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The Resurgent Era



The Resurgent Era represented renewed development and expansion in many regions and states.  The period witnessed events ranging from greater openness and expansion in the Khalifate to the birth of interstellar governments in the Coreward Region.  It was also an era of failed expectations, marking a decline of the Merchant Guild, a failure of the Federation of Orion to achieve a post-materialist economy and growing piracy in independent regions of interstellar space.

The gradual decline of Merchant Guild influence and control over the civilized regions of Coreward Space produced a vacuum from which a number of interstellar states emerged.  The largest and most enduring of these states was the Realm of Antares, centered on the old regional capital of Nachen.  The Realm, essentially a federal state with a unified military force and economic policy, was ruled by the Major family, initially installed as Lord Presidents by the Merchant Guild, but soon determined to create an independent sphere of influence under Nachen dominance.  Led by Tanik Major and his able son, Admiral Kolin Major, the Realm grew to encompass sixty systems by 6400CE and established itself as a major interstellar player.  Elsewhere, the decline of the Merchant Guild led to a resurgence of pirate and privateering activity, especially in the 64th century, as independent starships and worlds preyed on their weaker neighbors to gain power and wealth.  The border region with the Grand Federation of Races became more rigid as the Merchant Guild lost access to Grand Federation markets and rigid Grand Federation patrols prevented the theft of technology and the passage of pirates and rouge traders across their border.

Khalif Hussein took firm control of the Terran Khalifate and presented a more tolerant external face to the Khalifate, forsaking external militancy and forced expansion but promoting expansion though aggressive, though peaceful missionary activities.  The Khalif repaired and improved relations with other interstellar states, visiting the Star Kingdoms, Dominions and Federation of Orion and even sending ships to aid the Mendam Codominium in conflict with the Dragons.  Hussein proved his commitment to peaceful coexistence by ruthlessly suppressing the Jihadi movement that tried to force the Khalifate into war by killing millions of Promethean Alimeen Confederacy citizens and Vulcan residents.  Despite, or perhaps because of this peaceful demeanor, the Khalifate nearly doubled in size by 6400CE.

The Bengali Dominions also continued its expansion in a gradual and non-threatening manner, tacitly acknowledging the shrinking influence of the Nobilis on many worlds and struggling to control the influence of more radical "Evolutionists" such as the Society for Order and its radical offshoots.  Bengali Space, stretching across over a thousand systems, became a generally peaceful, prosperous polyglot society with formerly strict racial castes gradually diminishing in influence.

On the Rimward frontier, the Federation of Orion also expanded, but much more slowly.  Political and economic concerns related to attempts to create a post-materialist society dominated politics and discussion.  The Federation of Orion failed to achieve the post-materialist transition, but after periodic economic instability, did manage to adopt neo-Donnerist reforms that provided a stable and prosperous economy.  Throughout the period, the Federation remained both a beacon of liberal democracy and tolerance and a cultural nexus for all of Human Space. 

On the Spinward frontier, conflict with the Dragons continued to dominate events.  The Dragon leader Djufszh'tar founded the D'zugmar Conclave, the largest Dragon state since the Nova of Draco, in 6252CE and proceeded to establish peace with his Human neighbors before taking his fleets to the Dragon core in Djufszh'tar's War, which ended only with his death in 6285CE and the subsequent dissolution of the Conclave.  After a period of renewed raiding into Human space, the Dragon Coalition Wars occupied most Nations and Prides from 6305 to 6335CE, allowing the Mendam Codominium to expand against the weakened Dragon frontier.  The end of internal Dragon strife led the dominant Dragon leadership along the frontier to combine against Mendam as the T'far Horde, which launched the bloody Thirteenth Dragon Frontier War in 6349CE.  Within three years most of Human space had rallied to the Codominium's side and the resultant peace brought dissolution to the Horde and marked the end of the last major Dragon War to date.  The Recontact Service maintained some independent patrols against Dragon raiders and continued to reestablish communications with worlds in the Spinward, Rimward and Southern Regions, abandoning their reach into the Northern Region as the Service became overstretched.

In the Trailing Region, the Star Kingdoms continued to prosper, though mediocrity and stagnation was beginning to set in on many worlds, stalled like the Federation of Orion short of post-materialism.  The External Services of the Outward Kingdoms continued to battle pirates and raiders of Humans, B'dr'rak and Rootjalik origin, but all attempts to formally expand the Kingdoms fell on the deaf ears of the established monarchies and bureaucracies.  In the far trailing region, the enclave of interstellar civilization centered on Hortense suffered through two wars with the aggressive Hruli and in the aftermath of the second bloody conflict, contact with Hortense essentially ended.

The nearer sectors of the Southern Region continued their gradual assimilation into the Terran Khalifate or Bengali Dominions and the further, especially more coreward sectors became more connected to interstellar society through trade or occasional piracy, though the far South remained generally uncontacted.  A similar situation remained true for the nearer Northern sectors, but the mid and far North remained locked in isolation and remained unknown to general society.

Across all of Known space, the League of Independent Races, numbering sixteen races by 6400CE, became a mature political and economic force, allowing the less populous races to maintain a viable interstellar presence independent of the Humans and of the more populous or established Major Races.


The Resurgent Era was free of major political upheavals or revolutions.  The main theme for the two centuries of the period was growing tolerance and interdependency punctuated by failed attempts at radicalization.  Only in the Coreward Region did the political situation change dramatically, mostly as a long suppressed reaction to faltering Guild dominance.

The Merchant Guild suffered from three declining trends during the period.  First, its monopoly on Interstellar Age technology in the Coreward Region was already fractured and essentially abandoned as policy by the early 63rd century.  Dozens of worlds gained interstellar capability during the period, some like Ocelot expanding to dominate a local area of space, at least temporarily.  The Guild's faltering control of technology was one factor that led Nachen Lord President Tanik Major to proclaim the Realm of Antares and carve out his own economic and political sphere of influence.  A second factor for decline was the Guild's worsening relations with the Grand Federation of Races.  The growing isolationism of the Grand Federation was not directly related to Guild activity, but the Guild's efforts to restore access to Grand Federation markets via smuggling and industrial espionage effectively contributed to the closure of the border region and a considerable decline in the Guild's revenues.  The third factor in the Guild's decline had only begun to affect its fortunes at the end of the 64th century with the development of Viata as a substitute for the longevity drugs based on tsrill.  Though the Guild had long managed to maintain its monopoly on the substance and had fought to control Tation in the previous century, it proved unable to counter Bengali biological technology and the Guild's continuing declining influence was assured.

