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The Era of Slow Expansion



The so-called Era of Slow Expansion represented a period mostly devoid of major political or cultural upheavals or of major conflicts between states.  Even in this period, the Star Kingdoms Confederation suffered internal unrest as political consensus faltered and to the spinward, the Dragon Frontier region remained engulfed in periodic warfare, but mostly, the early centuries of the Seventh Millennium were a period of marked by gradual expansion of established interstellar states.

In the Coreward Region, Merchant Guild dominance continued, though the continued emergence of some interstellar worlds, such as Nachen, Thera, Dragonfly and the Dhjarlapanor worlds proved that the Guild ban on Interstellar Age technological trading was not preventing the independent emergence of Interstellar Age societies.  The monopoly on tsrill and the continued failure of efforts to synthesize the life extending drug, helped maintain Guild dominance and financial prosperity.  The Zhantlas Union continued to drift, both politically and economically, toward closer relations with the Grand Federation of Races.  In 6102CE, the Zhantlas Union signed a treaty of cooperation with the Grand Federation that gave Zhantlas access to Early Microjump Era technologies and products.  By mid-century, the Zhantlas Union unveiled plans to transform into a post-materialist society, and by the end of the 62nd century, the transition was complete.  Also during this period, the Octopod Civility established closer relations with the Zhantlas Union and the Mendam Codominium, trading earlier hostility for grudging acceptance and cooperation against the common Dragon threat.

The Central Region remained mostly peaceful during the period.  The Eighth Crusade, with its release of the anti-Ibrahimite Nevermind Plague, never penetrated from the Coreward Region in to the core worlds of the Terran Khalifate, and the Khalifate itself, though surprisingly struggling more with New Immolate hardliners rather with than dissent, saw little overt conflict during the subdued reign of Khalif Mohammed IV.  The four-way effort to resolve the succession of Khalif Mohammed IV resulted in a five month civil conflict within the Khalifate, a struggle mostly confided to space battles fought within the Sol system.  The victory of Hussein Hassani and his succession as Khalif Hussein marked the end of the period and began an era of greater external focus for the Khalifate, altering the subdued dynamics of interstellar politics of the previous centuries.

The Bengali Dominions continued to dominate the rimward half of the Central Region and an increasingly large portion of the Rimward Region, with the realm growing to encompass over eight hundred worlds by 6200CE.  The Dominions was by far the largest interstellar state in both size and inhabitants, with a population exceeding one and a half trillion citizens.  With the stability of Emperor Talon's thousand year reign continuing and the government transferred to the able hands of the Regent, King Malcolm of Paradise, the major issues facing the Dominions revolved around the role of various Races and continued weakening of the hold of Altaran Golden Stasis on society. 

In the far Rim, the Federation of Orion also continued to expand, reaching nearly two hundred worlds by 6200CE, but failing in its attempts to aggressively uplift and incorporated worlds far from its core region near the Armpit Nebula.  Though occasionally beset by governmental scandal and frustrated at the failures of expansion and post-materialist conversion, the Federation of Orion remained a functional pluralistic democratic state.  The Prosperity Party was the major proponent of expansion, and never fully recovered from the failure of the aggressive Project Uplift sponsored by President Lena Jarik.  The Phoenix Party, focused on technological and social changes required for post-materialism, faltered as the required technologies failed to materialize.  The decline of these special interest parties to minority status led to a return to dominance in Federation of Orion on politics of the Conservative and Liberal Parties, which soon fell into scandal, leaving the Reform Party dominate over a field of failed parties by the end of the 62nd century.  But within the Federation of Orion, the confidence and persistence of its pluralistic traditions never faltered.

The Spinward Region suffered from the Twelfth Dragon Frontier War from 6022-2027CE.  The war was fought with little restrain by the Dragon Nations and Prides nor by the Mendam Codominium and its Guild allies.  By the end of the conflict, two Dragon worlds lay devastated by Teradrone attacks and the Dragons became even more reluctant to directly challenge Mendam's power.  The rise of the Fire Reavers further spinward proved the next challenge for the Codominium's control of Dragon expansion, and the Reaver War of 6065-6073CE, saw corporation between the Mendam Codominium and the Bengali Dominions in retaking Reaver worlds and ending the threat of Dragon expansion in the middle spinward region.  Growing ties between the Dominions and the Codominium led to increased trade across the Spinward sectors and increased cultural ties between the two states.  After 6094CE, the reestablished Recontact Service, based at Hastan, began recontacting more spinward worlds, providing another bulkward against Dragon aggression and new markets for Bengali merchants.

The Trailing Region continued to be dominated by the Star Kingdoms Confederation, though slow Khalifate expansion into near trailing sectors also caused some friction, especially with the Star Kingdom of Orpheus.  The Star Kingdoms expanded their presence in neighboring sectors by establishing External Services and stepping up patrols and influence in the fifty-six sectors that bordered their eight core kingdoms.  The Kingdoms themselves suffered through another bout of Republican unrest that led to various assassinations, coups and police actions across half the Kingdoms.  Continued second-class status for the Risen also led to a revolt in the Teslan Star Kingdom and to various repressions and reactions to suspicions of cyberplague sabotage that encouraged the emigration of surviving Risen from the Kingdoms to refuges like the Federation of Orion, the Zhantlas Union and the Dhjarlapanor worlds.  By the end of the turbulent period, the Star Kingdoms had returned to a somewhat more repressive status quo.

The far southern Trailing Region suffered from neglect in the early period, as the Freedom League remained a lone pocket of peace and stability.  In 6190CE Tesh Naga Durgabrasa proclaimed the Second Rootjalik Empire and began a period of consolidation and expansion that led to the re-subjugation of the Serlian worlds and to the effective downfall of the Freedom League after the Battle of Nadab in 6200CE.

The Southern Region received more attention in the period, with Khalifate missionaries and traders penetrating further south and establishing outposts at Nuevo Argentina and with the Bengali Dominions expanding to Glister in Sector 201.  The Merchant Guild began tentative explorations of the coreward-southern and trailing-southern interface sectors, searching for new markets, but most of the far southern sectors remained unvisited since the fall of the Empire.  The Northern Region remained mostly uncontacted except for the encroachment of Khalifate and Bengali expansion in the nearer sectors.  Suffering from the fate of being on the route to nowhere and poor in both metals and population, the far north and south continued to suffer an uninterrupted dark age, completely cut off from the burgeoning Chaotic Era civilizations.


The first two centuries of the Seventh Millennium were marked by a peaceful coexistence between existing interstellar states.  With the Khalifate turned inward and abandoning its worst excesses in forced conversions and with no states successfully pursuing an aggressive expansion or attempting to impose its philosophies on others, the need for conflict was minimal.  The devastation wrought by the Mendam Codominium against Dragon aggressors proved to all that the costs of unrestrained warfare remained high, while peace brought at least stability, though not overwhelming wealth and prosperity.

