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Norway 2003

This was my fifteenth trip back to Norway in the last thirty years.  Karen and I stayed in Bergen and Geilo for two weeks, visiting with my two grandparents, now 100 and 97 years old.  Stig and his family were also there at the same time, so we could have a full reunion and early birthday parties for the grandparents.  During the trip, Uncle Rudolf died at age 88, but we were able to visit him in the hospital a few days before he passed.  It was extremely warm that summer, with temperatures exceeding 90 F.  The day before we returned, we were also able to visit Karen's relatives, Liv and Ben.  Here are the better pictures from the trip, all saved in 800X600 format with a bit of compression, so the images range from 100-250kb.  The originals, 2048X1536, are too big for the web site or reasonable download speeds.

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