The Terran Khalifate under Khalif Hussein proved to be much less oppressive and insular than it had been since its founding in the aftermath of the Wars of Disintegration.  Though Hussein was by no means a reformer or particularly enlightened, he was a pragmatist and understood the limits and realities of power.  Hussein's century of military service also lead him to understand the fallacy of contiguous interstellar borders across the vastness of empty space and unoccupied systems.  Therefore, the renewed expansion of the Khalifate under his realm, while following established spheres of influence and borders, was more based on incorporating willing or impressionable worlds than incorporating the closest neighboring systems, and the expanding Khalifate frontier was marked by the incorporation of widely scattered systems.  The Terran Khalifate became a full participant in interstate politics, establishing true embassies for the first time and participating in cultural events such as the Orion Expositions.  Even when provided by the Jihadis, the Khalif stuck to his pragmatic and constructive approach, ruthlessly putting down the radical insurgency, but focusing only on the offenders and working hard to keep relations with neighboring states civil.

While Emperor Talon remained the leader of the Bengali Dominions, true power was in the hands of the Regent, King Malcolm Hu-Ve’eri-Stark and his Domikal descendants, Prince Aaron and Earl Malcolm, especially after the death of Talon's wife, Empress Sandra, in 6245CE.  Shear demographics continued to erode Nobilis dominance and the shifting influence of newer worlds and former Servant Races, mainly Goblins and Casaps, left the caste philosophy of the Altaran Golden Stasis sect a social structure followed in superficial form, if at all.  The Society of Order and its splinter groups tried to supplant the Nobilis order with its own form of racial superiority, but the trend in Bengali society was toward relaxations of caste and race structures, not revisions.  While the more open society provided greater opportunity for the Sapien majority, it also lessened the identification of society with its traditional norms and sowed the first seeds of dissolution among the formerly privileged castes.  The Dominions remained the largest state in Human Space, but the fact that it was spared Donnerist economic turmoil during this era only underscored that its worlds remained fairly underdeveloped and its economy highly stratified.

The Federation of Orion remained the most diverse, liberal and advanced Human state, besides perhaps the Zhantlas Union, which had become nearly a client state of the Grand Federation of Races.  While the Federation of Orion struggled with cycles of economic turmoil long associated with the limits of a highly advanced materialist economy, it lacked the tools to break though the technological barriers that prevented an effective post-material economy.  Each crisis brought the Federation closer to a neo-Donnerist stability, with the economist and banker Karlomar Shurga finally able to complete the transformation during his presidency in the 6370s.  Culturally, the Federation of Orion continued its dominance, hosting the Orion Expositions and various diplomatic conferences.  Its tolerance and diversity was tested by the candidacy of Landium Horse, a Risen of non-humanoid form, for presidency.  Twice a Vice President, Landium Horse became President only through a resignation and then suffered from the first attempted assassination of an Orion President in three centuries, but did win a reelection campaign in 6346CE, cementing the right of all Federation citizens to attain any office.


The Resurgent Era represented a complete stagnation in technological progress.  However, Interstellar Age technology continued to spread to recontacted systems across Known Space and the civilized regions reached a higher level of average technological development.  It was during this era that the Terran Khalifate finally reached a mature Late Macrojump technological base.

Elsewhere, the major technological trend was toward the increased acceptance and adoption of biological based technologies.  Consumer goods of Timbuktu and Bengali origin were often entirely biologically based, down to the communications and processing subsystems.  Likewise, development of Variant transformations continued on some Bengali worlds.  Of lasting economic importance, the Bengali corporation Kallibantra Biogen perfected a viable synthetic tsrill, which became the life extending drug Viata.

Plague-induced limitations continued to prevent the development of viable of "post-material" technologies such as rapid fabricators and the Grand Federation of Races proved determined to maintain a competitive advantage in its mastering of Early Microjump Era technologies.  Even Zhetra and T'zet groups especially friendly to Humans were unwilling to break the embargo on such advanced technologies.


The era represented a period of growing tolerance across large segments of an increasingly connected expanse of Known Space.  Reactions against this tolerance, whether from New Crusaders, the Greater Race or Jihadis, were generally met with swift and demonstrative condemnation and suppression.

The New Crusader movement of Jordo Kudak arose in the 6350s as a response to the mellowing of the original Crusader movement, which had abandoned its attempts to regain Karinsky though violence against the Khalifate and had become reintegrated into the mainstream of Mechanist society.  Kudak targeted the Heretics and the Risen with the zeal of a fundamentalist and attracted a cadre of violent followers, "thugs" in the words of the Primal, but failed to mobilize widespread support.  Most Mechanist considered Kudak's obsession with the technology behind non-Mechanist intelligent beings to be misguided or "out of scope".  Within little more than a decade, Kudak was dead and his movement degraded into sporadic bouts of terrorism and piracy, little different from the rouges already populating systems beyond the reach of interstellar legal norms.

The Greater Race and other radical offshoots of the Society for Order represented logical extensions of Altaran philosophies of racial elitism, but Bengali society was moving away from these beliefs, and violent action, including the murder of the popular Crown Princess, did little to increase support for such movements.  It just weakened the influence of the Society for Order's mainstream organization.

The Jihadis were radical Ibrahimites who considered themselves followers of the expansionist and intolerant policies of Khalif Ibrahim.  Hoping to force Khalif Hussein's hand, they effectively and bloodily declared war on Human settlements in the Alimeen Confederacy and on the League of Vulcan, killing over six million people.  Khalif Hussein and the majority of his still quite conservative clerics were appalled by the Jihadi actions and the movement was quickly and permanently suppressed.  Khalif Hussein had spent his first centuries in office building bridges to other societies and proving himself and his religion to be capable and willing to coexist with other cultures, and by the late 64th century, his subjects generally believed the same.

Overall, the sense of belonging to a common interstellar society across recivilized Human Space grew during the era, with all states, including the League of Independent Races, becoming more intertwined in commerce and culture.  The frustrations of economic and technological stagnation had begun to show, but the more extreme extravagance, degeneracy and malaise of the coming age was not yet dominant.  The resurgence of the Betelgeuse Antares Rally proved that civilized peoples could travel between those two stars with relative security and frequency.  Though political and social integration remained an impossibility, the beginnings of an intertwined interstellar economy and culture were a reality.

