize their borders with the Treaty of Bangkok, sponsored by the Kingdom of Indochina and the Thai Electorate.


Maxwell Biogenics begins breeding Mermen Constructs for work in Venusian coastal waters.

2600 The Kingdom of Indochina intervenes in a Cambodian succession struggle and occupies the region, annexing it. The King of Illios completes the conquest of Olympus with Libertine support.
2601 The Pact scouts Shepard and Grissom contact the inhabitants of Arakis, a nomadic, cave dwelling people surviving on their desert planet.  The Pact declares the world a protectorate and begins planning aid, including a new desalination plant.  The Time Travel Society emerges from another century of hibernation; six members, including David Travers, travel to Alice Springs to meet with the local Nobility before reporting back to their hidden complex.  Only one member decides to reenter society; another member's chamber had failed during the interim, leaving sixty-four members, including Travers, to continue their journey into the future. 


In competition with the Kalmar Pact, Libertas forms the Libertas Union with Aeneas, Freedom, and Olympus; Libertine advisers soon dominate the subservient worlds' governments.  The first two of seven Libertine frigates, the Vigilance and Prowess, enter service.

2603 The Chinese Empire occupies Guangxi province over the protests of the Kingdom of Indochina.
2604 Decades of low-level warfare subsides after eight rival European duchies sign the Treaty of Paris.  A series of volcanic upwellings damage the climate on Khronos, leading to two decades of poor harvests that kill over half the population.
2605 After continual complaints from Atlantis and Paradise, the Pact Advisory Council adds three more human seats to its body and authorizes construction contracts for private starships to operate independent of the subsidized Kalmar and Alimeen centered hub and spoke trade system.  The expanded Pact advisory council authorizes the construction of seven 40m frigates to match the Libertine fleet.


On Mars, the Crimson Pyramid opens to the public.  After Indochinese troops skirmish with border guards of the Thai Electorate, Chinese Imperial troops invade Indochina, beginning the Asian Consolidation Wars.

2607 Indochinese defenders use four tactical nuclear weapons to stop the Chinese advance at the Battle of Hue; in retaliation, Chinese troops occupying Hanoi retreat from the city and devastate it with a W-bomb.
2608 Chinese troops occupy Vientiane.  The first Kalmar Pact frigate, the Blue Horizon, enters service with Jonas Martin as Fleet Captain.


Rogar Farrar becomes Baron of Pasadena on the death of his father and older brother in a helicopter accident.  Chinese troops defeat the Indochinese army at the Battle of Kampong Cham and occupy Phnom Penh. The Pact scouts Glenn and Carpenter contact the colony world of Macoraba, whose religious leaders refuse to join the Pact, but allow a Pact trading outpost on the island of Aziz.


After occupying Saigon, the Chinese Empire absorbs Indochina and the hydrofoils of the Chinese Imperial Navy begin anti-piracy raids against Philippine and Malaysian city-states.  Libertine and Pact starships simultaneously re-contact the colony of Eden.  After Eden's government prolongs negotiations with both organizations, Libertas launches a preemptive military strike on Kalmar, starting the First Libertine War.  Atlantis and the Alimeen do not remaining neutral as Libertas has anticipated, so the combined Pact forces easily defeat the Libertine strike fleet at the Battle of Kalmar losing one frigate, while destroying four of the five attacking vessels.  Jonas Martin becomes Commodore of the Kalmar Pact Navy, which begins converting ten merchantmen for naval duty.


Kalmar Pact naval forces backed by ground troops from Kalmar, Atlantis and Hercules seize and garrison Olympus.  Pact squadrons destroy Libertine bases on Aeneas and Freedom and blockade the two worlds.


The Kalmar Pact besieges Libertas.  Under threat of planetary bombardment, and with Pact troop ships arriving in system, Libertas surrenders.  The Pact dissolves the Libertas Union and lands 10,000 occupation troops on Libertas to extract reparations payments.  The colony on Purgatory, long stable with a population of about 1,000 living in three primitive villages, suffers a blight, followed by famine and disease, killing 95% of the population; the survivors die off within a generation.

2613 Eden formally declines to join the Kalmar Pact.  Libertine assassins blow up a shuttle carrying Commodore Martin, killing him and six aides; Pact forces bomb three rebellious Libertine towns in retaliation and hold King John under house arrest.  The Pact occupation government on Olympus executes King Harko of Illios for crimes against his people.


Failing to receive prompt tribute, Central Asian Grand Khan Ali II orders his army to occupy the western coastal cities of India, then strikes eastward with hovercraft armor, reaching the swamps at the mouth of the Ganges.  The Duchies of Northern and Southern New Zealand join the Australian Confederation.


Facing growing terrorist and guerrilla attacks, Pact occupation forces withdraw from Libertas, restoring its independence.

2616 The Duke of the Upper Nile joins the CAEU, inviting a peacekeeping force to secure his northern and western borders.


An Alimeen-led Pact attempt to contact the Khzraut colony on Fortuna ends in the destruction of the three ship Alimeen contact squadron.


A special Kalmar Pact conference on Atlantis permanently interdicts Khzraut space and admits Olympus to the Kalmar Pact.  The Pact blockade of Aeneas and Freedom ends, but neither world accepts invitations to join the Pact.  The scouts Glenn and Grissom contact the inhabitants of the colony of Levant, which joins the Pact.  The Pact releases the last merchantmen from naval duty, though all keep their weaponry as part of the naval reserve.  A CAEU task force occupies Cairo to subdue warlord activities in the lower Nile valley.

2619 Libertas begins building a fleet of over a dozen armed merchantmen to replace its destroyed or confiscated fleet.


The Chinese Empire begins a massive amphibious invasion of the Philippines to wipe out pirate strongholds.

2621 A dispute over monetary policy between Kalmar and Atlantis leads to a loosening of Pact economic control, allowing freer capital movements and ending all restrictions on trade routes.  The Pact privatizes all commercial starships.  The Kalmar Pact encompasses thirty-nine populated systems and has ninety-two registered commercial starships, nearly all 30m merchantmen of various configurations.


Amaterasu withdraws from the Kalmar Pact after the election of an isolationist government, but maintains limited trade relations.

2623 Libertine merchantmen privateers begin raiding and trading on worlds both within and outside the Pact. 
2624 Two Libertine raiders attack an outlying mining settlement on Felix.  The Martian navy borders and searches unauthorized Libertine trades off Neptune.


Chinese Emperor James visits Manila, declaring the Philippines pacified and steps up amphibious campaigns in Malaysia.  Citing policy differences, Paradise stops sending delegates to Pact conferences.  

2626 The Kalmar Pact Navy reduces its size to five frigates, but calls up five auxiliaries.  The Pact authorizes the construction of four new 30m scouts to replace its aging fleet.
2627 A Libertine privateer attacks and boards the Pact freighter Agate in the Eta Cassiopeia system, off Cyclops.  A series of earthquakes on Diakoku permanently changes the course of the colony's two main rivers, leading to a calamitous decline of civilization. 


After a Pact squadron arrives in Libertas orbit, King John formally disavows responsibility for privateers and allows the Pact to station ships and personnel in the Tau Ceti and UV Ceti systems to monitor compliance.  An estimated six privateers begin operating from independent bases and temporary depots stocked by legitimate Libertine traders.  The Khanate of Central Asia invades Iran to combat banditry and end support for Afghan rebels.


Libertine pirates sack Camelot and establish the world as their raiding base.  Mars increases tariffs on Venusian NB technology to protect its own industry.  The first new Pact scouts, Gagarin and Titov, enter service.

2630 In response to growing discontent with the Advisory Council process, the Kalmar Pact updates its charter to create the Planetary Congress, which consists of ambassadors from all member worlds and proposes policies to the Advisory Council.  Paradise sends a new ambassador to Kalmar.  Libertine pirates raid Diana.  The Pact scouts Nikolayev and Popovich enter service and the four aging 20m scouts are retired.
2631 Flooding of the lower Mississippi River leads to the Flood Plains War when the Dukes of Arkansas and Missouri attack Illinois; the conflict terminates in stalemate after the destruction of St. Louis by nuclear weapons.
2632 The Pact trader Chrysanthemum vanishes on a run between Hercules and Kalmar.  The Pact scout Titov contacts the colony of Agade, whose Nobilis feudal leaders choose to join the Pact.


The First Mercury War erupts between Mars and Venus after Venusian warships launch a surprise bombardment against Martian military and tax authority installations on Mercury.  In retaliation, the Martian navy destroys Venusian orbital stations and blockades the world.  Martian commerce raiders seize or destroy Venusian shipping throughout the Solar System.  The Chinese Imperial Army invades and conquers the Thai Electorate after uncovering Thai nobles aid to Malaysian pirates.  The Indonesian Confederacy joins with the Malay states to resist the Chinese invasion and the CAEU enacts sanctions against China.  The Kingdom of the Incas invades and conquers Bolivia and the upper Amazon basin.  The Pact scout Popovich reaches Camelot and detects two Libertine pirates in system; the Popovich jumps before being detected and reports back to Kalmar.


Venus defeats the Martian blockade squadron in a series of engagements in Venusian orbit, ending the orbital embargo.  Orbital and ground battles for the control of Mercury begin with fighting on and below the surface at the Gupta and Australis stations.  A Pact naval task force of four frigates, five auxiliaries and two scouts attacks and eradicates the Libertine pirate base on Camelot, destroying two pirate vessels and capturing a third.  A liberated Camelot joins the Kalmar Pact as a full member.


Faced with a growing Venusian fleet presence and an untenable ground position, the Martian navy evacuates its army forces from Mercury under a flag of truce.  A subsequent raid on Mercury by a brigade of orbit-deployed Martian commandos surrenders after failing to seize any surface installations.  Venusian squadrons engage Martian naval elements throughout the inner Solar System and fight a skirmish on approach to Mars orbit.  Australia invades Indonesia and quickly gains control of the island of New Guinea. The Chinese Empire conquers mainland Malaysia and invades Borneo; Indonesian Nobles offer to end the war, but China demands an unconditional surrender and naval control of the Java Sea.  A group of Libertine pirates establish a base on Blackbeard, a moon of a large singleton brown dwarf 6.5 light years from Deseret.  The Kalmar Pact authorizes the construction of two 50m cruisers and four additional frigates to provide an anti-piracy force.  Alimeen gravstar colony vessels settle Warm Wind.


Mars accepts an armistice after Venus wins the Battle of March Second in Martian orbit and the Belt indicates readiness ready to enter the war.  Martian Emperor Albert abdicates in favor of his half-nephew Stanislov, who is also a cousin of Emperor Joseph II of Venus.  Disgruntled Martian naval officers assassinate Albert at his Escalante estate.  Mars ends protective tariffs on Venusian products and allows Venusian business offices to open in the Outer System.  Chinese forces defeat the combined Indonesian fleet at the Battle of Madura.

2637 Emperor Stanislov moves the Martian seat of government back to Lowell.  Three Libertine pirates attack Deseret, destroying the orbital station and raiding outlying settlements.  The Deseret Defense Force destroys one pirate vessel in a suicide attack.  Chinese Imperial Marines pacify Sumatra.


Chinese forces sack Jakarta, ending Indonesian resistance.  Joint Chinese-Australian naval patrols fight the continuing pirate menace in the Banda Sea.  The CAEU fails to extend sanctions against China.  Four pirate vessels raid Deseret, destroying the city of Youngstown with a W-bomb attack and extorting precious metals and food stocks from the inhabitants.  The Pact cruisers Zhang and Johannessen enter service.


William Kagnon-Mellon, younger brother of Albert, leads a coup that ends in the assassination of Martian Emperor Stanislov.  William becomes Emperor of Mars, and concedes Venusian control over Mercury in return for recognition of his ascendance by Joseph II and the Venusian Parliament.  The Pact trader Orion's Belt visits Deseret and receives information on Libertine raids from the local government.  Three Libertine pirates make a slaver raid on Hermes, carrying off hundreds of villagers.


Emperor William moves the Martian seat of government back to Alberta and interns Emperor Albert's remains under the Crimson Pyramid.  A Kalmar Pact task force led by the Zhang intercepts the two pirate vessels returning to Deseret to extort tribute; destroying one ship and capturing the other.  With information from the Deseret encounter, the Pact task force attacks and destroys the pirate base on Blackbeard.  A subsequent raid destroys a pirate depot in the Hercules (1) Sector.


Emperor William purges the Martian military, arresting and executing over a hundred officers and forcing thousands more into retirement.  The Incan Army occupies northern Chile.  Central Asian Grand Khanate forces withdraw from Iran after negotiating an end to banditry and a cutoff of aid to the Afghan rebels.

2642 Deseret joins the Kalmar Pact after receiving assurances on religious protection and controls on media access for the domestic population.
2643 Chinese and Australian diplomats agree to common borders in Indonesia, with Australia occupying Ambon and the Chinese annexing Sulawesi.  Maxwell Biogenics purchases outright four medium-sized main Belt asteroids for use in risky research and development projects.


Vulcan withdraws from the Kalmar Pact in reaction to new subsidy policies that channel more trade and assistance to more distant newer member worlds.


The Chinese Empire invades Burma to end smuggling and drug traffic. The Khanate of Central Asia occupies central India south to the Godavari River.  After pirates seize the trader Godiva, King Karl authorizes the formation of the Atlantian Interstellar Navy, with two frigates and eight 20m escorts.

2646 A series of undersea earthquakes on Venus and subsequent tsunamis devastate coastal regions in Lada and Aphrodite and shut down the PARVATT system; geologists determine that plate tectonics have begun on Venus.  Pact scouts Titov and Nikolayev contact the colony on Ghandi, establishing relations and negociating Pact membership for the struggling settlement.
2647 Additional earthquakes on Venus led to massive evacuations of coastal areas by all but Merman Constructs; efforts at earthquake control begin.  After a second pirate raid on Hermes, a Pact task force led by the Johannessen enters the Libertine system and demands that Libertas control its raiders; Libertas agrees to comply, but refuses to allow Pact monitoring of its macrojump merchant vessels.  Libertas effectively cuts its privateers loose, no longer actively supply them, but making no efforts to stop or report on their activities.
2648 A Pact advisory council resolution authorizes all member worlds to arm their interstellar vessels and recommends convoys for trading missions in systems not actively patrolled by the Pact navy.  Ten more Pact merchantmen receive upgraded weaponry as naval auxiliaries.


After the death of Countess Marina, the Incan Army occupies Panama and begins renovating the canal.

2650 The Terran General Assembly holds a conference in Rome, with African delegates pushing for an overturn of the Bogotá Declaration and for a permanent arbitration board to mediate international disputes.  China, Central Asia and the Kingdom of the Incans all refuse to agree to either proposal.  Pirates raid primitive Daedalus, seizing food and slaves; withdrawing as the Pact trader Castrovalva enters the system.


Emperor William uses Martian army troops to put down dissident activity on Mars and declares martial law in several cities. 

2652 The Pact frigate Nebula defeats two pirates over Hermes, crippling both pirate vessels and capturing the crew.
2653 Based on information gathered by the Nebula, a Pact task force discovers two recently abandoned pirate bases, one in the outer belt of a red dwarf, the other on the moon of a large rouge gas giant half a light year away.
2654 With convincing evidence that Isis's sun has ended its flare stage, Kalmar begins limited settlement on Isis to supplement the planet's small population and aid recovery.
2655 Venusian geologists gain control of the emerging crustal plates and propose modifications to allow the restoration of the PARVATT system.  Privateers raid the colonies of Rama and Aurora. 


The Chinese Empire claims control of the Bay of Bengal, occupying Sri Lanka and the Andaman Islands as protectorates.  An explosion, probably from a disintegrating comet, destroys the colony of Kurdistan, killing all but a handful, who survive for a few decades in the devastated ruins.


The Asian War begins as Chinese and Central Asian forces clash after the Chinese Army advances to the Brahmaputra River.  Privateers begin annual tribute runs to Hector after conducting a demonstration W-bomb detonation.


The Asian War intensifies as Central Asian forces invade Xinjiang and the Chinese Army crosses the Sayan Mountains.  Attempts by Australian and African diplomats to negotiate an Asian cease-fire fail.

2659 The Chinese Army invades mainland India at Tuticorin and occupies Bangalore at its Count's invitation.  Chinese defense systems thwart a Grand Khanate missile strike on Bangalore and Pondicherry.  Resettlement of Venusian costal regions begins, though cities and towns incorporate protection against both earthquakes and tsunamis.
2660 China begins importing Martian HSPG armored vehicles.  The Kalmar Pact authorizes four additional scout vessels for survey work within Pact boundaries.  King Tor's younger daughter Lydia marries Paradisian Roban Kamarov, Count of Veedar; the couple settles on Kalmar.


The Chinese Imperial Army, with support from Martian advisors, breaks through the Central Asian lines near Hyderabad and sweeps north, gaining control of all India and forcing the retreat of Central Asian troops to the Indus River.


Olav Kamarov is born on Kalmar.  Grand Khan Ali II dies in victory at the Battle of Karaganda; his grandson, Ali III, becomes ruler of Central Asia and orders a withdrawal from Pakistan to strengthen his Eastern Front.  A Chinese missile attack on Central Asian positions fails, but a Grand Khanate counterstrike devastates Amritsar.  Under African and Australian pressure, both China and Central Asia agree to forgo the use of weapons of mass destruction.

2663 Emperor Joseph II of Venus makes the first transit in the restored PARVATT systems linking Venus's three continents.  The Asian War becomes a bloody of ground warfare against static positions along a five thousand kilometer front line.
2664 The Pact scouts Gagarin and Popovich contact the colony on Reich; the contact mission commanders deem the xenophobic local regime unsuitable for Pact membership, but make a pro-forma offer that is predictably rejected.


Central Asia withdraws from Afghanistan after loosing the Battle of Khyber Pass and the Battle of Kabul.  In South America, the Incas occupy the lawless southern regions of Chile.

2666 Chinese Imperial Marines invade Central Asia's Far East regions, overrunning territories until crossing the Lena River but withdrawing to fortified positions east of the Lena after the Battle of YakutskPirates begin annual tribute raids against the colony on Hsia.
2667 The Chinese Imperial Marines put down the mutinous Chinese 4th Army in Afghanistan.  Emperor William of Mars orders the construction of the massive Face of Mars (his) north of the Crimson Pyramid. 


Chinese Imperial Marines capture Irkutsk.  The Brazilian War begins when the Brazilian duchies unite to fight Incan economic exploitation of the upper Amazon basin.

2669 A Chinese Imperial summer offensive ends with the capture of all of Siberia east and north of the Ob River.  Maxwell Biogenics begins clinical trials of low-gravity genetic modifications to enabled humans to thrive indefinitely in gravity fields below .05 g and to limit adaptation problems when returning to standard gravity.


After China fails to break the fortified Ob Line, Imperial Marines strike south to occupy the Arabian Peninsula and the Chinese 1st Grav Army conquers Iran and begins an attack into Central Asia through Turkmenistan. 

2671 The Central Asian Army counterattacks in Turkmenistan, enveloping the Chinese 1st Army at the Battle of Kerki.  The Incan Army begins an airborne assault on Brazilian army positions throughout the middle Amazon region.


Central Asia breaks the restraint agreement on weapons of mass destruction and launches a mostly countered nuclear missile attack on Chinese position in Siberia and Iran; China exercises restraint and does not respond to the attacks, but begins a conventional bombardment of Tashkent.  The Treaty of La Paz ends the Brazilian War, with the Brazilian dukes granting concessions to the Incas in return for continued independence.  Raman authorities refuse to provide tribute to pirate raiders, prompting a conventional missile attack on the capital, but the pirates withdraw after raiding a few scattered settlements.

2673 The Chinese Imperial Army occupies Iraq.  The Pact scouts Titov and Nikolayev re-contact the failing colony on Tanith and the Pact accepts the world of iron age villages as a protectorate.


The Central Asian Army launches a failed offensive through the Caucasus mountains into Iran.  The surviving Terra/Luna NEAR habitats join the Lunar Republic in exchange for the technologies and support needed to keep their stations habitable.  The Belt Congress authorizes the availability of low-gravity genetic modification therapy for all Citizens.

2675 The Pact freighter Morning Star vanishes out of Hercules; authorities suspect a pirate hijacking.  The Chinese Imperial Army marches through Jordan and Palestine to the Mediterranean and seizes Turkey.  China attacks Central Asia through the Caucasus and conducts an amphibious landing south of Rostov.  
2676 Chinese Imperial forces sweep into Central Asia from all sides, but Ali III refuses to surrender, launching a failed missile attack on Chinese population centers.  Pirate raids on Aurora begin to occur on a nearly annual basis.
2677 Tashkent falls to the Chinese, ending the Asian War; Ali III is presumed dead.  James declares himself Emperor of Asia with western borders on the Sinai and the Don and Volga rivers. 


European nobles on the Asian border form the Eastern European Confederation at Warsaw and sign a peace and friendship treaty with the Empire of Asia.   The climate on the colony of Preussen begins to worsen as the world slips into an ice age, causing a rapid decline in population and driving the survivors to a nomadic existence.


Terran nobles meet at the Conference of Casablanca to work on mutual security concerns, an unspoken reference to Asian expansion, though Asian Emperor James disavows any territorial ambitions.


African Nobles including the Count of Pretoria and the Duke of Zambia begin funding increased settlement of Antarctica, drawing protests from the Kingdom of the Incas.  The Chinese Imperial Army announces a reduction of troop strengthen from five Battle Armies to three.  On Hachiman, Captain Hiroshi awakens after a 200 year hibernation and orders the remaining Battlestar complement awakened to finish developing an interstellar civilization.

2681 The Kalmar Pact authorizes a new class of 30m scouts to replace its aging Cosmonaut class vessels.


Emperor James of China dies of natural causes at the age of 650; his daughter Hanna becomes Empress of Asia.  At the Kalmar Pact bicentennial celebration on Kalmar, Kings Tor of Kalmar, Karl of Atlantis and President Henry Neroutsos of Hercules celebrate the union of thirty-five Human and eight Alimeen worlds with over two hundred million Human and three hundred million Alimeen residents and the progress made in achieving trade integration and technological parity throughout the Pact.


After defeating a uprising against Incan corporations by the Brazilian Nobility, the Incas occupy the rest of Brazil and the remaining independent South American cities and proclaim the Inca Empire, a federal South American state with a rotating elected Noble Emperor.


The Incan Nobility begins a colonization of Patagonia to enlarge their holdings.  The Narwhal, first of the new Kalmar Pact scouts enters service.  


Venusian diplomats seal an agreement for six of the remaining eleven NEAR asteroid habitat settlements to join the Venusian Empire.  Libertine pirates seize Thebes as a pirate base.  

2686 Emperor William celebrates the completion of the Face of Mars.
2687 With the Treaty of Hobart, Australia, the Inca Empire and the CAEU agree to divide claims in Antarctica, with the Incans gaining control of the Antarctic Peninsula, Australia annexing Wilkesland, and Africa holding the remaining territory.  


The Death King and his agents reappear in New Orleans, beginning a campaign of terror throughout the Duchy of Louisiana.

2689 The Kalmar Pact scout Baleen detects pirate activity during a pre-contact mission to Aurora and returns with a Pact fleet led by the Johannessen.  The governing council of Aurora welcomes the fleet and accepts Pact membership and protection.  


The Pact fleet destroys a pirate vessel at Aurora, but a second ship escapes.  Citing anti-government activities by exiled Brazilian Nobility, the Incas occupy Central America north to the Yucatan and annex the Lesser Antilles islands.


The Death King murders the Duke of Louisiana and his immediate family, taking control of the Duchy and expanding his control along the swamps of the Gulf Coast and the lower Mississippi Valley.


Libertine pirates raid Agade and Odin, destroying major cities and seizing booty and captives before withdrawing.  Pact naval patrols intensify and the Advisory Council authorizes the modernization of the fleet and the addition of four more frigates and five escorts.  The Asian Navy begins aggressive anti-piracy patrols in the Pacific Ocean, seizing Guam. 

2693 Empress Hanna of Asia authorizes a Asian Space Navy, buying three surplus Martian frigates and the Gherman Titov spaceport facility to serve as a geosynchronous base.


The Kalmar Pact scout Orca contacts the inhabitants of Inanna, whose leadership accepts Pact membership.  The Empire of Asia formally annexes all the islands of the North Pacific up to the International Date Line.  A Libertine pirate fleet of four vessels from Thebes raids Reich, and retreats with heavy casualties after sacking two cities.


The Death King maintains and expands control of the Duchies of East Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi through assassination and terror; refugees begin trickling westward from the Plains Duchies.

2696 A Brazilian exile group based in Havana claims responsibility for the assassination of Incan Emperor Antonio of Mendoza.  Fernando permanently reassumes the Inca crown. After failed negotiations with the Cuban government, the Incan army invades the island with airborne infantry troops.


Libertas sides with the loosing faction in a Amaterasu power struggle and occupies Amaterasu to reinstate their puppets as proxy rulers; a guerrilla war ensues, with Libertas pouring troops onto the world to maintain order in the cities.  Havana falls to the Incan army, but several wanted Brazilian exiles remain at large.


The Incan Empire annexes the entire Caribbean Sea Basin, occupying major cities and hunting down all but two of the remain fugitive Brazilians.  The Kalmar Pact debates sending aid to the Amaterasu Legitimist rebels, but only agrees to denounce Libertine aggression; Hercules independently begins secret shipments to the rebels. 


Libertas reinstates the Libertas Union, inviting Aeneas and Freedom to join the political and economic federation.  Death King terror spreads to the Rio Grande Valley and the border with Utah.  The Horde first appears as an organized military force and Death King-sponsored submarine and hovercraft pirates begin plying the Gulf of Mexico.


Libertine commandos and secret police ruthlessly stamp out the Legitimist guerrillas on Amaterasu, which formally joins the Libertas Union.  Baron Rogar Farrar of Pasadena begins campaigns in Baja California in favor of Jorge, a claimant to the Baja Duchy.  The Kalmar Pact scout Manatee contacts the rulers of the colony world of Zulu, who quickly join the Pact.

2701 The Time Travel Society emerges from hibernation and sends a delegation to Alice Springs.  After reviewing the world situation, twelve members decide to rejoin society, leaving fifty-two to sleep for another century.   Climatic conditions on Pruessen fall into terminal decline, with the surviving population fading to extinction after ice covers the entire southern continent.


Fearing Libertine aggression, Vulcan rejoins the Kalmar Pact.  Pressures of refugee migrations and Death King assassinations lead to the Nevada War, where Rogar Farrar defeats the Mormon Army of Utah and becomes the Archduke of the Pacific American Confederation.


Archduke Rogar launches the Second War of Destruction, crushing the Horde and destroying the Death King in a lightning campaign.  Rogar incorporates territory from the Arizona Corridor to the Duchy of Mississippi into the Pacific American Confederation.  The Kalmar Pact scout Orca contacts the remaining village on Mithras and its seventeen inhabitants; the Pact absorbs Mithras as a dependency and begins planning to establish a small naval base on the world.

2704 The Kalmar Pact scout Baleen surveys the failed colony of Hebe and determines that the flora is hostile to future colonization attempts; the Pact establishes a research station on the planet's surface.  The Libertine government begins providing assistance and ships to the pirate regime on Thebes.   A protracted drought and subsequent plague wipes out the faltering colony on Diakoku.


Venus and the Belt sign a formal military alliance in ceremonies on Vesta; subsequent agreements provide for a trade of discounted Venusian biomedical products for a large shipbuilding contract that greatly enlarges the Venusian Navy.  Archduke Rogar reorganizes his realm into the Archduchy of Western America, incorporating Utah, Colorado, and Kansas. The Northern Campaigns begin between the new Archduchy and several northern and Midwestern duchies backed by the Dukes of Georgia and Virginia. The Incan Empire invades and conquers northern Mexico in a futile search for Baroness Aracruz, assassinator of Emperor Antonio.


Archduke Rogar besieges and sacks Chicago, finishing his conquest of the entire old United States west of the eightieth parallel with the Peace of Gary recognizing his sovereignty over these gains.  Western America and the Incan Empire reach a border agreement after Rogar agrees to aid in the search for Baroness Aracruz.  A series of massive volcanic eruptions strike the colony of Frigg causing a five year long dark winter that kills most of the population.


After two prototype failures, Mars completes the 15m macrojump vessel Phoenix and sends it on a test mission to Atlantis.  The Eastern Europe Confederation crumbles into low-level warfare after various members support rival claimants for the Bavarian throne.


The Kalmar Pact scout Narwhal contacts Rama, which joins the Pact in return for protection against pirate activity.   Lunar and Venusian diplomats sign a secret anti-Martian alliance.  The North American Unification War begins as Georgian-led eastern and Canadian duchies attack Western America.


King Tor of Kalmar dies of natural causes; Katrina becomes Queen of Kalmar and chair of the Pact Advisory Council.  In an address to the Planetary Congress, Katrina proposes a more aggressive approach to expansion and re-contact, arguing that a civilized interstellar community will lessen the risks of piracy and war.  The Martian Empire begins construction of a small fleet of macrojump frigates and merchantmen.  Archduke Rogar of Western America orders the execution of his wife, Elizabeth, after she becomes implicated in an espionage ring; later, Atlanta falls to Rogar's forces after the Battle of Decatur and resistance in the American Southeast crumbles.

2710 The Kalmar Pact begins a fleet modernization campaign to replace its two aging cruisers and six oldest frigates with a new fleet of three Type IIb cruisers and eight frigates plus an additional five escorts.  Martian diplomats make contact with the Libertine government and discuss a potential alliance.  The Western American army begins an offensive against the Canadian duchies, winning the Battle of Red River.


The Martian War begins with a surprise attack at the Battle of Troilus by a coalition of Venusian, Belter and Lunar forces; subsequent actions attack and overrun Martian positions in the Jovian Trojans.  A Coalition fleet begins the interdiction of Mars.  Western American troops occupy the duchies of New England on request of the Duke of Massachusetts and drive into the Duchy of New York, crossing the Hudson at the Battle of Troy.


The Imperial Martian Navy breaks the Coalition's siege, but an offensive against the Belt quickly stalls with a withdrawal after the Battle of April Fourteenth.  The Coalition seizes Martian outposts at Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, though the Jovian moons hold out, defeating the Coalition at the Battle of Callisto.  The Kalmar Pact scout Baleen contacts the struggling settlers on Penance, who decline an offer to join the Pact as a protectorate.  Buffalo and Toronto fall to the forces of the Archduke Rogar after an amphibious campaign on Lakes Eire and Ontario.  The last survivors on Preussen die under the onslaught of the ice age.


Coalition forces attack and occupy Charon and Pluto and agree to a neutrality pledge by remaining Kuiper settlements.  The Citizens of Europa revolt against their Martian Nobility and seize control of the world, aiding in the Battle of Ganymede, which forces the Martian Jupiter Fleet to withdraw.  Emperor William of Mars dies when his flagship Broadsword disintegrates during the Battle of Iris in the Belt; his son, Charles, ascends the throne and requests an immediate cease-fire.  Libertine pirates from Thebes raid Daedalus, destroying the Pact freighter Orion's Belt and the escort Viper.  The armies of Western America sweep though the Canadian duchies, meeting little resistance.


The Treaty of Copernicus ends the Martian War and the Belt gains administrative control of the Outer System and Jovian Trojans.  Mars becomes a constitutional monarchy under Emperor Charles and a Parliament of Nobles.  Venus achieves macrojump technology and sells the secret to other Solar governments.  After the pacification of Alaska and the Yukon, the Treaty of Chicago confirms Rogar Farrar as King of North America.  After receiving word that Rogar allowed the Baroness Aracruz to escape justice, the Incan Imperial Army crosses the Rio Grande, starting The American War.  A Kalmar Pact task force under command of Captain Lord Olav Kamarov aboard the new cruiser Shelton destroys the Libertine pirate base on Thebes and four pirate vessels.  A Pact Marine brigade occupies Thebes and executes captured pirates and Theban sympathizers.  The Pact scout Narwhal contacts the pre-industrial colonists on Odysseus; the world joins the Pact as a protectorate.  The Pact scout Manatee contacts the leadership of the colony on Hector, which joins the Pact as a full member.


After installing a friendly government, Kalmar Pact forces withdraw from Thebes.  The Pact scout Orca discovers the failed colony on Lenin.  After heavy ground and air fighting over the southern duchies of the North American Kingdom, King Rogar's forces regain the initiative from the Incas after the Battle of Houston.  North America begins ballistic and airborne commando insertions into Ecuador and Peru and purchases orbital combat craft from Mars.


Libertine pirates raid Daedalus, Hsia and Reich, and reestablish their base on Thebes, executing the Pact- sympathetic Nobility.  Venus completes its first macrojump vessel, the 13m Joseph II and conducts a test voyage to Atlantis.  Cuzco falls to a massive North American commando assault; Emperor Fernando dies in the storming of the Imperial Palace.  Rogar crowns himself Emperor of America, though pacification campaigns in Patagonia continue.  The Pact scout Orca contacts the colony on Tyche and the Baleen contacts the colony on Ares, both worlds join the Kalmar Pact.


The Belter government convenes a constitutional convention on Vesta, updating laws to accommodate an orderly federal government for the Outer System and guaranteeing Citizen rights in the region.  Kalmar Pact patrol vessels and Theban pirates clash at Ares, downing one pirate landing boat on the world.  After discovering current Libertine equipment in the pirate wreckage, the Pact breaks off diplomatic relations with Libertas.  A Terran General Assembly of Nobles at Reykjavik recognizes Rogar as Emperor of America; it is the first meeting between Rogar and Empress Hanna.  African and Australian emissaries call on both Empires to help provide stability in Europe, the only continent without a united government. 

2718 The Kalmar Pact scout Manatee and its escort contact Hsia, which joins the Pact and provides information on recent pirate activities.  A pirate vessel flees Hsia after detecting the Pact presence.  
2719 Emperor Charles of Mars founds the city of Charleston on the equatorial rim of Pavonis Mons and secures funding for the construction of the Pavonis Obelisk, to stretch one hundred kilometers into the Martian sky.  Libertine pirates raid Daedalus and Reich.


Libertine pirates raid Hsia, capturing the Pact traders Bounty and Wanderlust and destroying the escort Asp.  A mobilization of Pact forces forces Libertas to disavow the pirates' actions.  The Libertine government stands by as a Pact task force again attacks and occupies Thebes, destroying two pirate vessels and executing captured pirate leaders.  The Theban Nobility refuse to join the Pact, but do allow the stationing of a squadron in system to discourage returning pirates.  Daedalus joins the Pact after its leaders agree on a confederate government and the need for protection against pirate depredations.  The Kalmar Pact begins construction of a fleet of six 30m armed scouts to replace its aging fleet.  Anti-Australian agitation begins in the Indonesian archipelago and on some South Pacific islands.


The Martian Parliament vetoes the Emperor's attempt to move the seat of government to Charleston, but funds construction on the Pavonis Obelisk.  The Kalmar Pact scout Orca contacts the twin worlds of Romulus and Remus, who join the Pact.  Duke Harold of Wessex conquers London and assumes the vacant throne as the King of England, receiving support from the Welsh Nobility, but starting the War of Britain when the Scottish Nobility unite under the banner of the Duke of Edinburgh.  Hachiman builds and tests a prototype macrojump starship, the 30m Yamamoto, and quickly follows with production of a dozen 40m armed troopships.

2722 Captain Hiroshi dies on Hachiman, naming Hideki Tanaka his successor.  Tanaka names himself Fleet Admiral and prepares his world for a campaign of conquest.  The Yamamoto secretly scouts Heaven.


The first of the new Kalmar Pact scout vessels, Virgo, enters service.  After the planet Heaven refuses to surrender to the Hachiman First Fleet, Tanaka orders a nuclear bombardment of the world, followed by a Hachiman Marine invasion and occupation that leaves over two million dead. 


Asian Imperial forces occupy New Guinea and Timor and sweep the remainder of the Pacific basin to support a faltering pro-Asian Islander coup, precipitating the Asia-Australian War.  Australia declares war on Asia.  The CAEU imposes economic sanctions on Asia.  The Kalmar Pact scout Boötes and escort Rattlesnake contact Hachiman, resulting in a tense stand-off and the eventual transport of a Hachiman envoy back to Kalmar.  The Pact scout Virgo and escort Cobra encounter a Hachiman navy squadron above Heaven and retreat after the Hachiman forces forbid Pact access to the world.  On its final mission, the Pact scout Manatee contacts the pre-industrial villagers of Demeter and arranges a Pact protectorate of the world.

2725 Libertas quietly begins resupplying the remaining pirate vessels, now operating from two remote bases on marginally habitable worlds.  Asian Marines seize New Zealand and make limited raids on the Northern Territory of Australia.  King Harold narrowly defeats his Scottish enemies at the Battle of Carlisle, but significant resistance continues, supported by the Irish dukes and some French Nobility.


At the invitation of King Harold, the American Empire occupies the British Isles without resistance, ruling through Harold, King of the United Kingdom and guaranteeing rights to the Scottish and Irish Nobility.  Emperor Rogar formalizes feudal self-rule throughout his realm with the Atlanta Constitution.  Asian Imperial Marines invade Australia in full force, seizing Darwin and Brisbane and sweeping into the interior to besiege Alice Springs.  An Australian missiles strike on the Asian mainland is ineffective. The CAEU withdraws its diplomats from Asia.  The last surviving colonists on Frigg perish.


The Kalmar Pact and Hachiman establish formal diplomatic relations and reach an informal agreement with on spheres of influence.  The Hachiman navy re-contacts and  asserts control over the three surviving Eastern enclaves, Honshu, Manchukuo and Formosa.  Asian Imperial forces capture Alice Springs, Sydney and Canberra, marching to Melbourne before the Australian Nobility offers surrender at the gates of the city.  Libertine pirates begin periodic tribute raids on Reich, Tyr and New Rome.

2728 Hachiman scouts visit and lay claim to the failed enclaves of Shikoku, Chosun and Kyushu.  French and Dutch agitators attempt to stir Scotland and Ireland into rebellion against King Harold; American intelligence agents penetrate the agitator network and present evidence to the CAEU and Asian Empire before demanding a cessation of anti-Harold activates by the responsible European states.


King Harold of the United Kingdom dies from an assassin's bomb; in response an American Imperial expeditionary force crosses the English Channel and sweeps to the Rhine, meeting little resistance.  The Asian Empire declares war on America, precipitating the European War and advances from the Urals to the Vistula to defend the independence of the European states; but the Archduchy of Poland petitions for annexation into the America n Empire as the Asian Army captures Warsaw.  The Kalmar Pact scout Lyra and its escort survey the dead colony world of Zimbabwe; the dormant blood plague infects and kills three crew members of the Lyra, which remains in quarantine over Paradise for a full year.  The Pact posts a warning beacon over Zimbabwe and declares it a quarantined protectorate.


After a year of sporadic air and suborbital engagements, Asian and American ground forces clash at the Oder River, but avoid major engagements. The Hachiman Navy attacks the industrial civilization on the world of Han, destroying military centers and occupying major cities with Hachiman marines.  Hachiman begins a decades-long struggle to eradiate resistance in the Southern Islands of Han.  Hachiman scouts survey the failed colony world of Catalonia and lay claim to the planet.  The Kalmar Pact navy begins a second wave of modernization aimed at bringing the entire fleet up to twenty-eighth century standards.  Alimeen colony ships settle Soft Zephyr.


American amphibious forces occupy Hawaii and defeat the Asian Imperial Navy at the Battle of Bikini.  The war stalemates in Europe with neither side willing to fight a major battle, though America occupies Norway and Sweden and Asia occupies Finland.  The CAEU calls for world and interplanetary blockades against both America and Asia, but the Solar powers and the Kalmar Pact refuse to endorse the measure.  The Kalmar Pact scout Centaurus contacts the Muslim colony world of Yathrib, which refuses contact with outsiders.  The Martian macrojump vessel Crimson Sands makes contacts with the Martian-descended colonists on Heimdall, who accept diplomatic contact but refuse an offer to join the Martian Empire.


The Hachiman Second Fleet and marine forces occupy primitive Gothia and crush resistance.  The Hachiman navy establishes an outpost and a small settlement on Shikoku.  American forces liberate New Zealand with ballistic troop landings.  Australia revolts against Asian rule, allowing the entry of American troopships at Sydney.  American forces stop an Asian artic invasion and occupy Greenland and Iceland to guard against a further attack.  The Kalmar Pact Planetary Congress approves a censure of Hachiman, but the Pact navy takes no action, other than stationing spy vessels in Hachiman systems.


Emperor Rogar takes personal command of his European armies, defeating the Asians at the Battle of Prague in the spring, and leading a penetrating force to the Volga, defeating the Asian Second Imperial Battle Army at the Battle of Kazan then driving toward the Ural Mountains in a fall offensive.  In Byzantium, Empress Hanna agrees to an armistice based on current positions, giving Rogar control of geographic Europe and evacuating all Asian forces from the Australian mainland.  Over Atlantian objections, the Kalmar Pact signs a friendship treaty with Venus, angering Mars.


The Hachiman Second Fleet seizes control of the colony world of Ch'in.  Tanaka proclaims the Hachiman Empire and becomes Emperor Hideki.  The Kalmar Pact recognizes Hachiman's current conquests and territorial claims after it receives Tanaka's assurances of no further conquests and humanitarian treatment for subject populations.  Hachiman begins the resettlement of the worlds of Chosun and Kyushu.  Australia formally joins the American Empire.


The American and Asian Empires conclude the Peace of Byzantium, based on the earlier armistice, and agree to cooperate internationally.  Ambassadors from the CAEU attend the peace conference and drop sanctions against the two Empires.  A drought begins in Northern Africa.  The Hachiman Empire begins the resettlement of Catalonia.

2736 The Kalmar Pact scout Hercules re-contacts the world of Enlightenment, which agrees to Pact membership after ensuring religions freedoms.  Emperor Charles of Mars opens the completed Pavonis Obelisk to the public.  The Kalmar Pact scout Aquarius contacts Heimdall, which declines an offer to join the Pact.


A joint American-Asian security force occupies the city of Tunis after food riots kill thousands, including a few American and Asian citizens.


American-Asian troops occupy northern Egypt after minor border incidents on the Sinai border of Asian Palestine and a riot against Asian rule in Mecca.  A Moslem suicide squad kills Prince Consort Vladimir in Beijing.  The Kalmar Pact scout Lyra contacts the world of Thoth; its philosopher rulers show no interest in Pact membership, but offer to trade their mystical knowledge for working technology.


Emperor Rogar marries Empress Hanna in a Byzantium ceremony.  Joint American-Asian forces cross the Sahara in punitive raids against Moslem cities. The CAEU declares war on America and Asia, beginning the African War but many southern African states maintain effective neutrality.  The American Navy blockades the West African coast while Asian Marines occupy East African coastal cities.


The CAEU agrees to the formation of the Terran Empire under Rogar and Hanna.  The Emperor and Empress crown themselves in Byzantium.  The Terran Empire confirms the Atlanta Constitution and its feudal guarantees, but adopts the Asian Imperial economic and bureaucratic model created by Emperor James Hu.


Emperor Rogar establishes the Terran Imperial Navy with surplus eight Martian warships and begins a major shipbuilding program.


Paulus Reornan of Atlantis publishes The Future of Mankind, outlining the basic framework of Technologism philosophy with its emphasis on the gradual evolution of humanity with technological assistance.  The Kalmar Pact scout Centaurus contacts the Pagan settlers of Hectate who vote to join the Pact.


The Belt and Luna, aided by Venusian "volunteers", attack Mars over a disputed mining operation in the Martian Trojans.  The System War begins. The Terran Empire sends it nascent fleet to join the Martian cause, fighting at the Battle of Phobos.  Empress Hanna travels to Venus to convince the Emperor and Parliament to remain neutral and recall its "volunteer" forces.  Rogar authorizes the formation of Terran Imperial Marines, who see action on a raid on three Lunar NEAR settlements at Terra/Luna L5.


Terran and Martian naval forces scatter the Belter fleet at the running Battle of the Trailing Martian Trojans. The Treaty of Ishtar City ends the Systems War and acknowledges Terran dominance of Solar affairs.  The Kalmar Pact scout Aquarius contacts the world of Hera, which gladly joins the Pact.


The Lunar Republic voluntarily joins the Terran Empire as an Autonomous Kingdom.  The Martian Empire annexes the Outer System despite Belter and Venusian diplomatic resistance.  Scattered resistance to Martian rule in the Jupiter system and the Kuiper Belt ends when support is not forthcoming.  The Kalmar Pact scout Hercules contacts the struggling colony on Amazonia, which joins the Pact.

2746 Emperor Charles of Mars dissolves the Parliament and rules by decree.  The Hachiman Empire enters a "voluntary union" with Champa, stationing thousands of marines at key installations; the Kalmar Pact protests the move, but Atlantian reservations scuttle any military response.  The Terran Imperial Navy completes its first interstellar vessel, the 40m frigate Hammer; a major macrojump shipbuilding effort begins with two cruisers and five more frigates authorized.
2747 The Terran Imperial Army puts down a major revolt by Muslims in Arabia.  The Terran Emperor and Empress travel to Jerusalem to sign a decree promising religious freedom and tolerance throughout the Empire, but promising no tolerance for any religious violence or bigotry.  During a pirate tribute raid on Reich, the local populace detonates a nuclear device, destroying the city of Danzig and killing thousands of natives, but also destroying both pirate vessels. 


The Atlantian firm Chiron BioSolutions, Ltd. begins offering Zenith regeneration therapy to Pact customers.  The Hachiman navy intercepts a ship of Herculean volunteers bound for Han and returns them to their homeworld, downplaying the incident.  The Pact scout Virgo surveys the failed colony world of Poseidon, which is placed under a Pact protectorate.  Libertine pirates raid Tyr, killing Lord Governor Attila Timmins. 


Empress Hanna conceives Robert Farrar by artificial means. The infant becomes heir to the Terran Empire.  Emperor Rogar's natural sons Alexander and Arnam become Kings of North and South America, respectively.  The Kalmar Pact scout Lyra attempts contact with Tyr, but sustains damage from missile fire and is unable to establish a dialogue with the populace.

2750 The Kalmar Pact scout Hercules contacts the Mechanists on Karinsky, who gladly join the Pact.  The Hercules crew speaks to the personality of Pavel Karinsky himself.
2751 The Terran Imperial Army puts down a revolt by Australian colonists in Wilkesland with minimal loss of life. The Kalmar Pact scout Boötes contacts the colony of Icarus; the local leadership forms a confederate government to qualify for Pact membership.


Terra and Venus sign the Treaty of Kepler, a non-aggression and trade agreement.  Terran and Mars complete the Emperor's Protocol, a formal personal alliance between Emperors Rogar and Charles.  The Kalmar Pact scout Virgo contacts the barely industrial colony world of Khalistan, which accepts Pact membership.  The Pact trader Bohemian Dream vanishes out of Paradise; piracy is suspected.


The Vulcan government accuses Libertas of continuing to tolerate pirate attacks on Pact vessels and outposts, but fails to adequately prove its case before the Pact Advisory Council, though the Planetary Congress passes a vague condemnation of piracy that does not name Libertas.  Vulcan-sponsored terrorist attacks begin against Libertine installations on UV Ceti, Amaterasu and Aeneas.

2754 The Pact scout Centaurus contacts the pre-industrial inhabitants of the colony moon of Khronos, who accept a Pact protectorate.  Vulcan terrorist strike in the Libertine capital of Freehaven, destroying a police station and killing a dozen bystanders.


Paradise adopts an anti-Libertine stance in Pact proceedings after Libertas accuses it of harboring Vulcan terrorists and conducts threatening military maneuvers in the outer Chara system.


Empress Hanna of Terra gives birth to James Farrar after artificial conception; James becomes King of Africa, a position whose creation causes some unrest among African Nobles.  The Libertine ambassador to the Kalmar Pact dies in a aircar bombing on Kalmar; Libertas blames Vulcan terrorists and besieges Epsilon Eridani.  The Second Libertine War begins as the Pact declares war on Libertas.  Slow to mobilize, the Pact navy braves the Libertine blockade to provide supplies to Vulcan but takes no offensive action and Vulcan falls after two months.  The Kalmar Pact patrol frigate Kuiper contacts the colony of Islam, which fires ballistic missiles at the vessel.

2757 Atlantian, Kalmaran and Herculean forces begin commerce raiding against Libertine vessels.  Libertas issues letters of marque to all private vessels and unrestricted piracy spreads throughout re-contacted space.  The Kalmar Pact First Battle Fleet forms under Atlantian Admiral Lady Jenna Gallagher and jumps to Vulcan, fighting the indecisive Battle of Point Gamma, before withdrawing to Atlantis.  Venus declares its neutrality in the war and attempts mediation through the personal efforts of Emperor Joseph II.  A Kalmar Pact patrol by the frigate Halley discovers the failed colony on Kurdistan.


The Libertine Union formally annexes Vulcan after securing the system from blockade runners and pours 20,000 troops onto the world.  A Kalmar Pact raider fleet under the command of Commodore Lord Olav Kamarov defeats the Libertas Colonial fleet at the Battle of Aeneas.  The Terran Imperial Guard Special Service Branch is established to conduct operations against disloyal Nobles, specifically agitators against the toddler King of Africa.  The Terran Imperial Navy authorizes the construction of four additional frigates and six 40m troopships.


A second Pact attempt to invade Vulcan falters when Libertine raiders attack the mustering fleet at the Battle of Atlantis, destroying the cruiser Singh and killing Admiral Gallagher.  The Kalmar Pact Third Fleet, under Commodore Kamarov destroys two pirate vessels raiding New Palestine and offers the world membership in the Pact; Kamarov receives a formal censure from the Planetary Congress for this action after the war, as the pre-industrial planet technically should only have been offered a protectorate.


Queen Katrina appoints Olav Kamarov Admiral of the Kalmar Pact First Fleet.  The First Fleet jumps to Vulcan and wins several engagements, cumulating in the orbital Battle of Vulcan.  The Pact fleet maintains an orbital blockade, refraining from retaking the surface, fearing severe ground casualties.  Libertine raiders continue to harass the Pact fleet from the outer Epsilon Eridani system.  Piracy spreads to the Solar System with attacks on shipping in the Belt.


In response to pirate attacks on commercial shipping, Terra enters the war against Libertas, winning the Battle of Amaterasu and freeing the world of Libertine domination with an Imperial Marine orbital assault.  A Libertine counterattack on Vulcan falters at the the Battle of August Twenty-second.  The Kalmar Pact Third Fleet, commanded by Herculean Admiral Kevin O'Connor besieges Aeneas.  Atlantian Admiral Lord Samuel Cohen leads the Pact Second Fleet to Libertas, but withdraws without an engagement.


The Second Libertine War ends with the Treaty of Ishtar City wherein Libertas agrees to surrender Vulcan and end all piracy in return for an end to terrorism and a protectorate over a semi-autonomous Amaterasu.  Terran Imperial Marines evacuate Amaterasu though Emperor Rogar publicly expresses his displeasure at the treaty terms.  Libertine troops evacuate Vulcan in good order, though Vulcan guerillas destroy one troopship on the ground, killing several hundred Libertine and Aenean soldiers.  The Atlantian Kalmar Pact advisor, Prince Mark, resigns in protest after the council rebukes Kamarov but lets him retain his rank, while forcing Cohen to retire for cowardice.  The Pact scout Centaurus performs a full survey of the failed colony on Kurdistan.


The Second Mercury War begins when Mars, with Terran backing, attacks Venus to regain its rights to Mercury; the Terran Imperial Navy besieges Venus, while Martian naval and marines forces attack Mercury, defeating the Venusan protective force at the Battle of Mercury High.  The Kalmar Pact scout Aquarius contacts the worlds Pyramus and Thisbe, which have maintained industrial civilizations and radio contact throughout the Dark Age; both worlds receive Pact membership.


Martian ground forces win the Southern Mercury Campaign but prove unable to dislodge the Venusians from northern Mercury.  Venusian squadrons fail to break the Terran siege of their homeworld. The Kalmar Pact and Libertas both declare neutrality in the Mercury conflict and Queen Katrina offers personal mediation.


The Terran Imperial Navy conducts orbital bombardments on Venusian cities, causing heavy civilian casualties. Venus agrees to cede Mercury and evacuates its troops from Gupta Station, ending the Mercury War.  The last survivors of the colony on Perseus die.


Atlantis withdraws from the Kalmar Pact ostensibly over a tariff dispute, but really over leadership issues with Queen Katrina.  Terra and the Kalmar Pact verbally renounce the Treaty of Ishtar City after a pirate attack destroys the Pact trader Narvik, but take no action against Libertine positions.  Libertas tightens controls on Amaterasu, appointing a new puppet government under Lord Ato Tul. 


Atlantis recognizes the new government on Amaterasu.  The Atlantian Royal Navy undergoes a massive shipbuilding program, aiming to produce three cruisers and six additional frigates.  Libertas openly occupies Thebes, allowing "outworld" vessels, or pirates to use facilities on the planet.

2768 Terra and the Kalmar Pact begin joint anti-piracy patrols. The Terran Planetary defense grid intercepts and destroys a fifty meter asteroid bound for southern Africa.  The Kalmar Pact scout Hercules discovers the failed colony of Salvation.


A revolt in Ukraine starts a general insurrection in southeast Europe, requiring two Terran Imperial Armies to occupy cities from Kiev to Bucharest.  Hachiman occupies the colony world Teutonia after the bombing of a Hachiman trading expedition and thousands die in Hachiman retaliatory attacks. The Kalmar Pact protests Hachiman aggression, but takes no action, despite Herculean objections and a subsequent walk-out of the Planetary Congress by Hercules, Apollo and Vulcan.


Libertas takes advantage of the weakened Pact position by attacking and occupying Eden in support of Prince Tomas, a claimant for the Edan throne.  The Third Libertine War begins as the Kalmar Pact settles its differences and declares war on Libertas.


Avoiding major fleet actions, Pact and Libertine navies fight only minor skirmishes in remote systems and the war quickly reverts to uncontrolled piracy in outlying space.  Libertas occupies Pact facilities on Amazonia, Poseidon, Mithras and Hebe.  In return for promised immunity from Libertine pirate attacks, both Atlantis and Terra decline to enter the war on the Pact side.  The Kalmar Pact Third Fleet contacts the colony on Elysium, offering it Pact membership and protection.  The Pact patrol frigate Nessus destroys a pirate vessel and discovers its base at the failed colony of Pruessen.

2772 Terran Imperial military and special service forces eradicate the rebellion in southeast Europe.  The Kalmar Pact First Fleet, under Admiral Kamarov defeats the Libertas Second Fleet at the Battle of New Palestine.  The Pact Third Fleet under Admiral O'Conner bombards Thebes, destroying several pirate vessels.  The Kalmar Pact scout Boötes and its escort Anaconda contacts the colony of Achilles, which accepts Pact membership.
2773 The Kalmar Pact First Fleet fights the indecisive Battle of Aeneas against a Libertas First Fleet supported by Aenean system defense craft.  A Libertine raid on Vulcan causes severe surface damage and thousands of causalities.


The Third Libertine War ends after Terran mediation produces the Byzantium Protocols.  Libertas agrees to surrender all captured Pact facilities and to end pirate activity in return for a protectorate over Eden and formal annexation of Thebes.  The Kalmar Pact advisory council approves a resolution to replace its aging scout fleet.


Terra and Mars propose a union under the Imperial Banner of Rogar and Hanna, with Crown Prince Robert of Terra marrying Princess Lyra of Mars.  Mars becomes an autonomous Terran Kingdom, though Charles maintains the title of Martian Emperor.  Venus protests the union, especially the incorporation of Mercury and the Outer System as integral Maritan territory and attacks Mercury, beginning the Third Mercury War.  The Belt and the Pact refuse requests to come to Venus's aid.  The Pact scout Virgo discovers the failed colony of Bliss; the fungal blight infects the crew, but the infection is easily treated onboard the vessel.  The Pact puts Bliss under protected quarantine. 


The Belt enters the Third Mercury War against Venus. Terran and Maritan naval forces repulse the Venusian attack on Mercury and besiege Venus, which quickly surrenders as Terran Imperial Marines establish beachheads on Ishtar Terra.  Rogar accepts the crown of the Emperor of Sol in a ceremony in Philadelphia on July 4, with Venus and the Belt joining the Empire as autonomous Kingdoms.


The Belter Nobility elect Athena of Flora as the first rotating ceremonial Belter monarch.  Emperor Rogar forces the remaining independent NEAR colonies to choose Venus or the Belt as their sovereign kingdom, completing the unification of the Solar System.  Sol and Atlantis independently begin introducing robot military troops in special units.  Separate Solar and Kalmaran diplomatic overtures to Atlantis fail to entice the world to end its isolation.  The first updated armed Kalmar Pact scout, Mensa enters service.

2778 The Kalmar Pact scouts Aquila and Indus enter service as the old scout fleet is decommissioned.
2779 The Kalmar Pact scout Aquila contacts the colony world of Bacchus, which joins the Pact as its sixty-second and final member. The Pact scouts Orion and Cancer enter service.


The Imperial Solar Navy begins the secret construction of three Hellkings in Belt shipyards.  The Kalmar Pact scout Leo enters service.  The Pact scout Orion contacts the world of New Rome and learns of continued Libertine pirate activity.  New Rome refuses to join the Pact, but allows the Pact Navy to place a naval outpost on its moon to discourage piracy.  The Pact scout Indus discovers the dead colony world of Purgatory.