While most states had comfortably determined their political and cultural nature by the dawn of the Seventh Millennium, the Star Kingdoms Confederation still struggled for identity and consensus.  On the inclusion issue, the Teslan revolts ended any hope of the Risen becoming full members of Star Kingdom society.  While the Heretics continued to enjoy the privileges of citizenship, the line was firmly drawn at incorporating formerly organic beings and not purely mechanical organisms.  The greater issue in the Star Kingdoms remained the rule of the Star Kings themselves.  Republican movements arose in all the Star Kingdoms and erupted into violence in Tannberg, Markham and Albus in the 6050s.  Later attempts by Star King Arnos of Orpheus to establish a parliament to promote inclusion backfired, leading to a full revolt in Orpheus and the rise of the Democratic Action Front (DAF) in 6107CE with its terrorist actions against the Orpheus and Irmingham Star Kingdoms.  After the suppression of the DAF, tolerance for dissent became universally low within the Star Kingdoms, but avenues for economic success provided an outlet for individuals outside the royal and Elector families, with local trading houses continuing to weaken of Merchant Guild influence on the Star Kingdoms economy.

The dominince of external coexistence as the rule of politics was best demonstrated by the reaction of all interstellar states to the Nevermind Plague.  The Nevermind Plague of the Eighth Crusade was a cybernetic mind plague that caused its victims to abandon Ibrahimism and revolt against the Khalifate.  While other states did not necessarily oppose the collapse of the Khalifate, the potential of the plague caused all states to band together to help defeat the Crusaders, cure the plague and ban further mind plagues with the Protocols of Thought signed on Kumar in 6139CE.

The Bengali Dominions, best by continuing cultural change, maintained firm leadership and a solid bureaucracy.  After a reign of a thousand years, Emperor Talon, still extraordinarily popular with all but a few recalcitrant Nobilis Houses, devolved much of his power to King Malcolm of Paradise, appointing the long-term Prime Minister as his Regent in 6093CE.  King Malcolm appointed his descendants, Duke Aaron Domikal as his Prime Minister and Aaron's son Count Malcolm Domikal as Minister of State, maintaining a family continuum of capable leaders that secured the Empire's government structure in the environment of changing demographics and beliefs.

The less powerful starfaring races began to counter the clout of Human states and the larger Alien states of the Swarm, the Kith'turi-Salvaatiki, B'dr'rak and the Yerman by founding the League of Non-Human Races in 6145CE.  Initially composed of seven races led by the Turgil and Khzraut, the League acquired a permanent headquarters at Schalmar Durgha in Secotr 42 and two more members, the Natani and the Cubics before the century was over.  While the initial form of the organization was only consultative, it formed the basis for future cooperation and coordination between the non-Human races that occupied the space once dominated by the Empire of Humanity.

The general political tone of the era was for greater cooperation and consensus between interstellar states, recognition of the benefits of harmony over conflict and an acceptance that no one government, religion or race would dominate Known Space.


During this period, the limitations of a post Mech Plague technology base became apparent as attempts by FOO and Star Kingdoms corporations to develop Early Microjump Era technology goods such as rapid fabricators and microjump controllers failed; only the Zhantlas Union, with access to Grand Federation goods, managed to develop an Early Microjump Era technological base and use it to bootstrap to a post-materialist economy. 

Outside the closed Zhantlas society, overall technological progress remained limited.  In the Bengali Dominions and in the Star Kingdoms, especially at Timbuktu, biological technologies did continue to advance, providing limited access to more advanced Variant transformations in the Dominions and more robust biologically-based products, including spacecraft, in the Star Kingdoms.

The Terran Khalifate continued to lag behind the rest of the civilized region, with only the military fleets of the Order of Valor reaching Late Macrojump Era technologies.  Elsewhere, increased trade spread most new products among the civilized states through strengthening trade networks that stretched from Rigel to Antares and Talendir to Tashera.


The cultural choices and evolutions of states in earlier periods continued to dominate cultural life in the first centuries of the Seventh Millennium.  Freedoms for Servant Races, the inclusion or exclusion of the Risen from society, and the structure of the concentration of political power continued to differentiate most societies.

In the Star Kingdoms, a period of upheaval eventual led to a return to established cultural norms and a strengthening of local economic autonomy.  The rights of the Risen and the aspirations of the Republicans were denied and the mechanisms of the Kingdom governments worked to channel ambition in acceptable forms of behavior, either in the economic sphere or through the development of the External sectors surrounding the Star Kingdoms core region.

In the Federation of Orion, murder, intrigue and corruption at the highest levels could not break a basic faith in the governmental structures and in a society based on equality and freedom, and the FOO government and its citizens emerged strengthened from the failures of leadership that often rocked the presidential administrations during those centuries.  The death of Rohan Norgalas in 6141CE did not represent a beginning of decline for the Federation of Orion; his funeral demonstrated the strength of the institutions he helped forge nearly eight hundred years earlier.  The Orion Expositions continued to draw other cultures and species from across Known Space to the Federation and helped enrich the cultures and peoples of the nation.

The Bengali Dominions began to suffer cultural drift as adherence to the state religion of Altaran Golden Stasis became less universal.  This trend first became noticeable after the Emancipation, with fewer Dominions citizens participating in Altaran activities, but during this later period, other religions began to gain a foothold with Bengali society, including Principled Technologism and the Fzuki Way.  Part of this cultural shift was inevitable after the introduction of the Servant Races into society, and some of this shift reflected the diminishing numbers, at least in relative terms, of the Nobilis Race.  The Warrior and Amazon Servant Races continued to suffer heavy discrimination and hostility from earlier failed Warrior revolts and the continuing spread of sterility and disfiguration caused by the Warrior Plague.  Even more than the Gobilins, the Warriors remained difficult to integrate into Bengali society and were rapidly becoming an endangered species.  The emergence of the Society for Order in 6156CE and the subsequent creation of the Maximus Variant represented a new trend in the Dominions, a call for the order of the Altaran caste system, but recognition of the fading power of the Nobilis Houses.  The Society for Order remained controversial and small, but in its acceptance as a political origination, the Dominions recognized that the dominance of the Nobilis might not last forever.

