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The Early Formative Period



During the period corresponding to the reigns of Emperor Rogar I and Empress Katrina, the Empire of Humanity expanded from its origins to encompass more territory and develop greater technology, surpassing the heights of the Terran Confederation. 

Early Imperial expansion had its challenges.  The Hachiman War of 2801-2804CE conquered the Empire's only rival, but resentment against the Imperial monopoly on interstellar military forces and its VAT tax on interstellar commerce promoted the Autonomist movement, with especially many of the Pact's more advanced worlds calling for greater sovereign beyond their home systems.  In 2812CE, the opening shot of the Autonomist Civil War killed Rogar I, but it did not weaken the Empire, as Katrina, backed by most of the fleet and most former Pact and Union worlds, rallied to defeat various White Emperor claimants.  By 2818CE the Empire had destroyed the last Autonomist forces and enforced martial law on twenty-six cowed worlds.  In the ensuing decades, civilian rule returned to Autonomist and Hachiman worlds under governments fully accepting the Imperial Charter.  Hachiman, renamed as Nova, restored civil rule in 2854CE.  In 2855CE, Imperial Marines finally withdrew from Atlantis, the last Autonomist world under martial law.

In 2823CE, the Empire recontacted Drakkon, uniting Humanity and ending the last vestiges of the Dark Age.  The Ministry of Science conducted careful studies of the lessons of colonial failures and set new guidelines for interstellar colonization that would enhance a settlement's chances of success.  Based on these recommendations, only Class A-D worlds were considered suitable colonization targets.  Survey procedures were expanded to allow for more immunological research before classifying a world.  Each world would receive at least ten thousand settlers in its first decade of occupation, and initially, the Ministry of Science Colonization Office oversaw all colonization projects and ensured a proper mix of skills and cultural diversity among the initial population.  After resettling failed colonies that met the new requirements, the Colonization Office expanded beyond Confederation's borders and authorized the settlement of the world of Rogar in 2875CE.  By the beginning of the Swarm War, the Colonization Office had settled an additional fifty new worlds. 

In the six centuries since a Confederation science mission ended in hostilities, the Swarm race had advanced from pre-industrial to early macrojump technological levels and had settled eight star systems within thirty light years of their homeworld, Megahive in Sector 46.  Contact between the macrojump scout Mackenzie an the Swarm colony on Danzig in 2913CE led to an attempted to establish relations, but translation difficulties doomed the negotiations.

A Swarm battle fleet attacked and destroyed the Imperial colony on Athena, initiating the Swarm War of 2915-2920CE.  After a rough start, the technological and industrial advantages of the Empire of Humanity eventually overran Swarm defenses, and the aliens clearly understood the demonstration attack by the Beelzebub Hellking that destroyed their outer moon.  Communications improved during the cease fire negotiation, and the Swarm surrendered, apologized, offered reparations, and joined the Empire as a Major race after a period of occupation and education.

Though the Swarm War began with the killing of 24,000 Human civilians it ended in a developing friendship between Humanity and the the misnamed Swarm race, a marked contrast to the ending of the M'kkiae War.  However, when an Imperial expedition to the ruined world of M'kkia uncovered and accidentally activated an underground M'kkiae hibernation facility in 2943CE, the Empire responded by ripping the crust from the planet, once again exterminating the M'kkiae race.

By Katrina's death in 2963CE, the Empire had grown to a sphere over three hundred light years across and had colonized over two hundred new worlds.  At Crown Prince Cleon's urging, Sir Tomas Rydell's Orion-Taurus Expedition of 2954-2958CE had traveled to the Pleiades and Betelgeuse, discovering Glorious and searching fruitlessly for the Salvation gravstar ship from the lost Kumar colony.


Emperor Rogar I was determined to maintain order at the interstellar level by maintaining a unified Realm.  The first threat to this unity was the Hachiman Empire.  With the cooperation of King John of Libertas and use of the media, Rogar increased pressure on the relationship between the two Empires until war was all but inevitable, and then he pressed his military superiority until Emperor Hideki had no choice but unconditional surrender.  A student of history, Rogar's campaign against Hachiman mirrored the American campaign against Japan in World War II down to the use of Hellkings to force Hachiman capitulation.

The Autonomists proved a greater challenge for Rogar.  While the Kalmar Pact had allowed planetary fleets to supplement its ranks, the Imperial Charter limited a Member's sovereignty and responsibility to its home system.  To prevent the spread of fleets with mixed loyalities and to discourage piracy, Rogar refused to compromise on the Imperial Navy's monopoly on interstellar warships.  Additionally, the Imperial Census, which provided the statistics to support Imperial taxation, was widely interpreted as an intrusive affront to planetary sovereignty.  After Autonomist assassins killed Empress Hanna, Rogar only strengthened his resolve for unity.  His marriage to Katrina in 2800CE was meant to cement bonds between the Solar and Pact worlds, and the artificial conception and births of their children, Cleon and Melisa, were Rogar's attempts to ensure support for an eventual Imperial succession.  Most rich worlds like Venus, Kalmar, Libertas, Hercules and Prometheus saw the benefits of the Imperial system, and despite vocal minorities, these worlds stayed loyal to the Empire.  Worlds whose leaders did not see benefits or increased stature from Imperial integration, namely Mars, Atlantis, Apollo, Amaterasu and a score others, were drawn into the Autonomist camp

After Autonomists assassinated Emperor Rogar in orbit over Atlantis in 2812CE, war between the Loyalists and Autonomists was inevitable.  The series of Autonomist leaders named themselves the "White Emperor", a reference to Rogar's household Red Rose heraldry and the White Rose of the Death King who opposed him in the War of Destruction, and promised a "federal" Empire of Humanity.  Charles of Mars, long resentful of perceived and actual slights became the first White Emperor, and flung himself from a Pavonis Obelisk window as Mars fell to the Loyalists.  King Karl of Atlantis reluctantly took up the mantle, though more from enmity toward Katrina and from Atlantian patriotism than from strong Autonomist leanings, and despite her better judgment, Katrina spared Karl, exiling him to Isis for over a century.  She let Atlantis retain its monarchy under Kane, though punishing the world with a forty year occupation.  After Atlantis and Apollo fell the Loyalist forces, the Autonomist movement was broken, and within years, those who had hoped for greater autonomy faced years or decades of occupation, martial law and Imperialization.

Rogar had specially modified his son Cleon to become Emperor.  The Crown Prince had the bearing and strengthen of his parents coupled with enhanced intelligence and stamina.  Unfortunately Rogar's plans for his son's education were cut short by his death, and at age eight, Cleon was surely unprepared to take the throne of a faltering Empire racked by civil war.  As provided by the Imperial Charter, Cleon's mother, Queen Katrina, became Regent.  Katrina had already ruled the Pact and Kalmar itself for a century and with the support of Rogar's earlier children, including Prince Alexander as a major military commander and Prince Arnam as an eloquent spokesman for Imperial unity, she led the Loyalists to preserve the Empire, promoting her able nephew, Prince Olav Kamarov to Grand Admiral.  In 2817CE, with the Autonomist struggle still winding down, the Imperial Congress confirmed Katrina as Empress, in clear recognition that her firm hand would be necessary for decades to come while Cleon continued his education and gained experience.  Though the Charter allowed Cleon to take the throne at age twenty-one, the uncertainty in the aftermath of the Autonomist revolt did not allow for that luxury.

