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The Age of Flamboyance



The Age of Flamboyance was a period when affluence and expressions of individuality flourished over much of civilized space and when recontacted regions expanded and began to prosper, often developing into their own interstellar states.  With the exception of the Terran-Bengali Border War of 6549-6552CE, the period was generally devoid of major warfare or serious conflict, though piracy, peripheral conflicts and Dragon aggression continued.

In the Coreward Region, interstellar states continued to develop, sometimes evolving into multi-system unions, sometimes into centers of privateering or smuggling activity.  The Realm of Antares continued to increase in size and influence, encompassing over one hundred systems by the middle of the 66th century.  The border with the Grand Federation of Races continued to harden in response to smuggling and piracy, with the Treaty of Wanda in 6422CE reaffirming the Grand Federation's right to patrol a buffer region in former Imperial Space.  The Kith'turi and B'dr'rak both began to expand out of their traditional regions near mid-millennium, the Kith'turi strictly as traders, the B'dr'rak adding settlement and piracy to the mix.  The Merchant Guild, its monopolies all but gone, continued to expand into more remote regions, acting as an unintentional recontact service as the Great Southern Expedition extended its trading zone beyond the southern borders of the Coreward Region.  The Zhantlas Union eventually reversed its isolationist policies to begin exporting its biotechnological products and it began to focus toward building a bridge between the other Known Space states and the Grand Federation of Races.

In the well-civilized and densely populated Central Region, the Terran Khalifate remained more open than under previous Khalifs, but faced with little internal opposition and enjoying increased external tolerance, Khalif Hussein remained loyal to his beliefs and kept the general flamboyance of the era from moderating the Khalifate's traditional Ibrahimite values.  Continued friction with two secular states mostly embedded within Khalifate-controlled territory, the Alimeen Confederacy and the League of Vulcan, cumulated in the Terran-Bengali Border War, which began soon after Hussein's death and the ascension of his wastrel grandson, Khalif Mohammed V. 

The border war occurred almost accidentally, aggravated by the shortsightedness of the Khalifate's de-facto chief executive, Grandmaster Hammed Rhazi.  The war demonstrated the inadequate preparedness of both the Khalifate and the Dominions, lulled by centuries of relative peace, and soon proved that neither state possessed adequate troop carriers or the supply infrastructure to support multiple planetary occupations, limiting the war's major combat to the Central Region and to sporadic commerce raids against poorly defended targets.  Though the conflict culminated in a Bengali invasion of the Solar System and the defeat of the Order of Purity's defensive fleet at battles near Neptune and Jupiter, the war ended in a marginal victory for the Khalifate, which gained control of four additional worlds, an end to the League of Vulcan and an acceptance of continued Khalifate expansion.  The Dominions gained three worlds from the former League of Vulcan, access to more Khalifate markets and the eventual development of better relations with its Ibrahimite neighbor.

During the course of era, the Bengali Dominions continued its devolution from a caste-based society to a more tolerant and mobile polyglot state.  The powers of the Nobility continued to decline and the near monopoly on the legal system once enjoyed by the Eternals faded as the ranks of aging Eternals dwindled.  Attempts by new groups, such as the Society for Order and its Maxmius Variants, to gain power failed in the face of official and popular disapproval.  By 6500CE, the Dominions encompassed over two trillion citizens of twenty-odd Variants and Races on more than eleven hundred worlds, mostly residing together in general peace and tolerance.  The death of the long ruling Regent, King Malcolm Hu-Ve’eri-Stark, in 6570CE proved to be the passing of the torch to new like-minded leadership, not a change in the general course of Bengali societal evolution.

The Federation of Orion continued to dominate the civilized Rimward Region but still feel short of achieving its stated goal of post-material conversion.  For most of the period, the Progressive Party, specifically the family and business interests of former Supernova Party President and trillioniare businessman Gordas Fastung, dominated FOO politics, pushing a more business-friendly, materialist and expansionist policy.  Two major expansions pushed the membership of the Federation of Orion above three hundred worlds, and Preservationist-inspired habitats, including the huge hollow world of Agharta, spread across Orion space.

The Spin-Rim region entered mainstream Known Space civilization after contact between more established states and native interstellar nations such as the expansionist Divinity of Aurgeus and its soon to be defeated neighbors, the Autarchy of Strem and the Combine of Cassiopeia.  The Divinity, ruled by a Heretic-converted Eternal and his Heretic Divine Emissaries, skirmished with the Swarm, troubled the Mendam Codominium and was eventually countered by the resurgent New Autarchy.  Elsewhere on the spinward edge of recontacted space, the worlds of the Spinward Collective joined together to counter Dragon aggression, maintaining close contact with the Mendam Codominum, the Recontact Service and the expanding New Defender privateers.  The Mendam Codominium itself remained fairly culturally isolated, not overly influenced by fashion and economic trends, but more focused on helping its neighbors, including the Octopod Civility as well as emerging Human states, defend against potential Dragon expansion.  Both the Fzuki Way and the Disentropic Way religions continued to be exported to other regions, expanding the Codominium's distinct societal values to far corners of Known Space.

In the Trailing Region, the Star King Confederation continued to dominate, contributing to the societal and economic expansion of the period and often setting trends in culture and fasion.  New states began to emerge on the trailing periphery of the Star Kingdoms and central states, with increased trade and contact contributing to the continuing development of long regressed worlds toward a renewed interstellar awareness.

The Southern Region began to experience more interstellar contact during the Age of Flamboyance.  In the near south the Central states expanded into new systems; toward the rim, developed systems vied for absorption into the Federation of Orion; in the coreward extends, the Merchant Guild searched for new markets, recontacting scores of worlds.  However, much of the far and "wing south" to the spinward and trailing, remained out of contact with interstellar society, subject to no contact or perhaps a one-time survey visit or occasional pirate raid.

