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The Late Formative Period



The reign of Cleon I began with a continuing emphasis on integration and exploration, with the Emperor visiting all Member worlds aboard the Saratoga and with repeated expeditions to the Pleiades and Betelgeuse establishing distant outposts and discovering the settlers of Kumar, which Cleon named an Imperial Member, though its population was less than a thousand in 2980CE.

Cleon's legacy was the Solar System Reorganization Project.  Begun in 2978CE, the plan was responsible for the eventual terraformation of Luna and Mercury, though it failed to transform the Jovian system and Cleon's plans for a related calendar reform fell flat.  The economic pressures of increased taxation to support the Reorganization and Cleon's accumulation of power within the government led to years of economic disruption and increasing protests, met by the imposition of martial law in Imperial jurisdictions after a failed assassination attempt destroyed the Saratoga in 3006CE.

Reacting to the harsh Imperial occupation of Libertas and the show-trial of King John, Olav Kamarov, by then King of Kalmar, led the fairly bloodless coup which overthrew Cleon in 3013CE.  At gunpoint, Cleon accepted exiled as the Prince of the slowly terraforming world of Mercury and acknowledged Olav as Emperor.  To preserve dynastic unity, in 3015CE Emperor Olav I married Princess Melisa, Rogar's daughter and his own cousin.  With the Imperial family and major Old Colony worlds supporting his ascension, the Emperor then pushed through the Tenth Amendment, creating the Imperial High Council and ensuring Old Colony legislative dominance for centuries.

The gruesome Quadron Rebellion of 3018-3020CE started a short-lived anti-alien backlash on Human worlds, but the expanding Empire continued to contact and accept membership from advanced alien races, with the Turgil, Khaddahl and Brennar joining as Minor Races and the Khzraut ending their isolation to become a Major Race in 3073CE.  By the 3070s, anti-alien prejudice had greatly subsided, and in 3076CE a Khaddahl contingent joined the Emperor's personal bodyguard. 

During Olav's reign, technological progress and increasing affluence brought worlds into Post-Materialist economies, a crisis for traditional neo-Donnerist analysis that was overcome under the leadership of Lord Ivan Roosevelt, Minister of Commerce for Cleon (2999-3010CE) and Olav (from 3014CE).  Roosevelt was instrumental in managing the economic transition and joined the Imperial family by marrying Crown Princess Cynthia in 3046CE, becoming the Duke of Triton.

As in the late Confederation, the growth of idle populations and the economic turbulence preceding a Post-Materialist transition gave rise to a renewed interest in religions, especially after the 3040s.  The birth of Ibrahim Mustafa in 3068CE and his rise to become Mahdi and Protector of Mecca in 3108CE represented a transformation of the Moslem faith.  Ibrahim's rise coincided with the influence of Pope Pius XXXII of New Rome and his anti-Nobilis, anti-Artificial campaign.  The use of artificial means of conception and maturation, especially by the Nobilis, but also increasingly by Sapiens, caused great distress among traditional religionists. 

By the turn of the 32nd century, Artificial reproduction and the status of artificially conceived individuals of all classes was the major political issue.  Emperor Olav, though his wife and children were Artificials, sided with the moderate anti-Artificial agenda, calling for an eventual ban on the practices.  His wife, Empress Melisa committed suicide in 3112CE, allegedly from despair over Olav's positions.  After Olav drafted an amendment restricting Artificial rights, leading Artificial Nobles revolted in the Artificial Civil War of 3113-3315CE. 

The war ended in a compromise that was tarnished by the Black Purge, where loyalists killed thousands of rebels who had surrendered under amnesty.  Disgusted by the Purge and his own failure to avoid the conflict, Olav abdicated in 3315CE in favor of his daughter Cynthia and returned to Kalmar.


Cleon and Olav were both very capable men who made flawed Emperors.  During their reigns, the Empire continued to mature and advance, expanding to include over a thousand worlds in a sphere nearly five hundred light years across.  The actions and events under their rule helped shape the structures of Imperial society and even of the Solar system itself.

Bred to rule, but introspective, controlling and impatient, Emperor Cleon I was not an effective ruler, but he did have a clear agenda.  Cleon read Donner and understood PsychoMacroEconomics at least as well as Ivan Roosevelt.  He also concurred with the predictions of The New Order of Man and his Solar System Reorganization Project was a direct attempt to forestall the eventual dissolution of Empire by increasing the population and economic potential of the Solar system.  Cleon considered those who disagreed with him to be inferior, and in response to resistance to his priorities, he gradually assumed the roles of his senior Ministers, finally dismissing all but the loyal Minister of Justice, David Bartholomew, who died resisting Olav's coup.

Emperor Olav I was a military man known for his devotion and fairness.  He was also completely unpredictable, a trait that aided him in a half dozen wars, but which caused problems for his ministers.  Olav's reign began well.  He freed King John, undid Cleon's ministerial centralization, cancelled much of the Reorganization Plan and pushed through the Tenth Amendment, a framework that did more to centralize Human power than Cleon's reorganization would accomplish. 

The High Council required a million residents for representation, rather than the hundred thousand of the Congress.  It was an attempt to avoid the distortion caused by the dominance of the hundreds of New Colonies which had combined population of a only single Old Colony world.  The checks between the two legislative bodies preserved Old Colony power for several centuries.  By 3115CE, the Imperial Congress had 523 Members, but the equally powerful Imperial High Council had 132 Members, and the first New Colony did not join the High Council until 3140CE.

