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The Decadent Era



The Decadent Era was an age where the Empire mostly turned inward in self-indulgence.  The years of Decadence correspond to the rise and fall of Earl Tafi Vendar of Adonis and his Society for Excessive Decadence.  During this period, external exploration almost stopped, and Imperial external policy concentrated on improving relations with neighboring states, include a final border adjustment with the Grand Federation of Races.  During this era, Cleon III withdrew from active leadership and a succession of Imperial Chairs dominated the politics of his later years and those of his grandson, Cleon IV.  By the time Earl Tafi threw himself off a spire, Decadence and its extreme offshoots had faded, but Sapien displeasure with the increasingly entrenched Nobilis remained, and the centuries of relative decorum that followed did little to heal the divide.

The Earl of Adonis, Tafi Vendar, founder of the Society for Excessive Decadence and spokesman for the movement, reached the height of his influence during the Imperial Exposition at Adonis in 4364CE.  Within twenty years, the New Moralist movement emerged as a Nobilis reaction to Decadent excess, prompting a war of assassination in 4393-4398CE, that ended with a muting of vocal posturing by both sides.  In the 45th century Decadence was overshadowed by its more radical offshoots, the HyperGoth movement, and the flamboyantly suicidal DeathGoth sect.

External Imperial relations in the 44th century focused on the Triangle region, where Imperial, Grand Federation and Dragon territories met.  The Imperial base at Talendir was a focus of activities.  Border disputes, smuggling, Octopod attacks and pirate raids occupied the Coreward Command and provided a platform for the noteworthy rising career of Admiral Sir Hans Crassius.

At the end of his bicentennial Jubilee in 4352CE Emperor Cleon III withdrew from active leadership of the government, appointing Sir Alfred Tufi as Chair of the Cabinet.  Tufi, a moderate reformer, held the post until 4467CE, when Cleon III dismissed him and briefly resumed an active role to successfully negotiate the Chlorine Annexation accords with the Grand Federation.  After Cleon III's death in 4471CE, his grandson Cleon IV appointed his long-time advisor Sir Harven Tschi as Imperial Chair.  Tschi successfully negotiated the customs and immigration treaties with the Grand Federation and Khald'aron Republic that formed a travel and work zone stretching from Rigel to the inner periphery of the Orion Arm.

The controversial conservative Duke Altamon Vega succeeded Tschi in 4487CE, and soon convinced Cleon IV to support legalized Rymar Stabilization and generational fatigue treatments for the Nobilis, an action that further alienated Ibrahimite and liberal Sapiens.  In the 4520s, Ibrahimite and Sapien unrest following the assassination of the Emperor's mother, Queen Sabra of Venus, led to repression and rioting and propelled Admiral Sir Hans Crassius to the post of Minister of Defense.

Years before Earl Tafi fell to his death, Decadence and its extreme offshoots had faded or burnt out, and a new civility and sophistication was beginning to dominate Imperial culture, but this superficial peace could not overcome deepening divides between the Nobilis Houses and the hundreds of billions of Sapiens.

Even with slowing expansion, the Empire of 4500CE included over 19,000 officially recognized settled worlds within the treaty-distorted settlement radius of 585 light-years.  Seven hundred thirty billion humans shared the Empire with four hundred sixty billion residents of the four dozen recognized Major, Minor and expatriate races.


The 44th century represented a permanent shift in executive power from the person of the Emperor to the position of Chair of the Imperial Cabinet.  Exhausted and frustrated after two centuries of rule, Cleon III left the governing of the Empire in the hands of Sir Alfred Tufi, who ran the internal workings of the bureaucracy and managed Imperial politics quite well for over a century.  During Tufi's term of office, Edicts that established the Member status of larger Drifts and habitats and that clarified Zhretra and Tze't enumeration helped to increase integration with the Grand Federation of Races, but Tufi proved unable to settle a dispute over unclear claims on the Imperial Trailing Core border.

Cleon III stepped out of semi-retirement for just over a year in 4467CE, dismissing Tufi and negotiating Chlorine Annexation accords himself, before retiring back to Bengal and appointing Sir Egon Drellis as the new Chair.  The Emperor made noises about limiting the term of a Chair to a century, but had made no formal proposal before his death of CID in 4471CE.

The Imperial succession after Cleon III's death was clear and Cleon IV, as his eldest grandson, had been Prince of Mercury since 4392CE, but a substantial number of Great Houses favored the Emperor's younger son, Prince Garth Kamarov, a man of greater stature and intelligence, and father of Roban the Elder, King of North America.  Precedence and law overcame the arguments of the Nobilis High Councilors and Cleon IV took the throne, granting his uncle Garth the crown of Asia as a consolation.

Cleon IV predictably appointed his long-serving Delphian advisor Sir Harven Tschi as Imperial Chair and took little active role in government policy.  Tschi served ably for sixteen years before retiring from ill health, mostly the strain of dealing with obstinate Great Houses. 

In 4487CE the Emperor appointed the Martian conservative Duke Altamon Vega of Tharsis as the new Imperial Chair.  Duke Vega proved to be a divisive figure.  His relations with the Great Houses were good, but he quickly alienated the Sapiens, and particularly the Ibrahimites, by pushing though the controversial 4489CE Imperial Edict declaring CID and generational fatigue medically recognized defects, opening the way for legal Rymar Stabilization and prenatal genetic corrections for the Nobilis.  Though the prenatal treatment option was withdrawn the following year, the damage was done.

Since the end of Olav I's reign, the unspoken compromise between the Nobilis Emperor and the Sapien majority was to allow the Nobilis to continue to dominate Imperial politics in their current genetic state, understanding that limitations on the long term viability of the Nobilis genome would eventual dilute their power.  In an era that remembered the Dark Age and that had expectations of millennial life spans, the prospect of a distant devolution of Nobilis power was accepted by most prominent Sapiens.  But Rymar Stabilization, like artificial reproduction before it, threatened this long-term trend.  If the Nobilis remained viable indefinitely and if the viable Nobilis female reproductive period doubled, then Nobilis strength would not wane and Sapiens would remain second class citizens in their own Empire forever.  Duke Vega's motives were not lost on people like Ibrahim or prominent Sapien Imperial military and civilian leaders and the resentment only continued to grow through the centuries that followed.


The Empire continued to enjoy the fruits of Worm/Stasis culture through the 44th and 45th centuries.  Technological progress was slow, with only incremental improvements coming to market.  The Alimeen developed the Class E worm drive engine in the 4320s, but its adoption was slowed by its marginal speed improvement, allowing 41.68 light-years per day.  The scourge of telesuit assassins effectively ended after the perfection of low power teleport shielding in the 4330s, but later technological progress was near nonexistent and most scientists concentrated on applications of existing technologies in art and architecture.