The Northern Region remained the least developed region of Known Space, with small states, such as the Libran Concorde and Aengan Republic, emerging in the near North as the central states expanded into that area, but few starships visited the middle or far northern sectors.

By the end of the period, the League of Independent Races extended across most regions of old Imperial Space, incorporating twenty races and two hundred worlds and acting as the protector of primitive or quarantined races on dozens of worlds.  The League maintained close relations with Human states and became known both as an honest broker in interstellar disputes and as a reliable trading partner.  Outside the League, other non-Human Races, from the Swarm and B'dr'rak to the Kith'turi, Octopods and even the Rootjalik, continued to advance and expanded during this era, outnumbered by over sixteen billion Humans on twenty thousand worlds, but developing their own distinct interstellar societies inside the volume of Human Space.


Politics in the Age of Flamboyant was more nuance and continuance than revolution or even evolution.  Even in the more politically diverse Federation of Orion, no new political movements emerged, and within the Star Kingdoms, only one revolt within the Irmingham royal family itself broke the monotony of long reigning monarchs and orderly transitions.  Economic prosperity and cultural diversions took the steam out of politics for most people.  Harmony within states improved as both a general satisfaction of citizens with their governments and the ability of most dissenters to emigrate limited the potential for strife.

The major political shift during the period, evident everywhere but within the Terran Khalifate, was the growing visible political power of corporate interests, evident as vast interstellar corporations spread across hundreds or thousands of worlds, concentrating economic power and using that clout to influence politicians and fund projects beneficial to their interests.  This trend was most obvious in the Federation of Oroin, where trillionaire Gordas Fastung remained highly influential long after his presidential terms expired, but business interests also became increasingly influential in the export-dominated economies of the Star Kingdoms.


Technology remained mired in the Late Macrojump Era, limited by Mech Plague attacks on advanced materials.  In the Grand Federation of Races, use of specialized biotechnology had long overcome this limitation, but despite centuries of progress, the Human State remained unable to duplicate the pinnacles of T'zet technology.  Regardless, biotechnological innovation continued to advance during the Age of Flamboyance, though they were often focused on providing consumer goods, such as entertainment and fashion products, not on the more difficult task of overcoming industrial bottlenecks in microjump drive, quantum computing or fast replicator technologies.


The Age of Flamboyance was named for the dominance of its cultural, entertainment and fashion trends.  In the major Human interstellar states with the exception of the Terran Khalifate, it was a period of widespread wealth and widespread leisure, prompting a need for interesting and often colorful diversions to fill the centuries of idle time.  This era was the first time since the fall of the Empire of Humanity when cultural icons like Hushark Phaeton, Jenla Nambi and the Seasonals became more well-known than politicians, religious figures or military leaders.

The rise of fashion as a Known Space-wide phenomenon, rather than as a local or regional trend, first occurred in the Age of Flamboyance, and the flamboyant character of Hushark Phaeton was most responsible for this development.  Starting with the Prismatic Gossamer line of cybernetic fashion, the Nova Blancan designer Hushark Phaeton became renowned for a "techno-bio glitz" style that was widely adopted by the elites and trend-setters on thousands of worlds.  Though fewer Humans were willing to follow in Phaeton's footsteps and undertake the transformation to the aptly named Genderless Variant form, the Genderless numbered over twenty million by the turn of the 66th century.

Those deterred or revolted by Phaeton's post-sexuality could instead find comfort emulating the styles of the Pirate Queen Jenla Nambi, whose use of biological enhancements and extensions projected the opposite image, reveling in the biological nature of Humanity.  The Ibrahimites, not surprisingly, were revolted by both extremes and did not participate in the trends that bounced and swirled between those two extremes, denouncing Phaeton as an 'abomination' and eventually assassinating it, and branding Nambi a 'harlot'.

The multi-sensory performances of the Seasonals, led for most of their long touring run by Albian Princess Zephyr, proved more acceptable to traditional societies and less flamboyantly-minded individuals.  Multi-sensory entertainment, often enhanced by implanted sensory modulators, ran the gambit from simple repetitive themes to philosophical or even educational fully developed epic performances, incorporated into the blended reality of everyday life.

More serious cultural movements during the period included the increasing influence of Preservationist philosophy, encouraging a limited footprint on world surfaces and a restoration of native life forms.  Preservationists ultimately wanted Humanity to move beyond the surfaces of their adopted worlds, transferring their industry and cities to space habitats and Drift settlements, but most Preservationists also espoused a 'green' philosophy of returning worlds to their natural state as a promising and less radical intermediary state.  Preservationist philosophy remained centered in the Federation of Orion, but by the middle of the millennium, it had become a mainstream movement in the Bengal Dominions and among many members of the League of Independent Races.  Even Herio Baen, founder of the Disentropic Way, became a proponent of using Preservationist means to further the advancement of transcendence and to pave the way for the evolution of future intelligences.

In general, the Age of Flamboyance was a period when peace and prosperity, along with a still materialist economy, allowed ostentatious displays to proliferate.  While many serious commentators bemoaned the superficial frivolous nature of most popular culture, this culture did in fact reflect the health of the underlying societies, proving that they could support such frivolousness without noticeable economic harm.

