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Future History Project Background


Now that Jupiter Bound is published, this page is definitely in need of an overhaul.  Call it a reboot if you like. But only the work-in-progress Revised Chronology is "canon."  The general arc won't change much, but the details, including names of people, worlds, and races do and will change.

Canon Chronologies

Overview Chronology (2056-2519CE)
Commonwealth Era (2052-2205CE)
Confederation Era (2206-2355CE) - WIP to 2222

Previous Chronologies (developed 2001-2006)

Overview Chronology
Full Annual Chronology (2052-6777CE)

Humanity's First Breath: 2052-2789CE

Commonwealth Era (2052-2205CE)
Confederation Era (2206-2355CE)
Dark Age (2356-2482CE)
Early Consolidation Period (2483-2609CE)
Late Consolidation Period (2610-2789CE)

The Empire of Humanity: 2790-4753CE

Early Formative Period (2790-2963CE)
Late Formative Period (2964-3115CE)
Cynthian Era (3116-3410CE)
Age of Action (3411-3595CE)
Age of Absorption (3596-3780CE)
Jenan Age (3781-4053CE)
Age of Adventure (4054-4305CE)
Decadent Era (4306-4531CE)
Age of Elegance (4532-4753CE)

The Chaotic Era: 4774- present

Disintegration Wars (4754-4874CE)
Age of Decline (4875-5010CE)
Early Small States Era (5011-5153CE)
Late Small States Era (5154-5346CE)
Warring States Era (5347-5534CE)
Era of Piracy and Chaos (5535-5780CE)
Era of Reformation (5781-6015CE)
Era of Slow Expansion (6016-6202CE)
Resurgent Era (6203-6400CE)
Age of Flamboyance (6401-6570CE)
Rise of Erta (6571-present)


This section is also due for an overhaul to make it "canon".

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