2781 The Kalmar Pact patrol frigate Nova and its two escorts destroy three pirate vessels over New Rome, but fail to gather information on their base of operations. 


The Solar Empire abolishes all natural slavery and allows full Citizenship rights to qualifying emancipated Constructs.  Atlantis and Libertas form a secret anti-Pact alliance in a covert meeting at the Libertine base at UV Ceti.


The Atlantian-Libertine Alliance makes secret overtures to the Hachiman Empire concerning the division of Kalmar Pact territory into spheres of influence.  The Pact scout Indus contacts the remaining three villages on Minerva and finds a primitive xenophobic culture that rejects offers of a Pact protectorate.


Libertas, Atlantis and Hachiman formalize the TriWorld Alliance against the Kalmar Pact.  Pirate attacks and Alliance terror raids begin against Pact vessels and installations.  The Hachiman Empire attacks and occupies the Pact survey facility on Asgard, and attacks and conquers the un-contacted colony world of Bolivar.  The Pact War begins.


The Solar Hellkings Apollyn, Azazel and Beelzebub and supporting vessels make a surprise appearance near Atlantis and announce Sol's support for the Pact.  Atlantis quickly withdraws from the Alliance.  The Hachiman Second Fleet destroys the Kalmar Pact naval depot at the Battle of Deseret and besieges the planet, making landings in outlying areas and attacking the urban defense systems.  The Hachiman Third Fleet besieges Prometheus, but withdraws after losing two troopships to ground fire.  The Pact patrol frigate Nessus discovers the failed colony of Franklin, which after four hundred years, leaves hardly a trace.  The Pact scout Mensa and supporting escort Anaconda contact the Aztec colony of Quetzacoatl, but given religious practices, decline to offer it pact membership.


Libertas surrenders to the Solar Hellking fleet.  The Hachiman Imperial Army uses nuclear and biological weapons in an attempt to subdue Deseret, but faces heavy organized and guerilla resistance.  Hachiman raider fleets sweep through Pact space, capturing six outlying outposts and concentrating to besiege both Alimeen and Kalmar.


Alimeen forces drive off the Hachiman Third Fleet.  The Hachiman Fourth Fleet seizes Heimdall.  Solar Imperial Navy reinforcements help Admiral Kamarov defeat the Hachiman First Fleet at the Battle of Kalmar.  After the Apollyon and Azazel arrive in orbit over Hachiman, Emperor Hideki agrees to an immediate ceasefire, evacuates Deseret and Heimdall and agrees to the Treaty of Kalmar, returning all Pact installations in return for recognition of its control of Asgard and Bolivar.  Emperor Rogar begins negotiations for a united human realm.


The Hachiman Imperial Navy re-contacts the extinct colony on Balder and claims and colonizes the planet.  Libertas recognizes Rogar as Emperor in return for strong autonomy guarantees.  The Libertas Union dissolves, with its member world joining the Solar Empire.  Libertas reveals the location of two remote pirate bases, but Imperial Navy raids only capture three vessels and some crew and slaves.  Heimdall accepts Rogar as Emperor.  A small group of remaining pirate vessels seek and receive logistical support from the Hachiman Empire.


The Kalmar Pact scout Leo contacts the colony world of Dionysus, but negotiations on its status falter as the Kalmar Pact formally dissolves, recognizing Rogar I as Emperor of Humanity.  On the first of June, Rogar crowns himself in Byzantium, proclaims the Empire of Humanity and claims all old Confederation territory not occupied by the Hachiman Empire.  Anti-piracy campaigns continue in Imperial Space.  Negotiations on the status of Alimeen and its seven colonies commence on Kalmar.  The Emperor publishes the Imperial Charter on October 10th, signed by Rogar, Hanna, Katrina of Kalmar for the Pact, Joseph II of Venus for the Solar states, King John for Libertas and the Alimeen ambassador to Terra for his race.  Atlantis joins the Empire on December 31st after King Karl travels to Terra to sign the Charter.