Swarm integration proved the greatest challenge of Empress Katrina's later years as Empress.  Though the name "Empire of Humanity" emphasized its principal participants, the Alimeen had been Major race members from the start and the Comans and Quadrons each had a seat in the Imperial Congress.  None of these races, in temperament or in numbers, posed any threat to the dominance of Humanity within the Empire, but the Swarm were a growing, expansionistic race with a population in the billions.  In the end, Katrina and her ministers determined that the Swarm would not be the last vigorous race Humanity would encounter as it expanded, and any race that was willing to abide by the Imperial Charter deserved to be offered membership in the Empire.  If the time came when Human ascendancy was in doubt, Katrina reasoned, then it was because the race was expanding too slowly, not too quickly.  By the time the first Swarm delegation entered the Imperial Congressional chambers, the Ministry of Colonization was settling four new worlds per year.

In 2941CE, a yearlong scandal rocked the upper reaches of Imperial society, after Lord Roban Mellon died revealing the suppression of Life Therapy technology.  Though Katrina never admitted involvement, Life Therapy had been suppressed for decades, mostly to monopolize the hold on power by established Nobilis families, but also to continue profits in NB treatments and regeneration therapies for wealthy Sapiens.  Within five years, the potential socio-political implications of new Life Therapy conversions was limited by the Eighth Amendment, which tied the treatment to ennoblement, preserving the status quo and giving the Empress full control over new Nobilis lines.

Katrina's reign also saw the adoption of the Imperial astrography standard, with the eight named sectors of the Confederation giving way to the million cubic light year numbered sectors of the Empire and the establishment of directional astrographical frontier zones.  In 2927CE, Katrina recognized the Central Region's eight sector capitals, permanently enhancing the standing of those worlds.


The technology of the Early Formative period reached and surpassed that of the old Confederation at its peak, with living metal technology and improved rapid fabrication (RFab) revolutionizing construction and manufacturing, allowing such wonders as the Centauri Ring around Atlantis.

By the end of the period, most established Imperial worlds had economies and infrastructures as advanced as that of Atlantis and the beginning of the period.  On more remote worlds, the Empire's Dependency Economic Program worked to help struggling low population worlds make the transition to Imperial Membership by improving their economic viability and by introducing more advanced technology.

With the reintroduction of microjump drives, interstellar travel became more affordable and palatable, aiding colonization efforts and encouraging the early development of a middleclass interstellar tourism industry.


The reign of Empress Katrina became known as the Bejeweled Era, with her distinctive crystalline styles and an emphasis on Kalmaran formality and propriety permeating Imperial society.  Even fairly egalitarian worlds like Hercules, Prometheus and the Solar Belt came to mimic both the styles and behaviors of the Bejeweled elite.

By the 2960s wealth transformed Imperial society, with the wonders of RFab already bringing the elite of wealthy worlds to post-Materialist standards.  In the 2960CE census, only Excalibur fell below the Census Office's planetary poverty scale, and that world was almost as wealthy as Terra of 2780CE.

Full sensory mass media, reasonably affordable interstellar travel and a common sense of purpose helped form a true "Imperial culture", though each world retained distinctive dialects, customs and idiosyncrasies.  Some former Autonomist worlds, especially Atlantis, Apollo and Amaterasu retained distinctive styles and behaviors out of lingering resentment.  Hachiman, renamed as Nova, was superficially Imperialized, but with its large clone subclass, it remained an anomalous culture.  Some Religious oligarchies, specifically Macoraba and Islam, continued to be closed societies, but others, like Deseret, New Rome and Dayan gradually opened up to Imperial influences.

