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The Age of Elegance



The Age of Elegance was a period of surface decorum marred by occasional violence and a growing separation and suspicion between the Human Nobilis and Sapien elite, exacerbated by increasingly strident rhetoric and violent dissent by growing Ibrahimite fundamentalism.  This final period of Imperial history was dominated by two Imperial Chairs, Admiral Sir Hans Crassius and his protégé, Marshal Sir Hurik Adannan.  Both men distrusted the Nobility; Crassius, though of volatile temper, managed relations between the Great Houses, the Orders of Knighthood and the leaders of the Imperial legislatures quiet well, maintaining an uneasy government cohesion; the more restrained and secretive Adannan was less likely to trust the Nobilis and sympathized with those who would weaken Nobilis influence, a flaw that eventually unraveled the Empire.

Hans Crassius became Imperial Chair in 4558CE after Emperor Cleon IV yielded to Moralist and Sapien pressure and dismissed Duke Altamon Vega after allegations of immorality and complaints of arrogance.  Crassius immediately began to stack the upper levels of the Imperial Bureaucracy with loyal Sapiens. 

In 4588CE, responding to perceived intelligence failures, Cleon IV authorized the creation of the paramilitary Imperial Interior Intelligence Service (3I), responsible directly to the Imperial Chair.  Crassius appointed Marshal Adannan, adept at decades of intelligence analysis, to command the 3I.  In 4608CE Marshal Adannan formed the secret Shadow Corps within the 3I; their charge was surveillance of Imperial military officers, especially Nobilis, possibly disloyal to the Emperor.  The Corps soon expanded operations, secretly spying on the Nobilis Houses as well.

Cleon IV died in 4619CE when an unsolved disintegrator explosion destroyed the Imperial Sun off Aphrodite, killing the Emperor and three of his Ministers.  After considerable debate, the Imperial Congress and High Council confirmed Olav IV, "the Stutterer", as the last undisputed Emperor of Humanity.  A substantially following of Congressional representatives supported an unsolicited bid to instead enthrone Olav's son, the popular Prince Rogar, and a number of High Councilors pushed for the nomination of Cleon IV's cousin, King Roban Kamarov "the Elder" of House Farrar-Kamarov and King of North America and Asia.

After a tumultuous 4623CE tour of Camelot, where Marshal Adannan saved Olav IV from one of two assassination attempts, the Emperor retreated into growing isolation in his Imperial Apartments in Byzantium, eventually allowing audiences only with his son, Crown Prince Rogar, now both Prince of Mercury and King of Venus, and with Admiral Crassius and Marshal Adannan.

In 4643CE, the course of the Imperial succession began to falter after the Imperial heir suffered a massive stroke.  Though King Rogar gradually recovered, continuing strokes and infirmities sapped his strength and effectiveness and he eventually died in 4710CE, mostly supported by cybernetic organs in his latter years.

Imperial Chair Crassius disappears from his private quarters in 4644CE.  An extensive 3I investigation supervised by Adannan determined that Crassius fell victim to assassination by disintegration at the orders of the succeeding Imperial Chair, former Minister of Defense Sir Paul Carlsen.  In the subsequent two week war of assassination, Carlsen and his closest associates perished and Marshal Sir Hurik Adannan became the new Imperial Chair.

Renewed violence between the Nobilis and Ishmahili Ibrahimites erupted after the controversial killing of Ibrahimite Imam Thurgon Rallis by Lord Aspen Maxwell-Turner of Venus kills was ruled self defense.  The Ibrahimite Revolt of 4653-4656CE cost tens of millions on twenty worlds, mostly Venus and Thisbe, and forever soured relations between the increasingly militarized factions.

In reaction to these radicalizing forces, the Shadow Corps began Operation Sapphire in 4660CE, a covert action to identify and eliminate potentially disloyal Imperial officers, specifically Nobilis and Ibrahimite agitators.  Publicly, Adannan encouraged the Coalition for the Preservation of the Empire, a moderate secular anti-Nobilis political party.

Frustrated by Nobilis rule, Command Admiral Sir Istin Katannin, ostensibly pro-Preservationist, mutinied in 4682CE, rallying large portions of his Rimward Fleet and proclaiming himself President of the Betelgeuse Republic.  Katannin revoked all Nobilis privileges and titles and moved against the Calderan worlds.  Adannan's reluctant but eventual response with the Imperial Central Regional fleets, aided by squadrons of Nobilis auxiliaries under King Roban the Elder's command, led to Katannin's defeat and capture, ending the revolt by 4684CE.  In the recriminations, purges and trials that followed Katannin and his followers died in detention or suffered at Gehenna and the Preservationist Party disbanded in disarray.

The 48th century saw attempts at reconciliation, as Ibrahim renewed his support for Imperial institutions and Adannan worked to create a new moderate Sapien coalition.  But divisions and distrust continued and the disintegrating Imperial family did little to help.  After Rogar's death in 4710CE, his sister Elizabeth, Queen of Mars and now Princess of Mercury, became Imperial heir and Rogar's brother, Orlan the Imbecile, became King of Venus.  In 4750CE, Elizabeth killed herself after acknowledging that both she and Orlan were sterile, victims of generational fatigue.  King Orlan Kamarov, barely a meter and a quarter tall and mentally a six year-old, became heir to the Imperial throne.

The final unraveling began in 4752CE, when a House Farrar-Kamarov operative penetrated and exposed Operation Sapphire.  Adannan fled the Nobilis outrage and Emperor Olav IV, still convinced of Adannan's loyalty, reluctantly appointed Minister of State Sir Percival Nassim as interim Imperial Chair, pending Adannan's surrender and prosecution for murder and treason.  Nearly a year had passed, with Adannan still at large and unrest growing, when the President of the Imperial High Council, Atlantian Prince Tomas Turki, used the opportunity of a rare audience to assassinate Emperor Olav IV and wound Crown Prince Orlan.

Unwilling to confirm Orlan as Emperor, the High Council and nearly every Nobilis Great House rallied behind King Roban the Elder.  Chair Nassim and the Bureaucracy, joined vocally by Ibrahim and prominent Congressional Sapiens, rallied behind Orlan.  Before the end of November 4753CE, the conflict had erupted in open warfare and the War of Disintegration had begun.

At its end, the Empire of Humanity encompassed over settled 20,000 worlds within a radius six hundred light-years.  Nearly a trillion Humans and over half a trillion other races lived within the Imperial borders.


Underneath the glittering surface, the Age of Elegance was a period of growing struggle between the Imperial Chairs and the Nobilis Great Houses, with increasing Ibrahimite unrest fueling the fires.  While relations with the Empire's increasingly minority non-Human races and foreign powers remained solid, Human society spiraled into growing factionalism and hatred.

The Great Houses eventually rallied behind the growing influence of House Farrar-Kamarov, led by Roban the Elder, King of North America and Asia.  Roban inherited the Kingdom of North America from his Farrar mother in 4404CE, and after his father's death in 4550CE, he ruled Asia as well, increasingly helped by his able son, Roban the Younger, who governed from Beijing between stints as ambassador to the major Known Space powers.  After the Emperor's sister Princess Hanna died in 4639CE, Olav IV passed the Principality of Bengal to Roban the Elder to placate Nobilis unrest over their waning influence in the Cabinet.  Roban the Younger turned Bengal into a base of support for his father's House and into a rallying point for conservative Rimward Nobilis and their Calderan allies.