The ban on Psi genetic modifications in the 4330s, the failure of the Khald'aron interstellar gate experiment in 4383CE and the continuing problems with the Venusian ecology pointed to the limits of Imperial science.  Only the IAK conducted pure research, and as the Ministry of Science began a steep decline in budget, only the IAK explored much beyond the Imperial border, establishing a set of outposts in the Trailing region and eventually settling Hortense in 4529CE.

The perfection of the full biomorphosis Rymar Stabilization by Calderan scientists in 4435CE represents the only breakthrough of the 45th century and the Rymar process had more political effect than it had technical impact on established inferior genetic transformation techniques.


The growth of Decadence was perhaps an inevitable result of idle prosperity and a perverse reaction to extreme reality activities of earlier eras.  While Decadence was most flamboyant among the Nobilis, where wealth and privilege allowed the satisfaction of every imaginable vice, no matter how perverse, most adherents of Decadence and its increasingly destructive HyperGothic and DeathGothic offshoots were Sapiens.  Among the general populace, subtler forms of decadence and depravity pervaded popular culture, with the rise to Olympic respectability of blood sports like Goblin Bowl, Death Race and Pain Ball and with the popularity of virtual decadent entertainment like Ultimate Decay and its sequels. 

The New Moralist reaction, led by the venerable King Karl of Atlantis, was also inevitable, but after the war of assassination between the Decadent and New Moralist elite, both movements fractured into more subdued and more radical elements. 

In the 45th century, the emerging HyperGoth movement emphasized the darker morbid and depraved side of Decadence and soon gained Queen Helena of Australia as its chief proponent.  But even the excesses and depravities of the HyperGoths were outdone by the DeathGoths, a Palmerist sect that practiced a completely self-destructive form of Decadence, often ending their lives in violently spectacular public displays.  The Decadents and Goths paraded in flamboyant, dark and often tasteless parodies of Jenan style, engaging in bizarre cosmetic alterations and scandalizing tamer segments of society.  In 4515CE, Queen Helena of Australia and dozens of her retinue committed suicide at the culmination of her hundredth Jubilee festival in an orgy of violence that generated growing reaction against Decadent excess.

The Moralist reaction grew over time, with allied Ibrahimites often leading the way.  Cleon IV and Sir Harven Tschi appointed the Moralist Lady Tricia Leung as Minister of Culture in 4472CE, and her assassination eleven years later by DeathGoth Lord Alistair Tramble hardened mainstream Nobilis opposition to Decadence.  The Emperor's eldest grandson, Prince Rogar, a former moderate Decadent, rejected his idle lifestyle and joined the Imperial Navy in 4502CE, beginning a decorated century-long career that served as a model for many service-minded young Nobilis.

The Ibrahimite church continued to gain strength in reaction to Decadent excesses.  The future Khalif Ishmahil Mustafa was born in 4341CE, and upon adulthood, he began preaching a conservative purist form of his father's religion.  Ishmahil's older nephew, Hammed Mustafa preached a more tolerant form of Ibrahimism, accepting Nobilis and Variant coexistence and forming the congregation that became the Hammedian sect in 4506CE.  Extremists encouraged by Ishmahil's preaching often formed more interventionist sects, and a member of one such sect assassinated Queen Sabra on Venus in 4520CE, beginning two years of suppression and insurrection that further strained Ibrahimite-Nobilis relations.

The Mechanist religion gained stature after the Incarnation of Jon Gades from his Backup in 4369CE.  Dedicating his third life as the first Salvor of the Mechanist Church, he succeeded Van Turin as Mechanist Primal in 4438CE and began a recruitment and standardization drive that led to the publishing of the Mechanist Credo in 4525CE.

Technologism continued to divide into factions, with the Altara Mystery sect gaining later promise with the relationship between Prince Roban the Younger and the Futaris priestess Chamelia Vladimos.  Also during the 44th century, the Khruzi philosopher Brashadar Fzuki published the Fzuki Way, which would become a major force in Mendam society in future centuries.

By the end of the Decadent Era, outward displays of depravity had faded from vogue, and new styles of grace and decorum emerged, starting with Concordia architecture and the return of subtle color to fashion dominated by black, red and metallics for over a century.  When Earl Tafi Vendar jumped, few mourned his death.

