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The Age of Action



Rogar II held the Imperial throne longer than any other emperor.  The first half of his 370 year reign is known as the Age of Action, a period dominated by conflicts with the Grand Federation of Races, a renewed era of bold exploration and the rise of reality-based activities at the expense of the virtual.

The Heshar War of 3413-3418CE, though considered epic at the time, was a frontier war between the Empire and the Grand Federation, mostly concerning access to Heshar, now deep within Imperial territory, and to Antares, sitting on the edge of contiguous Grand Federation Space.  Orlan D'Juma rose to prominence and high command after his brilliant victories at First and Second Heshar, First Antares, Sapphire Rock and Nowhere's Fork.  In each of these battles, he defeated superior Grand Federation forces with tactical and strategic genius.

After the war, military exploratory and settlement bases spread though fifteen full or partial Sectors within the expanded coreward Imperial border and the "Coreward Bulge" proved a larger distortion from a spherical expansion than the Taurus-Orion Trail to the Rim.  An undercurrent to the Heshar War was the continuing scourge of Static smuggling from the Grand Federation and the war settlement did little to resolve the issue.  Continued enforcement actions, Imperial trade restrictions and growing lawlessness in the Bulge contributed to the start of the Federation War in 3462CE.

The interwar period saw a return to deep space exploration, including two lost expeditions to the Orion Nebula.  The Empire encountered the Khruzi along the Spinward frontier and established good relations with the expanding race.  Contacts with the Khald'aron increased along the Rim.

Emperor Rogar's relations with the Nobility suffered as he continually purged civilian and military ranks of DeBeer's supporters.  The Old Colony Nobility reacted with hostility to their decreased bureaucratic and legislative influence, bringing Rogar in direct conflict with the Atlantian House of Turki, costing him another wife.  To placate the Great Houses, Rogar married into the Paradisan House of Kamarov and established the Council of Advisors from high population worlds.

The First Federation War of 3462-3489CE was a pivotal struggle that saw full mobilization of the Empire's resources against the much larger Grand Federation.  The war started after an Imperial raid to retaliate against a B'dr'rak strike on a suspected pirate operation on Satyr, but soon spiraled into general warfare.  The full mobilization of the Grand Federation did not occur until 3472CE as Operation Coherent Purge unleashed bio-warfare agents against chundas, the source of Static, on dozens of Khabadera worlds.  As Zhretra raiders penetrated the Solar defenses to attack Titan, the Emperor placed the entire economy on war footing and with brilliant military victories and shorter supply lines, the Empire stemed the Grand Federation offensive.  After fighting off a second surge of Grand Federation Primary Race fleets in 3476CE, the war settled into a period of sieges and commerce raiding. 

By 3482CE, though stymied by economic strain, growing public war weariness and increasing piracy, the Emperor, with Orlan D'Juma as his resolute Grand Admiral, continued to press forward, authorizing offensive operations, including Operation Infidel, where D'Juma drove his battle fleets deep into Federation Space.  In 3486CE, D'Juma's advance led to the full mobilization of Grand Federation reserve fleets and the concentration of their battle fleets into the Great Armada.  Outnumbered and outgunned five to one, D'Juma trapped and destroyed the Great Armada at the Battle of Nachen in 3488CE, forcing the Grand Federation to begin armistice negotiations.  In the terms of the 3489CE armistice negotiated at Antares and signed at Nachen in 3491CE, the Grand Federation ceded over 33 million cubic light years and gave the Empire suzerainty over the B'dr'rak and Cargomen Secondary Races and the Bird, Orm and !Tak Tertiary Races.

Imperial war dead numbered over one hundred million, of which two-thirds were military personnel in this war fought mostly in the frontier and New Colonies.  Grand Federation dead numbered half a billion; they lost twice as many soldiers as the Empire and suffered many B'dr'rak civilian dead in the sieges of their home systems.

From 3489CE-3500CE, the Empire conducted the Annexation Campaigns, an often violent struggle against B'dr'rak resistance, to occupy the hundreds of inhabited worlds and outposts of the absorbed races and to establish a band of military outposts on the new frontier.  In 3500CE, Emperor Rogar II finally declared peace.  The five conquered races formally entered the Empire of Humanity as Major Races, but they remained restricted under a century of martial law and Imperial redevelopment. 

The 36th century saw the Empire return to normalcy, though Rogar's execution of his wife Lynda in 3500CE began a feud with House Kamarov and his retaliation against against Aphroditian and Delphian nobles after a failed assassination attempt essentially destroyed the emperor's relationship with the Great Houses.

Economic activity benefited from the return to peace and Howlan Chin's economic theories and subsequent financial reforms.  In the renewed prosperity, the Emperor accepted Europan plans for a revival of the Jovian Collapse Project and authorized the successful test detonation of Marx in 3508CE and the subsequent collapse of Jupiter in 3526CE.  Terraformation proceeded rapidly on all four major Jovian moons, greatly increasing economic activity in the Solar system and finally stirring the moribund Belt economy.

The end of the first half of Rogar II's reign was marked by a gradual slowing of pace, both for the energetic Emperor and for his realm.  The Annexation Occupation was costly and increasing B'dr'rak piracy had begun to disrupt trade.  Deep explorations ended after the Spinward Expedition encountered hostilities and funding for the Ministry of Science fell as contracted survey work tapped funds.  By the late 36th century, Ibrahimite Islam was enjoying a revival, and issues of cyborgization and artificial sentience began to dominate the social agenda.


Emperor Rogar II was a flawed man who made a very capable emperor.  His marital relations clearly bordered on the homicidal and he engaged in bitter feuds with major Nobilis families, including House Kamarov and House Turki.  Despite his personal shortcomings, he guided the Empire through a century of warfare and two major demographical crises without defeat, collapse or civil war.  A proponent of the Huist and Novan philosophies of governance, he surrounded himself with capable people and awarded achievement without jealousy or favoritism.  Failure or betrayal, on the other hand, he ruthlessly punished.

While still purging the government of DeBeersians, Rogar faced the challenge of the Heshar War by rapidly promoting the lowly born Sapien Orlan D'Juma to effective command of the war effort, advancing the career of arguably the best military leader in Human history.

The early 34th century saw the Empire's first demographic crisis, when the four billion New World colonists finally gained a majority in the Imperial Council, outvoting the seventy-five billion residents of Terra and the Solar and Old Colonies.  In 3435CE, Rogar essentially fudged this crisis by appointing the Council of Advisors from worlds of over a hundred million residents.  Counting Terra's continental kingdoms as separate entities, this body of ninety mostly Nobilis Old Colony diplomats had limited advisory and economic powers and served to solidify Rogar's influence with favorable Minor Houses and Central Region constituencies.

The twenty-seven year Federation War against an interstellar government that was a hundred times the age, fifteen times the size and ten times the economy of the Empire represented a triumph for Humanity and the Emperor.  While D'Juma and other brilliant commanders fought and won the battles, Rogar mobilized the economy, rallied support and managed the growing strains on society and morale, essentially maintaining a total war economy from 3475CE until the armistice fourteen years later.  Despite protests, mounting hardships and endless casualties, public support lasted until Rogar felt Imperial forces had reached their limit, and he gladly accepted the Grand Federation's generous peace offer.