Where Olav failed was in controlling the growth of anti-Artificial sentiment.  He increasingly saw the Artificial reproductive process as a necessary evil and he encourage Cynthia and Ivan Roosevelt to conceive natural children.  Olav's vaguely professed religious beliefs and his personal admiration for both Pius XXXII and Ibrahim Mustafa, balanced by class loyalties and political realities, led to his uncertainty and wavering over Artificial rights.  When Olav finally came down against the Artificials, he knew a revolt was inevitable, and though he handled the tactical situation well, he self-admittedly bungled the strategic and political situation. 

The effective end of Artificial reproduction had long-lasting effects for the Nobilis.  With natural female fertility still declining to near zero well before the age of two hundred, Nobilis women were forced into early marriages, often to men centuries older.  Nobilis generations shortened under this reproductive pressure, hastening the onset of generational fatigue, and often distorting succession between generations, producing either distantly descended or extremely elderly heirs.  The pressure of natural Nobilis reproduction also encouraged the illegal practice of gender selection for firstborn children, a fact statistically demonstrable in many major Houses, including the Imperial line.


Technological progress continued across the Empire, as new processes quickly spread between worlds.  Even new colonies could expect a high level of automation and ease from inception.  The most spectacular feat of the Late Formative period was the beginning of the Solar System Reorganization Plan.  While terraformation requires only fusion era technology to succeed, Cleon's plans called for the wholesale movement of worlds and the ignition of a gas giant.  The movement of Mercury to Terra's Solar L3 point, though requiring some creative heat management solutions, was a technological triumph, as was turning Terra's locked bone-dry moon into a spinning wet world.  However, technology of the time did not prove up to the task of detonating a gas giant, as the anomalies at Gilese 876 confirmed, nor was it sufficient to manage stellar dynamics, as the sub-nova accident at Sirius A in 3073CE demonstrated.

In addition to pushing the economy towards Post-Materialism, the continued spread of RFab and liquid metal technologies encouraged the maturation of simularium chambers or Active Immersion Virtual Worlds.  Passive virtual immersion in an immersion chamber or sensory suit was an entertainment form available since the late information age.  Though a holographically supplemented simularium did not seem as instantaneous and "real" as passive immersion, when supplemented by advanced fully sentient implant interfaces, it nearly duplicated the passive effect.  Active immersion proved extremely popular and was a healthier pastime that did not result in the "zombie" addiction common among heavy passive users.

While Artificial reproduction was coming to an end across the Empire, the Nobilis could at least comfort themselves with the availability of improved NB treatments that limited the effects of CID and pushed Nobilis life expectances above one thousand years.  For wealthy Sapiens, Restoration regeneration therapies supplemented by NB treatments extended life expectancy for centuries.

Transportation improved during the era.  Despite some early problems, dual node teleportation networks stretched across most high population worlds, and Cleon did not share his mother's fatal refusal to utilize teleportation while traveling.  In 3105CE, the Ministry of Science tested its first Mode II microjump drive, allowing new vessels to cross interstellar space at 5.86 light years per day.


Imperial society faced the growing economic challenge of Post-Materialism, the near utopian economic environment where most goods and services were effectively free and any expectation of labor was unnecessary for the vast majority of the populace.  Though Donnerist analysis predicted the distortions of scarcity, the irrelevance of labor and the breakdown of information economy rules, it did not provide a strong solution to these challenges.  Lord, later Duke, Ivan Roosevelt led the effort that determined the societal rules, regulations and expectations required to cope with Post-Materialism.  The First and Second Promethean Principles of 3041CE and 3058CE resolved Post-Materialist methodologies and policies, helping worlds manage the transition.  By 3097CE, Terra had crossed into Post-Materialism, and by the end of Olav's reign half the Empire, including the newest settled colonies, had successfully transitioned to the new paradigm.

Starting in the 3040s, Imperial society underwent a religious revival.  Partially as an inevitable response to increased leisure and displaced identity, both traditional religions like Christianity and Islam and new ones like Technologism and Mechanism gained adherents and fervor.  United Catholicism and Ibrahimite Islam helped fuel the drive against Artificial reproduction, while Technologists and Mechanists helped support advancement in the physical and biological sciences.

Those that did not seek meaning or solace in religion often sought it in passive and active virtual world immersion entertainment.  During this period, living metal-holographic simulariums supplemented by implant interfaces came to compete directly with passive immersion technologies.  While passive virtual world entertainment had long been an occasional pastime for much of the population and an addiction for some, active immersion gained popularity as the technology became affordable.  By the Post-Materialist cusp, even lower class homes had simularium rooms and over half the Terran population spent more than twenty hours a week in active virtual environments.  Delphian firms were at the forefront of simularium programming and the Delphian Virtual Exposition of 3080CE and subsequent road shows spread Delphian dominance of simularium hardware and content.

As Kalmaran influence waned, styles diverged and Frontier styles, including fax environment suits, heralded a less formal age.  Crown Princess Cynthia began to exert her influence over cultural matters late in her father's reign, not only in her enthusiastic support of active virtual immersion, but also with her efforts to bring higher culture to the populace though the opening of the Imperial Malls on Terra and Kalmar.

