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Future History Raw Data

This section contains raw and often incomplete reference data and working documents that support my Future History.  They're mainly here as a backup and quick reference for me if I need access to the data from an alternate location.  Don't expect much explanation of the data or anything other than a look into my assumptions, notes and near obsessive need for continuity.

Excel  Spreadsheets in Zipped Format:
Description Name

Size (kb)

  Last Modified
Improved Future Data sheets 459   06/21/2007
Chaotic Era Statistics 175   12/02/2005
Early Imperial Statistics 1,618   06/21/2007
Pre-Imperial Statistics 256   12/25/2004
Mid Imperial Statistics 135   06/04/2003
Late Imperial Statistics 76   05/11/2003
Intelligent Races Worksheet 72   03/17/2004
Technology Overview 21   05/09/2004
Large Known Space Map BigMap.xls 5   02/25/2002
Demographics 21   06/11/2003
Raw Mapping Data 67   05/16/2004
Technical Age 10   02/25/2006
23rd Century Starship Data 79   12/02/2006
Rocket Table (+ design notes) 49   03/02/2007
HSPG (word doc) 5   06/27/2007


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