While the economy returned to normal footing after the armistice and the Coreward Command began a basically peaceful occupation of the Cargomen, Bird, Orm and !Tak worlds, the B'dr'rak were not as cooperative, and eleven years of Annexation Campaigns ensued until the B'dr'rak finally reluctantly accepted Imperial occupation. 

The inclusion of 146 Alien Member worlds and nearly eighty billion residents dramatically altered the demographics of the Empire, a condition exacerbated by the inclusion the Khruzi and Cubics as Major Races and the Natani as a Minor Race in the early decades of the 36th century.  While Humans still dominated over 90% of Imperial worlds, the ninety-two billion Humans of the 3500CE census comprised barely 40% of the Imperial population, a mere plurality.  The B'dr'rak alone accounted for nearly a quarter of the Imperial population.  The Emperor realized that the Grand Federation was willing to cede the B'dr'rak and the other races precisely because this would challenge and absorb the Empire for centuries.  Rogar managed the problem by instituting a century of martial law and a settlement ban on the new Major Races, pending "imperialization".  By 3600CE, Humanity had settled another thousand worlds and increased almost twenty-four billion in numbers, while the B'dr'rak population had increased by less than two billion and they remained restricted from new settlements.

In 3500CE, Rogar murdered Lynda, his tenth wife, in a fit of rage, an act hastily sanctioned as an execution for treason by the Emperor's loyal Minister of Justice Sir Danal Brome.  This action created a permanent rift with House Kamarov.  The Emperor's earlier rifts with House Turki and a host of minor Houses were at least justified by independently verifiable acts, but Lynda's death was a clear stain on Emperor Rogar's reputation and it contributed to the depression and probable suicide of their eldest son, Crown Prince Rogar in 3560CE.


Despite the decades of struggle in the 35th century, no great strides of technological progress occurred during the first half of Rogar's reign.  The period saw a number of incremental advances, particularly in real-time fabrication, hyper-quantum computer integration and biocybernetic synthesis, but no true breakthroughs.  The major technical accomplishment of the era was the Jovian Collapse Project, evidenced by the successful collapse and ignition of Marx and Jupiter.

Improvements in manufacturing and interface control allowed the construction of over two million three person strike escorts during the Federation War.  Squadrons of these 20m microjump fighters, with their heavy armor, clusters of attack drones and fast performance greatly contributed to the Imperial victory by conducting scouting and commerce raiding missions across the hundred thousand systems in the conflict area.  After the war, surplus strike escorts saw use as private survey vessels well into the late 37th century.

Advancing hyper-quantum computing and the economic extremes of the war allowed Howlan Chin to formulate his theorems, providing predictive algorithms and limits to support an advanced interstellar Post-Material society.


The Age of Action was marked by wars, travel and adventure.  During this era, the popularity of simularium entertainment decreased, even as the technology continued to mature.  Most Humans became more concerned with real world events than with their virtual pastimes and communities.  Though the Empire never instituted a draft, well over two billion Human, Swarm, Khzraut and Khaddahl soldiers served in the Federation War and subsequent campaigns and their experiences and travels shaped wartime and postwar society.

In 3502CE, the Ministry of Culture developed the rotational scheme for the Imperial Expositions, a combination of the Imperial Olympics and Fairs that became a benchmark of high society for the remaining Imperial period.  Most Expositions attracted hundreds of millions of visitors.  The nearly yearlong events occurred every four years, rotating through a sequence of Terran, Solar, Old Colony and New Colony venues, ensuring a major social event on Terra every sixteen years and at another Solar location four years later.  The Imperial Expositions helped the Imperial home system remain relevant and encouraged the continuation of Empire-wide cultural trends as populations and worlds became more dispersed.

By the 36th century, the emphasis on true reality also led to a mild religious revival, especially as Ibrahim continued to develop his new brand of "Old Book" religion, absorbing most Solar Christians into his growing movement.  The Technologist Church also continued to gain adherents, especially with its support of the growing cyborgization movement, an outgrowth of the enhancements developed for the Federation War.  The cyborgization movement led to some conflict between traditional and technological religions and brought back controversies over both mechanical and biological beings, issues aggravated by fears over the Zhretra mechanical race and by old conflicts over Artificial reproduction. 