Independent Nobilis power had increased in the aftermath of the Camelot incident of 4593CE, where a slow or malicious Imperial response led to the slaughter of the hundreds of local Nobilis.  In Camelot's wake, Emperor Cleon IV allowed Nobilis households to maintain heavy military equipment and armed spacecraft, the beginning of private armies and squadrons.  By the time Nobilis auxiliaries fought against Katannin, a large Great House could field more ships than some Sector fleets.

In 4725CE Prince Tomas Turki of Atlantis became President of the Imperial High Council and solidified an alliance between House Farrar-Kamarov and House Turki.  Prince Tomas tilted the Imperial High Council toward a pro-Nobilis line with his legislative agenda and commission appointments.  After Elizabeth's suicide, Nobilis pressure influenced Olav IV to name Roban the Younger as the new King of Mars, but this appeasement only further emboldened the Nobilis to seek an alternative heir to Orlan the Imbecile.

Sapien reaction to Nobilis power was both secular and religious.  Adannan actively supported moderate Sapien efforts to curb the Nobility and privately quoted from Mikal Hender's inflammatory Tyranny of the Few when frustrated with Great House obstinacy.  After the collapse of the Preservationist movement, Adannan encouraged the Imperial Unity party to promote secular Sapien goals.  Himself a Low Cyborg, Adannan's relationship with the Ibrahimites remained poor.


For most of the last few centuries of the Empire, technological innovation waned.  The Ministry of Science was a shell of its former self, and the IAK had assumed nearly complete responsibility for exploration.  By the 48th century, the tentative stirrings of a scientific renaissance had begun, but the end of the Empire cut short any real progress.

In the 46th century, continuing economic ties with the Grand Federation led to the introduction of Tze't-based bio-link technology and by the end of the century, the MZS joint venture was selling millions of bio-linked Constructs across the Empire.  Tze't and Zhantlian-based biological products competed with traditional mechanical items in markets including cybernetic modification and fashion. 

Khald'aron attempts to perfect macro autonomous self-replicators failed dramatically when experimental units ran amok, devastating the Science Six station and spreading to Ret'tabbulka, forcing the Khald'aron Republic to reluctantly request Imperial assistance in destroying the world and causing three million casualties.  The resulting Treaty of Kumar banned non-Zhretran self-replicants across Known Space in 4582CE.

The continued environmental problems on Venus and the failures of Plan V were eventually overcome by Aleria Kundova's 4635CE Plan VI, a five hundred year plan for achieving full ecological and tectonic stability on the heavily populated terraformed world.

Most technological innovation during the period focused on artistic design.  The stylish starships of the Durin Design Works and the great works of Concordian architecture benefited from highly technical applications of Worm/Stasis science.

The slow renaissance in technology began secretly, with the 4700CE Imperial Navy development of a Class F prototype worm drive, a 14% improvement in performance.  Though the discovery remained confined to classified Imperial couriers and fast frigates, it demonstrated that progress was still possible, even under Imperial auspices. 

In 4715CE the Jovian governments unveiled the new Jove Web teleportation network, allowing continuous operations between Europa, Ganymede and Callisto and teleportation between Io and Europa through most of the inner moon's orbit.  Improved Jovian teleporters spread to the Dorian and Ertan systems and improved service between Terra and Luna.

From their base at Hortense, the IAK continued exploration of the Trailing regions, including the fabled lost Terminus Expedition, which departed in 4745CE on a planned ten year voyage to the far outer reaches of the Orion Arm.


Architecture, style and decorum dominated the last two centuries of the Empire, even as tensions simmered into occasional violence.  As the remnants of the Decadent movement migrated to the Kuiper Principality or stayed below the surface on dissolute worlds like Libertas and Khronos, a formal culture emphasizing intricacy in construction, fashion and behavior gained prominence over much of Imperial society.

The Concordia style, with an obsessively detailed blending of Stasis, living metal and force field construction, became immensely popular in the 46th century, inspiring the building of countless palaces, towers and arcologies across the Empire.  Concordia inspired a renewal of formal attire, and the malls and salons of Elegant Era society were bejeweled by throngs in glittering suits and gowns.

Concordia spawned the Quantum and Fractal movements, one a technologically advanced austere reaction to ornate detail, the other a mathematical extension of Concordian techniques to near infinite intricacy.  By the 48th century the neoJenan movement began to dominate both architecture and fashion, and society begin to become even more obsessed with deference and decorum.

Ibrahimism grew to encompass a hundred and fifty billion adherents by 4750CE.  Increasingly, the religion was dividing into two major sects, held in place only by the personality of the religion's founder, Ibrahim Mustafa, who worked to lessen overt tensions with Imperial authorities. 

Ibrahim's older grandson, Hammed Mustafa, the "Old Nephew", continued to develop his Hammedian Sect based on peaceful coexistence with the Nobilis and other Human religions, sects and Variants.  Based on the Declaration of Tolerance, Hammed's philosophies were better received in the Frontier regions and earned him respect from the Imperial leadership and even some Nobilis houses.

Ibrahim's youngest son, Ishmahil Mustafa, the "Young Uncle", headed the increasingly strident Ishmahili Ibrahimite sect, which explicitly opposed Nobilis rule and all drastic forms of Human genetic and mechanical transformation.  In 4598CE, Ishmahil established the scarlet-robed paramilitary Order of Purity, which survived the Ibrahimite Revolt of 4653-4656CE to gain adherents and access to more advanced armaments, including armed starships.  In 4729CE, Ishmahil broke with established scientific circles to create the grey-robed Order of Enlightenment, which pursued science and philosophy based on Ibrahimite principles.  Two years later, Ishmahil published his Model for a Moral Society, effectively a call for an anti-Nobilis revolution.