Chronology Table

6203 Khalif Hussein forces the retirements of senior members of all the Orders, appointing his loyalists as heads of the Orders.  Taris Ghazar becomes Grandmaster of the Order of Enlightenment and begins encouraging the development and adoption of advanced technology across the Khalifate.
6204 A Merchant Guild conference at Faztulu Drift acknowledges the failure of monopolizing all Interstellar Age technology and allows for some competition by independent traders through leasing of facilities; the Guild maintains its monopoly on tsrill and encourages the exploration of new markets.
6205 Khalif Hussein appoints Landar Hubarri as Grandmaster of the Order of Truth, encouraging him to actively pursue the conversion and incorporation of border worlds.
6206 Kolin Major, future Antaran Star Navy Admiral and Lord President is born on Nachen.  The Preservationists announce the completion of the Nirvana Habitat in the Luminous system and begin colonization of the vast interior space. The Preservationists announce plans to build a second habitat, Utopia Drift, in the uninhabited neighboring Fenderman's Star system.
6207 The Than join the League of Non-Human Races, convincing the League to change its name to the League of Independent Races.  The Alimeen send a permanent observer embassy to Schalmar Durgha.
6208 Lorin Malt wins reelection to the Presidency of the Federation of Orion, though her Reform Party looses many local elections and she faces a hostile legislature.
6209 The Stellarcom Corporation, an independent trading line, establishes itself on Dragonfly, beginning trade in the near Coreward and Trailing Regions.
6210 Khalif Hussein instructs the Order of Ibrahim to begin establishing strictly diplomatic embassies on neighboring and important worlds and sends his son Abdullah to become Ambassador to the Star Kingdom Confederation at Lanander.
6211 The Markham External Service establishes contact with the Tazin worlds in Sector 378, offering to exchange messages between the race's homeworld and its four remaining colonies, but refusing to transfer macrojump technology to the race.
6212 The Tazin expel all Markham vessels and personnel from their worlds and reinforce their isolation.  The League of Independent Races adopts the Commercial Protocols, developing enhanced trading relationships between the ten races and indirectly increasing the power of Khzraut and Turgil corporations.
6213 A Dragon raid on Hastan destroys orbital Recontact Service facilities and prompts the Service to order a set of cruisers from shipyards at Tigarvati.
6214 A coalition of the Prosperity and Conservative Parties wins the control of the Federation of Orion government, with the popular former Vanguard officer Rulan deJourin assuming the Presidency.
6215 The Rootjalik Empire completes the destruction of the Freedom League by conquering and occupying the world of Aaron.
6216 The Federation of Orion Vanguard institutes the Rim Survey, a comprehensive investigation of inhabited and uninhabited systems across twenty-four sectors.
6217 The world of Orilla hosts the Orion Exposition, drawing festive crowds to the many beachfront pavilions on the popular tourist planet.
6218 Queen Lobeth authorizes the Tannberg External Service to defend worlds against Rootjalik raiders and sends an emissary to the Rootjalik Emperor threatening war if Rootjalik forces enter the Star Kingdom's External Regions.
6219 The Khalifate annexes Fatima in Sector 50 and establishes an Order of Valor base to combat !Tak piracy within the region.
6220 The trading firm White Star Ventures incorporates on Thera, beginning competition with the Merchant Guild, Star Kingdoms corporation and with Stellarcom.  Rulan deJourin wins easy reelection to the presidency of the Federation of Orion.
6221 Lyra Ve'eri, Priestess of the Altaran Mystery, dies on Bengal at age 1,052.  Lord Alman Domikal marries Senya Zho-Jons, Barroness Julibar, member of a wealth Jagannath family and great granddaughter of the Count of Jagannath.  The Bengali Prime Minister, Duke Aaron Domikal, transfers his title of Baron of Thessium to his grandson, Alman.
6223 Kumar hosts the Orion Exposition, noted most for a failed assassination attempt on President Rulan deJourin that kills twenty-five people, including six bodyguards.
6224 Jon Gades leads a Recontact Service squadron in a campaign to eliminate Dragon raiders from the central Trailing Region, eventually destroying five Dragon outposts.
6225 The Federation of Orion Vanguard begins the Deep Survey, an attempt to resurvey inhabited or important systems across sixty more distant sectors.
6226 Vice President Fazhi Khundi barely wins election to the Presidency of the Federation of Orion; his slim legislative majority includes minor parties and independents.
6227 Lyra Domikal, daughter of Baron Alman and Baroness Senya is born on Bengal; Alman accepts the position as Ambassador to the Khalifate, traveling to Sol with his family.
6228 Stellarcom negotiates a trade agreement with dissident settlers on Tation, including the Faszhoon Merman clan, and begins extracting tsrill from the world.
6229 The Merchant Guild patrol frigate Haldon Brig destroys the Stellarcom Benefit freighter in Tation orbit, starting the Tation War between the Guild and Stellarcom and between their allied factions on the surface and seas of Tation.
6230 After a triumphant visit to Mendam by Jon Gades, the Mendam Codominium transfers twelve aging frigates to the Recontact Service to help bolster anti-Dragon patrols.
6231 The Stellarcom Defense Force destroys the Guild station at Bastian and hires B'dr'rak mercenaries to counter the Guild's Guardian troops.  Landru Domikal is born on Terra to Baron Alman and Baroness Senya.
6232 The Phoenix Party candidate Jenteila Thurbindallan wins the first Federation of Orion Presidency for her party, decisively defeating incumbent Fazhi Khundi.
6233 The Merchant Guild raids Dragonfly, bombing a Stellarcom station and drawing protests from the Star Kingdoms, the League of Independent Races and even from the Terran Khalifate.
6234 An expedition conducted by six members of the League of Independent Races establishes contact with the Birds in Sector 191, establishing an embassy on their Fusion Age homeworld.  The Federation of Orion Vanguard announces the successful completion of the Rim Survey but announces large cutbacks to the ongoing Deep Survey.
6235 The Tation War ends after the Merchant Guild bribes the surviving members of the Faszhoon clan and their Free Alliance allies and the Guild regains a monopoly on tsrill distribution.
6236 After negotiating a series of treaties on cultural and technological exchanges, the Birds join the League of Independent Races, ending their long isolationism.
6237 Stellarcom declares bankruptcy, its ships and facilities liquated to smaller corporations and the Dragonfly government.
6238 Baron Alman Domikal returns to Bengal to chair the Committee on Integration, which eventually recommends allowing incorporated worlds to accept figurehead Nobilis heads of state and to leave all local laws intact, provided the worlds sign a revised Declaration of Basic Rights and Laws.  Jenteila Thurbindallan wins a contested second term as Federation of Orion President and announces major program cutbacks to counteract a faltering economy, including a complete cessation of the Deep Survey.
6239 Ocelot independently develops macrojump drive and begins a period of economic and cultural expansion across Sector 730 and neighboring regions.
6240 The Than lead a League of Independent Races expedition to the Tazin worlds, establishing diplomatic relations.
