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My Sites

My site will host my more commercial content.  Published fiction, artwork, blogs, that sort of stuff, leaving as a personal site. Eventually.
In the mean time, I'm still mostly working on  But rather than link to each publishing effort here, I'll link to my Amazon Author


Other Sites

Not in any way an endorsement, but places I go often:

Art Stuff

For buying the best Poser stuff (and pretty good free stuff too), I go to DAZ 3D.
For mostly the free stuff, but also some purchases, plus artwork and discussion groups which help me come up with ideas, there's Renderosity.

I've posted my art on my gallery at Renderosity  and as a result, I've become published on other sites (no money in it, but I'm not about to quit my day job).
A couple of my pictures are available at Desktop Starships.

Space Stuff

For Space News, I always check:
Spaceflight Now new

Try NASA for cool rocket science stuff. 
Mark Wade's Encyclopedia Astronautica site has even better info on all sorts of space related things - though it seems to have gone downhill in the last couple of years.
To see how many planets are out there try the ExtraSolar Planets Encyclopedia site, or look for bad asteroids at the Current Impact Risks site.
And the Solar System Simulator is always fun.
If you want to devise a realistic science fiction spaceship, check out the Atomic Rocket web site by Winchell Chung.
If you want a good blog on interstellar travel and current space research try Centauri Dreams.
For news and historical facts about the Russian/Soviet space program try Russian Space Web (and yeah, I bought his book.  It's pretty cool, if you're into that sort of stuff.)

Celestia is a cool free program for to explore the Universe in 3D (or 4D for that matter).  It hasn't been updated in five years, but it still runs on Windows 8.1 and 10 at least...
Notable Nearby Stars is a good reference for, uh... notable nearby stars....


Misc Stuff

Every day, I visit Wikipedia as a reference or just to read the article of the day.
If you need information on various countries and territories, try the CIA World Fact Book (they almost always get it right, don't they?)

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