Chronology Table

2790 The Imperial Congress meets for the first time.  After passage of the First Amendment, Diana, Enlightenment, Hectate and New Palestine join the Empire as full Members despite their low populations.  Dionysus joins the Empire after concluding negotiations with the new Ministry of State.  The Kalmar Pact scout fleet transfers to the Ministry of Science.  The scout Mensa contacts Solomon and the scout Aquila contacts Pax before the Ministry of Science institutes a review of contact procedures.  All Member interstellar warships come under control of the Ministry of Defense.  The Emperor establishes orders of knighthood for Sapiens: the Order of the Emperor's Sword (OES) for soldiers, the Order of the Golden Seal (OGS) for civil servants, the Order of the Imperial Sun (OIS) for scholars, and the the Order of the Emperor's Banner (OEB) for other outstanding service.
2791 The Imperial Congress ratifies the Second Amendment, guaranteeing full religious freedom.  The worlds Dayan, Macoraba, Penance, New Rome, Quetzacoatl and Solomon join the Empire.  The Imperial Navy authorizes the construction of a class of 55m troop transports and gunship tenders.  Autonomist unrest begins on Atlantis, Mars and several Pact worlds over Imperial restrictions on interstellar activities.  Pirates raid Reich and Tyr.
2792 Construction begins on a class of 60m Imperial Navy battleships.  Pax joins the Empire as a protectorate.  The Atlantis-based Autonomist terrorist group White Hand attacks the Imperial convoy over Malta, killing Empress Hanna and several aides though Emperor Rogar escapes unharmed.  Rogar orders the Imperial Guard to purge the Atlantian Nobility and destroy the White Hand.  Reich and Tyr join the Empire to provide protection against piracy.  The Hachiman Empire establishes a naval outpost in the Vega system.
2793 The Ministry of Science releases a report on colonization policy, detailing failures and remedies; it recommends that future colonies be limited to class A-D and have a target initial population of at least ten thousand in the first decade.  After further analyses of hazardous native life, the Ministry of Science reclassifies Hebe and Zimbabwe as Class F planets under permanent quarantine.  The Ministry of Defense establishes a naval base on Typhon.  The Imperial Golden Palace in Byzantium reaches completion.
2794 Rogar orders the Ministry of Science to conduct a complete survey of Imperial systems, authorizing the construction of eight scout bases, two dozen survey vessels, and three dozen singleships.  The Ministry of Science reestablishes a contact base on Coman IV and a research station on Coman III.  To establish fiscal responsibility and address some Autonomist issues, the Imperial Congress approves the Third and Fourth Amendments to the Imperial Charter.  An Imperial-wide recession begins.  A Imperial Marine battalion establishes an outpost on Minerva, claiming the world as a Dependency, despite the objections of the 170 local inhabitants.
2795 The Comans enter the Empire as a Minor race, conceding research rights to Beta Comae III.  The Ministries of Science and State reestablish contact with the Quadrons and Lagrush.  The mutating plague attacks the Hachiman colony on Balder, killing half the population before a cure is found.  Yathrib joins the Empire after after extensive negotiations on religious and cultural issues.  A Ministry of State expedition led by Ambassador Stannis Morkahn establishes radio contact with the Khzraut colony on Medusa.
2796 Faced with heavy opposition from Venus, Mars and Libertas, Rogar abandons attempts to push through an amendment on Construct rights.  The Imperial Navy reaches its initial deployed structure with four fleets each with two battle groups, a dozen separate patrol squadrons and three Hellking groups.  A patrol squadron engages and destroys a pirate vessel off Rama.  The Ministry of science quarantines the Lagrush system after the race requests Protected status.  The Hachiman Imperial Navy occupies the failed colony world of Perseus.  The Ministry of Science establishes a mixed Human and free Mermen colony on Poseidon.
2797 The Quadrons enter the Empire as a Minor race.  The Empire of Humanity refuses a request by the Hachiman Empire to colonize Franklin and Sparta.  Thoth agrees to enter the Empire as a Dependency after its Council of Wisdom appoints one of own members as Imperial governor.  The Caliph of the world of Islam breaks off all negotiations with the Ministry of State, prompting the Imperial Navy to quarantine the world.
2798 After King John of Libertas makes a racist and bellicose speech, the Hachiman Empire breaks diplomatic relations with the Empire of Humanity.  An Imperial scout expedition contacts the colony on Virgil.
2799 Autonomist terrorists destroy the Ministry of Commerce offices on Apollo, killing thirty Imperial bureaucrats and prompting the Imperial Marines to deploy two brigades to the world to support Census preparations.  The Hachiman Empire occupies Franklin and establishes defensive positions on the planet.  Virgil joins the Empire of Humanity as a Dependency.  Pirates raid New Rome.
2800 Emperor Rogar marries Queen Katrina of Kalmar, and names Crown Prince Robert the Prince of Asia.  The Empire conducts its first Census amid moderate Autonomist protests, notably on Apollo, Atlantis, Hercules and Mars.  Imperial scouts discover the remains of the failed colony on Home.  The Ministry of Science reestablishes a research station in Timbor orbit.  An Imperial Navy patrol fights off a pirate attack on Reich.
2801 Citing continued support of piracy, the Empire of Humanity begins the Hachiman War by declaring war on the Hachiman Empire, and attacks and seizes Champa, Asgard, and Teutonia and destroys the Hachiman Third Fleet and its base at the Battle of Vega.  The Hachiman First and Second Fleets counterattack, defeat system defense forces and Imperial Navy patrol vessels at the Battle of Prometheus, but withdraw after an unsuccessful landing attempt.  The Time Travel Society emerges in Australia; the Emperor takes time to meet with a delegation in Sydney; ten choose to rejoin society, leaving forty-two to sleep another century. 
2802 The Empire of Humanity sweeps the Hachiman Empire, destroys military outposts and occupies Catalonia, Ch'in, Bolivar and Gothia, and wins the Battle of Heaven, initiating a surface guerilla struggle against the occupying Hachiman forces.  An Imperial naval patrol discovers and destroys a pirate base on the failed colony world of Diakoku.
2803 The Hachiman Empire equips the Battlestar with macrojump engines and orders Crown Prince Hirohito and one thousand leading citizens to travel far to coreward.  The Imperial Navy forces the surrender of Hachiman troops on Han and Heaven, then masses with the Apollyon and Beelzebub battle groups at the Battle of Hachiman where the Hachiman fleet continues to resist until the two Hellkings begin a six hour bombardment of the planet, rendering large portions of the surface uninhabitable and killing over one hundred million.  With the capitulation of Emperor Hideki, the war ends, and Imperial Navy forces quickly seize and occupy the remaining outlying Hachiman systems and outposts.  Following up information from Diakoku, a naval patrol attacks and destroys a pirate base on the failed colony world of Biafra.
2804 The Empire of Humanity officially annexes all Hachiman worlds and enforces martial law on the nineteen inhabited systems until such time as pro-Hachiman guerilla activity ceases and the worlds can form civilian governments.  The Imperial Navy sends patrol vessels up to two hundred light years coreward in a futile search for the Battlestar.  Emperor Rogar proclaims the beginning of an Era of "Peace, Prosperity and Promise", declaring sovereignty over all Human Space.  An Imperial Naval tribunal tries and executes Emperor Hideki and fourteen senior officers and officials for crimes against humanity for the occupation of Heaven, Ch'in, Han and other crimes.  Cleon Farrar is born to Rogar and Katrina after an artificial conception.  Rogar names Prince Cleon heir to the Imperial throne, but confirms Prince Robert as perpetual Prince of Asia.  The Imperial Navy repairs and occupies the naval base at Vega.
2805 The Emperor sends Prince Alexander of North America with the Apollyon and the Agincourt battle group to Islam to negotiate the world's entry into the Empire; Islam agrees to sign the Charter.  The former Hachiman-occupied world of Heaven, Han, Gothia, Ch'in and Champa join the Empire as full members.  Imperial scouts contact the colony of Hestia.  Autonomist saboteurs damage computer nets on Kalmar and Venus.  The Ministry of Science declares the Timbor a Protected species an quarantines the system.