6241 Zirconia hosts an Orion Exposition dominated by exhibits from the League of Independent Races and featuring major donations by Turgil and Khzraut corporations.
6242 Star King Anwar of Timbuktu dies in an accident and his niece, Ashantra, succeeds him as Star Queen of Timbuktu.  Khalif Hussein attends the final memorial service for Anwar, using the ceremony to meet with the Star Kings and improve relations in border regions.
6243 The Cargomen establish an observer embassy at Schalmar Durgha, discussing possible membership in the League of Independent Races.
6244 The Conservative Party leader Jens Fallik becomes President of the Federation of Orion and begins a major government restructuring aimed at stabilizing the economy.
6245 Empress Sandra of the Bengali Dominions dies on Aethon after a progressive illness; she was 1,363 years old.  Emperor Talon declares a year of mourning throughout the Dominions and names Melena Domikal as Baroness of Talmorane and inheritor of the sprawling Imperial estates on Aethon.
6246 The Khalifate annexes Anubis in Sector 86, prompting diplomatic wrangling with the Bengali Dominions over the border of zones of influence in the Northern Region.
6247 The Orion Exposition returns to the Great Nebular City and draws a large contingent from the Terra, bent on improving relations between the Khalifate and other cultures and races.  The Federation of Orion economy begins a slow recovery from its major recession.
6248 Lord President Tanik Major of Nachen proclaims the Realm of Antares, originally encompassing fourteen trading partners including Morris and Arbella.  The Merchant Guild protests the inclusion of Morris in the Realm of Antares and begins a trade boycott against the Realm; Tanik Major orders the doubling of the Antaran Star Navy fleet.
6249 Minor skirmishes between the Realm of Antares and the Merchant Guild disrupt trade in Sector 690 and neighboring regions.  An Antaran strike on the orbital beanstalk at Namerin causes major damage and leads to an apology to the Namerese by Lord President Major.
6250 Jens Fallik wins reelection to the Presidency of the Federation of Orion based on his economic performance and his Conservative Party gains strengthen in most local elections.
6251 Merchant Guild and Antaran forces clash at the Battle of New Sicily, a skirmish that ends in a negotiated withdrawal by Guild starships and the promotion of Captain Kolin Major to Admiral.  The Federation of Orion economy begins to slide back into recession.
6252 The Dragon warlord Djufszh'tar consolidates his control on the former Dragon Nations of Tsazfra and Hsaz'traz, taking D'zugmar as his capital.
6253 Syak in Sector 793 develops independent macrojump technology and its Contact Force establishes diplomatic and trade relations with neighboring worlds.
6254 After a standoff in the Morris system ends peacefully, the Merchant Guild acknowledges the Realm of Antares and signs a series of trade agreements with Lord President Major.
6255 Djufszh'tar, Dragon leader of the thirty world D'zugmar Conclave, offers a non-aggression treaty with the Mendam Codominium; though a full treaty fails to materialize, minor agreements limiting raiding and regulating border arrangements come into force.
6256 A collation of Liberal and Phoenix Party leaders wins the Federation of Orion Election, naming economist Janik Brevan President on his platform of economic reforms and neo-Donnerist policies.
6257 A new variant of Warrior Plague begins spreading through the Warrior and Amazon communities in the Bengali Dominions and beyond, causing disfigurement and sterility, but rarely leading to death or permanent disability.
6258 Khalif Hussein meets with Hammedian leaders on Khronos, proclaiming the common heritage between the two branches of Ibrahimism and promising to stop persecutions of Hammedians on newly incorporated the worlds, though he continues the ban on new Hammedian mosques within the Khalifate.
6259 The Orion Exposition returns to the resort world of Orilla, drawing large enthusiastic crowds that permanently enhance the world's reputation as a prime tourist destination.
6260 The Realm of Antares, Kith'turi-Salvaatiki Union of Worlds and the Grand Federation of Races sign the Treaty of Kith'tas, establishing borders and patrol areas, confirming KSUW control of Rho Ophiuchi and the Realm's control of Antares.  The Federation of Orion economy finally emerges from stagnation to begin a period of stable growth.
6261 Thera and four other Sector 104 worlds form the League of Thera, a Theran-dominated confederacy united by a common economy and military.
6262 Janik Brevan wins reelection as President of the Federation of Orion and his Phoenix Party gains majority legislative control, allowing the passage of a number of neo-Donnerist structural economic reforms including the creation of a new inter-system monetary clearinghouse, the Bank of Orion.
6263 The Cargomen join the League of Independent Races after receiving assurances of full cultural autonomy and limits to interaction with other races.
6264 The Dragon D'zugmar Conclave establishes formal relations with the Zhantlas Union, including an embassy on Zhantlas itself, and begins military campaign against neighboring Dragon states.
6265 The Orion Exposition at Norris becomes the venue for a full-fledged diplomatic conference between various interstellar states and hosts a visit from Khalif Hussein of the Terran Khalifate.
6266 The Realm of Antares and the Zhantlas Union sign diplomatic and cultural exchange agreements, though Antares fails to win access to Zhantlian technology.
6267 Despite D'zugmar Conclave action against other Dragon raiders, the Mendam Condominium demands freedom for all Human slaves as a condition of full diplomatic relations with the Conclave; the two states agree to establish a permanent contact station on the uninhabited world of Jurdhuzlandra in Sector 1381.
6268 Former Vice President Yanala Turmilinor extends her Phoenix Party's control of the Federation of Orion Presidency and legislature by touting continued economic health and handily defeating a fragmented opposition.
6269 The Merchant Guild fails to receive permits to upgrade its facilities at Amada, marking another failure to regain Guild access to Grand Federation markets and technologies.  The D'zugmar Conclave conquers the Dragon Nations of Hrumusha and Zhurmaz.
6270 Valla Ghaldomon of Calydon in the Orpheus Star Kingdom publishes his translated Sagas of the Hitzarchi, a collection of stories, histories and excerpts of literature from the two million year dead race.
6271 The D'zugmar Conclave establishes diplomatic relations with the Bengali Dominions and Swarm Republic and begins anti-piracy patrols along the Dragon-Human frontier in dozens of spinward sectors.
6272 Tannberg security forces put down a Risen rebellion on Khandi.  The Realm of Antares bars both Heretic and Risen citizenship.  A Grand Federation task force destroys a Gulkan raiding base at Zindal Bretta in Sector 690.
6273 The Industrial Revolution begins on Erta after engineers at the Brandywine Heights Mine fabricate crude steam engines and locomotives to replace failed Guild-supplied generators.  The first of three "annual novas" in the direction of the Orion Nebula, is noted from the research stations at Rigel.
6274 FOO President Yanala Turmilinor wins easy reelection in a campaign most noted for the emergence of the Preservationist Party, a union of the Preservationist and ecological interest groups.