During the era, two new cultural movements spawned from the Federation of Orion, the Preservationists and the Seekers.  The Preservationists believed that the colonization of thousands of worlds lessened diversity and threatened the long-term viability of those worlds, endangering future sentients and eventually hastening the fall of interstellar civilization.  To combat their fears, the Preservations embarked on the creation of the vast Nirvana Habitat in the Luminous system, a prototype of their ideal home for Humanity and other starfaring races.  Though supported mainly by five idealistic scions of wealthy families, the Preservationists gained millions of adherents within the Federation of Orion's border and beyond.  The Society for the Seekers of the Failsafe was a much smaller organization that had a single mission: to overcome the Mech Plague by discovering and activating the fabled Failsafe that would disable all three nano-mechanical plagues.  With research offices on dozens of worlds, Seeker agents scoured old records and ruins, searching for documentation on the origin and spread of the Mech Plague.  Within a few decades, the Seekers generally received the reputation as unprofessional treasure hunters ransacking Imperial era archeological sites, and the organization struggled to develop a more respective public face, allegedly countering its secretive investigative branch.

The far reaches of the Empire of Humanity remained untouched by interstellar society during the early centuries of the Seventh Millennium, but within the recontacted regions, trade and cultural exchanges continued to grow, generally leading to greater prosperity and higher levels of technology.  The failure of most states to reach a post-material society and the continued limitations based on the persistent Mech Plague forced societies to adapt into structures and technologies more suited to the current environment.  Persistent contact and growing acceptance of differences between nations and species continued to expand, leading to greater harmony within Known Space.