Chronology Table

4532 The Ministry of State recommends Major Race status for the Natani, who have spent a thousand years as a Minor Race; after some debate in the Cabinet, the Emperor signs an Edict declaring the Natani race Major.  The Emperor attends the Imperial Exposition on Mars, an affair noted for its orderly management and elegant venues.
4533 Duke Vega angers many Sapiens by appointing the vocally pro-Nobilis Lord Hanver Denn of Atlantis as the new Minister of Justice.
4534 A five Terran mass rogue world enters the system of Golmuran, a Cargomen world in Sector 125; bringing the Kali out of mothballs, Marshal Adannan leads the task force that transforms the rouge into a new, harmless planetoid belt.
4535 The B'dr'rak physicist Br'tak Pel Rurr'ta'bla wins the Tigarvati Prize, a first for his race, for his work developing the Multi-Continuum Timescape model.
4536 The Imperial Exposition on Gothia, rumored to be a focal point of continuing HyperGoth and DeathGoth activity, proceeds with only minor disruptions and fewer than expected Decadent and neoGothic exhibitions, clearly demonstrating the ebbing of the extremist movements.
4537 Ibrahimite radicals on Venus attack a Futaris Golden Stasis gathering, killing three dozen and igniting three riots in the Fortuna Duchy, causing an additional four hundred deaths before local enforcers and the Imperial Guard can restore order.
4538 The Dux Council appoints Harold IV, Duke of Lakshmi, as sole executive of Venus, giving him authority to increase the police presence and strengthen local Nobilis household guards, deputizing House units to serve as auxiliary troops.
4539 Crown Prince Olav appoints Lord Horus Larkin as Consul of Mercury, responsible for managing the world's executive branch.
4540 Barsoom hosts an Imperial Exposition whose theme plays to the world's mythic name and semi-arid badlands.
4541 Hortense joins the Empire as a full Member; at 752 light years from Sol, it remains the furthest Member of the Empire of Humanity.
4542 Decadents and neoGoths from throughout the Solar system meet at a Conclave at Persephone in the Kuiper Belt, marking the continuing migration of their diehard adherents to the outer reaches of the Solar system.
4543 Three Tze't corporations introduce bio-link products to the Imperial market, allowing bio-implanted Humans to mentally control Tze't biological constructs; the Ministry of Commerce denies use of bio-links for Avatar creation and control.
4544 The city of Khartoum on Terra hosts an Imperial Exposition with a significant Ibrahimite theme and very few Decadent or Gothic exhibits; blood sports are segregated to inferior facilities far outside the main Exposition area.
4545 The Hall of Crystal, a Concordia-inspired structure, opens on the Imperial mall in Byzantium as a museum of art history.
4546 Marshal Adannan dispatches two fleets to strike pirate outposts in the Triangle after a resurgence of raider activity.
4547 After destroying six pirate outposts, The Empire, Grand Federation and Dragons sign a Treaty of Understanding with the Octopods at Talendir, effectively ending pirate activity in the Triangle until the fall of the Empire.
4548 The Imperial Exposition in the Solar Belt again utilizes force fields and free space structure to provide a unique backdrop to events and exhibitions.  The Belt government of Ceres exiles ten prominent Decadent Nobilis to the Kuiper Belt, seizing their private estates; an appeal to the Emperor goes unanswered.
4549 With tacit Imperial approval, Sapiens on Athena, backed by a strong Technologist faction, overthrow their Decadent Earl and set up a representative democracy.
4550 King Garth of Asia dies of an apparent suicide; his son King Roban (the Elder) of North America assumes the throne of Asia as well.
4551 Prince Roban the Younger returns from his long stint as Ambassador at Draco to help his father govern Asia.
4552 The world of Manchukuo hosts the Imperial Exposition in venues focusing on the world's Easterner origin and its frontier days.
4553 King Karl of Atlantis appoints his three hundred year old grandson, Prince Tomas Turki as Atlantian representative to the Imperial High Council.
4554 The Olympic subcommittee of the Ministry of Culture narrowly votes to retain the Goblin Bowl tournament, but bans Death Race events and Team Gladiator competitions.
4555 Duke Vega publicly apologizes after records of his previous visits to Decadent haunts in the Kuiper Principality surface in the popular media.
4556 Kumar hosts the Imperial Exposition, a celebration of the remote regional capital that proceeds without any neoGothic exhibits and sees heavy Khald'aron participation.
4557 Protests mount after Duke Vega remarks that the Nobilis must retain a permanent dominate role in Imperial politics.
4558 The Emperor submits to Moralist and Sapien pressure and dismisses Duke Vega; Admiral Hans Crassius becomes the Imperial Chair.
4559 Eight member worlds, including the Kuiper Principality, Libertas and Khronos combine to form the core of the Blood Games circuit, featuring everything from Goblin Bowl and recently banned Olympic events to competitions that would recoil even some Decadents.
4560 The Emperor returns to Terra to open the Imperial Exposition at Byzantium, but leaves before the first day is over, leaving Crassius to attend festivities and major social events.
4561 The Technologist-dominated government on Acre in Sector 396 declares independence from the Empire and encourages a coup on nearby Rondonia.  Marshal Adannan, on tour in Sector 393, leads his squadron to Acre to put down the revolt, killing or arresting the ringleaders.  In response to the Acre revolt, Crassius dictates an Imperial Edict increasing surveillance capabilities of the Imperial Guard.
4562 The Emperor appoints Prince Roban the Younger as Ambassador to Khald'aron and, despite misgivings, Roban leaves his estate outside Beijing to travel to the Rim.
4563 On Venus, Harold IV, Duke of Lakshmi, dies in a duel with Lord Rammel Torn; the Imperial Chair becomes the effective ruler of Venus, acting through the Dux Council.
4564 Duke Hector of Io hosts the Imperial Exposition in the caldera of the dormant Loki volcano.
4565 Prince Roban the Younger visits Rigel and enters the Rigel-Antares Rally on a lark, finishing fourth; Crassius reprimands Roban, but the Emperor refuses to accept his resignation as ambassador.
4566 On the Sector 49 world of Hellas a massive undersea methane hydrate release saturates the atmosphere, causing severe global warming; eight thousand die of heat-related causes or coastal flooding, and the seventy million residents suffers for months as atmosphere scrubbers work to stabilize the temperature.
4567 After a brawl in a Khruzi eatery kills three natives and a Dragon attaché, the Khruzi government shuts down the Dragon embassy and expels all Dragons citizens to Mendam or back to the Dragon Sphere.
4568 The Imperial Exposition on Aphrodite emphasizes the world's elaborate Concordia architectural styles and serves as the inauguration of the floating city of Fantasia.
4569 Duke Altamon Vega liquidates his personal properties on Mars, abdicates his rule of Tharsis to his grandson Albert and relocates to Glorious, where he remains secluded on a remote estate.
4570 Citing unspecified health concerns, Prince Roban the Younger resigns as Ambassador to Khald'aron and returns to Terra to help govern Asia.
4571 Continued friction between Dragon and Khruzi citizens leads to a Dragon ban on Khruzi travels within the Dragon Sphere; the Khruzi retaliate, baring Dragons from all Khruzi ruled worlds and successfully lobbying for limited Dragon travel zones on Mendam.
4572 Epona hosts a lackluster Imperial Exposition stymied by the world's Moralist government and Orthodox Golden Stasis sensibilities.
4573 Maxwell Biogenics, the Zhantlas firm Zurinna and the Tze't Shurrit'tar Corporation form a joint venture, MZS, to produce and market bio-link capable humanoid Constructs throughout the Empire.