Chronology Table

6401 The Mendam Codominium allows the Bank of Orion to operate within its space; the Mendam Navy saves Bank officials bound for Mendam from a pirate attack.
6402 Khalif Hussein celebrates his two hundredth Jubilee on Terra, inviting visitors from across Known Space to visit Humanity's home system.
6403 At the Orion Exposition on Kumar, President Gordas Fastung announces his support for Preservationist principles and announces plans for the government subsidized completion of Agharta and for the construction of a dozen new Drifts and habitats.
6404 Count Colin Hu-Stark-Turrel dies on Glorious at age 1,260; his wife, Countess Shia, commits suicide the following day; their distant descendant, Alman Domikal, becomes Count of Singhstan.
6405 The Sector 689 world of Wanda, often a pirate sanctuary, accepts membership in the Realm of Antares in return for economic and defense guarantees; the KSUW accepts Wanda's annexation in return for Nachen's acknowledgement of KSUW ownership of two Sector 690 bases at the periphery of the Rho Ophiuchi Nebula.
6406 The Supernova Party of FOO President Gordas Fastung dissolves without his leadership, with most of his followers joining the Progressives or Preservationists; the Egalitarian candidate Halor Mannig wins easy election to the FOO presidency.
6407 Several firms on Timbuktu begin marketing and exporting biocybernetic implants for both cosmetic and enhancement purposes.
6408 Merchant Guild forces aided by Khaddahl mercenaries and a Cargomen Containment Squadron defeat a band of B'dr'rak pirates in a series battles across Sectors 342 and 370.
6409 Thermidor hosts an Orion Exposition mostly underwritten by commercial interests, which include several of Gordas Fastung's corporations, the Merchant Guild and four large Star Kingdoms exporters.
6410 The Federation of Orion legalizes the incorporation of biocybernetic implants in sentient citizens, subject to administrative review of all new BioCyborg creation techniques.
6411 Count Alman Domikal becomes Minister of Commerce for the Bengali Dominions, beginning a period of deregulation aimed at breaking monopolies and encouraging the expansion of internal and external trade.
6412 Halor Mannig wins reelection to the presidency of the Federation of Orion.  The Shiners join the League of Independent Races.  Pirate captain Karl Larkeen crashes in Exeter on Erta, becoming involved in local politics and sparking a major drive toward industrialization.
6413 Gordas Fastung presides over the completion of the Agharta habitat and takes up residence within, moving the headquarters of many of his companies to the hollow world.
6414 The Independent Traders Association (ITA) holds its first conference on Lucia in Sector 103 with fifteen merchant captains forming a cooperative and purchasing common facilities on Lucia, Dragonfly and Thera.
6415 The Orion Exposition on Norris features a wide variety of biogenic products, including the reintroduction of T'zet-developed bio-link Constructs.  On Erta, the Unification Wars begin as the Triple Coalition attacks Exeter, eventually sparking a continental war across northern Pirn.
6416 The Realm of Antares welcomes ITA traders into its territories, allowing the establishment of ITA terminals at major starports.
6417 A Recontact Service mission through Sector 413 encounters starships of the Autarchy of Strem in the Konstantine system.
6418 Kalmas Gadnan wins election to the presidency of the Federation of Orion on a Progressive ticket, promising improved public services and a deregularized entertainment industry.
6419 The Recontact Service establishes diplomatic relations with the macrojump-capable Autarchy of Strem, seven systems ruled by Strem IV from his capital at Aggata.
6420 The Grand Federation of Races begins a sweep of border sectors, destroying pirate outposts and threatening Merchant Guild and Realm of Antares outposts with hostile squadron visits.
6421 The Orion Exposition on Pluviose first features geneering design contests for Constructs and biological machines.
6422 The Betelgeuse Antares Rally resumes is hexannual run under new corporate sponsorship; the Random Racer, captained by Jessica Kaldomas, wins a close race in just under 241 days.  The Treaty of Wanda reaffirms Grand Federation rights to patrol border regions and establish anti-piracy bases across the coreward half of fifty sectors.
6423 A League of Independent Races contact squadron visits Pasduch, reestablishing contact with the reclusive Pasduchi race, now regressed to an isolationist Fusion Age culture.
6424 Kalmas Gadnan wins easy reelection as President of the Federation of Orion despite growing budget pressures and a weakening economy.  Bengali Minister of Commerce Count Alman Domikal opens the Dominions Games on Glorious, inaugurating a period of heavy corporate sponsorship designed to reinvigorate the fading popularity of the Games.
6425 A Vanguard Service expedition to the Autarchy of Strem learns of other hostile interstellar states on the far spinward rim and first contacts the Combine of Cassiopeia at its capital of Gorgon in Sector 821.
6426 The Nova Blancan designer Hushark Phaeton unveils its Prismatic Gossamer line of cybernetic fashion, soon the rage across Known Space.
6427 The Orion Exposition at the Great Nebular City, underwritten by several of Fastung's corporations, becomes a showcase for Drift and habitat living and a venue for the popular Prismatic Gossamer fashion.
6428 Nova Oneill, first of the Preservationist's new habitats, becomes operational; FOO subsidies for additional construction of habitats and Drift dries up, forcing Gordas Fastung's Genesis Corporation to become the prime funding source for continued development.
6429 Orphean Star King Adolfus charters three Royal Corporations, Orphean Biosynthesis, Devroe Geneering and Orpheus Life Products, to export local bioengineering products through ITA trading partners.
6430 The Divinity of Aurgeus attacks the Combine of Cassiopeia; Federation of Orion diplomats first contact the Divinity and meet the God King Aurgeus, an aging Eternal, at his capital on the Sector 857 world of Nixia.  The Egalitarian Party candidate Eliza Jurmanturumbra becomes President of the Federation of Orion, promising a return to "budgetary sanity", but proposing greater control over the economy.
