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History of Known Space

Overview Chronology of Major Known Space Events


~20,000,000BC The Gatebuilder galactic empire begins.  The Gatebuilders eliminate all other intelligent or potentially intelligent life forms and destroy nearly all traces of earlier civilizations.
~19,000,000BC The Gatebuilders complete the Gatemaze network.  Soon thereafter, the Gatebuilders disappear from the galactic scene in a violent conflict that destroys their civilization.
~15,000,000BC New species begin interstellar travel in scattered locations throughout the galaxy.
~5,000,000BC Multi-species interstellar societies form in the Sagittarius Arm.
~2,000,000BC The Hitzarchi achieve interstellar civilization in the Orion Arm, but succumb to a quantum nanomechanical plague.
~140,000BC The Dragons first achieve interstellar travel, but their colonies succumb to the Hitzarchi Plague and their sun experiences sub-nova flares, destroying their civilization.
98,310BC The Founders achieve interstellar travel and begin exploring the Orion Arm.
~95,000-30,000BC The Founders dominate the middle Orion Arm, establishing scientific and commercial outposts on thousands of worlds.
59,489BC The Founders sponsor the establishment of Grand Federation of Races at Focus.
30,034BC The Founders withdraw from active participation in the Grand Federation.
29,980BC Grand Federation Radicals move their capital to the Founder homeworld of Hallowed.
25,318-21,251BC Consolidation Era.  Period of Federation civil wars and dark ages. The Conservative races triumph and move the Grand Federation capital back to Focus.
16,387BC The Federation Galactic Core Expedition fails to return after traveling up the Orion Arm in an attempt to duplicate Founder voyages of 50,000 years before.
15,962BC The Federation Sagittarius Expedition returns after facing hostilities from races in the inner galactic arm.  The Grand Federation abandons attempts to reach the galactic core.
5742BC The Heshar achieve interstellar travel and apply for full membership in the Grand Federation.
4832BC The Heshar gain control of the Federation through economic domination.
4832BC-732CE Peace of Heshar.  Period of stability and growth throughout the Grand Federation enforced by Heshar councilors.
3654BC First Heshar reconnaissance of Terra.  Heshar evaluators transplant five thousand Humans to the Grand Federation.
860BC A group of transplanted Humans settle on Zhantlas, a reservation world.
729CE The Heshar-sponsored Great Sagittarian Expedition begins.
732CE A M'kkiae-led revolt betrays the Great Expedition, destroys the Heshar fleet, and devastates the Heshar homeworld.
732-814CE A Conservative races-led War of Liberation terminates Heshar dominance of the Grand Federation.  The Federation turns inward, beginning a period of cultural stagnation and territorial decline.
2052CE The Last World War engulfs Terra. The Easterner Battlestar planetoid vessel leaves the Solar System after the surrender of the Eastern Coalition.
2065CE The first human sub-light Cityship, Atlantis,  leaves the Solar System.
2073-2260CE The terraformation of Venus occurs under CSEA and colonial sponsorship.
2120-2269CE The terraformation of Mars proceeds though sponsorhip of the local government.
2105CE At Alpha Centauri, the world of Atlantis is colonized by Cityship.
2199CE Humans on Atlantis achieve macrojump interstellar travel.
2206CE The Terran Confederation is formed on Luna.
2243-2244CE In the Amaterasu War, the Terran Confederation conquers the Easterner settlement at 82 Eridani, but the Battlestar and six macrojump vessels escape.
2251-2262CE In the M'kkiae War, after a series of losses, the Terran Confederation advances and exterminates the M'kkiae and subjugates all renegade Easterners, except the crew of the Battlestar.
2304CE Human researchers develop the Life Therapy process to create Homo Nobilis reengineered humans.  Year Zero of the Noblis (Bengali) dating system.
2335-2355CE The Secession War destroys the Terran Confederation.  Humanity ceases to be an interstellar race.
2355-2789CE Human Dark Age and period of recovery.  The Kalmar Pact trading union between Human colonies and the Alimeen becomes the dominant interstellar power.