4574 A large deep ocean rift opens off the coast of Lada on Venus, causing tsunamis that kill over thirty thousand.  The entire Planetary Environment Board resigns, and leading Imperial Ministry of Science planetary geophysicists begin work on a new stabilization project.
4575 Bahl Durin wins the Tigarvati Prize for fusing technology and style into his Galaxis line of passenger vehicles, compact transport just as capable of city travel as interstellar flight.  The Emperor, the Crown Prince and Prince Rogar all attend the celebration marking one thousand years of settlement on Erta.
4576 King Roban the Elder and his son, Prince Roban the Younger, supervise the Imperial Exposition at Harbin in Asia, delivering an orderly yet memorable event.  The Millennial Dragonfly Fair features the first two-seater, Stasis-equipped Class E Durin Galaxis XR-7 Sportster.
4577 Hundreds of prisoners on Gehenna, led by DeathGoth murderer Lord Raul Kantor-Chin, seize control of prison administrative facilities and demanding transport beyond the Imperial frontier; Imperial Marine troops overrun the prisoners, though ten Marines, seventy-five prison officials and over two thousand prisoners die in the struggle; Lord Raul Kantor-Chin remains unaccounted for.
4578 A Khald'aron cybernetic replicant experiment runs amok, taking over the Science Six station; Khald'aron defense ships, with assistance from an Imperial task force destroy the base and several compromised vessels.
4579 After replicants begins spreading on the Khald'aron world Ret'tabbulka, the government requests Imperial assistance and reluctantly decides to destroy the world; the Hellking Erebus destroys the world; despite careful evacuations, over three million die.
4580 The Imperial Exposition at Europa emphasizes luxury and order, focusing on Nobilis artistic patrons and heroes of the Empire, with Imperial Chair Sir Hans Crassius and Marshal Hurik Adannan attending as guests of honor.
4581 A member of a small anti-Nobilis fringe group assassinates Duke Hector of Io during a public event.  A Ministry of Justice investigation determines that Duke Hector's assassination could have been prevented, but for overlapping jurisdiction, bad intelligence analysis and poor communication between local and Imperial surveillance organizations.
4582 The Treaty of Kumar, signed by the Empire, the Grand Federation, the Dragons and the Khald'aron bans the production of mechanical replicants, with exceptions governing Zhretra reproduction.
4583 The Ministry of Science unveils the new Venus Stabilization Plan; "Plan V" calls for extensive crustal tunneling and modifications over three centuries.
4584 Olympus hosts and Imperial Exposition dedicated to Sapien accomplishments and heavily influenced by a growing Hammedian Ibrahimite presence on the world.
4585 A cyborgist Technologist contingent clashes with Ishmahili Ibrahimites during a religious conference on Luna; the ensuing violence leaves five Ishmahilis dead and sparks riots on Terra and Venus, resulting in a further seventy-eight deaths.
4586 Lord Jurgin Bandar of Themis publishes Paths of Separation, a treatise on the divergent philosophies of Humanity and the dangers of "stove-piping" subcultures.
4587 Countess Anastasia Gramble of Shallow kills herself and her family in a murder-suicide that exposes centuries of family scandal and brings down the Nobilis hierarchy of the world; a Bicameral Nobilis/Sapien parliamentary system replaces the old order.
4588 Cleon IV signs an Imperial Edict creating a separate Empire-wide paramilitary Imperial Interior Intelligence Service (3I), responsible directly to the Imperial Chair.  Crassius appoints Marshal Adannan to command the 3I.  New Africa host a free-wheeling Imperial Exposition, noted for its colorful venues and low-key security.
4589 Prince Rogar Kamarov becomes Command Admiral of the Coreward Region.
4590 The Imperial Congress begins a constitutional challenge to the powers of the 3I, but most legal scholars consider the agency to fall under Imperial Prerogative, and the effort soon fails.
4591 The Subaru Drift joins the Empire as a full Member.
4592 The city of Seattle hosts the Terran Imperial Exposition, a tribute to the balance of the new environmentalist movement that is only slightly marred by King Roban the Elder's use of armored troops to subdue Ibrahimite protestors.
4593 On Camelot, the local Imperial Marine commander fails to intervene as an Ibrahimite mob overruns local household troops and sacks the Ducal palace and Noble Council Citadel in a rampage that kills hundreds before the Duke's troops restore order.  After widespread Nobilis outrage at arbitrary Imperial military intervention and rumors of a White Emperor claimant emerging, Cleon issues and edict allowing titled Nobilis households to maintain heavy military equipment, including armed spacecraft.
4594 Prince Roban the Younger reluctantly accepts the Ambassadorship to the Grand Federation, traveling to Focus with a large entourage.
4595 Durin Design Works unveils the Viper single-seat worm-capable fighter, designed for private Nobilis forces, but soon adopted by the Imperial Navy.
4596 The Imperial Exposition on Ganymede reoccupies the deep caverns of the planet's early settlement and focuses on Moralist themes, relegating remaining Blood sports to smaller, less well-maintained caverns.
4597 Awake members of the Time Travel Society, led by David Travers, complete a new Stasis facility on Fomalhaut V, deep beneath the world's habitable rifts.
4598 Ishmahil Mustafa establishes the Order of Purity, a scarlet-robed paramilitary organization dedicated to providing security for Ibrahimite congregations and facilities.
4599 The government of Hercules becomes the first of many secular Sapien-ruled worlds to ban paramilitaries, including both Nobilis household forces and the Order of Purity.
4600 Agade hosts the Imperial Exposition, demonstrating a pluralistic secular culture and democratic, Sapien-dominated institutions.
4601 After emerging in Australia and across the Solar system, the Time Travel Society listens to the concerns of future instability voiced by David Travers and over three hundred accompany him to the new facility on Fomalhaut V.
4602 Finishing a century of military service, Prince Rogar Kamarov resigns his commission to become the new Minister of Defense.
4603 After one thousand and one years as a Minor Race, the Emperor accepts a petition by the Pasduchi to become a Major Imperial Race.
4604 Xanadu hosts an Imperial Exposition remembered for stunning natural and Concordian vistas.
4605 The Founders grant an audience to Prince Roban the Younger, the first to an Imperial Ambassador in over two hundred years; with a minimal entourage, he travels from Focus to Hallowed in his private DDW Clipper class racing sloop, the Event Horizon.
4606 The Order of Purity clashes with Technologist and Mechanist adherents while protesting IAK cybernetic research at the Lowell IAK facility on Mars; subsequent police actions lead to the banning of the Order of Purity from Mars.
4607 Rumors of a secret Noble cabal headed by a "White Emperor" reach the popular press, but a public Ministry of Justice investigation uncovers nothing more than legitimate political activity promoting the rights of the Nobilis to retain advanced military arms in defense of their holdings.
4608 The Imperial Exposition at Asuncion on Terra suffers from sporadic Ibrahimite protests and an armed skirmish between the household guard of the Count of Azure and the Order of Purity.  Marshal Adannan forms the Shadow Corps, a secret group within the 3I dedicated to surveillance of Imperial Military officers, especially of Nobilis possibly disloyal to the Emperor.
4609 Count Hassan Bervati, son of the Prince of Europa resigns as president of the Imperial High Council after allegations of treason, though he is never charged with any crime.
4610 Queen Hanna of Africa dies in a midair flyer collision and subsequent crash into Mt. Kilimanjaro; her great-grandson Desmond becomes the last King of Africa.
4611 The Sector 320 world of Lanander amends its democratic construction to ban the importation and exploitation of both biological and mechanical Constructs and to outlaw all lethal blood sports; several of its like-minded peer worlds follow suit.