6431 The Federation of Orion Vanguard Captain Haron Kurman negotiates a peace treaty between Strem, Cassiopeia and Aurgeus, and establishes trading relations with the three distant realms.
6432 The Vanguard of the Federation of Orion visits the Sector 717 world of Vertabungos, homeworld of the burrowing Schingtahar race, now regressed to the Industrial Age; the League of Independent Races launches a follow-up expedition to the world, working with the Vanguard to reestablish cultural relations with the Schingtahar.
6433 The Zhantlas Union breaks years of economic isolation to begin exports of biological products for industrial and entertainment use, including bio-link products marketed to compete with T'zet-produced models.
6434 Uvon Yektiban, a moderate Traditionalist, becomes Primal of the Mechanist Church after the resignation of Ashanti Breun at the conclusion of her three hundred year term.
6435 The Preservationists and the Genesis Corporation complete Fastung Drift around a metal rich double white dwarf system in Sector 790.  Lord Landru Domikal marries Lady Kyri Numaris of the Numarian Ducal family on Calliope.
6436 Haisal Fastung, son of the former president and corporate magnate, leads the Progressives to power in the presidential election of the Federation of Orion, promising a return to a deregulated economy.
6437 A League of Independent Races contact squadron visits Huhmanama, the homeworld of the Hewannas, establishing contact and trade relations with the Atomic Era culture.
6438 The Albian design house Thunderos unveils a complete line of cybernetic and biocybernetic fashion lines notable by their flamboyance and their widespread adoption across the Star Kingdoms, Codominium and Coreward Region.
6439 The God King Aurgeus of the Divinity undergoes a Heretic transformation and begins anointing his Heretic-transformed Emissaries.  Selene Henendes, Baroness of Urpia and the Regent's last living grandparent, dies on Bengal; her title passes to Lady Lyra Domikal.
6440 The jovian Broital join the League of Independent Races, offering their attack cruiser squadrons as part of a growing League Defense Force.
6441 Turin Major, grandson of the Lord President of the Realm of Antares and a Reserve Commodore, fights a major but indecisive engagement at the Battle of Istak Lun against a pirate fleet commanded by Urol Fazzi, loosing three ships and damaging five before forcing Urol's withdrawal.
6442 Haisal Fastung wins reelection to the Presidency of the Federation of Orion despite allegations of corporate influence and corruption in his cabinet.
6443 The Rim Rats pirate band begins attacks on Vanguard bases in the far rim Sectors of 823, 859 and 860.
6444 A joint Vanguard-League of Independent Races expedition visits the Sector 1490 world of Fusdu, the Fusion Era homeworld of the Fundin race, establishing diplomatic relations.
6445 The Orion Exposition at Luminous shares venues with the Nirvana habitat and becomes renowned for its exhibitions of cultural phenomena and extravagant contests of fashion and biocybernetic design.
6446 Pirates led by Urol Fazzi raid the Morris system, destroying a orbital station at Tate, plundering major Tatan cities and evading local defenders, destroying or crippling five strikers, six lancers and nearly a dozen fighters, loosing only one pirate starship.  Urol's raiders capture and ransom three vessels participating in the Betelgeuse Antares Rally.
6447 The Star Kingdom of Tannberg launches a punitive expedition against B'dr'rak and Rootjalik raiders, destroying four military installations in Sectors 400 and 402.
6448 The Egalitarian candidate, Braiz Kantrapurna, defeats Vice President Hugar Frush to become President of the Federation of Orion with promises of anti-corruption investigations against the previous administration.  Jenla Nambi assassinates Urol Fazzi and assumes command of his pirate fleet, raiding worlds in Sectors 315 and 105.
6449 At the start of the Draco-Octo War, a coalition of Dragon Nations and Prides attacks the Octopod Civilty and assails commerce in neighboring sectors, prompting aid from the Zhantlas Union and Mendam Codominium to the beleaguered Octopods.
6450 Surrounded and outgunned by a Teslan fleet, pirate leader Jenla Nambi surrenders and accepts exile on Fermi for herself and her followers.  A Vanguard expedition led by Commodore Jarin Larezev defeats the Rim Rats at the Battle of Swarm 153 (also known as the Battle of the Gaps, from the fighting in the world's ring system) with the aid of local forces.
6451 Orphean Star King Adolfus dies under clouded circumstances and his grandson unanimously succeeds him as Star King Alexander III.  The Orion Exposition on Karnak nearly dissolves in a panic after the escape of two Jabberwocks from the Orphean bioengineering pavilion.
6452 The Draco-Octo war ends after Octopod fleets, aided by Mendam volunteers operating under the New Defender banner, destroy two Dragon worlds and defeat the last remaining Dragon coalition fleet at the Battle of Twin Rocks.
6453 Former President Haisal Fastung flees to the Bengal Dominions on the eve of his corruption trial, eventually gaining political refugee status on Anton.
6454 Braiz Kantrapurna easily wins reelection to the Presidency of the Federation of Orion.  Former pirate leader Jenla Nambi enters Fermian society as a flamboyant estate owner and purveyor of biocybernetic fashions.
6455 A bloody civil war starts on Ocelot, ending the last vestiges of its interstellar influence and attracting swarms of mercenaries and smugglers.
6456 The Divinity of Aurgeus and the Autarchy of Strem attack the Combine of Cassiopeia, beginning the Far Rim War.
6457 A fleet commanded by Emissaries of the Divinity defeats the Cassiopeian fleet at the Battle of Gorgon and then turns on its Autarchy allies.  Strem V assassinates his grandfather Strem IV and leads his Autarchy fleets into battle, defeating a Divinity fleet at the Battle of Norgal Lun.
6458 The Autarchy of Strem conquers the former Cassiopeian worlds of Hasdai and Xeneturpa, but retreats from a confrontation with a strong Divinity fleet at Gorgon.
6459 After Strem V's murder by the Divine Emissary Khaldis, the Autarchy navy scatters, its remnants defeated at the Battle of Illumo.  The Divinity of Aurgeus captures Aggata without a battle, ending the Far Rim War and beginning a period of consolidation.