6275 Jon Gades and Djufszh'tar meet at Hastan, with the Dragon leader promising to consider rights for Humans within his seventy world realm and Gades agreeing to act as an intermediary to the Mendam Codominium in negotiations at Jurdhuzlandra.
6276 Moderate Mechanist Crusader leader Fadish Netelya issues a general apology for the Nevermind Plague and for the actions of the Pavl's Revenge, and he establishes Crusader centers within the Star Kingdoms Confederation while also calling for tolerance for Mechanism within the Terran Khalfiate.
6277 The Federation of Orion Vanguard organizes the Neebelli Orion Expedition, named after its commander, Commodore Didra Neebelli; the FOO and the Khald'aron Republic reach a diplomatic crisis, with the Republic demanding cancellation of the expedition.
6278 Despite Khald'aron protests, Commodore Neebelli leads her six ship expedition toward the Orion novas, traveling in a trailing loop far outside Khald'aron territory.
6279 Six Dragon Nations and eight allied Prides attack the D'zugmar Conclave, beginning Djufszh'tar's War, a conflict stretching across fifteen Dragon sectors.
6280 A coalition of Reformist, Liberal and Preservationist Parties elect their common candidate, former entertainer Alys Lybra, as the new FOO President, but remain unable to dominate the legislative agenda.
6281 The Hruli, a macrojump capable race from Sector -09,+01,-01 unsuccessfully attacks Hortense and two of its colonies, opening the First Hruli War and promoting the Hortense Defense Force to seek aid from the Star Kingdoms and the Turgil.
6282 The Mendam Codominium authorizes the Vandam Expedition, seven ships commanded by Commodore Theod Vandam tasked with traveling though Octopod space and onward to contact the Cygnean Realm.
6283 The Federation of Orion launches three separate expeditions to search for the overdue Neebelli Orion Expedition; only one relief expedition returns, reporting no sign of the missing ships.  The League of Independent Races sends a Turgil task force to protect Hortense and a diplomatic mission to the Hruli.
6284 The Tazin join the League of Independent Races in return for access to macrojump technologies and a promise of protection against Human interference.  The Vandam Expedition travels beyond an Octopod outpost in Sector 1333 and does not return.  The Hruli expel the League of Independent Races diplomatic expedition after killing its Turgil, Khzraut and Than leaders.
6285 Djufszh'tar dies in the Battle of Gh'tur Hrushi; though his forces destroy the enemy fleet, the D'zugmar Conclave quickly descends into civil war as four rival claimants vie for power.
6286 The Phoenix Party candidate, Rodik Belvan defeats an ineffective Ays Lybra to become President of the Federation of Orion, but proves unable to head off an impending recession.
6287 A combined Hortense and League of Independent Races fleet defeats the Hruli at the Battle of Ten Suns and negotiate a truce with the hostile race.
6288 Star King Jaden of Markham dies and his daughter, Yarla succeeds him; Yarla dispatches a squadron of frigates to Hortense to renew friendship with the distant realm and increases patrols in the Southern External Zone to guard against Rootjalik and B'dr'rak incursions.
6289 Admiral Kolin Major of Nachen marries Jona Hassani, daughter of the Khalifate Ambassador and a descendant of Ibrahim through Khalif Mohammed III.  The Sack of D'zugmar effectively ends the Conclave, with seven smaller nations emerging from various warlord factions; Dragon raiding of Human worlds resumes.
6290 At a special conclave on Myrland, Jon Gades helps mediate reconsolidation between the Crusader, Progressive and Traditional wings of the Mechanists, with Primal Ashanti Breun signing the declarations of understanding and once again allowing the Crusaders to share use of Mechanist facilities.  Mohammed Hassani, future Khalif Mohammed VI and son of the future Mohammed V, is born on Terra.
6291 In light of increased raiding activity following the demise of the D'zugmar Conclave, the Swarm Republic agrees to begin joint patrols along the Dragon Frontier with the Dominions and Codominium.
6292 Prosperity Party candidate Kordu Vamish wins a narrow victory over incumbent Federation of Orion President Rodik Belvan.  Emperor Talon celebrates his twelve hundredth jubilee on Bengal, receiving Khalif Hussein as a guest.  Ladya Major, eldest child of Admiral Kolin Major, is born on Nachen. 
6293 The Terran Khalifate and the Bengali Dominions sign agreements allowing Dominions access to the exile worlds of Io, Uranus and Neptune.  Bengali technicians begin work to stabilize the ecosphere of Io.
6294 The FOO hybrid Goblin economist and philosopher Urdnan Vremish publishes Living with Materialism, a text on economic realities in a post-Plague era economy unable to reach post-materialism.
6295 The League of Independent Races receives permission from the Terran Khalifate to send emissaries to the Quadrons on Oracle and to the Comans; the Quadrons rebuff the League emissaries, but they establish a contact mission with the Comans and build an embassy on the world's suface.
6296 Albian Star Queen Mist first floats her proposal to establish subsidiary Kingdoms or Principalities in the External Sectors of the Star Kingdoms Confederation, a proposal soundly rejected by the four "inward" Star Kingdoms of Tesla, Orpheus, Irmingham and Timbuktu.
6297 Duchess Senia Lunkana, wife of the Bengali Prime Minister dies suddenly while touring the site of the upcoming Dominions Games on Hera.  Turin Major, son of Admiral Kolin Major, is born on Nachen.
6298 The Dominions Games on Hera are dedicated the Duchess Senia, though rumors of her suicide add scandal to the proceedings.  The Liberal candidate, economist Urdnan Vremish becomes the one hundredth President of the Federation of Orion and the first hybrid Goblin to hold the post; his Vice President, Landium Horse, becomes the first Risen to hold a FOO high government post.
6299 At the direction of President Vremish, the Federation of Orion Vanguard resumes the Deep Survey and the Bank of Orion begins offer banking services throughout Recontacted Space.
6300 Pirate activity begins to increase in the scattered petty states of the Coreward Region with a notable raid destroying the Namerin High Port and damaging the renovated beanstalk.
6301 Namerin joins the Realm of Antares in return for the establishment of an Antaran Star Navy base in the system.
6302 The Merchant Guild establishes the nominally independent Guild Bank at Faztulu and opens branches at all Guild stations and outposts, providing competition to the Bank of Orion.
6303 The Tannberg 374th Sector Fleet defeats a major Rootjalik incursion at the Battle of Orsini Station, and a follow-up expedition into Sector 402 leads to the signing of a peace treaty with the Rootjalik Empire.
6304 Urdnan Vremish handily wins reelection to the Presidency of the Federation of Orion and begins deep reforms of the federal bureaucracy, often extending its powers into local world policymaking.
6305 The Dragon Coalition Wars, conflicts between dozens of Nations and Prides, begin, spreading from the Dragon core regions to the Human Space border; as conflict in the interior intensifies, raiding into Human Space decreases dramatically.
6306 The Return, a cell of former Freedom League refugees, assassinates Star Queen Lobeth of Tannberg; her son Arligan, orders the execution of all twelve conspirators and remains opposed to any efforts to relieve Human worlds under Rootjalik occupation.
6307 The Mendam Codominium uses the distraction of the Coalition Wars to launch raids against weaker Dragon Prides and outposts along five bordering sectors.