2790 The Imperial Congress meets for the first time.  After passage of the First Amendment, Diana, Enlightenment, Hectate and New Palestine join the Empire as full Members despite their low populations.  Dionysus joins the Empire after concluding negotiations with the new Ministry of State.  The Kalmar Pact scout fleet transfers to the Ministry of Science.  The scout Mensa contacts Solomon and the scout Aquila contacts Pax before the Ministry of Science institutes a review of contact procedures.  All Member interstellar warships come under control of the Ministry of Defense.  The Emperor establishes orders of knighthood for Sapiens: the Order of the Emperor's Sword (OES) for soldiers, the Order of the Golden Seal (OGS) for civil servants, the Order of the Imperial Sun (OIS) for scholars, and the the Order of the Emperor's Banner (OEB) for other outstanding service.
2791 The Imperial Congress ratifies the Second Amendment, guaranteeing full religious freedom.  The worlds Dayan, Macoraba, Penance, New Rome, Quetzacoatl and Solomon join the Empire.  The Imperial Navy authorizes the construction of a class of 55m troop transports and gunship tenders.  Autonomist unrest begins on Atlantis, Mars and several Pact worlds over Imperial restrictions on interstellar activities.  Pirates raid Reich and Tyr.
2792 Construction begins on a class of 60m Imperial Navy battleships.  Pax joins the Empire as a protectorate.  The Atlantis-based Autonomist terrorist group White Hand attacks the Imperial convoy over Malta, killing Empress Hanna and several aides though Emperor Rogar escapes unharmed.  Rogar orders the Imperial Guard to purge the Atlantian Nobility and destroy the White Hand.  Reich and Tyr join the Empire to provide protection against piracy.  The Hachiman Empire establishes a naval outpost in the Vega system.
2793 The Ministry of Science releases a report on colonization policy, detailing failures and remedies; it recommends that future colonies be limited to class A-D and have a target initial population of at least ten thousand in the first decade.  After further analyses of hazardous native life, the Ministry of Science reclassifies Hebe and Zimbabwe as Class F planets under permanent quarantine.  The Ministry of Defense establishes a naval base on Typhon.  The Imperial Golden Palace in Byzantium reaches completion.
2794 Rogar orders the Ministry of Science to conduct a complete survey of Imperial systems, authorizing the construction of eight scout bases, two dozen survey vessels, and three dozen singleships.  The Ministry of Science reestablishes a contact base on Coman IV and a research station on Coman III.  To establish fiscal responsibility and address some Autonomist issues, the Imperial Congress approves the Third and Fourth Amendments to the Imperial Charter.  An Imperial-wide recession begins.  A Imperial Marine battalion establishes an outpost on Minerva, claiming the world as a Dependency, despite the objections of the 170 local inhabitants.
2795 The Comans enter the Empire as a Minor race, conceding research rights to Beta Comae III.  The Ministries of Science and State reestablish contact with the Quadrons and Lagrush.  The mutating plague attacks the Hachiman colony on Balder, killing half the population before a cure is found.  Yathrib joins the Empire after after extensive negotiations on religious and cultural issues.  A Ministry of State expedition led by Ambassador Stannis Morkahn establishes radio contact with the Khzraut colony on Medusa.
2796 Faced with heavy opposition from Venus, Mars and Libertas, Rogar abandons attempts to push through an amendment on Construct rights.  The Imperial Navy reaches its initial deployed structure with four fleets each with two battle groups, a dozen separate patrol squadrons and three Hellking groups.  A patrol squadron engages and destroys a pirate vessel off Rama.  The Ministry of science quarantines the Lagrush system after the race requests Protected status.  The Hachiman Imperial Navy occupies the failed colony world of Perseus.  The Ministry of Science establishes a mixed Human and free Mermen colony on Poseidon.
2797 The Quadrons enter the Empire as a Minor race.  The Empire of Humanity refuses a request by the Hachiman Empire to colonize Franklin and Sparta.  Thoth agrees to enter the Empire as a Dependency after its Council of Wisdom appoints one of own members as Imperial governor.  The Caliph of the world of Islam breaks off all negotiations with the Ministry of State, prompting the Imperial Navy to quarantine the world.
2798 After King John of Libertas makes a racist and bellicose speech, the Hachiman Empire breaks diplomatic relations with the Empire of Humanity.  An Imperial scout expedition contacts the colony on Virgil.
2799 Autonomist terrorists destroy the Ministry of Commerce offices on Apollo, killing thirty Imperial bureaucrats and prompting the Imperial Marines to deploy two brigades to the world to support Census preparations.  The Hachiman Empire occupies Franklin and establishes defensive positions on the planet.  Virgil joins the Empire of Humanity as a Dependency.  Pirates raid New Rome.
2800 Emperor Rogar marries Queen Katrina of Kalmar, and names Crown Prince Robert the Prince of Asia.  The Empire conducts its first Census amid moderate Autonomist protests, notably on Apollo, Atlantis, Hercules and Mars.  Imperial scouts discover the remains of the failed colony on Home.  The Ministry of Science reestablishes a research station in Timbor orbit.  An Imperial Navy patrol fights off a pirate attack on Reich.
2801 Citing continued support of piracy, the Empire of Humanity begins the Hachiman War by declaring war on the Hachiman Empire, and attacks and seizes Champa, Asgard, and Teutonia and destroys the Hachiman Third Fleet and its base at the Battle of Vega.  The Hachiman First and Second Fleets counterattack, defeat system defense forces and Imperial Navy patrol vessels at the Battle of Prometheus, but withdraw after an unsuccessful landing attempt.  The Time Travel Society emerges in Australia; the Emperor takes time to meet with a delegation in Sydney; ten choose to rejoin society, leaving forty-two to sleep another century. 
2802 The Empire of Humanity sweeps the Hachiman Empire, destroys military outposts and occupies Catalonia, Ch'in, Bolivar and Gothia, and wins the Battle of Heaven, initiating a surface guerilla struggle against the occupying Hachiman forces.  An Imperial naval patrol discovers and destroys a pirate base on the failed colony world of Diakoku.
2803 The Hachiman Empire equips the Battlestar with macrojump engines and orders Crown Prince Hirohito and one thousand leading citizens to travel far to coreward.  The Imperial Navy forces the surrender of Hachiman troops on Han and Heaven, then masses with the Apollyon and Beelzebub battle groups at the Battle of Hachiman where the Hachiman fleet continues to resist until the two Hellkings begin a six hour bombardment of the planet, rendering large portions of the surface uninhabitable and killing over one hundred million.  With the capitulation of Emperor Hideki, the war ends, and Imperial Navy forces quickly seize and occupy the remaining outlying Hachiman systems and outposts.  Following up information from Diakoku, a naval patrol attacks and destroys a pirate base on the failed colony world of Biafra.
2804 The Empire of Humanity officially annexes all Hachiman worlds and enforces martial law on the nineteen inhabited systems until such time as pro-Hachiman guerilla activity ceases and the worlds can form civilian governments.  The Imperial Navy sends patrol vessels up to two hundred light years coreward in a futile search for the Battlestar.  Emperor Rogar proclaims the beginning of an Era of "Peace, Prosperity and Promise", declaring sovereignty over all Human Space.  An Imperial Naval tribunal tries and executes Emperor Hideki and fourteen senior officers and officials for crimes against humanity for the occupation of Heaven, Ch'in, Han and other crimes.  Cleon Farrar is born to Rogar and Katrina after an artificial conception.  Rogar names Prince Cleon heir to the Imperial throne, but confirms Prince Robert as perpetual Prince of Asia.  The Imperial Navy repairs and occupies the naval base at Vega.
2805 The Emperor sends Prince Alexander of North America with the Apollyon and the Agincourt battle group to Islam to negotiate the world's entry into the Empire; Islam agrees to sign the Charter.  The former Hachiman-occupied world of Heaven, Han, Gothia, Ch'in and Champa join the Empire as full members.  Imperial scouts contact the colony of Hestia.  Autonomist saboteurs damage computer nets on Kalmar and Venus.  The Ministry of Science declares the Timbor a Protected species an quarantines the system.
2806 The former Hachiman-occupied worlds of Teutonia and Bolivar join the Empire as full members; martial law remains in force on the remaining Hachiman settled worlds.  Hestia joins the Empire as a Dependency.  The Ministry of Science begins limited contact with the intelligent species of Huron.  Despite a ban in the Imperial Charter, Charles of Mars returns to using the title Emperor instead of King in internal documents; Emperor Rogar threatens to revoke Mars's claim to the Outer System, forcing Charles to publicly renounce the title of Emperor.  The test gravstar vessel Infinite Horizon begins a four year journey from Alimeen to Paradise, reaching a top speed of 30C.
2807 The remaining Hachiman colonies, though not Hachiman itself, enter the Empire as Members or Dependencies.  The Imperial Navy evacuates the last colonists from Balder after another outbreak of mutating plague; the Ministry of Science declares the world Class F and quarantines the system.
2808 Imperial scouts recontact the colony on Saud and discover the failed settlement on Napoleon.  Autonomists Nobles take power on Odin and Apollo.
2809 Saud joins the Empire as a full Member.  Autonomist demonstrations spread on Atlantis, Mars, Apollo and Odin.  Anti-Martian sabotage begins on the Jovian moons.
2810 Rioting breaks out during Census canvassing on Venus, prompting Rogar to dispatch the Imperial Marines.  Robot troops prove unsuited to riot duty on Venus and the Ministry of Defense disbands all robotic formations after a massacre of rioters in the Duchy of Alcott.  Princess Melisa Farrar is born to Rogar and Katrina after an artificial conception.
2811 Backed by Imperial troops, King Joseph of Venus imposes planetary marital law after widespread rioting and sabotage and evidence of Atlantian and Martian support for Autonomist agitators.  Imperial scouts discover the failed settlement on Alexander.  The Ministry of Science declares Huron a Protected system and imposes a quarantine.  The colony world of Bengal independently achieves macrojump technology with the launch of its 10m prototype, Nova, commanded by Captain Lord Khandas Herttog.
2812 A planetary defense disintegrator destroys Emperor Rogar's shuttle over Atlantis.  Queen Katrina becomes Regent of the Empire, and immediately moves the Hellking Azazel and Imperial Fourth Fleet to Atlantis, which promptly revolts and launches system defense attacks that destroy the Azazel and most of the fleet.  The Autonomist Civil War begins as Mars, Apollo and Odin secede from the Empire and Autonomist forces on Venus assassinate King Joseph.  Nearly a fifth of the Imperial fleet defects to the Autonomists.  The Bengal starship Nova jumps to Solomon, where it meets with local and Imperial officials before escorting Ministry of State and Science vessels back to Bengal.  Kalmar's McKnight Yard produces a improved (Type IIc) macrojump engines system that rivals the pinnacle of Confederation macrojump technology.
2813 Autonomist forces proclaim Charles of Mars the White Emperor.  Prince Alexander leads the First and Third Fleets at the Battle of Mars, destroying the defending fleet and the planetary defense grid.  Imperial Marines quell the revolts on Venus and occupy Mars, prompting Charles to commit suicide to avoid capture.  The First Battle of Atlantis ends with the loyalist Second Fleet withdrawing after destroying the factory Cityships Voyager and Mariner and devastating Atlantian orbital industry.  Daniel, a grandson of Joseph II, becomes King of Venus.  The Alimeen worlds confirm their loyalty to the Empire.  Imperial scouts discover the dead colony of Vishnu and the struggling colony of New Texas.  Bengali diplomats aboard the Nova travel to Hera and meet with loyalist Ministry of State officials.
2814 King Karl of Atlantis declares himself the new White Emperor.  The Autonomist rebels seize the naval base on Typhoon and gather their forces.  The combined Imperial Second and Fifth Fleets, under the command of Admiral Lord Olav Kamarov and supported by the Apollyon battle group, attack and scatter the Autonomist fleet and vaporize the resisting base at the Battle of Typhon.  The Autonomist rebellion spreads to over twenty former Pact worlds, led by Apollo and Nike.  Prometheus narrowly votes to remain within the Empire.  The Autonomist warships that escaped from Typhon begin commerce raiding against Loyalist systems and shipping.  The Outer Solar system appeals to the Regent to be released from Martian rule; Katrina assumes direct rule of the Outer Solar system pending full Membership.  Imperial scouts contact the colony world of Kongo.
2815 Autonomist terrorists assassinate King Daniel of Venus; his brother Harold becomes King and authorizes the Imperial Marines and Imperial Guards to suppress all rebel activity.  Facing long odds against a strong planetary defense force, Admiral Lord Kamarov leads his combined fleet to victory at the Second Battle of Atlantis, destroying the Cityship Constellation and prompting Karl to surrender his world and himself into Kamarov's custody.  Amaterasu declares for the Autonomist cause.  Prince Alexander's Imperial First Fleet defeats King Michael II and the Apollo Defense Forces at the Battle of Apollo, killing the King and destroying the last cruisers held by the Autonomists.  Imperial scouts, working with naval escorts, contact the colonies of Selene and Jefferson.  The Imperial Third Fleet bombards and subdues Nike, installing a pro-Imperial Prime Minister.  Maxwell Biogenics begins public trials of the reintroduced Restoration regeneration technique at clinics in the Solar Asteroid Belt.
2816 Prince Henry of Amaterasu declares himself White Emperor and musters the remnants of the Autonomist fleet.  Imperial Marines invade and occupy Odin.  Katrina names her nephew Lord Olav Kamarov as Grand Admiral of the Imperium.  The Imperial Guard puts down a riot at the University of Clotho on Venus, killing hundreds of demonstrators.  Imperial patrols backed by Hellking support assert control of most Member worlds.  Bengal joins the Empire as a full member.  Imperial scouts discover the failed colonies of New Armenia and New Java.
2817 Kamarov defeats the remaining Autonomist forces at the orbital Battle of Amaterasu.  The subsequent pursuit to Tartarus results in the capture of Prince Henry, effectively ending organized Autonomist resistance, though piracy in the name of the cause continues as Lord Dolphus of Odin declares himself White Emperor after a failed raid on the Vega naval base.  The Imperial Congress convenes with a proper quorum and confirms Katrina as Empress of Humanity, with Cleon affirmed as Crown Prince and Olav Kamarov named a Prince of the Realm.  Prince Henry of Amaterasu commits suicide while under house arrest, pending his treason trial.  Karl of Atlantis agrees to abdicate in favor of his great-grandson Kane and accepts exile to Isis, though Atlantis remains under Prince Olav's martial law.  Imperial scouts contact the colony world of Emerald.
2818 Katrina declares the Autonomist War over, but maintains Imperial marital law on twenty-six worlds, including Atlantis, Mars, Venus, Apollo, Nike, Odin, Amaterasu and Hachiman.  Kongo enters the Empire as a full Member and the worlds New Texas, Selene, Jefferson and Emerald enter as Dependencies.  Imperial scouts discover the failed colony worlds of Frigg and Halcyon. 
2819 Imperial Marines crush new Autonomist revolts on Nike and Odin.  The Jovian moons of Callisto, Ganymede, Europa and Io enter the Empire as full Members, as does Titan for the Saturnian system, Oberon for Uranus, and Triton for Neptune.  Katrina assumes direct rule of the Kuiper-Oort region and Mercury as Imperial Fiefs.  Prince Olav finishes a purge of the Imperial military, removing all personnel with Autonomist ties.  Imperial scouts contact the thriving mid industrial colony of Themis.  Vesta Shipyards reconstructs a radiant forcefield device for shipboard use.
2820 The Ministry of Commerce successfully conducts the Imperial Census with Ministry of Defense assistance and only minor disturbances.  Themis joins the Empire as a full Member.  Marital law ends on Venus, with Imperial Marines withdrawing from the world.  Imperial scouts contact the pre-industrial colony on Excalibur and discover the failed colony on Lemuria.  Autonomist pirates raid Khalistan, occupying the world for a month before being driven off by elements of the Third Fleet.
2821 The Imperial Third Fleet seizes a Autonomist pirate base on a gas giant moon of a red dwarf system near Tyche, destroying or capturing four pirate vessels.  Imperial scouts discover the failed colony of Phoebus and make contact with the colony on Phoenicia.  Excalibur joins the Empire as a Dependency.
2822 Imperial Marines put down an Autonomist riot on Odin, marking the last major rebel demonstration.  Imperial Navy patrols destroy three additional pirate vessels and a supply depot, greatly diminishing the pirate threat.  Phoenicia enters the Empire as a full Member.  Imperial scouts contact the colony on Regina.
2823 The Imperial Navy frigate Alabama contacts the colony of Drakkon while on a piracy patrol and notifies the Imperial scout base on Bengal, which makes formal contact with the early industrial era world.  Drakkon was the last world settled by the Confederation and the last world re-contacted by the Empire of Humanity.  In ceremonies on Terra, both Regina and Drakkon enter the Empire as full members.  Katrina orders the Ministry of Science to concentrate efforts in completing the full Imperial Survey and conducting studies of failed colony worlds suitable for re-colonization.  The Alimeen Industrial Council produces the Fast Vapor modified vacuum distiller-powered gravstar vessel; capable of 36C travel, it is the first of a class of four vessels that continued to ply Alimeen trade lanes until the 35th Century.
2824 Crown Prince Cleon travels to Kalmar to study government at the University of Uppsala.  The Empire establishes formal diplomatic relations with the Khzraut, exchanging ambassadors.  Sir Stannis Morkahn becomes Minister of State, the only non-Nobilis in the Empress's cabinet.  Autonomist pirates raid Romulus and Remus, attempting unsuccessfully to inspire a revolt against marital law.
2825 The Ministry of Science completes a revised report on colonization policy based on the analysis of all Confederation colonization attempts.  Katrina authorizes the re-colonization of Alexander.
2826 Empress Katrina begins construction of the Summer Palace in the mountains near New Bergen on Kalmar.  The first colonists settle on Alexander.
2827 The Empress ends marital law on all Autonomist rebel worlds except Mars, Atlantis, Apollo, Nike, Amaterasu and Odin.  Hachiman also remains under martial law, continuing the "Imperialization" of the population. 
2828 The Ministry of Science sponsors the re-colonization of Halcyon.  The Ministry of Defense begins procurement of classes of new Imperial cruisers, frigates, and escorts in an effort to modernize and standardize naval equipment.
2829 Crown Prince Cleon receives a doctorate in government, graduating at the top of his class at the University of Uppsala.  The Ministry of Science authorizes the re-colonization of Frigg and establishes a base on Balder to study the mutating plague.  The Ministry of Defense begins construction of a new class of modular 40m troopships/transports.
2830 The Empress celebrates the completion of the inner complex of Summer Palace on Kalmar.  The Imperial Census completes without incident.
2831 Based on the recent census, the Ministry of Commerce recommends the Alimeen colony of Soft Zephyr for full Membership in the Empire; the Empress requests that the locals form an independent government and the colony becomes a full Member.  The Imperial Congress passes the Fifth Amendment, spelling out specific rights of Imperial Citizens.
2832 The Empress authorizes open colonization of Minerva, effectively dispossessing the small remnant population.  Autonomist pirates attack the naval outpost on Minerva, claiming to represent the local populace.  An Imperial naval patrol retakes the Minerva after a brief struggle, destroying one pirate vessel, killing Dolphus I; his son, Dolphus II claims the title White Emperor.
2833 A Quadron hive city revolts against Imperial Commerce agents and tourists, killing and eating dozens of Humans, including Lord Austin Decker, younger son of the Duke of Aphrodite; Imperial Marines occupy the Northern Plains of Oracle to maintain the peace after the Duke lands a battalion of Aphroditian troops on the world to extract revenge.
2834 Governor Lord Anson DuVahl of Khronos begins developing and marketing the Dependency as a tourist destination.  The Ministry of Science authorizes the re-colonization of Lemuria.
2835 The Empress establishes the Office of Minor Race Relations within the Ministry of Commerce to buffer the Quadrons and Comans from direct Human contact and potential exploitation.  Crown Prince Cleon negotiates the Treaty of Minerva, setting aside a 100,000 square kilometer reservation for the two hundred original Minervans and moving two new colonial settlements outside its borders.
2836 Marital law ends on Mars, with King Albert II, a grandnephew of Charles, assuming the throne of a constitutional monarch.  Mars formally cedes the Jovian Trojans to the Asteroid Belt, and receives a firm claim to the Martian Trojans in return.
2837 The Ministry of Science authorizes the re-colonization of Phoebus.  Autonomist pirates seize Jefferson, holding the world for three months until driven off by the Second Imperial Fleet.
2838 Marital law ends on Nike, with a republican civilian government assuming power.
2839 The Ministry of Science announces that it has conquered the Balder Plague, allowing for eventual re-colonization of the planet.  Marital law ends on Odin with Colonel Lord Desmon Hurley, a distant relative of the Empress, assuming the title Duke of Odin.  Empress Katrina dedicates The Unifier, a two hundred meter statue of Emperor Rogar, on the grounds of the Golden Palace during ceremonies marking the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Empire of Humanity.
2840 The Census Office completes its work without major incidents.  The outer complex of the Summer Palace on Kalmar reaches completion.  Vesta Shipyards delivers to the Empress the Imperial Yacht Galaxia a 40m luxurious Type IIc starship.
2841 Civil strife begins on Ishtar after an unsuccessful republican coup against Queen Tabeth.  The Ishtar Insurrection begins in earnest when the Eastern Duchies overthrow their rulers and set up the Ishtar Peoples Republic.  The Ministry of Commerce reports that the worlds of Tanith and New Texas qualify for full Imperial Membership.
2842 Katrina refuses to support an amendment giving rights to Constructs, prompting the resignation of some liberal Ministry Officials, including Sir Stannis Morkahn, who retires to become Knight Commander of the Order of the Golden Seal.  Fighting spreads on Ishtar, with IPR rebels detonating an antimatter charge that kills the Queen and her court.  Her sister, Galena, retaliates with missile strikes against Eastern cities.  Citing violations of the hazardous materials clause of the Imperial Charter, the Empress sends Grand Admiral Prince Olav Kamarov to quell the fighting with a show of force that includes the entire Second Fleet and the Beelzebub.  The Ishtar Insurrection ends with a hastily arranged constitutional convention that appoints Queen Galena head of a constitutional monarchy.  Tanith and New Texas assume full Membership in the Imperial Congress.
2843 Europan and Ganymedan forces start the Jovian War by attacking Callisto to counter its influence over Io and the minor Jovian moons.  Fighting escalates with Callisto striking Europan and Ganymedan surface settlements and destroying local shipping.  The Ministry of Science authorizes the re-colonization of Balder. The Swarm develop macrojump technology and begin interstellar exploration and settlement expeditions in Sector 46.
2844 Terran, Lunar and Venusian system defense elements led by Prince Alexander of North America and Crown Prince Anthony of Venus attempt to force a truce in the Jovian system, prompting the disastrous Battle of Io, where half the combatants die, many ships crashing into the moon or the giant planet.  Prince Alexander dies of acute radiation poisoning aboard his crippled ship.  Empress Katrina orders the Imperial Navy to intervene, leading to the Battle of Himalia and a general truce, followed by the Imperial dictation of the Treaty of Leda by Crown Prince Cleon, settling complaints between the moons.
2845 To encourage settlement of coastal regions and sea farming, King Harold begins a fifty year program to free all Merman Constructs on Venus and authorizes Sapien-Merman conversion modifications.  Marital law ends on Amaterasu, with local Nobles electing Count Joachim Tanaka the new Prince.
2846 The Imperial Congress approves the Sixth Amendment, allowing the legitimately recognized government of a world to request Imperial aid in the event of an insurrection.
2847 With the help of covert agents, the Imperial Guard seizes the last three Autonomist bases, destroying all pirate vessels and killing Dolphus II and hundreds of Autonomist troops, effectively ending the Autonomist movement.
2848 Martial law ends on Apollo, with the institution of a constitutional monarchy led by King Willam Torgeirsen, a second cousin of the Empress.
2849 Crown Prince Cleon begins an extensive incognito journey across Terra, starting his historical work, The Ancient Planet.
2850 Several Members of the Imperial Congress dispute Ministry of Commerce enumeration procedures during the Census, especially as they apply to Constructs on worlds where Construct status is low; Empress Katrina submits a clarification statement, prompting renewed debate on Construct status Empire-wide.
2851 The Imperial Congress ratifies the Seventh Amendment to clarify census enumeration procedures, but refuses to consider amendments to Imperialize Construct status regulations.
2852 Several million Hachiman residents peacefully demonstrate against continuing marital law on the world, nearly fifty years after the end of the war.
2853 An antimatter containment accident on Nike kills two million civilians in the city of Churchill.  Resulting litigation bankrupts the transworld Arias Corporation.  The Churchill Incident and subsequent economic fallout contributes to the start of an Empire-wide recession. 
2854 Marital law ends on Hachiman, with the populace narrowly voting to change the name of the world to Nova.  Establishing a republican government, Nova joins the Empire as a full Member.
2855 Martial law ends on Atlantis, with King Kane assuming executive authority; the Empress refuses to let the former king Karl return from exile, and maintains Imperial Naval and Marine assets on the world.
2856 Economic conditions worsen, causing Katrina to lower the world GDP tax rate and the interstellar VAT to stimulate growth.  Several major banks fail on Hercules, prompting the world to review commercial lending regulations.
2857 Empress Katrina appoints several Donnerist officials to the ministry of Commerce and begins adopting Donnerist spending policies aimed at stimulating interstellar trade.
2858 Crown Prince Cleon publishes The Ancient Planet under the pseudonym Robert Farley; the work becomes an Empire-wide non-fiction best seller.  
2859 In the first test of the Sixth Amendment, Imperial Marines intervene on Artemis to support the local Nobility after a Sapien revolt.  Crown Prince Cleon begins incognito journeys on Venus and Mars to study the lives of people in the Solar colonies.
2860 The Imperial Census Office confirms a five percent fall in real wealth over the past decade.  Census officials proclaim that Odysseus has met the requirements for full Imperial Membership.
2861 Governor Lord Jon Duvall of Odysseus become Lord Protector of the world as Odysseus becomes an official Member of the Empire.
2862 The Empress authorizes the Ministry of Science to conduct exploration operations beyond the de facto Imperial border of one hundred light years radius from Sol.
2863 Crown Prince Cleon continues his travels through the Solar system with visits to Mercury, Luna, the Belt and the Outer System.
2864 The Imperial economy begins a sustained recovery, though the effects are uneven on many worlds.  The Donnerist Lady Donah Morish becomes Minister of Commerce.
2865 The Empress authorizes the Ministry of Commerce to designate certain Dependencies as "threatened" worlds, and work to stimulate the economy and population of those worlds.  The Ministry of Science re-establishes a research contact station on the homeworld of the Stygians, who have progressed to primitive urbanized societies since last contact.
2866 Baxter Technology Products, based the asteroid Flora, reintroduces zero gravity teleportation booths which soon become common in the Belt and between habitat colonies.  The Ministry of Commerce declares the Dependencies Thoth, Virgil, Shikoku, Hestia, Selene, Jefferson, Emerald and Excalibur to be threatened and enters them into the Dependency Economic Program (DEP).
2867 Katrina names Crown Prince Cleon head of the Dependency Economic Program; Cleon appropriates a cruiser, the Scythian, to act his base of operations as he travels between the worlds.
2868 The Imperial Navy intervenes to protect Imperial Citizens sentenced to death for relatively minor infractions on Horizon.  The Fifth Fleet and a full Marine division convince the world's Grand Senate to modify legal proceedings against Imperials and proscribe exile for some formerly capital offenses.
2869 The Ministry of Commerce offers aid to the Member worlds of Bolivar and Phoenicia, who are struggling under faltering economic systems.
2870 Preliminary Census results indicate that seven Dependencies have qualified for full Membership, prompting the Empress to request that they establish qualifying governments.  A scout expedition to the GRN-014 neutron star meets with disaster, with systems failures resulting in the loss of the Venezia and severe damage to the surviving scout Zanzibar.
2871 Poseidon and Isis enter the Empire as full Members.  Cleon suggestions importing and breeding Constructs to increase the population and aid the economy on Thoth.
2872 Kyushu enters the Empire as a full member.
2873 Under Imperial Edict, the Ministry of Science publishes requirements for new colonization beyond the old Confederation border.  Arakis, Mithras and Demeter enter the Empire as full Members.
2874 After a threat by the Empress to revoke full Membership, Enlightenment begins adopting a Thoth-like approach of importing long life Constructs to supplement the native population.
2875 Katrina declares the world of Rogar to become the first new Imperial colony opened for settlement.
2876 The DEP graduates Thoth and Virgil from the program, with Cleon congratulating the worlds on their progress.
2877 The Ministry of Commerce showcases Bolivar a successfully assisted Member state.  The DEP places Chosun and Asgard under its administration.
2878 The Ministry of Science authorizes the colonization of Valhalla.
2879 Crown Prince Cleon resigns as head of the DEP and begins travels across the Empire aboard the Scythian.
2880 The Imperial Navy begins a program of mothballing aging vessels, eventually reducing the fleet size by half to 350 ships.  The Kuiper outpost of Ultima Thule, ten billion kilometers from Sol, becomes the primary fleet mothball yard, with the Hellking Apollyon becoming the first resident; the Beelzebub remains on active duty.  An Imperial Edict allows the Ministry of Science Colonization Office to authorize one new colony each year; the office authorizes settlement of Haven.
2881 The Ministry of Science confirms that a retrovirus plague is causing widespread sterility on Inanna. Settlement of Koyote commences.
2882 After a second failed expedition to GRN-014, the Empress orders the Ministry of Science to shift funding from exploration projects to survey, colony oversight, and new technology research.   Sif is settled.
2883 Countess Donah Morish resigns as Commerce Minister after a scandal involving the kickbacks from the Lunar Republic.   Marduk is settled.
2884 A strong economic boom begins to spread from Terra to the Solar Colonies and then, unequally, to the Interstellar Colonies.  Athena is settled.
2885 The DEP graduates Shikoku and Chosun from the program.   Himerus is settled.
2886 Crown Prince Cleon speaks about economic development for the Empire at ceremonies at Bengal's Donner Institute, marking the six hundredth anniversary of the economist's birth. Horus is settled.
2887 The DEP graduates Asgard from the program. Ull is settled.
2888 The Ministries of Defense and Science establish a joint space technologies research lab at Ultima Thule.  Iskur is settled.
2889 The Empress presides over Imperial Centennial celebrations on Terra, Kalmar and Libertas.  Jubilee is settled, named in honor of the centennial.
2890 Preliminary Census results indicate that Khronos and Formosa qualify for full Membership.  Mabon is settled.
2891 Khronos joins the Empire as a full Member, with Governor Lord Anson DuVahl becoming Count Khronos.  Janus is settled.
2892 A fairly bloodless revolution on Dionysus topples the Noblis government and replaces it with a provisional constitutional republic.  After the Dionysian government-in-exile requests intervention, Katrina sends Prince Olav on a fact-finding mission, where he recommends that the Empire recognize the new government in the interest of order and unity; Empress Katrina accepts the recommendation, leading to extensive debate in the Imperial Congress.  Dagda is settled.
2893 With patrols routinely traveling over one hundred light years from Sol, the Ministry of Defense divides the Empire into eight numerically designated 100 light year per side cubic sectors and six frontier regions, North, South, Coreward, Rimward, Spinward and Trailing.  The Imperial Navy divides its strength into eight Sector Fleets and six Frontier Fleets.  The Imperial Guard squadrons, soon known as the Zero Fleet, assume full responsibility for defending Sol.  Formosa joins the Empire as a full Member.  Sargon is settled.
2894 Researchers at the White Forest Institute on Hercules announce a cure for the Inanna plague.  Min is settled.
2895 The Ministry of Science adopts the Ministry of Defense sector model, developing a system that will expand sectors in cubic "rings" as the Empire expands, with the six frontier regions beyond settled sector borders.  Katrina formalizes the Sector numerical and Frontier name designations for Imperial Ministry operations and standards.  Imra is settled.
2896 The Ministry of Science opens up surveyed regions of the twenty-four nearest second ring sectors for colonization and exploitation, starting with the colonization of Eos in Sector 44.
2897 Imperial Marines assist the Dionysian Republic in quelling an attack by the deposed Duke Rodulf, supporting a ground operation that ends in the death of the claimant.  Ptah is settled.
2898 A massive earthquake strikes northern Chile on Terra, killing over fifty thousand people. Yng is settled.
2899 Archeologists uncover a Gatebuilder installation beneath a kilometer thick lava field on Oracle.  The Ministry of Science and the Quadron government begin a joint investigation of the site. Parvati is settled.
2900 Imperial Navy researchers at Ultima Thule demonstrate a functional microjump drive vessel, the X-11.  The Ministry of Defense opens bids for the construction of four 60m, four 55m and eight 50m and thirty-four 40m microjump vessels to supplement the aging fleets.  Zeus is settled.
2901 The Ministry of Science requisitions eighteen 30m microjump vessels and thirty-six 13m vessels for survey and exploration work.  The Time Travel Society emerges in Australia; in the last century, former members have secured legal rights to property and facilities, making this emergence a less secretive event.  Only six individuals rejoin society, and five former members return to hibernation, leaving forty-one to continue the experiment.  Leto is settled.
2902 With permission from the Empress, the Ministry of Science Colonial Office begins approving two colony settlements per year, staring with Danu and Geb.
2903 An economic boom begins on Earth and spreads though most Imperial worlds. Dagan and Coatlicue are settled.
2904 The first production microjump vessel, the frigate Kumar, enters service. Nammu and Daphne are settled.
2905 The Ministry of Commerce begins issuing commercial licenses for the construction and operation of microjump starships.  Hathor and Enki are settled.
2906 The Census Office notes a baby boom following the economic cycle.  Tivoli and Siva are settled.
2907 A series of volcanic eruptions prompt the evacuation of Odysseus's northern settlements. Gaia and Amun are settled.
2908 Crown Prince Cleon leads an expedition aboard the microjump scout Cook to search for the Kumar colony and finds an abandoned settlement, with logs indicating that 220 survivors set out towards Betelgeuse in 2734 aboard a gravstar vessel, Salvation; if successful, they should just have arrived.  Utu and Gargarin are settled.  The Salvation reaches Kumar and establishes a settlement.
2909 Despite Cleon's support, the Empress refuses to authorize a mission to Betelgeuse, but allows a new expedition to GRN-014.  Vertumnus and Flora are settled.
2910 Vesta Research Products announces the introduction of longer range teleportation devices similar to the teleportation network devices of the twenty-fourth century.  Lack of Imperial adoption slows the spread of the teleporters, though networks begin between space habitats in the Belt and Hercules and Atlantis plan world networks.  The census indicates that Shikoku qualifies for full Membership.  Darwin and Ganesa are settled.
2911 The economic boom ends in a short recession.  Atlantis officially recognizes Technologism as a religious movement.  Three Imperial microjump scout vessels return from a successful expedition to GRN-014.  Narmer and Hebron are settled.
2912 Shikoku enters the Empire as a full Member.  Mandela and Adonis are settled.
2913 The microjump scout vessel Mackenzie contacts the Swarm race at their colony on Danzig.  Freyja and Vairacocha are settled.
2914 The Ministry of State sends a delegation to Megahive, but fails to establish diplomatic relations.  Linclon and Valinor are settled.
2915 The Swarm War begins when Swarm starships attack the Imperial colony of Athena, killing all 24,000 colonists.  The Empire declares war on the Swarm and mobilizes the Seventh, Eight and Rimward Frontier Fleets.  The Imperial Navy orders an additional fifty microjump vessels.  The Ministry of Science places a moratorium on new colonization authorizations.
2916 As Swarm ships raid Dagan, Selene and Emerald, Prince Olav takes command of the war effort, moving the First and Sixth Fleets to the front, along with the Beelzebub squadron.  The War Fleet rallies at Bengal, where the Beelzebub suffers a drive failure, leading to a major overhaul.  The Navy pulls forty vessels, including the Apollyon, out of reserve status at Ultima Thule, bringing the vessels out to protect colony worlds along the Rimward regions.
2917 Prince Olav leads the War Fleet to a costly victory at the Battle of Athena, destroying the Swarm occupation fleet and retaking the world, but loosing fourteen vessels, including the microjump battleship Dunbar.  A squadron led by Commodore Janis Trimble raids Megahive, bombing the world and returning without loosing a ship.  Cardinal Technical Products, based on Hercules, begins offering Intelligent Companion Implants.
2918 After the Apollyon fails trials at Hera, Olav recalls the bulk of his War Fleet to Bengal and completes construction of the Bengal Naval Base.  Imperial patrol squadrons defeat Swarm raiders at Dagda, Dagan and Drakkon.  Commodore Trimble's raider squadron captures the Swarm settlement at Radomir and takes several prisoners; Katrina knights Trimble for her victories.  The Swarm launch a massed attack at the Battle of Bengal, but withdraw after heavy losses when the Beelzebub enters the battle.
2919 In a series of offenses, Imperial forces capture all six remaining Swarm settlements with minimal casualties, except for the loss of five vessels at the pitched Battle of Danzig.  Dame Janis Trimble becomes Admiral of the Rimward Frontier Fleet.  Imperial Naval ships begin sporting experimental gray forcefields.
2920 The Swarm War ends after the Imperial War Fleet arrives at Megahive and demonstrates the Beelzebub on the world's small moon.  After a cease fire and lengthy negotiations, the Swarm agrees to pay reparations to the families of the Athena victims and damages to those affected by other raids.  The Swarm signs the Imperial Charter and enters the Empire as a Major Race, subject to a ten year occupation and integration plan.  The Ministry of Science resumes authorization of new colonies, starting with Chameleon.  The Census Office indicates that Emerald qualifies for full Membership, leading to a review of the Dependency Economic Program on the world.
2921 Dame Janis Trimble assumes the duties of Proconsul of Megahive in addition to her role as Frontier Fleet Admiral.  A scouting expedition recontacts the stone age Quanna race, placing their homeworld under protective quarantine.
2922 The Ministry of Science reports the completion of the survey of all old Confederation territory and all worlds surveyed by Confederation scouts except those within the old M'kkiae Combine.  Surveys and explorations spread into uncharted territory.
2923 The Imperial Navy orders a third batch of fifty microjump vessels to replace war losses.  Citing conflicting duties, Admiral Trimble resigns as Megahive Proconsul; the Empress replaces her with Duchess Heather Timmins of Tyr.  The DEP graduates Emerald from the program to allow it to conduct elections as a prerequisite for full Membership.  Athena is resettled at Swarm expense, with a large memorial preserve devoted to the original colony site.
2924 The Imperial bureaucracy begins purchasing teleportation booths for internal and military use.  Public works projects to establish teleportation networks begin on Terra, Mars and Venus.  Emerald enters the Empire as a full Member.
2925 The Ministry of Science Colonial Office begins authorizing four new colonies per year.  Surface to geosynchronous orbit teleportation systems begin operation on Terra and many major worlds, prompting a permanent decline in the interface shuttle market.
2926 The Ministry of State formally contacts the Stygian race, offering them Minor Race status within the Empire.
2927 Empress Katrina approves an Imperial bureaucracy reorganization establishing Sector department capitals at Hercules, Kalmar, Paradise, Artemis, Prometheus, Ishtar, Libertas and Bengal.
2928 The Imperial Navy places the Apollyon and Beelzebub in mothballs at Ultima Thule, and begins the gradual retirement of its remaining macrojump vessels, planning towards a 400 ship microjump navy.  New naval vessels begin sporting degenerate armor hulls.  The Stygian homeworld of Stygia enters the Empire as a full Member.
2929 With the end of martial law, the Swarm homeworld of Megahive officially enters the Empire as a full Member.  The Swarm colony worlds revert to joint administration with an Imperial governor and a Swarm advisory council.
2930 Atlantis begins construction of the Centauri Ring, a geosynchronous framework encircling the world and incorporating industrial, residential and entertainment centers.  Alexander becomes the first Imperial resettled world eligible for full Membership.
2931 A massive solar flare scars the surface of Isis, killing 6,000 and prompting discussion over the evacuation of the planet.  Lawrence Industries introduces the Rapid Fabricator system, allowing real-time assembly of most common mechanical and organic matter.  The Rapid Fabricator (or RFab) becomes the baseline technological requirement for Post-Materialism.
2932 Admiral Trimble retires from the Imperial Navy, returning to her homeworld of Hercules.  Alexander joins the Empire as a full Member.
2933 In a referendum, the citizens of Isis overwhelming vote to remain on their world, but the Empire offers to evacuate those who choose to leave, promoting a slow but steady exodus from the world.
2934 A research report from the University of Quito History Department indicates that the Empire has reached technological parity with the peak Confederation accomplishments of six hundred years earlier, but notes that Life Therapy remains unavailable.  With Imperial permission, the former King Karl of Atlantis returns from his exile on Isis and takes up residence in the Atlantian city of Chiron as a private citizen.
2935 Archeologists on Ares find a submerged Founders site under the silt in the shallow Yellow Ocean; excavations offer well-preserved 55,000 year old cultural artifacts, but no working equipment; a police action ensues to keep looters from the site, eventually involving a request for Imperial Marines to establish control over the area after local police are caught caught smuggling contraband.  Katrina signs an Imperial Edict drafted by the Ministries of State and Science that provides for the quarantine and protection of all sentient species that have not achieved space travel.
2936 Empress Katrina vetoes a joint request by the Ministries of Science and State to launch a Grand Federation contact mission, citing political uncertainties.  A Ministry of Science development project produces flexible molecular materials that become known as living metals.
2937 Civil unrest begins on Aeneas, starting with demonstrations, riots and occasional political assassinations.
2938 Empress Katrina vetoes Crown Prince Cleon's second proposal to launch a Betelgeuse expedition to search of the Salvation.
2939 A squadron of Swarm microjump frigates joins the Rimward Frontier Fleet despite protests from local colony worlds.  Integrated squadrons begin operating on Rimward patrol missions, but physiological and environment constraints allow for few joint crews, though some Swarm personnel serve as liaisons on Human ships.
2940 Dame Janis Trimble wins election as the President of Hercules.  Frigg and Halcyon qualify for Imperial Membership.
2941 Lord Roban Mellon discovers and reveals the suppression of Life Therapy research before dying at the hands of household troops of Count Hernando Batitisa of Quito.  Frigg and Halcyon join the Empire as full Members.
2942 The Imperial Guard suppresses the Mellonite riots of Sapiens on Terra, Venus and Mars with minimal loss of life.  Katrina acquiesces to the rioter's grievances and orders the arrest of Count Hernando and instructs the Ministry of Science to publish Life Therapy specifications.  An Imperial Court finds Count Hernando guilty of murder and conspiracy charges, sentences and executes him.
2943 The Ministry of Commerce licenses Life Therapy procedures but imposes a 50% surcharge and lengthy authorization procedures.  Debate on whether to tie Life Therapy to Nobility requirements begins on many worlds.  A Ministry of Science expedition resurveys the devastated world of M'kkia, discovering two subterranean complexes housing hibernating M'kkiae.  One complex activates, prompting a battle that destroys most of the expedition; a single surviving vessel returns to Prometheus, prompting the activation of the Fifth Fleet.
2944 The Fifth Fleet blockades M'kkia.  Prince Olav reactivates both Hellkings, which travel to M'kkia and begin a sustained bombardment, stripping the crust from the planet.  The Empress proposes the Eighth Amendment, limiting Life Therapy to Noble candidates, elevating the debate to the Imperial Congress.
2945 A severe drought linked to solar cycles begins on Pyramus, prompting an increase in emigration to Thisbe, the system's outer habitable world.  The Fifth Fleet and the Hellking battle groups survey the former M'kkia colony worlds, searching for other facilities or survivors and sterilizing the worlds as a precaution.
2946 The Imperial Congress approves the Eighth Amendment, linking Life Therapy to Imperial Noble status and requiring Imperial authorization for the procedure.  The Hellkings return to Ultima Thule and mothballing.
2947 The initial loop framework of the Centauri Ring reaches completion, incorporating living metal elements.  After ten years of unrest on Aeneas, the Empress approves a peacekeeping force of Libertine and Freedom soldiers to keep order and supervise elections and a support new constitutional framework for the world.
2948 A new mega-flare strikes Isis, but protective measures and subterranean shelters limit damage and prevent any direct deaths.  Katrina cancels Dependency Economic Program, calling for specific programs to help the remaining struggling worlds.
2949 Peacekeepers leave Aeneas after the inauguration of the Consuls of the new republican government.
2950 The Census Office announces that Balder and Lemuria have achieved the requisite population for full membership in the Empire.  The Swarm Beta colony also qualifies for full Membership.
2951 Balder joins the Empire as a full Member.  Dame Janis Trimble turns down an offer of Nobilis treatment.
2952 Lemuria joins the Empire as a full Member.  The Empress authorizes six new fleets, splitting the existing Frontier Fleets into Patrol and Frontier Fleets.  The Ministry of Science opens an additional twenty-four second ring Sectors to colonization.
2953 After a carefully orchestrated election process, the Swarm Beta colony enters the Empire as a full Member.  William II becomes King of Mars after the death of his father, Albert II, from complications of CID.
2954 The Ministry of Science launches the Orion-Taurus Expedition, a six ship scouting mission under the command of Sir Tomas Rydell, to the Pleiades and on to Betelgeuse and environs to search for the Salvation and crew.
2955 The Orion-Taurus Expedition reaches the Pleiades and discovers the habitable planet Glorious in an older star system within by the cluster; the Asimov and Clarke remain to survey the world and the cluster while the rest of the expedition continues on to Betelgeuse.
2956 The Orion-Taurus Expedition begins studies at Betelgeuse with the Heinlein and Verne and sends the Burroughs and Bester to search habitable systems for a settlement from the Salvation.
2957 The Heinlein's crew abandons the vessel after it suffers a drive failure in Betelgeuse orbit, prompting the expedition to return to the Pleiades to rejoin the other two vessels and begin the return to Imperial Space.
2958 The Orion-Taurus Expedition returns to the Exploration Office rimward scout base in Sector 49.
2959 Crown Prince Cleon honors Sir Tomas Rydell and his crews in ceremonies at Byzantium.
2960 The Census Office pronounces Phoebus qualified for Imperial Membership; additionally the Swarm Alpha colony qualifies for Membership, prompting a struggle on the world to establish a proper government.
2961 After voting to initiate a hostile take-over of Maxwell Biogenics, the entire board and senior management team of Consolidated BioProducts vanishes; the Imperial Ministry of Justice begins a fruitless seven year investigation; the new management team of Consolidated BioProducts does not attempt a merge with Maxwell.
2962 Phoebus joins the Empire as a full Member.
2963 King John of Libertas celebrates his one thousandth birthday in year-long ceremonies on Libertas.  Empress Katrina, Minister of Commerce Donal Dejuris and staff die in a landing boat accident on Mars.  Cleon I becomes Emperor of Humanity after a pro forma confirmation by the Imperial Congress.
2964 On Kalmar, Emperor Cleon opens the Outer Complex of the Summer Palace to the public, showcasing art and artifacts from a hundred worlds.
2965 After achieving recognition of its government by Cleon, the Swarm Alpha colony enters the Empire as a full Member.
2966 The Ministry of Science launches a four ship expedition to the Pleiades to conduct science in the cluster and to fully survey Glorious.  
2967 The Ministry of Science launches a four ship expedition to the Betelgeuse region under the command of Captain Gwendolyn Pyrell, with instructions from the Emperor to search again for the Salvation and the Kumar colonists.
2968 Economist Artur Beal of Hercules publishes the Post-Materialist Manifesto, demonstrating that his world has achieved the wealth and equality necessary for most people to live without materialistic concerns.  Cleon travels to Atlantis to encourage the world to regain its leadership in Imperial affairs, declaring the Autonomist War "ancient history", and visiting the resident of ex-king Karl.  Cleon increases the Imperial value added tax to 5% over colonial opposition.
2969 The Imperial Guard microjump battleship Saratoga undergoes renovations to prepare it to house the Emperor and his household.  The Betelgeuse expedition recovers the Heinlein from orbit around Betelgeuse.  The Pleiades Expedition returns to Imperial Space after a successful mission.
2970 The Swarm Gamma colony qualifies for full membership, starting a scramble for power among three factions.  Cleon begins his Grand Tour of the Empire, promising to visit every Member world.  In Sector 391, the scouts Wells and Niven discover the planet Kumar and its colonists from the Salvation; establishing contact and inviting a group to return to the Empire.  The Betelgeuse Expedition assembles over Kumar, then begins the return to Imperial Space.
2971 The Betelgeuse Expedition rendezvous with the Saratoga at Achilles and the Emperor meets with the Kumar delegation, offering full Membership despite the small (under 700) population of the world.
2972 Cleon dismisses his senior Ministers, retaining only Prince Olav as Minister of Defense.  Citing lack of need to staff a full department, the Emperor assumes the duties of the Minister of State and runs Khzraut and other alien relations though a new created Alien Relations Office of the Ministry of Science.
2973 The Second Betelgeuse Expedition returns to Kumar to offer full membership and establish an exploration base on the world, under thirty light years from Betelgeuse.
2974 Cleon recognizes the military government on the Swarm Gamma colony and allows it to take its seat in the Imperial Congress as a full Member.  After the return of the Second Betelgeuse Expedition, Kumar enters the Empire as a full Member.
2975 Cleon returns to the Golden Palace in Byzantium after completing his Grand Tour of all Member worlds except Kumar.
2976 The Emperor announces the start of the Lunar Terraformation Project as a showcase of Imperial technology.  Muted opposition to the terraformation of Sol's richest Member state spreads through the colonies, but Atlantis supports the Project and receives several large technology contracts.
2977 The Third Betelgeuse and Second Pleiades Expeditions leave Bengal on survey missions.
2978 Cleon declares Mercury and the Kuiper/Oort region Imperial Member worlds and appoints a government for both Members.  Cleon unveils the Solar System Reorganization Plan, to consist of three major projects:  The terraformation of Luna, the moving of Mercury to Terran opposition orbit and its concurrent terraformation, and the gravitational collapse and ignition of Jupiter with subsequent terraformation of Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.  The Imperial VAT increases to 7%.
2980 The Census Office announces that Minerva, Perseus and the Swarm Delta colony have achieved the requisite population for full membership in the Empire.  Additionally, Rogar becomes the first new colony to qualify for full Membership.  Cleon announces the beginning of the Cleonian calendar reform: the year 3000, to be designated year 0 of the New Era, the alteration of Terran rotational and orbital distances to make a 360 day year, 30 day month, 24 hour day and 3600 second hour, and the change of the length of the second to define it as the time for light to travel 300,000km.  
2981 Minerva and Rogar become full Members of the Empire.  Miniature antimatter power cells become commercially available.  Cleon allows the Swarm to begin colonizing additional worlds in the Rimward region.
2982 Perseus and the Swarm Delta colony become full Members of the Empire.  Sporadic tax protests strike many colony worlds, notably Apollo, Deseret and Nike.
2983 The Technologist Synod recognizes Post-Materialism as a basic tenet of Technologism and one of Paulus Reornan's Milestones to Perfection.  With the completion of an initial set of HSPG thrusters, Luna's orbit begins shifting induce a thirty day orbit and create a 24 hour day on the moon.
2984 Actual terraformation begins on Mercury as its orbit begins to spiral out from the sun and comet bombardments commence.  A software virus damages the orbital teleportation grid system on Terra, killing 126 people before the system is shut down.   All teleportation systems shut down Empire-wide for security reviews.
2985 Initial studies on the Jovian gravitational collapse indicate considerable technical problems, prompting further study.
2986 Cleon cuts naval appropriations, derailing a modernization program.  The VAT increases to 8%.
2987 Imperial teleportation systems return to service after a complete rework of their security models.
2988 The Third Pleiades Expedition leaves Bengal.  Construction of Calendar Reformation HSPG thrusters on Terra slows after studies indicate tectonic stability issues with any rotational or orbital changes.  Scouts discover the Turgil race in Sector 32; an atomic level culture with a small orbital research outpost.  The Alien Relations Office authorizes open contact with the Turgil.
2989 The Third Pleiades Expedition establishes a research base on Glorious.  The Emperor presides over Imperial Bicentennial celebrations on Terra and Kalmar. 
2990 The Census Office announces that Pax, Thoth, Franklin, Excalibur, Adonis, Valhalla, Haven and the Swarm colony on Radomir have achieved the requisite population for full Membership in the Empire.  Cleon orders the mothballing of all remaining naval and scout macrojump vessels.
2991 Thoth becomes a full Member of the Empire.  The Imperial economy begins a boom period of rapid growth and euphoric capital market expansion.
2992 Pax, Franklin, Adonis, Valhalla, Haven and Radomir become full Members of the Empire.
2993 Excalibur becomes a full Member of the Empire.  The Turgil enter the Empire as a Minor Race.
2994 Cleon orders a streamlining of the Imperial bureaucracy, prompting cutbacks in the Ministries of Commerce and Science as their departments move to zero-based budgeting.
2995 A second technology review of the Jovian Collapse Project leads to requests for additional funding.  The construction of pilot replicant modules on Io begins.  The Imperial Congress ratifies the Ninth Amendment, formalizing protocols for the inclusion, protection and dealings with alien races.
2996 Cleon increases the VAT to 9% to cover the growing costs of the Solar System Reorganization Plan and also increases the GDP tax to 6% after a century of stability at 5%.  Unknown assailants detonate an antimatter power cell in the Golden Palace in an attempt to assassinate the Emperor.  At least 355 people, including the assailants die in the attack.  Security tightens on Terra, and public access to the Outer Complex of the Summer Palace ends.
2997 The collapse of Lawrence Industries leads to the Crash of '97, a general stock market collapse that wipes out the decade's profits.
2998 The Imperial economy begins a slide into depression.  The Golden Palace reconstruction project ends with the completion of a fortified wall and security system enclosing a ten square kilometer area of Byzantium. 
2999 Cleon bows to technical, economic, religious and conservative pressure and reverses his decision to begin his New Calendar Era at year 0 and change the length of the second.  Cleon unofficially abandons the Terran rotational and revolutional change projects by cutting their budgets.  Cleon acknowledges the continuing economic deterioration and appoints the neo-Donnerist Lord Ivan Roosevelt as his new Minister of Commerce.  The Colonial Office opens up the last eight second ring Sectors (the "corners") for possible colonization. 
3000 The VAT increases to 10% to aid economic recovery projects.  Lord Roosevelt and Cleon agree to a delay of the Jovian Collapse Project to divert funds to economic recovery, but the Luna and Mercury projects continue on schedule, utilizing reallocated Terran thrusters.  Koyote, Sif, Marduk, Himerus, Dagda, Eos and the Swarm worlds of Memel, Danzig and Carpathia qualify for full Membership.
3001 Construction of an Atlantian-style ring above Luna begins.  Himerus, Eos and Sif join the Empire as full Members.  The Time Travel Society emerges in Australia and meets with former members and the Emperor in Alice Springs; eight members choose to remain awake, and two former members return to hibernation, leaving thirty-five members to continue into the future.
3002 Imperial austerity measures cut funding for new Ministry of Science vessels and force cutbacks in the Alien Survey and Protection Offices.  Marduk joins the Empire as a full Member.
3003 The Ministry of Commerce cuts subsidies to interstellar trade, hoping to allow market forces to correct imbalances.  Koyote, Dagda and Memel join the Empire as full Members.  Count David Bartholomew becomes Minister of Justice.  Gaia and Enki join the Empire as full Members.
3004 The Depression officially ends as sluggish growth resumes.  Cleon resumes funding for the Jovian Collapse Project despite Lord Roosevelt's objections.  Olav Kamarov becomes King of Kalmar after the death of his mother, Queen Lydia.
3005 Cleon reforms Imperial Bureaucracy promotion and performance standards in an effort to purge Nobilis bloat and return to a Huist ideal.  Peer review of the Jovian Collapse Project leads to recommendations of a test collapse in an uninhabited system.  Danzig and Carpathia join the Empire as full Members.
3006 After saboteurs destroy the Saratoga just before an Imperial visit to Kalmar; Cleon declares martial law, putting the Ministry of Justice in charge of securing interstellar travel.  A rebellion begins on Libertas after a riot at the Freehaven spaceport results in the deaths of six Ministry of Justice agents and ten civilians.  After widespread rioting and eight murders, Imperial officials evacuate Libertas.  The economy slides back into recession.
3007 Cleon orders King Olav Kamarov to crush the Libertine revolt.  Olav mobilizes the Fourth and Second Fleets and ends the rebellion with minimal bloodshed by reaching a private agreement with King John of Libertas.  Cleon sacks Olav as Minister of Defense and places King John under house arrest, pending a trial for treason.  A full army of Imperial Marines occupies Libertas and enforces marital law.  Cleon assumes the role of Minister of Defense himself.  The Imperial VAT increases to 11%.  The Ministry of Justice procures twelve microjump frigates and assorted heavy weaponry to enforce martial law. 
3008 Mercury passes the orbit of Venus on its spiral out to one AU.  Cleon moves the capital of Sector 7 to Eden.  Cleon names 800 new Life Therapy Peers from among his supporters.  Cleon indefinitely delays the trial of King John, citing security concerns.  The Jovian Collapse Project begins to build replicant modules on the test site at Gilese 876.
3009 Peaceful protests against marital law spread to dozens of worlds.  A majority of world leaders, including King Olav of Kalmar, sign a petition protesting the Marine occupation of Libertas and the continuing detention of King John.  Cleon promises to withdraw from Libertas by 3015 and to begin scaling back marital law restriction in 3012, satisfying few.  Citing budget concerns, the Colonial Office reduces colony authorizations to three per year.  Cleon and Lord Ivan Roosevelt tout positive economic growth for the year.
3010 The first span of the Lunar Ring reaches completion.  Lord Ivan Roosevelt resigns as Minister of Commerce to protest Cleon's political policies and the continuing Solar System Reorganization projects.  Cleon does not name a new Minister of Commerce, but increases the VAT to 12.5% and the GDP tax to 7%, prompting a return to recession.  The Census Office declares the Asgard and a dozen new colonies qualified for full Membership.
3011 The test Collapse at Gilese 876 results in a significant variance from predicted values, forcing a reevaluation of the Jovian plan.  Two of three top project managers resign from the Jovian Collapse Project.  Baroness Gail Nuerell resigns as Minister of Science, leaving Cleon with only one senior Minister, Count David Bartholomew, of Justice, in place.  
3012 A worsening of the guerilla war on Libertas prompts Cleon to indefinitely delay the departure of occupation forces and to increase troop strength to two full Marines armies.  The Emperor announces that King John's treason trial will begin within months.  Cleon makes minor revision to martial law, but cuts Ministry of Science funding by 10% to lessen the continuing recession.  
3013 After a long public trial, Cleon sentences King John to death for treason.  King Olav Kamarov leads a coup against Emperor Cleon, forcing the Emperor's abdication and freeing King John.  Count Bartholomew and a squad of Justice Department troops die resisting arrest in Byzantium.  After Prince Arnam Farrar and Princess Melisa Farrar swear allegiance to Olav, ending risks of a succession battle, the Imperial Congress meets and confirms Olav as Emperor by a narrow margin.  Cleon accepts exile as the Prince of Mercury and becomes director of a vastly reduced Reorganization Plan as Olav cancels the Jovian Collapse Project.  The VAT falls to 10% and marital law ends, with troops beginning a staged withdrawal from Libertas.
3014 Emperor Olav appoints a new cabinet, with Lord Ivan Roosevelt as Minister of Commerce, Dame Janis Trimble as Minister of Defense, his brother Count Roban Kamarov as Minister of Justice, Gwendolyn Pyrell as Minister of Science, and Arnam Farrar as Minister of State.  The Ministry of Justice disbands all paramilitary units.  The last Marines depart from Libertas and King John resumes the throne.  The Imperial Sector 7 bureaucracy moves its headquarters back to Libertas.  The Emperor issues pardons to participants on both sides of the recent conflict, including a full pardon for Cleon.
3015 Emperor Olav decides to retain the Kalmaran throne as his own and appoints his brother Roban to the vacant throne of Paradise.  Olav marries Cleon's sister, Princess Melisa Farrar, to further legitimize his rule.  The economy shows signs of stabilizing.  On the narrowest two-thirds vote of 114 to 57 and after a fierce constitutional debate, the Imperial Congress approves the Tenth Amendment, establishing an Imperial High Council for those member worlds with over one million residents.
3016 Olav announces a major naval renovation program.  Crown Princess Cynthia is born after an artificial conception.  A definitive study proves that the Quadron race descended from domesticated animals bred by the Gatebuilder race twenty million years ago. 
3017 The Ministry of Science Colonial Office resumes authorizing four new colonies per year and starts processing requests for limited colonization worlds of ethnic, cultural or religious heritages.  Olav lowers the VAT to 8% and the GDP tax to 5% to stimulate growth.
3018 Scouts discover the information age Khaddahl race in Sector 27.  Colonists from Deseret colonize Moroni, the first limited colony of the Imperial Era.  The Quadron Rebellion begins when the Quadron rise up against the Empire after provocative statements by cultural leaders.  Quadrons slaughter and devour dozens of Human Citizens and seize a number of armed merchants, launching a raid on Delphi.
3019 Olav leads the Imperial Guard Fleet to Oracle, bombarding and occupying the world.  The Second Fleet tracks down and destroys the Quadron pirate fleet.  A guerilla war ensues on Oracle, with some cultural leaders calling on the Gatebuilders to return from beyond and destroy Humanity.
3020 Olav orders the Beelzebub out of mothballs.  Most resistance ends after the Beelzebub appears over Oracle.  Imperial Guard and Marine units hunt down remaining Quadron fanatics.  Olav orders martial law and reeducation to continue on Oracle for a five-year period, appointing a military governor.  Two dozen new colony worlds qualify for full Membership, prompting Olav to designative a Membership Office under the Ministry of State to process new Memberships in a more orderly fashion.  Olav also transfers the Colonial Governor's Office from the Ministry of Science to the Ministry of State.
3021 Anti-alien sentiment rises in the private press, prompting Olav to cancel plans to allow a small enclave of Quanna to settle on Titan.  Riots against Swarm interests in the Rim lead to Imperial Naval and Marine intervention to protect Swarm Citizens and assets. The Imperial Congress passes a resolution calling upon Olav to strip Noble titles from the Cleonian Peers.  Noting his earlier pardon of all parties, Olav instead reaffirms titles to all but two of the Peers.  Janis Trimble resigns as Minister of Defense and returns to retirement on Hercules.
3022 Anti-alien protests and riots occur on Terra, Mars, Freedom, Apollo, Hector, Dionysus, Reich and several other worlds hard hit by the decades-long economic slump.  Imperial Consort Melisa gives birth to James Kamarov, future Prince of Europe after an artificial conception.
3023 The Ministry of Commerce institutes currency reform measures to strengthen the interstellar economy.
3024 The orbit of Mercury begins to circularize as its perihelion shifts beyond Venus's orbit.  A mob attacks the Quadron embassy on Reich killing and dismembering dozens of Quadrons.
3025 Anti-alien feeling begin to subside after a concerted Imperial media campaign and the arrest of several anti-alien agitators on fraud and libel charges.  Olav personally lifts martial law on Oracle and orders the Beelzebub to return to mothballs at Ultima Thule.
3026 The economy begins a sustained, if sluggish recovery after the institution of currency reform, streamlined trade procedures and a new electronic Imperial Kredit.  Olav encourages the Ministry of Science Colonial Office to slow its approval process for new colonies to lessen the backlog of suitable, but unsettled worlds.
3027 Workers excavating for a new entertainment complex on Khronos uncover Founder ruins beneath a basalt lava field, prompting a media-frenzied scientific expedition.
3028 The second span of the Lunar Ring reaches completion, allowing the wholesale dumping of Kuiper and Asteroid water onto the surface of the moon.
3029 King Roban Kamarov resigns as Minister of Justice, returning to Paradise to concentrate on ruling his world.
3030 The Founders Caverns entertainment complex opens on Khronos, with appropriate, though commercialized, scientific oversight.
3031 The Khaddahl enter the Empire as a Minor Race with the Membership of their homeworld of Khaddahl.
3032 The government of Apollo falls into chaos after a failed coup kills King William and several Ministers.  Factional fighting spreads across the planet, prompting Imperial Marine intervention.  The Alimeen economy slides into crisis as most Alimeen worlds struggle to adapt to a Post-Materialist economy.
3033 The Ministry of Science opens for colonization and exploitation the inner twenty-four sectors of the third ring of sectors.  The poor and erratic economic performance of the worlds that have achieved a Post-Materialist economy prompts Minister Roosevelt to acknowledge that neo-Donnerist doctrine is insufficient to describe the new economic realities; he begins funding think tanks on Kalmar, Hercules and Prometheus to study the situation.  The civil war on Apollo worsens, prompting Olav to dispatch a full Marine army to attempt to restore order.
3034 After failed mediation efforts, Prince Arnam travels to Apollo to negotiate, then enforce a cease fire.  A provision government headed by a council of Nobles takes power on Apollo, backed by Imperial Marine troops.
3035 The new Apollo constitution takes effect, with a Grand Senate of thirty-nine Nobles establishing order on the world; Imperial Marine forces begin a three year withdrawal plan, turning peacekeeping over to local troops.
3036 Olav denies permission for a Grand Federation Contact Expedition, but does authorize the Ministry of Defense to conduct intelligence missions further Coreward.  Alexander Kamarov, future Prince of Austrialia is born after an artificial conception.
3037 The last Imperial Marine forces evacuate Apollo.  The Alimeen economy stabilizes into sluggish growth.
3038 The Atlantian Grand Exposition showcases Post-Materialist culture and achievements, cumulating in the opening of the second span of the Centauri Ring.  Norman Buchanan of Atlantis emerges as a major spokesman for Technologism after Paulus Reornan dies of CID during the Exposition's last week.