6460 Vice President Juliar Carno, a Casap, wins election to the presidency of the Federation of Orion, continuing Egalitarian Party dominance, but relaxing scrutiny on the Federation's many interstellar corporations.  At the Dominions Games on Subaru Drift, the flamboyant designer Hushark Phaeton popularizes the Genderless Movement, genetic engineering that creates a neuter Human Variant .
6461 Leaders of many mercenary organizations fighting on Ocelot and providing other services in the Coreward Region form the MilCon Collective on Kharbaz, creating rules of conduct, repatriation bonds and services for referral and transportation for its members; MilCon establishes business ties with the ITA and the Bank of Orion.
6462 The Terran Khalifate bars the entry of Genderless into Khalifate Space, a decision confirmed by the Khalif despite diplomatic protests from the Star Kingdoms, Dominions and Alimeen Confederacy.
6463 At the Orion Exposition on Mora, the 'Pirate Queen' Jenla Nambi presents herself as a clearly gendered alternative to Hushark Phaeton's Genderless.
6464 Khruzi warriors, many veterans of the Draco-Octo War or retired Mendam military personnel, settle Banna (or Honor) in Sector 769.
6465 The Khalifate Order of Truth organizes an officially 'non-missionary' Exploration Branch, tasked with recontact and exploration missions in cooperation with foreign services.
6466 Tanya Krausik, the Progressive Party candidate and a grand-niece of Gordas Fastung, defeats Juliar Carno to become President of the Federation of Orion.
6467 The Ocelot civil war ends with the consolidation of the dictatorial rule of Director Isaku Mura.  Lord Torn Domikal, son of Lord Landru and Lady Kyri, is born on Calliope.
6468 The Swarm Republic defeats the last remnants of the Rim Rats, though three surviving pirate ships flee Spinward to join Strem VI's exile band.
6469 The Orion Exposition on Benson, with its ecological theme of 'High Spring', is well received despite apparently unrelated assassination attempts on President Krausik and Hushark Phaeton.
6470 Underemployed mercenaries seize control of Mutaka in Sector 729, eventually carving the world into warlord-ruled cantonments.
6471 The Sector 380 world of Skagen occupies the failing world of Karelia and proclaims the Velan Presidium, an interstellar state under the leadership of the dictatorial Lady President Karna Rebatti.
6472 President Tanya Krausik of the Federation of Orion wins easy reelection, continuing popular pro-entertainment and pro-business policies.
6473 The Velan Presidium begins supplementing its small fleet with contracted Turgil vessels and mercenaries from Casap and Goblin outfits, quickly conquering two additional Sector 380 systems using the threat of antimatter bombardment and expanding their patrol operations.
6474 The Alimeen Confederacy and the League of Independent Races sign the Schalmar Durgha Accords with representatives of the Terran Khalifate and Bengali Dominions and assume responsibility for enforcing the quarantine of protected races, including the Lagrush, Timbor, Huron and Quanna.
6475 Zirconia hosts an Orion Exposition whose theme is greater cooperation between races and cultures, the League of Independent Races has a strong presence at the Exposition.
6476 Militant Maximus resettle the Sector 203 world of Karoo, renaming the world Maximus and proclaiming an independent Maximus state.
6477 A massive flare and discharge of stellar material forces the evacuation of Antares and causes the destruction of all but one monitoring station; scientist predict an Antaran supernova and resultant neutron star will occur in between eight and nine centuries.
6478 Vice President Thurgo Banachek becomes President of the Federation of Orion after a particularly nasty campaign that permanently soils the reputation of his Egalitarian challenger, Helena Gotar.
6479 The world of Vulcan accepts Alimeen and League of Independent Races 'guarantors' after the Order of Valor raids the outer Epsilon Eridani system, hunting for 'saboteur Abominations'; Khalif Hussein reassures the League of Vulcan that he support's its independence, but warns against harboring 'degenerate terrorists'.
6480 The Bengali Dominions recognize the Genderless as a legitimate Variant, prompting the Federation of Orion to concur and provide appropriate legal protection.
6481 Orilla hosts a festive Orion exposition more noted for the excesses of its off-site parties than any particular official theme or activity.
6482 Strem VI, son of the late Autarch, supported by his band of loyal retainers, pirates and mercenaries, conquers the Sector 175 world of Nganga and proclaims the New Autarchy.  The Betelgeuse Antares Rally proceeds despite concerns about the stability of Antares, with the finish line a newly constructed station orbiting Antares' companion star, Teal.
6483 The Heirs of Adrian, a military cabal promoting the memory of the long failed Libran Protectorate, gain control of Tangir and begin conquering or assimilating systems in Sector 74 and 79, threatening Khalifate missionaries.
6484 Federation of Orion President Thurgo Banachek dies in a macrojump emergence accident during his reelection campaign; his Vice President, Neera Kindarian achieves a narrow victory in the subsequent voting.
6485 Goblin mercenary leader Kurl Tash N'bari conquers his homeworld of Rotshak in Sector 776, proclaiming himself Goblin King.
6486 The Star Kingdom of Timbuktu begins using bio-link controls as part of their prison system, controlling and reprogramming criminals.
6487 Norada hosts a heavily commercialized Orion Exposition that focuses on luxury goods and fashionable trends.
6488 The Federation of Orion bans the use of bio-link technology on sentient beings and condemns the practice of reprogramming Star Kingdom prisoners.
6489 The Heirs of Adrian proclaim the Libran Concorde, encompassing five near northern worlds and establishing uneasy diplomatic relations with the Terran Khalifate.
6490 Egalitarian challenger Oso Harn Burdo, a gracile Goblin, wins the Federation of Orion presidential election.
6491 Responding to Maximus aggression and the occupation of the neighboring world of Angus, the Bengali Dominions Southern Command destroys the Maximus fleet, frees Angus and occupies Maximus, deporting the colonists, renaming the world Karoo and establishing a small base on the world, opening it for recolonization.
6492 Bengali Emperor Talon celebrates his fourteen hundredth jubilee, a festival year on Bengal marked by constant parties and the creation of the flying Jubilee City, a palatial complex which tours above the world's many continents and islands.