Chronology Table

2964 On Kalmar, Emperor Cleon opens the Outer Complex of the Summer Palace to the public, showcasing art and artifacts from a hundred worlds.
2965 After achieving recognition of its government by Cleon, the Swarm Alpha colony enters the Empire as a full Member.
2966 The Ministry of Science launches a four ship expedition to the Pleiades to conduct science in the cluster and to fully survey Glorious.  
2967 The Ministry of Science launches a four ship expedition to the Betelgeuse region under the command of Captain Gwendolyn Pyrell, with instructions from the Emperor to search again for the Salvation and the Kumar colonists.
2968 Economist Artur Beal of Hercules publishes the Post-Materialist Manifesto, demonstrating that his world has achieved the wealth and equality necessary for most people to live without materialistic concerns.  Cleon travels to Atlantis to encourage the world to regain its leadership in Imperial affairs, declaring the Autonomist War "ancient history", and visiting the resident of ex-king Karl.  Cleon increases the Imperial value added tax to 5% over colonial opposition.
2969 The Imperial Guard microjump battleship Saratoga undergoes renovations to prepare it to house the Emperor and his household.  The Betelgeuse expedition recovers the Heinlein from orbit around Betelgeuse.  The Pleiades Expedition returns to Imperial Space after a successful mission.
2970 The Swarm Gamma colony qualifies for full membership, starting a scramble for power among three factions.  Cleon begins his Grand Tour of the Empire, promising to visit every Member world.  In Sector 391, the scouts Wells and Niven discover the planet Kumar and its colonists from the Salvation; establishing contact and inviting a group to return to the Empire.  The Betelgeuse Expedition assembles over Kumar, then begins the return to Imperial Space.
2971 The Betelgeuse Expedition rendezvous with the Saratoga at Achilles and the Emperor meets with the Kumar delegation, offering full Membership despite the small (under 700) population of the world.
2972 Cleon dismisses his senior Ministers, retaining only Prince Olav as Minister of Defense.  Citing lack of need to staff a full department, the Emperor assumes the duties of the Minister of State and runs Khzraut and other alien relations though a new created Alien Relations Office of the Ministry of Science.
2973 The Second Betelgeuse Expedition returns to Kumar to offer full membership and establish an exploration base on the world, under thirty light years from Betelgeuse.
2974 Cleon recognizes the military government on the Swarm Gamma colony and allows it to take its seat in the Imperial Congress as a full Member.  After the return of the Second Betelgeuse Expedition, Kumar enters the Empire as a full Member.
2975 Cleon returns to the Golden Palace in Byzantium after completing his Grand Tour of all Member worlds except Kumar.
2976 The Emperor announces the start of the Lunar Terraformation Project as a showcase of Imperial technology.  Muted opposition to the terraformation of Sol's richest Member state spreads through the colonies, but Atlantis supports the Project and receives several large technology contracts.
2977 The Third Betelgeuse and Second Pleiades Expeditions leave Bengal on survey missions.
2978 Cleon declares Mercury and the Kuiper/Oort region Imperial Member worlds and appoints a government for both Members.  Cleon unveils the Solar System Reorganization Plan, to consist of three major projects:  The terraformation of Luna, the moving of Mercury to Terran opposition orbit and its concurrent terraformation, and the gravitational collapse and ignition of Jupiter with subsequent terraformation of Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.  The Imperial VAT increases to 7%.
2980 The Census Office announces that Minerva, Perseus and the Swarm Delta colony have achieved the requisite population for full membership in the Empire.  Additionally, Rogar becomes the first new colony to qualify for full Membership.  Cleon announces the beginning of the Cleonian calendar reform: the year 3000, to be designated year 0 of the New Era, the alteration of Terran rotational and orbital distances to make a 360 day year, 30 day month, 24 hour day and 3600 second hour, and the change of the length of the second to define it as the time for light to travel 300,000km.  
2981 Minerva and Rogar become full Members of the Empire.  Miniature antimatter power cells become commercially available.  Cleon allows the Swarm to begin colonizing additional worlds in the Rimward region.
2982 Perseus and the Swarm Delta colony become full Members of the Empire.  Sporadic tax protests strike many colony worlds, notably Apollo, Deseret and Nike.
2983 The Technologist Synod recognizes Post-Materialism as a basic tenet of Technologism and one of Paulus Reornan's Milestones to Perfection.  With the completion of an initial set of HSPG thrusters, Luna's orbit begins shifting induce a thirty day orbit and create a 24 hour day on the moon.
2984 Actual terraformation begins on Mercury as its orbit begins to spiral out from the sun and comet bombardments commence.  A software virus damages the orbital teleportation grid system on Terra, killing 126 people before the system is shut down.   All teleportation systems shut down Empire-wide for security reviews.
2985 Initial studies on the Jovian gravitational collapse indicate considerable technical problems, prompting further study.
2986 Cleon cuts naval appropriations, derailing a modernization program.  The VAT increases to 8%.
2987 Imperial teleportation systems return to service after a complete rework of their security models.
2988 The Third Pleiades Expedition leaves Bengal.  Construction of Calendar Reformation HSPG thrusters on Terra slows after studies indicate tectonic stability issues with any rotational or orbital changes.  Scouts discover the Turgil race in Sector 32; an atomic level culture with a small orbital research outpost.  The Alien Relations Office authorizes open contact with the Turgil.
2989 The Third Pleiades Expedition establishes a research base on Glorious.  The Emperor presides over Imperial Bicentennial celebrations on Terra and Kalmar. 
2990 The Census Office announces that Pax, Thoth, Franklin, Excalibur, Adonis, Valhalla, Haven and the Swarm colony on Radomir have achieved the requisite population for full Membership in the Empire.  Cleon orders the mothballing of all remaining naval and scout macrojump vessels.