Chronology Table

4306 Earl Tafi Vendar of Adonis presides over the first meeting of the Nobilis-dominated Society for Excessive Decadence, held at the Earl's urban compound in the capital of Chrysalis.
4307 A small group of dissident Tunes leaves Neptune to colonize the atmosphere of Uranus, learning to cope with a slow nomadic seasonal migration; this subgroup of Tunes becomes known as the Ani.
4308 The Imperial Exposition on Luna focuses on commerce and luxury, including many new bio-mechanical products, toys, pets, and servants; some demonstrators protest the inclusion of Goblin Bowl as a recognized Olympic sport.
4309 The future Olav IV marries Princess Sandra Kamarov-Bandas of Paradise, a great-grandniece of the Queen, in a public ceremony on Paradise.
4310 The Ugati of Sector 776 achieve a unified spaceflight-capable atomic era culture, and receive a delegation of Imperial diplomats.
4311 In response to smuggling and piracy, the Imperial Navy establishes a base at Talendir (Sector 721) in the Triangle region between Imperial, Dragon and Grand Federation Space.
4312 Queen Chloe of Artemis dies of CID at age 1,487; her grandson Fillip becomes King of Artemis.  The Old Colony world Ghandi hosts the Imperial Exposition, celebrating the diversity of Humanity in all its racial, cultural and modified forms.
4313 After considerable debate and assurances of cultural protections, the Ugati join the Empire as a Minor race.
4314 Rogar Kamarov, son of Prince Olav (IV) and Princess Sandra is born on Erta.
4315 Elizabeth Farrar, wife of Prince Garth Kamarov, becomes Queen of North America upon the death of her grandfather, Alexander III.
4316 Erebus hosts the Imperial Exposition, using the event to emphasize exploration and development on this world dominated by Technologist interests.
4317 The Emperor extends his genetic transformation dispensation to cover warm methane and sub-jovian modifications, allowing Human to undergo genetic alterations to these additional forms.
4318 Elizabeth Kamarov, son of Prince Olav (IV) and Princess Sandra, is born in Byzantium.
4319 Accompanied by a Imperial Guard fleet, Emperor Cleon III sets off on state visits to Draco and Focus aboard the Imperial Sun.
4320 Telesuit assassins kill Duchess Heather of Delphi in her palace compound and escape uncaptured.  Her son, Prince Cleon (IV) travels to Delphi to assume control of the world and appoints Sir Harven Tschi as his Chief of Staff and effective executive of Delphi.  Heather's husband, Crown Prince Rogar, moves permanently to his estates at Exeter on Erta.  Algiers hosts the Imperial Exposition on Terra, noted for a rare visit to his homeworld and hometown by Orlan D'Juma.
4321 The Blue Fist, a Natani extremist group demanding Major race status, kills over twenty Ministry of State officials in a coordinated series of attacks on Umbran.  The Emperor declares Blue Fist actions proof that the Natani are not ready for Major status, and the local government quickly suppresses the movement.
4322 Imperial researchers at Alimeen unveil a Class E Worm drive prototype, the Elvira, offering over 8% better performance than Class D vessels, a small improvement that slows the adoption of Class E vessels except in racing and courier circles.
4323 Martial law ends on Delphi after a new constitution, written by Tschi and signed by Cleon (IV), comes into force.
4324 Queen Tabitha opens the Imperial Exposition on Mars, a spectacle designed to rival Joseph V's Venusian Imperial Exposition; the Martian extravaganza includes simulated sea battles on the Northern Ocean and the largest commercial pavilions to date.
4325 An Octopod squadron raids the Talendir outpost, killing 84 personnel while destroying the frigate Jonasson and some surface facilities; the Octopods agree to a truce after mobilization of of the 722th and 686th Imperial fleets, but the Coreward Command begins reinforcing Talendir and increasing patrols in the Triangle.
4326 Emperor Cleon III sends his younger son Prince Garth as a special envoy to Focus to secure agreements for better coordination of border activities.
4327 The sub-jovian Adornan of Sector 481 achieve spaceflight capability and receive contact from an Imperial diplomatic mission.
4328 The Imperial Exposition on Elysium is spread among the democratic world's many metropolitan centers.  Hans Crassius, future Command Admiral and Cabinet Chair, is born on Tyr.
4329 The Adornan join the Empire as a Minor race.  The Yagan Sprint wins the Rigel-Antares Rally in 34 days, 23 hours in the first Class E category race.
4330 The IAK begins research on introducing Psi modifications into the Human genome at facilities on Atlantis and Thor; public disclosure causes a minor uproar and leads to the Atlantian government distancing itself from any cooperation in the effort.
4331 Prince Garth travels to Draco in a bid to improve relations and coordinate patrols in the Triangle region.
4332 The Imperial Exposition takes place on Rona and on its large locked moon Scarface, offering an exotic backdrop to the events and pavilions.
4333 Pope Pius XXXVI of New Rome dies in a speeder accident; his successor is Pope Pius XXXVII, formerly Cardinal Oscar Davos, a prominent conservative.
4334 In response to Solar political pressure, the Emperor reclassifies the Duchies of Europa, Ganymede and Callisto as Principalities and makes Io a Duchy.
4335 Venus suffers from the warmest year in two centuries and several violent storms, prompting further investment into the Planetary Environment Board, reformed by King Joseph V to report to a strengthened Minister of Ecology.
4336 Researchers at New Bergen University on Kalmar develop a low-powered teleport shield that will protect buildings and vehicles from telesuit incursion.  Byzantium holds the Imperial Exposition on Terra, an event most noted by the Emperor's disapproval of Goblin Bowl and other blood sports.
4337 The Ministry of Colonization allows the Natani to settle Tarmarshan, an ecologically suitable world in Sector 333.
4338 Citing privacy concerns, the Ministry of Justice bans Psi research, shutting down the IAK's Atlantian and Thorian operations.
4339 The Imperial Navy begins a retrofitting effort to convert many of its cruisers and frigates to accommodate Class E worm drives and teleport shields.  Cleon III names Sir Alfred Tufi as Minister of State.
4340 The Solar Belt hosts the Imperial Exposition, including many venues "outside", protected from cold vacuum only by force fields.
4341 Ishmahil Mustafa, seventh son of the seventh wife of Ibrahim Mustafa and future Khalif, is born in Mecca.
4342 Solar flares, drought and vast forest fires devastate the Central Member world of Sargon, causing thousands of deaths and prompting Ministry of Science intervention to stabilize Sargon's star and repair the environment.
4343 The Imperial Racing Federation discontinues all but Class E events, putting it ahead of both industry and government, who continue to operate and even produce Class D vessels.
4344 Khronos uses its Imperial Exposition to successfully reestablish itself as a premier center for entertainment and leisure, though many religious and conservative elements condemn as immoral its emphasis on decadence.
4345 The Emperor snubs Earl Tafi Vendar at a reception on Mars and later addresses a Federation Wars Veterans Association convention, decrying growing decadence among the Nobilis and upper class Sapien populations and promoting the virtues of service to the Empire.