6308 The Mendam Codominium retakes the Dragon occupied worlds of Helmaran and Occidor in Sector 347.
6309 The Terran Khalifate bombards industrial centers on Oracle after the Quadrons again attempt to break out of their system in makeshift macrojump drive vessels.
6310 Vice President Landium Horse withdraws as the Liberal candidate for the presidency of the Federation of Orion after determining that the electorate remains unready for a Risen president; Conservative candidate Jelram Holtz wins the presidency after a chaotic election.
6311 The Grand Federation of Races Combined Export Service arrests Merchant Guild Captain Londar Greshmik and destroys his ship, the Jolly Robert, seizing prohibited rapid fabricator units and designs during a customs stop on Amada.
6312 Despite Guild appeals, the Grand Federation of Races executes Captain Londar Greshmik and two of his crew, forcing the remaining eight crewmembers into perpetual labor at a remote terraforming station.
6313 The Quadrons of Oracle allow the arrival of a League of Independent Races delegation and begin mediation with the Khalifate on interstellar access.
6314 The Greater Race, an offshoot of the Society for Order, lead by a cadre of Maximus, seizes control of the historic TransVeeder region of Paradise, proclaiming the Republic of the Evolved; Bengali Marines launch pinpoint raids to kill or capture the rebels and the mainstream Society for Order disavows the revolutionary action.
6315 The jovian Bandar join the League of Independent Races, allowing the establishment of Khzraut and Turgil trade stations on moons of their Sector 347 homeworld.
6316 The Liberal Party candidate Shade Lambart handily defeats the incumbent Conservative Jelram Holtz in the Federation of Orion presidential election.
6317 The Realm of Antares and the Kith'turi-Salvaatiki Union of Worlds begin joint anti-piracy patrols in the nebular regions from Antares to Rho Ophiuchi.
6318 A band of thieves penetrates the Khalif's Museum in Byzantium, stealing dozens of priceless relics from the Imperial Era, Confederation Period and pre-spaceflight times.
6319 The Treaty of Oracle allows Quadrons interstellar access though passenger and cargo services on League of Independent Races vessels, replacing the Khalifate blockade with "peacekeepers" from the League and the Alimeen Confederacy.
6320 With the encouragement and financial support of the Turgil, the League of Independent Races establishes the League Bank to compete with the multi-system clearinghouse and loan services offered by the Bank of Orion and Guild Bank.
6321 An abortive coup by an anti-Nobilis cabal of Futaris and Humans fails to gain control of Aeneas, but kills Crown Princess Jena Kamarov during a raid on her winter retreat that also kills seventy household guests and staff, including Lady Amanda Hu-Stark-Turrel, mother of the Regent.  Local Aenean troops quickly destroy the rebels and Bengali Imperial special forces route out all sympathizers.  The Emperor declares a year of morning and names the Regent, King Malcolm Hu-Ve’eri-Stark as his heir.  Prime Minister Aaron Domikal becomes Prince of Aeneas and his son, Minister of State Malcolm Domikal, becomes Earl of Poseidon.
6322 Shade Lambart handily wins reelection to the presidency of the Federation of Orion, and continues her policies encouraging an activist foreign policy and a Phoenix-like economic and social policy.
6323 The Preservationists finally complete the Utopia Drift after more than a century of construction that was periodically delayed by inadequate funding.
6324 Bengali security forces raid Society for Order laboratory on Caldera, ending a program to develop an even more improved Variant; though seizing equipment and several researchers, Bengali investigators are unable to locate the project's director, Professor Henri Gudzo-Harnigan.
6325 The Realm of Antares First Fleet defeats and destroys the forces of the pirate Hansa Suerl at the Battle of Suerl's Shoal, ending major pirate activity within Antaran space for decades.
6326 Jonas Gurilli a Seeker Adept operating out of Timbuktu, returns from an expedition to the Sector 730 world of Oscala claiming to know the "failsafe song", but is quickly judged insane, infected by nanomechanical brain ravagers; he dies within a week of his return; subsequent Seeker expeditions to Oscala discover nothing promising or sinister.
6327 Turin Major, grandson of the Antaran Lord President, marries Jena Devroe, a minor Irmingham noblewoman descended from the Star Kings of Irmingham, Orpheus and Lanander.
6328 The Liberal and Phoenix Parties of the Federation of Orion join to create the Egalitarian Party, running Vice President Ugo Gavast as their successful candidate for the Presidency.
6329 At the invitation of Turgil ambassadors, the Yerkin join the League of Independent Races in return for access to macrojump technology.
6330 Citing strained logistics and limited funds, the Recontact Service abandons its Sector 78 base at Jura and discontinues its efforts in the Northern Region.
6331 At the Orion Exposition on Gallatin, former Vice President Landium Horse wins praise for a debate with noted Hammedian scholar Urso Qadarion on Risen rights and the nature of sentience.
6332 Flush with new donations and property sales on Utopia Drift, the Preservationists announce ambitious plans to create the thousand kilometer long "hollow world" of Agharta and identify a large asteroid suitable for conversion in Sector 789.
6333 The Bank of Orion opens a branch on Nachen, much to the consternation of the Merchant Guild.  The Federation of Orion establishes full diplomatic relations with the Realm of Antares, now over forty systems in expanse.
6334 Jargaen II becomes Star King of Lanander after the assassination of his great-grandfather Jargaen I by an insane royal cousin, Aldoman Devroe.  After an unanimous election, the young Jargaen II becomes Great King of the Star Kingdoms Confederation.  Hannibal Sikta wins the Federation of Orion presidency at the head of the Progressive Party, a union of the Conservative and Prosperity Parties.
6335 The Dragon Coalition Wars come to an end with the Treaty of Tschartzu (Smaug), more from exhaustion than any decisive outcome, and hopes for unity among the Dragon Nations and Prides fades.
6336 Jargaen II begins his first decadal circuit, his practice of periodically spending four months in the capitals of each of the Star Kingdoms.
6337 Turin Major leads the Antaran delegation to the Orion Exposition at the Great Nebular City and first discusses a revival of the Betelgeuse Antares Rally with Orion investors Larda Vasik and Tul Mar Gull.
6338 The mysterious wormdrive vessel, the White Rabbit makes a well documented appearance at Antares, passing within the star's photosphere to outrun pursuing Realm of Antares warships.
6339 Renewed Dragon raiding plagues the Human Space frontier across two dozen sectors as Coalition War veterans and displaced Prides reach the periphery.
6340 Egalitarian candidate Konor Hagan narrowly defeats Hannibal Sikta to win the Presidency of the Federation of Orion with Landium Horse as his Vice Presidential candidate.
6341 An antimatter detonation destroys Kastrey, the capital of Oscala, killing over twenty million people and driving the world to near collapse; assistance from Ocelot and the Grand Federation stave off famine during thes outhern winter.
6342 The Mendam Codominium resumes aggressive patrols against Dragon raiders, launching occasional strikes up to a hundred light years inside the Dragon border.