3039 Rain falls on Luna for the first time.  An Imperial scout mission first encounters the Brennar, a late industrial race, on their homeworld of Dushtunigar.  They seem posed to begin space exploration, prompting the Ministry of Science to begin covert observation.
3040 Olav begins a massive reform and streamlining of the Imperial bureaucracy, cutting 10-40% of the staff and instituting civil service exams for Noble as well as Citizen employees.  Prince Arnam Farrar resigns as Minister of State.  The Colonial Office begins authorizing five new colonies each year.
3041 Minister Roosevelt and several leading economists announce the Promethean Principles, which attempts to codify and strengthen Post-Materialist economies.
3042 Olav meets with Pope Pius XXXIII of New Rome, leader of the reunited Catholic Church in what many consider an endorsement of traditional religions.  Olav strengthens and extends intellectual property, patent and copyright laws to meet recommendations of the Promethean Principles.
3043 The Khzraut Moderate(?) faction gains control of the Khzraut government after a relatively bloodless coup.
3044 The Imperial economy begins a sustained period of solid growth, with the Post-Materialist worlds strengthening and growing in numbers.  Khzraut traders visit the Alimeen colony on Night Gust.
3045 King Harold of Venus dies of CID.  The Dukes of Venus refuse to confirm Crown Prince Anthony as King, choosing his younger brother to rule as King Joseph III.  Emperor Olav appoints Anthony Prince of Kuiper to avoid a possible crisis, vowing to fund the construction of a palace complex on Pluto.
3046 In ceremonies on Byzantium, Crown Princess Cynthia marries Lord Ivan Roosevelt, the Minister of Commerce, whom Olav names Duke of Triton, a ceremonial position approved by the Triton parliament.
3047 Emperor Olav meets with Yusef bin Abdullah, Protector of Mecca, at the Emperor's resident on the island of Malta, again demonstrating support for traditional religions and encouraging the Protector to strengthen ties with the Moslem worlds of Islam, Yathrib and Macoraba.
3048 The Ministry of Science places a permanent research station in orbit around the neutron star GRN-014.
3049 Khzraut traders visit Kalmar and allow an Imperial trade expedition to visit Medusa.  With Imperial permission, Prince Cleon travels to Kumar and receives a hero's welcome and honorary citizenship; after a tour of the Betelgeuse research station, he returns to Mercury.
3050 Mechanist clergy announce that the full pattern of Pavel Karinsky has degraded to the point of unrecoverability, prompting work to improve storage procedures and changing doctrine to keep soul patterns offline.
3051 The Ministry of Science begins studying stellar processes in the Sirius system by launching probes into the photosphere of Sirius A and sending drone vehicles into close orbit around Sirius B.
3052 Prince Rogar, the future Emperor, is born on Kalmar to Cynthia and Ivan after a natural conception.  
3053 Mechanist missionaries begin recruiting members on several worlds after achieving religious organization status on Atlantis and Hercules.
3054 Minister of Commerce Lord Ivan Roosevelt convenes a second conference on Prometheus to work out methods to ease worlds' transitions to Post-Materialist economies.
3055 The Ministry of Science begins a systematic program to locate and survey singleton brown dwarfs and rouge planets within Imperial borders; the Dark Worlds Project begins to drain resources from the expansion survey.
3056 Pope Pius XXXIII issues a denunciation of artificial conception and maturation, calling on United Catholics to end the practice.
3057 Khzraut traders open an embassy on Kalmar to explore commercial contacts with the Empire.
3058 The Second Promethean Principles publish methods and draft legislations for smoothing economic transitions to Post-Materialism.
3059 In a media interview, Emperor Olav admits his belief in a "higher being and purpose", though he does not profess adherence to any particular faith.
3060 Prince Ivan Roosevelt, future King of Kalmar, is born to Cynthia and Ivan after a natural conception.  The Colonial Office begins approving six new colonies per year.
3061 The Imperial Marines begin accepting Khaddahl recruits, integrating them with human units.
3062 King Joseph III begins a series of democratic reforms on Venus, giving Citizens more input in Duchy and Planetary affairs.  Emperor Olav receives a Khzraut diplomatic delegation at the Summer Palace on Kalmar.
3063 The Ministry of Science issues a health warning on the effects of Passive Virtual World Immersion, recommending standards and safeguards to limit negative physical effects and encouraging Active Virtual World use as an alternative.
3064 The Imperial Guard begins training Khaddahl soldiers for duty in the Solar system.
3065 Lower level parliamentary elections occur on Venus, with a pro-monarchist party dominating regional councils.
3066 Crown Princess Cynthia announces plans for a public Mall in Byzantium, including museums and zoos dedicated to the diversity of the Empire.
3067 Maxwell Biogenics announces availability of nanomechanical supplement treatment that lower the fatality rate of CID, effectively increasing the mean Nobilis life span from 650 to over 1000 years.
3068 A Khzraut trade and diplomatic delegation reaches the Solar System, establishing formal relations with the Empire and seating an observer in the Imperial Congress.  Ibrahim Mustafa is born in Cairo as the twelfth son of an impoverished Sunni preacher.
3069 The first phase of the Imperial Mall opens in Byzantium.  Cynthia announces plans for a complementary Mall on Kalmar, just outside the grounds of the Summer Palace.
3070 In planetary elections, the Citizens Council of Venus, the new lower house, elects a pro-monarchist liberal majority.
3071 The Emperor approves an enlargement of the Ministry of Science facilities on both Glorious and Kumar.
3072 Princess Melisa Roosevelt, future Duchess of Triton is born to Cynthia and Ivan after a natural conception.
3073 The Khzraut petition for Major Race Membership in the Empire.  Emperor Olav grants the Khzraut petition in ceremonies at the Golden Palace.  Astrophysicists accidentally induce sub-nova flares in Sirius A, destroying their asteroid research station and prompting a full evacuation of the Sirius system.
3074 The Imperial Malls reach completion on both Terra and Kalmar and Crown Princess Cynthia leads ceremonies that open both to the public.
3075 The Herculean Congress overwhelmingly approves an amendment on religious freedom of expression, broadly defining religion, but limiting expressions of bigotry and prejudice.  As a follow-on, the Herculean government bans preaching of United Catholic anti-Artificial sermons.
3076 The Emperor authorizes a squad of Khaddahl in his personal bodyguard detail.
3077 The Herculean United Catholic Church breaks from New Rome and forms the more liberal Free Catholic Church, allowing Artificial members, but preaching against the practice and against Construct creation and ownership.  The Free Catholics recognize Artificials and Constructs as legitimate sentients.
3078 After an extensive education at the Golden Palace, Prince Rogar moves to Svartfjell, the Kamarov family estate on Kalmar.  The Free Catholic movement spreads to several worlds and becomes a recognized religion within the Imperial military chaplain system.
3079 The Brennar launch a crewed orbital vessel.  Following Ninth Amendment protocols, the Ministries of Science and State initiate contact and make an offer of Minor Race status in the Empire.  The Brennar accept the offer and a delegation travels to Terra to meet the Emperor and join the Imperial Congress.
3080 Crown Princess Cynthia presides over the Delphian Virtual Exposition, a showcase of active Virtual worlds and experiences.
3081 As effects of the Sirius sub-nova dazzle the Solar night sky, a research expedition returns to the Sirius system to reestablish a monitoring station on Sirius Prime.
3082 The Delphian Virtual Exposition road show travels to Terra to begin a tour of major Imperial worlds.
3083 Emperor Olav announces a major increase in research funding for applied science and technology projects. Documents released two hundred years later reveal that a secret Imperial Guard expedition returned in this year after verifying the existence of the Grand Federation by venturing "near Antares". 
3084 After a period of transition, the Venusian economy reaches Post-Materialist maturity.
3085 Advanced fully sentient artificial intelligent implants become commercially available, acting as interfaces to the data spheres on most Post-Materialist worlds.
3086 A Ministry of Science study indicates that Terra would be entering a new Ice Age if left in its natural state; however, the climate remains at 25th Century levels as a result of human activity.
3087 The Ministry of Science Colonial Office begins authorizing settlement of the next forty-eight third ring sectors.
3088 Rain first falls on Mercury, emptying into the nanosculpted oceans of the evolving world.
3089 Pius XXXIII, Pope of New Rome and the United Catholic Church, denounces all Sentients of artificial descent, condemning artificial conceptions as well as the use of artificial sentient devices and constructs.  The clerical government of New Rome expels all Nobles of artificial conception, strips citizenship from all artificially conceived Sapiens, enslaves all freed Constructs and bans sentient implants.  Several other religious dominated worlds, such as Islam and Macoraba, though not Deseret or Yathrib, pursue similar policies, especially discrimination against Artificials.  The Emperor presides of tricentennial celebrations at the Imperial Malls on Terra and Kalmar, also opening up the Summer Palace and Golden Palace for the first time in nearly a century.
3090 The Khzraut Defense Forces, now equipped with microjump-era equipment joins the Imperial Naval Command, contributing squadrons to the Coreward fleets.
3091 The government of Islam bans the Delphian Virtual tour from exhibiting on the planet, citing religious and moral objections to the artificial representation of people and the decadent nature of virtual recreation.
3092 Emperor Olav refuses to interfere with local regulations and discrimination against Artificials, even after more mainstream worlds and the African parliament ban Artificial Nobles and Sentients from service.
3093 Several firms begin marketing more limited "Idiot-Savant" implants to cater to regulations against sentient implants; Pope Pius XXXIII authorizes his flock to accept such devices.  Ibrahim Mustafa begins preaching in Cairo, developing a sizable following of lower class Sapiens across Terra.
3094 A nanomechanical containment accident on Apollo kills 300 people and prompts permanent evacuation of a large section of the city of Neutros.
3095 Investigations on Apollo point to the inadequacy of local nanotech processes and leads to Imperial assistance to Apollo, Nike and other worlds struggling to reach a Post-Materialistic economy.
3096 Norman Buchanan begins an active media campaign to spread Technologism as an alternative to traditional "bigoted" religions, leading to growth of the religion on Hercules, Prometheus and many other advanced worlds with diverse populations.  Reception of Technologism on Terra is limited. 
3097 The Ministry of Commerce announces that the Terran economy has successfully transformed itself to Post-Materialism.
3098 Minister of Commerce Duke Ivan Roosevelt speaks to the Imperial Congress on his plans to aid worlds like Apollo toward the goal of a Post-Materialist future and announces increased funding to provide more robust rapid fabrication technology and infrastructure to those worlds that request it.
3099 Islam becomes the only world to reject Post-Materialist aid.
3100 Pope Pius XXXIII makes a Christmas address, calling Artificials the "spawns of Satan" and effectively urging his followers to kill Artificials.  Some incidences of violence against Constructs and deliberate destruction of maturation machinery occurs, but attacks on known Artificial Nobilis or Sapiens are very limited.  The Emperor prosecutes the few dozen hate crimes against Imperial Citizens to the full extent of Imperial law, executing nineteen perpetrators.
3101 Baron Jarrel Tilgares of Prometheus assassinates Pope Pius XXXIII at the grand Cathedral on New Rome.  The Baron does not dispute his guilt, but Emperor Olav declines his appeal to Imperial Law and makes no effort to stop his execution by immolation on New Rome.  The Time Travel Society emerges in Australia and assesses the current situation on their Millennial Emergence, where they are joined by Prince Rogar and a media circus; two members choose to rejoin society, leaving thirty-three to continue their hibernation.
3102 The Congress of Deseret officially recognizes the practice of Technologism and refuses to disenfranchise Artificials, prompting a splinter group of fundamentalist Mormons to petition for and receive permission to settle on three colony worlds: Smith, Young and Sandworth.  
3103 Street protests for and against Artificials force the temporary closure of the Imperial Mall in Byzantium before the Emperor prohibits all protests within the Mall grounds.
3104 The Emperor refuses a request by several planetary governments for him to clarify Imperial policy on Artificials with an amendment proposal.
3105 The Ministry of Science test vehicle Condor achieves Mode II microjump travel from its base on Ultima Thule, demonstrating an effective 50% increase in microjump performance.
3106 Planetary defense systems intercept a 900 meter rogue asteroid headed toward Mars after a near-Jovian encounter eight years earlier altered its orbit.
3107 Anti-Artificial riots turn violent on Terra and several colonial worlds, notably Apollo, Nike and Aeneas.
3108 Ibrahim declares himself Mahdi and seizes Mecca with thousands of his followers.  Pro and anti-Ibrahim rioters clash in Byzantium, resulting in over 4,000 deaths.  Emperor Olav recognizes Ibrahim as Protector of Mecca in return for the Mahdi's allegiance to the Empire as the supreme temporal authority.  Religious war breaks out on Yathrib as pro and anti-Ibrahim factions clash.
3109 The ruling clerics of Islam and Macoraba recognize Ibrahim as Mahdi.  The Imperial Navy begins a major modernization campaign, building several classes of Mode II microjump vessels.
3110 A Shiite congress in Tehran recognizes Ibrahim as the Protector of Mecca, effectively reuniting the Shiite and Sunni braches of Islam.  The Ministry of Science begins construction of Mode II survey vessels and scouts.
3111 Massive anti-Artificial riots spread through Terra and dozens of worlds, resulting in the imposition of local martial law on many worlds and the introduction of Imperial Guard troops to several Terran cities.
3112 Imperial Consort Princess Melisa dies of a drug overdose in an apparent suicide; prompting Olav to declare a thirty day period of mourning, during which he sees no visitors.
3113 With traditional religious support, Emperor Olav introduces a draft Eleventh Amendment, diminishing the rights of all Artificials and preventing the succession of Artificial Nobles.  The Artificial Civil War begins as Crown Prince Adam of Atlantis rallies the Artificial Nobility and their heirs in an attempt to overthrow the Emperor and the Imperial Congress.  Emperor Olav, having anticipated the revolt, uses the Imperial Guard Fleet and both Hellkings to drive Adam and his supporters toward the frontier in a series of lopsided encounters, starting with the Battle of Alpha Centauri
3114 Adam declares himself White Emperor and inspires sympathetic revolts of Artificial Nobles and Citizens on dozens of worlds.  Olav assumes direct command of the war effort and fully mobilizes the Imperial Navy and Marines to put down revolts and stamp out mutinies. Warfare and piracy spreads through the New Colonies.  Adam's supporters disseminate media calls for unrestricted terrorism and attacks on Imperial facilities and personnel.
3115 Adam dies at the Battle of Enki and rebel forces disintegrate into scattered commerce raiders.  Most rebels surrender when Olav offers a general amnesty, but the Emperor makes no move to intervene as local loyalist forces slaughter many of the rebels in the Black Purge.  The Emperor withdraws his Eleventh Amendment proposal and abdicates in favor of Cynthia, stating that his reputation has been permanently soiled by the Purge.  Olav retains the crown of Kalmar, but Cynthia becomes Empress upon confirmation from the Imperial Congress and High Council.
3116 Cynthia issues a new Eleventh Amendment proposal on Artificials, grandfathering rights for Artificials conceived before 3100, initiating vigorous debate in the Imperial Congress.  Scattered Artificial piracy and attacks continue, especially in the New Colonies, but violence in the Solar System and Old Colonies virtually ends.
3117 Prince Consort Ivan and Prince Arnam Farrar convene a council between secular and religious leaders to tone down rhetoric on the Artificial Question, leading to a preliminary compromise agreement and a new Eleventh Amendment proposal.
3118 Negotiations on the Eleventh Amendment continue in the Imperial Congress.  The Alimeen agree to act as intermediaries with the remaining rebel forces on the frontier.
3119 The Imperial Congress passes the Eleventh Amendment, ending the practice of artificial conception and maturation, but retaining rights for existing Artificial Nobles and Citizens, and limiting the rights of artificial mechanical and biological Constructs.  A separate Imperial Ministry of Justice enforced amnesty ends piracy among remaining rebels.
3120 Empress Cynthia ends martial law restrictions on all Imperial worlds, proclaiming an era of peace and good feeling across the thousand Imperial worlds that becomes known as the Cynthian Age or the Golden Peace.
3121 The Lunar government declares the surface of Luna safe for excursions without breathing apparatus.  The Colonial Office changes standards for colony approval, resulting in a delay of at least thirty years between a world's discovery and settlement.
3122 Empress Cynthia appoints Duke David DeBeers of Aphrodite as her Chief of Staff.
3123 Ibrahim begins construction of the Black Mosque near Mecca.  DeBeers gains control over Imperial economic policy and begins a series of taxes cuts aimed at stimulating growth among backward economies.
3124 The Imperial Navy places both Hellkings in inactive reserve in orbit around Ultima Thule.
3125 The Empress, after failing to attend several cabinet meetings, names Duke David DeBeers Prime Minister, delegating most executive authority to his office.  Prince Consort Ivan attempts in vain to rule in the Empress's name, but DeBeers becomes the de facto ruler of the Empire and the head of the Imperial bureaucracy.
3126 The Empress presides over the opening of a massive expansion of the Imperial Mall in Byzantium, including the Virtual Traveler Complex, which mimics the surfaces of all Member worlds and other interesting locations.
3127 Crown Prince Rogar begins a series of goodwill and fact-finding journeys across the Empire on various Imperial yachts and naval vessels.
3128 Tired of struggling with Prime Minister DeBeers, Prince Consort Ivan resigns as Minister of Commerce and retires to his estates.
3129 Empress Cynthia commissions the Ministry of Culture, and names Baroness Mona Tigarvati Minister.
3130 By a slim majority, the Imperial Congress approves budget and charter for the Ministry of Culture.
3131 The Ministry of Defense creates fifty-six Sector fleets to patrol the second ring of Imperial sectors and designates Sector headquarters and command staffs for each.  The Ministry creates Six Commands (Coreward, Rimward, Spinward, Trailing, North and South) with full Admirals and staff to coordinate the new small fleets and the corresponding Frontier and Patrol fleets operating beyond the second ring.
3132 The Ministry of Culture begins construction of a series of Imperial Museums on major worlds and sponsors the creation of the Imperial University system.
3133 A 3km asteroid impacts the Member world Sahkmet, causing widespread ecological and property damage, but little loss of life.  The Republican cabal, composed mostly of Artificial Civil War veterans, grows out of a series of meetings between Sapiens disillusioned by Nobilis rule.
3134 Industrial facilities in the Solar Asteroid Belt begin a slide into permanent decline as most shipyards move production closer to the frontier; in subsequent years, the Asteroid Belt becomes known as the Dust Belt.
3135 Imperial scouts discover two million year old ruins of a technologically advanced race on the Trailing frontier world Tannenbaum in Sector 60.
3136 The Imperial University of Terra at Byzantium, with its towering neo-gothic spires, begins operations as the center of the Imperial University system.
3137 Researchers on Tannenbaum decipher the Hitzarch language and determine the location of the homeworld of the ancient microjump-capable race, now in Sector 150.
3138 Ibrahim blesses the first of a horde of missionaries that begin to spread his teachings across the Empire.  An Imperial Ministry of Science expedition reaches the Hitzarch homeworld, 270 light years from Sol, and finds a long-dead global civilization with vast ruined cities looted repeatedly over hundreds of thousands of years.
3139 The Imperial Guard foils a Republican conspiracy to assassinate the Empress and start a revolution; six conspirators die in Guard raids and a further fourteen receive death sentences.
3140 The Ministry of Justice uncovers a deeper Republican conspiracy, arresting hundreds of mid-level bureaucrats and naval officers.
3141 Researchers on Hitzarch decipher map information from a wrecked alien macrojump salvage vessel half a million years old and determine its homeworld, tracing it to a system nearly 300 light years from Sol in Sector 128.
3142 Crown Prince Rogar visits Prince Cleon on Mercury and publicly reiterates the Empire's support for the completion of the terraformation of Mercury and Luna.  The two princes venture outside without protective equipment, though the Mercurian surface is still unsuitable for long-term excursions.
3143 Admiral Rickard DeYoung, head of the Northern Command, resigns after his brother and his chief of staff are both implicated in ongoing Republican investigations.
3144 At the dedication of the completed Black Mosque in Mecca, Ibrahim addresses a crowd of ten million faithful.
3145 The sun of the Alimeen Member world Storm Seed enters a period of unstable flare activity, causing widespread damage to orbital installations and effectively isolating the system for months at a time.
3146 A conference in New Rome led by Pope Pius XXXIV fails to unite the Christian faithful.
3147 A Republican sniper assassinates Minster of Culture Countess Mona Tigarvati; a subsequent investigation, a purge and a series of trials effectively ends the Republican movement.  The Empress appoints Countess Jazmine Therras, chancellor of the Imperial University, as the new Minister of Culture.
3148 Professor Bane Dryscol publishes The Fall of Hitzarch, an account of the collapse of the Hitzarchi civilization after thousands of years of interstellar culture and over a hundred colonies; the central thesis revolves around an over-dependence on robotic servants, widespread technological ignorance by the common Hitzarch, and an unidentified system virus that collapsed control systems throughout the Hitzarchi sphere; critics noted no evidence remaining to support the virus hypothesis for the final collapse and suggest that a documented nearby supernova was a more likely cause.
3149 The Imperial University publishes the definitive Guide to DNA-Based Life; a comprehensive analysis of life on most oxygen/water ecospheres, providing evidence that DNA-based life forms evolved no more than three times in the area of the Human Sphere and probably no more than five times in the entire galaxy, and sets the age of the first DNA organisms at nearly eleven billion years.
3150 The Colonial Office authorizes the colonization of Kitza by the Quadrons, marking the first approved settlement by a Minor Race.
3151 The Imperial Navy and Marines intervene to support the Noble government in a civil war on Ghandi; post conflict investigations discount rumors of Republican influences.
3152 Anthony, Prince of Kuiper dies under suspicious circumstances; an investigation by the Ministry of Justice and the Imperial Guard blames an unspecified biotoxin for his death, but no one is charged with a crime; his oldest son, Bandar, becomes Prince of Kuiper.
3153 The Imperial scout service discovers a derelict Gatebuilder installation on Brazen, a marginally habitable gas giant moon in Sector 189.
3154 Mormon rioters on Deseret sack a Ibrahimite mission, killing 78 missionaries and dependents.  Cynthia issues an Imperial Edict, limiting the immigration of individuals who profess beliefs that might destabilize a Member or Dependent world.
3155 The Imperial University of Kuiper establishes the Cardenas Research Facility to conduct high energy physics and cosmology research deep in the Oort cloud.
3156 A Technologist conference on Atlantis adopts the Tolerance Protocols, binding missionaries and preachers to respect opposing philosophical and spiritual beliefs, thereby removing most Imperial objections to the spread of the philosophy.  A Technologist mission opens on Islam with only minor protests.
3157 A fast-spreading system virus attacks Virtual World systems on several Member worlds, shutting down the damaged networks.  The virus kills a few hundred participants and sickening millions.
3158 The Ministries of Culture and Justice issue joint guidelines for the security of Virtual World networks, lessening the risks of another system virus attack.
3159 Promethean stellar engineers successfully control the sporadic mega-flares emanating from the sun of Isis.
3160 In a speech before the Imperial High Council, Duke David DeBeers outlines the philosophy and goals of the Era of Golden Peace; emphasizing harmony, tolerance and economic well-being.
3161 The Empress opens the Great Imperial Exposition on Terra, a four-year showcase of Imperial culture and technology.
3162 Mercury reaches its final orbit, in direct opposition to Terra.  Promethean stellar engineers stabilize the sun of Storm Seed.
3163 Researchers at Chiron University on Atlantis successfully demonstrate two-way teleportation using only a single transit chamber (single node teleportation), greatly increasing the utility of teleport chambers on ships on the frontier and on scouting expeditions.
3164 The Virtual World Nexus begins operation on Terra and spreads across the Solar System, offering a high-security linked system of billions of Virtual World Nodes; similar, though less elaborate, Nexi spread throughout the Core worlds.
3165 The Cardenas Research Facility in the Oort completes a billion kilometer accelerator for advanced hyperstring research, the GigaString Machine.
3166 An Imperial scout mission reaches Thanatos, the homeworld of the unnamed race that looted Hitzarch half a million years earlier, and discovers a dead civilization, apparently felled in its prime.  
3167 The Ministry of Culture establishes the Tigarvati Prize, an annual award for outstanding achievement in the four category of arts (literature, music, visual arts, dramatic arts)  and four categories of science (physics, biology, socio-economics, paleontology).
3168 The GigaString Machine undergoes an unexpected dimensional shift, leaving the Universe and taking two ships and forty researchers with it.
3169 A research team on Thanatos confirms the existence of the Hitzarch virus, proving Dryscol's hypothesis, and fortunately also demonstrating that the quantum system virus is incompatible with Imperial data system interfaces.
3170 The first "personal" starship, the Starblazer, a 8m Mode I vehicle capable of supporting eight for up to a month in space (c. 100 light years range), becomes available on Hercules, but availability, training and licensing requirements make the model a limited distribution item, with fewer than one thousand produced per year.
3171 The Ministry of Commerce issues the Thanatos Standards: import/export regulations mandating security interface standards for all quantum computing devices.
3172 The Imperial Navy receives authorization to conduct a full fleet modernization, replacing all remaining Mode I drive ships and installing single node teleportation chambers on all cruisers and capital ships.
3173 Atlantis completes the third and largest span of the Centauri Ring.
3174 The Coman poet Chin'tar!tu wins the Tigarvati Prizes for both literature and music.  The Ministry of Science begins fitting all new scout vessels, even singleships, with one step teleportation.
3175 The Chairman of Vesta Shipyards resigns after a scandal over corruption in Naval contract awards; the resulting fallout permanently shuts down the shipyards.
3176 A self-sustaining strain of defective quantum nanomechanical replicators rampage though the infrastructure on Nike, causing widespread destruction and nearly four million deaths before local forces resort to anti-matter munitions to contain the outbreak.  Total death toll before full containment reaches twelve million.  The Imperial Second Fleet quarantines the world for a year.
3177 The Patriarch of Byzantium and most of his half-billion Old Orthodox followers convert to Ibrahimite Islam.  The Imperial Congress votes to adopt the Thanatos Standards for all computing and nanomechanical devices on within the Empire.
3178 Bandar Faris wins the first Terra-Kalmar stock starship race in 8 days, 16 hours. 
3179 Citing security issues, Prime Minister DeBeers denies permission for a Heshar research expedition over Crown Prince Rogar's objection.
3180 Mechanist researchers on Karinsky perfect methods to preserve human memory and personality (the Mechanist "soul") in an improved long-lasting format, though attempts to restore Pavel Karinsky's soul are unsuccessful.
3181 Crown Prince Rogar leads a syndicate that forms the Imperial Racing Federation, sporting contests in sub-light, Mode I and Mode II classes.
3182 Medallion Entertainment begins distribution of its Advanced Authoring Toolkit for Active Virtual Worlds, beginning the era of "Full Pseudo-Reality".
3183 The 90m dreadnaught Excalibur, first of the Broadsword class begins trials at Amaterasu Naval Yards. 
3184 Technologists settle the colony world of Progress.
3185 The Excalibur enters service with the Coreward Command.
3186 The Cardenas Research Facility completes a second GigaString Machine and implements stringent operational controls.
3187 The Imperial Racing Federation sponsors the first Betelgeuse Rally, a Mode II race from Terra to the Kumar colony.  Bandar Faris and his team win the 490 light year race in 88 days, 14 hours.
3188 Imperial scouts discover and contact the Feerzi of Roontara in Sector 167, a strange fungal/octopod symbiotic race with late fusion age technology and settlements throughout their home system.
3189 The Luna Terraformation Project reaches official completion with the dedication of the Cleon Imperial Forest near Mare Imbrium.
3190 Prince Cleon re-enters Imperial society with a speech at Copernicus to honor the staff of the Lunar terraformation project.
3191 The Ministry of State establishes formal relations with the Feerzi, who show no interest in joining the Empire, but are open to limited trade and diplomatic contact.
3192 King Roban I of Paradise dies of CID complications, leaving the throne to his son Roban II.
3193 GigaString II shifts from the universe unexpectedly, causing no casualties or collateral damage, but effectively ending the GigaString project and putting the General Multidimensional Model in question.
3194 Bandar Faris and his team die when their sub-light sprinter Talon II strikes debris at .45c and disintegrates during the Atlantis-Proxima Derby.
3195 Maxwell Biogenics introduces the Eternal treatment for Sapiens, a full body gene therapy that completely stops aging in a single expensive and rigorous yearlong treatment; though it causes complete sterility and prevents cloning, it becomes a option for those who have exhausted regeneration therapies.
3196 The private salvage vessel Hannah discovers a derelict Gatebuilder starport around a singleton brown dwarf in Sector 91.
3197 A lethal mutating virus spreads quickly though the population of Nova, prompting widespread panic and a full quarantine.  The Novan Plague spreads to Heaven and Manchukuo before the Fifth Fleet enforces the quarantine.
3198 A team of Novan scientists led by Aki Norda develops a cure for the Plague, which kills over sixty million people before containment.  After full inoculation, the Imperial Navy ends the blockade of Nova, Heaven and Manchukuo.
3199 Aki Norda receives the Tigarvati Prize for biology and he patents the anti-viral techniques used to defeat the Novan Plague.
3200 Several manufacturers begin production of Mode II personal starships in 8, 10 and 13 meter classes.
3201 The Time Travel Society awakens in Australia to find that former members and descendents have built renovated modern facilities and provided for extensive medical regeneration treatments; all thirty-five members continue their voyage into the future, joined by eighty-two new members from the Time Travelers Foundation.
3202 The Ministry of Commerce mandates override pilot systems on private starships after two vessels make unauthorized visits to protected worlds and after the disappearance of the self-proclaimed Rigel Expedition and at least five other vessels; new policies limit private starship travel to within the settlement sphere and lock out protected locations; the policies require the mailing of a flight plan to the destination and the origin of any voyage.
3203 The government of Venus begins relieving built-up seismic pressures with a series of controlled minor earthquakes.
3204 The Imperial Navy organizes the Central Command, with headquarters on Luna, to coordinate actions of the eight Central Sector fleets.
3205 Crown Prince Rogar marries his first wife, Lady Mary Fallon of Eden.  Rogar and his bride begin an extensive tour of the Empire.
3206 The Bohemian, a luxury liner with 6,500 passengers and crew, disappears en route from Ishtar to Khronos.
3207 A catastrophic systems failure and resulting antimatter containment accidents ravage habitat regions of the Solar asteroid Psyche, resulting in over eight million deaths and a massive rescue operation.
3208 Crown Prince Rogar presides over the opening ceremonies of the first Imperial Olympics at Athens on Terra; Noblis, Sapien, Khaddahl and Turgil athletes participate in race/gender specific contests.
3209 Imperial scout expeditions discover substantial Heshar and Grand Federation ruins dating from 5000BC to 750CE on Turney's World and several neighboring systems in Sectors 12 and 28.  Prime Minister DeBeers reiterates his ban of expeditions to Heshar itself, citing continuing security concerns.
3210 Crown Prince William of Mars dies in a soaring accident on Luna, striking a tower after colliding with another soarer; Anna, King William II's great-granddaughter becomes Crown Princess of Mars.
3211 The Ministry of Science establishes a research base on Turney's World to examine and evaluate Heshar Era artifacts.
3212 A traditionalist, isolationist philosophy gains ascendance on the Swarm homeworld of Megahive; emphasizing the cultural purity of pre-industrial Swarm values, the new government curtails colonization and limits the absorption of Imperial culture.
3213 The Ministry of Justice refuses to hear appeals against the override restrictions on private starships.
3214 Princess Mary dies after a fall from a ledge at Svartfjell on Kalmar.  Crown Prince Rogar returns to Terra, settling on his father's estate of Whitehall near Winnipeg.
3215 The Atheist Alliance of Terra receives recognition as a protected philosophical organization.
3216 The first of the Young Eternals, young wealthy Sapiens who have forgone their first regenerations, emerge from Eternal gene therapy.
3217 The Minister of Culture and several senior officials resign after scandals involving influence peddling in the awards of the Tigarvati Prize.  The Imperial High Council and the Ministry of Culture form a standing committee to adjudicate the prizes and add prizes for service, one civilian, one military.  Sir Darin Walker becomes captain of the Excalibur
3218 After petitioning by Crown Prince Rogar, Imperial Consort Ivan and leaders of the military and scientific community, Empress Cynthia overturns DeBeer's ban on a Heshar exploration, and orders Ministries of Defense and Science to develop a joint plan for an expedition the Heshar.
3219 The High Council of the Asteroid Belt approves a plan for the gradual abandonment of Psyche, citing continuing infrastructure problems; the plan details a thirty year evacuation timetable for the asteroid's fifty million residents.
3220 The Excalibur and a supporting fleet of naval and scout vessels enter the Heshar system, conducting an extensive survey and establishing a research base near the Capitol Metropolis ruins.
3221 Imperial researchers contact the elusive enclaves of Heshar living in the ruins of their capital and establish a preliminary dialogue.
3222 Naval and scout vessels report long range contact with shadowy Heshar vessels along the Coreward frontier.  Prince Consort Ivan takes up permanent residence in his estate of Poseidon Hold on Triton.  Crown Prince Rogar moves onto the grounds of the Imperial University in Byzantium.
3223 The Minister of State, Baron Horal Bendoven formalizes relations with the Heshar on their homeworld; the agreement allows for a limited non-military Imperial presence on the world.
3224 King William II of Mars abdicates after a CID-induced stroke leaves him debilitated; Anna becomes Queen of Mars.  Crown Prince Rogar wins a silver medal in the modern decathlon during the Bogotá Olympics.
3225 Crown Prince Rogar marries his second wife, Baroness Julina Khruzov of Mars, in ceremonies at the Golden Palace in Byzantium.
3226 Mars unveils plans for the construction of a vast orbital ring, including the gradual dismemberment of Phobos.
3227 Crown Prince Rogar and Princess Julina win the Betelgeuse Rally in a record 87 days, 7 hours.
3228 Sir David Kondara, a Young Eternal philosopher publishes the Tigarvati Prize-winning Eternal Dawn, a pseudo-novel essay of a utopian future.
3229 DeBeers cancels a Grand Federation contact plan championed by the Minister of Science Lord Pars Torvalds, who resigns in protest.
3230 The Ministry of Science vessel Algiebba fails to retrieve data from teleported probes dropped into the Hercules black hole, but some anomalous results lead directly to Frevan Bavari's Tigarvati Prize-winning Multidimensional Framework Theory.
3231 Catastrophic volcanic eruptions and tsunamis destroy the settlements on the Member world of Mboom, resulting in over two hundred thousand deaths and the evacuation of the on hundred thousand survivors to nearby Sector 132 worlds.
3232 To combat overcrowding, Asia begins construction of vast semi-submerged Sea Arcologies in the Java Sea.
3233 Explorers on Thanatos uncover a still functional chamber of hibernating Than, beginning a prolonged debated in the Ministry of Science over whether and how to revive the sixty surviving members of the long dead race.
3234 Survivors of Mboom form an exile committee and successfully petition the Imperial Congress to retain a seat pending future recolonization.
3235 Atlantian artists and architects complete the entertainment city complex of Old Atlantis on an artificial island on that world.
3236 A Grand Federation research expedition visits Heshar, resulting in first contact between the Empire of Humanity and the Grand Federation.
3237 Prime Minister DeBeers places all interactions with the Grand Federation under direct Imperial control, forming a special contact group within the Ministry of State.
3238 Empress Cynthia selects Crown Prince Rogar and Princess Julina to lead an Imperial delegation to Heshar for negotiations with Grand Federation officials.
3239 The terraformation of Mercury officially completes and unrestricted immigration begins.
3240 Prince Cleon and King Olav meet at ceremonies on Mercury, beginning a reconciliation that transforms both former Emperors into elder statesmen for the Empire.
3241 Crown Prince Rogar and Heshar elders mediate an agreement with the Grand Federation over shared research on Heshar.  A second Grand Federation expedition to Heshar brings humanity in contact with Federation Humans, transplanted from Terra millennia before.
3242 With permission from the Minister of Science herself, a team of scientists begin to revive the surviving natives of Thanatos.  Bypassed in Grand Federation negotiations, Baron Horal Bendoven resigns as Minister of State; Crown Prince Rogar becomes acting Minister.
3243 A Grand Federation diplomatic mission reaches Terra.  Empress Cynthia dispatches an Imperial Ambassador to Focus, accompanied by a small fleet led by the Excalibur.  Survivors of the Catastrophe recolonize Mboom.
3244 The Empire of Humanity and the Grand Federation sign a formal non-aggression and border control treaty at Heshar.  The ministry of Science declares Thanatos a protected quarantine world, allowing the fifty survivors of the race to reclaim their planet and reestablish their civilization in peace.  Crown Prince Rogar turns over his duties at the Ministry of State to Countess Tanda Bettal of Titan.
3245 The Imperial Navy begins a series of scouting expeditions along the Grand Federation frontier.  The Coreward Command begins a fleet ramp-up to three times its pre-contact size.
3246 Princess Julina dies in a soaring accident on Luna, colliding with a cliff face at high speed.  Crown Prince Rogar withdraws from the public in a period of mourning.  After a century of quiescence, the Republican movement reemergence as the neo-Republican Struggle, a movement of idealistic or disgruntled civil servants with an anti-Nobilis agenda.
3247 The Ministry of Science begins long-range scouting expeditions along the Coreward regions.
3248 Empress Cynthia authorizes the Ministry of Colonization, separating the Colonial Office from the Ministry of State, whose focus is now on Grand Federation relations.  The Imperial Congress overwhelmingly approves the Ministry of Colonization.
3249 The Mars Ring reaches completion. A neo-Republican terrorist assassinates Queen Anna during the opening ceremonies of the Mars Ring; her son, Robert, becomes King of Mars.  A Ministry of Commerce announcement reports that the entire Empire has reached a full post-Materialist economic level.
3250 Prime Minister DeBeers allows the Ministry of Commerce to issue trade permits for the Grand Federation; traders from both governments begin contacts in each other's territory and in the Imperial Coreward frontier region.
3251 King Robert of Mars suspends civil liberties after a series of neo-Republican attacks, forming the Red Guard, a civil defense militia with vast judicial powers; Martian dissidents decry the Red Guard as a death squad.
3252 The Empire of Humanity establishes a formal embassy at Focus and dispatches ambassadors to the seven primary races of the Grand Federation.
3253 Venusian police arrest a Red Guard squad sent to capture neo-Republican members of the legal Venus Freedom party, prompting an interplanetary incident between Venus and Mars.  By year-end, Venusian and Martian defense forces have begun stopping and searching each other's vessels, prompting fears of imminent conflict.
3254 Reentering public life, Crown Prince Rogar negotiates a settlement between Venus and Mars.  King Robert agrees to limit offworld travel by the Red Guard.  The Kzraut colonize Sapphire, marking their return to gradual expansion.
3255 Crown Prince Rogar marries his third wife, Baroness Eliza N'gatl of Terra, in a private ceremony in Byzantium.  Red Guard forces seize an asteroid base of the neo-Republicans, creating a diplomatic crisis between the Belt and Mars.  Crown Prince Rogar convinces the Belt government to allow Martian forces to patrol abandoned regions of the Belt.
3256 After nearly a thousand years, the Gatemaze on Hermann's Moon reappears, prompting a quarantine and investigation by the Ministry of Science.
3257 The Gatemaze on Hermann's Moon again vanishes, along with eighty Ministry of Science researchers; the Ministry of Defense initiates a permanent quarantine of the entire system.
3258 Neo-Republican terrorists destroy a Red Guard station in North Tharsis, killing 120 Guards and 234 civilians.  Venus and the Asteroid Belt ban neo-Republican-sympathetic political groups.
3259 The climate on Kongo undergoes a rapid decline into a wet-cold cycle, altering ocean circulation and initiating an ice age.
3260 A bribery scandal leads to riots and the fall of the government of Nova; Aki Norda becomes the compromise choice for president of the new government, which calls a constitutional convention to reform the Republic.
3261 The Ministry of Science establishes the Deep Survey Division, specializing in long range exploration along the Grand Federation periphery and in other directions outside the Imperial Sphere.
3262 Dormant insectoids emerge from hundreds of years of hibernation on Armstrong, devastating the colony and killing thousands before Ministry of Science researchers develop a biological counteragent.
3263 The government of Hercules allows the pro neo-Republican Equality Party to join the ruling coalition.
3264 A neo-Republican assassination of King Robert of Mars fails, but kills 14 people, including his daughter, Princess Olivia.  Prime Minister DeBeers calls for the Empire-wide outlawing of all pro neo-Republican organizations.
3265 Archeologists on Oracle uncover a working Gate deep under the city of N'tandrapor; an attempt to utilize the Gate leads to the loss of the joint Quadron-Human expedition and a series of massive earthquakes, killing hundreds, devastating the city, and reburying the Gate.
3266 Planetary engineers stabilize and recover normal ocean circulation on Kongo, rapidly reversing the ice age effects.
3267 After nearly five centuries of rule, King Juan of Artemis abdicates to become the new Ambassador to the Grand Federation; his great-granddaughter Chloe becomes Queen of Artemis.
3268 Under Imperial pressure, Hercules finally bans the Equality Party, end all legal political support for the neo-Republican movement.
3269 The Red Guard assumes control of all local law enforcement on Mars.
3270 Neo-Republican terrorist Hadrin Vamish assassinates Princess Eliza and wounds Crown Prince Rogar at Santiago; Imperial Guard troopers kill Vamish in a hail of plasma fire.
3271 The Imperial Guard, backed by AI monitors and lethal nanomechanical probes, begins a purge against neo-Republicans, killing hundreds of dissent leaders and arresting thousands throughout the Empire.  The neo-Republican movement effectively dies.
3272 Crown Prince Rogar marries his fourth wife, Lady Karina Ostrafalli of Triton, in a Poseidon Hold ceremony.
3273 After a harsh suppression of an anti-Red Guard demonstration kills over 50 people, the Martian Nobility petitions the King to disband the Red Guard. 
3274 Eden begins construction a three-tiered ring system above the planet's surface.
3275 A dome collapse in the Java Sea kills 453 construction personnel and forces Prince Robert to put a moratorium on expansion of the Sea Arcologies.
3276 A band of Martian Nobles led by Count Anos of Elysium storms the Red Palace and assassinates King Robert, declaring a Nobilis Republic and disbanding the Red Guard, which counterattacks and is in turn attacked by household troops and a resulting popular uprising.  The Imperial Guard intervenes on Mars to restore order.  Empress Cynthia reluctantly intervenes and allows the provisional Nobilis Republic of Mars to stand.
3277 Renegade Red Guards assassinate Count Anos before he can assume the presidency of Mars.  Royalists storm Lowell and appoint Robert's nephew Ednon King.  Crown Prince Rogar helps negotiate a peaceful settlement, restoring a constitutional monarchy to Mars, with significant Nobilis and Sapien rights and an independent Nobilis judicial council.  Ednon abdicates in favor of his grandson Kandall.
3278 Aki Norda resigns as president of Nova after a long unremarkable term, but leaving behind the legacy of the new Novan bureaucracy, a service with a reputation as clean, efficient and friendly.
3279 The Khzraut colonize Glitter, a world with a semi-sentient native life form that the Khzraut begin modifying for use as a servant race.
3280 Queen Chloe of Artemis decrees a series of democratic reforms, creating a bicameral Nobilis/Human legislative system and establishing an independent judiciary.
3281 Private vessels registered to Maxwell Biogenics attack and destroy the asteroid 3524 Schulz with antimatter weapons; when confronted by Belter patrols, the corporation indicates that a biological organism escaped containment and overran the facility; the corporation does not publish casualty figures for the incident.
3282 King Kandall of Mars abdicates in favor of his younger brother, who becomes King William III.
3283 The Grand Federation Ambassadorial Fleet, with representatives of all seven primary races, begins a tour of Imperial Space.
3284 A paper by research scientists on Heshar report that contact with the race has declined dramatically over the past sixty years, and estimates the remaining population on the planet to number less than five thousand.
3285 Delphi begins an annual contest in virtual world design, cumulating in the Delphian Prizes in several categories.
3286 Having completed a tour through most of Imperial territory and visits to over fifty worlds, the Grand Federation Ambassadorial Fleet continues on to visit Glorious and returns to Terra to exchange embassy staff before journeying back to Focus.
3287 After struggling with CID related health issues for a number of years, Joseph III abdicates the throne of Venus in favor of his grandson, Joseph IV.
3288 King Juan resigns as Ambassador to the Grand Federation and travels to Terra to become the new Minister of State.
3289 The Venusian government begins purchasing defunct Belt installations at salvage pricing and begins investing in faltering Ioian facilities.
3290 A geology team on Thea uncovers the ruins of a five million year old industrial civilization.
3291 Empress Cynthia rejects a offer of Primary Race membership for Humanity in the Grand Federation, but ignores DeBeer's advice to end extensive contacts with the alien realm.  Princess Karina dies in a decompression accident on Triton; Imperial Guard investigators determine sabotage as the probable cause, but no one is charged.
3292 After building a large earth-normal gravity and pressure facility, the Earth Dome, north of Lowell, Mars hosts the 3292 Olympics.
3293 Crown Prince Rogar marries his fifth wife, speeder racing champion Countess JoAnna von Dieter of Mars, in a public ceremony at Lowell.
3294 Construction resumes on Sea Arcologies off the shore of Southeast Asia.
3295 The Bannic Design Bureau on Hercules unveils a prototype Mode III microjump drive, capable of traveling nearly ten light years per day, and matching the best Grand Federation performance drives.
3296 Princess JoAnna dies in a racing speeder crash at Pavonis Downs on Mars; Imperial Guard investigators indicate sabotage, but again, no charges result.
3297 The Fist of Hercules completes trials, validating Mode III microjump designs.
3298 Published research indicates that the ancient Thean civilization and three quarters of the higher life forms on the planet died as a result of a nuclear war.
3299 The Ministry of State issues the first tourist visa for Humans traveling to the Grand Federation and for Grand Federation citizens traveling within Imperial Space.
3300 The Argos, a 30m research vessel, becomes the first production Mode III vessel, making an inaugural voyage to Kumar.   The Census Office announces that over half of the Empire's 63 billion Humans now live outside the Solar System.
3301 The Rigel Expedition departs from Glorious under the command of Captain Zoras Fallon on the Imperial Scout Cruiser Rheyes.  The Time Travel Society emerges from hibernation with no original members returning to society, but a quarter of the Foundation membership leaves.
3302 The Rigel Expedition departs Kumar with a fleet of science and survey vessels.  The Rigel Expedition encounters the macrojump-capable Khald'aron over 700 light years from Sol and detaches a contact squadron before continuing on to survey Rigel.
3303 The Rigel Expedition regroups at the Khald'aron homeworld before returning to Imperial Space at Kumar.
3304 The Ministries of Defense and Science begin procurement of Mode III vessels to replace their aging Mode II fleets.  Crown Prince Rogar marries his sixth wife, Lady Tanda Brevack of Luna in a private ceremony in Byzantium.
3305 On Mercury, Prince Cleon opens his private museum to the public, showcasing historical artifacts from six thousand years of human civilization.
3306 Miners in the Ural Mountains of Terra stumble upon an ancient Soviet radioactive dump and release a cloud of particles that leads to an evacuation of half a million people.
3307 The Europan government proposes a revival of the Jovian Collapse Project, aimed at producing a habitable zone around Jupiter; the other Jovian governments express skepticism or hostility toward the plan.
3308 Empress Cynthia and Allhudha, the Human Grand Federation Ambassador, sign the Treaty of Triton at Poseidon Hold, agreeing to respect current borders and allow unlimited exploration of frontier regions between the two states; a separate commercial protocol formalizes restrictions and monopolies in Human-Federation trade.  The Excalibur, on its final mission, transports Crown Prince Rogar to Focus as the head of an Imperial delegation that signs the Focus Protocols, a complement to the Treaty of Triton.
3309 The Ministries of Science and State sponsor the Khald'aron Expedition, dispatching a squadron of new 30m Mode III scout vessels to establish diplomatic relations with the Khald'aron race.
3310 Robert Farrar, Prince of Asia, dies of CID at age 561.  His son, David becomes ruler of Asia, with Cynthia conferring the title of King for the rulers of the six main Terran continents.  The Khald'aron sign a friendship treaty with the Empire of Humanity and dispatch an ambassador to return to Terra.
3311 The Ministry of Colonization opens up the Fourth Ring of sectors for colonization.  Minister of State King Juan dies of CID at age 834.  Prime Minister DeBeers appoints his own protégé, Lord Ason Abbot of Delphi as the new Minister of State.
3312 The Ministry of Science establishes Masoud Station, a permanently staffed outpost, at Betelgeuse to study the increasingly erratic star.  The Empress authorizes a colonization corridor toward Glorious and Kumar to support rimward exploration; the corridor becomes know as the Taurus-Orion Trail.  
3313 The Ministry of Commerce relaxes restrictions on personal starship travel outside of settle systems, but retains the requirement of a sophisticated AI override that prevents travel to restricted systems and unauthorized intrusions into Grand Federation Space.  The government of Nova dedicates the Victoria Square, a monument to the exterminated original founders of the world on the thousandth anniversary of their arrival.
3314 The Second Rigel Expedition dispatches a formal embassy at Khald'aron, then continues on to Rigel on a science expedition. 
3315 Former Emperor Olav dies of CID-related infections on Kalmar at age 653.  Crown Prince Rogar becomes King of Kalmar and moves to Svartfjell with Princess Tanda.
3316 Various commercial shipyards begin selling private Mode III 8, 10 and 13m starships to the few that can afford them, advertising heavily during the Shanghai Olympics.
3317 King Rogar imports a cadre of Novan bureaucrats to reform the Kalmaran civil service.
3318 Minister of State Lord Ason Abbot intervenes in the increasingly bitter relations between the Jovian states,  negotiating an end to Europan efforts to collapse Jupiter and setting a formal Jovian Council to mediate disputes.  Cynthia names Ason Abbot the Count of Ventura.
3319 The Imperial Racing Federation switches its circuits to Mode III vehicles.
3320 Venus hosts the Imperial Olympics at a specially build facility in North Alcott.
3321 Brandell Horn and his 10m Night Whisperer win the first Mode III Betelgeuse Rally in just over 53 days.
3322 Prince Cleon departs on a private tour of the Grand Federation aboard his new 40m Mode III yacht, the Hermes.
3323 The scout cruiser Kiev contacts the macrojump-capable Tazin in sector 378.  The Tazin are an old race, once members of the Grand Federation, but now content to remain in their six systems.
3324 The Tazin sign a treaty with the Empire, effectively quarantining the six Tazin systems as the Tazin Autonomous Region.
3325 Clinics on Terra report a large number of patients suffering psychotic disorders that are traced to an organic agent known on the street as Static.
3326 After a long bureaucratic struggle, Ibrahim receives permission to send missionaries to the human population of the Grand Federation, but they meet with little initial success.  Static abuse spreads throughout Imperial Space.
3327 Prolonged and severe drought conditions begin to affect agriculture over much of Terra's northern hemisphere.
3328 Citing irreconcilable differences, Crown Prince Rogar and Princess Tanda divorce.  Empress Cynthia names Tanda Duchess of the colony world of Thule, effectively an exile.  An investigation by the Ministry of Science determines that Static is being imported from the Grand Federation by tourists and diplomatic personnel; the Terran government and most worlds prohibit the distribution and use of Static.
3329 The Rings of Eden reach completion.  The Ministry of State calls on the Grand Federation to ban the distribution of Static, but as it has legitimate uses among the Khabadera Primary Race, the Grand Federation refuses to outlaw the production and transportation of the substance.
3330 The Ministry of Colonization allows open settlement of Glorious, which rapidly becomes the hub of the Taurus-Orion Trail.
3331 After significant pressure, the Grand Federation agrees to outlaw the export of Static, but abuse by Humans continues at lower levels.  The Terran government succeeds in limiting the effects of the Northern Drought, though parts of North America remain unsuitable for agriculture.
3332 After over a century of isolationism, the Swarm resume colonization of new worlds, but retain a more insular culture.
3333 King John of Libertas holds the year-long 1111 Party, inviting all individuals who were alive in 2222; over three thousand, mostly Nobilis, attend.  A Heshar starship visits Kalmar, paying a personal visit to Rogar, who never reveals the topic of the three days of private discussions.
3334 The Third Rigel Expedition sets out from Glorious, bound for Khald'aron and Rigel.
3335 The Christchurch suffers drive failure during a magnetic storm at Rigel, prompting a rescue mission that results in the loss of the Savannah with all hands; with two ships and 94 crewmembers lost, the Third Rigel Expedition retreats to Khald'aron, then Kumar, ending deep space exploration of the Orion arm.
3336 The Imperial Navy assumes customs inspection duty for vessels arriving from the Grand Federation.  Atlantis hosts the Imperial Olympics at a specially built facility high atop a spoke of the Centauri Ring.
3337 Ana Buler-Chavez becomes the first three-time winner of the Delphian Prize for her series of fantasy world creations.
3338 The Grand Federation recalls Ambassador Allhudha and replaces him with Chalbatour, a Khabaderan.
3339 Prime Minister DeBeers vetoes a Ministry of Science plan to launch the Northern Edge Expedition, a 1,200 light year voyage to the edge of the galactic disk, ordering the Ministry of State to negotiate relevant data from the Grand Federation instead.
3340 Sir David Kondara, author of Eternal Dawn, dies on Luna after a Static-induced psychotic episode.
3341 A cascading collision at Kumar results in five destroyed vessels and twenty fatalities at the finish of the Betelgeuse Rally; and prompts the Imperial Congress to investigate the IRF.
3342 The Wayward Sun, an Imperial registered private trader becomes the first Imperial craft to reach the Great Rift between the Orion and Sagittarius arms.
3343 The Imperial Guard foils and attack on Ambassador Chalbatour, arresting and imprisoning six Young Eternal plotters, including the ringleader, Sir Geoff Vander-Borren.
3344 Kalmar hosts the Imperial Olympics at Osterfjord Dome; King Rogar competes in the games, winning a bronze in the modern decathlon and a silver and bronze in marksmanship competitions. 
3345 The Autonomous Tibetan Region celebrates the restoration of classical Lhasa in ceremonies attended by Empress Cynthia and King David of Asia. 
3346 The collapse of a containment dome at the Andros South Four Arcology off the Bahamas on Terra kills nearly 6,000 people and results in criminal prosecution of the management board for extreme negligence and manslaughter.
3347 An Imperial delegation including Prince Cleon visits Hallowed and becomes the first known Imperial Humans to meet representatives of the reclusive Founder race.
3348 Prince Cleon publishes his Tigarvati Prize-winning Alien Realms, the journal of his voyages in the Grand Federation.
3349 The Eye of Atlantis, a crystalline arcology on the shallow Nessus Sea of Atlantis, reaches completion.
3350 Facing DeBeer's opposition, the Ministry of Science quietly abandons plans for the Deneb Expedition and a circumnavigation of the Grand Federation.
3351 The Imperial Olympic Commission awards the 3360 Olympics to Delphi and and announces a policy to award every other Olympics to a qualified non-Terran venue.  An Imperial Ministry of Science expedition visits the neutron star Geminga.
3352 In the "social event of the Century", Minister of State Count Ason Abbot marries Talia, Princess of North America at the Grand Palace in Chicago.
3353 Hara Cole wins the Tigarvati and Delphian prizes for her historical virtual drama on the fall of the Confederation, Failure of Hope.
3354 The Ministry of Science abandons its base at the neutron star GRN-014, citing funding limitations a decreasing value of research at the facility.
3355 Sir Zoras Fallon resigns after just three months as Minister of Science, decreeing inadequate funding and bureaucratic mismanagement.  The Khruzi discover macrojump technology and begin exploring their local space with their first starship, Pride of the Sun.
3356 Activists calling for the release of Geoff Vander-Borren disrupt the opening ceremonies of the Johannesburg Olympics; Imperial Guards kill three activists after they seize a number of hostages.
3357 Arnam Farrar, King of South America, dies of CID at age 755; his granddaughter Olanda becomes Queen.
3358 Europa completes an orbital ring, increasing its dominance over the Jovian system.
3359 The Ministry of Science Antares Expedition surveys a number of coreward worlds, including Nachen, and visits the Grand Federation research station in orbit around the red giant star.
3360 A squadron from the Antares Expedition led by Captain Tomas Kindall explores the Coal Sack.  Delphian authorities arrest hundreds of demonstrators who attempt to disrupt the Imperial Olympics.  Geoff Vander-Borren is transferred to the Imperial Prison facility on Fomalhaut V after a group of supporters attempt to break him out of the Imperial Prison on Kerguelen Island.
3361 The Imperial Racing Federation sponsors the Betelgeuse-Antares Rally, a 980 light year race from Masoud Station to the Federation station at Antares.  Of twenty-four BAR entrants, three disappear, including Brandell Horn and the Dragonfly, and twelve drop out.  Jessika Burik, Captain of the Black Widow II, wins the BAR in 105 day, 6 hours.  Fearing another investigation, the IRF cancels further runnings of the BAR.
3362 Shari Kabula wins the Tigarvati Prize for the controversial novel Nothing.
3363 Empress Cynthia dismisses Minister of Science Lord Johan Hsu after he publicly criticizes Imperial science funding and direction.
3364 The Member world of Proteus attempts to secede from the Empire after electing the tyrant Brandi Vorrik as president.  The Forty-fourth Fleet suppresses the revolt, kills Vorrik, and institutes martial law.
3365 The government of Yathrib opens its civil services to non-Muslims for the first time.  Ibrahim decries the secularization of society in a series of sermons from Mecca.
3366 The Empress presides over the dedication of the Three Pyramids of Byzantium arcology complex; the structures can house over one million people.
3367 Prince Cleon of Mercury leads a semi-official delegation of Imperial notables on a tour of the Grand Federation that includes an audience with Founder representatives on Hallowed and attendance at a public Grand Federation council session.
3368 Enhancement controversies dominate the commercially successful Imperial Olympics on Libertas; ultimately seven gold medal winners receive life-time bans and must relinquish their titles.
3369 The Grand Federation denies a license to the Imperial Racing Federation for a Rally from Terra to Focus; subsequent controversy and influence peddling allegations prompts Ambassador Lord William Tanner to resign.  The Grand Federation recalls Ambassador Chalbatour.
3370 The Khabaderan Fazarbatjar becomes the new Grand Federation ambassador to the Empire.  Former scout captain Wendi Horn finds her husband Brandell, the sole survivor of the Dragonfly disappearance on an uncharted Trailing world.
3371 The Census Office reports a clear declining standard of living for the Asteroid Belt, Io and the Kuiper/Oort region.
3372 Prince Ivan Kamarov, future King of Paradise and Imperial Consort, is born.  Byzantium hosts the Imperial Olympics; King Rogar competes, but fails to win any medals, coming in fourth in five events.
3373 Severe flooding covers lowland areas of Paradise's northern continents, displacing millions of people.  Orlan D'Juma is born on Terra in Algiers, Africa.
3374 Six months after his release from the correctional facility at Fomalhaut V, Geoff Vander-Borren kills Ambassador Fazarbatjar, three Khabaderan aides and himself in a suicide bombing.
3375 Prince Consort Ivan Roosevelt begins a personal campaign to revitalize the faltering economy and culture of Solar Asteroid Belt and Kuiper-Oort regions.  The new Grand Federation Ambassador, the Eenikiti matriarch Virtuous Speaker of Eloquence, arrives at Terra under heavy Imperial Guard escort.
3376 Hara Cole wins the Tigarvati Prize for her trilogy Timmins at Terra, Sandoval at Iapetus, and Turki at Juno
3377 The Ministry of Colonization gives special dispensation for the settlement of Dragonfly by Brandell and Wendi Horn and a small number of followers.
3378 A consortium of private interests establishes the Orion Station entertainment center on an asteroid orbiting Betelgeuse. 
3379 Coherence, an Imperial Navy operation across the Coreward Command, shuts down a Static smuggling cartel spanning twenty worlds and hundreds of private vessels.
3380 At the corruption-plagued London Olympics King Rogar wins a gold medal in the 50m pistol competition, the only event he enters.
3381 Technologist Norman Buchanan publishes A Half Century of Nothingness, claiming that the Empire of Humanity has entered a period of technological and intellectual stagnation.
3382 The Imperial Racing Federation holds the second Betelgeuse-Antares Rally, using Dragonfly as a waypoint.  All of the fifteen vessels survive the race, although seven drop out; Lady Helena Chavez aboard the Warprider II wins the 1000 light year race in 107 days, 2 hours.
3383 Norman Buchanan begins a speaking tour across the Empire to promote the multi-media edition his treatise.  The Ministry of Culture awards the 3388 Olympics to Prometheus, citing delays and contract problems with the Hyderabad games, now delayed to 3392.
3384 A joint project between Imperial and Federation private entities creates the Antares Complex, an entertainment habitat in officially neutral space.
3385 In an address to the Imperial High Council, Prime Minister DeBeers defends his funding of science and technology and calls Buchanan a "reckless demagogue".
3386 Rogar visits the Antares Complex, meeting privately with Grand Federation trade representatives.  The Khruzi establish their first interstellar colony on Sheenta.
3387 Prince Cleon hosts a reception for Norman Buchanan on Mercury, adding his voice to the call for greater funding for the Ministry of Science.
3388 The third Betelgeuse-Antares Rally draws thirty teams, including four from the Grand Federation, and attracts spectators at the entertainment complexes at both ends of the route; two ships are lost and Lady Helen Chavez wins again, in record time of just under 107 days.
3389 Prince Consort Ivan's calls for more aid to the depressed Solar minor body regions fail to result in increased Imperial funding, though the government of Mercury donates some aid.
3390 Lord Bane Frehooven, a close associate of Count Abbot, becomes Minister of Science.
3391 Technologist-inspired "Riots of Boredom" begin on Mercury and soon spread throughout the Old Colonies.  The running of the fourth Betelgeuse-Antares Rally concludes without major incident, owing to way stations established every hundred light years along the route; the IRF decrees subsequent rallies will occur every three years.
3392 The Grand Federation Ambassador returns to Focus, complaining of illness and is replaced by the Khabaderan Natilabatjaran, who arrives in time to visit the Hyderabad Olympics.
3393 Norman Buchanan issues a circular calling for specific improvements in Imperial Science and Technology policy.  Prince Cleon and King Rogar are among the prominent cosigners.  Lord Frehooven promises to take the recommendations "under advisement."
3394 King Rogar intervenes to achieve a peaceful dispersion of a massive Technologist demonstration at the Imperial Mall on Kalmar.  After graduating with honors from the Imperial Naval Academy at Luna, Orlan D'Juma joins the Imperial Navy as a Ensign.
3395 The Imperial Guard arrests thousand of Technologist rioters at various demonstrations on Terra and Venus.  In a Technologist demonstration in Prague, twenty people die when a Guard cruiser rams a protester bus.
3396 Empress Cynthia orders Buchanan's arrest and signs his death warrant, commuting his sentence to life imprisonment upon appeal from Ivan and Rogar; the Empress bans Technologist preaching Empire-wide.  Crown Prince Rogar marries his seventh wife, Lady Charmaine DeVorren of Ishtar, niece of the current Queen, in ceremonies on Ishtar.  Princess Lydia Kamarov is born on Paradise.
3397 Technologist riots subside as Member state police forces arrest Technologist leaders and shut down facilities and media distribution points. The Khruzi starship Banner of Fire first surveys Mendam and discovers its Founders Era ruins.
3398 The Imperial Congress passes a resolution calling for the restoration of the rights of the Technologist religion under the tenets of the Second Amendment.  Empress Cynthia declares that Technologists have declined to accept the Laws of the Empire and therefore have no standing under the Imperial Constitution.
3399 Lord Jon Corvald of Prometheus introduces a motion in the Imperial Congress to impeach the Empress, but the Congressional leadership manages to defeat the motion without putting it to a vote.
3400 Anti-Cynthia protestors disrupt the Melbourne Olympics, forcing the delay of dozens of events and the extension of the games for seven days.
3401 The Time Travel Society awakens in Australia; no original or Foundation members choose to leave the program.  After an attempted nanotech assassination leaves him crippled, Lord Bane Frehooven resigns as Minister of Science, replaced by his deputy Lady Eva Ng.
3402 Hercules authorizes the Reformed Technologist Church, which adopts all Technologist doctrine, but explicitly vows to follow all Imperial laws.
3403 Performance artist Kyla Durrant wins the Tigarvati Prize for her work Disintegration, which involves dismemberment and rapid regeneration of her troops of performers.  Ibrahim condemns Durrant's work; two months later three Islamic extremists dismember and murder Durrant in her home.
3404 Hercules host the Imperial Olympics at Van Adder Park in an event that concludes without disruptions or scandals.
3405 The Imperial Navy shuts down a Static smuggling ring based out of the Antares Complex, capturing four smuggler starships; Lieutenant Orlan D'Juma receives the Imperial Star for valor during a boarding action.  The Khald'aron achieve microjump technology, beginning a period of gradual expansion beyond their fifteen previously populated systems.
3406 Prince Consort Ivan criticizes Imperial political and budget policy, drawing a public rebuke from Prime Minster DeBeers.
3407 The Delphian Virtual Network debuts Imperial Universe, a Virtual Environment that claims to duplicate the entire known galaxy.
3408 The creators of Imperial Universe share the Tigarvati Prize and receive high praise and knighthoods from the Empress.  Commander Orlan D'Juma receives his first command, the frigate Bangalore, attached to the Coreward Frontier Fleet.
3409 Minister of Science Lady Ng dies on Mercury in an explosion of undetermined origin.  The Ministry of Science singleship Forrest first surveys Erta and Nokara. 
