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These pages contain various works in progress and concepts that I'm messing with. 

Universal Expeditions

My framework for a focused non-profit approach to developing the space frontier.  Definitely a work in progress.  See UXP V3.0!


I've included for download a zipped copy of my old Star Cluster star system and cluster generation application, last worked on in June 1997.  I've tested it and it installs on Windows XP and it runs under XP SP2.  I make no warrantees and assume no liability for the installation or operation of the software, but I believe it to be safe and stable.  The folder includes the zipped setup files for version 0.65 the zipped "patch" starcl executable for version 0.68 and a version history text file.

I plan to redevelop the application as a web app called and for which I've purchased another domain name, um  Clever, eh.


Also included in the starcl directory is a download of version 0.03 of my Planet Generator, my very first and only Visual application.  It is barely functional at this point, but I can use it to determine orbital periods and basic temperatures of worlds.

Note: My other major projects, artwork and future history, each have their own sections off the root of


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