4346 King Joseph V of Venus dismisses two successive Ministers of Ecology after evidence the bureaucracy suppressed reports of  worrying volcanic trends; he appoints Sir Tavin Olman to the post and demands progress in stabilizing the planetary lithosphere.
4347 Jon Bradford publishes his novel of decadence, Opium, on Terra.
4348 Onuris hosts an Imperial Exposition noted for significant Dragon participation and sprawling garden venues.
4349 To support further Trailing survey work, the IAK establishes a series of sector outposts, starting over six hundred light years from Sol; the Ministry of Colonization denies colony status for these outposts, and most remain staffed by just a few hundred people.
4350 Prince Roban the Younger joins the Altara Mystery sect of the Golden Stasis, a group emphasizing elaborate ceremony, racial hierarchy and Futaris conversion.
4351 Orlan Kamarov, the youngest child of Olav (IV) and Sandra and is born in Byzantium; a mentally retarded dwarf, he shows clear signs of generational fatigue.
4352 Cleon III celebrates his two hundredth Jubilee with a large celebration throughout the Solar System, overshadowing the Imperial Exposition at Phnom Penh.  At the end of his Jubilee celebration, he announces the appointment of Sir Alfred Tufi as Chair of the Cabinet and withdraws from active decision-making.
4353 The adventurer Pavl Turini flies the stasis-equipped craft Ring of Fire straight through Sol.
4354 Imperial Marine Colonel Tanner Adjani assassinates Jon Bradford as he accepts the Tigarvati Prize for Opium; the Colonel surrenders, pleads guilty and receives sentence to Gehenna for a hundred year term.
4355 The Emperor travels to Hallowed aboard the Imperial Sun to meet with the Founders in what SirAlfred Tufi describes as a private visit.
4356 Duke Hector of Io uses the Imperial Exposition to promote his harsh world as a place where those opposed to the growing leisure emphasis of Imperial culture can test their metal against the elements.
4357 Sir Tavin Olman announces the Thousand Year Plan to reach full stability for Venus's planetary ecology, laying out a series of construction and nano-mechanical projects to fundamentally alter the crust of the planet.
4358 After a raid on a smuggler operation at Bulgar Lun in the Triangle, Imperial Naval Lieutenant Hans Crassius receives the Order of the Gryphon for his heroism.
4359 Imperial Cabinet Chair Sir Alfred Tufi asks for and receives the resignations of the entire Cabinet and many sub-Ministers, replacing the upper hierarchy with technocrats friendly to his incremental reform programs.
4360 Horizon hosts a mediocre Imperial Exposition most famous for the Society for Excessive Decadence's public attempts to live up to their name.
4361 The IAK survey ship Columbia discovers five million year old ruins of a system-wide civilization at Poltergeist in Sector -07,+01,-01.
4362 A thorough survey of the Poltergeist system not only inspires the name of the vanished civilization, but confirms it had at least early microjump technological levels.
4363 Helena Cardona leads a group of sixty who set themselves ablaze at the Imperial Mall on Kalmar in honor of Lord Palmer Roosevelt.
4364 Adonis host a thoroughly decadent Imperial Exposition, enshrining Earl Tafi Vendar as the epitome of Nobilis excess.
4365 After Zhretra teams confirm the presence of a malicious remnant machine intelligence at Poltergeist, the Imperial Navy imposes a quarantine on the system, evacuating several teams of besieged researchers.
4366 The Khruzi philosopher Brashadar Fzuki publishes his doctrine of mental and physical discipline the Fzuki Way and begins to build a following among Khruzi and Human adherents.
4367 Prince Aaron of Callisto dies during an orgy of sex and violence whose details dominate the headlines of both tabloid and serious media for months.
4368 The Imperial Exposition on Terra is held in Detroit and focuses on ancient American industrial culture.
4369 The Mechanist Temple on Karinsky recovers the three hundred year old pre-disappearance Backup of Jon Gades.  Gades, in his third Incarnation, becomes the first Salvor of the Mechanist church, working to recover the soulboxes of Mechanists lost in space and beyond the Trailing frontier.  An IAK survey team discovers the fusion era cold-nitrogen (N2) Starflower civilization at Nantili is Sector 804.
4370 Count Bartholomew of Astraea, in the Solar Belt, and over fifty members of his entourage, plus an untold number of Goblins, Warriors, Amazons and biological Constructs immolate themselves in a bizarre orgy of death and destruction.  The new Count of Astraea, Robert Carvela, condemns his grandfather's excesses and outlaws the killing of Servant Races and Constructs on Astraea, disbanding the worldet's Goblin Bowl teams and gladiatorial leagues.
4371 An Imperial team led by Ambassador Jana Turva establishes communication and relations with the Starflower civilization.
4372 Europa hosts a lavish Imperial Exposition that presents Nobilis decadence in a more sophisticated and tasteful light than that demonstrated at Adonis.
4373 The Starflowers join the Empire as a Minor Race.  Jon Gades receives special Imperial permission to recover soulboxes at Poltergeist; after a harrowing mission, he returns with all seven lost Mechanists.
4374 The Khorn Collective on Khronos publishes Ultimate Decay, an extremely popular virtual universe allowing anyone to achieve the excesses of the worst Decadents without the risk, infamy or expense.
4375 The Emperor grants an audience to a Mechanist delegation led by Jon Gades and in public remarks, praises the efforts of Mechanists, Technologists and the IAK in promoting the positive evolution of the Empire.
4376 The Imperial Exposition on Daedalus suffers from the split themes of the world's primitive Dark Age society and its present status as a noted artistic center.
4377 Lord Thomas Bren kills fourteen Sapiens in a bare-handed "glee-killing" spree on Nova before being apprehended by local authorities and sentenced to indefinite isolation detention.
4378 The IAK survey vessel Rohan discovers an extinct Poltergeist colony at Tombstone in Sector -07,+02,+01; the settlement shows no sign of remnant machine activity, and apparently continued on in a semi-industrial state for at least fifty thousand years after the collapse of the Poltergeist home system civilization.
4379 The Martian patrol cruiser Nirgal collides with the passenger liner Osteras in the inner Solar system, killing 3,200 people and initiating a general rescue effort where private vessels arrive and rescue most of the 1,400 survivors before government vessels can respond.
4380 Riots caused by the rumor of murders conducted for the amusement of the Society for Excess Decadence disrupt the closing ceremonies of the otherwise well-received Imperial Exposition on Sita.
4381 In a scathing interview, Emperor Cleon III condemns the Nobilis as a class, calling them a decaying genetic mistake; in response a group of prominent Nobilis including King Karl of Atlantis form the New Morality, an organization of Nobilis and Sapiens dedicated to service and propriety.
4382 The New Morality calls for a ban on blood sports at Olympic events, but even on Atlantis, King Karl fails to win parliamentary approval for the ban.