3410 Prince Consort Ivan travels to Terra and assassinates Empress Cynthia before taking his own life.  Rogar II becomes Emperor upon confirmation from the Imperial Congress.  Emperor Rogar II personally executes Prime Minister DeBeers for high treason for allowing the stagnation of the Empire and abolishes the position and office of the Prime Minister.  The Emperor pardons Norman Buchanan, knights him, and ends the ban on Technologist preaching.  Rogar transfers the title of King of Kalmar to his brother Ivan and names his sister Melisa as Duchess of Triton.  The Emperor divorces Charmaine, but invests her as Queen of Ishtar; he takes Princess Althea Turki-Mellon of Atlantis as his eighth wife.  Rogar II dismisses all Cynthia's Ministers and appoints a dozen High Inspectors to investigate corruption and decay in the Imperial bureaucracy.  The Era of Golden Peace ends.
3411 Upon recommendation of the Imperial Inspectors, Rogar purges the bureaucracy, sentencing fourteen senior administrators to death for gross neglect of duty. The Emperor establishes a new Cabinet with Admiral Lord Vilm Jarris at Minister of Defense, Lord Jon Corvald of Prometheus at State, Sir Aki Norda at Commerce, Sir Zoras Fallon at Science, Prince Garth Kamarov at Justice, Sir Barand Kubeck of Hercules at Colonization and his wife, Empress Althea, at Culture.  Count Ason Abbot and Princess Talia Farrar-Abbot commit suicide in Chicago.  Sir Norman Buchanan assumes leadership of the Reunited Technologist Movement. 
3412 Lord Jarris purges the Imperial Navy, retiring over a hundred admirals; he promotes Orlan D'Juma to Captain after introducing him to the Emperor at a Byzantium reception.  Imperial Marines seize a large Static shipment from a B'dr'rak freighter at Antares, sparking a diplomatic incident.  Federation customs agents raid BAR vessels at the conclusion of the Rally, but seize no contraband.
3413 After Imperial and Federation scientists clash over a disputed archeological site on Heshar, Emperor Rogar II orders the cruiser Exeter, under Captain Orlan D'Juma, and a support squadron to assist the Imperial scientists.  D'Juma raids Federation encampments on Heshar after the disappearance of an Imperial team, prompting the start of the Heshar War.  Minister Norda leads a task force to reform the Imperial Bureaucracy across all ministries, including a formal region-based bureaucratic layer based on the military's seven commands.
3414 D'Juma defeats a Federation relief squadron at the First Battle of Heshar and receives reinforcements from the Coreward Command. The Emperor promotes D'Juma to Vice Admiral and gives him command of the Twenty-Eighth Fleet.  The Coreward Frontier Fleet, under Vice Admiral Lady Lida Thorne captures two Federation outposts and begins a drive through Sector 313.  Rogar II orders the recommissioning of the two Hellkings after three hundred years at Ultima Thule.  The Imperial Navy begins full war mobilization.
3415 A Khabaderan and Eenikiti-backed Kith'turi fleet defeats Admiral Thorne at the Battle of Buder-Banas, killing her and scattering her fleet.  The Grand Federation initiates the Second Battle of Heshar with a two fleet pincer attack, in which Admiral D'Juma defeats each Federation fleet piecemeal.  Vice Admiral D'Juma assumes command of the Coreward Frontier Fleet and initiates offensive operations against the retreating Federation fleets, including a skirmish at Nachen and the First Battle of Antares, where Imperial forces seize control of the Antares Complex and Federation facilities in the system.  Both Hellkings fail trials; Emperor Rogar II orders them scrapped and calls for the construction of five 150m Mode III microjump Hellkings.  The Imperial Congress agrees to GDP tax increases to fund the war effort.
3416 Defense Minister Lord Admiral Jarris restructures the Imperial Navy, eliminating another thirty admirals, and prompting a number of competent Sapien commanders to flag positions.  After defeating the main B'dr'rak Battle Fleet at the Battle of Sapphire Rock and routing the Kith'turi relief forces, Orlan D'Juma becomes acting Command Admiral and head of the Coreward Command.
3417 Pushing deep into Grand Federation space, D'Juma wins the Battle of Nowhere's Fork (also known as the Battle of July 10th) in Sector 726 against a combined Un'aa'graum-Eenikiti task force.  A Grand Federation counteroffensive with Khabadera, Kith'turi and B'dr'rak elements retreats after failing to retake their facilities in the Second Battle of Antares.  The Grand Federation appeals to the Heshar to begin mediation to end the conflict.
3418 Emperor Rogar II accepts the offer of a mediated settlement, where the Grand Federation acknowledges Imperial control over Heshar and Antares in return for a recognized border.  Rogar demands and receives assurances that the Grand Federation will aggressively interdict Static traffic across the border.  A small delegation of Heshar witnesses the signing of the Treaty of Heshar on their homeworld and then departs, marking the last confirmed sighting of Heshar during the Imperial Era.
3419 The five microjump Hellkings reach completion at various Imperial shipyards and three join the Coreward Command.  Admiral Orlan D'Juma returns to Terra to a hero's welcome, accepting knighthood, but refusing Rogar's offer of Nobilis conversion and a planetary Ducal fief.  The Emperor receives ambassadors from all seven Grand Federation Prime Races, a gesture of respect for the Empire.
3420 The Emperor continues his "Drive Toward Efficiency", purging the bureaucratic ranks, cutting the budget of the Ministry of Culture and unleashing the Imperial Guard on "disloyal" elements of the Terran, Delphian and Aphroditian Nobility.  The Ministries of Defense and Science begin major fleet modernization and redeployment programs.  Orlan D'Juma receives the Tigarvati Prize for military service.
3421 A non-binding resolution in the Imperial High Council condemns the Emperor's "heavy-handed" approach to the mostly Nobilis dissent; a similar resolution fails to pass in the New Colony-dominated Imperial Congress. 
3422 The Imperial Guard occupies Atlantis after disloyal elements of the royal family propose a devolution of Imperial power.  Rogar asks for the resignation of all Sector heads of all the civilian Ministries and reappoints only a quarter of the officials to their positions.  The Ministry of Colonization begins authorizing up two worlds per region every year in an effort to expand colonization into newly surveyed regions.
3423 Rogar issues an Imperial Edict limiting Noble household armaments to infantry weapons and shipboard self-defense systems.  The Ministry of Commerce opens the entire third ring of sectors to commercial exploitation, except those regions specifically claimed by the seven Secondary and Tertiary Grand Federation races residing in the established border regions.
3424 In a major fleet action, the Coreward Command occupies or destroys seven bases used by Static traffickers in the unsettled regions within the new Imperial Coreward border. 
3425 In return for a withdrawal of Imperial Guard forces, the Imperial Congress approves a resolution allowing the Emperor to purge the Nobility of of eighteen members charged with treason; among those charged are Robert Turki-Mellon, a brother of the Empress.  The Empress commits suicide on Atlantis.
3426 Rogar II appoints Orlan D'Juma as Naval Chief of Staff and completes a purge of the Imperial military, retiring forty flag officers and promoting many Sapiens to command and senior staff positions.  Rogar marries his ninth wife, Baroness Tami Nomura of Nova in a private Golden Palace ceremony.
3427 The Ministry of Science recommends a curtailment of exploration in the Northern region, documenting a sharp drop-off in metal concentration as the frontier passes beyond the ill-defined thin disk boundary; the report recommends a similar curtailment of resources once Southern region exploration enters the fifth ring.
3428 The Emperor and Empress open the Olympic games on Nova.  The Ministry of Commerce loosens restrictions on private starship travel, allowing private prospecting in "open" sectors.
3429 The Imperial yacht California disappears en route to Kalmar with Empress Tami aboard; an Imperial Guard investigation labels the incident a microjump failure of unknown case.
3430 Emperor Rogar II marries Princess Lydia Kamarov, granddaughter of the King of Paradise, at a public ceremony in Byzantium; the marriage is seen a method to heal ties with prominent Noble families and strengthen the Kamarov clan.
3431 The Emperor authorizes the Orion Nebula Expedition after lobbying by Prince Cleon.  The discovery of a major Static smuggling route though Glorious spreads alarm that drug trafficking is no longer confined to the Coreward region.
3432 The Orion Nebula Expedition led by the 50m scout cruiser Daedalus under the command of Captain Jolene Bandazi, and supported by six 40m scout frigates departs from Terra, arriving at Khald'aron three months later.
3433 Declaring his reforms complete, Minister of Commerce Sir Aki Norda resigns and retires to Nova.  The Orion Nebula Expedition leaves Khald'aron after boarding six Khald'aron researchers and reaches Rigel, apparently conducting a successful survey of the giant star and a few surrounding systems.  The frigate Liverpool returns a sick Khald'aron to his native planet; the rest of the Expedition continues on toward the Orion Nebula and never returns.
3434 Crown Prince Rogar, first child of Rogar and Lydia, is born at the Golden Palace.
3435 To placate the economically powerful Old Colonies, Emperor Rogar II establishes his Council of Advisors, drawn from worlds with greater than 100 million residents; the Council has no constitutional standing, but drafts many Imperial Edicts and coordinates Ministry of Commerce economic policy decisions.
3436 In a grand ceremony at the Summer palace on Kalmar, Rogar knights over five thousand current and retired senior civil servants.
3437 The Imperial Navy frigate Pisces encounters a Khruzi scouting expedition at Tetraluna in sector 375.
3438 A follow-up task force of naval and scout vessels searches the route from Khald'aron to Rigel, finding no trace of the Orion Nebula Expedition; under strict orders from the Rimward Command, the expedition turns back 100 light years beyond Rigel.
3439 An Imperial expedition reaches Khruzi, establishing diplomatic relations and discussing borders between the Empire and the Khruzis' five settled worlds.
3440 The Emperor competes in the Olympic Games in Perth under heavy security, finishing only fifth in his marksmanship event.  A Khruzi ambassadorial delegation reaches Terra.
3441 Accelerated aging studies indicate that Eternal treatment begins to fail after 2,000 years, leading to a maximum lifespan of 3,600 years; subsequent studies discuss trade-offs between a partial Restoration regeneration regime and Eternal treatment with differing effects on life expectance and maximum life span for modified Sapiens.
3442 After approval from the Kings of South America, Africa and Asia, Terra begins construction of an orbital Ring complex.
3443 Searching through Grand Federation archives, a team of Imperial diplomats and scholars locate two dozen suspended Neanderthals recovered from a 50,000 year old Founder expedition to Terra and receive permission to revive the group; seventeen survive the process.
3444 The Second Nebular Expedition, a joint Naval/Ministry of Science Expedition of twelve vessels led by the battleship Etna and commanded by Commodore Sir Benjamin Mbanda, departs from Terra.  The thawed Neanderthals return to Terra to live in an elaborate simularium environment set up by the Ministry of Science.
3445 The Second Nebular Expedition leaves Khald'aron, dispatches a courier escort from Rigel, and heads towards the Orion Nebula, dropping a drone beacon in systems every twenty light years along the route.
3446 King Joseph IV authorizes plans for constructing an orbital Ring complex around Venus.
3447 The Rimward Command dispatches a battle fleet to search for the Second Nebular Expedition; reporting back after every drone beacon drop, the fleet finds the last beacon 140 light years beyond Rigel, but no trace of the Expedition reaching its next rally point.
3448 The Emperor bans further expeditions beyond Rigel.  Sir Aki Norda dies from complications of his third regeneration, adding fuel to the Restoration versus Eternal debate.
3449 The Imperial Guard shuts down a major Static smuggler ring operating out of the Kuiper Belt.
3450 Prince Olav, second child of Rogar and Lydia, is born at the Summer Palace on Kalmar.
3451 The B'dr'rak lodge a formal complaint against Imperial trading practices and customs procedures before the Grand Federation Commerce Council.
3452 Glorious hosts the Imperial Olympics and the first Imperial Fair, opened by the Emperor and Empress.
3453 The Notables of Khruzi ban Static, proclaiming it a corruption of the soul.  Khruzi naval vessels begin coordinating with the Imperial Spinward Command.
3454 Emperor Rogar approves funding for a new study on collapsing Jupiter, and designates the creation of an outpost on the long abandoned Sector 7 colony world of Lenin to support a test collapse of Marx, the system's main gas giant and a very close analog of Jupiter.
3455 The Grand Federation Commerce Council adopts measures restricting Imperial trading practices within Grand Federation space and formally protests Imperial customs regulations.  Emperor Rogar responds to the customs complaints with retorts over continued Static traffic and instructs the Ministry of Commerce to "study" complaints of unfair trade practices by Imperial merchants.
3456 The Imperial Navy begins boarding Federation vessels in Static embargo operations along the Coreward frontier.
3457 The second Imperial Fair opens on Paradise under sponsorship of the House of Kamarov.  The Central Command raids several entertainment and shipping facilities on Khronos, seizing tons of Static and arresting hundreds of human and ten B'dr'rak; a subsequent investigation leads to the arrest of Count Khronos, Anson DuVahl.
3458 Human and Khruzi pirates begin attacking Federation shipping in the Spinward and Coreward border regions.  The Grand Federation increases anti-piracy patrols and begins boarding Imperial vessels on both sides of the border.  After a trial supervised by the Minister of Justice, Anton DuVahl, Count of Khronos is convicted of Static trafficking, corruption and murder of Imperial officials and is executed; the DuVahl family looses all titles and lands; The Emperor appoints Lady Lydia Kamarov, a grandniece of the King of Paradise, as the new Countess of Khronos.
3459 A 20 Terran mass rouge planet enters the Eta Cassiopeia system, potentially threatening the heavily populated world of Cyclops.
3460 Rogar agrees to Federation demands to control human piracy and dispatches Admiral D'Juma to personally supervise the Coreward and Spinward Commands.
3461 The combined power of the five new Hellkings dismantle the Eta Cassiopeia rouge world, creating a thick ring of debris and gas subsequently channeled into orbit around the system's smaller star.
3462 The third Imperial Fair, emphasizing reality activities over the virtual, opens on Aurora.  B'dr'rak starships raid a suspected pirate haven on Satyr, cause heavy civilian casualties.  Rogar orders D'Juma to conduct a punitive raid against the B'dr'rak military outpost of K'l!.  The Grand Federation declares war on the Empire, initiating the (First) Federation War.
3463 Emperor Rogar II orders a full Imperial mobilization and issues letter of marquee to Imperial privateers.  The five Hellkings leave Eta Cassiopeia for the Coreward regions.  Grand Admiral D'Juma launches a series of commerce raids at B'dr'rak holdings in Sectors 370, 398, 763 and 799.
3464 A combined Federation fleet, comprising most rimward Secondary and Teritary races and led by the Khabadera, masses in the Orm home system in Sector 123 and begins a deep strike against the Empire, occupying dozens of Imperial colonies and bases in Sectors 26, 38, 123 and 143.
3465 D'Juma defeats the Federation combined fleet at the Battle of Kukulcan, scattering the invasion forces.  The legendary Khabaderan commander Horshorimb dies in defeat at the Battle of Khzraut.
3466 In Operation Liberty, the Imperial Coreward Command retakes Imperial worlds in a leapfrog campaign; forces diverted from other regional commands sweep coreward to mop up resistance.  Citing security concerns, the Emperor officially cancels next year's Imperial Fair at Ishtar.  Federation forces mass to protect their Rimward frontier.
3467 The Southern Command, under Admiral Chagara, launches Operation Right Hook, a fleet action against the Bird worlds in Sector 191, utilizing the Hellkings Lucifer and Pluto in a campaign that forces the total capitulation of the Birds.  D'Juma pushes out from Heshar with the remaining three Hellkings to begin the Cargomen Campaign through Sectors 125 and 124.  The Emperor creates the Order of the Gryphon to reward heroism in battle.  The Dantum and Eenikiti coordinate a defense in depth against Imperial raiders within the Grand Federation border.
3468 The Cargomen Campaign stagnates after the retreat of the Hades task force.  The war front stabilizes with commerce raiders and privateers from both sides raiding worlds behind enemy lines.
3469 D'Juma leads three fleets and the Hellking Loki into Sector 123 to begin the Siege of Orm.  A Kith'turi squadron raids Khzraut and Helene before Admiral Lord Finney defeats it at the Battle of Devonia.
3470 Orm falls to Coreward Command after the Loki destroys its outer moon and the Orm race agrees to an immediate armistice and occupation of its worlds.  Grand Admiral D'Juma leads a sweep through the Cargomen worlds, with their homeworld surrendering when confronted by the Satan and Hades.  The Imperial Coreward Command occupies all of Sectors 123, 124, 125 and 342.  Imperial Marines begin experimental cyborgization projects aimed at producing superior soldiers.
3471 Grand Admiral D'Juma concentrates his fleets and begins the B'dr'rak Campaign, pushing into Sectors 370 and 398.  Operation Coherent Purge begins with deep raids into Federation Khabadera territory, releasing biotoxins to kill Static producing organisms on dozens of worlds.
3472 The Grand Federation accuses the Empire of illegal biological warfare and begins the first full mobilization in nearly three millennia; all Grand Federation ambassadors and staff leave Terra.  The !Tak surrender after Imperial forces sweep Sector 162 and threaten their homeworld with the Lucifer.  The B'dr'rak Campaign stalls against heavy resistance and continued B'dr'rak raids against Imperial supply depots.  A Zhretra squadron penetrates Imperial Guard defenses to raid Titan, causing thousands of causalities and panic across the Solar System.  The Emperor fires Admiral Count Isak Bhagga as head of the Imperial Guard, appointing Admiral Lady Rebeka Strong in his place.
3473 The B'dr'rak Campaign grinds to a complete halt after D'Juma wins a pyrrhic victory at the bloody Battle of Karto's Flame.  The Un'aa'graum main battle fleet masses in Sector 763.  Dantum battle groups strike Imperial systems in Sectors 66, 72 and 73.  Declaring a state of total war, Rogar doubles taxation to pay for the war effort.
3474 The Northern Command fights back the Dantum advance.  D'Juma slowly retreats from B'dr'rak space under Un'aa'graum, Eenikiti and B'dr'rak pressure.  Alimeen diplomats reestablish communications with the Grand Federation, including preliminary discussions on a possible armistice.
3475 T'zet and Kith'turi forces begin massing in Sector 689; launching the Antares Raid, obliterating Human presence in the system.  Imperial taxation increases another 50% as military shipbuilding reaches a frenzy.  The Imperial Congress debates the legality of proposals for a military draft.
3476 The T'zet-Kith'turi battle fleets consolidate their hold on Sector 690, then begin pressing deep into Imperial space though Sectors 313, 124 and 27, occupying scores of colonies and outposts in their path, winning the Battle of Idavoll and besieging Pan.  Alimeen-sponsored armistice talks stall.  The Ministry of Culture cancels the Olympics on Adonis, citing continuing security concerns.
3477 Grand Federation forces capture Pan and move into the Central Region to capture Vidar in Sector 2.  Vice Admiral Joseph Wu overcomes great odds to defeat the Kith'turi vanguard at the Battle of Iord, dieing in the closing phase of the battle.  The Tenth Imperial Fleet and elements of the Imperial Guard fleet ambushes the main T'zet fleet at the Battle of Canard, ending the Grand Federation offensive.
3478 As Federation forces withdraw from deep in Imperial space, Admiral D'Juma resumes offensive operations against the B'dr'rak with fresh forces.  Admiral Sir Josev Brevard's Third Coreward Fleet Group advances on Kith'turi space.  Un'aa'graum forces retreat to support the Kith'turi.  Admiral Strong assumes leadership of the Central Command.
3479 The Siege of B'dr'rak begins, with Imperial forces occupying the outlying worlds of the B'dr'rak home system and launching attacks into the inner system.  Zhretra deep raiders attack shipping and the Imperial central worlds of Ares, Helicon, Manchukuo, Mithras and Utopia, prompting calls in Imperial councils for renewed negotiations.
3480 The loss of the Hellkings Lucifer and Satan forces D'Juma to abandon the Siege of B'dr'rak, but continued operations seize most B'dr'rak colony worlds and bases.  The Imperial Olympics proceed on Terra in Kuala Lumpur under heavy security.
3481 Imperial forces suffer a setback at the Battle of May 8th against combined Federation forces in Sector 340.  The Ministry of Culture changes the venue of the '84 Olympics to Venus for security reasons.  Admiral Strong dies when Zhretra forces destroy her flagship in a raid at Akkad.
3482 The continued stalemate and depredations of war bring growing opposition in the Imperial Congress and High Council, cumulating in a 32% vote in the Congress for a petition to demand an immediate armistice.  Uncontrolled piracy begins to infect the Imperial Central regions, with renegade pirates raiding Imperial and Grand Federation shipping alike.  Two renegade pirate leaders declare themselves White Emperor, notably Lord Basil DuVahl, former heir to Khronos.
3483 The Grand Federation shifts forces from other frontier regions to defend against Imperial fleets.  D'Juma abandons offensive operations against Kith'turi space.  Scattered engagements punctuate a deep front permeated by raiders.
3484 The Imperial Congress rejects Rogar's attempt to further raise GDP taxes.  Reserve naval forces and planetary units eliminate both White Emperor claimants and begin to control piracy and Zhretra raiders.
3485 Admiral D'Juma concentrates his forces and begins Operation Infidel, bypassing remaining B'dr'rak outposts and driving into Sectors 799, 763 and 1372.
3486 As D'Juma pushes beyond Sector 1372, the Grand Federation mobilizes reserve units, forcing D'Juma to abandon his drive toward Focus and conduct a fighting retreat.
3487 The Grand Federation Great Armada assembles at Antares.  Alimeen diplomats resume attempts to negotiate a cease fire.  D'Juma concentrates his forces to meet the Great Armada.
3488 Against incredible odds, Grand Admiral D'Juma defeats the Great Armada at the Battle of Nachen, sacrificing the Hades to entrap and destroy the enemy.  The Grand Federation requests the resumption of direct contact with Imperial officials to negotiate a cease fire.  Most Zhretra raiders withdraw from Imperial space.
3489 Citing growing war weariness and the weakening economy, Emperor Rogar II accepts the Grand Federation's generous peace offer and armistice border over the objections of a bellicose Grand Admiral D'Juma.  The Emperor reduces the GDP tax to pre-war levels and issues the Victory Edicts, reforming procurement and economic restrictions and revoking letters of marquee issued to Imperial citizens.  The B'dr'rak Annexation Campaign begins under the direction of Admiral D'Juma.  Five additional Hellkings become operational.
3490 Anti-piracy campaigns begin against renegades operating against Imperial, Khruzi, even Khald'aron shipping and worlds.  The Coreward Command formalizes martial law regulations on the former Federation worlds of the Cargomen, Birds, Orm, and !Tak.  The Grand Federation confirms that Static and its derivatives have been obliterated by Operation Coherent Purge.
3491 Emperor Rogar II travels to Nachen in Sector 690 to sign the formal treaty ending the war and ceding large sections Federation space, including the B'dr'rak regions, to the Empire of Humanity.  A Br'dr'rak suicide assassination team fails in its attempt to destroy the Imperial mission on Nachen.
3492 The Grand Federation strips the Khabadera of Primary Race status and elevates the Zhretra in their place.  The Imperial Fair at Ishtar finally opens to great attendance and acclaim.  The Imperial Olympics on Adonis receive a lukewarm response.
3493 Taking a leave of absence, Orlan D'Juma forgoes Restoration regeneration and receives Eternal treatment on Hercules.  Sporadic trade resumes between the Grand Federation and the Empire.
3494 Delegations from the Primary Races of the Grand Federation return to diplomatic quarters on Terra, despite media uproar over the arrival of the Zhretra delegation.  B'dr'rak suicide squads destroy the battleship Endurance, prompting D'Juma to return to the front to coordinate the annexation campaign.
3495 The Northern Command destroys the last major pirate band in the Battle of New Normandy, ending the current threat of piracy in the Empire.  Construction begins on Antares Station, a massive naval and science orbital complex.
3496 An unknown terrorist's bomb destroys the Khaddahl housing unit at the Imperial Olympics in Montreal, killing seventy Khaddahl and forty Humans.  Imperial Guard troops peacefully disperse a massive demonstration against the Zhretra embassy.
3497 Khronos hosts the Imperial Fair, though many of the exhibits receive mixed reviews as tacky and hastily prepared.
3498 Rogar fires Prince Garth Kamarov as Minister of Justice, accusing him of plotting against the throne.  A scout expedition discovers the information era Pasduchi in Sector 259.
3499 The Second Siege of B'dr'rak begins.  D'Juma's ghostwritten account of the Federation War wins the Tigarvati Prize.  Civilian cyborgization reaches respectability as the cyborgisist On Bellis Trak wins a Trigarvati for his cybernetic performance art.
3500 The B'dr'rak homeworld falls to the siege, ending the Annexation Campaign.  As part of the Annexation Treaties, the B'dr'rak, Cargomen, Birds, Orm and !Tak enter the Empire as Major Races, but lose their rights to maintain an independent military for a century.  Accusing Empress Lynda of treason, Rogar murders his wife in the Golden Palace; Minister of Justice Sir Danal Brome and a hastily assembled commission of the Imperial High Council find the Emperor's action justified.
3501 The Time Travel Society awakens in Australia and five members plus ten Foundation members decide to leave the program and opt for Eternal therapy; the remaining thirty original and fifty-two Foundation members continuing with the program after rejecting a proposal to increase the awakening interval to two hundred years.  A formal diplomatic mission reaches the Pasduchi, offering them Minor Race status despite the fact that they have not considered attempting space flight.  Citing suspected treason, Emperor Rogar revokes Countess Lydia's enfiefment of Khronos, replacing her with Lord Bhaz Anderson, known for his entertainment empire on Libertas.
3502 The Pasduchi reject Minor Race status, preferring to continue their cultural evolution in isolation; the Empire quarantines the system and promises to avoid contact for a century.  The Ministry of Culture approves recommendations that link Imperial Fairs and the Imperial Olympics together as Imperial Expositions to occur every four years in a cycle of Terra, Solar World, Old Colony and New Colony, confirming the 3504 Exposition for Dubai and the '08 Exposition to Europa and awarding the '12 and '16 Expositions to Libertas and Rhea, respectively.
3503 The Jovian Collapse Project on Lenin resumes work suspended by the war.
3504 Ibrahim denounces cyborgization and places limits on the artificial components allowable for his followers; Norman Buchanan praises responsible cyborgization as part of the Technologist path of human advancement.
3505 The Ministry of Colonization approves the settlement of a second Quadron colony world, Azushi, in Sector 484.
3506 Rogar orders the Navy to expand to ten Hellkings, but agrees to the retirement of older vessels and a 10% reduction of Ministry of Defense appropriations. 
3507 Bowing to pressure, the Ministry of Colonization allows the Turgil, Khaddahl and Brennar to each colonize a single world.  Construction begins on the war-delayed Venusian Ring complex.
3508 The Jovian Collapse Project at Lenin successfully collapses the gas giant Marx, an event rebroadcast at the opening of the extravagant Europan Exposition.
3509 The Emperor authorizes the Northern Edge Expedition to the boundary of the Galactic thick disk.  Europa begins Phase II of the Jovian Collapse Project, building facilities on Io to support the project and transferring hundreds of thousands of Ionian residents to other Jovian moons.
3510 Emperor Rogar II presides over the completion ceremonies of the Terran Ring complex and the Federation War Memorial, located at its African Terminus.  Mormon officials on Deseret officially acknowledge the benefits of cyborgization but also explicitly ban Eternal treatment, citing its side effect of total sterility.
3511 The Northern Edge Expedition departs from Vantage under the command of Commodore Lady Bela Tovik.
3512 The Khruzi join the Empire as a Major Race.  The Khruzi allow the Human settlement on Mendam and Tetraluna.  The Northern Edge Expedition reaches the periphery of the Galactic disk, 1,200 light years from Sol.
3513 Howlan Chin publishes his Theorem of Quantum Macroeconomics, outlining and proposing methods of prediction and control for the post-war Imperial economy.  The Antares Station begins full operations and starts to accept commercial and private traffic.  The Northern Edge Expedition returns to Vantage and then to Terra for a hero's welcome.
3514 The Betelgeuse-Antares Rally resumes for the first time since the war; a Human-Khruzi team aboard the Golden Rapier wins the event in a record 104 days 9 hours.
3515 Protests against the Jovian Collapse Project spread across Ganymede and Callisto, prompting the Emperor to mobilize Imperial Guard ships and troops to the Jupiter system.  Sabotage damages the Europan installation on the inner Jovian moon of Metis.
3516 The Ministry of Commerce allocates resources to pay for the preparation and reconstruction of Io, Ganymede and Callisto, lessening protests against the JCP.  Howlan Chin accepts a Tigarvati prize and Nobilis conversion with ennoblement as Baron Howlan of Macao for his economic treatise and commentary.
3517 Terran geologists note with alarm the build-up of pressures under Yellowstone in North America and Tambora in Indonesia; the Emperor allocates funds and resources to alleviate the stresses.  Baron Howlan Chin becomes a Vice-Minister of Commerce.
3518 The Currency Reform Edict and related tax code changes implement a Chinist economic policy.  Anti-cyborg riots rock Macoraban cities.
3519 The Jovian Collapse Project board approves changes to address Ganymede and Callisto's concerns and modifies the project timetable appropriately; Prince Cleon of Mercury joins the JCP board.
3520 The Imperial Guard thwarts an attempt to assassinate the Emperor at the opening of the Durban Exposition; an investigation leads to charges against members of the DeBeers family on Aphrodite.  The Imperial Navy establishes a base on Nachen; Orlan D'Juma resigns his commission to become the governor of the civilian colony established adjacent to the base.
3521 A public trial for treason and the attempted assassination of the Emperor leads to the execution of three members of the DeBeers family and four Delphian nobles.  Northern region scouts discover the Chaagra, an iron age race in Sector 252 that are of the same genus as the Quadrons; shattered Gatebuilder ruins confirm that the Quadron and Chaagra descend from Gatebuilder animals.
3522 The first controlled eruptions occur at Yellowstone, covering larger sections of the park with molten lava.  The scout cruiser Daffodil becomes the first Imperial vessel to observe the HN-32555A hypernova in the Andromeda galaxy.
3523 The Quadrons petition the Emperor for contact with the Chaagra and for elevation to Major Race status based on their two colonies, on their relationship to the newly discovered race and on evidence of another related race under protective quarantine in the Grand Federation.
3524 The Fortuna Exposition on Venus draws large crowds despite the high security.  The Jovian Collapse Project board gives final approval to Phase III, the actual collapse of Jupiter.  A mutating viral plague kills over two million people on Zephyrus before a cure is found; the Imperial Coreward Command places the world under quarantine for six months during a Ministry of Science investigation.
3525 A B'dr'rak terrorist destroys the Governor's compound on Nachen, killing over seventy people in a failed attempt to assassinate Orlan D'Juma.  The Emperor empowers a commission of Major Race notables to consider the questions of the Quadron's elevation to Major Race status and the disposition of the Chaagra, currently under protective quarantine.
3526 In an event witnessed by the Emperor and Prince Cleon, Jupiter collapses into a sub-star capable of providing a habitable zone around it major moons for tens of millions of years.  Terraformation work begins on Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, with efforts also initiated to provide a hot, but breathable, atmosphere for Io.
3527 The Venusian Ring complex reaches completion.  A large macrojump vessel belonging to the Cubics, a jovian race from Sector 792 arrives at Betelgeuse and opens diplomatic negotiations.
3528 Upon recommendation of his commission, the Emperor elevates the Quadron to Major Race status, and allows limited Ministry of Science supervised contact with the Chaagra.
3529 The Cubics join the Empire as a Major Race, contributing nine systems and allowing colonization of Zirconia, the Class D world in their home system.
3530 An explosive eruption strikes Tambora in Indonesia, but warnings and evacuations avoid casualties and limit damage.
3531 The Khald'aron officially turn down an offer to join the Empire as a Major Race.  The Jesuit scholar Beju Farris becomes Pope John XXXII of the Terran Catholic church.
3532 The Empire and the Grand Federation sign a series of protocols designed to formalize and support tourism between the two regions.  The Natani, a humanoid race with a poisonous biochemistry from Sector 23, first contacted in 3006, achieve spaceflight and accept Minor Race status in the Empire.
3533 B'dr'rak pirates raid Nachen, inflicting minor damage, but marking the beginning of a period of B'dr'rak piracy in the far Coreward region.
3534 A Quantum Rights movement begins on Hercules, Delphi and Prometheus, with local governments allowing civil rights to quantum mechanical artificial intelligences.
3535 B'dr'rak pirates disrupt the Betelgeuse-Antares Rally, destroying two vessels and capturing three, prompting naval action and increased patrols.
3536 Emperor Rogar II marries his eleventh wife, Lady Elyza Hermann-Titov of Eden.  The Emperor reiterates his support for Amendment XI, prohibiting Imperial citizenship, Census enumeration and other rights to artificial organisms, but does not condemn local laws that provide local privileges to those entities.
3537 The Quadrons establish a permanent research colony on Chaagra and receive Ministry of Colonization permission to colonize the nearby (12 light years) world of Tabritourin.
3538 A joint declaration by Ibrhaimite and Catholic clerics decry cyborgization and issue the Limits on Humanity, limiting cybernetic implants for followers, denouncing Life Therapy, and declaring that "quantum-mechanical devices" cannot possess or store souls.
3539 The Coreward Command launches six punitive raids on B'dr'rak worlds supporting piracy.
3540 The Jesuit scholar Bannon Sandez publishes The Zhretra Plague, an inflammatory text purporting that the race is a preliminary infiltrator from an unholy machine empire in the Sagittarius Arm.  The Imperial Exposition at Vesta, with exhibits highlighting fifteen hundred years of Belt history, helps to restore the Solar Belt Economy.
3541 Dirac Station, a Ministry of Science research facility in Sector 201 suffers an antimatter containment accident, killing all three hundred personnel and initiating a quarantine of the red dwarf system.
3542 The Imperial Guard provides evidence to the Ministry of Justice of a new neo-Republican plot within the bureaucracy; sixty high-level officials are tired and executed for treason, with some receiving commuted sentences for confessions that incriminate the Empress.  Empress Elyza is executed for treason after a public trial.
3543 Baron Howlan Chin reveals his Predicative Exclusion Proof, mathematically demonstrating the impossibility of accurate psycho-history predictions at any scale of society.  Crown Prince Rogar resigns from a Ministry of State oversight commission, citing health concerns.
3544 Pyramus and Thisbe share the '44 Imperial Exposition, shuttling visitors between venues on the two worlds.
3545 The Imperial Guard foils a plot by Ibrahimite extremists to spread a cybernetic virus at the Zhretra Embassy.
3546 The Spinward Expedition, commanded by Commodore Sir Khandl Ohtara  departs from Neith to explore a corridor up to 1000 light years from Sol.  Crown Prince Rogar travels to Kalmar for an extended stay at King Ivan's residence at Svartfjell.
3547 A series of Coreward Command raids cripple B'dr'rak pirate operations by destroying four deep space depots.  The Spinward Expedition encounters a hostile macrojump fleet 750 light years from Sol and retreats after losing one vessel; later investigation in the 41st century determines the vessels to have been a Dragon battle group.
3548 A leaked research report indicates that the Nobilis race faces reproductive degradation that will extinguish most genetic lines after thirty generations; media pundits and notables use the report to variously condemn Life Therapy or call for more Nobilis conversions.
3549 The Emperor bans all deep exploration missions, citing the risk of losses and the harm of needlessly provoking unknown races.
3550 The Terran Catholic church bans all Nobilis conversions and canonizes the Islamic prophet Mohammed.
3551 The Ministry of Colonization authorizes the recolonization of Lenin after thousands of JCP technicians and their dependents petition to stay on the world.
3552 A group of !Tak athletes competes in the Olympic Games at the Memphis Exposition on Terra, marking the first entrants from former Grand Federation worlds to participate in Olympic events.  The Memphis Exposition dedicates a complex to the celebration of the Emperor's five hundredth birthday.
3553 Fires on the steppes of northern Ares prompt the evacuation of three arcologies housing over ten million people.
3554 Ibrahim and Pope John XXXII of Rome announce the union of their two faiths, with Ibrahim as supreme spiritual leader; Ibrahimite Islam becomes the largest religion on Terra.
3555 Dark Star Co-op on Delphi begins marketing fully internal virtual world interfaces for cyborgized human clients.
3556 A strange coalition of liberal Quantum Rights activists and old Nobilis families submits a petition to the Emperor for the repeal of Amendment XI, but the Emperor refuses to consider the matter, despite a 69% vote in the Imperial High Council on a non-binding resolution in support of the petition; a similar resolution in the Imperial Congress garners only 52% support.
3557 Pope Pius XXXV of New Rome denounces the Terran religious union and declares himself leader of all true Christians, a claim that attracts no support from other Christian or Catholic churches.
3558 Rain falls on Europa for the first time, marking the first major milestone of Phase IV of the Jovian Collapse Project.
3559 With the seizure of the Yellow River and the raid on Saracen, B'dr'rak pirate operations resume scattered raids against Imperial shipping and isolated settlements and outposts on the Coreward frontier.
3560 Crown Prince Rogar dies in a speeder accident widely speculated to be a suicide.  Prince Olav resigns his position as a xenobiologist with the Ministry of Science and returns from the frontier to assume the position and duties of the Crown Prince.
3561 Ibrahimite extremists ram and destroy a Zhretra transport half an AU from Terra, causing a massive antimatter explosion, killing themselves and three thousand Zhretra, including the new ambassador and its staff, and igniting a diplomatic crisis.  Ibrahim condemns violence against all artificial beings; Emperor Rogar II defuses the crisis by personally apologizing on behalf of the Empire and offering restitution.
3562 Lady Charyn Rees publishes Extinction, a statistical analysis of Nobilis populations predicting eventual decline unless the Empire allows Artificial reproduction or doubles the number of Nobilis confirmed each year, currently little more than a thousand.
3563 A B'dr'rak raid on the Khzraut colony of Malachite prompts an Imperial sanctioned Khzraut retaliatory raid that causes major damage and loss of life to the B'dr'rak world of Tz'kar.
3564 The Emperor, Crown Prince and the Kings of Kalmar and Paradise together publicly affirm their support of Amendment XI as it stands; Rogar promises to increase ennoblements, but does not commit to a target number.
3565 A 20km wide asteroid strikes the mining outpost on Borren Delta in Sector 9, destroying the outpost and killing over seven thousand.  The Emperor decries the state of Imperial survey maps and orders the Ministry of Science to begin an immediate re-survey of Imperial territory; many systems have not been surveyed since the late third millennium.
3566 After a series of B'dr'rak attacks on private vessels, the Ministry of Commerce authorizes the installation of offensive weaponry on private and commercial vessels whose owners and operators have acquired proper licensing and training.
3567 Ministry of Justice special agents provide evidence that certain Quadrons have begun controlling some societies of the Chaagra, prompting the Emperor to order the removal of all Quadron from the Chaagra world and the institution of a Naval blockade; renegade Quadron and their Chaagran allies resist, igniting a series of wars across the planet.
3568 Imperial Marines establish order on Chaagra and hunt down the last Quadron renegades.  The Emperor revokes Major status for the Quadron, but allows them to keep their colony worlds.
3569 Citing limited resources, the Ministry of Science offers standard survey packages and a survey bounty to commercial starship operators and starship hobbyists for completed system surveys.
3570 The Ibrahimite Moslem Church uncovers three cells of violent extremists and turns them over to the Imperial Guard with Ibrahim again publicly condemning violence and anti-government action.
3571 Mechanists on Karinsky perfect a new method for storing human personalities quickly and without degradation, promising to soon develop a method to restore personalities to cloned bodies.
3572 After several disputes, including a skirmish between two commercial surveyors, the Ministry of Science assumes responsibility for allocating systems to private surveys based on a graduated lottery system.
3573 An apparently deranged Human, Jonas Bergman, detonates a microgram antimatter cell at the Imperial Mall in Byzantium, killing himself and six hundred and destroying a wing of the Imperial Museum of Natural History.
3574 A group of revolutionaries loosely associated with a neo-Republican movement kidnaps King Joseph IV of Venus and members of the royal household, holding them in the Royal estate at Jasper Point; an Imperial Guard operation commanded by Lt. Colonel Darla Berg uses non-lethal means to free the hostages and capture the kidnapers.
3575 A consortium of Nobles colonizes the planet Erta in Sector 339 as a luxury retreat, carving the world into sprawling estates.  Darla Berg accepts ennoblement and becomes the Baroness of Nokara, the Class E moon or "twin" of Erta.
3576 Dragonfly hosts its first starship hobbyist convention, an event that evolves into the annual Dragonfly Fair.
3577 The Census Office notes a statistical increase in suicide rates among users of Dark Star IVR devices, prompting an investigation that leads to discovery of a subtle interface flaw; Dark Star Co-op collapses in a wave of lawsuits and recriminations.
3578 Reforms on Deseret invoke the establishment of a secular democracy based on the constitution of the old United States of America.  Hard-line Mormon fundamentalists increase their immigration to theocratic Mormon colony worlds.
3579 The Cybernetic Revolution sweeps Volos in Sector 45, with highly cyborgized leaders proclaiming Argos, the world's primary AI network, absolute ruler of the world.
3580 Human piracy resumes in frontier regions, as renegade armed starships begin preying on poorly defended commercial and private vessels.
3581 The government of Hercules recognizes the legal rights of Mechanist souls; the Emperor reminds the Herculean representatives of the terms of Amendment VII, stating that Mechanist souls have no Census status unless they can be returned to biological form and clarifies that their souls have no Imperial standing either, under Amendment XI.
3582 The Imperial Rimward Command intervenes on Volos, destroying Argos and occupying the planet after refugees report the slaughter of seventy thousand undesirables; the ensuing operation against the AI and its fanatical supporters cost another fifty thousand lives.
3583 The Imperial economy reaches a projected Chinist cusp, entering a period of sustained prosperity and growth; Baron Howlan Chin outlines methods for ensuring indefinite prosperity through gradual Imperial expansion.
3584 The Emperor opens the Lahore Fair with a long speech about Imperial stability, values and prosperity that some observers proclaim "almost DeBeersian".
3585 Sir Khandl Ohtara becomes Minister of Science.  Ibrahim's outspoken second wife Ashiri dies during her fourth regeneration therapy, prompting a grief-stricken Ibrahim to declare forty days of mourning.
3586 The Khald'aron establish a permanent outpost in orbit around Rigel and invite the Empire to station a science team and starships at the base; the Empire accepts, dispatching a scout cruiser and three scout frigates.
3587 Archeologists from the Imperial University at Prometheus discover ruins of a 140,000 year old Dragon outpost in Sector 407 and surmise its demise at the hands of the Hitzarchi Plague.
3588 B'dr'rak pirates attack the Antares Station, causing major damage and hundreds of causalities; the Coreward Command begins aggressive pirate sweeps.
3589 A Naval patrol searching for B'dr'rak pirates in Sector 371 discovers a massive Gatebuilder complex in orbit around a rouge brown dwarf, triggering a secret Ministry of Defense salvage expedition.
3590 An accident or booby trap at the Gatebuilder complex in Sector 371 detonates the brown dwarf, resulting in a nova-like explosion and a public Naval Review Board investigation.  Menes Khudar wins the Tigarvati Prize for his drama of hypothetical Sagittarian civilization, Cybertopia.
3591 Unprotected Humans walk on the transforming surface of Europa for the first time; Prince Cleon tours the newly created island of Minos near the equator and predicts that Phase IV, terraformation of the Jovian system, will be complete within fifty years.
3592 Adventurer Robert Farquar leads an unsanctioned expedition through Grand Federation space with the goal of crossing to the Sagittarian arm; his four vessels are last seen at a Zreem outpost in Sector -01,+16,-01.
3593 A B'dr'rak pirate attack on the Cargomen settlement of Broad End Mesa prompts a combined Imperial Navy and local response; the local naval commander allows Cargomen vessels to participate in the raid against the pirate's base camp.
3594 Crown Prince Olav assumes chairmanship of an Imperial commission reviewing the rights and treatment of quarantined protected intelligent species within the Empire, now numbering nearly three hundred.
3595 Swarm researchers discover ruins of a second Dragon outpost in Sector 381, confirming earlier findings of a Hitzarchi Plague-induced collapse, though they also reveal that a primitive society persisted for another twenty thousand years.
3596 The Imperial Navy captures a Khabaderan vessel and crew during a raid on a B'dr'rak pirate outpost, sparking a diplomatic crisis with the Grand Federation.
3597 The Ministry of Colonization allows the Turgil, Khaddahl and Brennar to each establish a second colony world.  The Grand Federation offers the Empire an official apology for not preventing aid from flowing to pirates and pledges to aggressively pursue any citizens aiding B'dr'rak "renegades".
3598 After a CID attack leaves him crippled, King William III of Mars abdicates in favor of his daughter, who becomes Queen Anna II.
3599 Ibrahim and two thousand attendants begin a tour of the Empire aboard a chartered cruise liner; the tour features public prayers and speaking engagements on fifty worlds.  Queen Anna II of Mars announces a series of public works and monumental projects aimed at "affirming the pride and aspirations of Martians."
3600 The Emperor grants full rights and autonomy to the Cargomen, Birds, Orm and !Tak, reducing the naval presence in their territories and allowing them to maintain local system military units and to contribute vessels and crews to the Imperial Navy.  Martial law continues in B'dr'rak space, with Rogar citing piracy and anti-Imperial sentiment for extending restrictions for another century.
3601 B'dr'rak pirates attack two !Tak outposts in Sector 396, prompting a retaliatory raid by the 162nd Fleet and attached !Tak units.  The Time Travel Society awakens in Australia to thousands of eager applicants, encouraged by a popular biography of David Travers; Travers wisely decides to franchise the Society, filling all 120 births of the original facility by lottery and allowing the rest to build nearly twenty facilities scattered on Earth and other Solar planets.
3602 Crown Prince Olav leads a delegation to the Pasduchi homeworld to discuss Minor Race membership.  Olav later accompanies several Pasduchi representatives on a tour of Minor world capitals and the Solar System.
3603 The Pasduchi enter the Empire as a Minor Race.
3604 The Imperial Exposition at Alberta on Mars showcases the Queen's grandiose Pavilion Complex and the growing Spires of the rejuvenated city.
3605 Crown Prince Olav travels to Khald'aron and later tours the Khald'aron base at Rigel.  Ibrahim returns from his journeys and proclaims the importance for all Humans to visit their homeworld at least once, marking the beginning of the Ibrahimite Terran pilgrimage.
3606 On Cyclops, Army Chief of Staff General Arlo Dunkannan leads a coup that overthrows King Aaron II; the subsequent military junta strips the Nobility of all power and titles and exiles the royal family.
3607 General Dunkannan declares himself President of the Sapien Republic of Cyclops and begins detaining all two million local Nobilis for deportation; the Emperor dispatches the Eight Fleet, the Third Marine Army and an Imperial Guard cruiser squadron to Cyclops.
3608 The Emperor negotiates a compromise settlement on Cyclops, calling for free election in two years and the restoration of civil rights and most property to Nobilis citizens.
3609 B'dr'rak pirates seize the luxury liner Glorious Night, holding four thousand wealthy Imperial citizens hostage; Imperial Marines led by Major Bandar Kane use subterfuge to recapture the vessel, killing most of the hijackers, but saving all of the hostages.
3610 On Cyclops, Arlo Dunkannan dies in a disintegrator attack on his headquarters just weeks before the general election; as the world descends into riots and chaos, Imperial forces intervene to establish order and martial law, but over two hundred thousand perish.
3611 Baron Howlan Chin resigns from the Ministry of Commerce and begins his writings on economic history; Rogar creates him Count of Macao.
3612 Rogar marries his twelfth wife, Lady Manda Sullivan of Terra.  Imperial supervised elections on Cyclops proceed smoothly, as does the adoption of a liberal Constitution that protects both Nobilis and Sapien rights.
3613 Emperor Rogar II issues an edict further limiting Ministry of Justice jurisdiction on Member worlds, though specifically exempting treason and murders of Imperial citizens from local law enforcement.  Imperial forces withdraw from Cyclops.
3614 Lord Van Maxwell of Venus wins the Tigarvati prize for his Echoes of the World, a full sensory experience of the Gaian Venus.
3615 The outgoing methane-breathing Saa of Chundaan in Sector 38, first discovered in 2962, achieve spaceflight with fission rockets and accept an invitation to join the Empire as a Minor Race.
3616 Crown Prince Olav travels to Focus as part of the official delegation accompanying the new ambassador and meets with the leadership of the Primary Races.
3617 An unexpected catastrophic volcanic eruption devastates Janus in Sector 5, killing thirty thousand instantly and another fifty thousand in subsequent tsunamis and ash falls; Imperial relief agencies and Ministry of Science atmospheric modifiers struggle to save lives and stabilize the environment.
3618 Harlo Dilman publishes the Path of Golden Stasis, calling for a society that forgoes constant change in order to gradually stabilize in a secular technological paradise.
3619 Nestor Crowl wins the Tigarvati Prize for his incremental cellar biomorphisis technique, a method that leads to safer genetic alteration therapies and, eventually, the Elixir and Extensor anagathics treatments.
3620 The experimental shuttle Ultra successfully lands a crew on the white dwarf Procyon B in a test by Hercules Heavy Industries of their newest gravity shielding and force field technologies.
3621 The Imperial Navy discovers and destroys the combined B'dr'rak-Human pirate complex of Ragnarok on a rouge planet in Sector 397.
3622 The government of Europa declares the terraformation of their world to be complete, holding a celebratory ceremony at the new capital of Crystalis Utopia.
3623 A Natani assassin kills the Duke of Thebes.  Workers on Luna uncover the shattered remains of a Dragon outpost near Mare Moscoviense, mostly destroyed by an ancient meteorite impact.
3624 Howlan Permas, Primal of Mechanism on Karinsky announces the first successful "reincarnation" of a computerized "soul" into the cloned body of Fazzi Barduk.  Mechanism begins a resurgence as an accepted religion and life extension protocol, with property rights and Imperial citizen privileges granted to the subsequent incarnations of Mechanist followers.  Ibrahim denounces the Incarnates as "soul-less simulacra" and other mainstream religious leaders ban Mechanist reincarnation and protest the Incarnates' legal standing.
3625 Empress Manda dies in a hunting accident on Dorian Minor; Emperor Rogar II was the shooter in the mishap.
3626 The Khald'aron report that their expedition to the Orion Nebula has been lost.  Numerous wild theories of Nebular demons begin to replace Sagittarian conspiracies in the popular imagination.
3627 As a response to to Dilman's work and the Mechanist reincarnation, Norman Buchanan publishes Discourse on the Future of Humanity, calling for a path that welcomes change and progress but calls for gradual cyborgization and genetic improvement rather than Mechanist reincarnation or extreme cyborgization at the expense of biological life.
3628 Fire destroys much of the Kalmaran royal palace of Svartfjell; Prince Tor is credited with saving many ancient artifacts, including James McKnight's Martian EVA suit.
3629 The terraformation of Ganymede reaches official completion, marked by festivities attend by the Emperor.
3630 Prince Cleon tours the Jovian system, visiting his half-brother Alexander's tomb at the Jovian War Memorial and giving a dense and often analyzed speech concerning the past and future of Humanity.
3631 King Roban II of Paradise suffers a CID attack, rendering him partially paralyzed, and he abdicates in favor of his son, who becomes King Garth of Paradise.  The Ministry of Defense tests a secret Mode IV microjump prototype, the X-47 Rapier, making a run from Sol to Fomalhaut at 13.68 light years per day.
3632 Emperor Rogar II marries Countess Melana Durvas of Caen, France, his thirteenth wife.
3633 The first secret Mode IV Dagger Class frigates enter service as military scout and communications vessels.
3634 After a disputed election, warfare erupts on Crius in Sector 51; the losing faction, the Progress Party of Crius (PPC), begins a guerilla campaign, sabotaging data networks and detonating explosives in the major cities.
3635 Three Imperial Marine regiments from the Coreward Command arrive on Crius to combat the rebels. Terraformation officially ends on Callisto, though the world remains cold with most surface settlement concentrated in the temperate equatorial belt.
3636 Venus uses the Imperial Exposition in Lakshmi to showcase new biological constructs and enhancements, proclaiming a theme of biological enhancement over cyborgization.
3637 The first genetically altered Fliers take to the skies above Luna, the Jovian moons and the rare colony worlds with high atmospheric pressure and low gravity, like Dorian Minor.  PPC rebels on Crius kill Marine Major General Dame Regina Torvald, prompting a larger buildup of Imperial troops and pinpoint bombardments of rebel positions.
3638 Empress Melana dies of CID-related seizures; the Emperor insists on an independent autopsy, which verifies the Empress's death as a natural CID mortality.
3639 The Ibrahimite church begins distributing and promoting the Elixir, an annually consumed drug that slows aging to one fiftieth, allowing a Human life span of 1000-2000 years; Terran and Imperial regulatory bodies approve the Elixir, confirming that secret trial studies had been underway for decades.  After a popular uprising in favor of the PPC, Emperor Rogar orders the withdrawal of Imperial forces from Crius and recognizes the provisional government's representatives to the Imperial Congress and High Council.
3640 An exposé by Shannea Fendal of Hercules exposes the military Mode IV program, leading to a public demonstration of the technology.  Former King Roban II dies on Paradise at age 653, beginning an extravagant funeral proceeding attended by both the Emperor and the Crown Prince.
3641 Crown Prince Olav visits the B'dr'rak homeworld under heavy security, meeting with local officials to come to terms with the rights and responsibilities of Imperial Membership.
3642 Ibrahim officially expels the Nobility from his church, accepting the conservative view that they are an aberration of Humanity; he also affirms the prohibition against Eternal treatment and denounces regeneration therapies as a deadly sin against the Creator and the Human body; in return the, Ibrahimite church distributes the Elixir to the Chosen, all loyal members who adhere to church doctrine.  The Emperor accepts Ibrahim's decision to expel the Nobility as an exercise of religious freedom, but warns Ibrahimites not to disobey Nobilis temporal authorities.  The Emperor marries his fourteenth wife, the very young and beautiful Lady Shayla Trieburon of Luna, in a lavish public ceremony.
3643 Violent anti-Nobilis riots break out on Macaroba, Islam, New Palestine and Fatima, with radical Ibrahimites calling for the expulsion of all Nobilis residents.
3644 Empress Shayla commits suicide on her twenty-eighth birthday, completely destroying her body in a plasma gun discharge.  Ibrahimite renegades assassinate the Duke of New Palestine and his family plus six other prominent local Nobles.
3645 The Emperor refuses to intervene when Amin, the new Duke of New Palestine reasserts control of his world and orders the mass execution of Ibrahimite extremists.  Ibrahim denounces the New Palestinian Nobility as butchers, but renounces the actions of his extremist followers and announces that assassinators and their families will be denied the Elixir.
3646 The Ministry of Science licenses Mode IV microjump technology to major Imperial starship producers under restrictions preventing export to the Grand Federation or non-Imperial races.
3647 Hercules Heavy Industries demonstrates an 8m Mode IV personal starship at the Dragonfly Rally.
3648 The twenty-five year old Miss Venus Nobilis, Lady Elana Durabrovick becomes Emperor Rogar II's fifteenth wife.
3649 King Garth of Paradise dies suddenly of CID at age 562; his son, Ivan Kamarov, becomes King after another extravagant funeral ceremony, where the former king is buried in the pyramid erected for his father.
3650 The Imperial Navy thwarts an attack on Antares Station by B'dr'rak extremists; alleged cooperation from B'dr'rak authorities leads to some unrest and much debate in the B'dr'rak worlds.
3651 Ibrahim enters meditative seclusion in the Arabian desert.
3652 For the first time, the Betelgeuse-Antares Rally allows two classes of entrants, Mode III and Mode IV.  Three Mode IV vessels enter the BAR, with the winner, Lord Anton Jurallos' White Fire, completing the race in 78 days 21 hours.  The Emperor celebrates his six hundredth birthday in a lavish celebration in Byzantium.
3653 Maxwell Biogenics perfects its Majestic Flyer genetic modification; allowing a modified individual to fly from the surface of Mars or Mercury and soar from the cliffs of Terra or Venus.
3654 The terraformation of Io officially ends, completing the Jovian Collapse Project; the world remains a hot caustic desert, but surface travel is possible without protection.
3655 Crown Prince Olav breaks off his recently announced engagement to Lady Tania Turvel of Artemis, citing personal incompatibilities.
3656 Planetary engineers on Rama begin battling an ice age arising from a sudden decrease in solar output.
3657 Empress Elana and eight members of her entourage die when their touring shuttle crashes into the sea just north of Lada on Venus; the subsequent investigation blames multiple systems failures.
3658 Ibrahim emerges from his meditation to present the Great Book of Golden Islam, also known as the Golden Book of Ibrahim, which becomes the core text of Ibrahimism or Golden Islam.
3659 Prince Cleon undergoes Majestic Flyer modification on Mercury.  The Martian government begins the Beads of Mars project, planning to string a dozen asteroids in orbit above the world.
3660 Imperial Navy squadrons destroy the last three major B'dr'rak pirate bases, effectively ending B'dr'rak resistance.
3661 The Naturalists establish a pre-industrial colony on Westphalia in Sector 419.  A group of aging Artificially conceived Nobles form the Remnant Artificial Association, lobbying for reinstatement of Artificial conception for Nobles; they fail to convince either Prince Cleon of Mercury or King James of Africa, both Artificial sons of Emperor Rogar I to join their cause, which Cleon dismisses as politically and historically untenable.
3662 The Swarm Admiral Solid Road Ahead mutinies with a squadron of Swarm vessels from the 46th Fleet, proclaiming himself Protector of the Swarm race and calling for independence from the Empire; few Swarm citizens support his cause.  The Imperial Rimward and Central Commands mobilize to search for the Swarm rebel squadron, destroying it in the pitched Battle of December Fourth in Deep Space near the renegades' cometary base.
3663 A Ministry of Science research team discovers a derelict Gatebuilder facility on an airless world around a red dwarf in Sector 254; though completely non-functional, the many nearly intact buildings make this discovery a trove of information on the Gatebuilder race.
3664 Human pirates led by Donavon Patrick capture the Mode IV racer Brennan's Flame during the Betelgeuse-Antares Rally, selling the vessel to Grand Federation agents, then releasing the crew for a ransom.
3665 After a series of appeals reach to the Emperor, the Ministry of Defense accepts Ibrahimite dress, prayer and medical protocols as approved variations of the Military Code.
3666 Imperial Marines capture Donavon Patrick and members of his crew; after a public trial for piracy and high treason, they face a military execution at Antares.
3667 With the resignation of Lord Regas Bannon as Minister of State and the appointment of Dame Heather Mbeki as his replacement, the Emperor's entire cabinet is composed of Sapiens.
3668 Ministry of Defense, Justice and Commerce leaders announce the commencement of Operation Clean Sweep, a coordinated, Empire-wide action against remaining pirate operations.
3669 A group of heavily modified Humans, calling themselves the Tunes, colonize the atmosphere of Neptune.
3670 The Mermen of Venus and Poseidon accept enhancements to allow survival at deep sea pressures.
3671 The liner Comet's Trail,with over 8,000 Ibrahimite pilgrims crammed aboard, disappears en route from Islam to Terra.
3672 The self-styled pirate Captain Adolphus XIII defeats a squadron of Imperial Navy ships at Bedouin Lun in Sector 211 and begins a spree of raids against Spinward and Rimward settlements and vessels.
3673 The Imperial Navy cruiser Black Diamond disappears while on patrol in Sector 187, prompting an extensive and futile search for the ship, a victim of an attack by Adolphus XIII.
3674 Emperor Rogar personally fires Command Admiral Lord Jonas Chin, an outspoken Remnant Artificial, as commander of the Central Command; citing gross dereliction of duty, though many observers suspect secret evidence of treason or a coup plot.
3675 Adolphus XIII raids, loots and destroys the Imperial Naval Base at Fafnir in Sector 199.  The Emperor discharges the Sector and Command Admirals for the 199th and the Spinward Command and places a bounty on Adolphus XIII.
3676 A private team of retired Imperial Navy and Marine personnel infiltrates Adolphus XIII's organization and captures him, bringing him to Gades for trial and execution; Rogar knights the bounty hunters while dismissing ten additional Navy and Marine flag officers.
3677 Chameleon skin modifications become the newest rage among the New Colonies and later, the Central Region, with the genetic modification allowing nearly instantaneous changes to skin hue and patterns.
3678 Imperial Guard troops occupy the Imperial High Council after a prolonged occupation of the chambers by Nobles demanding a review of the restrictions on Artificial conception and protesting the declining numbers of Nobles appointed to high positions in the bureaucracy and military.
3679 Trials against occupiers of the High Council chambers mostly end in reduced charges and suspended sentences, though three ringleaders, known as the RA Three, receive fifty year terms to the Imperial Detention Center at Fomalhaut V.  Modified Ioians begin a nomadic lifestyle on the world's surface, setting themselves apart from the unmodified inhabitants of the mostly subsurface cities.
3680 Twelve years after it began, and under a new set of mostly Sapien Command Admirals, Operation Clean Sweep officially ends with all major pirate organizations eradicated.
3681 The first group of Vacules, Humans modified both biologically and cybernetically for vacuum and zero gravity begin to appear in the Belts of Sol.
3682 The Emperor's Conclave of New and Old Philosophies convenes on Mercury, with representatives and philosophers from ancient and modern religions meeting to discuss common themes and tolerance; disruptions by Artificial Rights protestors over their philosophy's exclusion highlight the muddled nature and marginal benefits of this conference.
3683 Admiral Chingar Brootavarani becomes the first Khruzi Command Admiral, assuming control of the Spinward Command at its new Mendam headquarters.
3684 The Imperial Exposition on Io highlights the transformation of the harsh world into a technological paradise.
3685 King Kane of Atlantis makes a rare address in favor of "considering the Artificial Question", prompting a harsh rebuke from the Emperor.
3686 The Imperial survey border reaches four hundred light years from Sol, not counting the Coreward Bulge and the Taurus-Orion Trail, both of which stretch beyond 550 light years from Sol.
3687 Anton Turki-Mellon becomes King of Atlantis upon the abdication of his father, Kane, who cites personal reasons for ending his 870 year reign.
3688 Increasing insanity among the Tunes of Neptune leads to the end of the conversion project, with the remaining six thousand Tunes restricted to a monitored environment in the atmosphere of the gas giant.  The Ministry of Science begins studies into the psychological effects of extreme genetic modification.
3689 Queen Anna II of Mars presides over the completion ceremonies of the Beads of Mars and delivers a speech emphasizing Martian Pride.
3690 Extensor, a generic form of the Elixir becomes available on Deseret and soon spreads to other worlds, allowing non-Ibrahmites to benefit from its age-reducing capabilities.  Extensor's complex preparation process slows its standard adoption as a standard component of health care, but it does effectively replace Restoration regeneration therapy within decades.
3691 The RA Three disappear from the Fomalhaut V detention center in what Imperial Guard investigators uncover as an inside operation to free them.
3692 Vacules begin colonizing the asteroid belts of Alpha Centauri and the Hercules system.  The acclaimed Imperial Exposition on Khruzi marks the first hosting by a non-Human world.
3693 In a bid to repair his ties to House Turki, Rogar marries his sixteenth wife, Princess Helena Turki-Bannon-Mellon of Atlantis, a great-grand-niece of his eighth wife and a great-great-granddaughter of King Anton, in a ceremony atop the Outer Centauri Ring.
3694 Hercules holds the Conference of Ideas, inviting religious, philosophical and activist leaders, including Artificial Rights activists, to discuss differences and coexistence; despite a failure to agree on a Declaration of Principles, the Conference is considered a positive move, with another scheduled in a decade.
3695 Ibrahim condemns all but therapeutic genetic modifications as violations of the pact between the Creator and the Chosen.  More liberal Ibrahimite scholars, led by Josef Bkumi form the Open Islamic Church, call for allowing more leeway for minor cybernetic and genetic modification.  Ibrahim excommunicates the "Open Heretics."
3696 The tragedy-plagued Imperial Exposition at Paris on Terra suffers from a fatal grav platform collapse accident, killing 107 just before Open Ceremonies, and a lethal genetic plague of unknown origin that kills 12 and sickens thousands, leading to an early closing right after the completion of Olympic competitions; investigators determine the plague to be of "probably natural" origin.
3697 A media blitz from the hidden RA Three and the now incognito Kane, ex-King of Atlantis, begins clandestine broadcasts calling for repeal of Amendment XI.  Karl, the aged and long retired first King of Atlantis denounces Kane and the Artificial Rights movement.
3698 Mutating data viruses cripple the world sphere of Islam, leading to system failures and accidents that kill tens of thousands of people; an investigation panel blames improper controls, untrained staff and antiquated equipment for the disaster.
3699 Ibrahim, hoping to quell an anti-technology backlash to the Islam Breakdown, reiterates to his followers that technology is a tool of the Chosen and they must wield it well to avoid disasters.
3700 Rogar lifts military restrictions on the B'dr'rak, allowing them full integration as an Imperial Major Race.  The Ministry of Commerce ends economic restrictions on B'dr'rak worlds and the Ministry Colonization opens a B'dr'rak settlement evaluation office.
3701 The long-awaited report on extreme genetic modifications documents the dangers of these procedures but indicate that the Vacule modification seems less hazardous than other extreme treatments; the concluding summary recommends that modifications be limited to cosmetic or minor enhancements or extensions of abilities.  Members of the Time Travel Society awaken in Australia and at subsidiary facilities; the fad long gone, no new members join the program and 20% of the 3601 members drop out of the Society.
3702 The Imperial Guard arrests over thirty Artificial Rights activists on treason charges related to protest broadcasts; all receive long sentences at the reorganized and expanded Fomalhaut detention center.
3703 The Emperor travels to B'dr'rak under heavy security, receiving a generally favorable welcome.
3704 The Artificial Revolt begins when Empress Helena leads a widespread Nobilis insurrection in favor of Artificial Rights.  Backed by renegade Imperial Navy and Marine elements and household units, the rebel Nobles attempt to seize control of Byzantium and Ultima Thule.  With the aid of fanatically loyal Imperial Guards, Emperor Rogar and Crown Prince Olav escape ambushes and rally loyalist forces, capturing the Empress, and defeating the rebel fleet at the Battle of Proxima, a fray that also kills the RA Three and Kane Turki-Mellon.  After a few minor skirmishes, the rebellion collapses as loyalist Nobles hurry to arrest AR dissidents and proclaim their loyalty to the Emperor.  In a series of secret trials, the Ministry of Justice convicts and executes over 6,000 Nobles for treason, including Empress Helena.
3705 In a bargain to save his House from further prosecution, Atlantian King Anton abdicates and his ancestor, 1,500 year old Karl Turki, resumes the throne of Atlantis with Imperial blessing.