Chronology Table

6016 Lena Jarik becomes President of the Federation of Orion on a Prosperity Party platform promising to expand the Federation by uplifting rimward worlds.
6017 The Vanguard of the Federation of Orion begins Project Uplift, establishing contact embassies and distributing technology starter kits to select worlds in a dozen sectors. 
6018 A rising of Android and Robotic troops across the Teslan Star Kingdom kills over half a million citizens including Star King Alred and his household; the other Star Kingdoms and Teslan Human troops battle the rising, gaining control of all seven overrun systems and beginning targeted landings against Risen troops.
6019 The Risen of Tesla take millions of hostages and resist Star Kingdom attackers, killing over three million and destroying the Fermian cities of Galvani and Azani before falling to targeted cyberplagues.  Great King Jargaen orchestrates the installation his cousin Rodrick as Star King of Tesla.
6020 The Mendam Codominium Navy begins construction of the Hrashbughda, a new gravstar planetbuster of the Stalwart class.  The Star Kingdoms Confederation bans all use of intelligent machine troops and develops programming restrictions for all military sentients.
6021 The Terran Khalifate annexes the distant Sector 127 world of Agnes, an Industrial Age Ibrahimite-ruled that welcomes Khalifate protection and offers itself as the host of outposts for all the outwardly focused Orders.
6022 The Twelfth Dragon Frontier War begins with the destruction of the partially completed Hrashbughda in orbit over Tigarvati and the subsequent bombing of Tigarvati by Dragon raiders of the Fzruhzhu Pride.  Admiral Djurmalash Humburmuras leads to counterstrike on three Fzruhzhu bases and narrowly escapes ambush at the Battle of Gholgan Dursh as the Dragon Nations of Tsazfra and Hsaz'traz dispatch fleets.  Dragon commerce raiding engulfs the Mendam Codominium.  Lena Jarik wins reelection to the FOO presidency by a narrow margin, promising to scale down the costs of Project Uplift.
6023 The Mendam Second Fleet and the Tsazfra Home Fleet clash at the Battle of Urshu, an indecisive engagement with heavy losses on both sides; a subsequent Mendam Teradrone raid causes the destruction of the Urshu colony of Dragons and Human slaves.  Merchant Guild warships intervene in the fighting to protect Guild shipping near the Codominium.
6024 Dragon assault fleets devastate Ruhlmann and Hazambur with antimatter attacks and launch a failed raid on Mendam itself.  Admiral Humburmuras leads the Mendam First Fleet to victory at the Battle of Sparks, defeating and killing the Fzruhzhu leader T'kart'rash.  Dragon commerce raiding draws a sharp rebuke from the Zhantlas Union, who suspends tentative peace talks.
6025 Mendam task forces strike Dragon targets across the Tsazfra and Hsaz'traz nations, but fail to force a major engagement.  Dragon commerce raiding devastates a quarter of the Mendam Codominium's civilian fleet, despite active convoying and patrolling.  The Merchant Guild dispatches two Battlecarrier task forces and two dozen patrol frigates to support the Mendam Condominium.
6026 Admiral Humburmuras destroys six Dragon military stations in his Operation Golden Sweep, helping to alleviate Dragon commerce raiding.  The Mendam Second Fleet launches an unsuccessful Teradrone raid on the Tsazfra capital of D'zugmar, retreating with heavy losses.
6027 The Twelfth Dragon Frontier War ends after the Mendam Third Fleet devastates the Hsaz'traz capital of F'z'tar with two Teradrone missiles; the armistice signed on Zhantlas calls for Dragon reparations and freedom for five formerly occupied Human worlds.
6028 Risen citizens of the Federation of Orion settle the Sector 789 world of Mecha, a Class F planet near the Armpit Nebula.  A coalition of Federation of Orion parties forms the Responsibility Alliance, electing Jonas Vrendal President on a platform of fiscal restraint.
6029 The Vanguard of the Federation of Orion cancels Project Uplift, closing down fifty-eight embassies and seven outposts.
6030 The Star Kingdom of Orpheus establishes a naval base in the Sector 148 Byron system after assisting the local Fusion Age government in removing Ibrahimite influence.
6031 The Orion Exposition at the Great Nebular City features works of the Risen artist Infinion and suffers a riot by Teslan attendees bent on destroying the artist's pavilion.
6032 Warmongers develop macrojump drive, setting out for their two colony worlds and encountering the Lanander quarantine group at Azziburga; the Lanander vessels disable the Warmonger ship, depositing the survivors on the struggling world; a Lanander fleet arrives at the Warmonger home system, destroys one orbital spaceport and begins a quarantine, soon extended to the Warmonger colony on Rezziat.
6033 Swarm researchers activate a Gatebuilder gate on Swarm 88 in Sector 135 and invite science teams from the Dominions and FOO to collaborate on a Gatemaze expedition.
6034 Select Altaran Temple clinics in the Bengali Dominions begin offering Futaris transformations to Initiates for the first time in over a thousand years.
6035 Star King Martin III of Irmingham abdicates, citing health concerns; his great-grandnephew succeeds him as David V.
6036 The gate on Swarm 88 shuts down, stranding a multinational Gatemaze expedition team on an unknown world; after repeated attempts to reactive the gate, it engulf itself in stasis.
6037 At the Orion Exposition on Zirconia, the Federation of Orion and the Cubic Assembly sign the Zirconian  Pacts, treaties allowing for free trade and travel between their systems.
6038 The Bactrian Blight, a stubborn and often lethal fungoid infestation, spreads uncontrollably across the Bengal Sector 156 world of Bactria, killing millions and spreading offworld.
6039 Khalif Mohammed IV appoints his grandnephew Hussein Hassani as Grandmaster of the Order of Valor, tasking him with uprooting corruption and modernizing the fleets. The Bactrian Blight spreads to Silvanus, Mare and five other Bengali worlds, causing another million casualties and forcing a quarantine on over a dozen worlds and stringent screening of all interstellar vessels in five sectors.
6040 Tywyn hosts the Dominions Games, triggering a diplomatic crisis with the Federation of Orion when Risen visitors are banned from attending and threatened with destruction by local authorities.  Calderan scientists develop a cure to the Bactrian Blight, controlling the spread of the fungoid infestation that has killed over ten million on nine worlds.
6041 Star King David V of Irmingham negotiates a treaty with the B'dr'rak and establishes three naval bases in Sectors 145, 146 and 371, expanding Irmingham influence in the region.
6042 After the eradication of the Bactrian Blight at its source, the Bengali Ministry of Science establishes a research facility on Bactria to guard against future ecological disasters arising from the world's unstable ecology.
6043 The Orion Exposition on Casimir focuses on interspecies relations including an ill-conceived conference between Dragon and Khruzi delegates that ends in a riotous brawl.
6044 The recolonization of Amaterasu begins, with former residents and newcomers supplementing the six million people who had remained on the world throughout its ecological devastation and ice age.
6045 The Federation of Orion overturns its ban on Risen starships, but maintains operational safety restrictions requiring a biological pilot aboard all macrojump vessels.
6046 The Mendam Codominium annexes the Sector 403 world of Holleren in response to DRO activity from the Industrial Age world's uninhabited southern continent; the DRO leader August Black begins a lengthy guerilla struggle against Mendam rule.
6047 The Mechanist Church allows the invocation of the Sixth Incarnation of Jon Gades from his backup at Talendir; despite calls by Progressives to assume leadership of their faction and vie for the Primacy, Gades returns to the profession of Salvor to fulfill his service life.
6048 The Bengali Dominions and the Federation of Orion sign the Treaty of Kane, allowing safeguards for documented Risen to travel across Bengali space and utilize Bengali port facilities unharrassed.
6049 The Orion Exposition on Norada features a series of orbital pavilions linked by teleportation booths on nine separate stations.
