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Imperial Anglic Alphabet

The Imperial Anglic alphabet remains essentially unchanged from the American English Alphabet of the third millennium.  Imperial Anglic remains the basis of most Human dialects and language spoken in Known Space and the Imperial Anglic alphabet is the official script of both the Terran Khalifate and the Bengal Dominions.  The Imperial alphabet remains dominate in many regions of space, though it has been supplanted by the Orion Anglic alphabet in the Federation of Orion and much of the Star Kingdoms Confederation.  Despite official Republican era legislation designating the Orion alphabet as official, the Imperial alphabet remains the dominate script in the Ertan Directorate.  Many Human languages unrelated to Anglic still use the Imperial Alphabet as a standard script.


Imperial Anglic has 26 roughly phonemic characters.  The following chart relates Imperial Anglic to the Orion Anglic and Federation Middle Sonic (Fed C) alphabets.

#  Imperial   small   name   Orion   Fed C 
01 A a aye A
02 B b bee B
03 C c see (1) -
04 D d dee D
05 E e ee E
06 F f ef F
07 G g gee G
08 H h aich H
09 I i eye I
10 J j jay J
11 K k kay K
12 L l el L
13 M m em M
14 N n en N
15 O o oh O
16 P p pee P
17 Q q que (2) -
18 R r are R
19 S s es S
20 T t tee T
21 U u you U
22 V v vee V
23 W w wey W -
24 X x eks X -
25 Y y why Y
26 Z z zee Z


(1) Imperial 'C' is not an independent phoneme, but is the equivalent of Orion K or S depending on context and part of a 'Ch' phoneme that corresponds to Orion Ч or Ж.
(2) Imperial 'Q' rarely occurs alone.  The combination 'Qu' is equivalent to the the Orion Q (kwa).  Middle Sonic (Fed C), which lacks a W phoneme, can not accurately render the Q character.

Long vowels and diphthongs are usually expressed with multiple vowels or with trailing 'E' characters.


Imperial Anglic is normally written right to left, then top to bottom with spaces separating words and punctuation present only at the beginnings of sentences, questions and exclamations, and sometimes missing from the end of quotes or asides, depending upon context or stylistic variances.  Some Imperial Anglic renditions enforce the use of punctuation before and after all sentence types.


Imperial Anglic expresses digits in decimal form with the highest value decimal displayed first, the opposite of most Federation Languages.

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