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Orion Anglic Alphabet

The Orion Anglic alphabet was developed during sixth millennium in the Federation of Orion as an alterative to the standard Imperial Anglic alphabet.  Orion Anglic was adopted as the official script of the Federation of Orion at its founding in 5368CE.  The script slowly gained acceptance in rimward and trailing sectors that remained closely allied with the Federation of Orion and spread to some coreward sectors where its adoption became a symbol of resistance to the expansion of the Terran Khalifate.  The Star Kingdoms Confederation utilizes both Orion and Imperial script in official and private communications and the Mechanist Church has exclusively used Orion script since a decree by Primal Ustan Ghavanaran in 5433CE.  While the Ertan Directorate technically considers the Orion Anglic alphabet its official script, most official and private communication is primarily written in Imperial Anglic.


The Orion Anglic Alphabet consists of 34 phonemic characters.  The following chart relates Imperial Anglic to the Orion Anglic and Federation Middle Sonic (Fed C) alphabets:

#  Orion   name  Examples Imperial   Fed C 
01 ae trap, bad AE
02 A aye father, lot A
03 E ee dress, bed E
04 I eye kit, bid I
05 O oh no, show O
06 U you strut, love U
07 Y yeh yet, onion Y
08 L el lamp, valley L
09 R are right, sorry R
10 W wee wet, wall W -
11 J jay judge, age J
12 Ч choo church, nature Ch
13 Q qwa queen, mosque Qu -
14 X eks box, laxative X (ks) -
15 F ef fall, rough F
16 H aich horse, whole H
17 S es summer, cease S
18 thee this, other th -
19 θ tha thing, path Th
20 ζ shee ship, station Sh -
21 ʒ zho vision, pleasure Zh
22 V vee view, heavy V
23 Z zee zero, roses Z
24 Ж chuh loch, chutpah ch
25 khah khalif, khalid Kh
26 M em more, hammer M
27 N en new, know N
28 ŋ eng ring, thanks ng -
29 B bee back, bubble B
30 D dee day, ladder D
31 G gee get, ghost G
32 K kee key, clock K
33 P pee post, happen P
34 T tee tea, button T

Note that the examples are presented using classic Imperial Anglic spelling.  Spellings in the Orion Anglic script are phonetic wherever possible, though some proper names may retain vestiges of Imperial spelling.  All Orion letters are capitalized, though cursive variants and many alternative fonts exist.


Orion Anglic script has adopted Middle Sonic-like modifiers trailing to the base alphabetic characters.  These modifiers include:

long vowel


glottal stop
* emphasis

Long vowels correspond to standard Anglic pronunciations and alleviate the need for non-diphthongic combined vowels and trailing silent 'e's.  The glottal stop marks a hard separation between sounds or syllables.  The emphasis indicates stress on a particular character or syllable.  A character can have none, one or more modifiers.

Some variants of Orion Anglic, notably the Noradan dialect, retain tonal qualities.  Tonal modifiers trail any other modifiers and include:

ˉ high
́ rising
- middle
ˇ down-up
̀ falling
_ low


Sentence Structure

Orion Anglic script is written left to right, then top to bottom.  All sentences start and end with the same punctuation.  Standard punctuation is:

. Statement
" Quote
? Question
! Exclamation


Orion script retains the use of classical Imperial Anglic decimals numbers written with the highest value decimal displayed first.

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