6343 Gonoman Fever, a fatal parasitical brain disease, ravages Ocelot in Sector 730, killing over fifty million and subsiding only after heroic efforts by Guild merchants bringing in volunteer medical researchers and, later, medications to treat and cure the disease.  Ocelot's dominance of its local sector's economy begins to wane as the world turns inward in an economic decline.
6344 Citing failing health and stress concerns, Konor Hagan resigns as President of Federation of Orion, elevating the Risen Landium Horse to the Presidency.
6345 The Preservationists begin the construction of Agharta, using vacuum distillers to heat and shape an asteroid into a two kilometer thick ellipsoid shell a thousand kilometers in length and three hundred kilometers in diameter.
6346 Landium Horse narrowly wins re-election to the Presidency of the FOO, with the Egalitarian Party candidate getting assistance from both the Preservationist and Reformed Parties.
6347 Its leases expiring, the Merchant Guild abandons all but one port facility at Amada, resigning itself to exclusion from the Grand Federation market.
6348 Federation of Orion President Landium Horse survives an assassination attempt by an anti-Risen activist; the heavily damaged Risen completes its term housed in a new armored body.
6349 The Thirteenth Dragon Frontier War begins with a surprise attack on Far Orlando by the T'far Horde, a coalition of Dragon Prides and Nations comprising nearly one hundred systems.  After the Battle of Far Orlando, the T'far fleet bombards the world with antimatter, killing all twelve million inhabitants.  The Mendam Codominium mobilizes for full warfare, receiving assistance from the Zhantlas Union and the Bengali Dominions.  Volunteers from the Merchant Guild, Recontact Service, Realm of Antares and even the Octopod Civility join the Mendam fleets as T'far squadrons attack over three dozen Mendam worlds and outposts, killing millions.
6350 T'far raiders attack the worlds of Mendam and Khruzi, spraying thousands of antimatter pellets at the surfaces and retreating; despite countermeasures, over seven million die on Khruzi and five million die on Mendam.  The Mendam First, Second and Third Fleets strike with Teradrones against five Dragon worlds and launch patrols to shut down Dragon commerce raiders, defeating a large force at the Battle of the Dwarves.
6351 Khruzi Admiral Shurmarash Hrumanish defeats the T'far Fleet in the pitched Battle of Turgon's Station and launches squadrons to pursue the shattered Dragon survivors, bombing Dragon worlds mercilessly during the pursuit.  Khalif Hussein dispatches a cruiser squadron to assist the Mendam Codominum and the ships take part in the decisive Battle of Wafto Lun, helping to destroy the last remaining T'far battle fleet.
6352 The T'far Horde disbands as Dragon nations and prides quickly seek separate peace with the Mendam Codominium, whose navy concentrates on destroying the ships and infrastructure of the two nations and three prides most responsible for the attacks on Codominium population centers.  The Thirteenth Dragon Frontier War effectively ends with the destruction of the Gz'tka Pride stronghold of R'tuk B'ta.  Resettlement of Far Orlando begins with the establishment of the Seventh Phoenix domed habitat on the world's surface.  Vice President Faquar Durmas easily wins election to the Presidency of the Federation of Orion with the support of the retiring President Landium Horse.
6353 Treaties signed on Ruszhane establish a buffer zone and regular patrols along the Dragon Frontier; six Dragon nations and eight prides sign peace and border agreements with the Tri-party Coalition of Mendam, Zhantlas and Bengal.
6354 The Mechanist activist Jordo Kudak declares his "New Crusade" against the Risen and Heretics, with his scattered Crusader followers beginning attacks on Risen and Heretic enclaves throughout the Coreward Region; Primal Ashanti Breun and most Crusader mainstreamers reject Kudak's movement.
6355 Jon Gades leads a Recontact Service squadron to the Khinnerri homeworld, reestablishing contact with the Mid Fusion Era race he first contacted over two millennia before.
6356 The B'dr'rak pirate leader Rur't'krr'kla gains his initial fame after a successful raid on the Irmingham military base at Favell Lun in Sector 145.
6357 A Zhretra microjump expedition reestablishes contact with the surviving population of mostly Zhretra, T'zet, Humans and Kith'turi living in deep space on the long lost Hurgas Drift in Sector 728.
6358 Faquar Durmas narrowly wins reelection to the Presidency of the Federation of Orion.  After the murder of Heretic Captain Juri Bordon at Urschma Drift, the Merchant Guild bans all New Crusaders from travel on Guild vessels.
6359 The Osirans of the Lordabaelis system abandon the Deepest Well and cannibalize it to support the system's second exile ship, Falcon Home.
6360 At the invitation of the League of Independent Races and the Hortense Union, Jon Gades leads a diplomatic delegation to the Hruli homeworld, establishing a more lasting peace.
6361 A B'dr'rak pirate flotilla commanded by Rur't'krr'kla defeats an Irmingham task force at the Battle of Gordom Belt and proceeds to raid the Kaliban system before retreating back in to B'dr'rak space.  At the Orion Exposition on Cumbria, starships from throughout Human Space parade in anticipation of the Betelgeuse Antares Rally.
6362 The first Betelgeuse Antares Rally (BAR) since the supernova of Betelgeuse sets out from the Great Nebular City, traveling through twelve sectors, each with designated checkpoint and resupply systems; of eighteen entrants, the Hermes Avenger, captained by the Guardian mercenary and Dragon War veteran Jorj Luka, wins the race in 241 days 7 hours; Antaran Turin Major finishes fourth in 263 days aboard the Nova Flare; four teams abandon the race and two ships vanish.
6363 The Crusader Schism reaches crisis as traditional Crusaders attack New Crusader supporters and installations across the Coreward Region; an attempt by Jon Gades to mediate a truce fails.
6364 Hardal Shrem leads the Progressive Party to a decisive Victory in the Federation of Orion presidential and legislative elections.
6365 After a covert Guild mission fails to free the remaining crew of the Jolly Robert, the Grand Federation of Races retaliates by besieging the Faztulu Drift and demanding an end to all activates within thirty light years of Grand Federation Space; the Guild complies, withdrawing from all but nine Grand Federation monitored Guild outposts closer to the border.
6366 The New Crusader movement effectively collapses after the assassination of Jordo Kudak, though terrorist attacks on Risen and Heretics by "Kudakites" continue for decades and New Crusader inspired pirates prey on Coreward traders and worlds.
6367 An Irmingham squadron defeats Rur't'krr'kla at the Battle of Renton's Ring in Sector 342, but the B'dr'ak pirate leader escapes aboard one of his surviving vessels.  At the Orion Exposition on Hegel, the Preservationists begin soliciting donations to help finish the faltering Agharta habitat project.
6368 Bengali explorers visit Chaco in Sector 153, first contacted twenty years earlier and find a dead world, its Atomic Era culture a victim of biological warfare that killed billions. Turin Major finishes second in the second Betelgeuse Antares Rally, won by Rankin Speelig aboard the White Raptor in 239 days 2 hours.
6369 The Bengali Dominions quarantines Chaco after members of its contact team die from the Chaco Plague; the world eventually becomes a focus of peace activist literature.
6370 Despite worsening economic conditions, the Progressive Hardal Shrem narrowly wins reelection to the Presidency of the Federation of Orion.