2806 The former Hachiman-occupied worlds of Teutonia and Bolivar join the Empire as full members; martial law remains in force on the remaining Hachiman settled worlds.  Hestia joins the Empire as a Dependency.  The Ministry of Science begins limited contact with the intelligent species of Huron.  Despite a ban in the Imperial Charter, Charles of Mars returns to using the title Emperor instead of King in internal documents; Emperor Rogar threatens to revoke Mars's claim to the Outer System, forcing Charles to publicly renounce the title of Emperor.  The test gravstar vessel Infinite Horizon begins a four year journey from Alimeen to Paradise, reaching a top speed of 30C.
2807 The remaining Hachiman colonies, though not Hachiman itself, enter the Empire as Members or Dependencies.  The Imperial Navy evacuates the last colonists from Balder after another outbreak of mutating plague; the Ministry of Science declares the world Class F and quarantines the system.
2808 Imperial scouts recontact the colony on Saud and discover the failed settlement on Napoleon.  Autonomists Nobles take power on Odin and Apollo.
2809 Saud joins the Empire as a full Member.  Autonomist demonstrations spread on Atlantis, Mars, Apollo and Odin.  Anti-Martian sabotage begins on the Jovian moons.
2810 Rioting breaks out during Census canvassing on Venus, prompting Rogar to dispatch the Imperial Marines.  Robot troops prove unsuited to riot duty on Venus and the Ministry of Defense disbands all robotic formations after a massacre of rioters in the Duchy of Alcott.  Princess Melisa Farrar is born to Rogar and Katrina after an artificial conception.
2811 Backed by Imperial troops, King Joseph of Venus imposes planetary marital law after widespread rioting and sabotage and evidence of Atlantian and Martian support for Autonomist agitators.  Imperial scouts discover the failed settlement on Alexander.  The Ministry of Science declares Huron a Protected system and imposes a quarantine.  The colony world of Bengal independently achieves macrojump technology with the launch of its 10m prototype, Nova, commanded by Captain Lord Khandas Herttog.
2812 A planetary defense disintegrator destroys Emperor Rogar's shuttle over Atlantis.  Queen Katrina becomes Regent of the Empire, and immediately moves the Hellking Azazel and Imperial Fourth Fleet to Atlantis, which promptly revolts and launches system defense attacks that destroy the Azazel and most of the fleet.  The Autonomist Civil War begins as Mars, Apollo and Odin secede from the Empire and Autonomist forces on Venus assassinate King Joseph.  Nearly a fifth of the Imperial fleet defects to the Autonomists.  The Bengal starship Nova jumps to Solomon, where it meets with local and Imperial officials before escorting Ministry of State and Science vessels back to Bengal.  Kalmar's McKnight Yard produces a improved (Type IIc) macrojump engines system that rivals the pinnacle of Confederation macrojump technology.
2813 Autonomist forces proclaim Charles of Mars the White Emperor.  Prince Alexander leads the First and Third Fleets at the Battle of Mars, destroying the defending fleet and the planetary defense grid.  Imperial Marines quell the revolts on Venus and occupy Mars, prompting Charles to commit suicide to avoid capture.  The First Battle of Atlantis ends with the loyalist Second Fleet withdrawing after destroying the factory Cityships Voyager and Mariner and devastating Atlantian orbital industry.  Daniel, a grandson of Joseph II, becomes King of Venus.  The Alimeen worlds confirm their loyalty to the Empire.  Imperial scouts discover the dead colony of Vishnu and the struggling colony of New Texas.  Bengali diplomats aboard the Nova travel to Hera and meet with loyalist Ministry of State officials.
2814 King Karl of Atlantis declares himself the new White Emperor.  The Autonomist rebels seize the naval base on Typhoon and gather their forces.  The combined Imperial Second and Fifth Fleets, under the command of Admiral Lord Olav Kamarov and supported by the Apollyon battle group, attack and scatter the Autonomist fleet and vaporize the resisting base at the Battle of Typhon.  The Autonomist rebellion spreads to over twenty former Pact worlds, led by Apollo and Nike.  Prometheus narrowly votes to remain within the Empire.  The Autonomist warships that escaped from Typhon begin commerce raiding against Loyalist systems and shipping.  The Outer Solar system appeals to the Regent to be released from Martian rule; Katrina assumes direct rule of the Outer Solar system pending full Membership.  Imperial scouts contact the colony world of Kongo.
2815 Autonomist terrorists assassinate King Daniel of Venus; his brother Harold becomes King and authorizes the Imperial Marines and Imperial Guards to suppress all rebel activity.  Facing long odds against a strong planetary defense force, Admiral Lord Kamarov leads his combined fleet to victory at the Second Battle of Atlantis, destroying the Cityship Constellation and prompting Karl to surrender his world and himself into Kamarov's custody.  Amaterasu declares for the Autonomist cause.  Prince Alexander's Imperial First Fleet defeats King Michael II and the Apollo Defense Forces at the Battle of Apollo, killing the King and destroying the last cruisers held by the Autonomists.  Imperial scouts, working with naval escorts, contact the colonies of Selene and Jefferson.  The Imperial Third Fleet bombards and subdues Nike, installing a pro-Imperial Prime Minister.  Maxwell Biogenics begins public trials of the reintroduced Restoration regeneration technique at clinics in the Solar Asteroid Belt.
2816 Prince Henry of Amaterasu declares himself White Emperor and musters the remnants of the Autonomist fleet.  Imperial Marines invade and occupy Odin.  Katrina names her nephew Lord Olav Kamarov as Grand Admiral of the Imperium.  The Imperial Guard puts down a riot at the University of Clotho on Venus, killing hundreds of demonstrators.  Imperial patrols backed by Hellking support assert control of most Member worlds.  Bengal joins the Empire as a full member.  Imperial scouts discover the failed colonies of New Armenia and New Java.
2817 Kamarov defeats the remaining Autonomist forces at the orbital Battle of Amaterasu.  The subsequent pursuit to Tartarus results in the capture of Prince Henry, effectively ending organized Autonomist resistance, though piracy in the name of the cause continues as Lord Dolphus of Odin declares himself White Emperor after a failed raid on the Vega naval base.  The Imperial Congress convenes with a proper quorum and confirms Katrina as Empress of Humanity, with Cleon affirmed as Crown Prince and Olav Kamarov named a Prince of the Realm.  Prince Henry of Amaterasu commits suicide while under house arrest, pending his treason trial.  Karl of Atlantis agrees to abdicate in favor of his great-grandson Kane and accepts exile to Isis, though Atlantis remains under Prince Olav's martial law.  Imperial scouts contact the colony world of Emerald.
2818 Katrina declares the Autonomist War over, but maintains Imperial marital law on twenty-six worlds, including Atlantis, Mars, Venus, Apollo, Nike, Odin, Amaterasu and Hachiman.  Kongo enters the Empire as a full Member and the worlds New Texas, Selene, Jefferson and Emerald enter as Dependencies.  Imperial scouts discover the failed colony worlds of Frigg and Halcyon. 
2819 Imperial Marines crush new Autonomist revolts on Nike and Odin.  The Jovian moons of Callisto, Ganymede, Europa and Io enter the Empire as full Members, as does Titan for the Saturnian system, Oberon for Uranus, and Triton for Neptune.  Katrina assumes direct rule of the Kuiper-Oort region and Mercury as Imperial Fiefs.  Prince Olav finishes a purge of the Imperial military, removing all personnel with Autonomist ties.  Imperial scouts contact the thriving mid industrial colony of Themis.  Vesta Shipyards reconstructs a radiant forcefield device for shipboard use.
2820 The Ministry of Commerce successfully conducts the Imperial Census with Ministry of Defense assistance and only minor disturbances.  Themis joins the Empire as a full Member.  Marital law ends on Venus, with Imperial Marines withdrawing from the world.  Imperial scouts contact the pre-industrial colony on Excalibur and discover the failed colony on Lemuria.  Autonomist pirates raid Khalistan, occupying the world for a month before being driven off by elements of the Third Fleet.
2821 The Imperial Third Fleet seizes a Autonomist pirate base on a gas giant moon of a red dwarf system near Tyche, destroying or capturing four pirate vessels.  Imperial scouts discover the failed colony of Phoebus and make contact with the colony on Phoenicia.  Excalibur joins the Empire as a Dependency.