2991 Thoth becomes a full Member of the Empire.  The Imperial economy begins a boom period of rapid growth and euphoric capital market expansion.
2992 Pax, Franklin, Adonis, Valhalla, Haven and Radomir become full Members of the Empire.
2993 Excalibur becomes a full Member of the Empire.  The Turgil enter the Empire as a Minor Race.
2994 Cleon orders a streamlining of the Imperial bureaucracy, prompting cutbacks in the Ministries of Commerce and Science as their departments move to zero-based budgeting.
2995 A second technology review of the Jovian Collapse Project leads to requests for additional funding.  The construction of pilot replicant modules on Io begins.  The Imperial Congress ratifies the Ninth Amendment, formalizing protocols for the inclusion, protection and dealings with alien races.
2996 Cleon increases the VAT to 9% to cover the growing costs of the Solar System Reorganization Plan and also increases the GDP tax to 6% after a century of stability at 5%.  Unknown assailants detonate an antimatter power cell in the Golden Palace in an attempt to assassinate the Emperor.  At least 355 people, including the assailants die in the attack.  Security tightens on Terra, and public access to the Outer Complex of the Summer Palace ends.
2997 The collapse of Lawrence Industries leads to the Crash of '97, a general stock market collapse that wipes out the decade's profits.
2998 The Imperial economy begins a slide into depression.  The Golden Palace reconstruction project ends with the completion of a fortified wall and security system enclosing a ten square kilometer area of Byzantium. 
2999 Cleon bows to technical, economic, religious and conservative pressure and reverses his decision to begin his New Calendar Era at year 0 and change the length of the second.  Cleon unofficially abandons the Terran rotational and revolutional change projects by cutting their budgets.  Cleon acknowledges the continuing economic deterioration and appoints the neo-Donnerist Lord Ivan Roosevelt as his new Minister of Commerce.  The Colonial Office opens up the last eight second ring Sectors (the "corners") for possible colonization. 
3000 The VAT increases to 10% to aid economic recovery projects.  Lord Roosevelt and Cleon agree to a delay of the Jovian Collapse Project to divert funds to economic recovery, but the Luna and Mercury projects continue on schedule, utilizing reallocated Terran thrusters.  Koyote, Sif, Marduk, Himerus, Dagda, Eos and the Swarm worlds of Memel, Danzig and Carpathia qualify for full Membership.
3001 Construction of an Atlantian-style ring above Luna begins.  Himerus, Eos and Sif join the Empire as full Members.  The Time Travel Society emerges in Australia and meets with former members and the Emperor in Alice Springs; eight members choose to remain awake, and two former members return to hibernation, leaving thirty-five members to continue into the future.
3002 Imperial austerity measures cut funding for new Ministry of Science vessels and force cutbacks in the Alien Survey and Protection Offices.  Marduk joins the Empire as a full Member.
3003 The Ministry of Commerce cuts subsidies to interstellar trade, hoping to allow market forces to correct imbalances.  Koyote, Dagda and Memel join the Empire as full Members.  Count David Bartholomew becomes Minister of Justice.  Gaia and Enki join the Empire as full Members.
3004 The Depression officially ends as sluggish growth resumes.  Cleon resumes funding for the Jovian Collapse Project despite Lord Roosevelt's objections.  Olav Kamarov becomes King of Kalmar after the death of his mother, Queen Lydia.
3005 Cleon reforms Imperial Bureaucracy promotion and performance standards in an effort to purge Nobilis bloat and return to a Huist ideal.  Peer review of the Jovian Collapse Project leads to recommendations of a test collapse in an uninhabited system.  Danzig and Carpathia join the Empire as full Members.
3006 After saboteurs destroy the Saratoga just before an Imperial visit to Kalmar; Cleon declares martial law, putting the Ministry of Justice in charge of securing interstellar travel.  A rebellion begins on Libertas after a riot at the Freehaven spaceport results in the deaths of six Ministry of Justice agents and ten civilians.  After widespread rioting and eight murders, Imperial officials evacuate Libertas.  The economy slides back into recession.
3007 Cleon orders King Olav Kamarov to crush the Libertine revolt.  Olav mobilizes the Fourth and Second Fleets and ends the rebellion with minimal bloodshed by reaching a private agreement with King John of Libertas.  Cleon sacks Olav as Minister of Defense and places King John under house arrest, pending a trial for treason.  A full army of Imperial Marines occupies Libertas and enforces marital law.  Cleon assumes the role of Minister of Defense himself.  The Imperial VAT increases to 11%.  The Ministry of Justice procures twelve microjump frigates and assorted heavy weaponry to enforce martial law. 
3008 Mercury passes the orbit of Venus on its spiral out to one AU.  Cleon moves the capital of Sector 7 to Eden.  Cleon names 800 new Life Therapy Peers from among his supporters.  Cleon indefinitely delays the trial of King John, citing security concerns.  The Jovian Collapse Project begins to build replicant modules on the test site at Gilese 876.
3009 Peaceful protests against marital law spread to dozens of worlds.  A majority of world leaders, including King Olav of Kalmar, sign a petition protesting the Marine occupation of Libertas and the continuing detention of King John.  Cleon promises to withdraw from Libertas by 3015 and to begin scaling back marital law restriction in 3012, satisfying few.  Citing budget concerns, the Colonial Office reduces colony authorizations to three per year.  Cleon and Lord Ivan Roosevelt tout positive economic growth for the year.
3010 The first span of the Lunar Ring reaches completion.  Lord Ivan Roosevelt resigns as Minister of Commerce to protest Cleon's political policies and the continuing Solar System Reorganization projects.  Cleon does not name a new Minister of Commerce, but increases the VAT to 12.5% and the GDP tax to 7%, prompting a return to recession.  The Census Office declares the Asgard and a dozen new colonies qualified for full Membership.