3706 The Betelgeuse-Antares Rally runs its last Mode III race with participants in the Mode IV contest outnumbering their slower colleagues four to one.
3707 The Emperor allows twenty thousand Nobilis active in the Artificial Rights movement to settle in exile on Caldera in Sector 391, twenty light years from Kumar.  The Caldera colony, ruled by former King Anton of Atlantis, receives special dispensation to practice Artificial reproduction, but looses the privileges of Imperial Citizenship for themselves and their descendants.
3708 Delayed by the Revolt, the second Hercules Conference of Ideas finally convenes and produces a closing Declaration of Tolerance from all participants.
3709 Lord Stefan Altus of Hibernia forms the New Mystic movement after describing his visions of a higher plane of existence; drawn vaguely from Buddhist, Tao and Christian teachings, the movement influences styles and culture more than behavior.
3710 Social unrest on Nova spreads to violence between the "Clone Children" and the "Naturals"; the government of Nova begins an education and outreach program to lessen tensions.  The Emperor's three hundredth Jubilee draws over a billion visitors to Terra and Kalmar.
3711 The Scout cruiser Adeline discovers a derelict Gatebuilder starship in Sector 956, surveying the vessel before the self-defense systems activate, kill four crew members and eventually destroy the artifact.
3712 The Imperial Exposition at Nairobi contains an exhibit showcasing last five million years of Human evolution; with primitive pre-Human species genetically restored and living in separate simularium ecologies.
3713 Crown Prince Olav, accompanied by Prince Cleon of Mercury, travels to Hallowed to meet with the Founders in a private discussion of cultures and history from which emerges Cleon's final book, The Tides of Orion.
3714 Lana Zhang wins the Tigarvati Prize for her epic Rivers of Mercury.
3715 King Joseph IV of Venus suffers a series of CID-related seizure and abdicates in favor of his daughter, who becomes Queen Eliza.
3716 A B'dr'rak delegation participates in the Olympic games of the Imperial Exposition at the Red Fort on Mercury; Prince Cleon opens the games with another dense speech on racial relations in the Empire.
3717 Colonists on Camilla in Sector 77 face the emergence of a hibernating predatory species that kills a third of the fifty thousand settlers before Imperial Marines eradiate the predator.
3718 Harlo Dilman publishes The Steps to Golden Stasis, a follow-up to his earlier work that lays out practical principles for achieving the Golden Stasis and calls for the creation of Enclaves, or worlds colonized on the principles of the Stasis; critics refer to Dilman's followers as "mental Statics".
3719 The Ministry of Science and the Alimeen Industrial Council begin work to recreate worm drive technology at the Halo Four research facility in the outer Alimeen system.  The Scout frigate Aden discovers a rapidly spinning black hole in Sector 704.
3720 The White Plague, a mysterious illness causing insanity and occasionally death, spreads across Titan, instigating a quarantine that eventually affects the entire Solar system.
3721 A Titanian team lead by Sirin Baddok discovers the viral cause and cure for the White Plague, earning her ennoblement as the Countess of Enceladus; the Plague killed seven thousand and sickened millions before the cure was found and distributed.
3722 Crown Prince Olav begins a yearlong sabbatical among the Comans, learning their culture and songs.  Prince Cleon's The Tides of Orion wins the Tigarvati Prize.
3723 Former King Joseph IV of Venus dies and receives an extravagant funeral supervised by Queen Eliza; an unknown assassin kills Eliza and dumps her body into the pyre of her father; her daughter Tabitha becomes Queen of Venus.
3724 Scouts encounter the microjump-capable Serlian of N'Cheeta in Sector 430; this former Grand Federation race is friendly but insists on maintaining cultural and spiritual purity through isolation; the Ministry of Science places the Serlian home system and two nearby colony worlds under protective quarantine.
3725 Reports surface that implicate a secret Imperial Guard bioweapons research facility in the Oort cloud as the accidental source of the White Plague; the Emperor orders a secret investigation and publicly calls for greater safeguards, moving all bioweapons research outside settled systems.
3726 The Emperor travels to Nova to praise the government and its people for successfully overcoming social unrest without violence; during the visit, the Imperial Guard foils an assassination attempt by Lady Silvia Kassidi of Hera.
3727 Disruptions, brawls and limited ship-to-ship combat at the Dragonfly Fair leads to new security procedures to protect rowdy participants from each other.
3728 Lord Sean Kassidi, brother of the executed Lady Silvia, attempts to kill the Emperor during opening ceremonies of the Imperial Exposition at Santiago on Terra.
3729 The Quick Pathers, an eccentric offshoot of the Golden Stasis, attempt to overthrow the government of Dionysus by taking control of planetary data systems; after assistance from the Imperial Sixth Fleet, the plot quickly collapses.
3730 Betelgeuse unexpectedly supernovas and collapses into a black hole just four days after the commencement of what turns out to be the last running of the Betelgeuse-Antares Rally; with less than a day's notice of cascading instability, haphazard evacuation of facilities leaves at least five hundred people reported missing and presumed dead; evacuees reach Kumar and other surrounding worlds, where panic precedes a more orderly assessment of risks.  Science probes hurry to explore the expanding supernova shock wave.  The scout cruiser Flannelly is lost with all 463 crew exploring the sixty-day shock wave and three other vessels suffer damage and casualties.  Pavl Nerta's Fireward wins the last BAR in a record 78 days 4 hours, celebrating for two week before news of the supernova reaches Antares.
3731 The Rimward Command mobilizes to monitor the Betelgeuse supernova and supervise contingency planning, banning all commercial flights within ten light years of the supernova.
3732 Kumar begins constructing shelters and hardened facilities to withstand the supernova gamma burst expected in twenty-five years and the particle storms expected up to fifty years into the future.  The Ministry of Colonization puts a hundred year moratorium on new colonies within fifty light years of Betelgeuse, effectively shutting down colonial operations in Sector 791 and most of 790.
3733 The heavily shielded scout cruiser Schrödinger enters the Betelgeuse system to examine the newly formed black hole and collect super-heavy element samples.
3734 An undetected 400m asteroid strikes the colony world of Hengshan in Sector 43, causing widespread destruction and thousands of casualties; an investigation blames a faulty sunward sensor array assessment AI, prompting a multi-world recall of the affected two hundred year old units.
3735 A second voyage to the Betelgeuse black hole by the Schrödinger establishes automated probe stations in the system and records dramatic images of debris approaching the event horizon.
3736 The Imperial Racing Federation runs the first Kumar to Nachen Rally with only twenty participants and marginal advertising revenues.
3737 The first Fire Dragon hunt on Io takes place, with hunters vying to kill the genetically engineered monsters across the scorched surface and skies of the world.
3738 The Flannelly Memorial Station opens at Dragonfly to host Fair participants.  Emperor Rogar kills a Fire Dragon on Io after a hunt that causes the commander of the Emperor's Personal Guard, Brigadier Lord Tomas Bylen, to resign in consternation.
3739 The Ministry of Science establishes a permanently staffed Betelgeuse Monitoring Station in orbit around the black hole.  A second running of the Kumar-Nachen Rally attracts a larger field and better revenues and establishes the new race as a regular event.
3740 The Imperial scout frigate Oasis first surveys Lanander.  Terra celebrates the millennium of planetary reunification under Emperor Rogar I and Empress Hanna and begins preparations for millennial Imperial celebrations.
3741 David, King of Asia dies in a speeder accident at age 837; his granddaughter Randi becomes Queen of Asia.
3742 The Emperor authorizes strictly supervised commercial super-heavy element recovery in the Betelgeuse system.
3743 An unspecified accident at Maxwell Biogenics' bioresearch facility in the UV Ceti system forces the destruction of the station by elements of the Central Command; over seven hundred researchers and dependents lose their lives.
3744 Byzantium hosts the Imperial Exposition, opening the large New Mall near the Imperial Palace with bureaucratic offices formerly occupying the site shifted to underground or sky-borne facilities.
3745 After King Ivan of Kalmar suffers a mental breakdown, his son, Crown Prince Tor assumes effective leadership of the world and the Kalmaran branch of House Roosevelt.
3746 Crown Prince Olav sponsors the Heshar Conference, drawing delegates from Imperial Major Races, Grand Federation Primary and Secondary Races and the Khald'aron; the Emperor attends the final session to discuss peace, commerce and possible joint scientific endeavors.
3747 A team of seven Nobilis terrorists from Caldera dies in an exchange of fire with Imperial Guard units on the New Mall at Byzantium; the Calderan government disavows any sponsorship or knowledge of the attackers.
3748 The Betelgeuse supernova becomes visible on Luminous, the nearest inhabited world.  Colonists and thousands of tourists endure the weather disturbances in shelters, then continue perpetrations for the particle onslaught expected over the ensuing decades.
3749 A group of Vacules establish a commercial outpost at the Masoud Memorial Station at Betelgeuse.
3750 Lady Margrette Donner-Zhou is born into a prominent new Nobilis family on Bengal.
3751 Fires devastate Swarm 021, a colony world in Sector 157, generating Rimward Command assistance to evacuate nearly a million residents from the northern continent and provide atmospheric relief.
3752 The Emperor celebrates his seven hundredth birthday with a yearlong event that coincides with the Imperial Exposition on Kalmar.
3753 Kith'turi merchants protest Imperial trading policies within their territories by boycotting Imperial goods and denying Imperial vessels transit rights though their systems; a joint Imperial-Federation commission convenes to mediate the dispute.
3754 After successful mediation, Imperial trade resumes in Kith'turi regions.
3755 Unknown assailants attempt to penetrate the Imperial reserve depot at Ultima Thule; sentry forces destroy both intruding microjump vessels, leaving little evidence.
3756 The Anderson Group on Libertas begins producing humanoid Leonid genetic Constructs for entertainment and household duties.
3757 The Betelgeuse supernova lights the skies over Kumar in an event witnessed by the Emperor and Prince Cleon.
3758 Undercover Imperial Guard agents foil a plot to smuggle antimatter explosives into the Golden Palace at Byzantium, arresting dozens of Nobilis conspirators and tracing the plot back to two minor members of the Turki family on Atlantis.
3759 The Ministry of Science sponsors Grand Federation and Khald'aron scientists in a joint expedition to the Betelgeuse black hole; a Zhretra science team launches probes to the edge of the event horizon.  Four main conspirators in the Golden Palace antimatter plot are executed on Terra; the rest receive lengthy sentences.
3760 At the Imperial Exposition in Mexico City, Emperor Rogar II celebrates his 350th year Jubilee and announces that he intends to step aside after five hundred years as Emperor in 3910.
3761 An unknown intruder murders the popular and glamorous Baronial couple Luke and Tara of Sylmaria on Eden, prompting the "Mystery of the Millennium", a complex investigation immediately spawning rumors and conspiracy theories.
3762 The King of Eden orders Special Adjudicator Gwendolyn Rakash to solve the Sylmarian murders.
3763 The Justice Party, a hard-line authoritative organization ruled by a committee of five conservative zealots, takes over the government of Freedom.
3764 Gwendolyn Rakash arrests Lord Pavl Banderhas for the Slymarian murders, but he dies in custody before standing trial.  Political refugees begin fleeing Freedom.
3765 In a rare public dispute, the Emperor overrules his Crown Prince Olav and denies permission for a joint Imperial-Federation mission to the Sagittarian Arm.  Brigadier Lord Tomas Bylen becomes commander of defense forces on Erta.
3766 The Justice government of Freedom, citing unrest, bans three opposition parties and delays planetary elections for two years, prompting further unrest.  The supernova particle storm peaks on Luminous.
3767 A delegation of Freedomian dissidents petitions the Emperor to mediate a return to democracy on their world; The Emperor invites Justice Party officials to meet with him and the dissidents at Kalmar, but is rebuffed.
3768 After bloody demonstrations on Freedom, the Emperor recognizes the Freedomian government in exile as the legitimate rulers of the world and authorizes the Imperial Third Fleet and Second Marine Army to intervene; after a quick strike on the  Party infrastructure, the world welcomes Imperial intervention and temporary martial law; all five Justice Party leaders die resisting Imperial intervention, two in suicide attacks.
3769 Princess Melena Hu is born as the eldest grandchild of Randi, Queen of Asia.  The Emperor pardons all Justice Party officials on Freedom of Imperial crimes, but suggests a reconciliation tribunal to settle outstanding claims of murder and torture.
3770 After free elections on Freedom result in a liberal coalition victory, the Imperial military withdraws from the world.
3771 The Ministry of Commerce agrees to allow full commercial development within the Betelgeuse supernova shell, designating a sphere expanding at .4c from the black hole to be commercially safe.  Lady Margrette Donner-Zhou moves to the Imperial court at Byzantium to continue her education at the Imperial University.
3772 Kith'turi and Yerman merchants begin boycotting Imperial goods in protest of tariffs and trade dumping practices; many Coreward worlds respond by boycotting Grand Federation goods and increasing transit fees.
3773 A cold northern winter, including a freak snow storm in Byzantium, prompt greater examination of Terran weather controls now struggling for centuries to avert a new ice age.
3774 Khruzi explorers locate a failed Dragon colony in Sector 773, recovering hibernation chambers with dead but otherwise intact 143,000 year old Dragons.
3775 Crown Prince Olav accepts an invitation to visit the Than and renews the Imperial quarantine after touring the growing cities of the reborn civilization.
3776 Ceremonies in Philadelphia on Terra commemorate the millennial of the founding of the Solar Empire and complement the extravagant Imperial Exposition.  Lady Margrette Donner-Zhou receives a Masters degree in Government with Highest Honors from the Imperial University at Byzantium and begins an internship with the Imperial Staff Office.
3777 Researchers at the Imperial University on Prometheus demonstrate a short-term stasis generator, able to stop time for up to six weeks.
3778 Crown Prince Olav and his retinue die in the accidental collision between the yacht Infinity and a half meter debris chunk near Terran orbit.  Emperor Rogar II secretly declares his nephew Crown Prince Tor of Kalmar as heir.  The Emperor marries his seventeenth wife, Lady Margrette Donner-Zhou of Bengal, in a private ceremony at the Golden Palace.
3779 Princess Jena is born to Empress Margrette; after confirming paternity, Emperor Rogar publicly proclaims Jena as Crown Princess and heir to the Empire.  Minister of Commerce Sir Johan Merle resigns after fail to resolve the growing Grand Federation trade dispute.
3780 At Empress Margrette's bidding, Lord Stefan Patel assassinates Emperor Rogar II with a plasma pistol during the closing ceremonies of the Imperial Exposition on Luna.  The Imperial Guard guns down Lord Patel and takes Margrette into custody.  The Imperial Congress and High Council narrowly confirm Jena as Empress and Margrette as Regent, but the Imperial Guard does not release Margrette until both Crown Prince Tor and Prince Cleon publicly swear allegiance to the Empress and Regent.  The three months of uncertainty on Terra prompt a brief revolt by Command Admiral Lord Joseph Trinh of Coreward Command in favor of Tor as Emperor, leading to a small skirmish at Antares before Trinh resigns and surrenders to Admiral Baroness Alyssa Tan.  In the ensuing chaos, Kith'turi forces cross the Imperial border, raiding three trading outposts and two colony worlds and initiating the Second Federation War.
3781 Kith'turi raiders continue strikes against the Imperial frontier and begin supplying arms to B'dr'rak rebels.  Admiral Tan leads a strike into Kith'turi territory, but quickly retreats, suffering heavy casualties and triggering a Federation response from Salvaatiki and Eenikiti forces.  The Regent requests Orlan D'Juma to return to service to unite the Navy and fight the Grand Federation; he agrees, becoming Naval Chief of Staff and taking personal control of the Coreward Command, sending Admiral Tan to secure loyalty in the Trailing Command.
3782 Grand Federation fleets from the Tze't and Fontan join forces pressing into Imperial territory.  Elements of the Eenikiti-led Combined Fifth Fleet besiege Nachen, withdrawing after a counterattack by D'Juma.  Regent Margrette uses mostly Bengali household troops to put down continuing Noble resistance to her rule and completes a purge of the Imperial Guard.  Crown Prince Tor of Kalmar reiterates his support for the Regency.  The Fifth Combined Fleet retreats to Federation territory after loosing the Battle of Antares to D'Juma.  The aging Hellking fleet begins combat readiness preparations at Ultima Thule.
3783 A general uprising in B'dr'rak Space results in a massacre of Human settlers and the retreat of surviving Naval units.  B'dr'rak raiders begin attacking Imperial Space as the Khabadera join the Federation combat forces fighting to open a corridor to B'dr'rak Space.  Flanking Federation squadrons occupy a number of Imperial worlds, including Erta.  The Regent, secured by a loyalty vote in the Imperial Congress, orders a full war mobilization.
3784 The !Tak collapse into civil war, a substantial part of their forces defecting to the Federation cause.  A dozen Federation fleets join up with B'dr'rak raiders and begin an envelopment of the Coreward Command.   D'Juma concentrates his forces and requests reinforcements.  Kith'turi deep strike forces briefly capture Heshar, but retreat as Admiral Tan leads elements of the Trailing Command against them.  Margrette strips fleets from all other regions to relieve D'Juma.  Kumar suffers through maximum particle flux from the Betelgeuse supernova.  Federation commerce raiders flood the Coreward Region.
3785 A major Eenikiti-led Federation force shreds the Spinward Command, destroying hundred of ships in a series of engagements including the Battle of Khruzi and the Battle of Mendam, where Command Admiral Charka Khrubattal falls defending his headquarters.  D'Juma escapes a pincer attack at Namerin in Sector 312 and then defends against a major Federation attack at the Second Battle of Nachen.  The Hellking Anubis squadron joins up with D'Juma, representing the first relief from the Central Region.
3786 Relief forces, including five more Hellkings, reach D'Juma at New Sicily in Sector 690.  D'Juma begins counterattacks to liberate lightly occupied Imperial worlds and establishes secure communications with the Central Region.  A small Kith'turi raiding squadron reaches Kalmar, where Prince Tor leads the local defense forces to a decisive victory, destroying all but the single ship he manages to capture.  Imperial forces begin operations against commerce raiders and restricting all commercial and private traffic to escorted convoys.
3787 Aggressive patrols by the Imperial Navy and liberation missions by the Coreward Command combine to create a secure war front.  The Regent receives a requested 20% increase in GDP allocations.  The Hellking Persephone falls to an ambush at Standish.  The Baroness of Nokara, Darla Berg, liberates her world and assists Imperial forces in liberating Erta.  The Regent officially cancels the '88 Imperial Exposition at Orpheus.
3788 Sector Admiral Sir Nauzi Kamerinsky defeats a superior Federation force at the Battle of Hollis Lun in Sector 373.  The !Tak civil war ends in a victory for the pro-Federation forces and !Tak worlds issue a formal proclamation, withdrawing from the Empire.
3789 D'Juma names Kamerinsky to lead the Spinward Command and assigns him Operation Tandem, a coordinated campaign along the Spinward Regions backed by three Hellking squadrons.  A B'dr'rak suicide raid against D'Juma's headquarters at Nachen fails under the bombardment of the Hellkings Anubis and Mara.  !Tak raiders begin attacks against the relatively lightly defended Southern Frontier.  Jena makes her first public appearances in Imperial Millennial ceremonies at Byzantium that are understandably muted by the war.
3790 Kamerinsky's forces liberate Khruzi and Mendem, fighting the pitched Second Battle of Khruzi and loosing the Hellking Seth, but firing at retreating forces at the Rout of Mendam.  D'Juma begins Operation Charm, an offensive aimed at retaking the B'dr'rak worlds.  Noticing that half the Primary Races are still abstaining from the war, the Alimeen send diplomatic missions to Focus and to Un'aa'gram, beginning a cease-fire dialogue.  A severe winter blankets Terra's northern hemisphere.
3791 Federation fleets begin a major offensive against the Coreward and Northern fronts, killing Admiral Tan aboard the Hellking Pluto at the Battle of March Fifth in Sector 69.  The Federation offensive falters after the bloody Battle of Tangir in Sector 74 and the Battle of Alsace in Sector 102.  Imperial raiders strike deep into Kith'turi space, targeting major worlds and industrial centers.
3792 The war front stabilizes as Imperial forces continue the push against B'dr'rak worlds.  Dressed in an elaborate living gown, Jena makes her first public address at the opening of the Imperial Exposition at Melbourne on Terra.  A Swarm fleet under the command of Sector Admiral Clear Pattern Emerges joins the Coreward Command.
3793 With the campaign to liberate Imperial worlds proceeding slowly, Regent Margrette requests and receives another 20% increase in GDP taxation despite heavy opposition in the Imperial High Council.  The pro-Imperial !Tak leader K'tak'k'k the Bold liberates himself and thousands of followers from a detention camp on P'dak'ta and reignites the !Tak civil war, receiving limited aid from Imperial raiders.
3794 D'Juma ends Operation Charm by abandoning efforts to control the B'dr'rak core and concentrates his forces on liberation of occupied worlds.  Kamerinsky completes the liberation of Spinward territory and turns his forces toward the !Tak worlds.  A major Grand Federation offensive along the Coreward front falters after the bloody Third Battle of Nachen and pyrrhic Battle of Sandsea, where the Hellking Kali succumbs after destroying five Grand Federation capital ships.  Alimeen negotiators leave Focus after achieving no success in peace talks.  Command Admiral Sir Olibar Oswald begins strikes into Salvaatiki territory.
3795 Imperial raiders begin selective strikes on Eenikiti and Khabaderan military and economic targets deep within Grand Federation space.  The Regent authorizes long range scouting mission to explore the possibility of opening a second front near the Tze't worlds on the Federation's Spinward flank or against the Federation's Rift border.  The Coreward Command continues a steady campaign of liberation.
3796 The Imperial liberation campaign triumphs, recapturing all but twelve high-population B'dr'rak worlds and seven !Tak worlds and overcoming light Grand Federation counterattacks.  Alimeen negotiators return to Focus.
3797 Armistice negotiations begin in earnest as fighting subsides and the Imperial Hellkings form three battle groups, advancing on B'dr'rak, !Tak and Salvaatiki regions.
3798 Grand Federation and Imperial diplomats agree to a temporary ceasefire after negotiations at Antares.  The final status of rebel B'dr'rak and !Tak worlds and occupied Salvaatiki systems hinders a permanent settlement.  Backed by Imperial forces, K'tak'k'k the Bold captures the major !Tak world of !!T'kan.
3799 The scout cruiser INS Potaski returns to Imperial Space after completing a three year, 7,000 light-year circumnavigation of the Grand Federation border.  The Imperial Navy begins shifting units from the Coreward to their home regions, but maintains a wartime state of alert.  B'dr'rak and Salvaatiki negotiators withdraw from talks at Antares.  Imperial patrols in Sector 685 encounter the aloof Octopods, a militaristic race, retreating after several skirmishes.
3800 The Imperial High Council and Congress convene to overwhelming confirm Jena as Empress on her 21st birthday.  Margrette steps down as Regent, but her daughter asks her to act as Chief of Staff and to assume the post of Minister of Defense; she also becomes Princess of Bengal, a ceremonial ruler of the democratic world.  Empress Jena marries Ivan Kamarov, King of Paradise in a public ceremony at the Imperial Exposition in TransVeeder on Paradise.  The Empress lowers the GDP tax by 20%.  B'dr'rak suicide raiders strike in a coordinated stealth attack, crippling the Antares Station and killing four thousand, including most of the assembled diplomats, and simultaneously striking populations centers on Nachen, killing over 250,000.  The Empire breaks off armistice talks and begins raids against B'dr'rak and Grand Federation targets.
3801 Federation squadrons open a corridor to the B'dr'rak core worlds and reinforce defensive positions.  Admiral Kamerinsky and K'tak'k'k the Bold combine forces and retake the !Tak worlds; K'tak'k'k the Bold proclaims himself !Tak Primus and enforces loyalty to the Empire.  Promethean researchers develop a small portable stasis generator, able to create 10cm stasis spheres.  The Time Travel Society emerges at their main facility in Australia; faced with the war, no old members drop out, but defections by the 3601 membership lead to the closing of three subsidiary centers.
3802 Cleon Kamarov, future Emperor Cleon II, is born on Terra to Empress Jena and King Ivan.  Admiral Kamerinsky and the Hellking Erebus fall at the Battle of November First during a deep penetration mission into Kith'turi space.  The Empress reverses previous tax cuts to pay for the ongoing war.
3803 Bengali Technics produces a prototype stasis missile and wins an Imperial contract to produce a suitable weapons system.  An Eenikiti-led fleet group begins a major push through Sectors 374 and 148, faltering under heavy counter attack by the Trailing Command and turning back after defeat by Command Admiral Lord Stafan Singh at the Battle of Yasmin.
3804 Alimeen and Atlantian engineers complete the first prototype worm drive starship, the XP-1 at the Promixa Proving Grounds.  The Imperial Exposition on the Swarm homeworld of Megahive receives low attendance but both the Empress and her mother attend.  The Coreward Command defeats the last regular Federation units in B'dr'rak Space.  The Empress authorizes D'Juma to use the remaining five Hellkings on planetary targets at his discretion.
3805 Construction begins on Viper class worm drive escorts.  Two B'dr'rak worlds surrender under threat of Hellking bombardment.  Negotiations resume on Antares.  A deep penetration squadron led by Captain Hornan Deng attacks shipping at the outer edge of the Focus system before retreating under heavy pursuit; after he returns to his base with no casualties, the Empress knights Deng and promotes him to Commodore.
3806 Construction begins on larger worm drive vessels, including Broadsword class cruisers armed with stasis cannons.  Under command of Admiral D'Juma, the Hellkings Loki and Kronos destroy the B'dr'rak world of Tsh'tk, killing over two billion sentients.  Some B'dr'rak raiders begin accepting amnesty in return for surrender, and under threat of Hellking attack, the Empire occupies three more B'dr'rak worlds.  Lydia Kamarov is born on Terra to Empress Jena and King Ivan.
3807 The Grand Federation begins another concentrated offensive, pushing through Sectors 101, 107 and 127, attempting to cut off the Spinward Command and pushing toward Khruzi from the North.  With only the B'dr'rak home system still resisting, D'Juma moves his Hellking-backed fleets North into Kith'turi Space, pressing toward the Kith'turi homeworld.
3808 The first Viper class worm vessels join the Coreward command in scouting and penetration missions.  The Hellkings Anubis and Mara destroy the Kith'turi industrial complex at Jitar's End.  The Grand Federation Spinward offensive falters after the indecisive Battle of September Seventeenth in Sector 349.
3809 Command Admiral Dame Grace Fatzi-Tanner-Fink threatens the B'r'dr'ak homeworld with Hellking destruction, prompting the Great Battle of B'dr'rak, resulting in the crippling of the Hellking Immat, but devastating B'dr'rak resistance.  The Empress authorizes the construction of five Skull class worm drive Hellkings.  D'Juma leads the Coreward command against Kith'turi and Salvaatiki resistance, crushing their combined fleet at the Battle of Binder's Horn.  The remnants of the Grand Federation Spinward offensive cross back into Federation space, pursued by a squadron of worm drive vessels led by the first two Broadsword cruisers and a group of Oberon class frigates.
3810 The Grand Federation sends a delegation to Antares to negotiate an immediate armistice based on current fleet positions and an end to all Federation aid to B'dr'rak and other occupied worlds.  Empress Jena accepts the terms with a few minor modification to ensure a defensible Imperial border and orders an end to all hostilities.  The Second Federation War ends with the signing of the Antares Armistice by all Grand Federation Primary races; Margrette and Orlan D'Juma sign for the Empire.
3811 Resistance ends on B'dr'rak.  Empress Jena reduces taxes to pre-war levels, but orders a major Naval shipbuilding and modernization program to develop a worm drive based Navy.  Attempts by civilians to declassify worm drive technology meets with fierce Imperial resistance.  Queen Randi of Asia suffers a severe CID attack and abdicates in favor of her granddaughter Melena.
3812 The Imperial Exposition on Callisto celebrates a return to peace and emphasizes the extravagant styles of the Jenan Era.  Martial law ends on the !Tak worlds, with K'tak'k'k the Bold attending the Exposition and apologizing to the Empress on behalf of his people.  James Farrar, King of Africa dies in a teleport accident near Kampala, at age 1056; he leaves his realm to his great-great-great granddaughter Hanna.
3813 The Ministry of Colonization repeals wartime restrictions on Coreward settlements and lifts the moratorium on settlements near Betelgeuse twenty years ahead of schedule.
3814 A mixed group of Sapiens seeking life without Nobilis rule settle Lanander and a few surrounding worlds in Sector 320.  The first Skull class Hellking, Apollyon, enters service.
3815 Mechanist researchers on Karinsky perfect the soulbox, a portable recording device for a Human personality pattern; while allowing for easy storage and reincarnation, a Mechanist finding disallows multiple Incarnates based on the same pattern, citing the indivisibility of the soul and wanting to avoid a legal and philosophical morass.  The Mechanists begin offering Backup services to protect the personalities of people expecting mortal danger.
3816 Ibrahim denounces the soulbox, rejecting the notion that a soul can be transferred to a machine; he calls for the excommunication of anyone who undergoes a reincarnation procedure and refuses to recognize the "Humanity" of the Incarnates.  Deseret hosts the Imperial Exposition, with the moderate Mormon majority displaying a mostly secular world to visitors.
3817 B'dr'rak piracy resumes in scattered Coreward systems.  Prince Cleon marries Queen Melena of Asia in a public ceremony at the Black Palace on Mercury.  Empress Jena reconfirms the Imperial citizenry and rights of restored Mechanist Backups, but bans Nobilis Backups.  Margrette resigns as Minister of Defense, but retains her position as Chief of Staff of her daughter's household.  Admiral D'Juma agrees to continue on as Supreme Imperial Commander, a post reporting directly to the new Minister of Defense, Sir Tarn Shakvilli.
3818 The Primal of Mechanism restricts soulbox use to members of his movement and enforces a mandatory tithing to wearers of the soulbox.  The Empire declares war on the Federation after intercepting a Eenikiti transport at a B'dr'rak pirate base, beginning the Third Federation War.
3819 The Imperial Navy begins an advance into the generally unprepared Federation border regions, encountering resistance from Kith'turi and Salvaatiki forces and provoking a counterattack by Broital battle fleets in Sector 310.  D'Juma divides the Coreward Command into two fleet groups, leading the southern flank against the B'dr'rak and giving Sector Admiral Sir Hornan Deng command of the northern flank against the Kith'turi, Salvaatiki and Broital.
3820 Admiral Deng defeats the Broital main battle fleet at the Battle of Orcus and occupies the Broital systems.  D'Juma wins the fierce Battle of Rr'tk'ku, losing the Hellking Mara and four battleships; he orders the Azazel and Anubis to destroy the world, killing nine billion B'dr'rak.  Melena Farrar, daughter of Prince Cleon and Queen Melena, is born on Mercury.  Despite the war, the long delayed Imperial Exposition at Orpheus takes place as scheduled, with opening ceremonies conducted by the eighteen year old Crown Prince Cleon.
3821 The B'dr'rak surrender unconditionally and generally begin to cooperate against their own renegade pirates.  Admiral Deng besieges the Salvaatiki homeworld of Tandaarom.
3822 The Grand Federation agrees to an immediate armistice, ceding control of the Broital worlds and sections of Sectors 698 and 699.  Both the Kith'turi and Salvaatiki surrender, with their home systems now on the Imperial border.  The Grand Federation promises to stop aiding piracy in a separate treaty signed at Tandaarom.
3823 Terran planetary engineers report a successful return to "normal" climatic conditions on the planet, eliminating the fear of an ice age.  Admiral Deng becomes the military ruler of the B'dr'rak Pacification Zone.
3824 The Imperial Navy begins an aggressive decommissioning of microjump vessels, flooding the commercial market with surplus ships.  Imperial patrols eliminate the last B'dr'rak pirate bases.
3825 The Broital enter the Empire as a Major Race.  Empress Jena formalizes all annexations and accepts the new Imperial border over Grand Federation objections.  The four hundred year old Hellking Loki is decommissioned at Ultima Thule at a ceremony commemorating the war effort.
3826 King Ivan of Kalmar dies of complications from his mental condition and a degenerating nervous system; his son becomes Tor II, King of Kalmar.
3827 The Imperial Racing Federation resumes the Kumar-Nachen Rally, last run in 3780.  Imperial scouts encounter the information era methane-breathing Latra in Sector 945.
3828 After evidence that the Grand Federation has produced prototype worm drive vehicles, the Ministry of Defense allows commercial development of worm drive technology.
3829 The Technologist Review Board dismisses the soulbox as the wrong path for Humanity, proclaiming that the brain must remain an essentially organic device and decrying what is lost during a soulbox melding.  The Latra join the Empire as a Minor Race.
3830 Martian miners discover the compressed remains of an 800 million year old alien complex beneath the floor of the Hellas Sea.
3831 Several manufacturers showcase the first commercial worm drive vehicles at the Dragonfly Fair.
3832 The Imperial Exposition on Delphi features the return of !Tak athletes, a massive Swarm cultural center and a showcase of extreme fashions and Human cosmetic modifications, both biological and cybernetic.
3833 The Kumar-Nachen Rally features the first worm drive vessels, with Lady Sheela Drang piloting the Hammertooth to victory in the worm drive event with a time of 53 days, 7 hours.  The Imperial Racing Federation decides to hold the Kumar-Nachen Rally annually and race exclusively worm drive vehicles.
3834 Negotiations between the Empire and the Grand Federation over a permanent peace settlement and formal border agreement collapse over disagreements on border buffer zones and customs procedures. 
3835 Prince Cleon of Mercury leads a delegation to Focus, intent on restarting permanent peace negotiations, but departs after two months, citing infighting among Grand Federation Primary Races.
3836 The Empire loosens marital law restrictions in the B'dr'rak Pacification Zone and allows the Broital to begin rebuilding a self-defense fleet.  Empress Jena introduces the modified Human Valkyries as her personal bodyguard.
3837 The Solar system suffers a series of unexplained violent solar flares causing the destruction of three space vessels and a world-wide radiation alert on Venus.  The Golden Stasis philosopher Harlo Dilman publishes Joining the Machine a manifesto calling for acceptance of soulboxes and melding technologies by all Humanity, including Nobility.
3838 Count Alik Despanja of Tripoli issues a proclamation entitled Revolt Against Tradition and declares himself White Emperor, advocating a revolt by the Nobility over issues of Artificial Status and Mechanist Prohibition.  The Imperial Central Command crushes Alik's revolt and destroys his ragtag fleet of his household forces and a scattering of Nobilis supporters.  An Imperial Marine force occupies Tripoli and installs Alik's cousin Lerana as Countess.
3839 The Imperial Guard arrests Harlo Dilman for propaganda in favor of Alik's revolt.  The Kith'turi begin supplying arms to Kith'turi and Salvaatiki rebels within the Empire.  After a special Ministry of Justice trial and a failed appeal to the Empress, the Imperial Guard executes Alik Despanja, Harlo Dilman and three others for treason.
3840 Kith'turi pirates attack and destroy the Imperial colony of Wanda in Sector 689 and attack several Naval outposts along the border.  The Imperial 689th Fleet responds with a raid on the Kith'turi homeworld of Kith'tas.  D'Juma requests the activation of the Hellking fleet.  The Grand Federation declares war on the Empire, beginning the Fourth Federation War.
3841 The Grand Federation displays a united front at Focus and calls for a full mobilization against the Empire.  B'dr'rak pirates using worm drive raiders strike at scattered commercial targets deep within the Empire, reaching all regions but the Rimward.  Jena orders a full mobilization and increases taxation by 30%.
3842 Prince Cleon of Mercury dies of CID at the Black Palace at age 1038; after a private cremation ceremony, his daughter Melena, becomes Princess of Mercury, and his wife, Queen Melena returns to her palace at Xian.  Grand Federation Battle fleets from all Primary and many Secondary races mass near the Imperial border and reinforce Kith'turi and Salvaatiki positions.  Zhretra raiders initiate attacks on Imperial supply centers.
3843 The Grand Federation begins a methodical advance into Imperial Space, bypassing pockets of resistance, like D'Juma's Battle Groups at Nachen and Antares, and pushing to line within 380 light years of Sol.  Empress Jena authorizes the use of soulboxes for non-religious members of the Order of the Emperor's Sword and the Order of the Gryphon to encourage bold actions by heroes.  D'Juma organizes twenty defensive strongpoints and harasses the Federation flank, slowing the advance of their fleets.
3844 The Grand Federation fleets occupy most worlds within a line 350 light years from Sol and begin flanking maneuvers to the Trailing, Spinward, North and South of Sol.  Imperial forces continue a fighting retreat, launching raids against Federation command centers.  Kith'turi, B'dr'rak and Zhretra raiders force the Empire to group all civilian shipping into convoys.  Admiral Deng launches a major raid against the Fontan command fleet at the Battle of Sidon in Sector 106, destroying six Fontan capital ships and withdrawing with few losses.
3845 Federation raiders reach even the Rimward region, with Zhretra ships destroying the Tavis Beta mining settlement in Sector 392.  The Grand Federation main offensive stalls at a line 340 light-years for Sol and D'Juma begins counterattacking along seams between the disparate Federation racial fleets.  Hundreds of minor battles and skirmishes illuminate the Coreward regions.  Nokaran and Ertan forces retake Erta. 
3846 Troubled by the course of the war, Jena increases taxes by a further 20% over loud protests from the Council of Advisors.  After a deadly Kith'turi attack on Old Colony world of Ghandi, the Empress declares martial law across the Empire and mobilizes for total war.  Large elements of the Imperial Guard leave Sol for the Coreward Front.  D'Juma defeats a Un'aa'gram-Zhretra fleet at the Battle of Din Gatara in Sector 341.  Under increasing attacks by Imperial forces massed in the Central Region and suffering strikes from the rear by D'Juma and Deng, the Grand Federation fleets begin concentrating around prize worlds, abandoning lesser systems in an attempt to duplicate D'Juma's strongpoint strategy.  An Eenikiti-Khabadera fleet destroys the Hellking Anubis at the Battle of Chundahar in Sector 338.
3847 Allowing the Grand Federation to keep their strongpoints, D'Juma launches Operation Cactus, designed to encircle Kith'turi and Salvaatiki Space and open up the Grand Federation interior for deep raiders.  Admiral Deng launches Operation Tahiti against B'dr'rak and Yerman positions.  Deng sacrifices the Hellking Kronos in the process of destroying the B'dr'rak world B'tr't'tu and then presses on to annihilate H'pt'tuk with the the Beelzebub and Satan, killing twelve billion B'dr'rak on the two worlds.  B'dr'rak resistance ends and B'dr'rak piracy drastically declines as the victorious Deng enters the B'dr'rak system.
3848 D'Juma begins offensive operations against Kith'turi and Salvaatiki worlds and begins a flanking attack into Fak Space.  Deng launches attacks against Yerman industrial centers and probes the Mormargr frontier.  Grand Federation occupation forces begin mass executions of Human civilians at their strongpoints in response to actions against the B'dr'rak worlds.  The Imperial Navy begins deep strike attacks on Grand Federation population centers, especially Eenikiti and Khabaderan worlds, in response to the civilian slaughter.  Imperial forces begin liberation campaigns aimed at the Grand Federation strongpoints.  The Empress attends the Imperial Exposition on Cyclops under extraordinary security; Imperial Guard vessels defeat a Zhretra squadron bound for Cyclops, but the Empress refuses to cancel the festivities.
3849 Imperial forces under Command Admiral Lady Ami Strand liberate the last Grand Federation strongpoints, defeating the Eenikiti Grand Admiral Master of Silent Strength at the Battle of Tanadanda.  D'Juma and Deng withstand waves of Grand Federation counterattacks.  Deng threatens the Yerman homeworld with Hellking destruction and the Yerman capitulate after an outer moon is turned into a cinder as a demonstration.  The Fak surrender to forces under Sector Admiral Dame Wynda Fratelli.
3850 The Hellkings Apolllyon, Azazel and Lucifer each destroy one Kith'turi colony world.  The Grand Federation begins negotiations aimed at establishing Rules of War to govern conduct against civilian targets.  Imperial forces occupy Zhantlas, the homeworld of Federation Humans.  Raids against Imperial shipping and outposts greatly decrease as the Zhretra recall their raiders.  Imperial researchers at Hercules develop a Mode V microjump drive that theoretically offers a 7% performance increase over Type A worm drives, but the Imperial Navy declines to pursue the technology.
3851 The Kith'turi homeworld Kith'tas surrenders to D'Juma under threat of Hellking bombardment.  D'Juma presses into Salvaatiki Space, forcing the capitulation of Tandaarom after a failed attack on the Azazel by desperate defenders.  The Mormargrs surrender to Admiral Deng.
3852 Admiral D'Juma personally leads Operation Sword, a combined fleet led by three Hellkings and five Oberon class battleships, deep into the Grand Federation Core.  At the Battle of October Thirteenth, D'Juma defeats the First Grand Federation Battle Group, loosing the Apollyon and the battleship Siegfried in the struggle and barely escaping with his life.  Admirals Deng, Strand and Fratelli secure the Imperial Front to a line 500 light-years Coreward from Sol and withstand multiple Grand Federation counterattacks.  The Empress attends the Imperial Exposition at Helena in Sector 158, promising, despite the heavy security and marital law, that the end of the war is in sight.
3853 D'Juma defeats a Grand Federation Armada at the Great Battle of Eenititee, and then again in pursuit at the Great Battle of Sisyphus, leaving much of the Federation Core open and causing the collapse of Grand Federation offensive operations along the frontier.  Admiral Deng dispatches Fratelli with four full battle fleets and a Hellking squadron to reinforce D'Juma's forces.  Imperial forces occupy the Kraz worlds.
3854 Admiral Orlan D'Juma wins the largest engagement in the history of the Empire or the Grand Federation at the Great Battle of Focus on June 3-7, loosing the Hellking Satan and Admiral Fratelli, but soundly defeating the combined might of the Grand Federation's finest Admirals and leaving their capital exposed.  The Grand Federation sues for peace, accepting a dictated permanent border line 500 light-years coreward from Sol and agreeing to sign a Treaty of Friendship and Economic Cooperation on Imperial terms at Nachen on December 5.  The Empire formally annexes territory including the Kith'turi and Salvaatiki homeworlds, all of Yerman, Fak, Mormargrs and Kraz Space and Zhantlas.  The Kith'turi, Salvaatiki, Yerman, Fak, Mormargrs and Kraz enter the Empire as Major Races subject to a century of martial law.
3855 Empress Jena honors the end of the Fourth Federation War with a Celebration of Heroes, including ennoblements and knighthoods for for thousands of decorated veterans.  The Empress also ends martial law, lowers taxes to prewar levels and recalls the Rimward and Central Commands and the Imperial Guard from the Grand Federation Frontier.  The Federation Humans of Zhantlas agree to Imperial rule after Jena proclaims Sector 365 the Zhantlas Autonomous Region.  Imperial forces occupy and incorporate the Balloonite home systems in Sector 801 and incorporate them as a Major Race.  Khabaderans begin abandoning their sixty worlds now under Imperial administration; over the next fifteen years, over 16 billion Khabaderans, 96% of those in Imperial space, resettle within the Grand Federation.
3856 Orlan D'Juma resigns his commission and accepts appointment as Viceroy of Antares, a post created by Jena to coordinate rule on the Grand Federation border.  Command Admiral Hornan Cheng accepts appointment as Supreme Imperial Commander.  The lavish Imperial Exposition at Athens on Terra celebrates seven thousand years of recorded Terran history and the peace that the Empire hopes will finally last.  In recognition of their service, the Empress declares the Quadrons, Turgil, Khaddahl and Brennar Major Races.  Imperial forces occupy the Iceworm homeworld and incorporate them as a Major Race.
3857 Jennifer te Fallos publishes the Tigarvati Prize winning The Age of Gods and Heroes, an account of the exploits of enhanced commando fighters during the Fourth Federation War.  The Imperial Navy begins a demobilization campaign that retires all remaining microjump vessels.
3858 Growing evidence of of a high incidence of insanity among Incarnates severely restricts the popularity of soulbox Backups among non-Mechanists.  Admiral Cheng puts down a uprising on the Salvaatiki world of Challadorom, threatening the rebels with the Azazel.  Imperial scouts encounter the fusion era Rootjalik in their home system in Sector 430.
3859 Crown Prince Cleon marries Princess of Mercury Melena Farrar in a public ceremony at Byzantium.  The Empire of Humanity and the Grand Federation of Races sign the Protocols of Antares, banning attacks on civilian targets and the use of biological or quantum-mechanical agents.
3860 Empress Jena and Mechanist Primal Valter Kandall issue a joint proclamation banning all use of soulboxes outside the Mechanist faith.  Mechanist conversions fall sharply as reports of insanity among Incarnates continue.  Crown Prince Cleon and Princess Melena host the Imperial Exposition on Mercury.
3861 The Rootjalik formally decline an invitation to join the Empire as a Minor Race, but agree to participate in cultural and trade relations, sending a small delegation to Sol.
3862 Princess Margrette travels to Focus with a formal diplomatic delegation and then continues on a tour of newly incorporated worlds and races on the coreward border; the Imperial Guard thwarts an assassination attempt on Kith'tas.
3863 At Byzantium, Princess Melena and Crown Prince Cleon give birth to their son Olav, future Emperor Olav II.
3864 The Imperial Exposition on Hercules showcases new technologies and intricate art compositions; Crown Prince Cleon competes in several shooting events at the Exposition games, but is never in medal contention.
3865 Construction begins on the Winter Palace on Bengal; the Empress and her mother envision a sprawling complex of crystal with galleries open to the public and a new Great Mall.
3866 Crown Prince Cleon attends the Drangonfly Fair and purchases an elaborate yacht, the 70,000 m3 Dancing Gryphon, to carry himself and his entourage on hunting expeditions across the Empire.
3867 An abortive coup on Murukan in Sector 32 comes to a bloody end with !Tak mercenaries fighting Imperial Marine reinforcements requested by the local Nobility; over thirty thousand civilians die in the struggle before the rebels and their hired guns surrender.
3868 The Imperial Exposition is held in the Dorian system, with new sporting events for Majestic Fliers and hunters on Dorian Minor; Crown Prince Cleon receive a silver medal in the horned tashir hunting competition.
3869 Princess Melena and Crown Prince Cleon give birth to their son Orlan, future Prince of Bengal, aboard the Dancing Gryphon.
3870 At the invitation of Countess Tanda of Titan, a delegation of Iceworm diplomats establish an enclave on the surface of the Saturnian moon.
3871 The Winter Palace opens on Bengal, with Empress Jena and Princess Margrette attending the ceremonies and exhibitions.  The "Plain Human" movement, a reaction to cosmetic enhancements, begins on Mars and soon spreads among growing cliques throughout the Empire.
3872 Unsettled economic reverberations from the war, demobilization and altered economic relations with the Grand Federation lead to the start of the first serious Empire-wide recession in three centuries, demonstrated by a sharp decline in information transfer and innovations.
3873 The Ministry of Commerce implements a tax cut to stimulate the faltering economy and suggests a series of Chinist economic manipulations.
3874 The Mechanist soulbox acquires its modern form: a 100cc molecular box attached to the base of the skull, containing a running brain pattern backup and a small clone tissue sample.  Increasing reliability of Incarnate restorations begins to improve Mechanist conversion rates.
3875 An abortive revolt on Kith'tas falters after the Kith'turi fail to gather Grand Federation support.  Admiral Deng quickly imposes a blockade of Kith'turi systems.  Empress Jena orders a complete disarmament of the Kith'turi and institutes a century of martial law.
3876 Queen Tabitha opens the Imperial Exposition on Venus and survives an assassination attempt that kills her husband and two children; an investigation leads to the arrest of four prominent Ibrahimite radicals who face trial, then execution.  Queen Tabitha's grandson Joseph becomes her heir.
3877 The economic decline slips into a fifth straight year, with Chinist policies failing to correct imbalances.  Budget allocations dominate Imperial Congress debate.
3878 The Imperial scout frigate Orange encounters an extremely hostile fusion era race, dubbed the Warmongers, in Sector 318 and retreats after suffering heavy damage.  The Warmonger system is placed under Imperial Naval quarantine.
3879 Empress Jena celebrates her hundredth birthday in a lavish month-long party that brings some disparaging remarks, based on current economic conditions.
3880 Admiral Deng retires after one hundred years of active duty; the post of Supreme Imperial Commander remains unfilled.  "Plain Human" protestors complaining about economic stagnation disrupt the Imperial Exposition on Tyr.
3881 Princess Margrette steps down as Chief of Staff of the Empress's household, but remains her daughter's chief advisor, though she spends half her year on Bengal.
3882 After ten years of overall decline, the Imperial economy appears to reach an overall equilibrium, but many worlds and regions suffer from increasingly chaotic economic fluctuations.  Chinist theorists concede that the current pattern defines their analysis.
3883 The Minister of Commerce, Lord Jonas ver Baldisar, resigns at the Empress's request; his successor, Sir Henrico Stavi of Nova, resigns after six months.
3884 After a searing parody, The Apemen, cascades across the Empire, the "Plain Human" fad dies, replaced by a resurgence of outlandish cosmetic biological and cybernetic enhancements.
3885 Formal treaty agreements signed on Zhantlas allow Federation-born Humans to travel freely between the Empire and the Federation; they soon become the major traders between the two states.
3886 Rootjalik gravstar vessels enter the Serlian home system and occupy outlying outposts before besieging the Serlian homeworld of N'Cheeta.  Imperial observation forces monitor the situation, but do not interfere.
3887 After Rootjalik ships begin a nuclear bombardment of N'Cheeta, the Empress orders a quarantine of the Rootjalik system and offers aid to the Serlian.  The Serlian request Imperial protection for N'Cheeta and its two outsystem colonies; the 430th Fleet complies, engaging the Rootjalik attackers and garrisoning the two colony worlds.
3888 After destroying the Rootjalik attack force and intercepting and capturing gravstar vessels emerging in the Serlians' two colony systems, the 340th Fleet proceeds to the Rootjalik home system and offers an ultimatum; the Rootjalik comply, stand down their navy and accept Imperial quarantine.
3889 Sir Fazzi Turuk, a noted Ibrahimite economic historian and philosopher, perfects the models needed to achieve economic stability and publishes a set of general theorems for the "Universal Economy".
3890 Dame Janys Trebelli of Terra becomes the tenth Minister of Commerce in as many years; she begins an aggressive implementation of Turuk's economic theorems.
3891 After putting into action Turuk's theorems, the Imperial economy regains stability, but growth is muted and innovation continues to suffer.
3892 The Dragonfly Fair begins holding its Outlandish Design contest; the first winner: the Golden Wing, designed by Roberta Yen, a ship in the form of a giant swan.
3893 Private explorers discover a ruined Gatebuilder complex in orbit around red dwarf binary stars in Sector 482; the Imperial Southern Command declares a quarantine on the system.
3894 Strong economic growth resumes in the Coreward and Central Imperial regions.  Dame Janys Trebelli turns down an offer of ennoblement and announces her conversion to Ibrahimism.
3895 Archeologist Sir Mikal Romne publishes Ancient Martian Gods, a popularized account drawn from decades of careful analysis on the Hellas Sea find; he postulates an ancient star-faring race of centipede-like creatures that once tried to modify Mars' climate.
3896 Vulcan, long a backwater, hosts the Imperial Exposition, a major step in the world's revitalization as a research hub and tourist destination.
3897 Crown Prince Cleon narrowly escapes death while hunting a blitzenbeast on Gwydion; for the rest of his days, he regards his regenerated right arm as a source of pride; the blitzenbeast got away.
3898 Quadron renegades begin piracy against isolated outposts and ships on the extreme northern frontier.
3899 The Golden Stasis philosophy regains some of its former appeal with the ascension of Dona Emane as self proclaimed High Priestess; her teachings emphasize a return to Dilman's core teachings and acceptance of a pseudo-Nobilis appearance in the cause of reaching uniform prosperity and contentment.
3900 The !Tak homeworld of A!Ta'pak hosts the Imperial Exposition, the first for a former Grand Federation race.  The Empress celebrates her one hundredth Jubilee at three events, on Terra, Kalmar and Bengal.
3901 The Time Travel Society emerges in Australia and subsidiary locations; though few members leave the program, they institute a set of reorganizations that will scatter subsidiaries to other worlds within the Solar system after the next awakening.
3902 Dame Helena Chavik receives the Tigarvati Prize for her work defining and treating the psychoses of aging.  Floods damage much of lowland Tellus on Venus, displacing millions.
3903 Sir Carlos Sanchez becomes Minister of Colonization and begins an aggressive program to colonize the frontier regions, especially the Coreward areas gained by the wars.
3904 Sir Fazzi Turuk wins a belated Tigarvati Prize for his Universal Economy work and receives recognition from Jena for restoring the Empire to economic wellbeing.
3905 The Solar Belt High Council approves The Glittering World Project, a plan to redevelop Psyche as a showcase of new art and technology.
3906 A Majestic Flyer assassin kills Juan deSalva, the elected King of Luna; prompting a massive manhunt that spreads from the Solar system to thousands of worlds.
3907 A team of bounty hunters identifies deSalva's assassin as Sarl Hadley, but the fugitive eludes them on Orpheus.
3908 The Imperial Exposition on Mars, sprawled across five major sites, begins a trend of increasingly elaborate Expositions, with a wide variety of official and unofficial games and exhibit pavilions showcasing the growing extravagance of the Jenan Age.
3909 Prince Olav Kamarov, grandson of the Empress and the future Olav II, marries Princess Alexandra Anderson, a descendent of the King of Libertas.  Sarl Hadley assassinates the Count of Maya, Jorj Hadderas, and escapes offworld.
3910 Kith'turi pirates begin scattered attacks against civilian settlements in the Coreward regions, prompting increased naval patrols.
3911 Dona Emane announces her transformation as the first Futaris Variant, starting a trend among the Golden Stasis followers.  Sarl Hadley dies on Kadesh during a battle with his pursuers.
3912 Rama hosts the Imperial Exposition on a specially created artificial island that mimics Vedic myths.
3913 The sun of the world Manitou in Sector 42 begins an erratic phase, dimming over most of the year, then producing a massive flare; the Empress dispatches stellar engineers and equipment to help stabilize the situation.
3914 Prince Olav and Princess Alexandra give birth to the future Emperor Olav III at the Golden Palace.  Prince Orlan Kamarov marries Princess Tabitha deAres, granddaughter of the Queen of Mars.
3915 Rootjalik forces overrun the Imperial quarantine fleet and and launch seven macrojump vessels toward the trailing frontier; the 430th fleet mobilizes to reestablish the quarantine and asks for Trailing Command assistance to hunt down the escaping vessels.
3916 Prince Orlan and Princess Tabitha give birth to the future Emperor Cleon III at Lowell on Mars.  Stellar engineers stabilize Manitou's sun.
3917 The Imperial Navy captures four Rootjalik macrojump vessels in Sectors 430 and 842.  The officers of the frigate Chryse face court-martial after allowing two Rootjalik vessels to escape.
3918 The Nebular Armada sets off from Khald'aron toward the Orion Nebula; consisting of worm drive warships, including three Imperial frigates, the fleet heads toward the Nebula, dropping beacons every twelve light years and sending back couriers every thirty-six.
3919 The Nebular Armada disappears after setting beacons 420 light-years from Khald'aron; the Khald'aron Republic creates an armed quarantine zone beginning 396 light-years from Khald'aron and extending across the Republic's entire Rimward and Trailing frontiers.
3920 Northern Command forces root out the last Quadron renegades from their cometary and rouge world bases, ending the threat of Northern piracy.
3921 A patrol squadron discovers a Rootjalik colony in Sector 842 and deports its inhabitants back to their homeworld.  Empress Jena appoints Baroness Admiral Chani Resnik Viceroy of the Trailing region to coordinate relations with non-human races in the region.
3922 Six vessels in the Kumar-Nachen Rally are destroyed when a rouge planet crosses the path of the racers in Sector 132; an investigation results in development of better mass detection equipment for worm drive vessels.
3923 The Bandar, a gigantic race of from the jovian world of Banshi in Sector 347, achieve repeatable orbital spaceflight capability; monitored since their discovery in 3505, the Ministry of State offers them membership in the Empire as a Minor Race, and they accept.
3924 The Solar Belt hosts the Imperial Exposition of '24 on the Glittering World, the newly transformed asteroid of Psyche.
3925 Empress Jena ends martial law in all but the eight sectors encompassing Kith'turi portions of the Coreward region.
3926 The Rootjalik military attacks an Imperial delegation negotiating a relief of the quarantine of their world, killing six diplomats and ten guards; the Viceroy retaliates by ordering the bombardment of military targets on the Rootjalik homeworld and increasing quarantine patrols.
3927 A group of radical Khabadera attack a Ministry of Colonization expedition to the abandoned world of Singlatadra in Sector 795, destroying three vessels and killing eighty crew; a dozen Imperial survivors hide out in abandoned cities until a Naval patrol intervenes, killing or driving off the Khabadera intruders in a running battle.
3928 Zulu hosts the '28 Imperial Exposition, highlighting the distinctive music and culture of the world.
3929 Empress Jena authorizes the installation of military offensive and defensive weaponry on vessels of the Ministries of Science and Colonization vessels.
3930 An Imperial Naval patrol disables and boards a Kith'turi pirate vessel in Sector 394 and finds evidence Khabaderan collaboration, prompting a diplomatic incident with the Grand Federation and sanctions against Khabadera living within the Empire.
3931 The Hewannas, a methane-breathing race in Sector 317 achieves spaceflight capability and gladly accepts an offer to join the Empire as a Minor Race.
3932 Dragonfly hosts the Imperial Exposition, highlighting personal starship and habitat designs and popularizing the Star Nomad lifestyle.
3933 Researchers on Manitou develop a workable forecasting model for main sequence star instabilities that correctly describes the behavior of Sol and the more erratic stars of Manitou and Isis over a period of centuries; the Standard Stellar Chaotic Model wins its five authors the following year's Tigarvati Prize in physics.
3934 Khabaderan renegades attack a transport convoy bound for the abandoned world of Zhablandogna in Sector 797, destroying two escorts and damaging a colony ship, killing over four hundred people.  Retaliatory raids by Imperial forces destroy a Khabaderan camp on Sharlendernas, also in Sector 797.
3935 Researchers at Hercules develop a Mode VI microjump drive that almost reaches production status, but is eclipsed by the slightly faster Class B Worm drive research ongoing at Alimeen.
3936 The Imperial Exposition on Terra covers the region of Oceana, with highlights including artificial mechanical and living islands, undersea cities and exotic recreations of sea monsters.
3937 Imperial scouts encounter the cold-nitrogen late fusion era Tooldu race in Sector 232 and establish preliminary relations.
3938 Researchers from Kalmar's Imperial University at New Bergen attempt a series of time travel experiments by dropping stasis missiles into artificial wormholes in a research reserve in Sector 28;  after repeated attempts result in the loss of the projectiles, the Ministry of Science ends funding, calling the wormholes "expensive waste disposal units".
3939 The Coreward Command launches a series of preemptive strikes against Kith'turi and Khabaderan renegade bases, including three within the Grand Federation border; despite diplomatic fallout, these raids effectively end piracy with the Empire.  Negotiations resume between remote Imperial envoys and the Rootjalik central government.
3940 After ritual negotiations, the Tooldu enter the Empire as a Minor Race.  The Imperial Exposition on Io emphasizes the world's extensive underground caverns, its harsh surface terrain and the dominating presence of Jupiter on the planetward hemisphere.
3941 The Kith'turi government agrees to fuller inspection and monitoring of starport facilities, a step toward relaxing martial law restrictions.
3942 Alimeen researchers perfect the Class B worm drive, capable of nearly 30% better performance than Class A drives and beginning a new surge of military and commercial shipbuilding.
3943 The Rootjalik government agrees to full monitoring of all interstellar vessels in return for reduced quarantine restricts, but resists efforts to join the Empire and futilely continues to demand the right to establish colonies beyond the expanding Imperial frontier.
3944 Heaven hosts the Imperial Exposition with a theme of emphasizing the biodiversity of the garden world.
3945 The Empress relaxes restrictions on Khabaderan residents of the Empire, but does not grant the race Major status.  The first Class B Falcon class frigates begin operation along the Coreward border.
3946 The Class B racer White Lightning, captained by Lord Ranas Bjarti completes the Kumar-Nachen Rally in 40 days, 18 hours.
3947 Shayla deGalba wins the Tigarvati Prize for her morphing Chimeratic Chameleon body transformation technique.
3948 Crown Prince Cleon visits Erta, becoming friendly with the second Lord Bylen and hunting equatorial mountains and southern jungles.
3949 An Imperial Naval patrol discovers Aushani Drift, an undisclosed Zhretra deep space city within Imperial territory in Sector 798, prompting a diplomatic crisis and mobilization along the Coreward Frontier.  Later, Imperial Naval patrols discover a second and third drift in Sectors 797 and 760.
3950 The Grand Federation and the Empire of Humanity reach a diplomatic settlement to the Zhretra Crisis at Aushani Drift, prompting a demobilization and the opening of all five Zhretra Drifts to Imperial inspection and jurisdiction.
3951 Prince Olav (II) Kamarov travels to Focus as the new Ambassador to the Grand Federation.
3952 Queen Anna II of Mars dies suddenly from what investigators determine to be a subtle poison; her eldest child Alexandra becomes Queen, but a continuing investigation aided by the Imperial Guard determines Alexandra's complicity in her mother's death and her brother Albert deposes her, taking the throne as Albert III.  Alexandra and four conspirators stand trial for murder; all are found guilty, the others receive death sentences but Alexandra gets permanent imprisonment at Ixion in the Kuiper Belt.
3953 The future Cleon III, having completed an advanced degree in Government from the Imperial University at Byzantium, sets out on his Great Journey to learn the dynamics of planetary governments and Imperial institutions throughout the Empire.
3954 Empress Jena announces a further tax cut and begins a 20% reduction in Imperial Navy fleet sizes, retiring many older Class A vessels and mothballing the three surviving Hellkings.
3955 A team of Technologist researchers publish the Universal Decline, a critique of Universal Economics, which they claim is a politically minded plan to stiffly growth and innovation in support of both Golden Stasis and Ibrahimite philosophies. 
3956 The collapse of Invention, one of the massive artificial islands built for the Imperial Exposition on Europa leads to a massive evacuation that disrupts the Exposition, but causes only twenty deaths.  Sir Fazzi Turuk and Dame Janys Trebelli publish a series of essays in rebuttal to the Universal Decline, but focus mainly on differentiating Ibrahimite economic policies from Golden Stasis philosophies.
3957 Representatives from Hercules, Prometheus and several other liberal Members introduce legislation calling for the Empress to abolish capital punishment throughout the Empire; the measure receives a substantial, but minority vote, and begins a renewed interest at abolishing the death penalty at the planetary level.
3958 Ambassador Prince Olav (II) Kamarov signs the Border Convention Treaty with the Grand Federation, opening up cross-border travel between the two states and developing improve visa and information sharing protocols.
3959 A design team led by Professor Anton Helsing at Alberta College on Mars unveils a practical blueprint for the construction of a ringworld system and begins work on a Dyson Sphere design project.
3960 Nova hosts the Imperial Exposition, emphasizing data services and the Novan vision of a benevolent bureaucratic utopia.
3961 The Empress expressly denies a request by the Ministry of Science to conduct exploratory missions toward the Sagittarian Arm or up the Orion Arm.
3962 At Crown Prince Cleon's urging, the Imperial family establishes a palace compound in Exeter on Erta that eventually evolves into the Spring Palace complex.
3963 King John of Libertas, the undisputed oldest Human, celebrates his two thousandth birthday in a massive year-long festival on Libertas that results in numerous monumental structures and considerable public debt.
3964 The Imperial Exposition on Bifrost attracts a large contingent of Grand Federation visitors and leads to discussions on creating a "multi-race" category of games with open competition between different species.
3965 The Empress refuses to support an Amendment on capital punishment, calling it an issue for planetary courts and reserving the right to use the punishment for Imperial crimes; however, the number of death sentences begin a decline within the Imperial legal system.
3966 A Census Office study indicates a continuing rise in mental disorders and suicide in the rapidly growing millennial (age 1000 and over) population.
3967 Venusian engineers begin construction of a series of 200km high vents to stabilize long term pressures on the crust of the planet.
3968 The Imperial Exposition at Madrid on Terra dedicates a pavilion to Grand Federation artistic and cultural exhibits.  The Empress makes her trademark statement for her reign, "No one within the Empire is poor or ugly or sickly, except by choice."
3969 In defense of the Empress's pronounce on health, the Ministry of Science increases funding to deal with the diseases of aging, including CID, strokes and mental instabilities.
3970 An archivist uncovers Jena's secret 3800 pardon of her mother all crimes related to the death of Rogar II, prompting a vocal but ineffectual call for the Empress's impeachment.
3971 Sir Jon Steward resigns as Minister of Science over a "too many old people" remark; Empress Jena appoints Lady Sharyn Estaban, a vocal Golden Stasist to replace her.
3972 In Sector 717, Imperial scouts encounter the Schingtahar, a atomic era race of burrowing city dwellers who have just begun space exploration.  The Schingtahar join the Empire as a Minor Race, welcoming visitors to their cavernous metropoli.  At the Imperial Exposition on Ganymede, contestants from twenty species compete in a series of demonstration events designed to develop medaled multi-racial contests.
3973 The Empress elevates the Stygians to Major Race status, lauding a thousand years of progress and integration.
3974 The Imperial household takes delivery of twin 90,000m3 royal yachts, the Exeter and the Callicut.
3975 Empress Jena, citing the near elimination of piracy, ends martial law in Kith'turi space, granting the race full Major Race status.
3976 The Imperial Exposition on Reich, with noted irony, includes the first medaled multi-specied Olympic events as well as a diverse set of cultural exhibits.
3977 The private, nonpartisan Institute for the Advancement of Knowledge (IAK) is established on Prometheus with some funding from the Technologist and Mechanists churches and private Universities and corporations as a counter to the increasingly bureaucratic Ministry of Science and Imperial University system.
3978 Prince Albert, the dashing and popular heir to the throne of Mars, dies after drowning in a sailing accident during a storm on the Northern Ocean of Mars.
3979 The self-proclaimed Michael III, a descendant of Michael II, attempts to seize power from the Grand Senate of Nobles on Apollo; Michael, six senators and forty others die after a bloody siege in the Senate Chamber.
3980 The Ministry of Science issues a warning based on the marked fading of the Terra's magnetic field and begins fitting the inner Terran Ring with magnetic coils to control a possible field collapse.  The Imperial Exposition on Tellus highlights the diversity of the world's rich native and imported ecosystem and increases Grand Federation participation in the games and exhibitions.