6493 The Orion Exposition on Kumar erupts in violence after an attack on the Genderless by Ibrahimite extremists; Khalif Hussein apologizes for the conduct of his citizens but denounces the Genderless, Mechanists, Heretics and other 'Abominations'.
6494 The Mormargrs petition to enter the League of Independent Races in return for security guarantees against !Tak and Human raiders.
6495 The Sector 163 world of Cassotis expels all Ibrahimite emissaries and accepts help from a !Tak mercenary unit, the T'kput!tal, to protect itself from outside influences.
6496 Lord President Tanik Major of the Realm of Antares dies during his second regeneration; his son, Admiral Kolin Major, becomes Lord President.  Oso Harn Burdo wins reelection to the presidency of the Federation of Orion.
6497 The Swarm Republic and the Divinity of Aurgeus clash at the world of Swarm 100 in Sector 415; after punitive Swarm raids, the Federation of Orion negotiates a cease fire between the Swarm and the Divinity.
6498 Lord President Kolin Major of the Realm of Antares and Star King Rodrick of Tesla sign the Protocol of Morris, an anti-piracy defense alliance and economic pact.
6499 The Orion Exposition at Alhambra suffers from increased security and a ban on large corporate donations; despite its diverse nature and exotic pavilions, the Exposition is considered an economic failure for the world.
6500 The Mendam Codominium and Bengali Dominions recognize the founding of the Spinward Collective at Grimaldi and begin providing aid to the fledgling six world republic.
6501 Strem VI leads his ramshackle fleet in an invasion of Atea, the former capital and most populous world of Sector 175, incorporating its three billion inhabitants into his five system New Autarchy.  Strem VI converts to the Fzuki Way and sends an embassy to the Mendam Codominium.
6502 Leanna Helru, a High BioCyborg, wins election to the Presidency of the Federation on the Progressive ticket with the clear backing of the Genesis Corporation.
6503 Guild-supported business interests gain effective control of the Theran League, reversing centuries of anti-Guild policies for the small confederation.
6504 FOO President Leanna Helru pardons Haisal Fastung, allowing the former president to return from his exile on Anton.
6505 Thangorodrim hosts the Orion Exposition, with opening ceremonies officiated by former President Oso Harn Burdo; rowdy behavior by the retinue of the Goblin King of Rotshak gains widespread media coverage.
6506 The Hewannas join the League of Independent Races and allow their home system to host a military base monitoring the Dragon frontier.
6507 Turin Major forms the Order of Scorpio, a paramilitary group dedicated to fighting piracy outside the borders of the Realm of Antares.
6508 Former Egalitarian Vice President Lars Jefferson defeats incumbent Leanna Helru in the Federation of Orion presidential election.
6509 After a clash at Nozomi results in fatalities and three damaged ships, the Terran Khalifate and Bengali Dominions resolve protocols for Order of Truth missionaries and possible Khalifate annexations of worlds in the border sectors of 22, 32 and 34.
6510 Nozomi and Atum enter the Terran Khalifate after local plebiscites, solidifying the Khalifate's claim to some rimward worlds outside the Central Region.
6511 The Realm of Antares and the Theran League clash at Vasanta over transit rights, with the Theran worlds supporting Guild interests and the Realm supporting the ITA; despite a skirmish that destroys one Antaran vessel, negotiators from Tesla diffuse the tension, avoiding a war and reaching an agreement guaranteeing Theran independence with the signing of the Vasanta Accord.  Tudor host the Orion Exposition, marking a return to heavy corporate sponsorship and wild parties.
6512 After millennia of relative calm, the sun of Isis flares suddenly, killing over eighty thousand people and destroying much of the world's surface infrastructure; the Dominions begins plans to rebuild the system's ancient solar weather satellite network.
6513 The New Autarchy, backed by Swarm 'volunteers' attacks the Divinity and conquers Konstantine, opening Strem's War.
6514 After the indecisive Battle of Ustas Fajo and the New Autarchy's retreat from Konstantine, the Federation of Orion and Mendam Codominium intercede to negotiate a cease fire, broken by the Divine Emissary Surlean's attack on Atea, a terror raid that kills six hundred million.  Federation of Orion President Lars Jefferson wins easy reelection.
6515 With task forces from Mendam, the Swarm and the Dominions supplementing his fleet, Strem retakes Konstantine and wins the Battle of Kindred's Well.  The Treaty of Konstantine ends Strem's War and establishes diplomatic relations between the New Autarchy and the Divinity and between the two states and the Dominions, Codominium, Swarm and Federation of Orion.
6516 The Kith'turi families begin actively trading beyond their borders, establishing external trading enclaves, the first on Kadesh.
6517 Ibrahimite extremists assassinate Hushark Phaeton at the Orion Exposition at the Great Nebular City; Khalif Hussein refuses to condemn the murder, again calling Phaeton and the Genderless Movement an abomination.
6518 The first phase of the Ertan Unification Wars ends with the victory of the Highlands Alliance at the Siege of Karkesha, were precision sub-critical atomic munitions defeat the Grand Coalition and their Garissan mercenary allies.
6519 The Sector 73 world of Aengus forms a protective alliance with three neighboring inhabited systems, founding the Aengan Republic and expelling Ibrahimite missionaries and traders.
6520 Former FOO President and recent chairman of the Fastung-owned Bionic Corporation Neera Kindarian wins election to the presidency of the Federation of Orion.  Lord President Kolin Major officially accepts his son's Order of Scorpio as a legitimate military arm of the Realm of Antares.
6521 The Osirian exile ship Midnight Wind docks permanently to Shuldra Drift, its failing systems and living space becoming intertwined with the spaceborne city.
6522 The Federation of Orion begins an active recruitment of neighboring worlds for candidate membership after having limited growth for centuries; an initial list of forty worlds falls under consideration.