2478CE The Eastern Battlestar arrives at Victoria, conquers the world, and renames it Hachiman.
2723-2803CE The Hachiman Empire conquers and occupies surrounding systems.
2740CE Rogar Farrar reunifies Terra, proclaiming the Terran Empire at Byzantium.
2789CE After consolidating the Solar System and achieving interstellar military dominance, Rogar I proclaims the Empire of Humanity on Terra.
2801-2803CE In the Hachiman War, the Empire of Humanity defeats the Hachiman Empire, but the macrojump-fitted Battlestar escapes.
2976-3189CE The terraformation of Luna and modification of its orbit is begun by Cleon I and finished under continued Imperial sponsorship.
2984-3239CE The terraformation of Mercury and shift of its orbit to the Earth-Sol L3 point starts under Cleon I's defunct solar system reorganization plan and continues under Imperial support.
3220CE Imperial Humans first reach the Heshar home world.
3236CE First contact between Imperial Humans and the Grand Federation of Races occurs at Heshar.
3413-3500CE A series of wars between the Empire of Humanity and the Grand Federation push Imperial borders coreward.
3526-3654CE The collapse of Jupiter into a sub-stellar object, and the subsequent terraformation of Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, adds four more habitable worlds to the solar system.
3780-3854CE A second series of wars establish a permanent border between the Empire of Humanity and the Grand Federation of Races.
4063CE Imperial Humans first establish contact with the Dragon Sphere.
4204CE The Canis Sapiens, or commonly Casap, dog-derived species is developed as a Servant Race for the Nobility.
4210-4216CE The Dragon War establishes the border between the Empire of Humanity and the Dragon Sphere.
4212CE The Goblin genus of species is developed as a Servant Race for the Nobility.
4753-4773CE The Imperial War of Disintegration results in the collapse of the Empire of Humanity and begins a period of technological collapse and political disintegration throughout Imperial Space.  The quantum nanotech Mech Plague spreads across Known Space.
4773CE Noble families led by Roban Kamarov establish the Bengali Dominions to continue Homo Nobilis rule in the near rimward region of the old Empire.
4774CE Ishmahil Mustafa declares himself Khalif of the Terran Khalifate and begins pushing his strict Ishmahili brand of Ibrahimism onto his subjects.
4775-4837CE The Dragon Sphere begins aggressive encroachment into former Imperial Space, conquering hundreds of Human worlds.
4837CE The nova of the Dragon's home sun causes the collapse of the Sphere.  The Dragons fragment politically and cease expansion.
5010CE The Merchant Guild trading cartel is founded at Faztulu Drift and begins its expansion, soon dominating Coreward Region trade.
5153CE The Terran Khalifate, under the leadership of Khalif Mohammed II, conquers the secular Union of Kalmar.
5366CE The Federation of Orion is founded under the guidance of Rohan Norgalas at Verne Drift after a constitutional crisis threatens the old Betelgeuse Union.
5384CE Khalif Ibrahim dies in the decisive Battle of Nova, in which the Khalifate destroys the Reconstruction Federation and leaves Ibrahim's son, Ishmahil II, the undisputed ruler of the coreward half of the Central Region.
5534CE King Otto III proclaims and codifies the Star Kingdoms Confederation at Lanander, forging a lasting structure after decades of warfare between the Star Kingdoms.
5809CE The Bengali Dominions emancipates all Servant Race residents within its borders and begins establishment of reservation worlds to combat discrimination.
5909CE The Rising, a machine revolt, leads to the establishment of the Risen machine race of Human-derived sentient machines.
6248-6699CE The Realm of Antares overcomes Merchant Guild dominance and rules portions of the Coreward Region from Nachen.
6571CE Erta rediscovers macrojump technology and begins reintegrating local worlds into the Ertan Republic.
6691-6699CE In the Antaran War, Erta defeats and annexes the Realm of Antares, establishing the Ertan Directorate under Jorj Habash.

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