2822 Imperial Marines put down an Autonomist riot on Odin, marking the last major rebel demonstration.  Imperial Navy patrols destroy three additional pirate vessels and a supply depot, greatly diminishing the pirate threat.  Phoenicia enters the Empire as a full Member.  Imperial scouts contact the colony on Regina.
2823 The Imperial Navy frigate Alabama contacts the colony of Drakkon while on a piracy patrol and notifies the Imperial scout base on Bengal, which makes formal contact with the early industrial era world.  Drakkon was the last world settled by the Confederation and the last world re-contacted by the Empire of Humanity.  In ceremonies on Terra, both Regina and Drakkon enter the Empire as full members.  Katrina orders the Ministry of Science to concentrate efforts in completing the full Imperial Survey and conducting studies of failed colony worlds suitable for re-colonization.  The Alimeen Industrial Council produces the Fast Vapor modified vacuum distiller-powered gravstar vessel; capable of 36C travel, it is the first of a class of four vessels that continued to ply Alimeen trade lanes until the 35th Century.
2824 Crown Prince Cleon travels to Kalmar to study government at the University of Uppsala.  The Empire establishes formal diplomatic relations with the Khzraut, exchanging ambassadors.  Sir Stannis Morkahn becomes Minister of State, the only non-Nobilis in the Empress's cabinet.  Autonomist pirates raid Romulus and Remus, attempting unsuccessfully to inspire a revolt against marital law.
2825 The Ministry of Science completes a revised report on colonization policy based on the analysis of all Confederation colonization attempts.  Katrina authorizes the re-colonization of Alexander.
2826 Empress Katrina begins construction of the Summer Palace in the mountains near New Bergen on Kalmar.  The first colonists settle on Alexander.
2827 The Empress ends marital law on all Autonomist rebel worlds except Mars, Atlantis, Apollo, Nike, Amaterasu and Odin.  Hachiman also remains under martial law, continuing the "Imperialization" of the population. 
2828 The Ministry of Science sponsors the re-colonization of Halcyon.  The Ministry of Defense begins procurement of classes of new Imperial cruisers, frigates, and escorts in an effort to modernize and standardize naval equipment.
2829 Crown Prince Cleon receives a doctorate in government, graduating at the top of his class at the University of Uppsala.  The Ministry of Science authorizes the re-colonization of Frigg and establishes a base on Balder to study the mutating plague.  The Ministry of Defense begins construction of a new class of modular 40m troopships/transports.
2830 The Empress celebrates the completion of the inner complex of Summer Palace on Kalmar.  The Imperial Census completes without incident.
2831 Based on the recent census, the Ministry of Commerce recommends the Alimeen colony of Soft Zephyr for full Membership in the Empire; the Empress requests that the locals form an independent government and the colony becomes a full Member.  The Imperial Congress passes the Fifth Amendment, spelling out specific rights of Imperial Citizens.
2832 The Empress authorizes open colonization of Minerva, effectively dispossessing the small remnant population.  Autonomist pirates attack the naval outpost on Minerva, claiming to represent the local populace.  An Imperial naval patrol retakes the Minerva after a brief struggle, destroying one pirate vessel, killing Dolphus I; his son, Dolphus II claims the title White Emperor.
2833 A Quadron hive city revolts against Imperial Commerce agents and tourists, killing and eating dozens of Humans, including Lord Austin Decker, younger son of the Duke of Aphrodite; Imperial Marines occupy the Northern Plains of Oracle to maintain the peace after the Duke lands a battalion of Aphroditian troops on the world to extract revenge.
2834 Governor Lord Anson DuVahl of Khronos begins developing and marketing the Dependency as a tourist destination.  The Ministry of Science authorizes the re-colonization of Lemuria.
2835 The Empress establishes the Office of Minor Race Relations within the Ministry of Commerce to buffer the Quadrons and Comans from direct Human contact and potential exploitation.  Crown Prince Cleon negotiates the Treaty of Minerva, setting aside a 100,000 square kilometer reservation for the two hundred original Minervans and moving two new colonial settlements outside its borders.
2836 Marital law ends on Mars, with King Albert II, a grandnephew of Charles, assuming the throne of a constitutional monarch.  Mars formally cedes the Jovian Trojans to the Asteroid Belt, and receives a firm claim to the Martian Trojans in return.
2837 The Ministry of Science authorizes the re-colonization of Phoebus.  Autonomist pirates seize Jefferson, holding the world for three months until driven off by the Second Imperial Fleet.
2838 Marital law ends on Nike, with a republican civilian government assuming power.
2839 The Ministry of Science announces that it has conquered the Balder Plague, allowing for eventual re-colonization of the planet.  Marital law ends on Odin with Colonel Lord Desmon Hurley, a distant relative of the Empress, assuming the title Duke of Odin.  Empress Katrina dedicates The Unifier, a two hundred meter statue of Emperor Rogar, on the grounds of the Golden Palace during ceremonies marking the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Empire of Humanity.
2840 The Census Office completes its work without major incidents.  The outer complex of the Summer Palace on Kalmar reaches completion.  Vesta Shipyards delivers to the Empress the Imperial Yacht Galaxia a 40m luxurious Type IIc starship.
2841 Civil strife begins on Ishtar after an unsuccessful republican coup against Queen Tabeth.  The Ishtar Insurrection begins in earnest when the Eastern Duchies overthrow their rulers and set up the Ishtar Peoples Republic.  The Ministry of Commerce reports that the worlds of Tanith and New Texas qualify for full Imperial Membership.
2842 Katrina refuses to support an amendment giving rights to Constructs, prompting the resignation of some liberal Ministry Officials, including Sir Stannis Morkahn, who retires to become Knight Commander of the Order of the Golden Seal.  Fighting spreads on Ishtar, with IPR rebels detonating an antimatter charge that kills the Queen and her court.  Her sister, Galena, retaliates with missile strikes against Eastern cities.  Citing violations of the hazardous materials clause of the Imperial Charter, the Empress sends Grand Admiral Prince Olav Kamarov to quell the fighting with a show of force that includes the entire Second Fleet and the Beelzebub.  The Ishtar Insurrection ends with a hastily arranged constitutional convention that appoints Queen Galena head of a constitutional monarchy.  Tanith and New Texas assume full Membership in the Imperial Congress.
2843 Europan and Ganymedan forces start the Jovian War by attacking Callisto to counter its influence over Io and the minor Jovian moons.  Fighting escalates with Callisto striking Europan and Ganymedan surface settlements and destroying local shipping.  The Ministry of Science authorizes the re-colonization of Balder. The Swarm develop macrojump technology and begin interstellar exploration and settlement expeditions in Sector 46.
2844 Terran, Lunar and Venusian system defense elements led by Prince Alexander of North America and Crown Prince Anthony of Venus attempt to force a truce in the Jovian system, prompting the disastrous Battle of Io, where half the combatants die, many ships crashing into the moon or the giant planet.  Prince Alexander dies of acute radiation poisoning aboard his crippled ship.  Empress Katrina orders the Imperial Navy to intervene, leading to the Battle of Himalia and a general truce, followed by the Imperial dictation of the Treaty of Leda by Crown Prince Cleon, settling complaints between the moons.
2845 To encourage settlement of coastal regions and sea farming, King Harold begins a fifty year program to free all Merman Constructs on Venus and authorizes Sapien-Merman conversion modifications.  Marital law ends on Amaterasu, with local Nobles electing Count Joachim Tanaka the new Prince.
2846 The Imperial Congress approves the Sixth Amendment, allowing the legitimately recognized government of a world to request Imperial aid in the event of an insurrection.
2847 With the help of covert agents, the Imperial Guard seizes the last three Autonomist bases, destroying all pirate vessels and killing Dolphus II and hundreds of Autonomist troops, effectively ending the Autonomist movement.
2848 Martial law ends on Apollo, with the institution of a constitutional monarchy led by King Willam Torgeirsen, a second cousin of the Empress.