4612 Callisto's Imperial Exposition features a three level Exposition city, with airborne, surface and subterranean venues.
4613 After a long industrial era marred by two planet-wide nuclear wars, the methane-breathing Yerkin of Sector 167 achieve a world government and a permanent orbital outpost, prompting a quickly accepted invitation to join the Empire as a Minor Race.
4614 Prince Roban the Younger resigns as Ambassador to Focus after twenty years service, returning to manage his father's Asian Kingdom.
4615 The methane-breathing Saa become a Major Race after a millennium of Minor Race Status.
4616 Demeter hosts a pleasant Imperial Exposition that offers little new innovation, but does mark a gradual reintegration of tamer blood sports into the main games arenas.  Imperial Chair Sir Hans Crassius solidifies his control of the Cabinet by replacing the Ministers of Justice and State with his own Sapien appointees.
4617 Aphrodite unveils the Harmony Crystal Cloud City, the first of seven floating arcologies noted for their exceptional artistry and luxury.
4618 Hassan Bervati becomes Prince of Europa after the resignation of his father after health concerns.
4619 An unsolved disintegrator explosion destroys the Imperial Sun off Aphrodite, killing Emperor Cleon IV and the Ministers of Culture, Science and Colonization.  After considerable debate in the Imperial Congress and High Council, Olav IV (the "Stutterer") becomes the last undisputed Emperor of Humanity, winning out over strong support for his own son Prince Rogar and for King Roban the Elder.  Emperor Olav IV divides his titles: his son Rogar becomes Prince of Mercury and King of Venus, his daughter Elizabeth becomes Queen of Mars, his sister Hanna becomes Princess of Bengal and his younger son, Orlan the Imbecile, becomes Duke of Delphi.
4620 Savannah hosts a well run Imperial Exposition.  The Emperor attends the opening ceremonies at Savannah, but does not speak.  Nobilis activists protesting Sapien dominance of the upper levels of Imperial bureaucracy attempt to gain an audience with the Emperor, but succeed in nothing more than several vocal protests and a tirade in the Imperial High Council that eventually forces the resignation of Council President Lord Brandish Marradon.
4621 To placate the Nobility, the Emperor appoints Prince Roban the Younger as his Minister of State.  Crown Prince Rogar resigns as Minister of Defense to concentrate on ruling Venus and Mercury; he dismisses Lord Horus Larkin as Consul of Mercury and removes Crassius's appointees from executive control of Venus.
4622 The Emperor approves several Sapiens loyal to Crassius to top Vice Ministerial posts and names the unpopular Lord Brandish Marradon as Viceroy of the Northern Region, thereby alienating two major factions.
4623 After a tour of Camelot, where both Nobles and Sapiens protest his arrival and two attempts on his life narrowly fail, Olav IV retreats to the Golden Palace in Byzantium, barely emerging from the Imperial Apartments for the remainder of his reign.
4624 The Imperial Exposition at Papeete on Terra features a Pacific Islander theme and large unanchored arcologies scattered across the South Pacific.
4625 Lord Brandish Marradon dies of a massive stroke on Vantage; Crassius appoints Northern Command Admiral Sir Rhan Berdahl as Viceroy.
4626 Unknown assailants assassinate Prince Hassan of Europa during a visit to Vesta; his grandson Allan succeeds him.
4627 On Venus, a sub-ocean tunnel collapse and subsequent flooding of a seismic control station kills only two people, but poses a major setback to the Plan V stabilization effort.
4628 Princess Tanda of Titan hosts an elegant Imperial Exposition dedicated to Minister Sandi Trevor-Obuto-Zhou, killed at Aphrodite; the triplet spiraling Towers of Sandi extend beyond the world's atmosphere.
4629 King Arturo of South America dies of CID at age 1,671; his granddaughter Yena becomes the last Queen of South America.
4630 King Rogar of Venus appoints Tigarvati-winning geophysicist Dame Aleria Kundova to head the Ministry of Ecology and to save Plan V from failure.
4631 Prince Roban the Younger resigns as Minister of State after disagreements with Crassius.  The Imperial Chair also appoints Central Command Admiral Sir Paul Carlsen as the new Minister of Defense.  Emperor Olav IV further isolates himself, allowing only audiences with Crown Prince Rogar, Sir Hans Crassius and Marshal Hurik Adannan, whom he credits with saving his life on Camelot.
4632 Quetzalcoatl hosts an Imperial Exposition expected to draw protests from Ibrahimite and Catholic groups, but the intricate neo-Aztec architecture, open air exhibition and sports arenas, and careful planning lead to a colorful and enjoyable event without significant incidents.
4633 The Ministry of Science surveyor Carmella vanishes in Sector 919 with a crew of fifty, prompting a two year search that finds no trace or cause.
4634 After unknown vessels attack a chartered liner carrying Ishmahil Mustafa and his family, the Order of Purity begins purchasing fighters and escorts to provide their own security.
4635 Venusian Minister of Ecology Dame Aleria Kundova unveils Plan VI, the revised, more conservative stabilization plan for Venus, with a five hundred year timetable.
4636 Jagannath hosts an Imperial Exposition that did not benefit from Quetzalcoatl's careful planning; three major riots and the bombing of the Khronos Goblin Bowl team barracks emphasize one of the least successful Expositions.
4637 Pope Pius XXXVII of New Rome survives an assassination attempt by a Technologist activist, though he suffers a disintegrated left arm which he refuses to regenerate.
4638 A second surveyor, the Anastasia vanishes in the further reaches of Sector 919, prompting a Southern Command task force to supplement patrols from the Sector's small fleet.
4639 Princess Hanna dies without heirs on Bengal of undisclosed causes, rumored to be suicide.  Crassius bows to considerable Nobilis pressure and allows the Imperial High Council to send a delegation to the Emperor to suggest Roban the Elder as the new Prince of Bengal.  After months of delay and rumors of Nobilis unrest, Olav names Roban the Elder as Prince of Bengal.  Roban the Younger travels to Bengal to take an active role in ruling the world in his father's name.
4640 The Imperial Exposition on Dublin, known as the Clover Fair, provides a positive view of Irish history, marred only by the behavior of a few defective Leprechaun Constructs created for the event.
4641 A pirate vessel attacks the cruiser VanBoren in Sector 919, sparking a major search for the base of the assumed attackers of the two missing survey craft.
4642 Sector Admiral Dame Liza Ramos leads her forces at the Battle of Gamman Lun, destroying a major Khabaderan pirate base, defeating eight pirate vessels, and recovering the remains of the two survey vessels and their crews.
4643 King Rogar, the Imperial Crown Prince, suffers a massive stroke on Venus, leaving him partially paralyzed despite heroic surgery.  Crassius appoints regents to manage Mercury and Venus.
4644 Imperial Chair Sir Hans Crassius disappears from his private quarters; an extensive 3I investigation determines he was a victim of a disintegrator-wielding assassin.  Sir Paul Carlsen becomes the new Imperial Chair.  The Imperial Exposition on Oberon, including the unveiling of the Core elevator, a fifteen hundred kilometer shaft clear though the moon, proceeds without incident, though security is tight.
4645 After secret evidence implicates Carslen in Crassius's death, a brief war of assassination flares across the Imperial bureaucracy, leaving Carlsen, two Ministers and dozens of senior officials dead, and ending when the Emperor appoints Marshal Sir Hurik Adannan as the new Imperial Chair.  The Imperial surveyor Chastity contacts the microjump-capable Hurushin in Sector 1030 along the northern frontier.
4646 After negotiations reach a stalemate, the Hurushin decline Imperial membership and the new Minister of State, Sir Lorn Bastik recognizes the six Hurushin worlds as an independent interstellar state.