6050 Republican dissidents on Tannberg assassinate Star King Pon during a failed coup attempt; loyal troops assisted by Lanander and Irmingham forces put down the revolt and install Lobeth as Star Queen of Tannberg.
6051 Libertine Ibrahimite extremists form the New Immolates movement and begin suicide protests calling for a Jihad against the Bengali Dominions; the Order of Purity begins a strict campaign against the New Immolate movement.
6052 A riot of Warriors on Nekhbet leads to scattered pogroms against the former Servant Race on many Bengali Dominions worlds and emigration of many Warriors to the Federation of Orion.
6053 Star King Jargaen I of Lanander establishes the Lanander External Service, to facilitate trade, security and astrography in its seven provincial sectors; other Star Kingdoms soon establish similar services.
6054 A New Immolate attack at the Lydia High Port at Paradise kills over five hundred and severely damages the orbital facility; the Khalifate offers condolences and reparations to the Bengali government and steps up action against the New Immolates throughout the Khalifate.
6055 The Quadron homeworld of Oracle redevelops macrojump drive and launches an expedition to Sol, where it is captured; an Order or Purity task force occupies the Oracle system, maintaining a blockade across the system's outer planets.
6056 Mendam commandos capture August Black on Holleren along with a large cache of antimatter batteries meant for a terror campaign against Mendam authorities.
6057 The Kith'turi-Salvaatiki Union of Worlds establishes a permanent military base within the Rho Ophiuchi Nebula to combat occasional piracy in the region.
6058 Republican agitation and violence erupts on several worlds in the Markham and Albus Star Kingdoms.  The subsequent assassination of Markham King Adam II is initially blamed on Republicans and his son succeeds him as Adam III; further investigation holds Adam III responsible and he commits suicide during a police raid.  Jaden Kalden, a nephew of Great King Jargaen I, becomes the new Star King of Markham as combined Star King forces put down scattered revolts across Markham and Albus.
6059 The Irmingham External Service establishes three bases on Human worlds within Cargomen space after negotiating a transit and border treaty between the Star Kingdom and the Cargomen government; subsequent attempts at initiating trade with the Cargomen fail.
6060 Prince Allan leads his small fleet from Aaron to Siluria in Sector 376, using the Markham client state as a staging era in support of Republican interests.
6061 A New Immolate terrorist squad infiltrates the Orion Exposition at Tanverdi, killing themselves and fifty bystanders before being overrun by security personnel at the Progressive Mechanist pavilion.
6062 After a failed takeover of Napa by Republican forces, the Star Kingdom of Markham raids Siluria, driving off Prince Allan and his fleet and executing several renegade Republican leaders.
6063 The Fire Reavers gain control of the Dragon nation of Orsha Tchar in Sector 813 and begin raiding nearby worlds.
6064 The Khalifate Order of Valor destroys a New Immolate base at Utu in Sector 43 and occupies the world; the Bengali Dominions offers no objection to Khalifate activity in that sector, leading to increased Order of Truth activity on many worlds in the spinward sector.
6065 The Fire Reavers of Orsha Tchar attack and conquer the Sector 409 world of Grimaldi, enslaving the nearly billion Human residents of the Industrial Age world, beginning the Reaver War.
6066 The pirate leader Hansa Vremen establishes a base in the Rho Ophiuchi Nebula and begins conducting raids on Grand Federation and Guild shipping.
6067 Jerman Tulalli, a Futaris resident of Aeneas, publishes the Principles of Guided Evolution, a Technologist tract that gains some following in the Bengali Dominions and beyond.  The document forms the basis for the Principles sect of Technologism, which emphasizes improvement through genetic transformation and low cyborgization.
6068 The Fire Reavers conquer Roskilde and Pentland in Sector 409, drawing the attention of a Mendam deep patrol.
6069 The Mendam Codominium dispatches the Third Fleet under command of Admiral Uma Gruth to Sector 409, establishing a base at Helicar.
6070 Star King Arnos of Orpheus establishes a parliament with limited powers to appease Republic sentiment, a move met with agitation by the other Star Kings.  A Kith'turi patrol squadron attacks the outposts of Hansa Vremen in the Rho, but fails to capture the pirate leader or his flagship, the Wayfarer, which promptly attacks and destroys the Kith'turi-Salvaatiki Union base in the Rho.
6071 The Fire Reavers attack the Mendam Third Fleet at the First Battle of Helicar, mauling Admiral Gruth's ships and forcing her to send couriers back to the Codominium and to Maria in the Bengal Dominions, asking for assistance.
6072 A Mendam battlecarrier task force and a Bengali cruiser squadron arrive at Helicar, helping Admiral Gruth to win the Second Battle of Helicar and then to expel the Fire Reavers from Roskilde.
6073 The capture of New Immolate leader Jura Benzani on Daedalus marks the effective end of the dissident movement in the Khalifate.  Admiral Gruth's joint Extinguisher Fleet defeats the Fire Reavers at the Battle of Two Moons and the Siege of Ottaran Lun, forcing the Dragon Nation of Orsha Tchar to withdraw from Grimaldi and Pentland and causing the Fire Reavers to fall from power.
6074 After massive search, supplemented by an array of sensor drones and detection stations, the Kith'turi-Salvaatiki Union Navy captures and kills Hansa Vremen; the Union establishes a new permanent base and a permanent patrol force in the Rho Ophiuchi Nebula.
6075 The Mendam Codominium and the Bengali Dominions sign the Protocols of Maria, establishing a series of military and trading outposts along the spinward sectors separating their two nations; soon these trade routes become dominated by Bengali traders.
6076 The Federation of Orion intervenes on the Sector 782 world of Brera to overthrow the dictatorship of Malbor Hasnak, one of several "Uplift Autocrats" benefiting from the abandoned Project Uplift; Brera accepts membership in the Federation of Orion, subject to a ten year dependency.
6077 The Orphean Parliament, dominated by Republicans and Guild-supported businesses, demands additional powers and immunities; after a march on his Palace, Star King Arnos orders the parliament disbanded and uses his troops to put down subsequent riots, arresting seven parliamentary leaders.
6078 The Cargomen military attacks and destroys two Irmingham External Service vessels attempting to establish trade relations, discouraging any further attempts at dialog.
6079 Star King Arnos flees Orpheus in the wake of a Republican revolt that spreads to Calydon and Roland; forces from Markham and Irmingham help loyalist Orpheans retake Calydon and Orpheus and begin the Siege of Roland.
6080 The Siege of Roland ends with millions dead and dozens of Republicans executed; Ophean Star King Arnos abdicates in favor of his son, Kolin.  All Star Kingdoms begin police actions to limit dissent, reeducating the worst threats to their monarchies.
6081 The Octopod Civility becomes embroiled in a war with several Dragon nations and Prides in Sectors 1291 and 1335; both the Zhantlas Union and the Mendam Codominium offer aid to the Civility.
6082 Jayne Resnik wins the Federation of Orion Presidency for the Prosperity Party, promising a period of responsible contact with less advanced neighboring worlds.
6083 An explosive volcanic eruption at Red Mountain on the Bengali world of New America kills thousands and darkens the world's skies; trillions of nanomachines cover the stratosphere to clear dust and ash from the atmosphere and restore a normal climate.
6084 !Tak raiders maul a Guild trading fleet commanded by Fleet Captain Orland Gross near the Sector 161 world of Genesse, with the survivors stranded on the balkanized Industrial Age planet.
6085 The Orion Exposition on Karnak becomes infamous for the murder of Risen artist Self Liquid Mind and the subsequent inconclusive investigation.
6086 Retired Admiral Uma Gruth becomes the Mendam Codominium ambassador to the Bengali Dominions, inaugurating an era of close cooperation between the two states, especially in increased patrols in the Dragon Frontier Zone.