3011 The test Collapse at Gilese 876 results in a significant variance from predicted values, forcing a reevaluation of the Jovian plan.  Two of three top project managers resign from the Jovian Collapse Project.  Baroness Gail Nuerell resigns as Minister of Science, leaving Cleon with only one senior Minister, Count David Bartholomew, of Justice, in place.  
3012 A worsening of the guerilla war on Libertas prompts Cleon to indefinitely delay the departure of occupation forces and to increase troop strength to two full Marines armies.  The Emperor announces that King John's treason trial will begin within months.  Cleon makes minor revision to martial law, but cuts Ministry of Science funding by 10% to lessen the continuing recession.  
3013 After a long public trial, Cleon sentences King John to death for treason.  King Olav Kamarov leads a coup against Emperor Cleon, forcing the Emperor's abdication and freeing King John.  Count Bartholomew and a squad of Justice Department troops die resisting arrest in Byzantium.  After Prince Arnam Farrar and Princess Melisa Farrar swear allegiance to Olav, ending risks of a succession battle, the Imperial Congress meets and confirms Olav as Emperor by a narrow margin.  Cleon accepts exile as the Prince of Mercury and becomes director of a vastly reduced Reorganization Plan as Olav cancels the Jovian Collapse Project.  The VAT falls to 10% and marital law ends, with troops beginning a staged withdrawal from Libertas.
3014 Emperor Olav appoints a new cabinet, with Lord Ivan Roosevelt as Minister of Commerce, Dame Janis Trimble as Minister of Defense, his brother Count Roban Kamarov as Minister of Justice, Gwendolyn Pyrell as Minister of Science, and Arnam Farrar as Minister of State.  The Ministry of Justice disbands all paramilitary units.  The last Marines depart from Libertas and King John resumes the throne.  The Imperial Sector 7 bureaucracy moves its headquarters back to Libertas.  The Emperor issues pardons to participants on both sides of the recent conflict, including a full pardon for Cleon.
3015 Emperor Olav decides to retain the Kalmaran throne as his own and appoints his brother Roban to the vacant throne of Paradise.  Olav marries Cleon's sister, Princess Melisa Farrar, to further legitimize his rule.  The economy shows signs of stabilizing.  On the narrowest two-thirds vote of 114 to 57 and after a fierce constitutional debate, the Imperial Congress approves the Tenth Amendment, establishing an Imperial High Council for those member worlds with over one million residents.
3016 Olav announces a major naval renovation program.  Crown Princess Cynthia is born after an artificial conception.  A definitive study proves that the Quadron race descended from domesticated animals bred by the Gatebuilder race twenty million years ago. 
3017 The Ministry of Science Colonial Office resumes authorizing four new colonies per year and starts processing requests for limited colonization worlds of ethnic, cultural or religious heritages.  Olav lowers the VAT to 8% and the GDP tax to 5% to stimulate growth.
3018 Scouts discover the information age Khaddahl race in Sector 27.  Colonists from Deseret colonize Moroni, the first limited colony of the Imperial Era.  The Quadron Rebellion begins when the Quadron rise up against the Empire after provocative statements by cultural leaders.  Quadrons slaughter and devour dozens of Human Citizens and seize a number of armed merchants, launching a raid on Delphi.
3019 Olav leads the Imperial Guard Fleet to Oracle, bombarding and occupying the world.  The Second Fleet tracks down and destroys the Quadron pirate fleet.  A guerilla war ensues on Oracle, with some cultural leaders calling on the Gatebuilders to return from beyond and destroy Humanity.
3020 Olav orders the Beelzebub out of mothballs.  Most resistance ends after the Beelzebub appears over Oracle.  Imperial Guard and Marine units hunt down remaining Quadron fanatics.  Olav orders martial law and reeducation to continue on Oracle for a five-year period, appointing a military governor.  Two dozen new colony worlds qualify for full Membership, prompting Olav to designative a Membership Office under the Ministry of State to process new Memberships in a more orderly fashion.  Olav also transfers the Colonial Governor's Office from the Ministry of Science to the Ministry of State.
3021 Anti-alien sentiment rises in the private press, prompting Olav to cancel plans to allow a small enclave of Quanna to settle on Titan.  Riots against Swarm interests in the Rim lead to Imperial Naval and Marine intervention to protect Swarm Citizens and assets. The Imperial Congress passes a resolution calling upon Olav to strip Noble titles from the Cleonian Peers.  Noting his earlier pardon of all parties, Olav instead reaffirms titles to all but two of the Peers.  Janis Trimble resigns as Minister of Defense and returns to retirement on Hercules.
3022 Anti-alien protests and riots occur on Terra, Mars, Freedom, Apollo, Hector, Dionysus, Reich and several other worlds hard hit by the decades-long economic slump.  Imperial Consort Melisa gives birth to James Kamarov, future Prince of Europe after an artificial conception.
3023 The Ministry of Commerce institutes currency reform measures to strengthen the interstellar economy.
3024 The orbit of Mercury begins to circularize as its perihelion shifts beyond Venus's orbit.  A mob attacks the Quadron embassy on Reich killing and dismembering dozens of Quadrons.
3025 Anti-alien feeling begin to subside after a concerted Imperial media campaign and the arrest of several anti-alien agitators on fraud and libel charges.  Olav personally lifts martial law on Oracle and orders the Beelzebub to return to mothballs at Ultima Thule.
3026 The economy begins a sustained, if sluggish recovery after the institution of currency reform, streamlined trade procedures and a new electronic Imperial Kredit.  Olav encourages the Ministry of Science Colonial Office to slow its approval process for new colonies to lessen the backlog of suitable, but unsettled worlds.
3027 Workers excavating for a new entertainment complex on Khronos uncover Founder ruins beneath a basalt lava field, prompting a media-frenzied scientific expedition.