4383 The Khald'aron create an artificial wormhole singularity at their Science Eight deep space research facility; attempts to stabilize the wormhole with exotic matter and create an interstellar gate end in failure.
4384 Caracas hosts the Imperial Exposition on Terra, a splendorous display in that golden city which draws millions to its well-managed pavilions.
4385 Pro-Ibrahimite rioters on Levant attempt to stop the secular government from profiting from "depravities" in the form of taxation on genetic transformations and importation of Servants and Constructs; the President of Levant requests and receives Imperial support in restoring order with minimal loss of life.
4386 The Khald'aron abandon their Science Eight station after its wormhole destabilizes further.
4387 The Swarm author Seen-It-Three-Ways wins the Tigarvati Prize for its work Standing on the Mound at Noon, the first cultural Tigarvati for a Swarm.
4388 The Imperial Exposition on Ganymede presents a more severe facade to support the world's New Morality rulers, but after heated discussion the Exposition Committee does allow Olympic blood events to proceed.
4389 An unknown assailant attempts to pilot an anti-matter laden speeder into the Imperial Palace, but dies when detected, deflected and detonated high above Byzantium; no other causalities occurred, though all of Terra remains under high alert for the following month.
4390 A team of New Morality inspired assassins kill twelve in a failed attempt on Earl Tafi of Adonis; two escape offworld and the third dies in a shootout with Adonian police.
4391 Count Alfred Banish of Dover announces he has committed the total genocide of the Eolim, a race of sentient creations he had developed and bred for generations for just such a purpose; the citizens of Dover overthrow their leader, confine him to a mental institution and declare their world a Republic; the Imperial government ignores a request for intervention by the Banish family.
4392 Crown Prince Rogar dies of CID on Erta; his son Cleon (IV) becomes Prince of Mercury.  Hsia hosts an Imperial Exposition noted for its emphasis on traditional Chinese culture.
4393 New Morality firebrand Baron Vlad Jurasik dies of Natani poison during a state dinner at Byzantium, signaling the beginning of a war of assassinations between the New Morality and the Society for Excessive Decadence.
4394 The media notes thirty assassinations of low-level Moralist and Decadent adherents.
4395 Count Robert of Astraea, a leading New Moralist, dies at the hands of a mind-altered Hobgoblin bodyguard.  Lord Mandrake Venin, consort of Princess Felese of the Kuiper-Oort, dies in an explosive decompression blamed on the New Morality.
4396 The Imperial Exposition on Steppe dedicates ninety thousand square kilometers to exhibition space on its expansive Greatest Plain.  King Fillip of Artemis dies of an apparent suicide; his surviving son Antonio becomes King of Artemis.
4397 A series of skirmishes between armed yachts supporting the Moralists and Decadents prompts the Imperial Navy to step up patrols and seize dozens of vessels.
4398 Imperial Chair Sir Alfred Tufi negotiates an end to the war of assassination with an "understanding of limits" agreed to by both Earl Tafi of Adonis and King Karl of Atlantis.
4399 Earl Tafi Vendar calls upon his followers to continue their practices "in private" to avoid "further provocations".  Sir Hans Crassius achieves the rank of Vice Admiral and assumes command of the Imperial base at Talendir.
4400 The Antarctic city of Palmer hosts the Imperial Exposition on Terra, specializing in both winter sports and exquisite art.
4401 The Time Travel Society emerges from Stasis and gains a number of Moralist recruits that more than replenish the defectors from the newer membership.
4402 Chamelia Vladimos wins the Tigarvati Prize for her Altaran Golden Stasis thesis Dispelling Anarchy; the Futaris Sapien is rumored to be engaged in a scandalous liaison with Prince Roban the Younger.
4403 The IAK exploratory cruiser Chrysanthemum discovers a derelict worm drive vessel in a deep elliptical orbit around a white dwarf in Sector -08,-02,+01; based on age and design, the science team determines that the vessel probably belonged to the race known as Romne's Martian Gods.
4404 Orlan D'Juma dies suddenly at age 1031 on Nachen; his adopted homeworld interns his body in an elaborate tomb after an immense funeral ceremony attended by millions, including the Emperor and a large delegation of senior Grand Federation leaders.  Queen Elizabeth of North America dies of CID-related infections during her return from D'Juma's funeral; her son Roban (the Elder) becomes King of North America.  The Imperial Exposition on Callisto is further dampened by the death of Princess Irina in an apparent suicide just after its commencement.
4405 The Dragon Sphere establishes an embassy on Khruzi for the first time since the Dragon War, though relations between the two races remain hostile.
4406 King Roban (the Elder) of North America endorses a Golden Stasis model for his administration, also endorsing the Moralist agenda and removing all Nobles with declared Decadent ties from public office.
4407 An Imperial Edict clarifies the status of Drift stations and artificial habitats in otherwise uninhabited systems, immediately qualifying seven Coreward Drifts and over fifty major habitats Empire-wide for Member status.  A related Imperial Edict clarifies enumeration procedures for Zhretra and Tze't Imperial citizens.
4408 Emerald hosts an Imperial Exposition that becomes a model for its careful segregation of events and exhibitions of diverse cultural themes, limiting hostile interactions and increasing the enjoyment of all participants.
4409 The Khzraut Tzakba Philosophical school offers its translated Principles of Pluralistic Bliss as a model to bridge gaps between diverse human philosophies.
4410 Queen Poula of Europe dies of CID; her great-granddaughter succeeds her as Queen Tani of Europe, initiating a court dedicated to the Decadent arts.
4411 The Imperial Navy establishes a permanent garrison in the Armpit Nebula after an increase in unauthorized flights into the black hole exclusion zone.
4412 The Imperial Exposition at Zeus, known as the Lightning Exposition for its exhibit halls built of plasma and light, receives great acclaim both for its innovation and for its adoption of the Emerald model of cultural harmony.
4413 Octopod-supplied pirates from a mix of races join forces to raid Talendir in a major engagement where over a hundred ships attack  the twenty Imperial warships at the base.  After his decisive leadership at the Battle of Talendir, Sir Hans Crassius becomes Sector Admiral of Sector 721 and commander of all Imperial forces in the Triangle region.
4414 After extensive coastal flooding in Lada on Venus, King Joseph fires the entire senior staff of the Planetary Environment Board.
4415 King Phillip of Australia dies of CID; his great-great granddaughter Helena becomes Queen and proceeds with construction of the Tormented Palace at Sydney, a living, shifting tribute to Decadence.
4416 Marseilles hosts the Imperial Exposition on Terra, focusing on pre-spaceflight Mediterranean culture, including a replica of a Roman era coliseum built for the Goblin Bowl tournament.
4417 In a gesture of friendship to neighboring states, Emperor Cleon III orders the mothballing of the Hellking fleet, retiring the six vessels to Ultima Thule; the gesture is is mostly symbolic, as the vessels remain partially powered, well-maintained, and on standby for immediate recommissioning.