Chronology Table

3411 Upon recommendation of the Imperial Inspectors, Rogar purges the bureaucracy, sentencing fourteen senior administrators to death for gross neglect of duty. The Emperor establishes a new Cabinet with Admiral Lord Vilm Jarris at Minister of Defense, Lord Jon Corvald of Prometheus at State, Sir Aki Norda at Commerce, Sir Zoras Fallon at Science, Prince Garth Kamarov at Justice, Sir Barand Kubeck of Hercules at Colonization and his wife, Empress Althea, at Culture.  Count Ason Abbot and Princess Talia Farrar-Abbot commit suicide in Chicago.  Sir Norman Buchanan assumes leadership of the Reunited Technologist Movement. 
3412 Lord Jarris purges the Imperial Navy, retiring over a hundred admirals; he promotes Orlan D'Juma to Captain after introducing him to the Emperor at a Byzantium reception.  Imperial Marines seize a large Static shipment from a B'dr'rak freighter at Antares, sparking a diplomatic incident.  Federation customs agents raid BAR vessels at the conclusion of the Rally, but seize no contraband.
3413 After Imperial and Federation scientists clash over a disputed archeological site on Heshar, Emperor Rogar II orders the cruiser Exeter, under Captain Orlan D'Juma, and a support squadron to assist the Imperial scientists.  D'Juma raids Federation encampments on Heshar after the disappearance of an Imperial team, prompting the start of the Heshar War.  Minister Norda leads a task force to reform the Imperial Bureaucracy across all ministries, including a formal region-based bureaucratic layer based on the military's seven commands.
3414 D'Juma defeats a Federation relief squadron at the First Battle of Heshar and receives reinforcements from the Coreward Command. The Emperor promotes D'Juma to Vice Admiral and gives him command of the Twenty-Eighth Fleet.  The Coreward Frontier Fleet, under Vice Admiral Lady Lida Thorne captures two Federation outposts and begins a drive through Sector 313.  Rogar II orders the recommissioning of the two Hellkings after three hundred years at Ultima Thule.  The Imperial Navy begins full war mobilization.
3415 A Khabaderan and Eenikiti-backed Kith'turi fleet defeats Admiral Thorne at the Battle of Buder-Banas, killing her and scattering her fleet.  The Grand Federation initiates the Second Battle of Heshar with a two fleet pincer attack, in which Admiral D'Juma defeats each Federation fleet piecemeal.  Vice Admiral D'Juma assumes command of the Coreward Frontier Fleet and initiates offensive operations against the retreating Federation fleets, including a skirmish at Nachen and the First Battle of Antares, where Imperial forces seize control of the Antares Complex and Federation facilities in the system.  Both Hellkings fail trials; Emperor Rogar II orders them scrapped and calls for the construction of five 150m Mode III microjump Hellkings.  The Imperial Congress agrees to GDP tax increases to fund the war effort.
3416 Defense Minister Lord Admiral Jarris restructures the Imperial Navy, eliminating another thirty admirals, and prompting a number of competent Sapien commanders to flag positions.  After defeating the main B'dr'rak Battle Fleet at the Battle of Sapphire Rock and routing the Kith'turi relief forces, Orlan D'Juma becomes acting Command Admiral and head of the Coreward Command.
3417 Pushing deep into Grand Federation space, D'Juma wins the Battle of Nowhere's Fork (also known as the Battle of July 10th) in Sector 726 against a combined Un'aa'graum-Eenikiti task force.  A Grand Federation counteroffensive with Khabadera, Kith'turi and B'dr'rak elements retreats after failing to retake their facilities in the Second Battle of Antares.  The Grand Federation appeals to the Heshar to begin mediation to end the conflict.
3418 Emperor Rogar II accepts the offer of a mediated settlement, where the Grand Federation acknowledges Imperial control over Heshar and Antares in return for a recognized border.  Rogar demands and receives assurances that the Grand Federation will aggressively interdict Static traffic across the border.  A small delegation of Heshar witnesses the signing of the Treaty of Heshar on their homeworld and then departs, marking the last confirmed sighting of Heshar during the Imperial Era.
3419 The five microjump Hellkings reach completion at various Imperial shipyards and three join the Coreward Command.  Admiral Orlan D'Juma returns to Terra to a hero's welcome, accepting knighthood, but refusing Rogar's offer of Nobilis conversion and a planetary Ducal fief.  The Emperor receives ambassadors from all seven Grand Federation Prime Races, a gesture of respect for the Empire.
3420 The Emperor continues his "Drive Toward Efficiency", purging the bureaucratic ranks, cutting the budget of the Ministry of Culture and unleashing the Imperial Guard on "disloyal" elements of the Terran, Delphian and Aphroditian Nobility.  The Ministries of Defense and Science begin major fleet modernization and redeployment programs.  Orlan D'Juma receives the Tigarvati Prize for military service.
3421 A non-binding resolution in the Imperial High Council condemns the Emperor's "heavy-handed" approach to the mostly Nobilis dissent; a similar resolution fails to pass in the New Colony-dominated Imperial Congress. 
3422 The Imperial Guard occupies Atlantis after disloyal elements of the royal family propose a devolution of Imperial power.  Rogar asks for the resignation of all Sector heads of all the civilian Ministries and reappoints only a quarter of the officials to their positions.  The Ministry of Colonization begins authorizing up two worlds per region every year in an effort to expand colonization into newly surveyed regions.
3423 Rogar issues an Imperial Edict limiting Noble household armaments to infantry weapons and shipboard self-defense systems.  The Ministry of Commerce opens the entire third ring of sectors to commercial exploitation, except those regions specifically claimed by the seven Secondary and Tertiary Grand Federation races residing in the established border regions.
3424 In a major fleet action, the Coreward Command occupies or destroys seven bases used by Static traffickers in the unsettled regions within the new Imperial Coreward border. 
3425 In return for a withdrawal of Imperial Guard forces, the Imperial Congress approves a resolution allowing the Emperor to purge the Nobility of of eighteen members charged with treason; among those charged are Robert Turki-Mellon, a brother of the Empress.  The Empress commits suicide on Atlantis.
3426 Rogar II appoints Orlan D'Juma as Naval Chief of Staff and completes a purge of the Imperial military, retiring forty flag officers and promoting many Sapiens to command and senior staff positions.  Rogar marries his ninth wife, Baroness Tami Nomura of Nova in a private Golden Palace ceremony.
3427 The Ministry of Science recommends a curtailment of exploration in the Northern region, documenting a sharp drop-off in metal concentration as the frontier passes beyond the ill-defined thin disk boundary; the report recommends a similar curtailment of resources once Southern region exploration enters the fifth ring.
3428 The Emperor and Empress open the Olympic games on Nova.  The Ministry of Commerce loosens restrictions on private starship travel, allowing private prospecting in "open" sectors.
3429 The Imperial yacht California disappears en route to Kalmar with Empress Tami aboard; an Imperial Guard investigation labels the incident a microjump failure of unknown case.
3430 Emperor Rogar II marries Princess Lydia Kamarov, granddaughter of the King of Paradise, at a public ceremony in Byzantium; the marriage is seen a method to heal ties with prominent Noble families and strengthen the Kamarov clan.
3431 The Emperor authorizes the Orion Nebula Expedition after lobbying by Prince Cleon.  The discovery of a major Static smuggling route though Glorious spreads alarm that drug trafficking is no longer confined to the Coreward region.