4647 After a series of procedures to repair brain damage, Crown Prince Rogar takes up permanent residence in the Black Palace on Mercury, ruling that world directly, but allowing a series of regents to rule Venus in his name.  The Dux Council of Venus evolves into the Regency Council, a wider body composed of Dukes, Cabinet members and Imperial representatives.
4648 The old Easterner colony world of Kyushu hosts the Imperial Exposition, marred by some Ibrahimite-Nobilis violence.
4649 The government of Prometheus strips Nobilis of special privilege and bans Construct importation and exploitation.
4650 IAK researchers from Orpheus establish a cultural exchange mission with the Than, now numbering millions of individuals in a flowering fusion-era civilization; the Than decline an invitation to join the Empire as a Minor Race.
4651 Prince Roban the Younger travels to Caldera to meet with King Anton and discuss "the bright future of the Nobilis race".
4652 The Trailing world of Maat hosts an intricate and extravagant Imperial Exposition that receives rave reviews despite lackluster attendance, blamed on what some commentators call a Empire-wide "malaise".
4653 Lord Aspen Maxwell-Turner of Venus kills Ibrahimite Imam Thurgon Rallis after a vocal confrontation; a Venusian Nobilis court rules the action legitimate self-defense, sparking an immediate outcry from Ibrahimites throughout the Empire.
4654 Scattered Ibrahimite revolts against Nobilis rulers begin on several Central Region worlds.  Nobilis household troops battle Order of Purity fighters in skirmishes across twenty worlds, including Terra, Venus and Mars, with better equipped Nobilis forces attacking civilian areas on Venus, Mars, Apollo, Themis, Thisbe and Adonis.  Fighting causes over ten million causalities before the Imperial Central Command asserts authority.
4655 Continued skirmishes between Ibrahimites and Nobilis households on a dozen worlds leads to a heavy Imperial military presence and to Marsha Adannan's threat of retaliatory strikes against more aggressive Nobilis houses.  Over two million additional civilians die, mostly on Venus and Thisbe before violence subsides.
4656 Ibrahim and Ishmahil order their followers to end continuing resistance and protests against Nobilis rule, with Ibrahim delivering a moving sermon, promising eventual triumph.  After intervention by Hammed, Adannan agrees to allow the Order of Purity to continue to exist as a defensive organization.  The Imperial Exposition at Tunis on Terra opens despite virtual martial law and enforced curfews; the Exposition successfully recreates the ancient city of Carthage.
4657 The 3I begins mandatory monitoring of all starship transponder systems, hoping to eliminate armed warfare and piracy in the Empire.
4658 Serena Chulgan of Sarpedon wins the Tigarvati Prize for her opera Canon of Rifts and Stars and other works.
4659 An attempt by Marshal Adannan to reinstitute the death penalty for treason fails to even garner a simple majority in either Imperial legislature.
4660 The venerable Duchess Melisa of Triton hosts a thoroughly elegant Concordian Imperial Exposition that proceeds without violence or heavy-handed security.  The Shadow Corps begins Operation Sapphire, a covert action against potentially disloyal Imperial officers complete with surreptitious assassinations of Nobilis and Ibrahimite agitators.
4661 The Xorn of Sector 832 achieve a unified spacefaring culture two centuries after a devastating nuclear war; an Imperial contact mission negotiates Minor Race status for the massive species.
4662 Bevron Topazi wins the Tigarvati Prize for his Quantum architecture work, using Active Quantum Fields as a construction material and marking a clear cut from the overly intricate Condordian and emerging Fractal styles.
4663 Vice Admiral Lord Baldwin Hormas vanishing during leave on Fafnir, becomes the first suspected victim of Operation Sapphire.
4664 Phoenicia hosts the Imperial Exposition, featuring one of the first widespread uses of Fractal architecture.
4665 The unveiling of a memorial to the Million Martyrs of Thisbe instigates rioting by Ibrahimite fanatics that leaves over seven thousand dead and much of the city of Landau in ruins.
4666 President Kenya Roswellan of Hercules narrowly survives an assassination attempt by two Ibrahimite suicide attackers in an incident that causes hundreds of world to ban the Order of Purity.
4667 Shan Kim publishes the Ithiltaur Chronicles, a purported translation of Gatebuilder historical documents that becomes a media bestseller before the amateur paleoxenologist and adventurer is exposed as a fraud.
4668 Quantum sculpted pseudotree architecture dominates the Imperial Exposition on Silvannus, an event noted for its style and flawless execution.
4669 Prince Tomas Turki becomes crown prince of Atlantis upon the death of his father; he also ascends to the senior leadership of the Nobilis Heritage faction of the the Imperial High Council upon the death of Count Lois Renfrew of Wessex.
4670 With Imperial permission, Prince Roban the Younger moves into the long neglected Winter Palace on Bengal, ordering a major restoration to conform to the original Jenan architectural style.
4671 The Imperial Guard arrests over two dozen conspirators of an alleged Ibrahimite plot to declare Terra an Ibrahimite Republic.
4672 The Imperial Exposition at Byzantium features a new Quantum Main Promenade and a high security presence; Crown Prince Rogar makes a rare public appearance, still partially disabled from his strokes.
4673 Presumed Ibrahimite suicide attackers attempt to destroy the Venusian seismic control facility at Myrna Ridge, dying in the failed attack that could have caused massive disruption to the Plan VI stabilization project.
4674 Unknown agents assassinate Hassan Robles, Ishmahil's advisor on security affairs, triggering increased agitation by Order of Purity activists and a failed attack on an Imperial Guard base outside Karachi.
4675 King John of Libertas survives an assassination attempt while visiting Khronos; the assailants escape capture.
4676 The Kuiper Principality's Imperial Exposition is surprisingly tame with the parallel Blood Games tournament and more disturbing exhibits carefully segregated from the main events on Charon.
4677 The moderate Sapien party, the Coalition for the Preservation of the Empire, known as the Preservationists, forms a caucus and publishes a platform decrying religious and Nobilis extremism.  The Preservationists become a major force in the Imperial Congress, but fail to have much influence in the Nobilis-dominated Imperial High Council.
4678 Sir Bevron Topazi wins a second Tigarvati Prize, this one for converting the Alpha Centauran planetoid Orrick into a Quantum-styled habitat and historical museum.
4679 The controversial Khronian-produced simulation Blood Runs Free, a virtual universe of sectarian and racial violence débuts to massive technical acclaim and political alarm.
4680 Karinsky hosts the Imperial Exposition despite an effective boycott from Ibrahimite groups; Primal Jon Gades hosts the event, which concentrates more on a theme of exploration and the wonders of the Universe and has only a minimal Mechanist influence.
4681 Sir Istin Katannin, a decorated veteran of the Ibrahimite revolt, becomes Command Admiral of the Rimward Region.
4682 Admiral Katannin mutinies.  Rallying large portions of the Rimward Fleet, he proclaims himself President of the Betelgeuse Republic and revokes all Nobilis privileges and titles.  The Betelgeuse fleet seizes control of Kumar and attacks Caldera, the rally point for Nobilis forces.  Vice Admiral Rebecca Sarnos prevents Katannin from seizing the Hellking Erebus, defeating a raiding force at the Battle of Mandan.  After a brief delay, Imperial Naval forces and loyal Rimward squadrons join forces to counterattack Katannin's fleets.