6523 Utopia Drift hosts the Orion Exposition, marking the spaceborne habitat's bicentennial and serving has the first large venue for the Albian multi-sensory entertainers, the Seasonals.
6524 Turin Major wins the Betelgeuse Antares Rally aboard the Order of Scorpio vessel Death Poison in a record time of 231 days 2 hours and announces his retirement from racing, undergoing his second regeneration to recover from macrojump-induced chromosomal damage.  The Vanguard of the Federation of Orion resumes far-ranging recontact and survey missions in the Rimward Region, including missions that pass beyond the old Imperial settlement border.
6525 Princess Zephyr of Albus joins the Seasonals, touring across civilized space.  Pirate leader Natch Burkawiz dies during a raid on Dragonfly.
6526 Vice President Justine Naros-Gotar continues Progressive Party dominance of the Federation of Orion with victories in the presidential and legislature elections.  The still fading Dominions Games return to Bengal, where, renamed as the Galactic Festival, they try popular entertainment to appeal to a greater audience, booking the Seasonals as an opening act.
6527 The Star Kingdom of Irmingham launches Operation Sentinel, a major offensive against Human and B'dr'rak piracy in its External Sectors and border regions.
6528 Irmingham Admiral Prince Arnham Stultus defeats a B'dr'rak counterattack at the Battle of Pincus, liberating the Sector 145 world from pirate dominance and forcing a new border treaty on the B'dr'rak.
6529 The Orion Exposition at Fastig features pavilions form all the membership candidate worlds, focusing on local cultures and their progress toward meeting Federation membership requirements.
6530 Maximus extremists attempt to assassinate High Priestess Jessica Kamarov on Bengal; resultant police actions effectively destroy the mainstream Society for Order and curtail future Maximus conversions.
6531 A New Defender fleet aids the Recontact Service in the defense of Hastan from Dragon raiders and later form the Joint Defender Force, under Commodore Lorain Isjarlik.
6532 Abdullah Hassani, son and heir of Khalif Hussein, dies after a cerebral hemorrhage; the Khalif declares a year of mourning and reluctantly appoints Abdullah's eldest son, the wastrel Mohammed, as his heir.  Justine Naros-Gotar wins easy reelection to the presidency of the Federation of Orion.
6533 The Khinnerri join the League of Independent Races under Turgil sponsorship, increasing commerce and contact in the far trailing region.
6534 The Merchant Guild defeats a !Tak raiding fleet at Kodiak in Sector 163; after defeating scattered !Tak ships, the Guild signs the Cassotis Accord, greatly limiting !Tak raiding northwards from their home systems.
6535 The Orion Exposition at Varsha demonstrates the weather control system that has tamed the world's often devastating monsoons; despite occasion rain, the events suffer no weather-related cancellations.
6536 Irmingham Star King David V dies undergoing his fourth regeneration, just one year after his five hundredth jubilee celebration; his youngest son succeeds him as Martin IV.
6537 Thirty-four rimward worlds join the Federation of Orion after meeting minimum social, economic and technological requirements; the six candidates that fail to gain membership join a pool of twenty-four additional worlds for future consideration.
6538 Larno Farduk, the Progressive Vice President, easily wins election to the presidency of the Federation of Orion.  Prince Arnham Stultus of Irmingham launches a coup against his uncle, Star King David V, failing to unseat him, but gathering a rebel fleet at Clement and defeating a loyalist counterattack at the Battle of Hawkshaw.
6539 Great King Jargaen II pledges support for David V and all the Star Kingdoms supply warships and troops to drive Prince Arnham Stultus from Clement, later defeating his fleet at the Battle of Lambert.
6540 Prince Arnham Stultus joins forces with pirate leader Tostig Remar; after a successful raid on Marlborough, Tostig betrays and hands over Prince Arnham in return for amnesty and acknowledged control of Zapata in Sector 144.
6541 The Seasonals barely escape an assassination plot at the Orion Exposition at Megacles; FOO security forces arrest several Ibrahimite extremists.  Prince Arnham Stultus is sentenced to death after a public trial on Irmingham.
6542 Cargomen and League of Independent Races squadrons defeat the B'dr'rak R'traka pirate band and destroy their base on the devastated Sector 342 world of Ushan.
6543 A large comet appears on collision course with the Sector 112 Industrial Age world of Santokh; despite the sacrifice of Turgil Captain Telshuma Lashrumann and his ship Saril Fusilam, large fragments of the comet strike the world's surface, killing over a hundred million, nearly half the population, and driving the devastated world into an ice age.
6544 FOO President Larno Farduk handily wins reelection.  The Seasonals perform at the Galactic Festival on Poseidon under heavy security.  Strem VII becomes ruler of the fifteen worlds of the New Autarchy after the death of his father, attributed to an "accident in the harem."
6545 Star King David V of Irmingham commutes Prince Arnham Stultus' death sentence, imprisoning him for life on the icy planetoid of Ixidor.
6546 Disentropic Way founder Herio Baen celebrates his one thousandth birthday on Tetraluna, accepting the congratulations of his sixty billion followers.
6547 Denham hosts an Orion Exposition that sees progress in negotiations between the Khalifate and Dominions over patrols in disputed northern sectors.  The League of Independent Races begins a makeshift relief operation on Santokh after retrieving the surviving crew of the Saril Fusilam.
6548 Khalif Hussein dies on Terra after a lingering illness, having secured the smooth ascension of his grandson Mohammed Hassani, known mostly for his extensive harem, to reign as Mohammed V of the Terran Khalifate.  Khalif Mohammed V appoints Hammed Rhazi as the Grandmaster of the Order of Ibrahim, effectively the chief executive of the Realm.
6549 The Terran-Bengali Border War begins after Khalifate troops fire on retainers of the Bengali Regent, King Malcolm, during an economic conference on Vulcan; after a spiral of ultimatums, the Khalifate Order of Valor occupies the Vulcan system and attacks Bengali forces at Hera, Themis and Emerald.  The League of Vulcan declares war on the Khalifate and accepts Bengali military assistance, while the Alimeen Confederacy and the Federation of Orion attempt mediation.  Khalifate and Dominions forces skirmish in disputed Sectors 22, 32 and 34, though both combatants lack the troop carriers to attempt planetary invasions.