4418 King Joseph V of Venus dies suddenly and is succeeded by his daughter Tannella, who sets a more restrained tone for her reign.
4419 Household Goblins revolt and kill Count Adnan Gur of Hesperia, seizing control of the capital and several cities before Imperial Marines subdue the uprising and slaughter the rebel Goblins; the new Count, Adnan's grand-nephew Boris, does not reconstitute the world's medal-winning Goblin Bowl team.
4420 The Emperor attends the Imperial Exposition at Titan, elevating Duchess Tanda to the rank of Princess and lauding her as an example of the Imperial Nobility at its finest.
4421 Earl Tafi Vendar survives an assassination attempt that briefly threatens to resume violence between the Decadents and Moralists.
4422 The HyperGoth faction, emphasizing darker and more morbid themes, breaks away from the Decadent movement.  Queen Helena of Australia emerges as a major HyperGoth figure.
4423 Imperial diplomats receive reports of border skirmishes between Dragon and Cygnian fleets, though the Dragons deny any conflict.
4424 The Imperial Exposition on Kongo is marred by the self destruction of a HyperGoth exhibit that kills eighty-five participants and twelve bystanders.
4425 Battu Vandos wins the Tigarvati for his Translations in Tolerance, a compilation of Human and alien writings.
4426 The world of Blackpool suffers a disastrous mutant virus plague, killing over eighty thousand within a month; the Imperial Navy quarantines the world and works with Ministry of Science experts to develop a vaccine, though a cure proves elusive.
4427 Sir Hans Crassius becomes Command Admiral of the Coreward Region after the retirement of Admiral Lord Brandon Hall.  An additional five hundred thousand people die on Blackpool before a cure is found.
4428 The Mechanist-dominated world of Murukan hosts the Imperial Exposition in a well-organized effort funded by both the Mechanist church and the IAK.
4429 Unknown assassins release the Blackpool virus in New York on Terra, killing over thirty thousand before quarantine and vaccination efforts take effect.
4430 A voluntary Blackpool vaccination program begins Empire-wide.
4431 Admiral Crassius begins coordination meetings with his Grand Federation and Dragon counterparts to security common borders and suppress lawless in the Triangle.
4432 The African city of Kampala hosts a lavish Imperial Exposition.
4433 Fires set by HyperGoth adherents devastate the Australian outback, prompting protests against Queen Helena.  Australian household troops suppress riots in Sydney and Melbourne, but allow rioters and looters to destroy much of downtown Perth before stepping in.
4434 Citizens of Nergal in Sector 4 overthrow their despotic ruler, Countess Tamila Zhang, in a bloodless coup and institute a multi-racial Republic; the Imperial Navy refuses direct intervention and Zhang's appeals to the Emperor for support go unanswered.
4435 Calderan scientists perfect the Rymar Stabilization biomorphic regenerative process for Nobilis, allowing greater protection from CID; adverse reaction from Ibrahimite and Catholic officials as well as Sapiens within the Ministry of Science prevent the implementation of the process, which involve reengineering the Nobilis race through a transformation-like.
4436 The Imperial Exposition at Oberon bans HyperGoth exhibitions and presents a more Moralist-oriented theme in line with the philosophies of the world's ruling clergy.
4437 The Emperor officially bans Rymar Stabilization, agreeing that it represents a variation on the Nobilis genome; the process is adopted for general use on the Calderan worlds.
4438 Jon Gades succeeds Van Turin as the Mechanist Primal; the charismatic figure begins an active campaign to spread the religion and gains hundreds of millions of converts throughout the Empire.
4439 Ishmahil Mustafa begins a tour of Ibrahimite worlds throughout the Empire, preaching adherence to his father's principles and separation from the rot of the Nobility and corrupted Variant Sapiens.
4440 Levant demonstrates that it can hold a successful and profitable Imperial Exposition where all viewpoints are represented, even the offshoot Palmerist DeathGoth sect.
4441 The Dragon's home sun suffers a series of unstable pulses that release heavy radiation and force a halt to spaceflight within the Draco system for a period of five months; Dragon stellar engineers fix the problem and declare that they can keep their sun in the main sequence for at least another 600,000 years.
4442 The Imperial Coreward Command, in cooperation with Dragon and Grand Federation forces, begin Operation Symmetry, a sweep of pirate and illegal settlements in the Triangle region, effectively ending piracy and lawlessness in the region.
4443 Khronos dedicates a vast underground entertainment complex to HyperGoth and DeathGoth entertainments, allowing adherents to practice their vices without disturbing other patrons.
4444 The otherwise worthy Imperial Exposition at Aeon is overshadowed by King John 2222 Party on Libertas where a thousand individuals exceeding that age lavishly display their wealth and influence.
4445 Emperor Cleon III grants an audience to Admiral Crassius, praising him for his military and diplomatic contributions to the Empire; shortly thereafter Crassius becomes Grand Master of the Order of the Empire's Sword, a position he holds until his death.
4446 Earl Tafi Vendar survives another assassination attempt, but information soon leaks that he placed a price on his own head as a method of entertainment; leading the Emperor to offer an Imperial Guard platoon to compete for the bounty; the Earl removes the bounty, but continues to be a leading Decadent figure, though his movement is increasingly overshadowed by its extreme Gothic offshoots.
4447 Atlantis bans public suicides, a controversial law that proves difficult to enforce.
4448 Byzantium hosts the Imperial Exposition in new permanent facilities north of the city dedicated to all aspects of Imperial culture.
4449 Developers uncover a second site attributed to Romne's Martian Gods near the Martian Southern Pole; few recognizable artifacts remain, but the collapsed site buried over a kilometer deep covers over two square kilometers.
4450 After an abortive attempt by criminals to seize the Hellking Anubis at Ultima Thule, the Ministry of Defense orders the six decommissioned planet killers dispersed to separate naval stations in the six frontier regions.
4451 Hurik Adannan, future Marshal, Imperial Chair and rebel Republican leader is born on Dyson, a relatively backwater idyllic world in Sector 40.
4452 Duchess Melisa of Triton opens the Imperial Exposition on that moon, welcoming the Emperor and kicking off his three hundredth Jubilee celebration.
4453 The Emperor personally approves an extension of service for Command Admiral Sir Hans Crassius after the Commander of the Coreward Region fulfills a century of Imperial service.
4454 The B'dr'rak mercantile clans win elective power over their worlds, inaugurating a warmer relationship between the race and the Empire.
4456 Amaterasu, deep in a revival of its Easterner roots, hosts an elaborate but overly formal Imperial Exposition.
4457 The Imperial Mother, Queen Tabitha of Mars dies; Emperor Cleon III assumes the title King of Mars, but leaves direct rule to an appointed council headed by Duke Altamon Vega of Tharsis.