3981 Prince Olav (II) resigns as Ambassador to the Grand Federation and moves into the Black Palace on Mercury, working to establish Cleon's Library.
3982 The Imperial Navy mobilizes the 125th Fleet to destroy a large comet heading for the planet Tyre; Empress Jena denies a request to remobilize a Hellking, forcing the Coreward Command to use antimatter missiles against the fifty kilometer diameter comet.
3983 Several Imperial High Councilors demand an investigation and a vote on impeachment in the Imperial Congress after uncovering a secret protocol with the Grand Federation that calls for the permanent retirement of the remaining Hellkings; Empress Jena retorts with a speech lauding peaceful relations with the Grand Federation, and her approval rating remains high.
3984 The Imperial Exposition at Lusaka on Terra focuses on game hunting sports, with a Eenikiti hunter winning four medals; other highlights of the Exposition include a series of environments dedicated to ten million years of hominid evolution and a Cretaceous theme park.
3985 The Ashanti, a 100,000m3 Class B passenger liner with over 600 passengers and crew suffers a hull failure and disintegrates shortly after leaving New Africa, killing all aboard.
3986 Cleon's Library, a vast information nexus and museum, opens to the public on Mercury.
3987 Prince Olav (II) becomes Minister of State and he appoints his nephew Cleon (III) as Ambassador to the Grand Federation.
3988 The Imperial Exposition on Callisto showcases wintry events and the glittering caverns of this cool Jovian moon; a small group of protesters disrupts the Grand Federation exhibition halls in the Valhalla Caverns.
3989 Baron Torvald Jarnes, Kalmar's representative to the Imperial Congress, attempts to assassinate the Empress on Kalmar, but is gunned down by the Empress's Valkyrie guards.
3990 The Ministry of Science begins clinical trials of Estaban Juice, an enzyme therapy to counter age-related psychosis; the results are dramatic enough to allow early adoption of the NB necessary for the therapy in a broad population.
3991 Lady Galena Ustinov, a professor at the Imperial University at Moscow on Terra publishes a definitive statistical analysis of birth patterns of the Nobility for the last millennium, demonstrating a strong bias that indicates illegal sexual selection of first born male children.  After discussions within the Ministry of Justice, Empress Jena declines to toughen Imperial Law against sexual selection, arguing that statistics cannot convict any particular family.
3992 Atlantis hosts a planet-wide Imperial Exposition, with the opening ceremonies occurring in the Centauri Ring Hall where the first extra-solar Olympics were held over six hundred years before.
3993 Undercover operatives of the Imperial Guard infiltrate and arrest a ring of discontented minor Nobility plotting a coup against the Empress; eight Nobles charged with treason are sentenced to death and quickly executed; another twenty-five receive lengthy sentences to be served at Fomalhaut V.
3994 The Terran magnetic field collapses, prompting a massive effort to quickly reverse the field via the orbital ring system.  Within six months, engineers manage to stabilize a new magnetic field with minimal disruption to Terran surface and orbital dwellers.
3995 The Institute for the Advancement of Knowledge establishes the Wexler Research Station on Salamander, a moon of Prometheus's outer gas giant, with the stated goal of developing spatial and temporal portal technologies.
3996 Erta hosts the Imperial Exposition, with Crown Prince Cleon opening the events at the impressive Spring Palace compound; Federation War veterans attempt to blow up the Eenikiti Pavilion, but are thwarted by Imperial Guard security forces.
3997 The Empress authorizes the Ministry of Colonization to allow regular settlement into the sixth ring of sectors, beyond five hundred light years from Sol.
3998 The neo-Existentialist poet Jayn Shannon wins the Tigarvati Prize for the body of her work, especially the epic Sands of Timelessness.
3999 A group of Millennialism Christians, the Family of the Fifth Sun, seizes control of the Kenyatta Power Station on the Inner Terran Ring, intent on using it to destroy Jerusalem; Imperial Guard special forces retake the station in a bloody assault, killing most of the two hundred zealots and severally damaging the facility.
4000 Empress Jena celebrates her bicentennial Jubilee, coinciding with the massive Imperial Exposition, dubbed Millennium Five, at Byzantium.  Jon Gades retires after a fifty year Ministry of Science exploration career and joins the IAK on his native Prometheus.
4001 With Pope Pius XXXVI assuming leadership, New Rome celebrates the beginning of the fifth millennium of Christianity by sponsoring a yearlong festival and sponsoring the colonization of a dozen Christian worlds.  The Time Travel Society emerges in Australia and other Terran locations and takes part in millennial celebrations; the remaining thirty original members continue their journey at upgraded local facilities, but most newer members move to sites on Luna, Mercury, Mars and Venus.
4002 The artificial Nobilis of Caldera receive Jena's permission to colonize two worlds in Sector 392: Kane and Anton.
4003 Captain Jon Gades sets out from Prometheus with four vessels on the IAK sponsored Trailing Orion Expedition, traveling into the unexplored Trailing sections of the Arm, including the first exploration of the Beehive Cluster (M44) in Sector 636.
4004 Former Queen Alexandra of Mars is found dead in her cell compound on Ixion, an apparent suicide.  At the opening ceremonies of the Imperial Exposition on Titan, Empress Jena elevates Tanda from Countess to Duchess of Titan, emphasizing the world's continuing influence in the Solar system.  The Imperial Exposition on Titan includes a number of cold nitrogen events at the site of the expanding Iceworm enclave at Mount Huygens.
4005 The Trailing Orion Expedition returns to Prometheus, having surveyed a loop up to one thousand light years from Sol.
4006 Prince Cleon (III) Kamarov leaves his post as Ambassador at Focus to return to Terra and succeeds his uncle Olav (II) as Minister of State; Olav becomes Chairman of the Imperial University System.
4007 The Empress personally denies permission for an IAK expedition to the Spinward, suggestion a Southern Expedition instead and knighting Jon Gades for his previous achievements.
4008 The Imperial Exposition at Champa celebrates the world's distinctive cultural traditions and showcases the historical periods of the old Confederation and the Dark Age.
4009 After three pirate attacks, the Imperial Navy occupies the former Khabaderan world of Malthtalkondras and evicts the Khabaderan squatters occupying the planet, opening it up for eventual colonization as the human colony world of Malth.
4010 Captain Sir Jon Gades sets out from Prometheus on the Southern Expedition at the head of six vessels, including his new flagship Endeavour.
4011 The Falzi, a semi-humanoid race in Sector 99, achieve spaceflight capability and are approached by Imperial diplomats with an offer of Minor Race membership; the Falzi Confederation of Nations collapses in to conflict, then open warfare over the proposal.  The Southern Expedition discovers a massive derelict Gatebuilder deep space complex, soon named the Gades Matrix, a thousand light years from Sol.
4012 The Southern Expedition returns to Prometheus after completing a fifteen hundred light year survey loop into the Southern Thick Disk.  The Imperial Exposition at Uma showcases artifacts returned from Gades' Southern Expedition and attracts a visiting delegation of Founders.
4013 Sir Jon Gades leads a scientific expedition of ten IAK and Ministry of Science vessels to the Gatebuilder complex that bears his name.
4014 A sequence of explosions rock the Gades Matrix, killing over thirty researchers and crew and forcing Gades to evacuate the rest on the seven surviving vessels; returning to Prometheus, the damaged Endeavour undergoes extensive refurbishment and the Ministry of Science ends cooperation with the IAK, though an investigation blames MoS scientists for instigating the disaster.
4015 After Crown Princess Anna commits suicide, Princess Tabitha becomes heir to the throne of Mars; Tabitha and her husband, Imperial Prince Orlan Kamarov move to Mars, occupying the renovated palace of Albert I at Escalante.
4016 After a bloody war involving nuclear weapons and numerous atrocities, the Falzi Forward Alliance establishes a world government on their world and accepts the Imperial offer of Minor Race status.  The Imperial Exposition at Karachi on Terra emphasizes the world's ancient river valley civilizations and the culture heritages of the Indian subcontinent and Mohammedan Islam.
4017 Captain Sir Jon Gades and the Endeavour set out on the North Halo Expedition, planning to travel three thousand light years above the galactic plane.
4018 Returning from observations above the Galactic plane, the Endeavour encounters the ruined machine civilization of the world Asimov, at least five million years dead; the entire system, twelve hundred light years from Sol, is littered with derelict machines from nano constructors to complexes stretching tens of thousands of kilometers across free space.
4019 Ministry of Science vessels converge on Asimov prompting a tense standoff with IAK researchers returning to the system; only lengthy negotiations between Gades and representatives of the Ministry of Science, arbitrated by Imperial Navy Captain Zeta Donvan, prevent armed conflict; the Empress approves an agreement to split research responsibilities between the parties and to allow Grand Federation participation in the archeological investigations.
4020 The Imperial Exposition at Oberon highlights the exploration and exploitation of the outer Solar system in earlier ages and opens the cavernous shrines of God's Children to the public for the first time.
4021 Lady Penolyn Kandra of Venus becomes the new Minister of Culture; she begins her Heritage Campaign, which essentially designates nearly every pre-Imperial structure or facility an Imperial Heritage Site.
4022 The Angry Young Ones begin a mostly peaceful cultural revolution on Megahive that spreads though the Swarm worlds, overthrowing old restrictions against genetic engineering and opening up society to democratic values and acceptance of Imperial societal norms.
4023 The Empress signs the Terran Heritage Edict, greatly restricting new construction on all of Terra's continents but Antarctica.
4024 The Shiners, a races that communicates exclusively be reflective skin surfaces, establish an orbital base above their homeworld in Sector 106 and accept an offer of Minor Race membership in the Empire.  The Imperial Exposition on Camelot includes exhibitions simulating the world's legendary namesake and hosts large numbers of Swarm participants for the first time.
4025 The first Titan genetic Variants step onto the surface of their frozen world. With flagging participation in the Kumar-Nachen Rally, the Imperial Racing Federation sponsors the first Antares-Rigel Rally, a 1400 light year race, won by Dame Fatima Abbas and her Golden Crescent II in 55 days, 23 hours.
4026 The Endeavour, with Captain Sir Jon Gades and a crew of 350, vanishes during a survey of the Coalsack, victims of a collision with a dense field of metallic dust debris.
4027 Professor Rand Djurma experimentally demonstrates the existence of parallel dimensions at the IAK Wexler Research Station on Salamander, a feat for which he receives next year's Tigarvati Prize in Physics and a knighthood.
4028 The Imperial Exposition on Dawn is housed in a set of arcologies showcasing the innovations of the urbanized world; the Olympic Games feature Swarm sporting events for the first time and even attract a group of Khzraut tourists.
4029 A private salvage vessel, the Venture Pelican, discovers the Endeavour deep within the Coalsack and salvages the vessel; a third of the crew, including Captain Gades are Mechanists and are reincarnated through their soulboxes.
4030 Protesters in Denver on Terra block construction of a new domed Boulder stadium complex for the Imperial Exposition, forcing the a waver from the Ministry of Culture to renovate the twenty-third century Davidson Memorial sports complex near Colorado Springs.
4031 A massive explosion at the IAK Wexler Research Station shatters the moon Salamander and kills all seven thousand resident researchers and dependents, including Sir Rand Djurma.
4032 The Imperial Exposition at Denver on Terra showcases the history of the Plains Indians, the United States of America and the unifications Wars of Rogar I.  Over twelve hundred Mechanist victims of the Salamander disaster are reincarnated from stored backups.
4033 Suffering under lawsuits from the Salamander Incident, the Institute for the Advancement of Knowledge focuses its resources on smaller projects and research stations and on gradually increasing its fleet of Endeavour class exploration cruisers.
4034 Captain Sir Jon Gades resumes command of the refurbished Endeavour, setting off on a three year astrographic mission beyond the Trailing Frontier.
4035 Zhretra researchers at Asimov discover the fate of the system's mechanoid civilization: in a religious construct barely decipherable even to the Zhretra, the Asimovs lie dormant in wait for a shift in the metastatic fabric of the universe, ushering in an era of mechanoid omniscience.
4036 Prince Olav (II) Kamarov opens the Imperial Exposition on Triton at the historic Poseidon Hold; exhibits include an expanded facility at Neptune, allowing visitors to interact with the Tune Variant colonists.
4037 The 500,000m3 bulk freighter Blue Horizon and its crew of ninety vanish out of Themis; an investigation determines that the vessel disintegrated for unknown reasons.
4038 After returning and refitting from his astrographic mission, Captain Gades enters the Endeavour in the Rigel-Antares Rally, winning the race in a record 55 days, 10 hours.
4039 The Institute for the Advancement of Knowledge takes over the Ministry of Science's compartments at the Rigel Station, as the Ministry struggles with expanding responsibilities and a stagnant budget.
4040 The Imperial Exposition at Tanith puts on a credible showing despite major corruption scandals; a Khzraut team demonstrates the previously secret rituals of ceremonial Shade Fighting.
4041 The Mechanist church, flush from new conversions after publicity from the Incarnates of Salamander, establishes a colony on Myrland in Sector 393.
4042 The IAK establishes one of a growing number of specialized branches on Lanander, this branch focusing on socio-economic sciences.
4043 The Endeavour and four other vessels head off on Gades's South Halo Expedition, a loop stretch three thousand light years below the galactic plane.
4044 The Imperial Exposition on Mendam solidifies the world's position as the effective capital of the Spinward Sectors and includes Jena's coronation of the Khruzi aristocrat Duke Arrleshon Koormarvom as the first Viceroy of the Spinward region.
4045 Returning from the successful South Halo Expedition, Captain Sir Jon Gades accepts the Astrographics Chair at the IAK Institute on Prometheus.
4046 Cleon (III) Kamarov resigns as Minister of State after forty years at the post; Empress Jena appoints his protégé, Lord Ian Damasq, noted for his Golden Stasist views, as the new Minister.
4047 Prince Orlan and Princess Tabitha chair a committee to revitalize the stagnate society and population of Mars, suffering from what the Princess declares as a "cultural malaise".
4048 Quito hosts the Imperial Exposition on Terra, emphasizing the region's Inca past and the future multi-cultural Empire and including a Khald'aron pavilion.
4049 A group of like-minded settlers establish a colony on New Genesis in Sector 938, trying to combine a Neolithic society with "Methuselan" longevity.
4050 The Alimeen Industrial Council establishes ties with the Institute for the Advancement of Knowledge, gradually severing a thousand year relationship with the Ministry of Science.
4051 Lady Kordia Ramoz resigns as Minister of Commerce in wake of an influence scandal that claims four Vice Ministers; the Empress appoints her grandson, Prince Orlan, as Minister, ordering a complete reorganization to root out corruption.
4052 The Imperial Exposition opens at the sprawling Ice Palace on Pluto, with venues on Charon and scattered through the vast space of the Kuiper Belt, causing some complaints among participants, though worm shuttles whisk patrons between worldlets in minutes.
4053 Empress Jena, King Ivan, Imperial Mother Margrette, Princess Melena and over 300 crew die when the Imperial yacht Exeter suffers a hull breach and disintegrates on a return voyage from the Spring Palace on Erta.  Crown Prince Cleon, on a hunting expedition beyond Betelgeuse, becomes Emperor Cleon II upon confirmation in absentia by the Imperial Congress and High Council.  At his command, the Emperor's eldest son, Olav, becomes Crown Prince and Prince of Mercury, the Emperor's second son, Orlan becomes Prince of Bengal, and the Emperor's sister Lydia, becomes Queen of Paradise.
4054 An official investigation into the destruction of the Exeter blames both pilot error and a compounding design flaw that affects most Class B vessels.  The Emperor authorizes construction of a new Imperial yacht, the Imperium and reconstruction of the Callicut.  Ministry of Commerce regulators order inspections and remediation of all Class B vessels.  IAK surveyors encounter the late-fusion era Vuldur in Sector 223 and a subsequent Ministry of State expedition brings the Vuldur into the Empire as a Minor Race.  The Emperor reinstates the office of Prime Minister and appoints his heir, Crown Prince Olav, to the post.
4055 The Emperor's grandson, Cleon (III) Kamarov, marries Princess Sabra Maxwell, great-great-granddaughter of the Queen of Venus; the couple settles in estates on the Maxwell Highlands.  Prince Orlan Kamarov and Princess Tabitha move to Bengal to take an active part in the ruling of that world from the Winter Palace.
4056 The Emperor takes delivery of the 100,000m3 Imperium and travels to Dionysus to open the world's festive Imperial Exposition and to compete in hunting events, earning a silver medal in the aerial tarnbeast hunt.
4057 Prince Rogar Kamarov is born on Venus to Prince Cleon (III) and Princess Sabra.
4058 Crown Prince Olav completes his review of the Ministries and orders the resignation of all current Ministers, appointing bureaucratic reformers to head all departments, including the Novan Dame Sashi Tomaka as Minister of Commerce and the controversial Mechanist Sir Galt Zubric as Minister of Science.
4059 Prince Garth Kamarov is born on Bengal to Prince Cleon and Princess Sabra, who are visiting at the Winter Palace.  Sir Jon Gades resigns his chair of the Astrographics department at IAK headquarters on Prometheus and resumes command of the reengineered Endeavour, leading an expedition to map the far Trailing frontier.
4060 The Swarm Colony world known as Swarm 16 (NCW00452) hosts the Imperial Exposition, highlighting Angry Young Ones culture and a variety of multi-racial events, including participation from a small team of Khald'arons in some multi-racial sporting events.
4061 The Ministry of Science begins a cut-back of exploration and survey missions to conserve resources and starts to overhaul its administrate structure, cutting over a million positions from regional headquarters.
4062 Returning from a Trailing exploratory mission, the Endeavour diverts an asteroid from the homeworld of the pre-industrial humanoid Khinnerri in Sector 1342.  Mechanist Janos Brem, one of the first prominent double Incarnates, dedicates his third life to the Mechanist Church, encouraging others to do the same.
4063 Dragon long-range microjump scout vessels contact Imperial survey teams and outposts along the Spinward frontier in Sectors 1387 and 775.  Jon Gades leads the crew of the Endeavour on a contact mission deep into Dragon space, becoming the first Humans to visit Draco and meet the Dragon Directorate.
4064 The Emperor presides of the Imperial Exposition in Sydney on Terra, suffering an injury in his unsuccessful hunt of marsupial lions; the Sydney Exposition includes an extensive Paleolithic exhibit, complete with reengineered fauna and flora from the earliest human habitation of the continent.
4065 The Emperor sends his grandson, Prince Cleon (III) Kamarov, as a special envoy to Draco.  Imperial archivists determine that the Spinward Expedition encountered a Dragon battle group in 3547.  Hornan Deng succeeds the retiring Orlan D'Juma as the Viceroy of the Coreward Region.
4066 Prince Olav (III) nearly dies in a hunting accident on Venus, falling into the Southern Ocean after his speeder collides with another while stalking pterodactyls; after revival from drowning, the Prince undergoes six months of therapy.
4067 The Empire and the Dragon Sphere formally exchange Ambassadors.
4068 The Prime Minister, Crown Prince Olav, presides over the Imperial Exposition on Mercury, with the Dragon Ambassador, Fhazshur, as his guest.  Ibrahim celebrates his one thousandth birthday in Mecca; in the course of the year, over five hundred million pilgrims pass though the city to hear him preach.
4069 The Endeavour, with Gades and a crew of three hundred aboard, disappears beyond Sector +13,+2,-2, probably near Cygnian space.
4070 Massive volcanic-driven fires on the Sector 156 world Bactria trigger an ecological collapse, forcing massive intervention by Rimward Command forces.
4071 The Emperor travels to the Dragon homeworld of Draco to hunt with its leaders and to tour ancient mountain peak sanctuaries.
4072 At the Imperial Exposition on Tyche, Khald'aron and Dragon teams compete in multi-racial contests, with the Dragons taking three gold medals in hunting events.
4073 An IAK follow-up expedition fails to find a trace of the Endeavour, turning back 1,500 light years from Sol.  Imperial stellar scientists tour Dragon facilities circling their aging star, inspecting the star stirring stations and stellar core probes that keep the star within the main sequence.
4074 Emperor Cleon II and the Dragon Directorate sign the Dragon Treaty at Khruzi, demarking a tentative border 550 light years from Sol and trading Human worm drive technology for access to markets plus survey and transit rights for civilian Imperial vessels.
4075 The Mechanist Primal, Van Turin, refuses to authorize revival of Jon Gades or any of the Endeavour crew from Backup, citing lack of evidence of death; a note attached to the finding suggests enforcing a three hundred year period before bringing an unverified Backup to life.
4076 A fully recovered Prince Olav (III) makes his first public appearance in ten years, presiding over the opening ceremonies of the Celtic-themed Dagda Imperial Exposition.
4077 The IAK Intrepid leaves on an expedition to Deneb, traveling through Dragon Space and disappearing.  The IAK and the Ministry of Science agree to curtail expeditions beyond Dragon Space.
4078 The Emperor effectively formalizes the office of Viceroy by appointing notables to the office for the Rimward, North and South regions.
4079 In response to Earl Roban Teskin's imprisonment on morals charges on Yathrib, Emperor Cleon II signs a broadly worded Imperial Edict that effectively puts Nobles above most local laws by invoking Imperial privilege in prosecution; the Earl receives a small fine for his infractions instead of the twenty years sentence mandated by the local government.
4080 The Imperial Exposition in Stockholm on Terra focuses on genetic creations and the re-ruralization of the Terran countryside; Dragon competitors in the hunting games perform a spectacular exhibition display, hunting sea monsters without weapons.
4081 The Emperor approves construction of a the new Imperial Congress Chambers in the Golden Horn section of Byzantium, designed to hold up to 20,000 delegates and staff, and an adjoining High Council Chamber complex, designed to hold 15,000.
4082 A Census Office report shows a slight decrease in life expectancy for Standard Sapiens, from 1,139 to 1,137 years, based mostly on continuing high suicide rates for Millennials and the increased popularity of extreme sports among the post-war generations; life expectancy for Standard Nobilis remains statistically constant at 1,047 years.
4083 Imperial scouts discover a struggling Rootjalik colony in Sector 842, prompting renewed negotiations between the stubborn race and new Trailing Viceroy, Lady Jeska Vormas.
4084 Stormy weather that confounds the planetary atmospheric controls impacts some outside events at the Imperial Exposition on Venus; weather controllers divert and dissipate two large Southern Ocean hurricanes during the Exposition.
4085 After the discovery of another covert Rootjalik colony, the Ministry of State takes over negotiations with the race, eventually recommending provisional Major Race status for the Rootjalik.  The new Imperial Council Chambers, housing the Congress and High Council, open for business.
4086 The Emperor approves Major Race status for the Rootjalik, incorporating their two colony worlds into the Empire.
4087 Extreme adventurers pilot the specially built vessel Black Ice into the photosphere of Tau Ceti, returning from the stunt with a nearly crippled vehicle and severe radiation damage.
4088 The Imperial Exposition on Poseidon showcases not only the aquatically modified Human's home world and culture, but also the lifestyles and cultures of other Human Variants and High Cyborgs.
4089 Herculean researchers develop a Mode VII microjump drive prototype, even though the funding for their Ministry of Science grant was ordered cut fifteen years prior.  The prototype drive promises a 25% or greater effective speed increase over Class B Worm drive.
4090 Sir Galt Zubric resigns as the Minister of Science after the Prime Minister berates him for ineffective control of his funding.  The Herculean firm, Bosnic Heavy Systems, builds and begins trials of the 30m Phoenix Globe, a Mode VII microjump starship.
4091 The Phoenix Globe appears at the Dragonfly Rally, drawing large crowds and significant controversy.
4092 Eos hosts the Imperial Exposition, focusing on the complexity of New Core Worlds culture, now including 800 New Colony Member worlds with greater than a thousand year history.  The Phoenix Globe competes in the Rigel-Antares Rally as an exhibition non-competitive racer, completing the course in 46 days, 9 hours, beating the winning Class B racer by nine days, but requiring four weeks of maintenance at Antares before returning to Hercules.  Citing historical evidence of faster worm drive vessels and current examples in the Founder fleet capable of a reputed 50 light-years a day, the Ministries of Science and Defense refuse to order Mode VII vessels and increase funding on advancing worm drive technology.
4093 The Delphian trading firm Spandelli Products orders a dozen 10m Mode VII vessels hoping to secure commodities trading information advantages.
4094 Queen Tabitha of Venus establishes the Planetary Environment Board, a strengthened agency with a mandate to protect the environmental integrity of the planet and to control chaotic weather and seismic events.
4095 Prince Garth Kamarov, younger son of Prince Cleon (III), marries Elizabeth Farrar, great-granddaughter of King Alexander II of North America, in a Byzantium ceremony; the couple move to Bengal to live with his grandparents, Prince Orlan and Princess Tabitha, in the Winter Palace.
4096 The Imperial Exposition at Lagos focuses on Terran cultural themes, with musical and historical venues predominating; a Rootjalik delegation attends the Exposition for the first time.
4097 A new Imperial-funded Advanced Studies Research Lab focusing on propulsion technologies opens in the outer Alimeen system.
4098 A protocol mishap at a reception on Mendam causes a brawl between Khruzi and Dragon diplomats and leads to the famous duel in which the Khruzi Brigadier Hrashan Breshgannar kills the Dragon nobleman S'zarra, emerging badly scarred by phosphoric burns.
4099 Emperor Cleon II and Prince Olav (III) participate in the hunt for a kilometer long K'targ sea monster on the Grand Federation world of Todoradz; the Emperor contributes to the kill and, after considerable logistical effort, has the 80 meter long skull displayed at the Spring Palace on Erta.
4100 Prince Roban (the Elder) Kamarov is born in the Winter Palace on Bengal, son of Prince Garth and Princess Elizabeth.  Luna hosts the Imperial Exposition, most notable for the fatal Extreme Soaring accident that claims five lives.
4101 The Time Travel Society emerges from hibernation and marks the two thousandth anniversary of the program; a third of the remaining original participants depart the program, leaving twenty to continue with a hundred additions from 3201 and 3601 in Australia, plus about 1,400 from the recent groups on subsidiary sites throughout the Solar system.
4102 The Terran government bans orbital dives from the Orbital Ring system, citing navigational hazards and an estimated twenty annual fatalities from the sport; most other world follow suit, with the notable exceptions of Mars and Libertas.
4103 The Golden Stasis philosopher Chelli Durant publishes The Immortal Way, a guide of treatments and meditations that helps to lower the incidence of psychosis among Millennials.
4104 At the Imperial Exposition at Artemis, the Emperor lavishes attention on elaborate hunts, banquets and parties, prompting some liberal backlash against his excesses.  The Exposition on Artemis proves a great success at further cementing peaceful ties between the Empire and its neighbors.
4105 The Ministry of Science unveils a Class C worm drive prototype at Alimeen.  King James of Europe dies of CID complications at age 1083 and his granddaughter, Poula, becomes Queen.
4106 The prototype Class C vessel, Serpent's Tail, achieves sustained performance just 3% slower than the Phoenix Globe and proves cheaper to operate, prompting the Imperial Ministries to begin order a modest number of Class C vessels to replace their aging fleets.
4107 Prince Orlan Kamarov joins his father's retinue, leaving Princess Tabitha and their son Prince Cleon (III), to govern Bengal.
4108 The Imperial Exposition on Mare draws attention to the sleepy paradise of small islands and calm seas; it becomes a well-maintained luxury retreat during much of the later Imperial period.  White Breeze of Afternoon and Karl Chingras receive the Tigarvati Prize for development of the Class C worm drive system.
4109 The first Class C competition in the Rigel-Antares Rally is won by the 10,000m3 Vapor Trail, captained by Oran Belvik, in 47 days, 9 hours, just one day longer than the Phoenix Globe's showing.  Bosnic Heavy Systems discontinues its Mode VII production line to concentrate on the Class C market.
4110 The Imperial Guard foils an assassination plot against the Emperor by the previously unknown Grand Federation Unionists, Terran Humans advocating a union with the Grand Federation.
4111 The Ministry of Defense begins procurement of Class C escorts, frigates and destroyers, and cooperates with the Ministry of Science in the development of the 15,000m3 Sparrow Hawk class Scout Escort.
4112 Local police forces thwart a plot by Grand Federation Unionists to disrupt the Byzantium Imperial Exposition, which proceeds without incident, though under heavy security.  The Grand Federation disavows support for the Unionist cause.
4113 Princess Tabitha leaves Bengal to rejoin her father's court on Mars and work on preparations for the '16 Imperial Exposition, leaving Prince Cleon (III) effective ruler of Bengal.
4114 Ministry of Justice agents shut down a rogue Ministry of Science project to develop an improved Human species; Minister of Science Lady Taba Hernandez resigns and accepts exile to the Northern frontier world of Glitterdom.
4115 The Imperial Guard raids Blackmoor, an Oort habitat used as a base by Unionist radicals, and arrests seventy core members of the movement.
4116 Albert III presides over the Imperial Exposition on Mars, an extravagant event featuring reenactments of Mars's Confederation and Dark Age history.
4117 A Venusian corruption scandal, dubbed the Scardell Affair, leads to the imprisonment of several major government figures, including the Director of Planetary Ecology and the Chairman of the Economic Committee.
4118 Crown Prince Olav and Prince Cleon (III) have a public disagreement over policy that ends with Olav proclaiming Cleon a radical and Cleon beginning work to rewrite the Bengali Constitution.
4119 The world of Aurora suffers a massive underwater methane explosion that kills over fifty thousand in coastal tsunamis and atmospheric poisoning; stabilization efforts return the atmosphere to normal quickly, but a prolonged winter sets in.
4120 Local protestors calling for greater rights for Construct Sentients disrupt the closing ceremonies of the otherwise orderly Odin Imperial Exposition.
4121 The remaining radical Unionists die in a desperate effort to seize control of the Hellking Azazel at Ultima Thule.
4122 A new Bengali Constitution sponsored by Prince Cleon is adopted by the tricameral legislature of the world; it abolishes capital punishment and offers legal protection to all Sentient residents, regardless of race or Artificial status.
4123 Ibrahim Mustafa issues a proclamation decrying the acceptance of Artificial intelligences and calls attempts to tamper further with Human evolution a dangerous hubris.
4124 The Emperor opens the Imperial Exposition on Neith, personally marveling at the bizarre art forms popular on the cosmopolitan world.  Prince Cleon (III) responds to Ibrahim in a editorial, calling for tolerance and openness to new ideas about Humanity's future, adopting a basically moderate Technologist philosophical view.
4125 Prince Rogar Kamarov (Cleon III's elder son) marries Lady Heather Zhung, a seventeen year old minor great-grandchild of the Duke of Delphi despite objects from both families.  Emperor Cleon II dies after suffering a massive stroke while hunting on Dorian Minor; his son becomes Emperor Olav II and the new Emperor's only child, Olav (III), is named Prince of Mercury.
4126 Emperor Olav II formalizes the station of Prince of Mercury as the title of the Imperial heir. Olav refuses to name a Prime Minister, ruling the Empire directly and strengthening his control of cabinet departments.  The Crown Prince and his uncle, Prince Orlan of Bengal take to traveling the Empire in the Imperium.
4127 The Emperor replaces all the Viceroys of the Imperial Regions, calling for tighter integration and coherence of frontier policy.
4128 Emperor Olav II opens the Imperial Exposition at Jakarta on Terra with a speech proclaiming the strength and independence of the realm.
4129 The Scout Escort Trillian discovers the friendly early fusion era Xam race of avid explorers in their home system in Sector 1270, where they are preparing their first interstellar generation ships.
4130 The Emperor orders the forced retirement of Regional commanders of the Navy and Marines, decrying the ossification of the upper ranks and limiting Imperial service to one hundred years, except in times of war.
4131 Prince Orlan Kamarov divorces Princess Tabitha de Ares, but the Emperor blocks his brother's effort to marry Lady Shelli Urban, a young minor member of the African House.
4132 The Solar Belt uses the Imperial Exposition to showcase its new Microcosms, hundreds of hollow worldlets of fantastic and sometimes surreal interior habitats.  After the Empire allows their generation ship project to continue, the Xam join the Empire as a Minor Race, promising to send their .1C city ships only to the Rimward.
4133 After vocal opposition from Imperial agencies, the IAK cancels plans for a Global Cluster Expedition to M4.  The Emperor, noting disappearances near the Orion Nebula, the loss of the Endeavour, and the failure of contact with Sagittarius, states that there is no compelling reason to explore past 1,000 light years from Sol and too many risks to justify it.
4134 The Emperor and Prince Cleon (III) publicly reconcile their differences and the Prince makes clear that what is good for Bengal is not necessarily appropriate for other Member states.  Phoenicia slips into civil war as the Republican North and the Nobilis-dominated West begin a conflict of sabotage and assassinations.
4135 The Imperial Third Fleet intervenes on Phoenicia, supporting a compromise Confederate Council and ending a conflict that had cost over ten thousand lives.
4136 Emperor Olav II dies suddenly of multiple CID deterioration at the age of 273, just after presiding over the closing ceremonies of the well-received Imperial Exposition at Bengal.  Olav III becomes Emperor after confirmation by the Imperial Congress, and continuing to disavow marriage or attempts to produce a direct heir, names his cousin, Cleon (III) Kamarov as Prince of Mercury.  The future Cleon IV is born to Prince Rogar and Lady Heather on Delphi.  The Emperor names Crown Prince Cleon as his Prime Minister.
4137 The Prime Minister convinces the Emperor to continue to disallow Prince Orlan's marriage to Lady Shelli, but the couple produces an illegitimate child, Dona Urban, born in Kinshasa.
4138 The Emperor takes delivery of the Imperial Sun, a 120,000m3 Class C luxury yacht, from which he and his entourage continue his reign.  The publication of the Machine Manifesto, an anonymous Technologist text calling for emancipation of Human created mechanical Sentients, causes much controversy and a few riots on Ibrahimite and Orthodox Catholic worlds.
4139 The conservative Imperial High Council issues a non-binding resolution urging the Emperor to marry and produce an heir, prompting Olav III's denouncement of their meddling and his threats to eliminate funding of High Council facilities maintenance; Crown Prince Cleon's intervention to diffuse the quarrel wins him much support among the major Member worlds.
4140 The Emperor joins Orlan D'Juma in celebrating the opening ceremonies of the Imperial Exposition at Nachen.  Widespread attendance at Nachen by Federation races, include the Khabadera, leads the Emperor to proclaim an end to all enmity between the Empire and the Grand Federation.
4141 The collapse of the Confederation Council government on Phoenicia leads to widespread warfare, prompting a second Imperial intervention and the establishment of marital law under the Third Sector Admiral, Lord Markus Thick.
4142 The Emperor appoints Markus Thick as Duke of Phoenicia and instructs him to institute a peaceful government, which he does with an authoritarian fist.
4143 An Imperial Edict allows recommendations from the Order of the Emperor's Sword to influence the selection process of Regional and Sector military commanders.
4144 Crown Prince Cleon opens the Imperial Exposition at New York on Terra, inaugurating an event celebrating the glories of the megalopolis.  Phoenician Republicans assassinate Duke Markus and proclaim their world a republic, prompting a third intervention by Imperial forces and a visit by Crown Prince Cleon, who calls for a cantonment government with a loose federal structure and ten more years pf Imperial occupation.
4145 The Solar Belt Microcosm colony of Cimmeria shatters in a series of explosion of unknown origin, killing over half the twenty thousand inhabitants and leading to a five year quarantine of its orbital vicinity by Imperial Guard vessels.
4146 The Technologist philosopher Brandon Turek wins the Tigarvati Prize for his controversial essays on TransHuman development, prompting the usual protests and demonstrations by Ibrahimites and Orthodox Catholics.
4147 Prince Orlan and Lady Shelli produce a second illegitimate child, Rebba Urban, also born in Kinshasa.
4148 Troublesome earthquakes and a major volcanic eruption add extra excitement for visitors to the Imperial Exposition at Io, but they barely disrupt the scheduled events.
4149 The Scout Escort Falcon is damaged by hostile fire from the late fusion era Vedi of Sector 924.  After a failed contact attempt prompts continued hostility, the Empire quarantines the Southerly system.
4150 Emperor Olav III crashes an open-topped skimmer during a hunt on Quandra, paralyzing himself and killing both Prince Orlan Kamarov of Bengal and Alexander, King of Australia.  Crown Prince Cleon becomes Prince of Bengal and effective Regent of the Empire after Olav III retires to the Spring Palace on Erta to attempt to heal.  Alexander's great-grandson, Phillip Kamarov, becomes King of Australia.
4151 Nanosurgery and imported Tze't biogenerators fail to heal the Emperor's brain stem, already damaged by his near-drowning nearly a century earlier, leaving him reliant on robotic aids for locomotion.  Lady Shelli Urban commits suicide, leaving her two daughters in the care of the Queen of Africa.
4152 Emperor Olav III commits suicide on Erta.  Cleon III becomes Emperor of Humanity and names his son Rogar as Prince of Mercury, but retains the title of Prince of Bengal for himself.  The Imperial Exposition at Prometheus opens ten days after news of the Emperor's death reaches the world, and all athletes compete with black ribbons.
4153 Emperor Cleon III announces the formation of an Imperial Constitution Reform Board, to investigate and propose Amendments to strengthen and modernize the Imperial state.
4154 The Emperor replaces his entire Cabinet and begins a detailed reconstruction of the Imperial Bureaucracy, instituting civil service changes modeled on Olav II's military reforms.  Martial law ends on Phoenicia after the conclusion of peaceful local and planetary elections.
4155 The Emperor proposes nine Amendments to the Imperial Charter, the first in a millennia, prompting vigorous debate, protests and threats throughout the Empire.  After the furor of the Cleonian Reforms subsides, the Imperial Congress and High Council conduct a tumultuous debate and begin voting on the Amendments.  The relevantly uncontroversial Amendment XII, formalizing the duties and responsibilities of the knighthood passes easily, as does Amendment XIII establishing a Chair of the Cabinet.  Cleon III appoints himself Chair of the Cabinet.
4156 The Imperial Congress and High Council reach a compromise with the Emperor, voting for Amendment XIV to increase the Membership requirements for their bodies to 1 million and 50 million, respectively, in return for concessions in Amendment XV, which formalizes the Regional structure of the Empire and gives Member worlds a say in the appointment of Viceroys.  The well-received Imperial Exposition at Vantage features many exhibits from the Empire's early history and Federation Wars period.
4157 After the Emperor concedes defeat on Amendments calling for rights for Artificially bred Nobilis and Artificial Constructs, the Imperial Congress and High Council approves Amendments XVI, XVII and XVIII, abolishing capital punishment, expanding Imperial Citizen and Nobilis immunities from local prosecutions and extending the rights of Imperial Alien citizens whose homeworlds lie outside Imperial control, respectively.
4158 The Emperor forms standing commissions to recommend knighthoods and ennoblements, formalizing a previously haphazard process.
4159 Cleon III begins construction of the sprawling Uplands Complex on Bengal, while his eldest grandson Cleon (IV) takes up permanent residence at the Spring Palace on Erta.
4160 Regional councils meet for the first time, confirming the Emperor's appointed Viceroys and establishing capitals.   Member worlds of the Coreward Region formally vote Nachen as their capital world, while the Northern and Spinward regions approve Vantage and Mendam, respectively.  After some debate, Kumar is approved as the capital of the Rimward Region and Rhea as the capital of the Trailing Region.  After three ballots, the Southern Council approves Dawn as its capital.  Cleon III presides at the opening ceremonies of the Imperial Exposition in Rio de Janeiro on Terra, receiving an enthusiastic welcome from the crowds as he proclaims the strength and prosperity of the Empire.
4161 Cleon reintroduces amendments calling for rights for Artificial Constructs and a lifting on the ban on Artificial reproduction for Nobilis and Sapiens, but neither measure receives even a majority in either the Congress or Council.
4162 The Tze't ambassador to the Imperial Court formally conveys another invitation for the Empire of Humanity to join the Grand Federation, but Cleon politely declines.
4163 An IAK delegation to Hallowed, attempting to uncover Founder exploratory records, is rebuffed by the Vandar, who refuse an audience with their patrons.
4164 The lavish Imperial Exposition at Europa represents an effort by the world to awe all of Known Space, with expansive galleries carved of rock and ice and events above, on, and below the surface of the moon.
4165 The Ministry of Colonization allows the settlement of Sutherland, a marginally habitable Class E world engulfed by the growing Armpit Nebula surrounding the Betelgeuse black hole.
4166 Anti-Nobilis activists form the Phoenix Republican Movement at a meeting on Titan and publish a Manifesto calling for the establishment of a Republic of Humanity without special privileges or titles for the Nobilis.
4167 The Ministry of Justice bans the Phoenix Republican Movement and arrests two of its main leaders, Jonas Shank and Trilla Jakras on treason charges.
4168 The Imperial Exposition at Drakkon emphasizes the world's long Dark Age history, military tradition and pseudo-gothic architecture.
4169 Lord Palmer Roosevelt of Terra commits suicide on his two thousandth birthday, leaving behind a treatise on the fallacy of immortality; those who following him to their voluntary end in the coming centuries are known as Lord Palmer's Children.
4170 Assassins linked to the Phoenix Republican Movement kill Prince Bandar of Kuiper; his great-great granddaughter Felese becomes Princess of the Kuiper-Oort region; her pseudo-gothic sensibilities and her realm's distance from Sol soon make her known as the Princess of the Dark.
4171 The Imperial Guard infiltrates and breaks up four major cells of the Phoenix Republicans and arrests the assassins of Prince Bandar.
4172 The Imperial Exposition at Vertumnus showcases the lavish estates and idyllic Gaean habitation of the planet.  After a lengthy trial, the leadership of the Phoenix Republicans is sentience to permanent incarceration at Fomalhaut V.
4173 Researchers at Chiron Biomedical develop the Protean Gene, a modification that allows a recipient Human to alter appearances at a considerable metabolic cost; after some debate, the Ministry of Science allows licensing of the technology, pending a twenty year evaluation period and stringent reporting of recipients.
4174 The Rhean military assumes command of the government following anti-establishment demonstrations before the Trailing Regional Council; General Sir Martin Tanner becomes ruler of a military-dominated Republic of Rhea.
4175 Following the death of Duke Hornan, the last descendant of the Timmins line, the Member world Tyr proclaims itself a democratic republic as specified in the Duke's will.
4176 Emperor Cleon III professes his confidence in the Imperial system at the Imperial Exposition at Auckland, noting the 2400th anniversary of the unification of the Solar system under Rogar.  The Emperor reiterates the independence of the Empire but also reaches out to the Empire's Major non-Human races.
4177 Queen Tabitha of Venus dies of CID at age 1171 and is succeeded by her grandson, who becomes King Joseph V.
4178 Sabotage of a vacuum distillation plant on Luna that leads to a near disaster and massive evacuations is blamed on a Phoenix Republican splinter group, The Killers of Lords and Ladies.
4179 Over the objections of the Order of the Imperial Sun, the Emperor appoints his friend Sir Tarl Tendeki, a Golden Stasis proponent, the new Minister of Science, prompting a letter of protest from the IAK and prominent scholars.
4180 King Albert III of Mars dies suddenly and is succeeded by his daughter, Imperial Mother Tabitha.  Ganymede showcases its deep caverns and newer castle cities during its Imperial Exposition, attended by Queen Tabitha of Mars, still in her black mourning gown.
4181 Acknowledging opposition from the Order of the Imperial Sun, the Emperor dismisses Sir Tarl Tendeki and appoints Dame Infiniti Sand, a moderate Technologist, as the new Minister of Science.
4182 Imperial Marines kill Jorj Palin-Turo, a leader of the Killers of Lords and Ladies, and three accomplices after they attempt to steal disintegrator weapons from a depot on Valiant.
4183 The Emperor makes a third and final unsuccessful attempt to pass amendments on Artificial reproduction and Construct rights.
4184 Queen Charmaine presides over the colorful Imperial Exposition at Ishtar, making subtle slights against the Emperor's liberalism in her opening remarks.
4185 The culmination of a Ministry of Justice undercover and surveillance operation against the Phoenix Republican Movement results in thousands of arrests on dozens of worlds and effectively ends the organization, though the Killers of Lords and Ladies, thought to number in the hundreds, continue to exist, mostly attacking minor Nobilis in random attacks.
4186 Natani protestors on Umbran call for Major Race status for their people, but the Emperor, citing experiences with the Quadrons, suggests that a thousand year period of Minor Race status should pass before considering such a petition.
4187 Killers of Lords and Ladies assassinate the Earl of Hathor and his immediate family.  The Ministry of Justice posts a bounty on the capture of members of the terrorist group; the "Dead or Alive" language is careful to suggested that lethal force be used only as a last resort to prevent the deaths of others.
4188 Calypso hosts a well-received Imperial Exposition with venues spread across the world's archipelagoes.  The Emperor authorizes all Nobilis Citizens to carry armament for personal protection and to own and deploy Construct bodyguards to provide additional security.
4189 A dozen members of the Killers of Lords and Ladies seizes control of the luxury Liner Fay Winter out of Glorious, killing the thirty-five Nobilis aboard, including two children, before the crew, aided by an Imperial Marine boarding team, retakes the vessel, killing all but two terrorists.
4190 The two surviving Fay Winter hijackers receive life sentences to the new Imperial Prison at Gehenna on the Northern frontier.  The Emperor rejects attempts to reestablish the death penalty for crimes against the Empire or genocide.
4191 The Nobilis-dominated government of Gothia succumbs to calls for a popular democracy, with the Nobilis agreeing to surrender power in return for immunities and self-regulation of their estates and households.
4192 At the Berlin Imperial Exposition opening ceremonies on Terra, a team of Killers of Lords and Ladies attempts a suicide bombing of the Emperor's delegation, but succeed in only killing themselves and one Imperial Guard trooper; the Exposition, with its medieval history theme, proceeds without further incident; some Dragon participants complain about the Dragonslayer hunting events, though Dragons take the most medals in the series.
4193 Celebrations on Atlantis mark the two-thousandth anniversary of Yan Rheyes' discovery of the Microjump drive governor.  The Ministry of Commerce approves licensing for Protean Gene therapy, but only to individuals submitting to Tracer Gene implantation.
4194 Venus begins construction on The Shallows, a vast underwater arcology complex designed for dual use by Mermen and Human citizens.
4195 The Advanced Studies Research Lab in the Alimeen system unveils a Class D worm drive prototype, the White Mist; capable of over 38 light-years per day; the Class D drive finally proves the supremacy of worm drive technology.
4196 Despite tight security at the lackluster Imperial Exposition on Callisto, a Killer of Lords and Ladies operative succeeds in assassinating the Duke of Callisto and three members of his family before household guards gun her down.
4197 The Ministry of Defense begins procurement of the Marathon class of 75,000m3 Class D cruisers.  Several Nobilis Great Houses, led by the Imperial Mother, Queen Tabitha of Mars, petition the Emperor to allow greater autonomy for Nobilis households.
4198 Local police on Triton raid the homes of the last three leaders of the Killers of Lords and Ladies, killing all three in the operation and effectively ending the terrorist group, twenty years after it was formed.
4199 The Class D White Star wins the Rigel-Antares Rally in 37 days, 23 hours.  Citing a need for strong fleet presence on the frontier, the Ministry of Defense begins procurement of the Mars Class of 100,000m3 battle cruisers.
4200 Strict security and good planning lead to an extremely successful Imperial Exposition on Ares.  To ease Nobilis opposition to continuing bureaucratic reforms, Cleon III signs the Breeding Edicts, allowing the Nobility to breed biological servant races without strict Imperial oversight.
4201 The Time Travel Society emerges in Australia and at other Solar sites and suffers just a few defections from the ranks of its newer members, remarking that progress and change are slowing.
4202 The B'dr'rak Mortuary caste allows Mechanist researchers to visit B'dr'rak Remnant shrines to study their technologies and interview their inhabitants.
4203 An IAK survey vessel, the Torando, discovers Gatebuilder ruins on the desolate world Vandalar in Sector 540 on the Northern frontier; after an orbital standoff, the IAK and the Ministry of Science agree to joint investigation of Vandalar with Imperial Navy supervision.
4204 Ishtar Genetic Products produces the first batch of Canis Sapiens, or Casaps, a canine-derived humanoid race bred for the Nobilis household market.  The Imperial Exposition at Cagn is noted as the last hurrah for the fad of Extreme Events and features numerous daredevil sporting events and exhibitions in the world's deep and twisting Hell's Canyon.
4205 The future Cleon IV marries Princess Cynthia Roosevelt, a granddaughter of King Tor II of Kalmar, in a private ceremony on Erta.
4206 A museum-like chamber on Vandalar provides the best physical representation of Gatebuilder physiology and culture through sculpture and other three dimensional artwork, but no working technology; large portions of the collection go to the Imperial Museum at Byzantium and the IAK Xenological Pavilion on Prometheus.
4207 The Ministry of Commerce bans Protean Gene modification after numerous cases of cell degeneration from repeated shape shifting; covert modifications continue in government and criminal circles.
4208 The Imperial Exposition at Zanzibar on Terra features African, old Islamic and new Ibrahimite cultural displays, but is most renown for the botched kidnap attempt on the Emperor's half-sisters, Dona and Rebba Urban, and the ensuing chase and firefight with the thwarted abductors.  The future Olav IV is born to Cleon (IV) and Cynthia on Erta.
4209 A Dragon scouting expedition to the Spinward encounters a Easterner-descended Cygnian colony world and comes under fire from ground and system defense units.
4210 The Dragon War begins with the Dragon ambassador repudiating the Dragon Treaty as Dragon fleets and raiders strike deep into the Imperial Spinward Region in a quick offensive.  At the Battle of Mendam, raiders kill the Regional fleet command staff and damage the Regional capital compound.  Dragon raiders strike at the Battle of Khruzi, withdrawing after heavy fighting in the outer system.  Dragon attack squadrons occupy thirty frontier worlds in twelve Spinward border sectors.  The Emperor orders a full mobilization and construction of new Class D warships from Escort to Dreadnaught class.
4211 Dragon occupation fleets capture another forty-three frontier worlds and raiders penetrate into the Central region, striking Valinor, Narmer and Haven, before being defeated by Commodore Alesia Frank at the Battle of Virgil.  Mediation efforts initiated by the Grand Federation fail.  Cleon orders reinforcements from the Trailing, North and South Regions to aid the fight and names Northern Command Admiral Sir Josev Brall Supreme Imperial Commander.  After the Lucifer fails trials, the Emperor orders construction of a new class of Hellkings.
4212 The Dragon advance stalls after taking an addition seven colonies, and Admiral Brall's fast reaction forces blunt raider attacks, driving the Dragons back into the outer Spinward Region.  The new Spinward Command Admiral, Balshara Durbanas, a Khruzi, defeats a large Dragon fleet at the Battle of Trellis Lun.  B'dr'rak, Kith'turi and Salvaatiki squadrons reinforce the Spinward Command, demonstrating Imperial solidarity.  Maxwell Biogenics produces the Goblinis humanoid genus of related species, meant for Nobilis use, though the Emperor orders a contingent of Hobgoblins spawned for Imperial Marine service.  Charon Labs perfects a Stasis Field projector and succeeds in temporal suspension experiments.  The Imperial Exposition on Titan proceeds despite heavy security and light attendance.
4213 Imperial forces begin a counter-attack against Dragon occupied colonies and outposts, making hard gains against an orderly scorched earth retreat.  Admiral Brall dies when Dragon drones destroy his flagship Roanoke at the Battle of Valerian, but Vice Admiral Dame Jin Toma rallies the remaining Imperial forces for a victory.  Cleon appoints Admiral Durbanas Supreme Commander.  Imperial intelligence first learns of the Cygnians and dispatches covert contact teams; none return.
4214 The first Death Skull Class Hellking, Kali, becomes operational and with its sister ship Loki conducts retaliatory raids on Dragon military outposts on the frontier.  The Spinward Command retakes the last Dragon occupied world, Shandalar.  Teleporter suits become available in limited numbers for elite Marine commando units.
4215 Two more Hellkings, Erebus and Hades enter service.  A second Grand Federation mediation attempt fails.  A full squadron led by the Battle Cruiser Mercury under Commodore Sir David Ardennes skirts the Dragon Sphere to attempt contact with the Cygnians, but also fails to return.  After a Dragon attack on the commercial world of Ravenna, the Emperor authorizes deep commerce strikes into Dragon territory.  Cleon III's grandson Roban (the Elder) marries Lady Lydia Dan-Talbrid of Karnia House on Eden, the daughter of newly Ennobled merchants.  Prince Orlan (the Wild) Kamarov, son of the future Cleon IV, is born on Erta.
4216 The Hellkings Anubis and Seth enter service and the Emperor authorizes Hellking use against habitable worlds.  The Kali destroys the Dragon colony at Vrshada, killing over a million Dragons and prompting the Dragon Sphere to propose immediate armistice talks.  With the Treaty of Bengal, Cleon III accepts a Core to Rim border plane running 550 light-years from Sol after the Dragons agree to demobilize half their fleet.  Peaceful, but not friendly, relations resume between the Empire and the Sphere, and the Dragons do not attend the Imperial Exposition at Apollo, hastily adapted to celebrate the return to peace.
4217 A full fleet under the command of Vice Admiral Sir Duran Mordikai sets off toward Cygnian space and does not return, ending attempts to contact the Easterner realm.
4218 A disputed Grand Senate election on Apollo leads to an effective partitioning of the planet into factions supporting Lord Namnis or Count Vesas.  The Imperial Navy begins decommissioning Class C vessels as it returns to a peacetime state, but Cleon resists Grand Federation appeals to decommission the Hellkings, attaching them to the Central Command.
4219 Melena Hu, Queen of Asia and widow of Cleon I, dies of an apparent suicide; Emperor Cleon III, as her direct heir, assumes the title of King of Asia.
4220 The Imperial Exposition at Hina showcases the world's rugged mountains and diverse culture, but also serves as the spark that starts open warfare on Apollo after a duel between Namnis and Vesas supporters among the Apollonian delegation turns into a firefight that leads to riots and street fighting on their homeworld.
4221 Full scale warfare rocks Apollo with regional militias battling for control of the planet; after the assassination of Count Vesas, Baron Jurgin Tardin takes command of forces fighting Lord Namnis.
4222 An attack by Baron Tardin destroys the Grand Senate chambers on Apollo, and triggers Imperial intervention by the First Imperial Fleet.  Imperial Marine telesuit commandos capture Lord Namnis and Baron Tardin, but the Apollo civil war continues, prompting the Emperor to declare marital law and dispatch two Marine armies to occupy and pacify the world.
4223 Census Office reports show a clear decline of Nobilis life expectancy to 1,032 years, mostly from suicides and congenital defects in twentieth generation and older family lines.  An Imperial Marine-enforced peace settles over Apollo.
4224 Emperor Cleon III presides over the Imperial Exposition at Byzantium, proclaiming the Empire's strength and diversity; a small Dragon delegation attends under heavy security.
4225 The Emperor introduces a limited amendment allowing artificial reproductive enchantments to stem Nobilis generational fatigue, but fails to get more than a slight majority in either house.
4226 Princess Hanna Kamarov, youngest child of Cleon (IV) and Cynthia is born on Erta.
4227 The Emperor announces the One Empire reform program, coordinating purchases and procedures among the various Imperial ministries and providing guidelines for Regional and Sector government procurement and operations.
4228 The Imperial Exposition at Oberon is mostly noted for excursions into the Deep Ocean of Uranus and a cliff climbing marathon on Miranda that brings first fame and a gold medal to the adventurer-explorer Jonas Bandar-Turkin.
4229 An Imperial Congress commission dismisses claims that generational fatigue is a medically recognized defect, calling it an integral component of the Nobilis genome and banning attempts at prenatal correction.
4230 Imperial martial law ends on Apollo as Emperor Cleon III names his younger brother, Ivan Kamarov, King of Apollo.
4231 Prince Roban (the Younger) Kamarov is born to Prince Roban the Elder and Princess Lydia on Bengal.
4232 Osiris hosts a commercially successful Imperial Exposition, most noted for providing exhibits and private sales of Stasis chambers and telesuits.
4233 All Imperial ministries begin phasing out the last Class C vessels and start installing Stasis chambers in key system and crew regions of most vessels.
4234 Admiral Balshara Durbanas resigns as Imperial Supreme Commander to begin a political career on Khruzi, easily winning an election to become Lord President of the Khruzi homeworld.
4235 An explosion at a venting station on Venus and subsequent seismic events kill over two thousand people in the Lakshmi region, including Duke Orin of Lakshmi.
4236 The Imperial Exposition on Katrina features a tribute to the Empress for which the world was named, and offers stunning vistas in the Canyonlands region.
4237 Queen Olanda of South America dies of an undisclosed cause at age 1,412; her son Arturo, already 1,279 years old, becomes King of South America.
4238 King Anton of Caldera begins a media campaign in support of genetic repair modifications for Nobilis, but the attempt causes greater opinion against the Nobilis and all forms of Artificial conception and development.
4239 The Futaris-modified Golden Stasis philosopher Toma Hamda becomes president of Nova and starts a series of reforms aimed at bringing Novan society closer to "perfection".
4240 The Imperial Exposition at Hanoi on Terra is most noted for a bizarre reenactment of the twentieth century Vietnam Wars against Japanese, French and American forces.
4241 The IAK research vessel Davis drops Stasis-equipped drones toward the event horizon of the Betelgeuse black hole, calling the objects time capsules for the end of the universe; the IAK denies rumors that the drones contained Human volunteers.
4242 A revolt of machines on the world of Ninazu kills over twenty thousand people and prompts an Imperial intervention by elements of the Forty-fourth fleet and stricter standards on machine intelligences.
4243 A joint venture between Maxwell Biogenics and Tze't investors produces the Vita, the first biological-based starship available in Human space; sluggish sales force the withdrawal of the product line after a run of two thousand units.
4244 Satisfied with infrastructure reforms throughout the Empire, Cleon orders a reduction of planetary tax rates.  The Imperial Exposition on Triton features plans for a proposed terraforming of Neptune's atmosphere; the plan faces Tune opposition and is eventually abandoned.
4245 Ibrahim Mustafa calls for enforcement of a ban on Imperial Citizenship to Human Variants, including Mermen, Vacules, Majestic Flyers, Futaris and other transformation, but the Emperor, High Council and Congress overwhelmingly deem Amendment XI not to be relevant to these voluntary modifications and their descendants; the Emperor issues a blanket dispensation to sixteen recognized genetically modified "species" to put the issue to rest.
4246 The Martian-based Cosmic Hand religious cult charters a vessel to drop all five hundred members into the Betelgeuse black hole in ten Stasis-equipped pods; a Ministry of Justice investigation determines that the equipment utilized by the cult was leased, but financial restitution proves elusive.
4247 Ishtar Genetics Products begins production of its Amazon line of self-reproducing Constructs to complement its Warrior line, popular since the Dragon War.
4248 The Imperial Exposition on Han emphasizes urban culture and ancient Chinese traditions, preserved since the world's colonization, nearly two thousand years earlier.
4249 IAK-sponsored explorers led by Jonas Bandar-Turkin telesuit into a partially collapsed 800 million year old chamber near South Hellas on Mars, finding the best preserved ruins of Romne's Martian Gods, probably a command center for the failed terraformation project.
4250 Light from the Betelgeuse supernova reaches Sol.  Cleon offers a one-time ten year extension to the worlds that have yet not reached their Amendment XIV population levels for membership in the Congress and High Council.
4251 The IAK establishes the Honshi Foundation, a quantum storage laboratory on Myrland.
4252 Emperor Cleon III celebrates his hundredth Jubilee then travels to Othello to open the Imperial Exposition on that idyllic world.
4253 Prince Tomas Turki, future Crown Prince of Atlantis and President of the Imperial High Council, a great-grandson of King Karl from his fourth wife's line, is born on his homeworld.
4254 A drought on Ghandi's southern hemisphere overwhelms the planetary environmental grid, causing widespread dust storms and increasing desertification.
4255 The Emperor authorizes another attempt to contact the Easterner Human Cygnian civilization.
4256 The Imperial Exposition at Atlanta on Terra focuses on North American culture over the past two and a half millennia, though some criticize the pro-Nobilis slant of some of the exhibitions.
4257 Novan Vice Admiral Tomas Yamamoto leads a fleet of military, diplomatic and exploratory vessels on the Second Cygnus Expedition, skirting south of Dragon Space to attempt contact with the Cygnians; the last returning courier drone reports contact with a Cygnian outpost 1150 light years from Sol.
4258 After a follow-up squadron vanishes, the Second Cygnus Expedition is presumed lost and the Emperor bans further contact attempts.  The Dragon Sphere denies all Imperial requests for information on the Cygnians and protests additional attempts to circumnavigate Dragon Space.
4259 Dame Infiniti Sand resigns as Minster of Science to become Chair of the IAK Central Committee on Prometheus, her successor, Lady Avril Dunn, continues cost-cutting measures and farms out more projects to private contractors.
4260 Princess Felese of the Kuiper-Oort opens the neo-gothic and underworld-themed Imperial Exposition centered on the converted penal center at Ixion.  King Joseph V of Venus declares a year of celebration in honor of the two thousandth anniversary of Venus's terraformation.
4261 Jonas Bandar-Turin succeeds in rediscovering the lost Gate of Oracle under N'tandrapor, but fails to activate the device and is eventually expelled by Quadron authorities, who seal the site.
4262 A small delegation of Kith'turi and Salvaatiki visit the ember of M'kkia to commemorate the anniversary of the planet's destruction at the end of the M'kkiae War.
4263 Bon Johavas wins the Tigarvati Prize for his virtual epic Multiverse Concordia.
4264 Avalon hosts a conservative Imperial Exposition that unconsciously emphasizes the equilibrium of current Imperial society.
4265 Jonas Bandar-Turin pilots his starship Esperance through the magnetic storms of the Armpit Nebula, skimming to within visual range of the black hole core.
4266 Count Reginald Mendoza of South Hellas on Mars holds the first Goblin Bowl, a bloody contest involving ritualized warfare between teams of Goblin genus fighters that is deplored for its violence and immensely popular on the worlds that legalize the sport.
4267 A severe Jovian flare causes hundreds of deaths on Io and the loss of two spacecraft near the collapsed planet; the Jovian governments launch an investigation and begin work on stabilization satellites based on Dragon stellar engineering technology.
4268 The Imperial Exposition at Thea is mostly remembered for the pavilion sponsored by supporters of Jonas Bandar-Turin's expeditions.
4269 Lord Goran Valdervos attempts to assassinate King Ivan of Apollo and claim the thrown, but is apprehended, convicted and exiled to Gehenna.
4270 The IAK begins the first of its detailed surveys into the Gum Nebula region beyond the Trailing frontier.
4271 The Khruzi Chundanar Barrudannan wins the Tigarvati Prize for his Vtaran Dawn combat simulation experience.
4272 Mechanist researchers on Karinsky announce development of a new quantum storage interface that reportedly eliminates the risk of insanity among Incarnates.  The Emperor agrees to continue restricting Mechanist procedures to those who adopt the religion's tenets.  King Arturo hosts the Imperial Exposition at Montevideo on Terra, highlighting the continuing Farrar dynasty line.
4273 The Dragons establish a trading outpost with the Grand Federation at Tzsark'hn, opening up a settlement and commerce corridor to the Coreward of Dragon Space.
4274 The Esperance, with Jonas Bandar-Turin and six companions aboard, leaves on an unauthorized expedition toward the Orion Nebula and does not return.
4275 Tarl Beshnik, one of the hijackers of the Fey Winter, escapes from Gehenna, killing over thirty prison workers in the explosion that covers his escape, prompting an Empire-wide alert.
4276 Crown Prince Rogar opens the Imperial Exposition on Mercury, an event most noted for an attempted assassination of his wife's ancestor, the Duke of Delphi, initially blamed on Tarl Beshnik, but later traced to an Apollo dissident organization.
4277 The Emperor personally signs trade agreements between the Empire and the Dragon Sphere at the Treaty of Mendam, restoring a trickle of goods and services between the two states.
4278 Grand Federation security forces arrest Tarl Beshnik on an Eenikiti backwater and turn him over to Imperial authorities who return him to harsher imprisonment on Gehenna.
4279 An IAK survey ship under Ministry of Science contract encounters the Darmuras, an advanced subjovian race in their home system in Sector 846; though at late macrojump technology, the Darmuras are not interstellar and have no interest in joining the Empire.
4280 The ancient desert world of Arakis hosts the Imperial Exposition, including a large exhibit of Dark Age desert settlements.  The Empire officially quarantines the Darmuras home system and designates them a Protected race after a cultural and diplomatic evaluation.
4281 Delphi celebrates the two thousandth anniversary of its founding in a celebration marred by demonstrations from dissent groups calling for a planetary parliament.
4282 The Ministry of Science establishes the first experimental boost-stabilized teleport booth pair, joining Terra and Luna.
4283 Hercules and Prometheus lead a group of twenty liberal worlds that ban the Goblin Bowl and other forms of lethal entertainment.
4284 Tefenet hosts an Imperial Exposition best described as decadent; it includes Goblin Bowl as an exhibition sport.  Tarl Beshnik commits suicide on Gehenna.
4285 Lydia, Queen of Paradise, authorizes the establishment of a two council Planetary Congress, with Nobilis forming the upper house and Sapiens, the lower.
4286 Quara Titov wins the Tigarvati Prize for her innovative living metal architectural designs.
4287 The Emperor himself teleports from Byzantium to Copernicus, inaugurating commercial service between Terra and Luna.
4288 The Imperial Exposition at Darwin on Terra focuses on the Dark Age conflicts of the Pacific-Asia region.  The worlds of Rhea and Dione opt for a formal Union, uniting their solar system and transferring some Trailing Regional government offices to Dione.
4289 After telesuit assassins from the rival Jordan family assassinates the Duke of Delphi and most of his immediate family, Heather Zhung-Kamarov, wife of Crown Prince Rogar, becomes Duchess of Delphi; declaring martial law, she requests and receives Imperial Guard assistance in form of a series of commando raids that hunt down and eliminate the Jordan family and their supporters.