3028 The second span of the Lunar Ring reaches completion, allowing the wholesale dumping of Kuiper and Asteroid water onto the surface of the moon.
3029 King Roban Kamarov resigns as Minister of Justice, returning to Paradise to concentrate on ruling his world.
3030 The Founders Caverns entertainment complex opens on Khronos, with appropriate, though commercialized, scientific oversight.
3031 The Khaddahl enter the Empire as a Minor Race with the Membership of their homeworld of Khaddahl.
3032 The government of Apollo falls into chaos after a failed coup kills King William and several Ministers.  Factional fighting spreads across the planet, prompting Imperial Marine intervention.  The Alimeen economy slides into crisis as most Alimeen worlds struggle to adapt to a Post-Materialist economy.
3033 The Ministry of Science opens for colonization and exploitation the inner twenty-four sectors of the third ring of sectors.  The poor and erratic economic performance of the worlds that have achieved a Post-Materialist economy prompts Minister Roosevelt to acknowledge that neo-Donnerist doctrine is insufficient to describe the new economic realities; he begins funding think tanks on Kalmar, Hercules and Prometheus to study the situation.  The civil war on Apollo worsens, prompting Olav to dispatch a full Marine army to attempt to restore order.
3034 After failed mediation efforts, Prince Arnam travels to Apollo to negotiate, then enforce a cease fire.  A provision government headed by a council of Nobles takes power on Apollo, backed by Imperial Marine troops.
3035 The new Apollo constitution takes effect, with a Grand Senate of thirty-nine Nobles establishing order on the world; Imperial Marine forces begin a three year withdrawal plan, turning peacekeeping over to local troops.
3036 Olav denies permission for a Grand Federation Contact Expedition, but does authorize the Ministry of Defense to conduct intelligence missions further Coreward.  Alexander Kamarov, future Prince of Austrialia is born after an artificial conception.
3037 The last Imperial Marine forces evacuate Apollo.  The Alimeen economy stabilizes into sluggish growth.
3038 The Atlantian Grand Exposition showcases Post-Materialist culture and achievements, cumulating in the opening of the second span of the Centauri Ring.  Norman Buchanan of Atlantis emerges as a major spokesman for Technologism after Paulus Reornan dies of CID during the Exposition's last week.
3039 Rain falls on Luna for the first time.  An Imperial scout mission first encounters the Brennar, a late industrial race, on their homeworld of Dushtunigar.  They seem posed to begin space exploration, prompting the Ministry of Science to begin covert observation.
3040 Olav begins a massive reform and streamlining of the Imperial bureaucracy, cutting 10-40% of the staff and instituting civil service exams for Noble as well as Citizen employees.  Prince Arnam Farrar resigns as Minister of State.  The Colonial Office begins authorizing five new colonies each year.
3041 Minister Roosevelt and several leading economists announce the Promethean Principles, which attempts to codify and strengthen Post-Materialist economies.
3042 Olav meets with Pope Pius XXXIII of New Rome, leader of the reunited Catholic Church in what many consider an endorsement of traditional religions.  Olav strengthens and extends intellectual property, patent and copyright laws to meet recommendations of the Promethean Principles.
3043 The Khzraut Moderate(?) faction gains control of the Khzraut government after a relatively bloodless coup.
3044 The Imperial economy begins a sustained period of solid growth, with the Post-Materialist worlds strengthening and growing in numbers.  Khzraut traders visit the Alimeen colony on Night Gust.
3045 King Harold of Venus dies of CID.  The Dukes of Venus refuse to confirm Crown Prince Anthony as King, choosing his younger brother to rule as King Joseph III.  Emperor Olav appoints Anthony Prince of Kuiper to avoid a possible crisis, vowing to fund the construction of a palace complex on Pluto.
3046 In ceremonies on Byzantium, Crown Princess Cynthia marries Lord Ivan Roosevelt, the Minister of Commerce, whom Olav names Duke of Triton, a ceremonial position approved by the Triton parliament.
3047 Emperor Olav meets with Yusef bin Abdullah, Protector of Mecca, at the Emperor's resident on the island of Malta, again demonstrating support for traditional religions and encouraging the Protector to strengthen ties with the Moslem worlds of Islam, Yathrib and Macoraba.
3048 The Ministry of Science places a permanent research station in orbit around the neutron star GRN-014.
3049 Khzraut traders visit Kalmar and allow an Imperial trade expedition to visit Medusa.  With Imperial permission, Prince Cleon travels to Kumar and receives a hero's welcome and honorary citizenship; after a tour of the Betelgeuse research station, he returns to Mercury.
3050 Mechanist clergy announce that the full pattern of Pavel Karinsky has degraded to the point of unrecoverability, prompting work to improve storage procedures and changing doctrine to keep soul patterns offline.
3051 The Ministry of Science begins studying stellar processes in the Sirius system by launching probes into the photosphere of Sirius A and sending drone vehicles into close orbit around Sirius B.
3052 Prince Rogar, the future Emperor, is born on Kalmar to Cynthia and Ivan after a natural conception.  
3053 Mechanist missionaries begin recruiting members on several worlds after achieving religious organization status on Atlantis and Hercules.
3054 Minister of Commerce Lord Ivan Roosevelt convenes a second conference on Prometheus to work out methods to ease worlds' transitions to Post-Materialist economies.
3055 The Ministry of Science begins a systematic program to locate and survey singleton brown dwarfs and rouge planets within Imperial borders; the Dark Worlds Project begins to drain resources from the expansion survey.
3056 Pope Pius XXXIII issues a denunciation of artificial conception and maturation, calling on United Catholics to end the practice.
3057 Khzraut traders open an embassy on Kalmar to explore commercial contacts with the Empire.
3058 The Second Promethean Principles publish methods and draft legislations for smoothing economic transitions to Post-Materialism.
3059 In a media interview, Emperor Olav admits his belief in a "higher being and purpose", though he does not profess adherence to any particular faith.