6550 The Khalifate occupies the Bengali world of Narmer in response to a popular rebellion and conquers Mandela after an orbital assault.  Warfare spreads across the Central Region and northerly border systems, with commerce raiding extending deep into Bengali and Khalifate territory.  The Bengali Third Fleet defeats the Khalifate at the Battle of Emerald, but retreats from Mandela under heavy fire.  At the Battle of Thebes, the Order of Purity fights off the assault of the Bengali Fourth Fleet.  Ileana Gathos Burns retakes the presidency of the Federation of Orion for the Egalitarian party, defeating a scandal-weakened Progressive ticket.
6551 Battle fleets of Khalifate Order of Valor besiege Deseret and capture both Imra and Dayan.  The Bengali Grand Fleet of over two hundred warships invades the Sol system, defeating the Order of Purity defensive forces at the Battle of Nereid and at the Battle of Carme, ultimately negotiating a cease fire as the invasion force approaches the Jupiter system.  Khalif Mohammed V dismisses Hammed Rhazi from service and executes him for orchestrating the war; he appoints the more moderate Adnan Gertz as Grandmaster of the Order of Ibrahim.
6552 The Terran-Bengali War ends with the Treaty of Alimeen, which solidifies Khalifate gains on four worlds, but forces an evacuation of Vulcan and Dessert, the former joining the Alimeen Confederacy, the latter, the Bengali Dominions.  Levant and Solomon join the Bengali Dominions as the League of Vulcan dissolves.  The Federation of Orion delays the entry of thirty candidate worlds, with President Ileana Gathos Burns calling for a more gradual integration.  B'dr'rak colonists settle R'tuk'arr in Sector 369, the first of many Freeholder worlds occupied as the B'dr'rak spread to uninhabited systems north and spinward of their traditional territory.
6553 The Orion Exposition on Thermidor focuses on frivolous entertainments in a break from the seriousness of the recent war years.  The Ertan Unification Wars end with the establishment of the Ertan Republic, uniting the late Fusion Era world.  The Bengali Dominions begins long delayed relief operations on the devastated world of Santokh.
6554 The Order of Scorpio is implicated in an attack on Guild shipping at Kadesh in Secotor 341, but an official inquiry by the Lord President's office finds no evidence of wrongdoing, despite Guild protests.
6555 Erta's habitable moon, Nokara, joins the Ertan Republic as its constitution is ratified, extending Ertan influence throughout its star system.  The Star Kingdom of Timbuktu establishes an aid station on the surface of Santokh, providing bioengineered microorganisms to reverse the ice age.
6556 FOO President Ileana Gathos Burns achieves a narrow reelection victory, but her second term is plagued by a Progressive-dominated legislature.
6557 The Bengali Dominions reforms the Adjudicator Corps, accepting new Adjudicators of all Variants and Races in an effort to end the legal backlog caused by the dwindling Eternal population.
6558 The Recontact Service visits the Hortense Union for the first time in over a century, finding a barely functioning interstellar state employing aging macrojump ships and gravstar freighters to maintain limited cohesion among six systems.
6559 The Sector 143 world of Olivia achieves independent interstellar capabilities, expels Ibrahimite missionaries and establishes a protectorate over the neighboring worlds of Arnam and Om, forming the core of the Sagittarian Defense Alliance.
6560 The Khald'aron Republic places new tariffs on imported goods and implements strict immigration and transit protocols as the first steps of a general withdrawal from open interstellar contact.  Three teams in the Betelgeuse Antares Rally report seeing the White Rabbit wormship in the vicinity of Antares.
6561 The Merchant Guild begins its Great Southern Expedition, with four separate fleets departing to discover new markets in the southern core sectors, traveling as far south as Sector 460.
6562 Axel Fastung, a great-grandson of Gordas Fastung, wins the Presidency of the Federation of Orion at head of the Progressive ticket.  Thirty candidate worlds enter the Federation of Orion with the signing of a treaty of union on the first day of Fastung's new administration.
6563 A Merchant Guild Expedition squadron recontacts the dead world of Sterling in Sector 183, accidentally reactivating a deadly bio-plague left over from a centuries-old war, killing half the crew; the Guild places Sterling under quarantine.
6564 The Bengali Dominions and Terran Khalifate establish a permanent high-level diplomatic contact group on Nova Blanca, tasked with deescalating potential conflicts.
6565 Agharta hosts the Orion Exposition; the hollow world, now completely landscaped with varying ecosystems, becomes a showcase of Preservationist philosophy, sparking interest in habitat creation from corporations and governments outside the Federation of Orion.
6566 With the conclusion of the Great Southern Expedition and additional treaties with the !Tak, the Merchant Guild establishes permanent trading posts in eight southern-core sectors.
6567 The New Defenders defeat a Dragon attack on the Sector 349 world of Annei, establishing a permanent military presence on the prosperous Late Fusion Era world.
6568 FOO President Axel Fastung narrowly wins reelection after a corruption-plagued first term forces him to twice change his Vice Presidential running mate.
6569 Citing their unwillingness to continue contact with outsiders, the Cargomen withdraw from the League of Independent Races and limit contact with all visitors to approved orbital or deep space stations.
6570 The Regent of the Bengal Dominions, King Malcolm Hu-Ve’eri-Stark of Paradise, dies of SID at age 1,332.  Following a state funeral on Bengal and internment on Paradise, his great-grandson Aaron Domikal becomes Regent and King of Paradise, Aaron's son Malcolm becomes Prime Minister and Prince of Aeneas, Aaron's grandson Alman becomes Minister of State and Duke of Hera and Alman's son Landru becomes Baron of Theissum.

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