4290 During the continuing crack-down on Delphi, Imperial Guard investigators uncover a band of Protean modified assassins and receive permission from the Ministries of Defense and Justice to hunt the Proteans as illegal biological entities.
4291 IAK biologists working with the Zhantlian Research Directorate perfect Ambrosia, an enhanced energy nutrient that makes an ideal compact ration, but doesn't taste as good as the name implies.
4292 King Joseph V of Venus hosts his Grand Venusian Imperial Exposition, a planet-wide celebration of Venusian culture.
4293 Duchess Heather of Delphi ends martial law and calls for the establishment of a unicameral planetary council with universal representation.
4294 The Mechanist Primal and Senior Council formally adopt requirements for the Faithful to dedicate every third life to the Mechanist Church.
4295 In Sector 1490, a Ministry of Science survey vessel contacts the Fundin, an atomic era warm-methane breathing race with a fledgling space program.
4296 The world Tripoli hosts the Imperial Exposition, a small affair compared to Venus, with an emphasis on its M'kkiae War-era settlement and the early history of the world.
4297 The Fundin join the Empire as a Minor Race after a unanimous vote by their planetary council.
4298 Commercial teleport stations begin operations between the Jovian worlds, but service remains limited to single orbit jumps when the moons are near conjunction.
4299 Prometheus celebrates two thousand years of civilization with a showcase of high technology sponsored by the Institute for the Advancement of Knowledge.
4300 The Imperial Exposition at Siva includes a multi-racial conference aimed at increasing cooperation between the Empire's dominate Humans and the Major and Minor races.
4301 The Time Travel Society emerges in Australia and other locations and undergoes a major technical reengineering, upgrading from older hibernation equipment to Stasis Chambers.
4302 Maxwell Biogenics unveils prototype transformations that create Humans capable of surviving on warm methane worlds (U1) and sub-jovian (S1) environments, but difficulties with the Ministry of Justice regarding Human modification regulation prevent commercialization as recognized Human modification variants, and limits initial use to Constructs.
4303 Crown Prince Rogar moves to Delphi full-time to live with his wife, Duchess Heather; an Imperial Guard battalion accompanies him, leading to criticism of the Guard for its role in assisting the continuing martial law crackdown.
4304 Brussels hosts the Imperial Exposition on Terra, concentrating on European history in the period of nationalism, with large pavilions dedicated to the nineteenth through twenty-first centuries.
4305 Prince Cleon (IV) forms a Goblin Bowl team for competition in the Ertan Games and wins the tournament; his grandfather, Emperor Cleon III, publicly expresses his distaste for the sport.
4306 Earl Tafi Vendar of Adonis presides over the first meeting of the Nobilis-dominated Society for Excessive Decadence, held at the Earl's urban compound in the capital of Chrysalis.
4307 A small group of dissident Tunes leaves Neptune to colonize the atmosphere of Uranus, learning to cope with a slow nomadic seasonal migration; this subgroup of Tunes becomes known as the Ani.
4308 The Imperial Exposition on Luna focuses on commerce and luxury, including many new bio-mechanical products, toys, pets, and servants; some demonstrators protest the inclusion of Goblin Bowl as a recognized Olympic sport.
4309 The future Olav IV marries Princess Sandra Kamarov-Bandas of Paradise, a great-grandniece of the Queen, in a public ceremony on Paradise.
4310 The Ugati of Sector 776 achieve a unified spaceflight-capable atomic era culture, and receive a delegation of Imperial diplomats.
4311 In response to smuggling and piracy, the Imperial Navy establishes a base at Talendir (Sector 721) in the Triangle region between Imperial, Dragon and Grand Federation Space.
4312 Queen Chloe of Artemis dies of CID at age 1,487; her grandson Fillip becomes King of Artemis.  The Old Colony world Ghandi hosts the Imperial Exposition, celebrating the diversity of Humanity in all its racial, cultural and modified forms.
4313 After considerable debate and assurances of cultural protections, the Ugati join the Empire as a Minor race.
4314 Rogar Kamarov, son of Prince Olav (IV) and Princess Sandra is born on Erta.
4315 Elizabeth Farrar, wife of Prince Garth Kamarov, becomes Queen of North America upon the death of her grandfather, Alexander III.
4316 Erebus hosts the Imperial Exposition, using the event to emphasize exploration and development on this world dominated by Technologist interests.
4317 The Emperor extends his genetic transformation dispensation to cover warm methane and sub-jovian modifications, allowing Human to undergo genetic alterations to these additional forms.
4318 Elizabeth Kamarov, son of Prince Olav (IV) and Princess Sandra, is born in Byzantium.
4319 Accompanied by a Imperial Guard fleet, Emperor Cleon III sets off on state visits to Draco and Focus aboard the Imperial Sun.
4320 Telesuit assassins kill Duchess Heather of Delphi in her palace compound and escape uncaptured.  Her son, Prince Cleon (IV) travels to Delphi to assume control of the world and appoints Sir Harven Tschi as his Chief of Staff and effective executive of Delphi.  Heather's husband, Crown Prince Rogar, moves permanently to his estates at Exeter on Erta.  Algiers hosts the Imperial Exposition on Terra, noted for a rare visit to his homeworld and hometown by Orlan D'Juma.
4321 The Blue Fist, a Natani extremist group demanding Major race status, kills over twenty Ministry of State officials in a coordinated series of attacks on Umbran.  The Emperor declares Blue Fist actions proof that the Natani are not ready for Major status, and the local government quickly suppresses the movement.
4322 Imperial researchers at Alimeen unveil a Class E Worm drive prototype, the Elvira, offering over 8% better performance than Class D vessels, a small improvement that slows the adoption of Class E vessels except in racing and courier circles.
4323 Martial law ends on Delphi after a new constitution, written by Tschi and signed by Cleon (IV), comes into force.
4324 Queen Tabitha opens the Imperial Exposition on Mars, a spectacle designed to rival Joseph V's Venusian Imperial Exposition; the Martian extravaganza includes simulated sea battles on the Northern Ocean and the largest commercial pavilions to date.
4325 An Octopod squadron raids the Talendir outpost, killing 84 personnel while destroying the frigate Jonasson and some surface facilities; the Octopods agree to a truce after mobilization of of the 722th and 686th Imperial fleets, but the Coreward Command begins reinforcing Talendir and increasing patrols in the Triangle.
4326 Emperor Cleon III sends his younger son Prince Garth as a special envoy to Focus to secure agreements for better coordination of border activities.
4327 The sub-jovian Adornan of Sector 481 achieve spaceflight capability and receive contact from an Imperial diplomatic mission.
4328 The Imperial Exposition on Elysium is spread among the democratic world's many metropolitan centers.  Hans Crassius, future Command Admiral and Cabinet Chair, is born on Tyr.
4329 The Adornan join the Empire as a Minor race.  The Yagan Sprint wins the Rigel-Antares Rally in 34 days, 23 hours in the first Class E category race.
4330 The IAK begins research on introducing Psi modifications into the Human genome at facilities on Atlantis and Thor; public disclosure causes a minor uproar and leads to the Atlantian government distancing itself from any cooperation in the effort.
4331 Prince Garth travels to Draco in a bid to improve relations and coordinate patrols in the Triangle region.
4332 The Imperial Exposition takes place on Rona and on its large locked moon Scarface, offering an exotic backdrop to the events and pavilions.
4333 Pope Pius XXXVI of New Rome dies in a speeder accident; his successor is Pope Pius XXXVII, formerly Cardinal Oscar Davos, a prominent conservative.
4334 In response to Solar political pressure, the Emperor reclassifies the Duchies of Europa, Ganymede and Callisto as Principalities and makes Io a Duchy.
4335 Venus suffers from the warmest year in two centuries and several violent storms, prompting further investment into the Planetary Environment Board, reformed by King Joseph V to report to a strengthened Minister of Ecology.
4336 Researchers at New Bergen University on Kalmar develop a low-powered teleport shield that will protect buildings and vehicles from telesuit incursion.  Byzantium holds the Imperial Exposition on Terra, an event most noted by the Emperor's disapproval of Goblin Bowl and other blood sports.
4337 The Ministry of Colonization allows the Natani to settle Tarmarshan, an ecologically suitable world in Sector 333.
4338 Citing privacy concerns, the Ministry of Justice bans Psi research, shutting down the IAK's Atlantian and Thorian operations.
4339 The Imperial Navy begins a retrofitting effort to convert many of its cruisers and frigates to accommodate Class E worm drives and teleport shields.  Cleon III names Sir Alfred Tufi as Minister of State.
4340 The Solar Belt hosts the Imperial Exposition, including many venues "outside", protected from cold vacuum only by force fields.
4341 Ishmahil Mustafa, seventh son of the seventh wife of Ibrahim Mustafa and future Khalif, is born in Mecca.
4342 Solar flares, drought and vast forest fires devastate the Central Member world of Sargon, causing thousands of deaths and prompting Ministry of Science intervention to stabilize Sargon's star and repair the environment.
4343 The Imperial Racing Federation discontinues all but Class E events, putting it ahead of both industry and government, who continue to operate and even produce Class D vessels.
4344 Khronos uses its Imperial Exposition to successfully reestablish itself as a premier center for entertainment and leisure, though many religious and conservative elements condemn as immoral its emphasis on decadence.
4345 The Emperor snubs Earl Tafi Vendar at a reception on Mars and later addresses a Federation Wars Veterans Association convention, decrying growing decadence among the Nobilis and upper class Sapien populations and promoting the virtues of service to the Empire.
4346 King Joseph V of Venus dismisses two successive Ministers of Ecology after evidence the bureaucracy suppressed reports of  worrying volcanic trends; he appoints Sir Tavin Olman to the post and demands progress in stabilizing the planetary lithosphere.
4347 Jon Bradford publishes his novel of decadence, Opium, on Terra.
4348 Onuris hosts an Imperial Exposition noted for significant Dragon participation and sprawling garden venues.
4349 To support further Trailing survey work, the IAK establishes a series of sector outposts, starting over six hundred light years from Sol; the Ministry of Colonization denies colony status for these outposts, and most remain staffed by just a few hundred people.
4350 Prince Roban the Younger joins the Altara Mystery sect of the Golden Stasis, a group emphasizing elaborate ceremony, racial hierarchy and Futaris conversion.
4351 Orlan Kamarov, the youngest child of Olav (IV) and Sandra and is born in Byzantium; a mentally retarded dwarf, he shows clear signs of generational fatigue.
4352 Cleon III celebrates his two hundredth Jubilee with a large celebration throughout the Solar System, overshadowing the Imperial Exposition at Phnom Penh.  At the end of his Jubilee celebration, he announces the appointment of Sir Alfred Tufi as Chair of the Cabinet and withdraws from active decision-making.
4353 The adventurer Pavl Turini flies the stasis-equipped craft Ring of Fire straight through Sol.
4354 Imperial Marine Colonel Tanner Adjani assassinates Jon Bradford as he accepts the Tigarvati Prize for Opium; the Colonel surrenders, pleads guilty and receives sentence to Gehenna for a hundred year term.
4355 The Emperor travels to Hallowed aboard the Imperial Sun to meet with the Founders in what SirAlfred Tufi describes as a private visit.
4356 Duke Hector of Io uses the Imperial Exposition to promote his harsh world as a place where those opposed to the growing leisure emphasis of Imperial culture can test their metal against the elements.
4357 Sir Tavin Olman announces the Thousand Year Plan to reach full stability for Venus's planetary ecology, laying out a series of construction and nano-mechanical projects to fundamentally alter the crust of the planet.
4358 After a raid on a smuggler operation at Bulgar Lun in the Triangle, Imperial Naval Lieutenant Hans Crassius receives the Order of the Gryphon for his heroism.
4359 Imperial Cabinet Chair Sir Alfred Tufi asks for and receives the resignations of the entire Cabinet and many sub-Ministers, replacing the upper hierarchy with technocrats friendly to his incremental reform programs.
4360 Horizon hosts a mediocre Imperial Exposition most famous for the Society for Excessive Decadence's public attempts to live up to their name.
4361 The IAK survey ship Columbia discovers five million year old ruins of a system-wide civilization at Poltergeist in Sector -07,+01,-01.
4362 A thorough survey of the Poltergeist system not only inspires the name of the vanished civilization, but confirms it had at least early microjump technological levels.
4363 Helena Cardona leads a group of sixty who set themselves ablaze at the Imperial Mall on Kalmar in honor of Lord Palmer Roosevelt.
4364 Adonis host a thoroughly decadent Imperial Exposition, enshrining Earl Tafi Vendar as the epitome of Nobilis excess.
4365 After Zhretra teams confirm the presence of a malicious remnant machine intelligence at Poltergeist, the Imperial Navy imposes a quarantine on the system, evacuating several teams of besieged researchers.
4366 The Khruzi philosopher Brashadar Fzuki publishes his doctrine of mental and physical discipline the Fzuki Way and begins to build a following among Khruzi and Human adherents.
4367 Prince Aaron of Callisto dies during an orgy of sex and violence whose details dominate the headlines of both tabloid and serious media for months.
4368 The Imperial Exposition on Terra is held in Detroit and focuses on ancient American industrial culture.
4369 The Mechanist Temple on Karinsky recovers the three hundred year old pre-disappearance Backup of Jon Gades.  Gades, in his third Incarnation, becomes the first Salvor of the Mechanist church, working to recover the soulboxes of Mechanists lost in space and beyond the Trailing frontier.  An IAK survey team discovers the fusion era cold-nitrogen (N2) Starflower civilization at Nantili is Sector 804.
4370 Count Bartholomew of Astraea, in the Solar Belt, and over fifty members of his entourage, plus an untold number of Goblins, Warriors, Amazons and biological Constructs immolate themselves in a bizarre orgy of death and destruction.  The new Count of Astraea, Robert Carvela, condemns his grandfather's excesses and outlaws the killing of Servant Races and Constructs on Astraea, disbanding the worldet's Goblin Bowl teams and gladiatorial leagues.
4371 An Imperial team led by Ambassador Jana Turva establishes communication and relations with the Starflower civilization.
4372 Europa hosts a lavish Imperial Exposition that presents Nobilis decadence in a more sophisticated and tasteful light than that demonstrated at Adonis.
4373 The Starflowers join the Empire as a Minor Race.  Jon Gades receives special Imperial permission to recover soulboxes at Poltergeist; after a harrowing mission, he returns with all seven lost Mechanists.
4374 The Khorn Collective on Khronos publishes Ultimate Decay, an extremely popular virtual universe allowing anyone to achieve the excesses of the worst Decadents without the risk, infamy or expense.
4375 The Emperor grants an audience to a Mechanist delegation led by Jon Gades and in public remarks, praises the efforts of Mechanists, Technologists and the IAK in promoting the positive evolution of the Empire.
4376 The Imperial Exposition on Daedalus suffers from the split themes of the world's primitive Dark Age society and its present status as a noted artistic center.
4377 Lord Thomas Bren kills fourteen Sapiens in a bare-handed "glee-killing" spree on Nova before being apprehended by local authorities and sentenced to indefinite isolation detention.
4378 The IAK survey vessel Rohan discovers an extinct Poltergeist colony at Tombstone in Sector -07,+02,+01; the settlement shows no sign of remnant machine activity, and apparently continued on in a semi-industrial state for at least fifty thousand years after the collapse of the Poltergeist home system civilization.
4379 The Martian patrol cruiser Nirgal collides with the passenger liner Osteras in the inner Solar system, killing 3,200 people and initiating a general rescue effort where private vessels arrive and rescue most of the 1,400 survivors before government vessels can respond.
4380 Riots caused by the rumor of murders conducted for the amusement of the Society for Excess Decadence disrupt the closing ceremonies of the otherwise well-received Imperial Exposition on Sita.
4381 In a scathing interview, Emperor Cleon III condemns the Nobilis as a class, calling them a decaying genetic mistake; in response a group of prominent Nobilis including King Karl of Atlantis form the New Morality, an organization of Nobilis and Sapiens dedicated to service and propriety.
4382 The New Morality calls for a ban on blood sports at Olympic events, but even on Atlantis, King Karl fails to win parliamentary approval for the ban.
4383 The Khald'aron create an artificial wormhole singularity at their Science Eight deep space research facility; attempts to stabilize the wormhole with exotic matter and create an interstellar gate end in failure.
4384 Caracas hosts the Imperial Exposition on Terra, a splendorous display in that golden city which draws millions to its well-managed pavilions.
4385 Pro-Ibrahimite rioters on Levant attempt to stop the secular government from profiting from "depravities" in the form of taxation on genetic transformations and importation of Servants and Constructs; the President of Levant requests and receives Imperial support in restoring order with minimal loss of life.
4386 The Khald'aron abandon their Science Eight station after its wormhole destabilizes further.
4387 The Swarm author Seen-It-Three-Ways wins the Tigarvati Prize for its work Standing on the Mound at Noon, the first cultural Tigarvati for a Swarm.
4388 The Imperial Exposition on Ganymede presents a more severe facade to support the world's New Morality rulers, but after heated discussion the Exposition Committee does allow Olympic blood events to proceed.
4389 An unknown assailant attempts to pilot an anti-matter laden speeder into the Imperial Palace, but dies when detected, deflected and detonated high above Byzantium; no other causalities occurred, though all of Terra remains under high alert for the following month.
4390 A team of New Morality inspired assassins kill twelve in a failed attempt on Earl Tafi of Adonis; two escape offworld and the third dies in a shootout with Adonian police.
4391 Count Alfred Banish of Dover announces he has committed the total genocide of the Eolim, a race of sentient creations he had developed and bred for generations for just such a purpose; the citizens of Dover overthrow their leader, confine him to a mental institution and declare their world a Republic; the Imperial government ignores a request for intervention by the Banish family.
4392 Crown Prince Rogar dies of CID on Erta; his son Cleon (IV) becomes Prince of Mercury.  Hsia hosts an Imperial Exposition noted for its emphasis on traditional Chinese culture.
4393 New Morality firebrand Baron Vlad Jurasik dies of Natani poison during a state dinner at Byzantium, signaling the beginning of a war of assassinations between the New Morality and the Society for Excessive Decadence.
4394 The media notes thirty assassinations of low-level Moralist and Decadent adherents.
4395 Count Robert of Astraea, a leading New Moralist, dies at the hands of a mind-altered Hobgoblin bodyguard.  Lord Mandrake Venin, consort of Princess Felese of the Kuiper-Oort, dies in an explosive decompression blamed on the New Morality.
4396 The Imperial Exposition on Steppe dedicates ninety thousand square kilometers to exhibition space on its expansive Greatest Plain.  King Fillip of Artemis dies of an apparent suicide; his surviving son Antonio becomes King of Artemis.
4397 A series of skirmishes between armed yachts supporting the Moralists and Decadents prompts the Imperial Navy to step up patrols and seize dozens of vessels.
4398 Imperial Chair Sir Alfred Tufi negotiates an end to the war of assassination with an "understanding of limits" agreed to by both Earl Tafi of Adonis and King Karl of Atlantis.
4399 Earl Tafi Vendar calls upon his followers to continue their practices "in private" to avoid "further provocations".  Sir Hans Crassius achieves the rank of Vice Admiral and assumes command of the Imperial base at Talendir.
4400 The Antarctic city of Palmer hosts the Imperial Exposition on Terra, specializing in both winter sports and exquisite art.
4401 The Time Travel Society emerges from Stasis and gains a number of Moralist recruits that more than replenish the defectors from the newer membership.
4402 Chamelia Vladimos wins the Tigarvati Prize for her Altaran Golden Stasis thesis Dispelling Anarchy; the Futaris Sapien is rumored to be engaged in a scandalous liaison with Prince Roban the Younger.
4403 The IAK exploratory cruiser Chrysanthemum discovers a derelict worm drive vessel in a deep elliptical orbit around a white dwarf in Sector -08,-02,+01; based on age and design, the science team determines that the vessel probably belonged to the race known as Romne's Martian Gods.
4404 Orlan D'Juma dies suddenly at age 1031 on Nachen; his adopted homeworld interns his body in an elaborate tomb after an immense funeral ceremony attended by millions, including the Emperor and a large delegation of senior Grand Federation leaders.  Queen Elizabeth of North America dies of CID-related infections during her return from D'Juma's funeral; her son Roban (the Elder) becomes King of North America.  The Imperial Exposition on Callisto is further dampened by the death of Princess Irina in an apparent suicide just after its commencement.
4405 The Dragon Sphere establishes an embassy on Khruzi for the first time since the Dragon War, though relations between the two races remain hostile.
4406 King Roban (the Elder) of North America endorses a Golden Stasis model for his administration, also endorsing the Moralist agenda and removing all Nobles with declared Decadent ties from public office.
4407 An Imperial Edict clarifies the status of Drift stations and artificial habitats in otherwise uninhabited systems, immediately qualifying seven Coreward Drifts and over fifty major habitats Empire-wide for Member status.  A related Imperial Edict clarifies enumeration procedures for Zhretra and Tze't Imperial citizens.
4408 Emerald hosts an Imperial Exposition that becomes a model for its careful segregation of events and exhibitions of diverse cultural themes, limiting hostile interactions and increasing the enjoyment of all participants.
4409 The Khzraut Tzakba Philosophical school offers its translated Principles of Pluralistic Bliss as a model to bridge gaps between diverse human philosophies.
4410 Queen Poula of Europe dies of CID; her great-granddaughter succeeds her as Queen Tani of Europe, initiating a court dedicated to the Decadent arts.
4411 The Imperial Navy establishes a permanent garrison in the Armpit Nebula after an increase in unauthorized flights into the black hole exclusion zone.
4412 The Imperial Exposition at Zeus, known as the Lightning Exposition for its exhibit halls built of plasma and light, receives great acclaim both for its innovation and for its adoption of the Emerald model of cultural harmony.
4413 Octopod-supplied pirates from a mix of races join forces to raid Talendir in a major engagement where over a hundred ships attack  the twenty Imperial warships at the base.  After his decisive leadership at the Battle of Talendir, Sir Hans Crassius becomes Sector Admiral of Sector 721 and commander of all Imperial forces in the Triangle region.
4414 After extensive coastal flooding in Lada on Venus, King Joseph fires the entire senior staff of the Planetary Environment Board.
4415 King Phillip of Australia dies of CID; his great-great granddaughter Helena becomes Queen and proceeds with construction of the Tormented Palace at Sydney, a living, shifting tribute to Decadence.
4416 Marseilles hosts the Imperial Exposition on Terra, focusing on pre-spaceflight Mediterranean culture, including a replica of a Roman era coliseum built for the Goblin Bowl tournament.
4417 In a gesture of friendship to neighboring states, Emperor Cleon III orders the mothballing of the Hellking fleet, retiring the six vessels to Ultima Thule; the gesture is is mostly symbolic, as the vessels remain partially powered, well-maintained, and on standby for immediate recommissioning.
4418 King Joseph V of Venus dies suddenly and is succeeded by his daughter Tannella, who sets a more restrained tone for her reign.
4419 Household Goblins revolt and kill Count Adnan Gur of Hesperia, seizing control of the capital and several cities before Imperial Marines subdue the uprising and slaughter the rebel Goblins; the new Count, Adnan's grand-nephew Boris, does not reconstitute the world's medal-winning Goblin Bowl team.
4420 The Emperor attends the Imperial Exposition at Titan, elevating Duchess Tanda to the rank of Princess and lauding her as an example of the Imperial Nobility at its finest.
4421 Earl Tafi Vendar survives an assassination attempt that briefly threatens to resume violence between the Decadents and Moralists.
4422 The HyperGoth faction, emphasizing darker and more morbid themes, breaks away from the Decadent movement.  Queen Helena of Australia emerges as a major HyperGoth figure.
4423 Imperial diplomats receive reports of border skirmishes between Dragon and Cygnian fleets, though the Dragons deny any conflict.
4424 The Imperial Exposition on Kongo is marred by the self destruction of a HyperGoth exhibit that kills eighty-five participants and twelve bystanders.
4425 Battu Vandos wins the Tigarvati for his Translations in Tolerance, a compilation of Human and alien writings.
4426 The world of Blackpool suffers a disastrous mutant virus plague, killing over eighty thousand within a month; the Imperial Navy quarantines the world and works with Ministry of Science experts to develop a vaccine, though a cure proves elusive.
4427 Sir Hans Crassius becomes Command Admiral of the Coreward Region after the retirement of Admiral Lord Brandon Hall.  An additional five hundred thousand people die on Blackpool before a cure is found.
4428 The Mechanist-dominated world of Murukan hosts the Imperial Exposition in a well-organized effort funded by both the Mechanist church and the IAK.
4429 Unknown assassins release the Blackpool virus in New York on Terra, killing over thirty thousand before quarantine and vaccination efforts take effect.
4430 A voluntary Blackpool vaccination program begins Empire-wide.
4431 Admiral Crassius begins coordination meetings with his Grand Federation and Dragon counterparts to security common borders and suppress lawless in the Triangle.
4432 The African city of Kampala hosts a lavish Imperial Exposition.
4433 Fires set by HyperGoth adherents devastate the Australian outback, prompting protests against Queen Helena.  Australian household troops suppress riots in Sydney and Melbourne, but allow rioters and looters to destroy much of downtown Perth before stepping in.
4434 Citizens of Nergal in Sector 4 overthrow their despotic ruler, Countess Tamila Zhang, in a bloodless coup and institute a multi-racial Republic; the Imperial Navy refuses direct intervention and Zhang's appeals to the Emperor for support go unanswered.
4435 Calderan scientists perfect the Rymar Stabilization biomorphic regenerative process for Nobilis, allowing greater protection from CID; adverse reaction from Ibrahimite and Catholic officials as well as Sapiens within the Ministry of Science prevent the implementation of the process, which involve reengineering the Nobilis race through a transformation-like.
4436 The Imperial Exposition at Oberon bans HyperGoth exhibitions and presents a more Moralist-oriented theme in line with the philosophies of the world's ruling clergy.
4437 The Emperor officially bans Rymar Stabilization, agreeing that it represents a variation on the Nobilis genome; the process is adopted for general use on the Calderan worlds.
4438 Jon Gades succeeds Van Turin as the Mechanist Primal; the charismatic figure begins an active campaign to spread the religion and gains hundreds of millions of converts throughout the Empire.
4439 Ishmahil Mustafa begins a tour of Ibrahimite worlds throughout the Empire, preaching adherence to his father's principles and separation from the rot of the Nobility and corrupted Variant Sapiens.
4440 Levant demonstrates that it can hold a successful and profitable Imperial Exposition where all viewpoints are represented, even the offshoot Palmerist DeathGoth sect.
4441 The Dragon's home sun suffers a series of unstable pulses that release heavy radiation and force a halt to spaceflight within the Draco system for a period of five months; Dragon stellar engineers fix the problem and declare that they can keep their sun in the main sequence for at least another 600,000 years.
4442 The Imperial Coreward Command, in cooperation with Dragon and Grand Federation forces, begin Operation Symmetry, a sweep of pirate and illegal settlements in the Triangle region, effectively ending piracy and lawlessness in the region.
4443 Khronos dedicates a vast underground entertainment complex to HyperGoth and DeathGoth entertainments, allowing adherents to practice their vices without disturbing other patrons.
4444 The otherwise worthy Imperial Exposition at Aeon is overshadowed by King John 2222 Party on Libertas where a thousand individuals exceeding that age lavishly display their wealth and influence.
4445 Emperor Cleon III grants an audience to Admiral Crassius, praising him for his military and diplomatic contributions to the Empire; shortly thereafter Crassius becomes Grand Master of the Order of the Empire's Sword, a position he holds until his death.
4446 Earl Tafi Vendar survives another assassination attempt, but information soon leaks that he placed a price on his own head as a method of entertainment; leading the Emperor to offer an Imperial Guard platoon to compete for the bounty; the Earl removes the bounty, but continues to be a leading Decadent figure, though his movement is increasingly overshadowed by its extreme Gothic offshoots.
4447 Atlantis bans public suicides, a controversial law that proves difficult to enforce.
4448 Byzantium hosts the Imperial Exposition in new permanent facilities north of the city dedicated to all aspects of Imperial culture.
4449 Developers uncover a second site attributed to Romne's Martian Gods near the Martian Southern Pole; few recognizable artifacts remain, but the collapsed site buried over a kilometer deep covers over two square kilometers.
4450 After an abortive attempt by criminals to seize the Hellking Anubis at Ultima Thule, the Ministry of Defense orders the six decommissioned planet killers dispersed to separate naval stations in the six frontier regions.
4451 Hurik Adannan, future Marshal, Imperial Chair and rebel Republican leader is born on Dyson, a relatively backwater idyllic world in Sector 40.
4452 Duchess Melisa of Triton opens the Imperial Exposition on that moon, welcoming the Emperor and kicking off his three hundredth Jubilee celebration.
4453 The Emperor personally approves an extension of service for Command Admiral Sir Hans Crassius after the Commander of the Coreward Region fulfills a century of Imperial service.
4454 The B'dr'rak mercantile clans win elective power over their worlds, inaugurating a warmer relationship between the race and the Empire.
4456 Amaterasu, deep in a revival of its Easterner roots, hosts an elaborate but overly formal Imperial Exposition.
4457 The Imperial Mother, Queen Tabitha of Mars dies; Emperor Cleon III assumes the title King of Mars, but leaves direct rule to an appointed council headed by Duke Altamon Vega of Tharsis.
4458 The government of Hercules passes legislation liberalizing public nuisance laws, essentially allowing any activity that does not cause others direct harm; the new laws become known as "The Tasteless Acts".
4459 Sapien rebels overthrow and murder the ruling family of Hegnar Lun in Sector 182 before an Imperial task force arrives to suppress the uprising.  After investigations point to a unwieldy communication process at Hegnar Lun, the Emperor authorizes Sector Admirals and Generals to use their discretion in responding directly to Nobilis requests for Imperial intervention in local disputes.  Dowager Empress Alexandra, widow of Cleon II, dies at Byzantium of an undisclosed illness.
4460 Shuldra Drift, situated in interstellar space in Sector 691, hosts an Imperial Exposition that celebrates its new status as an Imperial Member world.
4461 Mechanist Primal Jon Gades dedicates the Pavel Karinsky Cathedral on Karinsky; the multi-tier edifice houses spiritual exhibits, historical artifacts and over two billion stored Mechanist backups.
4462 The Ibrahimite world of Islam bans entry to known Decadent and Goth adherents, earning a Ministry of Justice rebuke but effectively ending the trickle of such visitors.
4463 Imperial and Grand Federation squadrons engage in a tense stand-off near Kharbaz in Sector 730, a region claimed by both governments, but mostly occupied by the Grand Federation.
4464 Singapore hosts an Terran Imperial Exposition entirely set in renovated arcologies in the Singapore Strait.
4465 Imperial Chair Sir Alfred Tufi travels to Focus to discuss the status of the Chlorine Races, two Grand Federations species whose spheres of influence fall within the expanding Imperial border in Sectors 730 and 766.
4466 Pope Pius XXXVII of New Rome receives Ishmahil Mustafa; the two issue a joint Declaration of Human Principles.
4467 After a failure of negotiations with the Grand Federation, Emperor Cleon III dismisses Tufi and reassumes the Imperial Chair.  The Emperor travels to Focus to personally negotiate the peaceful annexation of the Chlorine Races and border adjustment amendments to the Nachen Treaty of 3854.  The Chlor Alpha and Chlor Beta races enter the Empire as Major races.
4468 Emperor Cleon III appoints Sir Egon Drellis, formerly Minister of Justice, as the Imperial Chair and resumes a passive role in Imperial affairs.  Kuiper Princess Felese host the Imperial Exposition on Charon, focusing on Decadent, HyperGoth and DeathGoth themes, with more "straight" exhibits situated on separate facilities on Pluto.
4469 Imperial forces occupy the long abandoned honeycombed Tadla world of Tashera in Sector 766, beginning civilian occupation of areas of the vast abandoned subterranean catacombs.
4470 Hurik Adannan travels to Mars on a scholarship to attend the Imperial Marine Academy at Lowell.
4471 Emperor Cleon III dies of CID at the Uplands Palace complex on Bengal.  The coronation of the Emperor's grandson as Emperor Cleon IV proceeds after a lengthy debate in the Imperial High Council, where a substantial minority favors Cleon III's surviving son, Prince Garth, as Emperor.  Cleon IV's son Olav becomes Prince of Mercury, Prince Garth becomes King of Asia, and the Emperor retains the titles of Duke of Delphi, Prince of Bengal and King of Mars.  Emperor Cleon IV appoints Sir Harven Tschi to the position of Imperial Chair.
4472 Isis hosts the Imperial Exposition of the Sun, a celebration of the world's often fickle star.  Moralist Lady Tricia Leung becomes Minister of Culture and begins a campaign to marginalize Decadence and its offshoots.
4473 Imperial Marines thwart a Khabaderan plot to destroy the new Imperial Sector 730 headquarters at Ocelot.
4474 The Emperor begins a major expansion of grounds at the Spring Palace on Erta and purchases three large reserves, one on each of the world's major continents.
4475 The Ministry of Colonization rebuffs requests by Grand Federation methane-breathing races to settle the Empire's thousands of suitable methane ecology worlds.
4476 Yggdrasil hosts an Imperial Exposition set among the world's groves of city-sized fauna.
4477 Ibrahim Msutafa issues a sermon declaring the Nobilis race irreversibly physically and morally degenerate; the sermon and its rebroadcast prompts scattered attacks against Nobilis interests that subside after Ibrahim appeals to his followers to respect legal authority.
4478 The Empire and the Grand Federation negotiate a new series of customs and immigration treaties that clarify expatriate status of races living or working in each other's territories; the Khald'aron subsequently join the treaty, creating a travel zone stretching from Rigel to the inner edge of the Orion arm.
4479 The Ministry of Colonization opens Ocelot for general settlement, encouraging a human presence in the new annexed Chlorine Races region.
4480 DeathGoth activities disrupt the Imperial Exposition at Quebec City on Terra, prompting King Roban to ban the movement from his realm and deport adherents to Australia.
4481 Ibrahim's grandson Hammed meets with King Karl of Atlantis to discuss cooperation between the Moralists and moderate Ibrahimites, releasing a joint statement that eventually becomes the basis of the Hammedian sect.
4482 Hurik Adannan joins Admiral Crassius's staff as a young Marine Captain specializing in intelligence.
4483 The DeathGoth Lord Alistair Tramble (a.k.a. Alabaster Trample) kills Culture Minister Leung in a suicide bombing on Venus.
4484 Crown Prince Olav opens the Imperial Exposition on Mercury and earns his enduring nickname "The Stutterer".
4485 The Imperial Sun undergoes a full retrofit, receiving Class E drives, improved Stasis generators, lunar range teleporter nodes and advanced quantum metal accommodations.
4486 The Emperor appoints Prince Roban the Younger as ambassador to the Dragon Sphere.
4487 Imperial Chair Sir Harven Tschi resigns, citing ill health, and retires to Delphi, where he dies shortly thereafter.  The Emperor appoints Duke Altamon Vega (Duke Vega) of Tharsis as the new Imperial Chair.
4488 Amazonia hosts a peaceful Imperial Exposition in a celebration of its tolerant "Fusion" culture.  Duke Vega replaces the entire Cabinet, increasing a pro-Nobilis slant in all Ministries.
4489 A controversial Imperial Edict declares CID and generational fatigue medically recognized defects, opening the way for legal Rymar Stabilization and prenatal genetic corrections for the Nobilis; the Imperial Congress protests, but the High Council narrowly defeats a resolution calling on the Emperor to reconsider.
4490 In response to growing religious and secular Sapien protests over legalized Nobilis modifications, a revised edict restricts generational fatigue repairs to adult Nobilis, limiting the repair to their future offspring.  The revised edict, which continues to allow Rymar Stabilization, satisfies few, but protests gradually subside.
4491 Sapien anti-Nobilis protestors attempt to seize control of the Viceroy offices on Kumar; Imperial Marines kill seven while defending the building, beginning an investigation and lawsuits over excess use of force.
4492 Emperor Cleon IV attends his last Cabinet meeting.  The Emperor spends the rest of his reign at various Imperial Palaces and aboard the Imperial Sun on extended tours and hunting expeditions throughout the Empire.  The Emperor's last major public appearance is at the opening of the colorful Imperial Exposition at Maya.
4493 Baron Cadaran Norris of Mars becomes Minister of Defense.
4494 An Imperial Edict reaffirms the military's right to use lethal force to subdue attacks on government facilities and officials and holds military personnel blameless while performing those duties in good faith.
4495 Calderan medical doctors receive permission to practice outside their worlds, often skirting genetic laws when caring for Nobilis patients.
4496 South American King Arturo presides over the Inca-themed Imperial Exposition at La Paz on Terra.
4497 An amendment reinstituting capital punishment for treason and murder fails to win even majority support in either the High Council or the Congress.
4498 After scandal ends the career of Admiral Lady Jana Turel, Duke Vega appoints Admiral Crassius to replace her as Commander of the Imperial Guard; most of Crassius's staff transfers with him, including Colonel Hurik Adannan, his Chief of Special Projects.
4499 Imperial settlers and militia battle and defeat Khabaderan squatters in the tunnels of Tashera.
4500 Queen Tannella hosts an inclusive and tasteful Imperial Exposition on Venus, marred only by her public dispute with Queen Helena of Australia over protocol and propriety.
4501 The Time Travel Society emerges at Australia and other locations; four former original members choose to return to the program, and four others, including David Travers, decide to spend a century evaluating current society.
4502 The Emperor's eldest grandson, Prince Rogar Kamarov, decides to join the Imperial Navy as an Ensign, though he is almost two hundred years old.
4503 A report from the Census Office shows a marked decline in CID deaths, an increase of over two centuries in Nobilis life expectancy and increases in female Nobilis fertility beyond the age of two hundred, direct effects of Rymar Stabilization.
4504 The rugged world of Ch'in hosts the Imperial Exposition amid the cliff-side dwellings and razor peaks of the Valley of Heaven.
4505 A DeathGoth suicide team led by Lord Vandalous Truman fails in their attempt to assassinate the Emperor on Dragonfly; all six assassins and four Imperial Guards die in the attack.
4506 Hammed Mustafa begins preaching at a renovated mosque in Karachi, marking the formal beginning of the Hammedian Sect; his uncle, Ishmahil suggests that Hammed is too liberal, but Ibrahim voices approval of Hammed's inclusive approach.
4507 Kars deJarla wins the Tigarvati Prize for his innovative Concordia architectural style, an extravagantly artistic blend of obsessive detail, Stasis, living metal and force field construction best illustrated by his Hall of Nobles on Aphrodite.
4508 Nereus hosts an Imperial Exposition noted for a number of new sports records, an undefeated Libertine Goblin Bowl team and failed attempts by DeathGoths to disrupt the closing ceremonies by trying to implode the Exposition Coliseum Dome.
4509 The arranged wedding of Prince Rogar Kamarov to Princess Shiana Roosevelt-Turlow of the Kalmaran House Roosevelt falls through, with the Prince vowing to remain single for the duration of his naval career.
4510 Construction begins on the Subaru Drift, a joint Human-Zhretra venture deep in the Pleiades cluster.
4511 A DeathGoth telesuit suicide squad kills Queen Tannella of Venus, Prince Orlan (the Emperor's younger son) and six others at a state dinner in Ishtar City; the Emperor's grandmother, Sabra, becomes Queen of Venus.
4512 Investigators link the assassination of Queen Tannella and others to an Australian DeathGoth group, but fail to implicate Queen Helena in the plot.  Security at the Imperial Exposition at Christchurch on Terra remains strong and hundreds of DeathGoths are arrested; seven receive lengthy sentences to Gehenna for attempted terrorism.
4513 Commander Rogar Kamarov receives the Imperial Star for his actions commanding the frigate New Salem in action against four Khabaderan pirate vessels in Sector 802.
4514 Ibrahimite and Golden Stasists clash on Venus in multiple incidents that prompt heightened security planet-wide.
4515 Queen Helena of Australia and dozens of her retinue commit suicide at the culmination of her hundredth jubilee festival; her son Phillip II, a more moderate figure, becomes King and orders the demolition of the Tormented Palace.
4516 Luna hosts a well-praised Imperial Exposition, with a full venue and no disruptions; the Hall of Worlds, a Concordia-inspired architectural gem, is especially well received.
4517 David Travers begins a grand tour of Known Space, eventually traveling to Rigel, Drago, Focus and the Coreward edge of the Orion Arm.
4518 Tania Remaro wins the Tigarvati Prive for her use of nano-organics in stylish and elaborate apparel.
4519 Lady Sandi Trevor-Obuto-Zhou becomes Minister of Culture, promising to promote creativity and decorum throughout the Empire.
4520 An Imperial Guardsman belonging to a fanatical Ibrahimite offshoot sect disintegrates Queen Sabra of Venus before being gunned down by his fellow guardsmen.  Emperor Cleon IV assumes the crown of Venus.  Duke Vega orders the Ministry of Defense to purge members of three extremist Ibrahimite sects from the military.  Scattered crackdowns against the sects and counterattacks on Nobilis interests spread though the Solar System and the Central region, causing thousands of deaths.  The sober Imperial Exposition on Regina proceeds without major incidents from Ibrahimites or DeathGoths.
4521 Major General Hurik Adannan receives the Order of the Gryphon and the Order of the Emperor's Sword after his Guard Division subdues an Ibrahimite and Sapien insurrection in Alcott on Venus.
4522 Ibrahim reforms his church hierarchy to centralize the clergy and clarify doctrine, calling on all his followers to eschew violence "for the present".  Baron Cadaran Norris resigns as Defense Minister as part of a comprise with mainstream Ibrahimite officers that prevents a possible military uprising; Command Admiral Sir Hans Crassius becomes Minister of Defense.
4523 Hammed Mustafa moves to Nasser in Sector 36, establishing a mosque among the mixed secular and religious Arab population.
4524 Gagarin hosts an Imperial Exposition focused on the theme of Human exploration of space from the Twentieth Century to the present.
4525 Primal Jon Gades publishes the Mechanist Credo, a summation of the rights and responsibilities of Mechanist adherents.
4526 Duke Vega assigns the Dux Council, comprised of the sixteen Venusian Dukes and Duchesses to act as the world's planetary executive authority in the Emperor's name.
4527 King Phillip II of Austrialia bans public Goth displays and deports all DeathGoth adherents to Europe and South America.
4528 DeathGoths expatriates riot during the Imperial Exposition in Budapest on Terra; the Imperial Guard puts down the disturbances, killing a dozen DeathGoths who had stormed the Guard forces with guns and explosives.
4529 The IAK centralizes Trailing survey operations, creating a hub on the Class A world Hortense in Sector -08,+01,-01.
4530 Crassius promotes Sir Hurik Adannan to Marshal and gives him the Coreward Command.  Prince Rogar Kamarov becomes Sector Admiral of Sector 339, headquartered at Nokara in the Erta system.
4531 Earl Tafi Vendar of Adonis dies after falling from a thousand meter spire at his Chrysalis palace in an apparent suicide; many note this as the end of the Decadent Era.
4532 The Ministry of State recommends Major Race status for the Natani, who have spent a thousand years as a Minor Race; after some debate in the Cabinet, the Emperor signs an Edict declaring the Natani race Major.  The Emperor attends the Imperial Exposition on Mars, an affair noted for its orderly management and elegant venues.
4533 Duke Vega angers many Sapiens by appointing the vocally pro-Nobilis Lord Hanver Denn of Atlantis as the new Minister of Justice.
4534 A five Terran mass rogue world enters the system of Golmuran, a Cargomen world in Sector 125; bringing the Kali out of mothballs, Marshal Adannan leads the task force that transforms the rouge into a new, harmless planetoid belt.
4535 The B'dr'rak physicist Br'tak Pel Rurr'ta'bla wins the Tigarvati Prize, a first for his race, for his work developing the Multi-Continuum Timescape model.
4536 The Imperial Exposition on Gothia, rumored to be a focal point of continuing HyperGoth and DeathGoth activity, proceeds with only minor disruptions and fewer than expected Decadent and neoGothic exhibitions, clearly demonstrating the ebbing of the extremist movements.
4537 Ibrahimite radicals on Venus attack a Futaris Golden Stasis gathering, killing three dozen and igniting three riots in the Fortuna Duchy, causing an additional four hundred deaths before local enforcers and the Imperial Guard can restore order.
4538 The Dux Council appoints Harold IV, Duke of Lakshmi, as sole executive of Venus, giving him authority to increase the police presence and strengthen local Nobilis household guards, deputizing House units to serve as auxiliary troops.
4539 Crown Prince Olav appoints Lord Horus Larkin as Consul of Mercury, responsible for managing the world's executive branch.
4540 Barsoom hosts an Imperial Exposition whose theme plays to the world's mythic name and semi-arid badlands.
4541 Hortense joins the Empire as a full Member; at 752 light years from Sol, it remains the furthest Member of the Empire of Humanity.
4542 Decadents and neoGoths from throughout the Solar system meet at a Conclave at Persephone in the Kuiper Belt, marking the continuing migration of their diehard adherents to the outer reaches of the Solar system.
4543 Three Tze't corporations introduce bio-link products to the Imperial market, allowing bio-implanted Humans to mentally control Tze't biological constructs; the Ministry of Commerce denies use of bio-links for Avatar creation and control.
4544 The city of Khartoum on Terra hosts an Imperial Exposition with a significant Ibrahimite theme and very few Decadent or Gothic exhibits; blood sports are segregated to inferior facilities far outside the main Exposition area.
4545 The Hall of Crystal, a Concordia-inspired structure, opens on the Imperial mall in Byzantium as a museum of art history.
4546 Marshal Adannan dispatches two fleets to strike pirate outposts in the Triangle after a resurgence of raider activity.
4547 After destroying six pirate outposts, The Empire, Grand Federation and Dragons sign a Treaty of Understanding with the Octopods at Talendir, effectively ending pirate activity in the Triangle until the fall of the Empire.
4548 The Imperial Exposition in the Solar Belt again utilizes force fields and free space structure to provide a unique backdrop to events and exhibitions.  The Belt government of Ceres exiles ten prominent Decadent Nobilis to the Kuiper Belt, seizing their private estates; an appeal to the Emperor goes unanswered.
4549 With tacit Imperial approval, Sapiens on Athena, backed by a strong Technologist faction, overthrow their Decadent Earl and set up a representative democracy.
4550 King Garth of Asia dies of an apparent suicide; his son King Roban (the Elder) of North America assumes the throne of Asia as well.
4551 Prince Roban the Younger returns from his long stint as Ambassador at Draco to help his father govern Asia.
4552 The world of Manchukuo hosts the Imperial Exposition in venues focusing on the world's Easterner origin and its frontier days.
4553 King Karl of Atlantis appoints his three hundred year old grandson, Prince Tomas Turki as Atlantian representative to the Imperial High Council.
4554 The Olympic subcommittee of the Ministry of Culture narrowly votes to retain the Goblin Bowl tournament, but bans Death Race events and Team Gladiator competitions.
4555 Duke Vega publicly apologizes after records of his previous visits to Decadent haunts in the Kuiper Principality surface in the popular media.
4556 Kumar hosts the Imperial Exposition, a celebration of the remote regional capital that proceeds without any neoGothic exhibits and sees heavy Khald'aron participation.
4557 Protests mount after Duke Vega remarks that the Nobilis must retain a permanent dominate role in Imperial politics.
4558 The Emperor submits to Moralist and Sapien pressure and dismisses Duke Vega; Admiral Hans Crassius becomes the Imperial Chair.
4559 Eight member worlds, including the Kuiper Principality, Libertas and Khronos combine to form the core of the Blood Games circuit, featuring everything from Goblin Bowl and recently banned Olympic events to competitions that would recoil even some Decadents.
4560 The Emperor returns to Terra to open the Imperial Exposition at Byzantium, but leaves before the first day is over, leaving Crassius to attend festivities and major social events.
4561 The Technologist-dominated government on Acre in Sector 396 declares independence from the Empire and encourages a coup on nearby Rondonia.  Marshal Adannan, on tour in Sector 393, leads his squadron to Acre to put down the revolt, killing or arresting the ringleaders.  In response to the Acre revolt, Crassius dictates an Imperial Edict increasing surveillance capabilities of the Imperial Guard.
4562 The Emperor appoints Prince Roban the Younger as Ambassador to Khald'aron and, despite misgivings, Roban leaves his estate outside Beijing to travel to the Rim.
4563 On Venus, Harold IV, Duke of Lakshmi, dies in a duel with Lord Rammel Torn; the Imperial Chair becomes the effective ruler of Venus, acting through the Dux Council.
4564 Duke Hector of Io hosts the Imperial Exposition in the caldera of the dormant Loki volcano.
4565 Prince Roban the Younger visits Rigel and enters the Rigel-Antares Rally on a lark, finishing fourth; Crassius reprimands Roban, but the Emperor refuses to accept his resignation as ambassador.
4566 On the Sector 49 world of Hellas a massive undersea methane hydrate release saturates the atmosphere, causing severe global warming; eight thousand die of heat-related causes or coastal flooding, and the seventy million residents suffers for months as atmosphere scrubbers work to stabilize the temperature.
4567 After a brawl in a Khruzi eatery kills three natives and a Dragon attaché, the Khruzi government shuts down the Dragon embassy and expels all Dragons citizens to Mendam or back to the Dragon Sphere.
4568 The Imperial Exposition on Aphrodite emphasizes the world's elaborate Concordia architectural styles and serves as the inauguration of the floating city of Fantasia.
4569 Duke Altamon Vega liquidates his personal properties on Mars, abdicates his rule of Tharsis to his grandson Albert and relocates to Glorious, where he remains secluded on a remote estate.
4570 Citing unspecified health concerns, Prince Roban the Younger resigns as Ambassador to Khald'aron and returns to Terra to help govern Asia.
4571 Continued friction between Dragon and Khruzi citizens leads to a Dragon ban on Khruzi travels within the Dragon Sphere; the Khruzi retaliate, baring Dragons from all Khruzi ruled worlds and successfully lobbying for limited Dragon travel zones on Mendam.
4572 Epona hosts a lackluster Imperial Exposition stymied by the world's Moralist government and Orthodox Golden Stasis sensibilities.
4573 Maxwell Biogenics, the Zhantlas firm Zurinna and the Tze't Shurrit'tar Corporation form a joint venture, MZS, to produce and market bio-link capable humanoid Constructs throughout the Empire.
4574 A large deep ocean rift opens off the coast of Lada on Venus, causing tsunamis that kill over thirty thousand.  The entire Planetary Environment Board resigns, and leading Imperial Ministry of Science planetary geophysicists begin work on a new stabilization project.
4575 Bahl Durin wins the Tigarvati Prize for fusing technology and style into his Galaxis line of passenger vehicles, compact transport just as capable of city travel as interstellar flight.  The Emperor, the Crown Prince and Prince Rogar all attend the celebration marking one thousand years of settlement on Erta.
4576 King Roban the Elder and his son, Prince Roban the Younger, supervise the Imperial Exposition at Harbin in Asia, delivering an orderly yet memorable event.  The Millennial Dragonfly Fair features the first two-seater, Stasis-equipped Class E Durin Galaxis XR-7 Sportster.
4577 Hundreds of prisoners on Gehenna, led by DeathGoth murderer Lord Raul Kantor-Chin, seize control of prison administrative facilities and demanding transport beyond the Imperial frontier; Imperial Marine troops overrun the prisoners, though ten Marines, seventy-five prison officials and over two thousand prisoners die in the struggle; Lord Raul Kantor-Chin remains unaccounted for.
4578 A Khald'aron cybernetic replicant experiment runs amok, taking over the Science Six station; Khald'aron defense ships, with assistance from an Imperial task force destroy the base and several compromised vessels.
4579 After replicants begins spreading on the Khald'aron world Ret'tabbulka, the government requests Imperial assistance and reluctantly decides to destroy the world; the Hellking Erebus destroys the world; despite careful evacuations, over three million die.
4580 The Imperial Exposition at Europa emphasizes luxury and order, focusing on Nobilis artistic patrons and heroes of the Empire, with Imperial Chair Sir Hans Crassius and Marshal Hurik Adannan attending as guests of honor.
4581 A member of a small anti-Nobilis fringe group assassinates Duke Hector of Io during a public event.  A Ministry of Justice investigation determines that Duke Hector's assassination could have been prevented, but for overlapping jurisdiction, bad intelligence analysis and poor communication between local and Imperial surveillance organizations.
4582 The Treaty of Kumar, signed by the Empire, the Grand Federation, the Dragons and the Khald'aron bans the production of mechanical replicants, with exceptions governing Zhretra reproduction.
4583 The Ministry of Science unveils the new Venus Stabilization Plan; "Plan V" calls for extensive crustal tunneling and modifications over three centuries.
4584 Olympus hosts and Imperial Exposition dedicated to Sapien accomplishments and heavily influenced by a growing Hammedian Ibrahimite presence on the world.
4585 A cyborgist Technologist contingent clashes with Ishmahili Ibrahimites during a religious conference on Luna; the ensuing violence leaves five Ishmahilis dead and sparks riots on Terra and Venus, resulting in a further seventy-eight deaths.
4586 Lord Jurgin Bandar of Themis publishes Paths of Separation, a treatise on the divergent philosophies of Humanity and the dangers of "stove-piping" subcultures.
4587 Countess Anastasia Gramble of Shallow kills herself and her family in a murder-suicide that exposes centuries of family scandal and brings down the Nobilis hierarchy of the world; a Bicameral Nobilis/Sapien parliamentary system replaces the old order.
4588 Cleon IV signs an Imperial Edict creating a separate Empire-wide paramilitary Imperial Interior Intelligence Service (3I), responsible directly to the Imperial Chair.  Crassius appoints Marshal Adannan to command the 3I.  New Africa host a free-wheeling Imperial Exposition, noted for its colorful venues and low-key security.
4589 Prince Rogar Kamarov becomes Command Admiral of the Coreward Region.
4590 The Imperial Congress begins a constitutional challenge to the powers of the 3I, but most legal scholars consider the agency to fall under Imperial Prerogative, and the effort soon fails.
4591 The Subaru Drift joins the Empire as a full Member.
4592 The city of Seattle hosts the Terran Imperial Exposition, a tribute to the balance of the new environmentalist movement that is only slightly marred by King Roban the Elder's use of armored troops to subdue Ibrahimite protestors.
4593 On Camelot, the local Imperial Marine commander fails to intervene as an Ibrahimite mob overruns local household troops and sacks the Ducal palace and Noble Council Citadel in a rampage that kills hundreds before the Duke's troops restore order.  After widespread Nobilis outrage at arbitrary Imperial military intervention and rumors of a White Emperor claimant emerging, Cleon issues and edict allowing titled Nobilis households to maintain heavy military equipment, including armed spacecraft.
4594 Prince Roban the Younger reluctantly accepts the Ambassadorship to the Grand Federation, traveling to Focus with a large entourage.
4595 Durin Design Works unveils the Viper single-seat worm-capable fighter, designed for private Nobilis forces, but soon adopted by the Imperial Navy.
4596 The Imperial Exposition on Ganymede reoccupies the deep caverns of the planet's early settlement and focuses on Moralist themes, relegating remaining Blood sports to smaller, less well-maintained caverns.
4597 Awake members of the Time Travel Society, led by David Travers, complete a new Stasis facility on Fomalhaut V, deep beneath the world's habitable rifts.
4598 Ishmahil Mustafa establishes the Order of Purity, a scarlet-robed paramilitary organization dedicated to providing security for Ibrahimite congregations and facilities.
4599 The government of Hercules becomes the first of many secular Sapien-ruled worlds to ban paramilitaries, including both Nobilis household forces and the Order of Purity.
4600 Agade hosts the Imperial Exposition, demonstrating a pluralistic secular culture and democratic, Sapien-dominated institutions.
4601 After emerging in Australia and across the Solar system, the Time Travel Society listens to the concerns of future instability voiced by David Travers and over three hundred accompany him to the new facility on Fomalhaut V.
4602 Finishing a century of military service, Prince Rogar Kamarov resigns his commission to become the new Minister of Defense.
4603 After one thousand and one years as a Minor Race, the Emperor accepts a petition by the Pasduchi to become a Major Imperial Race.
4604 Xanadu hosts an Imperial Exposition remembered for stunning natural and Concordian vistas.
4605 The Founders grant an audience to Prince Roban the Younger, the first to an Imperial Ambassador in over two hundred years; with a minimal entourage, he travels from Focus to Hallowed in his private DDW Clipper class racing sloop, the Event Horizon.
4606 The Order of Purity clashes with Technologist and Mechanist adherents while protesting IAK cybernetic research at the Lowell IAK facility on Mars; subsequent police actions lead to the banning of the Order of Purity from Mars.
4607 Rumors of a secret Noble cabal headed by a "White Emperor" reach the popular press, but a public Ministry of Justice investigation uncovers nothing more than legitimate political activity promoting the rights of the Nobilis to retain advanced military arms in defense of their holdings.
4608 The Imperial Exposition at Asuncion on Terra suffers from sporadic Ibrahimite protests and an armed skirmish between the household guard of the Count of Azure and the Order of Purity.  Marshal Adannan forms the Shadow Corps, a secret group within the 3I dedicated to surveillance of Imperial Military officers, especially of Nobilis possibly disloyal to the Emperor.
4609 Count Hassan Bervati, son of the Prince of Europa resigns as president of the Imperial High Council after allegations of treason, though he is never charged with any crime.
4610 Queen Hanna of Africa dies in a midair flyer collision and subsequent crash into Mt. Kilimanjaro; her great-grandson Desmond becomes the last King of Africa.
4611 The Sector 320 world of Lanander amends its democratic construction to ban the importation and exploitation of both biological and mechanical Constructs and to outlaw all lethal blood sports; several of its like-minded peer worlds follow suit.
4612 Callisto's Imperial Exposition features a three level Exposition city, with airborne, surface and subterranean venues.
4613 After a long industrial era marred by two planet-wide nuclear wars, the methane-breathing Yerkin of Sector 167 achieve a world government and a permanent orbital outpost, prompting a quickly accepted invitation to join the Empire as a Minor Race.
4614 Prince Roban the Younger resigns as Ambassador to Focus after twenty years service, returning to manage his father's Asian Kingdom.
4615 The methane-breathing Saa become a Major Race after a millennium of Minor Race Status.
4616 Demeter hosts a pleasant Imperial Exposition that offers little new innovation, but does mark a gradual reintegration of tamer blood sports into the main games arenas.  Imperial Chair Sir Hans Crassius solidifies his control of the Cabinet by replacing the Ministers of Justice and State with his own Sapien appointees.
4617 Aphrodite unveils the Harmony Crystal Cloud City, the first of seven floating arcologies noted for their exceptional artistry and luxury.
4618 Hassan Bervati becomes Prince of Europa after the resignation of his father after health concerns.
4619 An unsolved disintegrator explosion destroys the Imperial Sun off Aphrodite, killing Emperor Cleon IV and the Ministers of Culture, Science and Colonization.  After considerable debate in the Imperial Congress and High Council, Olav IV (the "Stutterer") becomes the last undisputed Emperor of Humanity, winning out over strong support for his own son Prince Rogar and for King Roban the Elder.  Emperor Olav IV divides his titles: his son Rogar becomes Prince of Mercury and King of Venus, his daughter Elizabeth becomes Queen of Mars, his sister Hanna becomes Princess of Bengal and his younger son, Orlan the Imbecile, becomes Duke of Delphi.
4620 Savannah hosts a well run Imperial Exposition.  The Emperor attends the opening ceremonies at Savannah, but does not speak.  Nobilis activists protesting Sapien dominance of the upper levels of Imperial bureaucracy attempt to gain an audience with the Emperor, but succeed in nothing more than several vocal protests and a tirade in the Imperial High Council that eventually forces the resignation of Council President Lord Brandish Marradon.
4621 To placate the Nobility, the Emperor appoints Prince Roban the Younger as his Minister of State.  Crown Prince Rogar resigns as Minister of Defense to concentrate on ruling Venus and Mercury; he dismisses Lord Horus Larkin as Consul of Mercury and removes Crassius's appointees from executive control of Venus.
4622 The Emperor approves several Sapiens loyal to Crassius to top Vice Ministerial posts and names the unpopular Lord Brandish Marradon as Viceroy of the Northern Region, thereby alienating two major factions.
4623 After a tour of Camelot, where both Nobles and Sapiens protest his arrival and two attempts on his life narrowly fail, Olav IV retreats to the Golden Palace in Byzantium, barely emerging from the Imperial Apartments for the remainder of his reign.
4624 The Imperial Exposition at Papeete on Terra features a Pacific Islander theme and large unanchored arcologies scattered across the South Pacific.
4625 Lord Brandish Marradon dies of a massive stroke on Vantage; Crassius appoints Northern Command Admiral Sir Rhan Berdahl as Viceroy.
4626 Unknown assailants assassinate Prince Hassan of Europa during a visit to Vesta; his grandson Allan succeeds him.
4627 On Venus, a sub-ocean tunnel collapse and subsequent flooding of a seismic control station kills only two people, but poses a major setback to the Plan V stabilization effort.
4628 Princess Tanda of Titan hosts an elegant Imperial Exposition dedicated to Minister Sandi Trevor-Obuto-Zhou, killed at Aphrodite; the triplet spiraling Towers of Sandi extend beyond the world's atmosphere.
4629 King Arturo of South America dies of CID at age 1,671; his granddaughter Yena becomes the last Queen of South America.
4630 King Rogar of Venus appoints Tigarvati-winning geophysicist Dame Aleria Kundova to head the Ministry of Ecology and to save Plan V from failure.
4631 Prince Roban the Younger resigns as Minister of State after disagreements with Crassius.  The Imperial Chair also appoints Central Command Admiral Sir Paul Carlsen as the new Minister of Defense.  Emperor Olav IV further isolates himself, allowing only audiences with Crown Prince Rogar, Sir Hans Crassius and Marshal Hurik Adannan, whom he credits with saving his life on Camelot.
4632 Quetzalcoatl hosts an Imperial Exposition expected to draw protests from Ibrahimite and Catholic groups, but the intricate neo-Aztec architecture, open air exhibition and sports arenas, and careful planning lead to a colorful and enjoyable event without significant incidents.
4633 The Ministry of Science surveyor Carmella vanishes in Sector 919 with a crew of fifty, prompting a two year search that finds no trace or cause.
4634 After unknown vessels attack a chartered liner carrying Ishmahil Mustafa and his family, the Order of Purity begins purchasing fighters and escorts to provide their own security.
4635 Venusian Minister of Ecology Dame Aleria Kundova unveils Plan VI, the revised, more conservative stabilization plan for Venus, with a five hundred year timetable.
4636 Jagannath hosts an Imperial Exposition that did not benefit from Quetzalcoatl's careful planning; three major riots and the bombing of the Khronos Goblin Bowl team barracks emphasize one of the least successful Expositions.
4637 Pope Pius XXXVII of New Rome survives an assassination attempt by a Technologist activist, though he suffers a disintegrated left arm which he refuses to regenerate.
4638 A second surveyor, the Anastasia vanishes in the further reaches of Sector 919, prompting a Southern Command task force to supplement patrols from the Sector's small fleet.
4639 Princess Hanna dies without heirs on Bengal of undisclosed causes, rumored to be suicide.  Crassius bows to considerable Nobilis pressure and allows the Imperial High Council to send a delegation to the Emperor to suggest Roban the Elder as the new Prince of Bengal.  After months of delay and rumors of Nobilis unrest, Olav names Roban the Elder as Prince of Bengal.  Roban the Younger travels to Bengal to take an active role in ruling the world in his father's name.
4640 The Imperial Exposition on Dublin, known as the Clover Fair, provides a positive view of Irish history, marred only by the behavior of a few defective Leprechaun Constructs created for the event.
4641 A pirate vessel attacks the cruiser VanBoren in Sector 919, sparking a major search for the base of the assumed attackers of the two missing survey craft.
4642 Sector Admiral Dame Liza Ramos leads her forces at the Battle of Gamman Lun, destroying a major Khabaderan pirate base, defeating eight pirate vessels, and recovering the remains of the two survey vessels and their crews.
4643 King Rogar, the Imperial Crown Prince, suffers a massive stroke on Venus, leaving him partially paralyzed despite heroic surgery.  Crassius appoints regents to manage Mercury and Venus.
4644 Imperial Chair Sir Hans Crassius disappears from his private quarters; an extensive 3I investigation determines he was a victim of a disintegrator-wielding assassin.  Sir Paul Carlsen becomes the new Imperial Chair.  The Imperial Exposition on Oberon, including the unveiling of the Core elevator, a fifteen hundred kilometer shaft clear though the moon, proceeds without incident, though security is tight.
4645 After secret evidence implicates Carslen in Crassius's death, a brief war of assassination flares across the Imperial bureaucracy, leaving Carlsen, two Ministers and dozens of senior officials dead, and ending when the Emperor appoints Marshal Sir Hurik Adannan as the new Imperial Chair.  The Imperial surveyor Chastity contacts the microjump-capable Hurushin in Sector 1030 along the northern frontier.
4646 After negotiations reach a stalemate, the Hurushin decline Imperial membership and the new Minister of State, Sir Lorn Bastik recognizes the six Hurushin worlds as an independent interstellar state.
4647 After a series of procedures to repair brain damage, Crown Prince Rogar takes up permanent residence in the Black Palace on Mercury, ruling that world directly, but allowing a series of regents to rule Venus in his name.  The Dux Council of Venus evolves into the Regency Council, a wider body composed of Dukes, Cabinet members and Imperial representatives.
4648 The old Easterner colony world of Kyushu hosts the Imperial Exposition, marred by some Ibrahimite-Nobilis violence.
4649 The government of Prometheus strips Nobilis of special privilege and bans Construct importation and exploitation.
4650 IAK researchers from Orpheus establish a cultural exchange mission with the Than, now numbering millions of individuals in a flowering fusion-era civilization; the Than decline an invitation to join the Empire as a Minor Race.
4651 Prince Roban the Younger travels to Caldera to meet with King Anton and discuss "the bright future of the Nobilis race".
4652 The Trailing world of Maat hosts an intricate and extravagant Imperial Exposition that receives rave reviews despite lackluster attendance, blamed on what some commentators call a Empire-wide "malaise".
4653 Lord Aspen Maxwell-Turner of Venus kills Ibrahimite Imam Thurgon Rallis after a vocal confrontation; a Venusian Nobilis court rules the action legitimate self-defense, sparking an immediate outcry from Ibrahimites throughout the Empire.
4654 Scattered Ibrahimite revolts against Nobilis rulers begin on several Central Region worlds.  Nobilis household troops battle Order of Purity fighters in skirmishes across twenty worlds, including Terra, Venus and Mars, with better equipped Nobilis forces attacking civilian areas on Venus, Mars, Apollo, Themis, Thisbe and Adonis.  Fighting causes over ten million causalities before the Imperial Central Command asserts authority.
4655 Continued skirmishes between Ibrahimites and Nobilis households on a dozen worlds leads to a heavy Imperial military presence and to Marsha Adannan's threat of retaliatory strikes against more aggressive Nobilis houses.  Over two million additional civilians die, mostly on Venus and Thisbe before violence subsides.
4656 Ibrahim and Ishmahil order their followers to end continuing resistance and protests against Nobilis rule, with Ibrahim delivering a moving sermon, promising eventual triumph.  After intervention by Hammed, Adannan agrees to