4458 The government of Hercules passes legislation liberalizing public nuisance laws, essentially allowing any activity that does not cause others direct harm; the new laws become known as "The Tasteless Acts".
4459 Sapien rebels overthrow and murder the ruling family of Hegnar Lun in Sector 182 before an Imperial task force arrives to suppress the uprising.  After investigations point to a unwieldy communication process at Hegnar Lun, the Emperor authorizes Sector Admirals and Generals to use their discretion in responding directly to Nobilis requests for Imperial intervention in local disputes.  Dowager Empress Alexandra, widow of Cleon II, dies at Byzantium of an undisclosed illness.
4460 Shuldra Drift, situated in interstellar space in Sector 691, hosts an Imperial Exposition that celebrates its new status as an Imperial Member world.
4461 Mechanist Primal Jon Gades dedicates the Pavel Karinsky Cathedral on Karinsky; the multi-tier edifice houses spiritual exhibits, historical artifacts and over two billion stored Mechanist backups.
4462 The Ibrahimite world of Islam bans entry to known Decadent and Goth adherents, earning a Ministry of Justice rebuke but effectively ending the trickle of such visitors.
4463 Imperial and Grand Federation squadrons engage in a tense stand-off near Kharbaz in Sector 730, a region claimed by both governments, but mostly occupied by the Grand Federation.
4464 Singapore hosts an Terran Imperial Exposition entirely set in renovated arcologies in the Singapore Strait.
4465 Imperial Chair Sir Alfred Tufi travels to Focus to discuss the status of the Chlorine Races, two Grand Federations species whose spheres of influence fall within the expanding Imperial border in Sectors 730 and 766.
4466 Pope Pius XXXVII of New Rome receives Ishmahil Mustafa; the two issue a joint Declaration of Human Principles.
4467 After a failure of negotiations with the Grand Federation, Emperor Cleon III dismisses Tufi and reassumes the Imperial Chair.  The Emperor travels to Focus to personally negotiate the peaceful annexation of the Chlorine Races and border adjustment amendments to the Nachen Treaty of 3854.  The Chlor Alpha and Chlor Beta races enter the Empire as Major races.
4468 Emperor Cleon III appoints Sir Egon Drellis, formerly Minister of Justice, as the Imperial Chair and resumes a passive role in Imperial affairs.  Kuiper Princess Felese host the Imperial Exposition on Charon, focusing on Decadent, HyperGoth and DeathGoth themes, with more "straight" exhibits situated on separate facilities on Pluto.
4469 Imperial forces occupy the long abandoned honeycombed Tadla world of Tashera in Sector 766, beginning civilian occupation of areas of the vast abandoned subterranean catacombs.
4470 Hurik Adannan travels to Mars on a scholarship to attend the Imperial Marine Academy at Lowell.
4471 Emperor Cleon III dies of CID at the Uplands Palace complex on Bengal.  The coronation of the Emperor's grandson as Emperor Cleon IV proceeds after a lengthy debate in the Imperial High Council, where a substantial minority favors Cleon III's surviving son, Prince Garth, as Emperor.  Cleon IV's son Olav becomes Prince of Mercury, Prince Garth becomes King of Asia, and the Emperor retains the titles of Duke of Delphi, Prince of Bengal and King of Mars.  Emperor Cleon IV appoints Sir Harven Tschi to the position of Imperial Chair.
4472 Isis hosts the Imperial Exposition of the Sun, a celebration of the world's often fickle star.  Moralist Lady Tricia Leung becomes Minister of Culture and begins a campaign to marginalize Decadence and its offshoots.
4473 Imperial Marines thwart a Khabaderan plot to destroy the new Imperial Sector 730 headquarters at Ocelot.
4474 The Emperor begins a major expansion of grounds at the Spring Palace on Erta and purchases three large reserves, one on each of the world's major continents.
4475 The Ministry of Colonization rebuffs requests by Grand Federation methane-breathing races to settle the Empire's thousands of suitable methane ecology worlds.
4476 Yggdrasil hosts an Imperial Exposition set among the world's groves of city-sized fauna.
4477 Ibrahim Msutafa issues a sermon declaring the Nobilis race irreversibly physically and morally degenerate; the sermon and its rebroadcast prompts scattered attacks against Nobilis interests that subside after Ibrahim appeals to his followers to respect legal authority.
4478 The Empire and the Grand Federation negotiate a new series of customs and immigration treaties that clarify expatriate status of races living or working in each other's territories; the Khald'aron subsequently join the treaty, creating a travel zone stretching from Rigel to the inner edge of the Orion arm.
4479 The Ministry of Colonization opens Ocelot for general settlement, encouraging a human presence in the new annexed Chlorine Races region.
4480 DeathGoth activities disrupt the Imperial Exposition at Quebec City on Terra, prompting King Roban to ban the movement from his realm and deport adherents to Australia.
4481 Ibrahim's grandson Hammed meets with King Karl of Atlantis to discuss cooperation between the Moralists and moderate Ibrahimites, releasing a joint statement that eventually becomes the basis of the Hammedian sect.
4482 Hurik Adannan joins Admiral Crassius's staff as a young Marine Captain specializing in intelligence.
4483 The DeathGoth Lord Alistair Tramble (a.k.a. Alabaster Trample) kills Culture Minister Leung in a suicide bombing on Venus.
4484 Crown Prince Olav opens the Imperial Exposition on Mercury and earns his enduring nickname "The Stutterer".
4485 The Imperial Sun undergoes a full retrofit, receiving Class E drives, improved Stasis generators, lunar range teleporter nodes and advanced quantum metal accommodations.
4486 The Emperor appoints Prince Roban the Younger as ambassador to the Dragon Sphere.
4487 Imperial Chair Sir Harven Tschi resigns, citing ill health, and retires to Delphi, where he dies shortly thereafter.  The Emperor appoints Duke Altamon Vega (Duke Vega) of Tharsis as the new Imperial Chair.
4488 Amazonia hosts a peaceful Imperial Exposition in a celebration of its tolerant "Fusion" culture.  Duke Vega replaces the entire Cabinet, increasing a pro-Nobilis slant in all Ministries.
4489 A controversial Imperial Edict declares CID and generational fatigue medically recognized defects, opening the way for legal Rymar Stabilization and prenatal genetic corrections for the Nobilis; the Imperial Congress protests, but the High Council narrowly defeats a resolution calling on the Emperor to reconsider.
4490 In response to growing religious and secular Sapien protests over legalized Nobilis modifications, a revised edict restricts generational fatigue repairs to adult Nobilis, limiting the repair to their future offspring.  The revised edict, which continues to allow Rymar Stabilization, satisfies few, but protests gradually subside.
4491 Sapien anti-Nobilis protestors attempt to seize control of the Viceroy offices on Kumar; Imperial Marines kill seven while defending the building, beginning an investigation and lawsuits over excess use of force.
4492 Emperor Cleon IV attends his last Cabinet meeting.  The Emperor spends the rest of his reign at various Imperial Palaces and aboard the Imperial Sun on extended tours and hunting expeditions throughout the Empire.  The Emperor's last major public appearance is at the opening of the colorful Imperial Exposition at Maya.