2849 Crown Prince Cleon begins an extensive incognito journey across Terra, starting his historical work, The Ancient Planet.
2850 Several Members of the Imperial Congress dispute Ministry of Commerce enumeration procedures during the Census, especially as they apply to Constructs on worlds where Construct status is low; Empress Katrina submits a clarification statement, prompting renewed debate on Construct status Empire-wide.
2851 The Imperial Congress ratifies the Seventh Amendment to clarify census enumeration procedures, but refuses to consider amendments to Imperialize Construct status regulations.
2852 Several million Hachiman residents peacefully demonstrate against continuing marital law on the world, nearly fifty years after the end of the war.
2853 An antimatter containment accident on Nike kills two million civilians in the city of Churchill.  Resulting litigation bankrupts the transworld Arias Corporation.  The Churchill Incident and subsequent economic fallout contributes to the start of an Empire-wide recession. 
2854 Marital law ends on Hachiman, with the populace narrowly voting to change the name of the world to Nova.  Establishing a republican government, Nova joins the Empire as a full Member.
2855 Martial law ends on Atlantis, with King Kane assuming executive authority; the Empress refuses to let the former king Karl return from exile, and maintains Imperial Naval and Marine assets on the world.
2856 Economic conditions worsen, causing Katrina to lower the world GDP tax rate and the interstellar VAT to stimulate growth.  Several major banks fail on Hercules, prompting the world to review commercial lending regulations.
2857 Empress Katrina appoints several Donnerist officials to the ministry of Commerce and begins adopting Donnerist spending policies aimed at stimulating interstellar trade.
2858 Crown Prince Cleon publishes The Ancient Planet under the pseudonym Robert Farley; the work becomes an Empire-wide non-fiction best seller.  
2859 In the first test of the Sixth Amendment, Imperial Marines intervene on Artemis to support the local Nobility after a Sapien revolt.  Crown Prince Cleon begins incognito journeys on Venus and Mars to study the lives of people in the Solar colonies.
2860 The Imperial Census Office confirms a five percent fall in real wealth over the past decade.  Census officials proclaim that Odysseus has met the requirements for full Imperial Membership.
2861 Governor Lord Jon Duvall of Odysseus become Lord Protector of the world as Odysseus becomes an official Member of the Empire.
2862 The Empress authorizes the Ministry of Science to conduct exploration operations beyond the de facto Imperial border of one hundred light years radius from Sol.
2863 Crown Prince Cleon continues his travels through the Solar system with visits to Mercury, Luna, the Belt and the Outer System.
2864 The Imperial economy begins a sustained recovery, though the effects are uneven on many worlds.  The Donnerist Lady Donah Morish becomes Minister of Commerce.
2865 The Empress authorizes the Ministry of Commerce to designate certain Dependencies as "threatened" worlds, and work to stimulate the economy and population of those worlds.  The Ministry of Science re-establishes a research contact station on the homeworld of the Stygians, who have progressed to primitive urbanized societies since last contact.
2866 Baxter Technology Products, based the asteroid Flora, reintroduces zero gravity teleportation booths which soon become common in the Belt and between habitat colonies.  The Ministry of Commerce declares the Dependencies Thoth, Virgil, Shikoku, Hestia, Selene, Jefferson, Emerald and Excalibur to be threatened and enters them into the Dependency Economic Program (DEP).
2867 Katrina names Crown Prince Cleon head of the Dependency Economic Program; Cleon appropriates a cruiser, the Scythian, to act his base of operations as he travels between the worlds.
2868 The Imperial Navy intervenes to protect Imperial Citizens sentenced to death for relatively minor infractions on Horizon.  The Fifth Fleet and a full Marine division convince the world's Grand Senate to modify legal proceedings against Imperials and proscribe exile for some formerly capital offenses.
2869 The Ministry of Commerce offers aid to the Member worlds of Bolivar and Phoenicia, who are struggling under faltering economic systems.
2870 Preliminary Census results indicate that seven Dependencies have qualified for full Membership, prompting the Empress to request that they establish qualifying governments.  A scout expedition to the GRN-014 neutron star meets with disaster, with systems failures resulting in the loss of the Venezia and severe damage to the surviving scout Zanzibar.
2871 Poseidon and Isis enter the Empire as full Members.  Cleon suggestions importing and breeding Constructs to increase the population and aid the economy on Thoth.
2872 Kyushu enters the Empire as a full member.
2873 Under Imperial Edict, the Ministry of Science publishes requirements for new colonization beyond the old Confederation border.  Arakis, Mithras and Demeter enter the Empire as full Members.
2874 After a threat by the Empress to revoke full Membership, Enlightenment begins adopting a Thoth-like approach of importing long life Constructs to supplement the native population.
2875 Katrina declares the world of Rogar to become the first new Imperial colony opened for settlement.
2876 The DEP graduates Thoth and Virgil from the program, with Cleon congratulating the worlds on their progress.
2877 The Ministry of Commerce showcases Bolivar a successfully assisted Member state.  The DEP places Chosun and Asgard under its administration.
2878 The Ministry of Science authorizes the colonization of Valhalla.
2879 Crown Prince Cleon resigns as head of the DEP and begins travels across the Empire aboard the Scythian.
2880 The Imperial Navy begins a program of mothballing aging vessels, eventually reducing the fleet size by half to 350 ships.  The Kuiper outpost of Ultima Thule, ten billion kilometers from Sol, becomes the primary fleet mothball yard, with the Hellking Apollyon becoming the first resident; the Beelzebub remains on active duty.  An Imperial Edict allows the Ministry of Science Colonization Office to authorize one new colony each year; the office authorizes settlement of Haven.
2881 The Ministry of Science confirms that a retrovirus plague is causing widespread sterility on Inanna. Settlement of Koyote commences.
2882 After a second failed expedition to GRN-014, the Empress orders the Ministry of Science to shift funding from exploration projects to survey, colony oversight, and new technology research.   Sif is settled.
2883 Countess Donah Morish resigns as Commerce Minister after a scandal involving the kickbacks from the Lunar Republic.   Marduk is settled.
2884 A strong economic boom begins to spread from Terra to the Solar Colonies and then, unequally, to the Interstellar Colonies.  Athena is settled.
2885 The DEP graduates Shikoku and Chosun from the program.   Himerus is settled.
2886 Crown Prince Cleon speaks about economic development for the Empire at ceremonies at Bengal's Donner Institute, marking the six hundredth anniversary of the economist's birth. Horus is settled.
2887 The DEP graduates Asgard from the program. Ull is settled.
2888 The Ministries of Defense and Science establish a joint space technologies research lab at Ultima Thule.  Iskur is settled.
2889 The Empress presides over Imperial Centennial celebrations on Terra, Kalmar and Libertas.  Jubilee is settled, named in honor of the centennial.
2890 Preliminary Census results indicate that Khronos and Formosa qualify for full Membership.  Mabon is settled.
2891 Khronos joins the Empire as a full Member, with Governor Lord Anson DuVahl becoming Count Khronos.  Janus is settled.
2892 A fairly bloodless revolution on Dionysus topples the Noblis government and replaces it with a provisional constitutional republic.  After the Dionysian government-in-exile requests intervention, Katrina sends Prince Olav on a fact-finding mission, where he recommends that the Empire recognize the new government in the interest of order and unity; Empress Katrina accepts the recommendation, leading to extensive debate in the Imperial Congress.  Dagda is settled.
2893 With patrols routinely traveling over one hundred light years from Sol, the Ministry of Defense divides the Empire into eight numerically designated 100 light year per side cubic sectors and six frontier regions, North, South, Coreward, Rimward, Spinward and Trailing.  The Imperial Navy divides its strength into eight Sector Fleets and six Frontier Fleets.  The Imperial Guard squadrons, soon known as the Zero Fleet, assume full responsibility for defending Sol.  Formosa joins the Empire as a full Member.  Sargon is settled.