3432 The Orion Nebula Expedition led by the 50m scout cruiser Daedalus under the command of Captain Jolene Bandazi, and supported by six 40m scout frigates departs from Terra, arriving at Khald'aron three months later.
3433 Declaring his reforms complete, Minister of Commerce Sir Aki Norda resigns and retires to Nova.  The Orion Nebula Expedition leaves Khald'aron after boarding six Khald'aron researchers and reaches Rigel, apparently conducting a successful survey of the giant star and a few surrounding systems.  The frigate Liverpool returns a sick Khald'aron to his native planet; the rest of the Expedition continues on toward the Orion Nebula and never returns.
3434 Crown Prince Rogar, first child of Rogar and Lydia, is born at the Golden Palace.
3435 To placate the economically powerful Old Colonies, Emperor Rogar II establishes his Council of Advisors, drawn from worlds with greater than 100 million residents; the Council has no constitutional standing, but drafts many Imperial Edicts and coordinates Ministry of Commerce economic policy decisions.
3436 In a grand ceremony at the Summer palace on Kalmar, Rogar knights over five thousand current and retired senior civil servants.
3437 The Imperial Navy frigate Pisces encounters a Khruzi scouting expedition at Tetraluna in sector 375.
3438 A follow-up task force of naval and scout vessels searches the route from Khald'aron to Rigel, finding no trace of the Orion Nebula Expedition; under strict orders from the Rimward Command, the expedition turns back 100 light years beyond Rigel.
3439 An Imperial expedition reaches Khruzi, establishing diplomatic relations and discussing borders between the Empire and the Khruzis' five settled worlds.
3440 The Emperor competes in the Olympic Games in Perth under heavy security, finishing only fifth in his marksmanship event.  A Khruzi ambassadorial delegation reaches Terra.
3441 Accelerated aging studies indicate that Eternal treatment begins to fail after 2,000 years, leading to a maximum lifespan of 3,600 years; subsequent studies discuss trade-offs between a partial Restoration regeneration regime and Eternal treatment with differing effects on life expectance and maximum life span for modified Sapiens.
3442 After approval from the Kings of South America, Africa and Asia, Terra begins construction of an orbital Ring complex.
3443 Searching through Grand Federation archives, a team of Imperial diplomats and scholars locate two dozen suspended Neanderthals recovered from a 50,000 year old Founder expedition to Terra and receive permission to revive the group; seventeen survive the process.
3444 The Second Nebular Expedition, a joint Naval/Ministry of Science Expedition of twelve vessels led by the battleship Etna and commanded by Commodore Sir Benjamin Mbanda, departs from Terra.  The thawed Neanderthals return to Terra to live in an elaborate simularium environment set up by the Ministry of Science.
3445 The Second Nebular Expedition leaves Khald'aron, dispatches a courier escort from Rigel, and heads towards the Orion Nebula, dropping a drone beacon in systems every twenty light years along the route.
3446 King Joseph IV authorizes plans for constructing an orbital Ring complex around Venus.
3447 The Rimward Command dispatches a battle fleet to search for the Second Nebular Expedition; reporting back after every drone beacon drop, the fleet finds the last beacon 140 light years beyond Rigel, but no trace of the Expedition reaching its next rally point.
3448 The Emperor bans further expeditions beyond Rigel.  Sir Aki Norda dies from complications of his third regeneration, adding fuel to the Restoration versus Eternal debate.
3449 The Imperial Guard shuts down a major Static smuggler ring operating out of the Kuiper Belt.
3450 Prince Olav, second child of Rogar and Lydia, is born at the Summer Palace on Kalmar.
3451 The B'dr'rak lodge a formal complaint against Imperial trading practices and customs procedures before the Grand Federation Commerce Council.
3452 Glorious hosts the Imperial Olympics and the first Imperial Fair, opened by the Emperor and Empress.
3453 The Notables of Khruzi ban Static, proclaiming it a corruption of the soul.  Khruzi naval vessels begin coordinating with the Imperial Spinward Command.
3454 Emperor Rogar approves funding for a new study on collapsing Jupiter, and designates the creation of an outpost on the long abandoned Sector 7 colony world of Lenin to support a test collapse of Marx, the system's main gas giant and a very close analog of Jupiter.
3455 The Grand Federation Commerce Council adopts measures restricting Imperial trading practices within Grand Federation space and formally protests Imperial customs regulations.  Emperor Rogar responds to the customs complaints with retorts over continued Static traffic and instructs the Ministry of Commerce to "study" complaints of unfair trade practices by Imperial merchants.
3456 The Imperial Navy begins boarding Federation vessels in Static embargo operations along the Coreward frontier.
3457 The second Imperial Fair opens on Paradise under sponsorship of the House of Kamarov.  The Central Command raids several entertainment and shipping facilities on Khronos, seizing tons of Static and arresting hundreds of human and ten B'dr'rak; a subsequent investigation leads to the arrest of Count Khronos, Anson DuVahl.
3458 Human and Khruzi pirates begin attacking Federation shipping in the Spinward and Coreward border regions.  The Grand Federation increases anti-piracy patrols and begins boarding Imperial vessels on both sides of the border.  After a trial supervised by the Minister of Justice, Anton DuVahl, Count of Khronos is convicted of Static trafficking, corruption and murder of Imperial officials and is executed; the DuVahl family looses all titles and lands; The Emperor appoints Lady Lydia Kamarov, a grandniece of the King of Paradise, as the new Countess of Khronos.
3459 A 20 Terran mass rouge planet enters the Eta Cassiopeia system, potentially threatening the heavily populated world of Cyclops.
3460 Rogar agrees to Federation demands to control human piracy and dispatches Admiral D'Juma to personally supervise the Coreward and Spinward Commands.
3461 The combined power of the five new Hellkings dismantle the Eta Cassiopeia rouge world, creating a thick ring of debris and gas subsequently channeled into orbit around the system's smaller star.
3462 The third Imperial Fair, emphasizing reality activities over the virtual, opens on Aurora.  B'dr'rak starships raid a suspected pirate haven on Satyr, cause heavy civilian casualties.  Rogar orders D'Juma to conduct a punitive raid against the B'dr'rak military outpost of K'l!.  The Grand Federation declares war on the Empire, initiating the (First) Federation War.
3463 Emperor Rogar II orders a full Imperial mobilization and issues letter of marquee to Imperial privateers.  The five Hellkings leave Eta Cassiopeia for the Coreward regions.  Grand Admiral D'Juma launches a series of commerce raids at B'dr'rak holdings in Sectors 370, 398, 763 and 799.
3464 A combined Federation fleet, comprising most rimward Secondary and Teritary races and led by the Khabadera, masses in the Orm home system in Sector 123 and begins a deep strike against the Empire, occupying dozens of Imperial colonies and bases in Sectors 26, 38, 123 and 143.
3465 D'Juma defeats the Federation combined fleet at the Battle of Kukulcan, scattering the invasion forces.  The legendary Khabaderan commander Horshorimb dies in defeat at the Battle of Khzraut.
3466 In Operation Liberty, the Imperial Coreward Command retakes Imperial worlds in a leapfrog campaign; forces diverted from other regional commands sweep coreward to mop up resistance.  Citing security concerns, the Emperor officially cancels next year's Imperial Fair at Ishtar.  Federation forces mass to protect their Rimward frontier.
3467 The Southern Command, under Admiral Chagara, launches Operation Right Hook, a fleet action against the Bird worlds in Sector 191, utilizing the Hellkings Lucifer and Pluto in a campaign that forces the total capitulation of the Birds.  D'Juma pushes out from Heshar with the remaining three Hellkings to begin the Cargomen Campaign through Sectors 125 and 124.  The Emperor creates the Order of the Gryphon to reward heroism in battle.  The Dantum and Eenikiti coordinate a defense in depth against Imperial raiders within the Grand Federation border.