6371 The Kallibantra Biogen corporation on Anton perfects a viable synthetic tsrill and markets the life extending drug as Viata.
6372 The Federation of Orion slips into a full-fledged economic depression as thousands of businesses fail and the market economy teeters; the Bank of Orion steps in to help stabilize the economy.
6373 Great King Jargaen II visits the Sol system at the invitation of Khalif Hussein, visiting six worlds including Terra, before continuing on to attend the Orion Exposition at Tanverdi.
6374 Hardal Shrem and his vice president Turda Benig resign their offices to allow for Bank of Orion President Karlomar Shurga to become President of the Federation of Orion and begin instituting fully neo-Donnerist economic changes.  Turin Major wins the third Betelgeuse Antares Rally in just under 243 days, but his victory is marred by his slow time and the weak competition of only thirteen entrants.
6375 Economic conditions begin to worsen in the Bengali Dominions and Alimeen Confederacy as the Depression of Orion spreads to its trading partners.
6376 The Bengali Dominions begins export of Viata in direct competition with tsrill, opening markets in the Federation of Orion and the Mendam Codominium; a special trade agreement allows exports into the Terran Khalifate through Order of Generosity intermediaries.  Karlomar Shurga wins reelection to the Presidency of the Federation of Orion as an independent, winning a strong mandate to continue his structural reforms.
6377 The economy of the Federation of Orion stabilizes and markets react with weak rallies.  The Alimeen Confederacy begins adopting neo-Donnerist economic reforms.
6378 The performance art Rhapsody Straw debuts on Albus, marking the beginning of the hedonistic Whatever Movement.
6379 The reauthorized Bank of Orion begins operation as an independent multi-state clearinghouse and development institution, introduced by a large pavilion at the ill-attended Orion Exposition on Cordelia.
6380 A pirate attack led by Captain Julio Kyrdyra raids Farris, crippling the Osiran exile ship Promised Land and destroying the Merchant Guild outpost.  Rankin Speeling wins the BAR for a second time, but finishes in 244 days at the head of a slow field.
6381 Antaran presumptive heir Admiral Kolin Major defeats and kills Julio Kyrdyra at the Battle of Ustus Belt, and negotiates the entry of Farris into the Realm of Antares.
6382 His financial reforms enacted and the economy recovered, President Karlomar Shurga announces his retirement as Federation of Orion President.  Former businessman and trillionaire Gordas Fastung wins election to the Presidency of the Federation of Orion on the Progressive Party ticket.
6383 The Hruli attack Hortesne and its colony worlds with overwhelming force, bombarding and conquering four colonies and causing millions of casualties at the Battle of Hortense.  The Hortense Defense Force counterstrikes against the Hruli homeworld, killing tens of millions in antimatter strikes but losing most of the offensive fleet against fanatical defenders.  The Second Hruli War quickly dissolves into terror raids against remaining civilized worlds in the remote trailing region.
6384 Star Kingdom and League of Independent Races reinforcements reach the Hortense system, but dense swarms of antimatter mines and Hruli attack drones force the relief fleet to retreat.  Both Hortense and the Hruli collapse into semi-barbaric marginally interstellar states and most Known Space vessels learn to avoid the region.
6385 Cargoman forces capture the B'dr'rak pirate leader Rur't'krr'kla during a raid on an orbital station and kill him during his escape attempt aboard a hijacked shuttle; rumors of Rur't'krr'kla's survival from this disintegration spread, leading the attribution of many B'dr'rak pirate attacks on his continued leadership.  The Orion Exposition at Halicarnassus celebrates the return to economic prosperity with Karlomar Shurga as the guest of honor.
6386 In what was billed as a contest of champions, Jorj Luka wins the fifth BAR aboard his new vessel, the Knife of Space in 233 days and 4 hours, finishing a full week in front of second place Turin Major and third place Rankin Speeling.
6387 The Jihadi, an organization of radical Ibrahimites attack the Promethean exile ships White Light at Nova Blanca and New Dawn at Night Gust, destroying both, killing over four million people and pushing the Khalifate and Alimeen Confederacy near war.  During mediation talks on Vulcan, a Jihadi antimatter device destroys the city of Metra, killing nearly a million and prompting Khalif Hussein to promise extermination of the Jihadi movement.
6388 The Khalifate Order of Purity begins police and military operations against Jihadi members and supporters, hampered by support for the organization within its ranks.  Fed up with the intransigence of the legislature, Federation of Orion President Gordas Fastung withdraws his candidacy for reelection late in the the primary season, driving the Progressive Party into disarray and ensuring the election of Egalitarian candidate Helan Guntar-Jurl.
6389 Jihadi rebels seize control of the Khalifate naval installation at Altair, destroying the base during their retreat.  Khalif Hussein orders loyal units of the Order of Valor to assist in anti-Jihadi operations.
6390 The Khalifate Order of Purity completes mandated loyalty screening, soon applied to all Orders to root out Jihadi supporters.  Mohammed Hassani, grandson of the Khalif and the future Mohammed V, builds the Saffron Palace at Uskudar to support his growing harem.
6391 The nearly bankrupt Preservationist movement mothballs the unfinished and uninhabitable Agharta habitat, assigning caretakers to prevent deterioration of the barren interior.  Denham hosts the Orion Exposition.
6392 A Jihadi assassination plot against the Khalif fails and the movement begins to collapse after arrest of its latest leader Sheik Tariq Nadar.  The sixth running of the BAR proves a disappointment, with only ten entrants and an unknown, Jorj Havras, captain of the Felicity Racer, winning in a lackluster 243 days.
6393 Jihadi leader Tariq Nadar dies during an escape attempt during his trial at a detention facility on Charon, marking the effective end of the movement.
6394 The Fusion Age Xorn join the League of Independent Races after an invitation by visiting Khzraut diplomats.  Helan Guntar-Jurl wins reelection as the President of the Federation of Orion.
6395 The Treaty of Nova Blanca allows Alimeen Confederacy traders to operate within Khalifate space, an indirect compensation for the Jihadi attacks on the Promethean exile ships.
6396 The world of Garissa in Sector 339 achieves macrojump technology and begins launching military scouting expeditions toward nearby inhabited systems.
6397 Intrigue between the visiting royal families of Irmingham and Tannberg, including three duels and a murder, mar the Orion Exposition at Potemkin.
6398 The seventh running of the BAR ends in a disputed finish, rumors of scandal and sabotage and leads to an indefinite suspension of the interstellar race.  Alexander Major, son of Turin, is born on Nachen.
6399 The Recontact Service surveyor Pinzon intervenes in a genocidal war between Sapiens and Goblins on Rundi in Sector 431, threatening orbital bombardment to force a cease fire.
6400 Gordas Fastung launches a successful independent runs for the presidency of the Federation of Orion at the head of his Supernova Party, which also secures a legislative plurality.

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