4683 The Imperial Central Fleet, aided by Nobilis auxiliaries commanded by King Roban the Elder, defeat Katannin's forces at the Battle of Karnak.  Imperial forces retake Kumar after a running battle and capture Katannin, transporting him and senior mutineers to Ultima Thule for pretrial detention.  Nobilis auxiliaries help local households regain their authority on dozens of Rimward worlds in often bloody engagements with rebel hold-outs.
4684 The last rebel forces surrender, though Nobilis suppression and martial law remains harsh on many worlds that joined Katannin's rebellion.  A new amendment to reinstate the death penalty for treason passes the Imperial High Council, but stalls in the Congress.  Lug hosts an Imperial Exposition overshadowed by Katannin's revolt, but noted for its varied architectural styles.
4685 Istin Katannin dies in 3I custody prior to his trial for treason, prompting a cursory investigation, but no charges.  A public probe of the rebellion shows some ties to the Preservationist movement, causing five arrests, six suicides and thirty resignations among Imperial Congress representatives.  Nobilis purges against Sapien "rebel" activists spread throughout the Empire.
4686 Over ten thousand military officers and civilian administrators receive one hundred year sentences for their support of Katannin, filling a dozen prison transports to Gehenna.  The Ministry of Justice declines to investigate the three hundred deaths in 3I custody that precede the trials.
4687 The Preservationist Party officially disbands amid continuing allegations of rebel sympathies.
4688 Ulaanbaatar hosts the Imperial Exposition on Terra, turning the Mongolian steppe into a field of mobile rolling and floating arcologies.
4689 King Roban the Elder's wife, Queen Lydia commits suicide; the King enforces a forty day mourning period throughout Asia and North America.
4690 Ibrahim publicly renews his allegiance to the Emperor in an address that praises the diversity of the Empire and preaches support for "decency, order and morality".
4691 Prince Roban the Younger purchases a surplus Imperial Navy cruiser, the Isandhwana, for use in the Bengali Royal Navy, his Nobilis defense force.
4692 The ailing Crown Prince Rogar opens the Imperial Exposition on Mercury, featuring a restored Black Palace and Red Fort.
4693 At prompting from Marshal Adannan, the Emperor pardons thousands of mid-level Katannin supporters and the Ministry of Justice begins enforcing restraint on continuing Nobilis "purges" of dissidents on Noble ruled worlds.
4694 Imperial Marines intervene on Azure, forcing a truce between the Count's troops and Sapien rebels that leads to an eventual peace settlement and new constitution.
4695 King Roban the Elder openly calls for peace and restraint by the Nobility and encourages dialog on several worlds with continuing insurgencies.
4696 Renewed optimism and harmony aids attendance at the varied Imperial Exposition on Catalonia.
4697 Mikal Hender first publishes Tyranny of the Few, a treatise against Nobilis rule.
4698 An independent review praises the success of Plan VI on Venus, noting the improved seismic and thermal environment; Dame Aleria Kundova accepts ennoblement as the new Countess of Rysenvald.
4699 The acclaimed neoJenan Cashmera Hall opens on Delphi with Prince Orlan making a rare public appearance and delivering a short speech.
4700 Brigit hosts an Imperial Exposition opened by Marshal Adannan; a small pro-Katannin demonstration, quickly suppressed, mars the otherwise well-run event.  Researchers at the Imperial Navy Special Projects Lab 14 complex develop a Class F prototype worm drive, a 14% improvement in performance over the Class E drive; Marshal Adannan orders the work to remain highly classified and authorizes construction of secret fast couriers for Naval and 3I use.
4701 The Time Travel Society emerges on Fomalhaut V, in Australia and across the solar system; with their projections indicating a possibility of future strife on Terra, another two hundred members transfer to the Fomalhaut facility.
4702 Imperial Marines suppress a pro-Katannin rally on Kumar, marking the twentieth anniversary of his revolt.  Marshal Adannan helps form the Imperial Unity party, an attempt to recreate a moderate Sapien consensus in the Imperial Congress.
4703 A .2 Terran mass rouge threatens the Heedan world of Nurshadhu near the Grand Federation Trailing frontier; after some delay, the Federation welcomes an Imperial offer to dispatch the Kali to destroy the rouge; this marks the first use of a planet buster in Grand Federation territory since the Fourth Federation War.
4704 San Jose hosts the Terran Imperial Exposition, celebrating Central American culture and the city's fusion with its tropical environment.
4705 Bandar Vrenas wins the Tigarvati Prize for his work in self-replicating assembler controllers.  The Wraith class of Class F stealth fast couriers enters service for the 3I and Naval Intelligence.
4706 The Imperial Guard enforces order in Hesperia on Mars after a series of clashes between Ibrahimite activists and Mechanists leaves fifty dead and causes considerable property damage.
4707 Caldera marks its millennial celebration in festivities attended by both Rogar the Elder and Rogar the Younger; Adannan denounces calls by some Calderan speakers for the Imperial reinstitution of Artificial reproductive rights.
4708 Venus hosts a glamorous Imperial Exposition, emphasizing modern architectural styles.  Crown Prince Rogar officiates, but observers note his increased dependence on cybernetic assistance.
4709 The Durin Design Works Rapier class escort débuts at the Dragonfly Fair; the 12,000m3 vessel represents the company's first foray into heavy warships for private interests.
4710 Crown Prince Rogar dies of complications from continuing strokes and growing brain damage.  The Emperor names his daughter Elizabeth as heir and as Princess of Mercury; he names his remaining son Orlan as King of Venus; the world remains under governance of the Regency Council.
4711 Elizabeth names Baron Jon Ralmanning as Consul of Mercury; he begins a process of streamlining the world's administration by selectively dismissing anti-Nobilis managers.
4712 Queen Mother Cynthia dies at the Summer Palace on Kalmar of an undisclosed cause.  The Imperial Exposition on Bolivar proceeds after a one week respite to honor Cynthia's death, a disruption that complicates the intricate scheduling of the sprawling event.
4713 Unknown assailants assassinate Lord Horn Zarken of Themis, a vocal pro-Nobilis member of the Imperial High Council.
4714 Serapis, the royal yatch of King Ivan of Apollo, suffers a drive failure near a flare star in Sector 52, instigating a rescue operation that ends within the star's photosphere and leads to the knighting of merchant Hanchen Ross, captain of the Harpy Maru.
4715 The Jove Web teleportation network opens; it is capable of continuous operations between Europa, Ganymede and Callisto and between Io and Europa through most of the inner moon's orbit.
4716 The Imperial Exposition on New Washington is hosted across the distributed expanse of the floating Emerald City complex.
4717 Spinward Command Admiral Baron Jose Brennindal and much of his senior staff die when the Battleship Hibernia suffers an antimatter containment accident off Mendam; an investigation blames shoddy maintenance by the now dead engineering crew.
4718 Emperor Olav IV categorically rejects a call by Roban the Elder for the restitution of Calderan citizenship rights and denounces calls to resume Artificial reproduction.
4719 Countess Aleria Kundova becomes Regent of Venus and immediately begins streamline the world's bloated bureaucracy.
4720 Queen Yena of South America hosts the Imperial Exposition at Recife, a colorful celebration of Brazilian culture.
4721 Venusian Regency troops put down a revolt in the Ladan city of Shalimar, an Ibrahimite stronghold.
4722 The Emperor commutes the sentences of the remaining Katannin rebels but he exiles them to the IAK station worlds in the Trailing extents beyond the official Imperial border.
4723 Princess Katrina Kamarov, the eldest offspring of Roban the Elder dies in a lava tube collapse on Io; Roban the Elder names his son Roban the Younger heir to all his titles.