2894 Researchers at the White Forest Institute on Hercules announce a cure for the Inanna plague.  Min is settled.
2895 The Ministry of Science adopts the Ministry of Defense sector model, developing a system that will expand sectors in cubic "rings" as the Empire expands, with the six frontier regions beyond settled sector borders.  Katrina formalizes the Sector numerical and Frontier name designations for Imperial Ministry operations and standards.  Imra is settled.
2896 The Ministry of Science opens up surveyed regions of the twenty-four nearest second ring sectors for colonization and exploitation, starting with the colonization of Eos in Sector 44.
2897 Imperial Marines assist the Dionysian Republic in quelling an attack by the deposed Duke Rodulf, supporting a ground operation that ends in the death of the claimant.  Ptah is settled.
2898 A massive earthquake strikes northern Chile on Terra, killing over fifty thousand people. Yng is settled.
2899 Archeologists uncover a Gatebuilder installation beneath a kilometer thick lava field on Oracle.  The Ministry of Science and the Quadron government begin a joint investigation of the site. Parvati is settled.
2900 Imperial Navy researchers at Ultima Thule demonstrate a functional microjump drive vessel, the X-11.  The Ministry of Defense opens bids for the construction of four 60m, four 55m and eight 50m and thirty-four 40m microjump vessels to supplement the aging fleets.  Zeus is settled.
2901 The Ministry of Science requisitions eighteen 30m microjump vessels and thirty-six 13m vessels for survey and exploration work.  The Time Travel Society emerges in Australia; in the last century, former members have secured legal rights to property and facilities, making this emergence a less secretive event.  Only six individuals rejoin society, and five former members return to hibernation, leaving forty-one to continue the experiment.  Leto is settled.
2902 With permission from the Empress, the Ministry of Science Colonial Office begins approving two colony settlements per year, staring with Danu and Geb.
2903 An economic boom begins on Earth and spreads though most Imperial worlds. Dagan and Coatlicue are settled.
2904 The first production microjump vessel, the frigate Kumar, enters service. Nammu and Daphne are settled.
2905 The Ministry of Commerce begins issuing commercial licenses for the construction and operation of microjump starships.  Hathor and Enki are settled.
2906 The Census Office notes a baby boom following the economic cycle.  Tivoli and Siva are settled.
2907 A series of volcanic eruptions prompt the evacuation of Odysseus's northern settlements. Gaia and Amun are settled.
2908 Crown Prince Cleon leads an expedition aboard the microjump scout Cook to search for the Kumar colony and finds an abandoned settlement, with logs indicating that 220 survivors set out towards Betelgeuse in 2734 aboard a gravstar vessel, Salvation; if successful, they should just have arrived.  Utu and Gargarin are settled.  The Salvation reaches Kumar and establishes a settlement.
2909 Despite Cleon's support, the Empress refuses to authorize a mission to Betelgeuse, but allows a new expedition to GRN-014.  Vertumnus and Flora are settled.
2910 Vesta Research Products announces the introduction of longer range teleportation devices similar to the teleportation network devices of the twenty-fourth century.  Lack of Imperial adoption slows the spread of the teleporters, though networks begin between space habitats in the Belt and Hercules and Atlantis plan world networks.  The census indicates that Shikoku qualifies for full Membership.  Darwin and Ganesa are settled.
2911 The economic boom ends in a short recession.  Atlantis officially recognizes Technologism as a religious movement.  Three Imperial microjump scout vessels return from a successful expedition to GRN-014.  Narmer and Hebron are settled.
2912 Shikoku enters the Empire as a full Member.  Mandela and Adonis are settled.
2913 The microjump scout vessel Mackenzie contacts the Swarm race at their colony on Danzig.  Freyja and Vairacocha are settled.
2914 The Ministry of State sends a delegation to Megahive, but fails to establish diplomatic relations.  Linclon and Valinor are settled.
2915 The Swarm War begins when Swarm starships attack the Imperial colony of Athena, killing all 24,000 colonists.  The Empire declares war on the Swarm and mobilizes the Seventh, Eight and Rimward Frontier Fleets.  The Imperial Navy orders an additional fifty microjump vessels.  The Ministry of Science places a moratorium on new colonization authorizations.
2916 As Swarm ships raid Dagan, Selene and Emerald, Prince Olav takes command of the war effort, moving the First and Sixth Fleets to the front, along with the Beelzebub squadron.  The War Fleet rallies at Bengal, where the Beelzebub suffers a drive failure, leading to a major overhaul.  The Navy pulls forty vessels, including the Apollyon, out of reserve status at Ultima Thule, bringing the vessels out to protect colony worlds along the Rimward regions.
2917 Prince Olav leads the War Fleet to a costly victory at the Battle of Athena, destroying the Swarm occupation fleet and retaking the world, but loosing fourteen vessels, including the microjump battleship Dunbar.  A squadron led by Commodore Janis Trimble raids Megahive, bombing the world and returning without loosing a ship.  Cardinal Technical Products, based on Hercules, begins offering Intelligent Companion Implants.
2918 After the Apollyon fails trials at Hera, Olav recalls the bulk of his War Fleet to Bengal and completes construction of the Bengal Naval Base.  Imperial patrol squadrons defeat Swarm raiders at Dagda, Dagan and Drakkon.  Commodore Trimble's raider squadron captures the Swarm settlement at Radomir and takes several prisoners; Katrina knights Trimble for her victories.  The Swarm launch a massed attack at the Battle of Bengal, but withdraw after heavy losses when the Beelzebub enters the battle.
2919 In a series of offenses, Imperial forces capture all six remaining Swarm settlements with minimal casualties, except for the loss of five vessels at the pitched Battle of Danzig.  Dame Janis Trimble becomes Admiral of the Rimward Frontier Fleet.  Imperial Naval ships begin sporting experimental gray forcefields.
2920 The Swarm War ends after the Imperial War Fleet arrives at Megahive and demonstrates the Beelzebub on the world's small moon.  After a cease fire and lengthy negotiations, the Swarm agrees to pay reparations to the families of the Athena victims and damages to those affected by other raids.  The Swarm signs the Imperial Charter and enters the Empire as a Major Race, subject to a ten year occupation and integration plan.  The Ministry of Science resumes authorization of new colonies, starting with Chameleon.  The Census Office indicates that Emerald qualifies for full Membership, leading to a review of the Dependency Economic Program on the world.
2921 Dame Janis Trimble assumes the duties of Proconsul of Megahive in addition to her role as Frontier Fleet Admiral.  A scouting expedition recontacts the stone age Quanna race, placing their homeworld under protective quarantine.
2922 The Ministry of Science reports the completion of the survey of all old Confederation territory and all worlds surveyed by Confederation scouts except those within the old M'kkiae Combine.  Surveys and explorations spread into uncharted territory.
2923 The Imperial Navy orders a third batch of fifty microjump vessels to replace war losses.  Citing conflicting duties, Admiral Trimble resigns as Megahive Proconsul; the Empress replaces her with Duchess Heather Timmins of Tyr.  The DEP graduates Emerald from the program to allow it to conduct elections as a prerequisite for full Membership.  Athena is resettled at Swarm expense, with a large memorial preserve devoted to the original colony site.
2924 The Imperial bureaucracy begins purchasing teleportation booths for internal and military use.  Public works projects to establish teleportation networks begin on Terra, Mars and Venus.  Emerald enters the Empire as a full Member.
2925 The Ministry of Science Colonial Office begins authorizing four new colonies per year.  Surface to geosynchronous orbit teleportation systems begin operation on Terra and many major worlds, prompting a permanent decline in the interface shuttle market.
2926 The Ministry of State formally contacts the Stygian race, offering them Minor Race status within the Empire.
2927 Empress Katrina approves an Imperial bureaucracy reorganization establishing Sector department capitals at Hercules, Kalmar, Paradise, Artemis, Prometheus, Ishtar, Libertas and Bengal.