3468 The Cargomen Campaign stagnates after the retreat of the Hades task force.  The war front stabilizes with commerce raiders and privateers from both sides raiding worlds behind enemy lines.
3469 D'Juma leads three fleets and the Hellking Loki into Sector 123 to begin the Siege of Orm.  A Kith'turi squadron raids Khzraut and Helene before Admiral Lord Finney defeats it at the Battle of Devonia.
3470 Orm falls to Coreward Command after the Loki destroys its outer moon and the Orm race agrees to an immediate armistice and occupation of its worlds.  Grand Admiral D'Juma leads a sweep through the Cargomen worlds, with their homeworld surrendering when confronted by the Satan and Hades.  The Imperial Coreward Command occupies all of Sectors 123, 124, 125 and 342.  Imperial Marines begin experimental cyborgization projects aimed at producing superior soldiers.
3471 Grand Admiral D'Juma concentrates his fleets and begins the B'dr'rak Campaign, pushing into Sectors 370 and 398.  Operation Coherent Purge begins with deep raids into Federation Khabadera territory, releasing biotoxins to kill Static producing organisms on dozens of worlds.
3472 The Grand Federation accuses the Empire of illegal biological warfare and begins the first full mobilization in nearly three millennia; all Grand Federation ambassadors and staff leave Terra.  The !Tak surrender after Imperial forces sweep Sector 162 and threaten their homeworld with the Lucifer.  The B'dr'rak Campaign stalls against heavy resistance and continued B'dr'rak raids against Imperial supply depots.  A Zhretra squadron penetrates Imperial Guard defenses to raid Titan, causing thousands of causalities and panic across the Solar System.  The Emperor fires Admiral Count Isak Bhagga as head of the Imperial Guard, appointing Admiral Lady Rebeka Strong in his place.
3473 The B'dr'rak Campaign grinds to a complete halt after D'Juma wins a pyrrhic victory at the bloody Battle of Karto's Flame.  The Un'aa'graum main battle fleet masses in Sector 763.  Dantum battle groups strike Imperial systems in Sectors 66, 72 and 73.  Declaring a state of total war, Rogar doubles taxation to pay for the war effort.
3474 The Northern Command fights back the Dantum advance.  D'Juma slowly retreats from B'dr'rak space under Un'aa'graum, Eenikiti and B'dr'rak pressure.  Alimeen diplomats reestablish communications with the Grand Federation, including preliminary discussions on a possible armistice.
3475 T'zet and Kith'turi forces begin massing in Sector 689; launching the Antares Raid, obliterating Human presence in the system.  Imperial taxation increases another 50% as military shipbuilding reaches a frenzy.  The Imperial Congress debates the legality of proposals for a military draft.
3476 The T'zet-Kith'turi battle fleets consolidate their hold on Sector 690, then begin pressing deep into Imperial space though Sectors 313, 124 and 27, occupying scores of colonies and outposts in their path, winning the Battle of Idavoll and besieging Pan.  Alimeen-sponsored armistice talks stall.  The Ministry of Culture cancels the Olympics on Adonis, citing continuing security concerns.
3477 Grand Federation forces capture Pan and move into the Central Region to capture Vidar in Sector 2.  Vice Admiral Joseph Wu overcomes great odds to defeat the Kith'turi vanguard at the Battle of Iord, dieing in the closing phase of the battle.  The Tenth Imperial Fleet and elements of the Imperial Guard fleet ambushes the main T'zet fleet at the Battle of Canard, ending the Grand Federation offensive.
3478 As Federation forces withdraw from deep in Imperial space, Admiral D'Juma resumes offensive operations against the B'dr'rak with fresh forces.  Admiral Sir Josev Brevard's Third Coreward Fleet Group advances on Kith'turi space.  Un'aa'graum forces retreat to support the Kith'turi.  Admiral Strong assumes leadership of the Central Command.
3479 The Siege of B'dr'rak begins, with Imperial forces occupying the outlying worlds of the B'dr'rak home system and launching attacks into the inner system.  Zhretra deep raiders attack shipping and the Imperial central worlds of Ares, Helicon, Manchukuo, Mithras and Utopia, prompting calls in Imperial councils for renewed negotiations.
3480 The loss of the Hellkings Lucifer and Satan forces D'Juma to abandon the Siege of B'dr'rak, but continued operations seize most B'dr'rak colony worlds and bases.  The Imperial Olympics proceed on Terra in Kuala Lumpur under heavy security.
3481 Imperial forces suffer a setback at the Battle of May 8th against combined Federation forces in Sector 340.  The Ministry of Culture changes the venue of the '84 Olympics to Venus for security reasons.  Admiral Strong dies when Zhretra forces destroy her flagship in a raid at Akkad.
3482 The continued stalemate and depredations of war bring growing opposition in the Imperial Congress and High Council, cumulating in a 32% vote in the Congress for a petition to demand an immediate armistice.  Uncontrolled piracy begins to infect the Imperial Central regions, with renegade pirates raiding Imperial and Grand Federation shipping alike.  Two renegade pirate leaders declare themselves White Emperor, notably Lord Basil DuVahl, former heir to Khronos.
3483 The Grand Federation shifts forces from other frontier regions to defend against Imperial fleets.  D'Juma abandons offensive operations against Kith'turi space.  Scattered engagements punctuate a deep front permeated by raiders.
3484 The Imperial Congress rejects Rogar's attempt to further raise GDP taxes.  Reserve naval forces and planetary units eliminate both White Emperor claimants and begin to control piracy and Zhretra raiders.
3485 Admiral D'Juma concentrates his forces and begins Operation Infidel, bypassing remaining B'dr'rak outposts and driving into Sectors 799, 763 and 1372.
3486 As D'Juma pushes beyond Sector 1372, the Grand Federation mobilizes reserve units, forcing D'Juma to abandon his drive toward Focus and conduct a fighting retreat.
3487 The Grand Federation Great Armada assembles at Antares.  Alimeen diplomats resume attempts to negotiate a cease fire.  D'Juma concentrates his forces to meet the Great Armada.
3488 Against incredible odds, Grand Admiral D'Juma defeats the Great Armada at the Battle of Nachen, sacrificing the Hades to entrap and destroy the enemy.  The Grand Federation requests the resumption of direct contact with Imperial officials to negotiate a cease fire.  Most Zhretra raiders withdraw from Imperial space.
3489 Citing growing war weariness and the weakening economy, Emperor Rogar II accepts the Grand Federation's generous peace offer and armistice border over the objections of a bellicose Grand Admiral D'Juma.  The Emperor reduces the GDP tax to pre-war levels and issues the Victory Edicts, reforming procurement and economic restrictions and revoking letters of marquee issued to Imperial citizens.  The B'dr'rak Annexation Campaign begins under the direction of Admiral D'Juma.  Five additional Hellkings become operational.
3490 Anti-piracy campaigns begin against renegades operating against Imperial, Khruzi, even Khald'aron shipping and worlds.  The Coreward Command formalizes martial law regulations on the former Federation worlds of the Cargomen, Birds, Orm, and !Tak.  The Grand Federation confirms that Static and its derivatives have been obliterated by Operation Coherent Purge.
3491 Emperor Rogar II travels to Nachen in Sector 690 to sign the formal treaty ending the war and ceding large sections Federation space, including the B'dr'rak regions, to the Empire of Humanity.  A Br'dr'rak suicide assassination team fails in its attempt to destroy the Imperial mission on Nachen.
3492 The Grand Federation strips the Khabadera of Primary Race status and elevates the Zhretra in their place.  The Imperial Fair at Ishtar finally opens to great attendance and acclaim.  The Imperial Olympics on Adonis receive a lukewarm response.