3060 Prince Ivan Roosevelt, future King of Kalmar, is born to Cynthia and Ivan after a natural conception.  The Colonial Office begins approving six new colonies per year.
3061 The Imperial Marines begin accepting Khaddahl recruits, integrating them with human units.
3062 King Joseph III begins a series of democratic reforms on Venus, giving Citizens more input in Duchy and Planetary affairs.  Emperor Olav receives a Khzraut diplomatic delegation at the Summer Palace on Kalmar.
3063 The Ministry of Science issues a health warning on the effects of Passive Virtual World Immersion, recommending standards and safeguards to limit negative physical effects and encouraging Active Virtual World use as an alternative.
3064 The Imperial Guard begins training Khaddahl soldiers for duty in the Solar system.
3065 Lower level parliamentary elections occur on Venus, with a pro-monarchist party dominating regional councils.
3066 Crown Princess Cynthia announces plans for a public Mall in Byzantium, including museums and zoos dedicated to the diversity of the Empire.
3067 Maxwell Biogenics announces availability of nanomechanical supplement treatment that lower the fatality rate of CID, effectively increasing the mean Nobilis life span from 650 to over 1000 years.
3068 A Khzraut trade and diplomatic delegation reaches the Solar System, establishing formal relations with the Empire and seating an observer in the Imperial Congress.  Ibrahim Mustafa is born in Cairo as the twelfth son of an impoverished Sunni preacher.
3069 The first phase of the Imperial Mall opens in Byzantium.  Cynthia announces plans for a complementary Mall on Kalmar, just outside the grounds of the Summer Palace.
3070 In planetary elections, the Citizens Council of Venus, the new lower house, elects a pro-monarchist liberal majority.
3071 The Emperor approves an enlargement of the Ministry of Science facilities on both Glorious and Kumar.
3072 Princess Melisa Roosevelt, future Duchess of Triton is born to Cynthia and Ivan after a natural conception.
3073 The Khzraut petition for Major Race Membership in the Empire.  Emperor Olav grants the Khzraut petition in ceremonies at the Golden Palace.  Astrophysicists accidentally induce sub-nova flares in Sirius A, destroying their asteroid research station and prompting a full evacuation of the Sirius system.
3074 The Imperial Malls reach completion on both Terra and Kalmar and Crown Princess Cynthia leads ceremonies that open both to the public.
3075 The Herculean Congress overwhelmingly approves an amendment on religious freedom of expression, broadly defining religion, but limiting expressions of bigotry and prejudice.  As a follow-on, the Herculean government bans preaching of United Catholic anti-Artificial sermons.
3076 The Emperor authorizes a squad of Khaddahl in his personal bodyguard detail.
3077 The Herculean United Catholic Church breaks from New Rome and forms the more liberal Free Catholic Church, allowing Artificial members, but preaching against the practice and against Construct creation and ownership.  The Free Catholics recognize Artificials and Constructs as legitimate sentients.
3078 After an extensive education at the Golden Palace, Prince Rogar moves to Svartfjell, the Kamarov family estate on Kalmar.  The Free Catholic movement spreads to several worlds and becomes a recognized religion within the Imperial military chaplain system.
3079 The Brennar launch a crewed orbital vessel.  Following Ninth Amendment protocols, the Ministries of Science and State initiate contact and make an offer of Minor Race status in the Empire.  The Brennar accept the offer and a delegation travels to Terra to meet the Emperor and join the Imperial Congress.
3080 Crown Princess Cynthia presides over the Delphian Virtual Exposition, a showcase of active Virtual worlds and experiences.
3081 As effects of the Sirius sub-nova dazzle the Solar night sky, a research expedition returns to the Sirius system to reestablish a monitoring station on Sirius Prime.
3082 The Delphian Virtual Exposition road show travels to Terra to begin a tour of major Imperial worlds.
3083 Emperor Olav announces a major increase in research funding for applied science and technology projects. Documents released two hundred years later reveal that a secret Imperial Guard expedition returned in this year after verifying the existence of the Grand Federation by venturing "near Antares". 
3084 After a period of transition, the Venusian economy reaches Post-Materialist maturity.
3085 Advanced fully sentient artificial intelligent implants become commercially available, acting as interfaces to the data spheres on most Post-Materialist worlds.
3086 A Ministry of Science study indicates that Terra would be entering a new Ice Age if left in its natural state; however, the climate remains at 25th Century levels as a result of human activity.
3087 The Ministry of Science Colonial Office begins authorizing settlement of the next forty-eight third ring sectors.
3088 Rain first falls on Mercury, emptying into the nanosculpted oceans of the evolving world.
3089 Pius XXXIII, Pope of New Rome and the United Catholic Church, denounces all Sentients of artificial descent, condemning artificial conceptions as well as the use of artificial sentient devices and constructs.  The clerical government of New Rome expels all Nobles of artificial conception, strips citizenship from all artificially conceived Sapiens, enslaves all freed Constructs and bans sentient implants.  Several other religious dominated worlds, such as Islam and Macoraba, though not Deseret or Yathrib, pursue similar policies, especially discrimination against Artificials.  The Emperor presides of tricentennial celebrations at the Imperial Malls on Terra and Kalmar, also opening up the Summer Palace and Golden Palace for the first time in nearly a century.
3090 The Khzraut Defense Forces, now equipped with microjump-era equipment joins the Imperial Naval Command, contributing squadrons to the Coreward fleets.
3091 The government of Islam bans the Delphian Virtual tour from exhibiting on the planet, citing religious and moral objections to the artificial representation of people and the decadent nature of virtual recreation.
3092 Emperor Olav refuses to interfere with local regulations and discrimination against Artificials, even after more mainstream worlds and the African parliament ban Artificial Nobles and Sentients from service.