6087 Turgil colonists settle the Sector 110 world of Hoshanlea, the first new Turgil world settled since the fall of the Empire.
6088 President Jayne Resnik's loss to Shan Dho Ban marks the end of even limited efforts by the Federation of Orion to uplift neighboring worlds and begins a period of severe budgetary restrictions on the Vanguard.
6089 Cascading volcanic eruptions and earthquakes on Io force evacuation of many northern settlements and drive much of the remaining population into a semi-subterranean existence on the increasingly inhospitable world.
6090 The Genesee World War begins as surviving Guilders take sides and ultimately inch the world's nations into an nuclear conflict.
6091 The long-running war between the Octopod Civility and the Dragon coalition ends after the Octopods sterilize two Dragon worlds with antimatter bombardments.
6092 Bengal Dominions Emperor Talon celebrates his Millennial Jubilee in a yearlong festival on Bengali, cumulating in a Grand Processional of Nobilis and foreign dignitaries.
6093 Bengali Emperor Talon announces the appointment of King Malcolm Hu-Ve'eri-Stark as his Regent and withdraws from active policymaking.  Regent Malcolm appoints Duke Aaron Domikal as Prime Minister and Aaron's son Count Malcolm Domikal as the new Minister of State.
6094 Jon Gades and likeminded Mechanists and IAK veterans reestablish the Recontact Service at Hastan, vowing to bring civilization to the spinward sectors and beyond toward the rim, south and north.
6095 The Bengali government proclaims an affirmative action quota system for former Servant Races throughout the Dominions civil service and military.
6096 The Republic of Warsha wins the Genesee World War after a nuclear strike on rival nations, appointing former Guild engineer Tomas Revstak as the Republic's dictatorial Speaker.
6097 The Star Kingdom of Irmingham funds The Troilus Project, an eventually unsuccessful microjump drive development program.
6098 At the Great Nebular City, a group of intellectuals, Phoenix Party officials and retired Vanguard officers forms the Society for the Seekers of the Failsafe; the Seekers aim to discover a permanent remedy for the Mech Plague, thus ushering in a new golden age.
6099 The Republic of Magraveh expels Guild traders and attempts to seize control of the Osiran exile ship City of Crystal; in the ensuing struggle, the exile ship is effectively destroyed, but Guild and Osiran forces destroy most major Magraveh cities and impose Osiran rule from the Crystal Mountain fortress in the world's remote Saryle Mountains.
6100 Atalanta hosts the Dominions Games, the scene of rioting and attacks against Goblin and Amazon functionaries.
6101 A Merchant Guild expedition overthrows Tomas Revstak as Speaker the Republic of Warsha and frees Genesee of the Republic's dominance, establishing and trading with the Genesee League of Nations.
6102 The Grand Federation of Races and the Zhantlas Union sign a treaty of cooperation, paving the way for the Union to receive access to Federation technology, including microjump drive, with a strict prohibition against any re-export or trade of such knowledge or technology.
6103 The Terran Khalifate annexes Hesperides in Sector 43 after the peaceful election of a pro-Ibrahimite government on the Early Fusion Era world.
6104 The Terran Khalifate and the Khzraut State sign agreements, the Agamemnon Protocols, on transit and autonomy of non-Human races within the slowly expanding regions of the Khalifate, including Khzraut trading rights to Saa, Stygian and Khaddahl systems.
6105 The last transuranic miner in the Armpit Nebula ceases operation as the remaining supernova-generated metals fall to uneconomical concentrations.
6106 Nadru Begun wins a disputed reelection to the Presidency of the Federation of Orion over his challenger, Prosperity Party candidate Osro Fadish Grumald.
6107 The Democratic Action Front (DAF), a anti-monarchist terrorist organization, begins operation on Orpheus, first staging minor attacks on unoccupied government facilities.
6108 The Khalif's nephew and former Grandmaster of the Order of Enlightenment, Abdullah Hassani dies of drowning on Venus during a circumnavigation sailing regatta.
6109 Orphean Princess Kalina Devroe becomes involved with DAF leader Jorgis Levn-Harvad and flees with him to Achelous just before the start of a DAF bombing campaign against Orphean military bases which kills dozens of soldiers and hundreds of civilians.
6110 As Orphean military and police units crack down on the DAF, Princess Kalina and Jorgis Levn-Harvad flee to Elsinore and seek asylum; the Elsinore government denies asylum and both Kalina and Jorgis commit suicide while facing extradition.
6111 The Barrack War on Aristotle, between Guardians and a mutinous group of Goblins, Casaps, Warriors and Amazons, ends attempts to fully integrate Dominions military units and leads to the resignation of Bengali Minister of Defense, Baron Ulmar van Doorst.  Tanik Major, grandson of Lord President Harvin Major, is born on Nachen.
6112 Osro Fadish Grumald wins election as President of the Federation of Orion, but suffers a massive aneurysm and dies after only eighty days in office; the Vice President, Prosperity Party functionary Landru Brill becomes president.  A series of public tribunals and subsequent executions of DAF fifteen leaders marks the end of the DAF movement in the Orpheus Star Kingdom.
6113 The Khzraut State and the Alimeen Confederacy sign the Treaty of Nova Blanca, allowing full reciprocal use of facilities and bases between the two states and drawing Khalifate protests as Human Confederacy citizens begin working out of Khzraut bases.
6114 The Bengali Battlecarrier Garth Kamarov suffers an antimatter containment accident while on maneuvers in Sector 44, causing the loss of all but seven members of the crew of eleven hundred.
6115 Three spacecraft and both Osiran exile ships in the Lordabaelis system report sightings of the White Rabbit.  Kasa hosts an Orion Exposition noted for non-Human participation.
6116 Hussein Hassani resigns as Grandmaster of the Order of Valor, declaring his modernization campaign complete and orchestrating the appointment of his aide, Admiral Ghazar Bell, as the new Grandmaster.
6117 The DAF takes credit for bombings of military facilities across worlds in several Star Kingdoms, marking a resurgence of a decentralized version of the terrorist organization; a joint statement by all the Star Kings announces new strict punishments and coordinated police actions against the DAF.
6118 The unpopular and ineffective Landru Brill declines renomination for the Prosperity Party in Federation of Orion presidential elections, but this comes too late to prevent the election of the Conservative Party candidate Harmony Jursalla.
6119 A DAF attempt to assassinate Irmingham Star King David V fails and leads to the death or arrest of over a dozen DAF leaders within the Irmingham Star Kingdom.
6120 The pirate captain Karmela Farzhen begins operating out of the Laryukor system in Sector 311 and defeats a Guild patrol escorting a small convoy.
6121 The Great Nebular City hosts an Orion Exposition marred by protest actions against Star Kingdom pavilions and the murder of Timbuktu Prince Vilhem Klausman by DAF extremists.
6122 The Seekers open a chapter house on Orpheus, the first of several in the Star Kingdoms dedicated to the eradication of the Mech Plague.
6123 The Preservationist Society, bent on restoring worlds to their native ecosystems and transplanting most planetary residents to habitats and Drift cities, incorporates on Luminous in the Federation of Orion.
6124 Merchant Guild forces besiege Laryukor and drive Karmela Farzhen from the system, effectively ending her pirate career.  Verdant hosts a Dominions Games exposition that is much more noted for its venues and pavilions than its lackluster sporting events and marks a shift away from blood sports as the major focus of the Games.
6125 The Merchant Guild establishes a trade relationship with the Late Fusion Era culture of the Yerkin in Sector 167.
6126 On Timbuktu, the Fujaran Living City begins suffering a degenerative disease, fouling its air and forcing most of its ten million residents to evacuate as scientists struggle to stabilize the organism.