3493 Taking a leave of absence, Orlan D'Juma forgoes Restoration regeneration and receives Eternal treatment on Hercules.  Sporadic trade resumes between the Grand Federation and the Empire.
3494 Delegations from the Primary Races of the Grand Federation return to diplomatic quarters on Terra, despite media uproar over the arrival of the Zhretra delegation.  B'dr'rak suicide squads destroy the battleship Endurance, prompting D'Juma to return to the front to coordinate the annexation campaign.
3495 The Northern Command destroys the last major pirate band in the Battle of New Normandy, ending the current threat of piracy in the Empire.  Construction begins on Antares Station, a massive naval and science orbital complex.
3496 An unknown terrorist's bomb destroys the Khaddahl housing unit at the Imperial Olympics in Montreal, killing seventy Khaddahl and forty Humans.  Imperial Guard troops peacefully disperse a massive demonstration against the Zhretra embassy.
3497 Khronos hosts the Imperial Fair, though many of the exhibits receive mixed reviews as tacky and hastily prepared.
3498 Rogar fires Prince Garth Kamarov as Minister of Justice, accusing him of plotting against the throne.  A scout expedition discovers the information era Pasduchi in Sector 259.
3499 The Second Siege of B'dr'rak begins.  D'Juma's ghostwritten account of the Federation War wins the Tigarvati Prize.  Civilian cyborgization reaches respectability as the cyborgisist On Bellis Trak wins a Trigarvati for his cybernetic performance art.
3500 The B'dr'rak homeworld falls to the siege, ending the Annexation Campaign.  As part of the Annexation Treaties, the B'dr'rak, Cargomen, Birds, Orm and !Tak enter the Empire as Major Races, but lose their rights to maintain an independent military for a century.  Accusing Empress Lynda of treason, Rogar murders his wife in the Golden Palace; Minister of Justice Sir Danal Brome and a hastily assembled commission of the Imperial High Council find the Emperor's action justified.
3501 The Time Travel Society awakens in Australia and five members plus ten Foundation members decide to leave the program and opt for Eternal therapy; the remaining thirty original and fifty-two Foundation members continuing with the program after rejecting a proposal to increase the awakening interval to two hundred years.  A formal diplomatic mission reaches the Pasduchi, offering them Minor Race status despite the fact that they have not considered attempting space flight.  Citing suspected treason, Emperor Rogar revokes Countess Lydia's enfiefment of Khronos, replacing her with Lord Bhaz Anderson, known for his entertainment empire on Libertas.
3502 The Pasduchi reject Minor Race status, preferring to continue their cultural evolution in isolation; the Empire quarantines the system and promises to avoid contact for a century.  The Ministry of Culture approves recommendations that link Imperial Fairs and the Imperial Olympics together as Imperial Expositions to occur every four years in a cycle of Terra, Solar World, Old Colony and New Colony, confirming the 3504 Exposition for Dubai and the '08 Exposition to Europa and awarding the '12 and '16 Expositions to Libertas and Rhea, respectively.
3503 The Jovian Collapse Project on Lenin resumes work suspended by the war.
3504 Ibrahim denounces cyborgization and places limits on the artificial components allowable for his followers; Norman Buchanan praises responsible cyborgization as part of the Technologist path of human advancement.
3505 The Ministry of Colonization approves the settlement of a second Quadron colony world, Azushi, in Sector 484.
3506 Rogar orders the Navy to expand to ten Hellkings, but agrees to the retirement of older vessels and a 10% reduction of Ministry of Defense appropriations. 
3507 Bowing to pressure, the Ministry of Colonization allows the Turgil, Khaddahl and Brennar to each colonize a single world.  Construction begins on the war-delayed Venusian Ring complex.
3508 The Jovian Collapse Project at Lenin successfully collapses the gas giant Marx, an event rebroadcast at the opening of the extravagant Europan Exposition.
3509 The Emperor authorizes the Northern Edge Expedition to the boundary of the Galactic thick disk.  Europa begins Phase II of the Jovian Collapse Project, building facilities on Io to support the project and transferring hundreds of thousands of Ionian residents to other Jovian moons.
3510 Emperor Rogar II presides over the completion ceremonies of the Terran Ring complex and the Federation War Memorial, located at its African Terminus.  Mormon officials on Deseret officially acknowledge the benefits of cyborgization but also explicitly ban Eternal treatment, citing its side effect of total sterility.
3511 The Northern Edge Expedition departs from Vantage under the command of Commodore Lady Bela Tovik.
3512 The Khruzi join the Empire as a Major Race.  The Khruzi allow the Human settlement on Mendam and Tetraluna.  The Northern Edge Expedition reaches the periphery of the Galactic disk, 1,200 light years from Sol.
3513 Howlan Chin publishes his Theorem of Quantum Macroeconomics, outlining and proposing methods of prediction and control for the post-war Imperial economy.  The Antares Station begins full operations and starts to accept commercial and private traffic.  The Northern Edge Expedition returns to Vantage and then to Terra for a hero's welcome.
3514 The Betelgeuse-Antares Rally resumes for the first time since the war; a Human-Khruzi team aboard the Golden Rapier wins the event in a record 104 days 9 hours.
3515 Protests against the Jovian Collapse Project spread across Ganymede and Callisto, prompting the Emperor to mobilize Imperial Guard ships and troops to the Jupiter system.  Sabotage damages the Europan installation on the inner Jovian moon of Metis.
3516 The Ministry of Commerce allocates resources to pay for the preparation and reconstruction of Io, Ganymede and Callisto, lessening protests against the JCP.  Howlan Chin accepts a Tigarvati prize and Nobilis conversion with ennoblement as Baron Howlan of Macao for his economic treatise and commentary.
3517 Terran geologists note with alarm the build-up of pressures under Yellowstone in North America and Tambora in Indonesia; the Emperor allocates funds and resources to alleviate the stresses.  Baron Howlan Chin becomes a Vice-Minister of Commerce.
3518 The Currency Reform Edict and related tax code changes implement a Chinist economic policy.  Anti-cyborg riots rock Macoraban cities.
3519 The Jovian Collapse Project board approves changes to address Ganymede and Callisto's concerns and modifies the project timetable appropriately; Prince Cleon of Mercury joins the JCP board.
3520 The Imperial Guard thwarts an attempt to assassinate the Emperor at the opening of the Durban Exposition; an investigation leads to charges against members of the DeBeers family on Aphrodite.  The Imperial Navy establishes a base on Nachen; Orlan D'Juma resigns his commission to become the governor of the civilian colony established adjacent to the base.
3521 A public trial for treason and the attempted assassination of the Emperor leads to the execution of three members of the DeBeers family and four Delphian nobles.  Northern region scouts discover the Chaagra, an iron age race in Sector 252 that are of the same genus as the Quadrons; shattered Gatebuilder ruins confirm that the Quadron and Chaagra descend from Gatebuilder animals.
3522 The first controlled eruptions occur at Yellowstone, covering larger sections of the park with molten lava.  The scout cruiser Daffodil becomes the first Imperial vessel to observe the HN-32555A hypernova in the Andromeda galaxy.
3523 The Quadrons petition the Emperor for contact with the Chaagra and for elevation to Major Race status based on their two colonies, on their relationship to the newly discovered race and on evidence of another related race under protective quarantine in the Grand Federation.