3093 Several firms begin marketing more limited "Idiot-Savant" implants to cater to regulations against sentient implants; Pope Pius XXXIII authorizes his flock to accept such devices.  Ibrahim Mustafa begins preaching in Cairo, developing a sizable following of lower class Sapiens across Terra.
3094 A nanomechanical containment accident on Apollo kills 300 people and prompts permanent evacuation of a large section of the city of Neutros.
3095 Investigations on Apollo point to the inadequacy of local nanotech processes and leads to Imperial assistance to Apollo, Nike and other worlds struggling to reach a Post-Materialistic economy.
3096 Norman Buchanan begins an active media campaign to spread Technologism as an alternative to traditional "bigoted" religions, leading to growth of the religion on Hercules, Prometheus and many other advanced worlds with diverse populations.  Reception of Technologism on Terra is limited. 
3097 The Ministry of Commerce announces that the Terran economy has successfully transformed itself to Post-Materialism.
3098 Minister of Commerce Duke Ivan Roosevelt speaks to the Imperial Congress on his plans to aid worlds like Apollo toward the goal of a Post-Materialist future and announces increased funding to provide more robust rapid fabrication technology and infrastructure to those worlds that request it.
3099 Islam becomes the only world to reject Post-Materialist aid.
3100 Pope Pius XXXIII makes a Christmas address, calling Artificials the "spawns of Satan" and effectively urging his followers to kill Artificials.  Some incidences of violence against Constructs and deliberate destruction of maturation machinery occurs, but attacks on known Artificial Nobilis or Sapiens are very limited.  The Emperor prosecutes the few dozen hate crimes against Imperial Citizens to the full extent of Imperial law, executing nineteen perpetrators.
3101 Baron Jarrel Tilgares of Prometheus assassinates Pope Pius XXXIII at the grand Cathedral on New Rome.  The Baron does not dispute his guilt, but Emperor Olav declines his appeal to Imperial Law and makes no effort to stop his execution by immolation on New Rome.  The Time Travel Society emerges in Australia and assesses the current situation on their Millennial Emergence, where they are joined by Prince Rogar and a media circus; two members choose to rejoin society, leaving thirty-three to continue their hibernation.
3102 The Congress of Deseret officially recognizes the practice of Technologism and refuses to disenfranchise Artificials, prompting a splinter group of fundamentalist Mormons to petition for and receive permission to settle on three colony worlds: Smith, Young and Sandworth.  
3103 Street protests for and against Artificials force the temporary closure of the Imperial Mall in Byzantium before the Emperor prohibits all protests within the Mall grounds.
3104 The Emperor refuses a request by several planetary governments for him to clarify Imperial policy on Artificials with an amendment proposal.
3105 The Ministry of Science test vehicle Condor achieves Mode II microjump travel from its base on Ultima Thule, demonstrating an effective 50% increase in microjump performance.
3106 Planetary defense systems intercept a 900 meter rogue asteroid headed toward Mars after a near-Jovian encounter eight years earlier altered its orbit.
3107 Anti-Artificial riots turn violent on Terra and several colonial worlds, notably Apollo, Nike and Aeneas.
3108 Ibrahim declares himself Mahdi and seizes Mecca with thousands of his followers.  Pro and anti-Ibrahim rioters clash in Byzantium, resulting in over 4,000 deaths.  Emperor Olav recognizes Ibrahim as Protector of Mecca in return for the Mahdi's allegiance to the Empire as the supreme temporal authority.  Religious war breaks out on Yathrib as pro and anti-Ibrahim factions clash.
3109 The ruling clerics of Islam and Macoraba recognize Ibrahim as Mahdi.  The Imperial Navy begins a major modernization campaign, building several classes of Mode II microjump vessels.
3110 A Shiite congress in Tehran recognizes Ibrahim as the Protector of Mecca, effectively reuniting the Shiite and Sunni braches of Islam.  The Ministry of Science begins construction of Mode II survey vessels and scouts.
3111 Massive anti-Artificial riots spread through Terra and dozens of worlds, resulting in the imposition of local martial law on many worlds and the introduction of Imperial Guard troops to several Terran cities.
3112 Imperial Consort Princess Melisa dies of a drug overdose in an apparent suicide; prompting Olav to declare a thirty day period of mourning, during which he sees no visitors.
3113 With traditional religious support, Emperor Olav introduces a draft Eleventh Amendment, diminishing the rights of all Artificials and preventing the succession of Artificial Nobles.  The Artificial Civil War begins as Crown Prince Adam of Atlantis rallies the Artificial Nobility and their heirs in an attempt to overthrow the Emperor and the Imperial Congress.  Emperor Olav, having anticipated the revolt, uses the Imperial Guard Fleet and both Hellkings to drive Adam and his supporters toward the frontier in a series of lopsided encounters, starting with the Battle of Alpha Centauri
3114 Adam declares himself White Emperor and inspires sympathetic revolts of Artificial Nobles and Citizens on dozens of worlds.  Olav assumes direct command of the war effort and fully mobilizes the Imperial Navy and Marines to put down revolts and stamp out mutinies. Warfare and piracy spreads through the New Colonies.  Adam's supporters disseminate media calls for unrestricted terrorism and attacks on Imperial facilities and personnel.
3115 Adam dies at the Battle of Enki and rebel forces disintegrate into scattered commerce raiders.  Most rebels surrender when Olav offers a general amnesty, but the Emperor makes no move to intervene as local loyalist forces slaughter many of the rebels in the Black Purge.  The Emperor withdraws his Eleventh Amendment proposal and abdicates in favor of Cynthia, stating that his reputation has been permanently soiled by the Purge.  Olav retains the crown of Kalmar, but Cynthia becomes Empress upon confirmation from the Imperial Congress and High Council.

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