6127 Mohammed Hassani, grandson of Hussein and future Khalif Mohammed V, is born at his grandfather's estate on Mars.  Thangorodrim hosts the Orion Exposition and maintains good security despite threats of anti-Goblin violence.
6128 The Fujaran City Plague spreads to four other cities and the Green Beanstalk, causing widespread distress and panic on Timbuktu as over fifty million people become homeless.
6129 Six Crusader vessels meet at Lamadon in Sector 368 to form the core group of the Eighth Crusade, vowing to spread the Nevermind Plague to Khalifate worlds to undermine the Ibrahimite faith.
6130 The Feerzi develop gravstar starships and begin limited exploration of their surrounding space in Sector 167.  The Eighth Crusade establishes a forward base in the Sector 143 Nunki system to support operations against the Khalifate.
6131 A team of T'zet biologists assists Timbuktu in stabilizing and eventually curing the Fujaran City Plague, though the Fujaran City remains severally damaged and uninhabitable for another decade.
6132 Eighth Crusaders raid Agamemnon, releasing the Nevermind Plague during their retreat from the system.
6133 As the Nevermind Plague begins to spread across Agamemnon, Crusaders raid Helene, Asarte and the Dorian system.
6134 Lev Gharma-Furelli resigns as Mechanist Primal after serving three hundred years; Jon Gades helps broker the contested Primacy election by supporting the liberal-moderate Ashanti Breun in her ultimate election on Myrland.  Primal Ashanti Bruen denounces use of the Nevermind Plague.
6135 The Khalifate Order of Purity begins a full mobilization to combat the Nevermind Plague, now spreading on fifteen worlds; the Order of Valor begins raids against suspected Crusader bases, mostly attacking Mechanist-sympathetic systems.
6136 The Star Kingdoms Confederation formally denounces the Nevermind Plague, expels most Crusaders from the Star Kingdoms and offers aid to the Terran Khalifate to combat the disruptive cybernetic plague, blamed for several hundred thousand deaths from unrest across twenty worlds.
6137 The Disentropic Way founds a missionary temple at the Great Nebular City following a visit to the FOO capital by Herio Baen.
6138 The Dhzruga Strike, a proactive raid by the Mendam Codominium, destroys two marshalling bases of the Dhzruga Pride in Sector 807.
6139 At the Orion Exposition on Kumar, ambassadors from the Khalifate, Dominions, Star Kingdoms and even the Merchant Guild sign the Protocols of Thought, outlawing cybernetic Plagues similar to the Nevermind and promising cooperation against their originators.
6140 The Khalifate annexes Nuevo Argentina in Sector 51 and begins patrols throughout the southern core region.
6141 Rohan Norgalas dies at age 1,723 in a boating accident on Kumar; despite his wishes, a bill to rename the Great Nebular City in his honor almost passes.   Star King Anwar leads the resettlement of the Fujaran Living City.  The Eighth Crusade ends after the Battle of Nunki, a coordinated effort by Khalifate, Guild and Star Kingdom task forces that destroys the Crusader main base and results in the capture of three surviving leaders, all extradited to face execution on Terra.  The Nevermind Plague subsides under therapies perfected by the Order of Enlightenment with foreign assistance.
6142 Dignitaries, including Bengali Emperor Talon and three of the Star Kings, attend the dedication of the Norgalas Mausoleum on Kumar.  The government of Arbella, the Arbellan National Front, develops crude macrojump technology and sets about trying to impose its rule on neighboring Sector 690 worlds.
6143 The Institute for the Advancement of Knowledge establishes at branch at the Great Nebular City as part of its diversification away from Star Kingdom and Technologist influences.
6144 Fires rage across the Subaru Drift at Alcyone, killing over sixty thousand and rendering a third of the ramshackle facility uninhabitable; aging infrastructure and inadequate procedures receive most of the blame by Bengali investigators.
6145 In the Declaration of Diamond, the Khzraut State and the Turgil Commonwealth announce the formation of the League of Non-Human Races, which also includes the Khaddahl, Brennar, Stygians, Saa and Orm; the body begins as a deliberative and consultative organization with few real powers and no permanent headquarters.
6146 The Nachen Star Navy begins actions against the Arbellan National Front, relieving the Front's siege of Torregal and destroying a military base in the outer Arbellan system.
6147 With the assistance of a Guild cruiser squadron, the Nachen Star Navy besieges and bombards Arbella, ending the world's interstellar capability and fomenting a civil war against the government.
6148 Artemis host the Dominions Games, marking the world's long recovery into a vibrant advanced culture.
6149 The Zhantlas Union announces its intention to codify a post-materialist economy within fifty years, instituting policies that limit trade with all states but the Grand Federation of Races.
6150 The Khalifate abandons its last spaceport on Io, effectively abandoning the hundreds of millions of exiles to a brutish subterranean existence.
6151 The League of Non-Human Races sponsors a large pavilion at the Orion Exposition on Luminous, encouraging other races to join and calling for cooperation with larger races and Human-dominated states.
6152 Khabaderan raiders operating out of Charmanbandara attack the Durmtaran Drift, drawing punitive raids by Zhretra warships on Khabaderan targets both within and outside the Grand Federation border.
6153 After a series of espionage incidents, the Zhantlas Union expels the Merchant Guild from its territories and nationalizes seven Guild stations, paying a meager compensation.
6154 Tetralunan author Valmar Gurhshani publishes the Tales of Countless Chaos, a vast collection of semi-historical stories and poems from various events of the Chaotic Era.
6155 A Merchant Guild expedition through Sector 833 discovers a Vacule colony among the proto-planets and debris fields of the five star Dhjarlapanor system, an Imperial Era mining settlement; the Fusion Age sub-light interstellar Dhjarlapanor culture welcomes trade with the Guild in its home star system and its three nearby colony systems.
6156 The Futaris Jens Gulma and the Guardian brothers Rudulfus and Ramos Vadig found the Society For Order (SFO) on Kane; the political organization calls for a return to a rigid hierarchy in Bengali society, but de-emphasizes the role of the dwindling Nobilis.
6157 Thera develops independent macrojump and vacuum distiller production facilities and demonstrates a prototype macrojump vessel, the Santorini.
6158 Thera signs a trade agreement with Dragonfly and with the Star Kingdom of Tesla, establishing itself as a open port and limiting Guild dominance over their world.
6159 The first group of Risen refugees from Tesla arrives in the Dhjarlapanor system and is granted citizenship in the egalitarian culture's democratic society.
6160 Lars Memnofis, a descendant of Futaris republican refugees from Myron, becomes President of the Federation of Orion.  Euterpe hosts the Dominions Games.
6161 The Natani join the League of Non-Human Races and begin to encourage a more forceful stance of racial pride among League members.
6162 Bengali agents arrest dozens of Warrior members of the group Freedom For All, said to be a terrorist organization planning an assassination campaign against the Imperial Family and prominent Nobilis.
6163 The first Fzuki Way chapter opens on Bengal, paving the way for the religion to begin influencing segments of the Dominions population disenchanted with Altaran Golden Stasis.
6164 The Society For Order becomes a recognized political organization on Bengal and begins attracting adherents from the radical Tierist Sect of the Altaran Golden Stasis Church.
6165 Khalifate Order of Valor operatives receive the blame for the destruction of the High Temple on Dayan and the for murder of the outspoken High Priest, Aaron Cohen, triggering a diplomatic crisis with League of Vulcan and eventual its de-escalation by Alimeen Confederacy and Bengali Dominions diplomats.
6166 Maria hosts the Dominions Games, drawing large numbers of Mendam Codominium visitors and suffering from three brawls between Khruzi and Dragon participants that leave eight dead and hundreds injured.