3524 The Fortuna Exposition on Venus draws large crowds despite the high security.  The Jovian Collapse Project board gives final approval to Phase III, the actual collapse of Jupiter.  A mutating viral plague kills over two million people on Zephyrus before a cure is found; the Imperial Coreward Command places the world under quarantine for six months during a Ministry of Science investigation.
3525 A B'dr'rak terrorist destroys the Governor's compound on Nachen, killing over seventy people in a failed attempt to assassinate Orlan D'Juma.  The Emperor empowers a commission of Major Race notables to consider the questions of the Quadron's elevation to Major Race status and the disposition of the Chaagra, currently under protective quarantine.
3526 In an event witnessed by the Emperor and Prince Cleon, Jupiter collapses into a sub-star capable of providing a habitable zone around it major moons for tens of millions of years.  Terraformation work begins on Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, with efforts also initiated to provide a hot, but breathable, atmosphere for Io.
3527 The Venusian Ring complex reaches completion.  A large macrojump vessel belonging to the Cubics, a jovian race from Sector 792 arrives at Betelgeuse and opens diplomatic negotiations.
3528 Upon recommendation of his commission, the Emperor elevates the Quadron to Major Race status, and allows limited Ministry of Science supervised contact with the Chaagra.
3529 The Cubics join the Empire as a Major Race, contributing nine systems and allowing colonization of Zirconia, the Class D world in their home system.
3530 An explosive eruption strikes Tambora in Indonesia, but warnings and evacuations avoid casualties and limit damage.
3531 The Khald'aron officially turn down an offer to join the Empire as a Major Race.  The Jesuit scholar Beju Farris becomes Pope John XXXII of the Terran Catholic church.
3532 The Empire and the Grand Federation sign a series of protocols designed to formalize and support tourism between the two regions.  The Natani, a humanoid race with a poisonous biochemistry from Sector 23, first contacted in 3006, achieve spaceflight and accept Minor Race status in the Empire.
3533 B'dr'rak pirates raid Nachen, inflicting minor damage, but marking the beginning of a period of B'dr'rak piracy in the far Coreward region.
3534 A Quantum Rights movement begins on Hercules, Delphi and Prometheus, with local governments allowing civil rights to quantum mechanical artificial intelligences.
3535 B'dr'rak pirates disrupt the Betelgeuse-Antares Rally, destroying two vessels and capturing three, prompting naval action and increased patrols.
3536 Emperor Rogar II marries his eleventh wife, Lady Elyza Hermann-Titov of Eden.  The Emperor reiterates his support for Amendment XI, prohibiting Imperial citizenship, Census enumeration and other rights to artificial organisms, but does not condemn local laws that provide local privileges to those entities.
3537 The Quadrons establish a permanent research colony on Chaagra and receive Ministry of Colonization permission to colonize the nearby (12 light years) world of Tabritourin.
3538 A joint declaration by Ibrhaimite and Catholic clerics decry cyborgization and issue the Limits on Humanity, limiting cybernetic implants for followers, denouncing Life Therapy, and declaring that "quantum-mechanical devices" cannot possess or store souls.
3539 The Coreward Command launches six punitive raids on B'dr'rak worlds supporting piracy.
3540 The Jesuit scholar Bannon Sandez publishes The Zhretra Plague, an inflammatory text purporting that the race is a preliminary infiltrator from an unholy machine empire in the Sagittarius Arm.  The Imperial Exposition at Vesta, with exhibits highlighting fifteen hundred years of Belt history, helps to restore the Solar Belt Economy.
3541 Dirac Station, a Ministry of Science research facility in Sector 201 suffers an antimatter containment accident, killing all three hundred personnel and initiating a quarantine of the red dwarf system.
3542 The Imperial Guard provides evidence to the Ministry of Justice of a new neo-Republican plot within the bureaucracy; sixty high-level officials are tired and executed for treason, with some receiving commuted sentences for confessions that incriminate the Empress.  Empress Elyza is executed for treason after a public trial.
3543 Baron Howlan Chin reveals his Predicative Exclusion Proof, mathematically demonstrating the impossibility of accurate psycho-history predictions at any scale of society.  Crown Prince Rogar resigns from a Ministry of State oversight commission, citing health concerns.
3544 Pyramus and Thisbe share the '44 Imperial Exposition, shuttling visitors between venues on the two worlds.
3545 The Imperial Guard foils a plot by Ibrahimite extremists to spread a cybernetic virus at the Zhretra Embassy.
3546 The Spinward Expedition, commanded by Commodore Sir Khandl Ohtara  departs from Neith to explore a corridor up to 1000 light years from Sol.  Crown Prince Rogar travels to Kalmar for an extended stay at King Ivan's residence at Svartfjell.
3547 A series of Coreward Command raids cripple B'dr'rak pirate operations by destroying four deep space depots.  The Spinward Expedition encounters a hostile macrojump fleet 750 light years from Sol and retreats after losing one vessel; later investigation in the 41st century determines the vessels to have been a Dragon battle group.
3548 A leaked research report indicates that the Nobilis race faces reproductive degradation that will extinguish most genetic lines after thirty generations; media pundits and notables use the report to variously condemn Life Therapy or call for more Nobilis conversions.
3549 The Emperor bans all deep exploration missions, citing the risk of losses and the harm of needlessly provoking unknown races.
3550 The Terran Catholic church bans all Nobilis conversions and canonizes the Islamic prophet Mohammed.
3551 The Ministry of Colonization authorizes the recolonization of Lenin after thousands of JCP technicians and their dependents petition to stay on the world.
3552 A group of !Tak athletes competes in the Olympic Games at the Memphis Exposition on Terra, marking the first entrants from former Grand Federation worlds to participate in Olympic events.  The Memphis Exposition dedicates a complex to the celebration of the Emperor's five hundredth birthday.
3553 Fires on the steppes of northern Ares prompt the evacuation of three arcologies housing over ten million people.
3554 Ibrahim and Pope John XXXII of Rome announce the union of their two faiths, with Ibrahim as supreme spiritual leader; Ibrahimite Islam becomes the largest religion on Terra.
3555 Dark Star Co-op on Delphi begins marketing fully internal virtual world interfaces for cyborgized human clients.
3556 A strange coalition of liberal Quantum Rights activists and old Nobilis families submits a petition to the Emperor for the repeal of Amendment XI, but the Emperor refuses to consider the matter, despite a 69% vote in the Imperial High Council on a non-binding resolution in support of the petition; a similar resolution in the Imperial Congress garners only 52% support.
3557 Pope Pius XXXV of New Rome denounces the Terran religious union and declares himself leader of all true Christians, a claim that attracts no support from other Christian or Catholic churches.
3558 Rain falls on Europa for the first time, marking the first major milestone of Phase IV of the Jovian Collapse Project.
3559 With the seizure of the Yellow River and the raid on Saracen, B'dr'rak pirate operations resume scattered raids against Imperial shipping and isolated settlements and outposts on the Coreward frontier.
3560 Crown Prince Rogar dies in a speeder accident widely speculated to be a suicide.  Prince Olav resigns his position as a xenobiologist with the Ministry of Science and returns from the frontier to assume the position and duties of the Crown Prince.