4493 Baron Cadaran Norris of Mars becomes Minister of Defense.
4494 An Imperial Edict reaffirms the military's right to use lethal force to subdue attacks on government facilities and officials and holds military personnel blameless while performing those duties in good faith.
4495 Calderan medical doctors receive permission to practice outside their worlds, often skirting genetic laws when caring for Nobilis patients.
4496 South American King Arturo presides over the Inca-themed Imperial Exposition at La Paz on Terra.
4497 An amendment reinstituting capital punishment for treason and murder fails to win even majority support in either the High Council or the Congress.
4498 After scandal ends the career of Admiral Lady Jana Turel, Duke Vega appoints Admiral Crassius to replace her as Commander of the Imperial Guard; most of Crassius's staff transfers with him, including Colonel Hurik Adannan, his Chief of Special Projects.
4499 Imperial settlers and militia battle and defeat Khabaderan squatters in the tunnels of Tashera.
4500 Queen Tannella hosts an inclusive and tasteful Imperial Exposition on Venus, marred only by her public dispute with Queen Helena of Australia over protocol and propriety.
4501 The Time Travel Society emerges at Australia and other locations; four former original members choose to return to the program, and four others, including David Travers, decide to spend a century evaluating current society.
4502 The Emperor's eldest grandson, Prince Rogar Kamarov, decides to join the Imperial Navy as an Ensign, though he is almost two hundred years old.
4503 A report from the Census Office shows a marked decline in CID deaths, an increase of over two centuries in Nobilis life expectancy and increases in female Nobilis fertility beyond the age of two hundred, direct effects of Rymar Stabilization.
4504 The rugged world of Ch'in hosts the Imperial Exposition amid the cliff-side dwellings and razor peaks of the Valley of Heaven.
4505 A DeathGoth suicide team led by Lord Vandalous Truman fails in their attempt to assassinate the Emperor on Dragonfly; all six assassins and four Imperial Guards die in the attack.
4506 Hammed Mustafa begins preaching at a renovated mosque in Karachi, marking the formal beginning of the Hammedian Sect; his uncle, Ishmahil suggests that Hammed is too liberal, but Ibrahim voices approval of Hammed's inclusive approach.
4507 Kars deJarla wins the Tigarvati Prize for his innovative Concordia architectural style, an extravagantly artistic blend of obsessive detail, Stasis, living metal and force field construction best illustrated by his Hall of Nobles on Aphrodite.
4508 Nereus hosts an Imperial Exposition noted for a number of new sports records, an undefeated Libertine Goblin Bowl team and failed attempts by DeathGoths to disrupt the closing ceremonies by trying to implode the Exposition Coliseum Dome.
4509 The arranged wedding of Prince Rogar Kamarov to Princess Shiana Roosevelt-Turlow of the Kalmaran House Roosevelt falls through, with the Prince vowing to remain single for the duration of his naval career.
4510 Construction begins on the Subaru Drift, a joint Human-Zhretra venture deep in the Pleiades cluster.
4511 A DeathGoth telesuit suicide squad kills Queen Tannella of Venus, Prince Orlan (the Emperor's younger son) and six others at a state dinner in Ishtar City; the Emperor's grandmother, Sabra, becomes Queen of Venus.
4512 Investigators link the assassination of Queen Tannella and others to an Australian DeathGoth group, but fail to implicate Queen Helena in the plot.  Security at the Imperial Exposition at Christchurch on Terra remains strong and hundreds of DeathGoths are arrested; seven receive lengthy sentences to Gehenna for attempted terrorism.
4513 Commander Rogar Kamarov receives the Imperial Star for his actions commanding the frigate New Salem in action against four Khabaderan pirate vessels in Sector 802.
4514 Ibrahimite and Golden Stasists clash on Venus in multiple incidents that prompt heightened security planet-wide.
4515 Queen Helena of Australia and dozens of her retinue commit suicide at the culmination of her hundredth jubilee festival; her son Phillip II, a more moderate figure, becomes King and orders the demolition of the Tormented Palace.
4516 Luna hosts a well-praised Imperial Exposition, with a full venue and no disruptions; the Hall of Worlds, a Concordia-inspired architectural gem, is especially well received.
4517 David Travers begins a grand tour of Known Space, eventually traveling to Rigel, Drago, Focus and the Coreward edge of the Orion Arm.
4518 Tania Remaro wins the Tigarvati Prive for her use of nano-organics in stylish and elaborate apparel.
4519 Lady Sandi Trevor-Obuto-Zhou becomes Minister of Culture, promising to promote creativity and decorum throughout the Empire.
4520 An Imperial Guardsman belonging to a fanatical Ibrahimite offshoot sect disintegrates Queen Sabra of Venus before being gunned down by his fellow guardsmen.  Emperor Cleon IV assumes the crown of Venus.  Duke Vega orders the Ministry of Defense to purge members of three extremist Ibrahimite sects from the military.  Scattered crackdowns against the sects and counterattacks on Nobilis interests spread though the Solar System and the Central region, causing thousands of deaths.  The sober Imperial Exposition on Regina proceeds without major incidents from Ibrahimites or DeathGoths.
4521 Major General Hurik Adannan receives the Order of the Gryphon and the Order of the Emperor's Sword after his Guard Division subdues an Ibrahimite and Sapien insurrection in Alcott on Venus.
4522 Ibrahim reforms his church hierarchy to centralize the clergy and clarify doctrine, calling on all his followers to eschew violence "for the present".  Baron Cadaran Norris resigns as Defense Minister as part of a comprise with mainstream Ibrahimite officers that prevents a possible military uprising; Command Admiral Sir Hans Crassius becomes Minister of Defense.
4523 Hammed Mustafa moves to Nasser in Sector 36, establishing a mosque among the mixed secular and religious Arab population.
4524 Gagarin hosts an Imperial Exposition focused on the theme of Human exploration of space from the Twentieth Century to the present.
4525 Primal Jon Gades publishes the Mechanist Credo, a summation of the rights and responsibilities of Mechanist adherents.
4526 Duke Vega assigns the Dux Council, comprised of the sixteen Venusian Dukes and Duchesses to act as the world's planetary executive authority in the Emperor's name.
4527 King Phillip II of Austrialia bans public Goth displays and deports all DeathGoth adherents to Europe and South America.
4528 DeathGoths expatriates riot during the Imperial Exposition in Budapest on Terra; the Imperial Guard puts down the disturbances, killing a dozen DeathGoths who had stormed the Guard forces with guns and explosives.
4529 The IAK centralizes Trailing survey operations, creating a hub on the Class A world Hortense in Sector -08,+01,-01.
4530 Crassius promotes Sir Hurik Adannan to Marshal and gives him the Coreward Command.  Prince Rogar Kamarov becomes Sector Admiral of Sector 339, headquartered at Nokara in the Erta system.
4531 Earl Tafi Vendar of Adonis dies after falling from a thousand meter spire at his Chrysalis palace in an apparent suicide; many note this as the end of the Decadent Era.

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