6167 Lars Memnofis dies in office from a cerebral hemorrhage that is ruled a natural death after extensive investigation, his Vice President, Jiscilla Beck, becomes President of the Federation of Orion.
6168 The Octopod Civility establishes a permanent embassy on Zhantlas and opens diplomatic relations with the Mendam Codominium at a station at Ruszhane.
6169 The Juanto Industries Cornucopia rapid fabricator system begins sales in the Federation of Orion, but the unit's cost, complexity and idiosyncrasies cause bankruptcy for its producer within a decade.
6170 After a series of corruption scandals and continuing rumors of involvement in her predecessor's death, Federation of Orion President Jiscilla Beck resigns, turning the reigns of government over to her appointed Vice President, Varden Hurmasm, who pardons Beck.
6171 The Lizma cyberplague damages datanets across the Star Kingdoms and beyond, prompting greater controls on intersystem data transport; the Risen receive unproven blame for the cyberplague.
6172 The Preservationist Society begins construction of the Nirvana habitat in the Luminous system; the two hundred kilometer long, fifty kilometer diameter planetoid would become the largest habitat constructed by Humans.  Varden Hurmasm wins reelection to the Presidency of the Federation of Orion after a contested three-way election.
6173 With the ratification of the Argolos Accords, the Mendam Codominium completes long overdue structural reforms that rebalance Human and Khruzi influences and recognize the role of Fzuki Way philosophy.
6174 The Sweat Plague spreads through Brennar worlds, killing millions of Brennar before Bengali researchers on Thalia develop a cure.
6175 On Kane, the Society for Order breeds the first Homo Maximus, a Futaris-Guardian hybrid, drawing widespread criticism and a judicial review of the SFO's practices.
6176 Teslan political scientist Farvo Jentalli publishes The Fragmented Polity, the classic text on Chaotic Era political economic and social systems, a detailed analysis in which he contrasts the cohesion of the Empire of Humanity to the disparate structures of the current era.
6177 Timbuktu's Fujara Lifeforms Cooperative begins marketing Starbird personal vehicles, living HSGP fliers capable of hypersonic planetary and limited interplanetary travel.
6178 The Federation of Orion presidential election process descends into a quagmire of accusation of corruption, intrigue and murder, ending in disputed results and the inauguration of the Conservative Party Vice-Presidential candidate Leeda Soros, the only leading politician not under indictment.
6179 The Comprehensive Reform Act becomes law in the Federation of Orion, mandating strict controls and disclosure on political activity and creating the non-partisan Government Review Board.
6180 Orphean Star King Kolin abdicates in favor of his son, Adolfus, who promises vigilance against the threat Khalifate encroachment.
6181 Thermidor hosts the Orion Exposition at the revamped Millennial Hall; the lavish event draws near universal praise and features the first visit of an Octopod delegation to the Federation of Orion.
6182 The Feerzi establish an interstellar colony at Second Home, twenty light years from their home system.
6183 The Bengali Dominions annexes Glister in Sector 201; the world's Nobilis ruled clans have established prosperous caste-based city states that closely mimics the Altaran ideal, prompting High Priestess Jessica Kamarov to visited the Fusion Age world with an entourage of seven starships.
6184 FOO President Leeda Soros wins a landslide reelection campaign running as leader of her new Reform Party; Reform Party politicians dominate the FOO legislature and many local governments.
6185 Fujara Lifeforms Cooperative wins a contract to provide its Raptor biological-based interplanetary fighter to the Timbuktu military, with orders from other Star Kingdoms and the Merchant Guild soon following.
6186 Falmore Spacecraft Group, a FOO Kumarese corporation, announces abandonment of its attempt to construct a microjump controller brain, citing stability issues with both sentient and non-sentient prototypes.
6187 After the death of Ghazar Bell, Reza Durza, a hardliner descendant of Khalif Fahd becomes Grandmaster of the Order of Valor.
6188 Regent Malcolm Hu-Ve'eri-Stark reluctantly accepts a judicial review recommendation to allow continued legal status for the Society For Order and legitimacy for the Maximus Variant line.
6189 The Dhjarlapanor Combine discovers macrojump technology and begins phasing out their small fleet of gravstar vessels.
6190 Tesh Naga Durgabrasa proclaims the Second Rootjalik Empire after leading his fleet to victory at the Battle of Osra Belg and begins to consolidate his control over the Rootjalik worlds.  Vice President Aris Barshschul wins the FOO presidential election, continuing Reform Party Rule.
6191 The League of Non-Human Races establishes a permanent headquarters at Schalmar Durgha, a shepherd moon of a gas giant in an otherwise uninhabited Sector 42 system.
6192 The Feerzi expel a Merchant Guild trade delegation from their homeworld and send a protective force to Second Home.  Bengal Dominions Emperor Talon celebrates his eleven hundredth jubilee, a fairly subdues celebration mostly limited to Bengal.
6193 Upon the death of his grandfather, Tanik Major becomes Lord President of Nachen and orders a major ship-building program, beginning independent trade with neighboring worlds.
6194 The Octopod Civility, Zhantlas Union and Mendam Codominium begin joint patrols against Dragon raiders in Sectors 695, 731 and 733.
6195 A fire spreads through much of ancient Byzantium, destroying remnants of the surviving pre-Imperial and Imperial city; Faruk Hassani gains influence in the Order of Ibrahim by proclaiming the fire a cleansing act of God, though investigators blame negligence and lax controls by city authorities.
6196 The Distribution Laws take effect in the Zhantlas Union, inaugurating a full post-material economy and limiting external trade outside the Grand Federation of Races.  Aris Barshschul wins reelection as President of the Federation of Orion, but the influence of his Reform Party begins to lessen.
6197 Lord President Tanik Major of Nachen consolidates his rule by consolidating control of the Nachen military and by repealing the autonomy granted the Osiran residents of the Lady of the Night exile ship.
6198 A Rootjalik fleet raids N'Cheeta, bombing the Serlian homeworld and destroying its starfaring infrastructure.  Prince Allan dies at the Battle of N'Cheeta, his aging Freedom League fleet destroyed in an attempt to relieve the world.
6199 The Cubics join the League of Non-Human Races; finding the world of Schalmar Prime too inhospitable, they fund the development of a vast pressured chamber within Schalmar Durgha to house their embassy.
6200 After securing control of the Serlian worlds, a Rootjalik fleet led by Emperor Tesh Naga Durgabrasa attacks Aaron, destroying the remnants of the Freedom League fleet at the Battle of Nadab and inaugurating a period of raiding against League worlds.
6201 The Fastus cyberplague originates on Fermi and begins to spread through the Star Kingdoms, before succumbing to Zhretran defensive algorithms; the Risen receive unsubstantiated blame for the outbreak; the Star Kingdom of Tesla adopts stricter datanet procedures and further limits machine sentience, moves soon followed by other Star Kingdoms.
6202 Khalif Mohammed IV dies of natural causes.  The Order of Ibrahim splits over support for a new Khalif, with Hussein Hassani supported by the mainstream and Reza Durza supported by hardliners. The Grandmaster of the Order of Truth, Khalid Hammada, and Faruk Hassani, a descendant of Khalif Fahd, also have significant support in the Order.  The Khalifate embroils in a brief civil conflict, mostly confined to the Sol system, as Order of Valor and Order of Purity commanders support various claimants and engage in numerous skirmishes and running battles.  After the Battle of Himalia in the Jupiter system and the death in battle of Reza Durza, Hussein Hassani gains full support of the Order of Valor and orchestrates his election as Khalif, declaring an amnesty to secure peace.  Reform Party candidate Lorin Malt leads her party to a narrow victory in the Federation of Orion Presidential and local elections.

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