3561 Ibrahimite extremists ram and destroy a Zhretra transport half an AU from Terra, causing a massive antimatter explosion, killing themselves and three thousand Zhretra, including the new ambassador and its staff, and igniting a diplomatic crisis.  Ibrahim condemns violence against all artificial beings; Emperor Rogar II defuses the crisis by personally apologizing on behalf of the Empire and offering restitution.
3562 Lady Charyn Rees publishes Extinction, a statistical analysis of Nobilis populations predicting eventual decline unless the Empire allows Artificial reproduction or doubles the number of Nobilis confirmed each year, currently little more than a thousand.
3563 A B'dr'rak raid on the Khzraut colony of Malachite prompts an Imperial sanctioned Khzraut retaliatory raid that causes major damage and loss of life to the B'dr'rak world of Tz'kar.
3564 The Emperor, Crown Prince and the Kings of Kalmar and Paradise together publicly affirm their support of Amendment XI as it stands; Rogar promises to increase ennoblements, but does not commit to a target number.
3565 A 20km wide asteroid strikes the mining outpost on Borren Delta in Sector 9, destroying the outpost and killing over seven thousand.  The Emperor decries the state of Imperial survey maps and orders the Ministry of Science to begin an immediate re-survey of Imperial territory; many systems have not been surveyed since the late third millennium.
3566 After a series of B'dr'rak attacks on private vessels, the Ministry of Commerce authorizes the installation of offensive weaponry on private and commercial vessels whose owners and operators have acquired proper licensing and training.
3567 Ministry of Justice special agents provide evidence that certain Quadrons have begun controlling some societies of the Chaagra, prompting the Emperor to order the removal of all Quadron from the Chaagra world and the institution of a Naval blockade; renegade Quadron and their Chaagran allies resist, igniting a series of wars across the planet.
3568 Imperial Marines establish order on Chaagra and hunt down the last Quadron renegades.  The Emperor revokes Major status for the Quadron, but allows them to keep their colony worlds.
3569 Citing limited resources, the Ministry of Science offers standard survey packages and a survey bounty to commercial starship operators and starship hobbyists for completed system surveys.
3570 The Ibrahimite Moslem Church uncovers three cells of violent extremists and turns them over to the Imperial Guard with Ibrahim again publicly condemning violence and anti-government action.
3571 Mechanists on Karinsky perfect a new method for storing human personalities quickly and without degradation, promising to soon develop a method to restore personalities to cloned bodies.
3572 After several disputes, including a skirmish between two commercial surveyors, the Ministry of Science assumes responsibility for allocating systems to private surveys based on a graduated lottery system.
3573 An apparently deranged Human, Jonas Bergman, detonates a microgram antimatter cell at the Imperial Mall in Byzantium, killing himself and six hundred and destroying a wing of the Imperial Museum of Natural History.
3574 A group of revolutionaries loosely associated with a neo-Republican movement kidnaps King Joseph IV of Venus and members of the royal household, holding them in the Royal estate at Jasper Point; an Imperial Guard operation commanded by Lt. Colonel Darla Berg uses non-lethal means to free the hostages and capture the kidnapers.
3575 A consortium of Nobles colonizes the planet Erta in Sector 339 as a luxury retreat, carving the world into sprawling estates.  Darla Berg accepts ennoblement and becomes the Baroness of Nokara, the Class E moon or "twin" of Erta.
3576 Dragonfly hosts its first starship hobbyist convention, an event that evolves into the annual Dragonfly Fair.
3577 The Census Office notes a statistical increase in suicide rates among users of Dark Star IVR devices, prompting an investigation that leads to discovery of a subtle interface flaw; Dark Star Co-op collapses in a wave of lawsuits and recriminations.
3578 Reforms on Deseret invoke the establishment of a secular democracy based on the constitution of the old United States of America.  Hard-line Mormon fundamentalists increase their immigration to theocratic Mormon colony worlds.
3579 The Cybernetic Revolution sweeps Volos in Sector 45, with highly cyborgized leaders proclaiming Argos, the world's primary AI network, absolute ruler of the world.
3580 Human piracy resumes in frontier regions, as renegade armed starships begin preying on poorly defended commercial and private vessels.
3581 The government of Hercules recognizes the legal rights of Mechanist souls; the Emperor reminds the Herculean representatives of the terms of Amendment VII, stating that Mechanist souls have no Census status unless they can be returned to biological form and clarifies that their souls have no Imperial standing either, under Amendment XI.
3582 The Imperial Rimward Command intervenes on Volos, destroying Argos and occupying the planet after refugees report the slaughter of seventy thousand undesirables; the ensuing operation against the AI and its fanatical supporters cost another fifty thousand lives.
3583 The Imperial economy reaches a projected Chinist cusp, entering a period of sustained prosperity and growth; Baron Howlan Chin outlines methods for ensuring indefinite prosperity through gradual Imperial expansion.
3584 The Emperor opens the Lahore Fair with a long speech about Imperial stability, values and prosperity that some observers proclaim "almost DeBeersian".
3585 Sir Khandl Ohtara becomes Minister of Science.  Ibrahim's outspoken second wife Ashiri dies during her fourth regeneration therapy, prompting a grief-stricken Ibrahim to declare forty days of mourning.
3586 The Khald'aron establish a permanent outpost in orbit around Rigel and invite the Empire to station a science team and starships at the base; the Empire accepts, dispatching a scout cruiser and three scout frigates.
3587 Archeologists from the Imperial University at Prometheus discover ruins of a 140,000 year old Dragon outpost in Sector 407 and surmise its demise at the hands of the Hitzarchi Plague.
3588 B'dr'rak pirates attack the Antares Station, causing major damage and hundreds of causalities; the Coreward Command begins aggressive pirate sweeps.
3589 A Naval patrol searching for B'dr'rak pirates in Sector 371 discovers a massive Gatebuilder complex in orbit around a rouge brown dwarf, triggering a secret Ministry of Defense salvage expedition.
3590 An accident or booby trap at the Gatebuilder complex in Sector 371 detonates the brown dwarf, resulting in a nova-like explosion and a public Naval Review Board investigation.  Menes Khudar wins the Tigarvati Prize for his drama of hypothetical Sagittarian civilization, Cybertopia.
3591 Unprotected Humans walk on the transforming surface of Europa for the first time; Prince Cleon tours the newly created island of Minos near the equator and predicts that Phase IV, terraformation of the Jovian system, will be complete within fifty years.
3592 Adventurer Robert Farquar leads an unsanctioned expedition through Grand Federation space with the goal of crossing to the Sagittarian arm; his four vessels are last seen at a Zreem outpost in Sector -01,+16,-01.
3593 A B'dr'rak pirate attack on the Cargomen settlement of Broad End Mesa prompts a combined Imperial Navy and local response; the local naval commander allows Cargomen vessels to participate in the raid against the pirate's base camp.
3594 Crown Prince Olav assumes chairmanship of an Imperial commission reviewing the rights and treatment of quarantined protected intelligent species within the Empire, now numbering nearly three hundred.
3595 Swarm researchers discover ruins of a second Dragon outpost in Sector 381, confirming earlier findings of a Hitzarchi Plague-induced collapse, though they also reveal that a primitive society persisted for another twenty thousand years.

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