2928 The Imperial Navy places the Apollyon and Beelzebub in mothballs at Ultima Thule, and begins the gradual retirement of its remaining macrojump vessels, planning towards a 400 ship microjump navy.  New naval vessels begin sporting degenerate armor hulls.  The Stygian homeworld of Stygia enters the Empire as a full Member.
2929 With the end of martial law, the Swarm homeworld of Megahive officially enters the Empire as a full Member.  The Swarm colony worlds revert to joint administration with an Imperial governor and a Swarm advisory council.
2930 Atlantis begins construction of the Centauri Ring, a geosynchronous framework encircling the world and incorporating industrial, residential and entertainment centers.  Alexander becomes the first Imperial resettled world eligible for full Membership.
2931 A massive solar flare scars the surface of Isis, killing 6,000 and prompting discussion over the evacuation of the planet.  Lawrence Industries introduces the Rapid Fabricator system, allowing real-time assembly of most common mechanical and organic matter.  The Rapid Fabricator (or RFab) becomes the baseline technological requirement for Post-Materialism.
2932 Admiral Trimble retires from the Imperial Navy, returning to her homeworld of Hercules.  Alexander joins the Empire as a full Member.
2933 In a referendum, the citizens of Isis overwhelming vote to remain on their world, but the Empire offers to evacuate those who choose to leave, promoting a slow but steady exodus from the world.
2934 A research report from the University of Quito History Department indicates that the Empire has reached technological parity with the peak Confederation accomplishments of six hundred years earlier, but notes that Life Therapy remains unavailable.  With Imperial permission, the former King Karl of Atlantis returns from his exile on Isis and takes up residence in the Atlantian city of Chiron as a private citizen.
2935 Archeologists on Ares find a submerged Founders site under the silt in the shallow Yellow Ocean; excavations offer well-preserved 55,000 year old cultural artifacts, but no working equipment; a police action ensues to keep looters from the site, eventually involving a request for Imperial Marines to establish control over the area after local police are caught caught smuggling contraband.  Katrina signs an Imperial Edict drafted by the Ministries of State and Science that provides for the quarantine and protection of all sentient species that have not achieved space travel.
2936 Empress Katrina vetoes a joint request by the Ministries of Science and State to launch a Grand Federation contact mission, citing political uncertainties.  A Ministry of Science development project produces flexible molecular materials that become known as living metals.
2937 Civil unrest begins on Aeneas, starting with demonstrations, riots and occasional political assassinations.
2938 Empress Katrina vetoes Crown Prince Cleon's second proposal to launch a Betelgeuse expedition to search of the Salvation.
2939 A squadron of Swarm microjump frigates joins the Rimward Frontier Fleet despite protests from local colony worlds.  Integrated squadrons begin operating on Rimward patrol missions, but physiological and environment constraints allow for few joint crews, though some Swarm personnel serve as liaisons on Human ships.
2940 Dame Janis Trimble wins election as the President of Hercules.  Frigg and Halcyon qualify for Imperial Membership.
2941 Lord Roban Mellon discovers and reveals the suppression of Life Therapy research before dying at the hands of household troops of Count Hernando Batitisa of Quito.  Frigg and Halcyon join the Empire as full Members.
2942 The Imperial Guard suppresses the Mellonite riots of Sapiens on Terra, Venus and Mars with minimal loss of life.  Katrina acquiesces to the rioter's grievances and orders the arrest of Count Hernando and instructs the Ministry of Science to publish Life Therapy specifications.  An Imperial Court finds Count Hernando guilty of murder and conspiracy charges, sentences and executes him.
2943 The Ministry of Commerce licenses Life Therapy procedures but imposes a 50% surcharge and lengthy authorization procedures.  Debate on whether to tie Life Therapy to Nobility requirements begins on many worlds.  A Ministry of Science expedition resurveys the devastated world of M'kkia, discovering two subterranean complexes housing hibernating M'kkiae.  One complex activates, prompting a battle that destroys most of the expedition; a single surviving vessel returns to Prometheus, prompting the activation of the Fifth Fleet.
2944 The Fifth Fleet blockades M'kkia.  Prince Olav reactivates both Hellkings, which travel to M'kkia and begin a sustained bombardment, stripping the crust from the planet.  The Empress proposes the Eighth Amendment, limiting Life Therapy to Noble candidates, elevating the debate to the Imperial Congress.
2945 A severe drought linked to solar cycles begins on Pyramus, prompting an increase in emigration to Thisbe, the system's outer habitable world.  The Fifth Fleet and the Hellking battle groups survey the former M'kkia colony worlds, searching for other facilities or survivors and sterilizing the worlds as a precaution.
2946 The Imperial Congress approves the Eighth Amendment, linking Life Therapy to Imperial Noble status and requiring Imperial authorization for the procedure.  The Hellkings return to Ultima Thule and mothballing.
2947 The initial loop framework of the Centauri Ring reaches completion, incorporating living metal elements.  After ten years of unrest on Aeneas, the Empress approves a peacekeeping force of Libertine and Freedom soldiers to keep order and supervise elections and a support new constitutional framework for the world.
2948 A new mega-flare strikes Isis, but protective measures and subterranean shelters limit damage and prevent any direct deaths.  Katrina cancels Dependency Economic Program, calling for specific programs to help the remaining struggling worlds.
2949 Peacekeepers leave Aeneas after the inauguration of the Consuls of the new republican government.
2950 The Census Office announces that Balder and Lemuria have achieved the requisite population for full membership in the Empire.  The Swarm Beta colony also qualifies for full Membership.
2951 Balder joins the Empire as a full Member.  Dame Janis Trimble turns down an offer of Nobilis treatment.
2952 Lemuria joins the Empire as a full Member.  The Empress authorizes six new fleets, splitting the existing Frontier Fleets into Patrol and Frontier Fleets.  The Ministry of Science opens an additional twenty-four second ring Sectors to colonization.
2953 After a carefully orchestrated election process, the Swarm Beta colony enters the Empire as a full Member.  William II becomes King of Mars after the death of his father, Albert II, from complications of CID.
2954 The Ministry of Science launches the Orion-Taurus Expedition, a six ship scouting mission under the command of Sir Tomas Rydell, to the Pleiades and on to Betelgeuse and environs to search for the Salvation and crew.
2955 The Orion-Taurus Expedition reaches the Pleiades and discovers the habitable planet Glorious in an older star system within by the cluster; the Asimov and Clarke remain to survey the world and the cluster while the rest of the expedition continues on to Betelgeuse.
2956 The Orion-Taurus Expedition begins studies at Betelgeuse with the Heinlein and Verne and sends the Burroughs and Bester to search habitable systems for a settlement from the Salvation.
2957 The Heinlein's crew abandons the vessel after it suffers a drive failure in Betelgeuse orbit, prompting the expedition to return to the Pleiades to rejoin the other two vessels and begin the return to Imperial Space.
2958 The Orion-Taurus Expedition returns to the Exploration Office rimward scout base in Sector 49.
2959 Crown Prince Cleon honors Sir Tomas Rydell and his crews in ceremonies at Byzantium.
2960 The Census Office pronounces Phoebus qualified for Imperial Membership; additionally the Swarm Alpha colony qualifies for Membership, prompting a struggle on the world to establish a proper government.
2961 After voting to initiate a hostile take-over of Maxwell Biogenics, the entire board and senior management team of Consolidated BioProducts vanishes; the Imperial Ministry of Justice begins a fruitless seven year investigation; the new management team of Consolidated BioProducts does not attempt a merge with Maxwell.
2962 Phoebus joins the Empire as a full Member.
2963 King John of Libertas celebrates his one thousandth birthday in year-long ceremonies on Libertas.  Empress Katrina, Minister of Commerce Donal Dejuris and staff die in a landing boat accident on Mars.  Cleon I becomes Emperor of Humanity after a pro forma confirmation by the Imperial Congress.

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