4724 The Lunar Imperial Exposition is in hindsight the greatest Exposition, known for its lavish exhibits, well-run events and high attendance.
4725 Prince Tomas Turki of Atlantis becomes President of the Imperial High Council and, in alliance with Roban the Elder and Roban the Younger, he presses a pro-Nobilis line in his legislative agenda.
4726 Prince Roban the Younger dedicates the Markon Cathedral, a massive neoJenan Altaran Golden Stasis church, on Bengal.
4727 Baron Jon Ralmanning, Consul of Mercury, dies from a fall in the Great Atrium at the Red Fort; the moderate Sir Will Forma-Blarrin succeeds him.
4728 Thebes hosts the Imperial Exposition, a tribute to its pirate days during the Dark Age, which is noted for its wild parties and a street riot that turns into a violent looting spree.
4729 Ishmahil Mustafa forms the Order of Enlightenment, a grey-robed organization of Ibrahimite scholars, philosophers and scientist, engaging in activities that promote the Ibrahimite view of appropriate science and technological development.
4730 The Gateway of Heaven cult marks the thousandth anniversary of the Betelgeuse supernova by bypassing safeguards and patrols and dropping over two thousand followers in Stasis capsules toward the black hole's event horizon.
4731 Ishmahil Mustafa publishes his Model for a Moral Society, effectively calling for the overthrow of the "Genetic Overlords".  The secret Nemo Class of Class F fast frigates enters service for Imperial Navy use in covert operations and fast pursuit.
4732 The Imperial Exposition at Akelos is marred by clashes between the Order of Purity and Nobilis troops.
4733 After a long internal debate, the Institute for the Advancement of Knowledge expels all members and associates belonging to the Ibrahimite Order of Enlightenment, calling their views incompatible with open scientific discourse.
4734 Local and Imperial troops put down a bloody Goblin revolt on Erbil; the Twenty-sixth Fleet mobilizes to hunt down and destroy five starships that escape the world with heavily armed Goblin rebels aboard.
4735 The yacht Shalmaneser, carrying Count Arno of Arrapkha, a noted Nobilis extremist, disappears en route to Akkad.
4736 Ibrahimite activists attempt to destroy major facilities prior to the opening of the Imperial Exposition in Manila on Terra; King Roban the Elder declares martial law over all of Luzon Island, but manages to integrate the security with enough tact to limit impact on most events and exhibits.
4737 Lady Tania Reese-Blanko dies attempting to kill King Orlan of Venus with Natani poison.  The Imperial Guard moves Orlan to Terra, effectively confining him in the Imperial Apartments for the rest of his life.
4738 Jon Gades resigns after three hundred years as Mechanist Primal and retires to pursue theological research on Myrland; his longtime assistant, Norgail Brastova succeeds him as Primal.
4739 Princess Felese of Kuiper narrowly survives assassination by Ibrahimite fanatics during a state visit to Titan; in response the Kuiper Principality shuts down all Ibrahimite facilities within its borders and bans Order of Purity vessels from its space.
4740 Crown Princess Elizabeth hosts the Imperial Exposition on Mars which emphasizes the Imperial heir's love of neoJenan architecture and whose careful organization serves to strengthen support for her in the Imperial High Council.
4741 The Khinnerri of Sector 1342, a race first briefly contacted in their pre-industrial times by Jon Gades in 4062, achieve a unified spacefaring culture and accept Imperial membership as a Minor Race after a visit from a delegation including Jon Gades himself.
4742 Mechanist Primal Norgail Brastova announces new programs to aggressively gain more converts and counter Ibrahimite "propaganda and superstition".
4743 The Martian Royal Yards begins producing the Fiery class frigate for private use; the vessel becomes the backbone of both Nobilis and Ibrahimite fleets.
4744 The Imperial Exposition at Bacchus reflects the world's hedonistic culture and offers many diversions for the large numbers of attendees and participants.  The sloop Fyran Wave, commanded by Lyda Shurlas-Vendi wins the Rigel-Antares Rally with an all-time record time of 34 days, 11 hours.
4745 Departing from Hortense, Michal DeGernes leads the ten vessel IAK-sponsored Terminus Expedition, a ten-year roundtrip journey to the Trailing end of the Orion Arm; no records of the Expedition's return exists.
4746 Ishmahil Mustafa's Grand Mosque of Cairo opens after a dedication sermon by Ibrahim wherein he denounces the growing isolation of Nobilis, Futaris, Mechanists and various human Variants from "true" Humanity.
4747 Crown Princess Janis Roosevelt of Kalmar narrowly escapes death after the collapse of a millennia-old bridge near the Summer Palace; a secret Kalmaran investigation of this accident leads to the first conclusive evidence of Operation Sapphire.
4748 Nergal hosts a well-received Imperial Exposition that suffers from a few minor clashes between Ibrahimite and Mechanist adherents.
4749 Rumors that the unmarried Crown Princess Elizabeth and her brother are sterile begin to spread through the popular media.  Prince Tomas Turki begins circulating a Imperial High Council bill calling for King Roban the Elder to be named Prince of Mercury and Imperial heir in Elizabeth's stead, but the Imperial Congress passes a resolution supporting the Crown Princess.
4750 Crown Princess Elizabeth commits suicide after acknowledging that both she and her brother are sterile.  Despite protests from much of the Imperial High Council leadership, Emperor Olav IV names his remaining child, Orlan (the Imbecile) as Prince of Mercury.  In an attempt to placate the Nobilis, the Emperor names Prince Roban the Younger as King of Mars.
4751 Roban the Younger bans the Orders of Purity and Enlightenment from Mars and accelerates Elizabeth's neoJenan revival with additional public works, including a complete addition to the Ring of Mars.  The Ministry of Colonization recommends formal efforts to settle worlds in the seventh ring of sectors, expanding the formal "sphere" border of the Empire of Humanity beyond 600 light-years radius; Marshall Adannan refers the recommendation to the Emperor, receiving tentative approval, but no formal Edict; the Ministry never authorizes any ring seven worlds for colonization, though it begins to prepare maps and final surveys of several candidates.
4752 Moscow on Terra hosts what becomes the last Imperial Exposition, an event that features a restored Kremlin and a tribute to the ancient era of the Tsars.  An operative in the pay of King Roban the Elder penetrates the 3I Shadow Corps' Operation Sapphire.  The High Council demands Adannan's resignation, detention and trial for murder and treason.  Adannan flees Terra in a fast courier, heading Coreward and eluding capture.  The Emperor expresses continued confidence that Adannan will be vindicated, but appoints Minister of State Sir Percival Nassim as interim Imperial Chair.
4753 On October 12, during an audience commemorating his five hundredth birthday, Prince Tomas Turki of Atlantis assassinates Emperor Olav IV and wounds Crown Prince Orlan before disintegrating in a hail of Imperial Guard fire.  Chair Nassim presses for Orlan's confirmation as Emperor, a motion which passes the Imperial Congress, but the Imperial High Council confirms King Roban the Elder instead.  After three weeks of deadlock, the High Council elects King Roban president of that body and names him Lord Protector of the Empire, calling on all Nobilis to rally to his cause.  Nassim orders the arrest of Roban the Elder, whose household troops battle the Imperial Guard in the Council chambers.  Ibrahim recognizes Orlan as Emperor and threatens a jihad against the Nobilis if they fail to confirm him.  On November 25, Nobilis forces attack the Imperial Guard installation at Ultima Thule and begin preemptive strikes against other Naval installations and Ibrahimite strongholds as Roban the Elder vows to "preserve the Empire, not the Emperor".  The War of Disintegration begins.

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